The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on December 3, 1914 · 8
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 8

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1914
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THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS, BIRMINGHAM, ALA.; THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3; 1914 Vandegraaff s Work Saves Alabama From Shutout Sports Sports r K f. 4' V: V K r-' REDSKINS HAND ALABAMA DEFEAT Thin Red Liners" Nervous in First Half But . ' Come Back Strong in Last. Bully . . Vandegraaff Again a Star, BY ZIPP NEWMAN. The Carlisle Indians brought to a close the most successful football season in the history of the game in Birmingham Wednesday at Rickwood Park when they scalped the University of 'Alabama eleven by the count of 20 to 3. ; Had the Indians kept the pace they started out with yesterday it would have been a massacre, but the boys from the university 'soon found themselves, but not until after they had been rolled jn the dust for twenty points. Alabama could offer little resistance to the criss-crosses, forward passes and fake kick formations in the first half, letting the big Redskins run over them at will. . ft , - t XI Captain Calao is half of Olenn Warners team, then this fellow Pratt 5 must be another quarter of the team. His smashing, line plunging. and fV twisting away from the Alabama war-r rlors were the features of the game f v ,-frotn the spectator's standpoint, as 'time after time he would gain five and t - Six yards after being tackled. 1 Pratt Was a Star. I'. This was all In the first half. After . that the backfleld would get him toes' fore he aould get up enough steam to l' would keep straight ahead. Pratts P. method of diving over the line stamped 1 film as one of the best backs seen In 1 Birmingham this year. f , Carlisle's main attack was an assort Tnent of off tackle smashes, a few w lde - Mid runs and a short forward pass ; over center for ten yards. Out of mno attempts at forward passing five ol 1 them netted sixty yards, three of them were Intercepted by Bully Vandegraaff. ho turned them into distance from his goal post with his booting. Alabama showed a wonderful im-i provement in handling the ball, fuin- . bling only once. Alabamians Nervous. , V Nervousness played havoc with the - Alabama boys In the first half, as was seen by their wonderful comeback in the last half, when in the fourth quarter they played the Indians off their .feet. . ... The Indians got Alabama's goat right I from the kick-off. and held same for e two quarters. In five minutes after play Pratt crushed over his left side r I for the first touchdown. The second v touchdown came In the first few min-j utes of play from a series of line bucks s by Pratt, who placed the ball over Alabama goal line. White kicked goal. Their third touchdown was made In the middle of the third quarter. John-. gton going over for the six points and White kicking goal. On a tackle around tackle Vande-1 graaff dashed off 66 yards through the whole Carlisle team, H. Broker Btop- ping him on the twenty-yaid line. From here Alabama attempted a forward pass, which brought the ball up A. the five-yard line, but the referee J ruled the pass Incomplete. After two trys at the line Alabama lost ten yards ' and Bully Vandegraaff dropped back sand booted a goal over from the thlrty- five yard line. Only one other time did Alabama come within twenty yards, and this time Carlisle held them for J. downs. J Alabama Comes Back." f Time after time some of Glenn War-i tier's tribe would break loose, going 0 through the whole team to be dropped s' by some lone man in the backfleld, which alwaa brought forth a round of applause. a Alabama's reversal of form In the r f if Your favorite brand takes second place after you discover this superb whiskey. As in the case of supreme liquors everywhere, Creme ch U Creme lUhiske is sold in bottles only, never in bulk. Each bottlefkl a direct distillery product. Priced within reason. At til first-claM cafes and mail order houses. Four full quarts, $6.00 twelvs full quarts, $ 1 5.00 Express prepaid . Ask-tyour dealer 4 3$r & & ft. a last half was superb. It was a complete change, and a strunuer would have thought it another team. They drove hard and fierce to hold the Indians at bay and thev held them. Bully Vandegraaff pl;i ed the best game on the lield He not onlv kept up his toe work, but was there with the goods in eery plav. Wahoo, the all-American In 1997, passed mans comments on the joung star, and said he could play on anv body's team. Had Love played the game nil the year like he has in the last two, he would easily have brought down an all-Southern berth. Morton's tackling was exceptionally good. Bill Harsh was right there in stopping the runner, after he had broke through the primary defence Fur the Indians, Pratt, Wallett and Martel were the individual stars, while Wofford and Johnston, the only firt year men on the team, put up a good game in the backfleld Alabama Love, left end: Vande graaff, left tackle, Jones, left guard; Barnett, center; Hicks, right guard; Burks, right tackle, Morton, right end: Johnston, quarterback, Harsh, left halfback; Bates, right halfback; Long, fullback. Carlisle Wallett, left end, Welmus. left tackle; Busch, left guard, Winne-shik, center; Hawkeagle, right guard. Mattel, right tackle, Bird, right end, H. Broker, quarterback, Wofford, left halfback; Pratt, right halfback; F. Broker, fullback. Summary: Touchdowns, Fratt, 2, Johnston; field goal, Vandegraaff. goals after touchdown, White. 1. Time of quarters, 15 minutes. Beore by quarters: Carlisle 6 7 7 (20 Alabama 0 0 0 3 3 Officials; Strelt, Auburn, referee; Counselman, V. 1. I., umpire; Chadwick, Mississippi A and M., head linesman; substitutions, Carlisle, White for Wofford; Johnston for Fratt; Alabama, Miller for Barnett; Cargjle for Morton, Gibbons for Jones. ARBITRATION BOARD ANNOUNCES DECISIONS At'Bt'RN, N. Y, Dec. 3. The Na-tlonal Board of Arbitration of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues Wednesday gave out these decisions relating to minor leagues in th United Staes and Canada. Claim disallowed: L. Joidan, against Gadsden. Ala. The following players ha e been released by purchase: By Chnttunnoga, Jewel Ens, to Pal-Ium, Tex ; by Indianupolts. William Cole to Memphis, Tenn ; by Roanoke, Va.f V. F, Tolson and Ralph Mattls, to Suffolk, Va. HARRY CLINE LOSES PINE Hl.rFK. Ark. Pec 3 Welker Cochran defeated Harry Cline 3o0 to 2P3 in a Bllbaid Phi) era League match here last night. Averages and high runs: Cochran, 20, ; Cline, 19 8-15, 93. I i i Ll CE LLJ Following Asking of Waivers by Mack Star Hurler Vaults to Outlaws. CLUB NOT ANNOUNCED GETTYSBURG, Pa, Dec. 3 Eddie Plank of the Philadelphia Athletics Wednesday stoned a Federal League contract. Harry Goldman, treasurer ( the Baltlmoie club, obtained the pitchers signature to a general con-tiact, but it was not made known t which club Flank would be assignel It is believed Plank will pitch either for St. Louis or (.'Imago. Plank last night admitted be signed the contract, but would not divulge the terms of the lontract. WILL BE PLACED LATER, CTIfCAGO, Dec. a TMspositnm of Lddle Flung and other American and National League stars who nventlv hae signed, or are about to join the Federal League, will not he detennmed at present," President Janies A. Gilmore said last night. A complete list of pbivers signed or pledged since pea e negotiations were de lured off will not be given out by Federal League headquarters, Gilmore said. These annoum ements must mm from tlu clubs. President Gilmore said the Federal would care for ail plaers it discarded under the ruling that each ihib should limit itself to twenty men mack wishes him luck. PHILADELPHIA, Dec 3 "I ulsn him the best of !u k," said Connie Ma. k when told that Lddle PI, ink had signed a Federal League contract. "Are jou soiry to see him go'" Ma k was asked. "Oh, no, he replied 'I was through with him. He was after the mencj and was willing to go to the Federate " "He was a wonderful pitcher," said, speaking of Plank's thirteen vears service with the Athletics, "and he is i good one Plank's jump to the Federal. was not unexpet ted here. Ma k startled the hasehull world shortly after the world' senes by announcing he had asked waive! s of Plank, Bender and Coombs All the Ameiican League luhs did not waive on Plank and Bender, and -agents of several uiged Plank to remain in the American League." Many Injuries in Glass Football at The University UNIVERSITY, Ala. Dec. 3 Special The Sophomore class football team of the TnUersity of Alabama seems to be a Jonah for both its own and its ip-pnnents' players, one of the ends of the Sophs team, Johnston, received a broken nose while his team was scrimmaging the varsity squad Monday of last week While having a preliminary skhmlsh against the Seniors dui ing the latter part of the same week, Thompson, a Senior plaver, also had his nose broken. The latest accident came when Herr, another Soph, smashed his collarbone while attempting to make an end run Wednesday afternoon. This series of misfortunes suffered within the last ten dus is a longer string than the vaisltv and freshman squads, with their substitutes, have sustained during the whole of the 1914 season. DUTCHMAN WINS AGAIN HAZBETON l'a.. Ie 3. ,Jnkc S haefer defeated Albert Cutler, 3riu to 2J3 tn a Billiard Players League match last night. Averages and high runs St haefer, 13 14-22, 122, Cutler, 10 322, 54. r El cmcY EDITED BY IT IS NOW beginning to look like organized ball must do tbe "Good Samaritan- act and look after the Federal League outcab ho failed to shine with the brilliance expected of them in that circuit last season. Mr. Gilmore, uho presidents and pres agents toi the outlaws, has come out with the statement that the Federal clubs will cut their limit to twenty players tor the coming season and that no club will be allowed to carry more than this number on the payroll. Considering the fact that there were about thirty-five or forty on each roster last season and that reports have it that a goodly number will jump to the Feds this Fall, this means that there will be about 100 ball players without a plaee to call their home when the reveille is sounded along about sap-rising time. League, that he ran get a Job Indi-oatoring In hi. little cucuit, Jut any time he savs the word It Hennery ACCORDING TO THE dope on tills propo-itmi. t e outliw. tie going to throw these voun, hopefuls into the street a.! let th tn go aioit aiming hod and doing -r odd mbs so tar as tho ate voihtii.ed Mr Gilmore ami h.v lin hue r.thel these men aw tv ' on t' ranks of otcanlzed ball wit'i flvMrtpig ol eis, TLp said a eor .ig 'V-ur.e he with us in the land oi and io-io We late orchard ot doilu M.L- ami trunks lull of tue oiu of the realm for vou TV hitrd thee fellows awav. wtMgled them in the balance ami those who were found vaulting are now to !e ast aside to -hif for them-selv s THIS SHOULD he a warning to X rpc tj t jumper- who htp figuring on jilting the organized game that has -tonl b tl n all thegp rtrs and kept them n om:ortaMe; Hiil iii'U u lth an unknown win has nothing mt i remises to or-fer Organ zed 'nil rnav take thesv pmdlgals ba k In fact, a meeting has been - ailed I v the national iom-mWh and a disposition wgII be made of the ie If the are taken bat k it will M.n Iv gi. to show that thoe w ho are t te1 the old and stable leghre t .o t the interest of the platers more at leirt than the new Richmond who sprang into the fleil a little or a ago and said, "We are tlrfd l seeing hall plavers heir the -Ke of slavery. We have ome to free them" If they are not taken ha k the lesson will be there just the same and those who hue been tempted bj Feleral promises will tmn the.r baks on the siren call when the see that 1 rU are out of jobs and pegging awa at some occupation that is pasing them about a third of what thev were getting when thej were housed under the sheltering wings of organized ball. THE OFFICIAL bat bos union for all ball p.rk m organized baseball is threatening a stnke They claim that they should be allowed a title and a spave in the box score One of the Lading bat bos of the universe amt who is muster of ceremonies at Hick-wood in the Summer has sirgested that they change it from bat boy to "property man." BAKER SAYS that Murphy Is not connected with the Phils. Murphy asserts that he Is. Lets se "them there papers." VOL MAGNATES are after Hitters," as a Nushllle sport siiib-. m one of his headlines, ure, thing Didn't thev go get that terrible elout-er, I)oll Stark, from Memphis, who walloped the pill at a 6 7-s clip last Summer TH 4 VANDERBILT football team was Mtidered a banquet Tueada night. Just what for la not known They won O and lost six games the past season. Looks like their grub and the drinks would have been on the boys, eh, Steve? GARRY HERRMANN is now taking up his odd time in telling of how the Feds pulled a bone in signing Lee Magee. According to Hermann, Lee had a contract for next year which wfould hold alid in any court. Why the Feds, Garry Why not make it Magee that pulled the bone9 HANK O'DAY, eteran umps and the official one-season manager of the major leagues, has been notified by President Gilrnoie, of the much cussed" and discussed Federal BAKElTfOSECf $20,000 BUILDING Essig & Busenlehner Have Completed Plans for the New Structure. Fsslg & Busenlehner, bakers at Fourth Avenue am! Fourteenth Street, North, have completed plans for the ere tmn m a new building to cost $J0.-non. Pm tn tion wt!l begin shortly after the iolidajs and will be pushed to ompktton. The building will be on the corner and will be espei iullv handsome in mistiu-tion, and will Include every modern convenience for this particular line of business LOCAL BRIEFS Pending further Investigation, a fine of and an additional sentence of six months at hard labor Imposed on Hilbert Ierrv. charged with desertion of fannlv, in the Pourt of Common Fleas, presided over by Judge H. H Aoer-nethv, is suspended. I Ink Caldwell, colored, charged with grand larcenv, was hold to the grand Jui in the sum of $3on. George O McCIlnton ue the Birmingham Hallway. Light and Power Company in the City Court for H.uOu, claiming that while alighting from a car. he was hurt at Nineteenth Street and Seventh Avenue. Edward B. Norton sues the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company in the CU Couit for $3,000, claiming to have received peisorml injuries in an accident cm the Twentieth Street crossing Claiming to have been painfully burned In the Mulgu mines October j, when an explosion oedirred, H K. Williams sues the Woodward Iron Company in the Cltv Court for $30,000. Mrs. E. C. Stout sues the H. G. HIM GroctTX Company in the City Court for alleging an employe of the eompanj committed un assault and batten on her. Anderson Hugely sue Jordan A Phillips Company for $3,i'i claiming a rock fling from where some blasting was being done struck and him. Mrs. M. A. Sumner sues Jamee R. Pettifurd in the Citv Court for 5,0im) damages, claiming to have been hurt by an automobile as she was alighting from a street car at Wjlam, October 27. EAST PARK WINS. East Fark basketball team defeated the Lukeview five at Lakexlew Tuesday afternoon by the score of 11 to S in a well-fought game. SOlTfo" BE ANALYZED, ANNJSTuN, Ala., Dec. 3. Special The Anniston Chamber of Commerce has contracted with a large manufactory of fmm Implements to have them send a dozen representatives to this countv next Spring to make a survey of the soils of Calhoun Countv, and analyse them with a view of more scientific and intelligent farming. After the soils have been analyzed, a dozen lectures will be made In various parts of the county, the lecturers telling the farmers what crops are suitable to the several aectlons of the county, H. C. VANCE cant land as manager in one of the majors and if the umpire staff is "full-up, the ptolnibility is that be will Join the outlaws am! take up his old job of view mg the game standing up Instead ot taking it tusy on the bench. BOBBY WALLACE. et.r,in short-stop for the M Isu's Browns, and who main claim used to nurse Father Time when that old rascal was nothing but a kid, ha announced hs actHt retirement from the game Bobbv allows, however, that he has a Moudy job at St. Louis and will devote his tune through the Summer trom now on to coaching the oungsters who Manager Kicke) sees fit to tall from the bushes. THE INDIANS hae come and gone, but the left a erdiet before the departed for Atlanta. It was the general consensus of opinion In the Carlisle camp that Bully Vxnde-granff could plav on am body's team. Bully pro- ceded to star again yesterday He scored Alabama's onlv point tn ih field goal and was the onl mm to catrj the ball through the Redskin -trenches for any good gam. GhaiUn Wahoo. who pl.ied on tbe Carlisle team and slaired for It when it was going at top speed, was in town vesterdaj and saw the game Mahoo states that Bully good enough right now to make an Eastern eltnen, ANOTHER ALABAMA bo. who kept up his good work jesteiduy was "Amo" Love. As ha- been the case In tlie last few games, this box tat'Kled exerx thing that came his wax. and not an Indian could gain ar. ground around his end If Love goes back to the Vnixerxity next xear he will have no trouble getting an all-Southern berth when the season ends. THE BARONS have returned from Cuba They will hang out in the M. C. a few daxs and will then hie homeward for the holldaxs Bv going to Cuba the Barons probably fared better than 9o per cent of the ball-pla ers. Many of the tossers have been laid up since the season closed unable to get jobs It Is a hard Winter on ever.xhodx, but more especially on the players The Baron bov came back with kodak pictures taken on the brunette isle. In the trunk load. Now that th've got em, what thev gonna do with em' ..8112 A effishunt poh e frce Is a good study ,in mythology. Some adventurers is so brainless as to look for a heiress on a street car bashetballerRfity" WILL ORGANIZE TONIGHT There will be a meeting In the City Hall in the office of Z. Nespor tonight at 7.30 to make arrangements for forming a Greater Ulrmingham basketball League All those Interested In getting Into the league are requested to have a representative at the meeting tonight. Many of the teams that have formerly plaved In the city league have promised to Join the new league while a number of plaj ground teums have signed This league promises to he the largest of Its kind in the .South and will siart action as soon as schedule is made out. The association has a number of men who are Interested In plavgiound work back of it and is sure to be a success. HENDERSON LEADER ATHENS, Ga., Dec. 3. John Henderson, center on the University of Georgia football team during the season just ended, was chosen captain of the K15 eleven at a meeting here Wednesday night of the members of the 1914 squad. LEWIS TO PILOT IN SALLY COLT-MBIA, S. C Dec. 3. Early Lewis, formerly manager of the Manistee Baseball Club, In the .South Michigan League, will manage the Columbia South Atlantic League team in 1915, according to an announcement here Wednesday night by the club officials. Lewis is now in Jacksonville, Fla. WESTPORT QVJRTEX S2S, 9tr s LEXTS Correct cut-away shape to satisfy fashions edict and the Easy-Tie-Slide-Space to satisfy comfort and convenience, found in all ion loJars United Shirt & Collar Co. , Troy r N. Y. Mmktrt if UON SHATS, St JO S?0 H9K9EHE0SRBfi BEATEN OFTEN BUT HE STILL IS CHAMP (?) FREDDIE WELSH. This English boxer was defeated by Young Shugiue in New ioik Wedne.s-dav Hi-Hit Welsh ibnibed Into fame and the lightweight championship a few months ago when lo whipped Willie Kit. hie ami gamed the title Smee tin n he has hooked up with several lightweights and in mam instances has ben whipped olf Ins feet let he still retains the title It is going to hurt the pugilistic game if some i hampionship limit bout is not arranged at an early date between the little Englishman Hinl some real contender for Jus uown PINEHI IMNEHURST, N t . Dec. 3 -The eleventh annual Autumn golf tournament here began Wednesda) with fu entrants in the qtiahfvlng lound Robert Hunter, of ConneitUut, and C. 1. Bet ker, of Mass vehusettn, nude the low score of the da, Ixuh turning in cards of 83 for the eighteen holes. Match play began todav. MORNINGSTAR WINS . BALTIMORE, Dec. 3. Oru Momihff-star defeated Koji Yamadu. 3"0 to 24 m a Billiard XMajers l,earue match last night. Averages and high runs. Mornin?-star, 17 lt-17, BW, Yamada, 14 2-17. 61. COACH ELCOCK ENGAGED. NEW YORK. Dec. 3 Walter 14. Knot k, of the Dartmouth l'dl team, was unengaged W ednedav to coach the Washington and Lee Univeislt) football squad next season. MAHAN HARVARD S CAPTAIN. CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Dec. 3 Edwaid William Mahan, of Natick, Mass, halfback on the Harvard 'varsity football team for the past two years, w'ns chosen captain of the 1915 team at a meeting of the 1914 squad W'ednesday. CLICK IS PRINCETONS CAPTAIN. HR1NCKTON. N J, Dec. 3 Frank Click, of 1ittsburgh, was last afternoon unanimously ele ted captain of tht Princeton lootba.ll team for 1915. Click was a leading light in the Princeton rally In the fourth period of the Yale game. YOULL know me by my picture on the box. And every time you lee my picture just pass out a nickel and get next to the best handmade smoke that money ever produced. Yes, hand-made throughout my filler long and carefully laid and my wrapper fitting like tailor made Honest, I am big value for the money if I do say it Look for me Ask for me everywhere. i I WL0&C3 J NOW HANDMADE, STILL BEST & RUSSELL CIGAR CO., Memphis, Tenn. FREDDIE, WELSH IS BEATEN AGAIN Young Shugrue, Jersey City Lightweight, r Springs Into Fame by Decisively Beat- ij ing the Titleholder, . 4 NEW YORK. Dec. 3 Young Bhugrue. the Jeisey City lightweight, outpointed Kieddle Welsh, of England, the worlds champion lightweight in a ten-roupd bout at Madison Square Garden Wed-neday night. Shugrue outfought and outhoxed Welsh in eight of the ten rounds. The thiid round xvas even, while Welsh had the hotter of the seventh. By agreement both boxers weighed In at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at 1 Wb pounds. The were allowed 135 at that time Lust night at tbe ringside the English boxer, weighed 1313-4, while the Amt'ikun tipped the beam at 137 It was the story of the fighter against the boxer, with the fightei having the better of it. Shugrue was the aggressor, tearing Into Welsh's body with both hands. Welsh used jabbing tactics, and ut times held on, while Shugrue. when both arms were free, sent in short arm jolts to the face and body and at the end of tne second had cut Welsh a right eve The thhd was even, Welsh sending hard lefts and tights to the fa ce Shugiue forced the fighting In the next three rounds In the fouith he punNhtd Welsh on the bodv and sent the Englishmans load back with a hard straight let t in the fifth. Welsh Jabbed and side stepped in the sixth but Shu-grue was on top eontuumll). Welshs best xxoik untie in the sev DIA R Y March 22, 1814. Ah but we had a comfortable time of it last night at the tavern Ben with his long pipe at one end of the bench, I with my long pipe at the other and a bottle of fine Old OVERHOLT Rye on the table before us! Old Overholt Rye Same for 100 years Pure and delicious now as in the days when it cheered the hearts of oux forefathers Always uniform in purity and quality. Mellowed in the wood and bottled in bond. L. E. Meharg Liquor Co., Inc., Distributors 1 622 First Avenue, Birmingham, Ala. 54 v enth, when he landed a atlnglng leffto the face and followed with a hard right. Shugrue had the better of the lust three rounds, landing hard drive on the head and body. Both fought viciously in the tenth, Shugrue forcing Welsh to a comer and Welsh doing likewise with hi oppon ent. They were in a stiff mixup at the bell. Auburn Working L Hard For Battle With the Indians Al'IintX, -Vn., Doc. 3 Special. J Auburn Is working hard for the game with the Carlisle Indians to be pluyed In Atlanta on Baturduy. ; It Is Improbable that Arnold or Thigpen will be In the game. Their place will be filled wdth substitute men. The rest of the team will be intact and will bo ready to meet the Redskin In fine form As much interest Is being manifested In this game as in any one game during the past season. The practice work has been along the lines of straight football and it is very likely that Coach Ionahue will adhere strongly to his plan of open field work. No new' pliivs will he instituted 1 .1

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