Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 5, 1964 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, February 5, 1964
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JDaihl 74th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1964 $1.50 Per Month Thirty-Two Pages 10 Cents Senate kills tax bill amendment Johnson pledges to give best value for dollar urban setting. He ommendations for improvement WASHINGTON (UPD- The; Senate today defeated, 48-15 aj Republican- backed amendment! to the $11.6 billion tax cut bill! ,.,.„„...„„.„... to slash an estimated S445 mil-!, WASHLNGTON (LPD-P^ lion in wartime excise levies on^ Johnson today pledged his j state authorities. : asked the agencies to examine of protection in the service luggage, furs jewelry and cos- administration to protect con-, White House officials cmpha-! programs for consumer cduca- area and interested industries mctics. isumers and give the American sized the importance of John-.tion in schools and to develop would be called upon for ad- hnusewifc the best value for.son's proposals to inform and,means of keeping the public in-vice. "her hard earned dollar." j educate more families, particu- formed of developments in the The President, referring to In a special message to Con -ilarly in the low-income brack- consumer field. ;his new committee on consum- "to help them get the most: Check Service Costs ,er interests, said the consumer The President also stressed now has "a loud, clear-channel I The rejection of the proposal to sweeten the big tax bill even more with election vear cuts . , , , , . was one more victory for the;S rcss Johnson recommended a let administration. It was bv an M-POint program of legislation| for their money. | jr . identical vote by which a pro-'""' federal action aimed at: The President said he had di-:the need for looking into the voice at the topmost levels of posal Tuesday to provide taxl safp S uar(lin 8 consumers in'rected his committee on con-jcosts of services such as repair;government." credits for college tuition costs i,ncir spending for products andjsumer interests to hold a scriesjand labor charges. j He said his administration was turned back. j services. of regional consumer confer-! "^ >[ir record 01 over-all price would lead an intensified cam- rwo last-minute switches by I Among them were recommences and report to him. {stability in recent years has paign "to assure that the best Democratic Sens. Clair EngleJ mendations for enactment of; Assistant Labor Secretary been excellent." he said. "But practice of the great American Calif., and Vance Hartke, ind!i»i"s to insure truth-in-packag-! Esther Peterson, White Houselthe trend of consumer spending: market place—where free men consumer helped carry the administrationiing. truth-in-lending, and truth to victory today. In all, 4S Dem-in the sale of over-the-counter ocrats opposed the amendment, securities. while 31 Republicans and 14; Most of the bills Johnson en- i , Democrats voted for it. dorsed were recommended by j complaints to her. Representa-lathery weak." The action on the excise tax- the late President John F. Ken-'lives of manufacturers, retail | Johnson noted adviser, said she;for services has been constant-:and women buy, sell and pro- planned to invite regional meet- Iy rising: and the safeguarding duce — becomes common prac- ings a "handful" of the con-!of the consumers' interest intice." sumers who had been writingjthe area of services is compar-: Johnson recommended legislation to: that services —Extend and clarify inspec- D- safety and wholesomeness, cith-jthe possibility of adapting the| He said he was by the Agriculture Depart-; Rural Extension Service con- consumer group to NEVER TOO OLD — At the oge of 100-plus, Mrs. Jennie Gaston, Redlands' spry centenarian, was excited yesterday on her first visit to a beauty parlor. Here she observes the final comb-out as done by Jenny Condelario at the Cut-N-Curl Beauty Salon where Mrs. Gaston's was the day's very special appointment. The experience was the-main topic of conversation at the dinner table last evening at the home of her grandson, Richard B. Gaston, 1317 Sylvan boulevard, with whose family Mrs. Gaston lives — the home originally built in 1906 by her husband. Burton Gaston. Mrs. Gaston celebrated her 100th birthday last November 4 and was an honor guest later that week at the community's Diamond Jubilee dinner. She has lived her since 1892. (Facts Photo by Clifford J. Kenison) es followed a more comfortable ncdy. One new Johnson propos-jers, advertising agencies, gov-jcould not be treated in tbetion authority over foods, over- administration victory earlier in*al was a request for legislation ernment agencies, and consum-jsame way as food and drugs,ithe-counter 'drugs, cosmetics, the day when senators defeated | to require that all meat ander groups also will attend the but are "equally subject to the 1 and therapeutic, diagnostic and ?-f > ™ pos . a , ^ 0 broaden tax rekef I poultry sold in the United j conferences. (abuses of poor quality, high prosthetic devices. Also that "*""'—e x a g g e r a t e d^cosmeties be tested and proved | safe before marketed and that he was asking his medical devices be manufac- make rcc-'tured under conditions that as- jsure reliability, safety and effectiveness before they are Isold: | —Require that labels include I warnings against avoidable accidental injury from drugs, cosmetics and pressurized containers. —Give the Department of for those in middle and lower'states — intrastate as weU as! Johnson said he also was ask-, prices and income brackets. This proposal interstate — be inspected forjing federal agencies to explore;claims, by Sen. Paul II. Douglas 111., would have increased the er minimum standard deduction for — individual taxpayers. I Defeat of the excise tax! amendment appeared to forc-j stall any other efforts to reduce j these levies as the Senate t l pressed toward final action this Iwcek, possibly even as early as ] Thursday night, on the biggest I tax cut program in history. Ghana whips up sentiment against U.S. ! President proposes national prayer center i WASHINGTON fUPD—Prcsi-| was thrust into the presidency I dent Johnson proposed today;70 ,| a y S ago, "prayer has; Brown agrees to delay Baldwin Hills pay bill By DE VAN L. SHUMWAY United Press International SACRAMENTO (UPD— Gov. Edmund G. Brown today agreed to a delay in a bill to grant immediate insurance payments to victims of the Baldwin Hills flood. "I did hope for immediate action." Brown told his news con Weather ference. "But Sen. (Edwin J.) trying to protect his own politi- Rcgan raised some very diffi-i ca i sca | p at the expense of the cult legal questions." Regan, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, refused to act right away on the bill because it would become part of the state law. The governor said Regan had {promised to move "very, very promptly"aftcr the returns in March. 2,000 who suffered damage or injury in the Baldwin Hills disaster," O'Sullivan told newsmen. Agree to Wait At a closed door meeting, the judiciary committee voted to legislature I hold full hearings on the bill in mid-February and agreed there Coast Guard rescues 11 from sinking PT boat EUREKA, Calif. (UPI) - A converted 105-foot Navy PT boat began sinking in heavy seas off Northern California today and a Coast Guard helicopter rescued the 10 men and one woman who were aboard. The survivors, who left Seattle for California Jan. 24, were believed in good condition after battling 30-foot seas for six hours in a desperate effort to save the pleasure craft, Hattie D. Five survivors were flown to a ranch near the mouth of the Eel River in northwestern California. The 'copter returned to the shipwreck scene and picked up the remaining six. They were! flown to the Eurcka-Arcata Air-| {port at McKinleyvillc, 15 miles it,, t on n ( Am.,;..,', r«.iinmn<: : ""' ' " I Health. Education and Welfare . ,,-r,,, -r. I } I all .° f . Americas . rcl '8 ,0 " s ;helped me to bear burdens too L „bnoena oower in connection ACCRA. Ghana (UPD — The faiths join m erecting in Wash-i . . . ,suDpoena power in connection official government newspaper; ington "a fitting memorial to Sreat to be borne by any man j with administrative neanngs whipped up a campaign today the God who made us all. to "damn the Yankees" and more Ghanaians staged protest men of all faiths at all times. of the U.S. surrounded i Both houses recessed their:would be no senate action on, v „mv= ;hudgct sessions late Tuesday un-.lnc measure until after the 1 " 0 " 11 01 *- ur( * a I til March 2. But they were chambers reconvene March 2. j locked in an intcrhousc battle; Other action in the legisla- lover the Baldwin Hills bill, a;lure: I special session measure. I orovillc Dam — The Senate I Thc measure was introduced j \v a t C r Resources Committee Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset' b - v Assemblyman George A. 1 marches in front Embassy. Tolice thc building. Today's demonstrations, however, were small and brief compared to a march Tuesday by several hundred Ghanaians who hauled down the American flag. It was instigated by President Kwame Nkrumah's Tuling Convention Peoples Party (CPP). The headline in today's edition of the Ghanaian Times, the official organ of the CPP, read "Damn The Yankees!" An editorial said: "The Yankee gun-running attack has come to Ghana. Dopes and drunks who run the Murder Incorporated called the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) are after the blood of Osagyefo <Redeemer) Nkrumah because he is the biggest thorn in their Neocolonialist ambitions, bc-'eral state governors a lonc." | under the Federal Food. Drug Johnson said he had in mind! The Chief Executive's stress ! antJ Cosmetic Act. a "center of prayer open to all; on rcli „ ion camc a [ew nours ! -End the present practice by which pesticides may be reg- before his departure for a tnp;j stercd by manufacturers "under protest" before the Agricul- "The government cannot and should not sponsor this project with public funds," he said. He urged instead that religious groups representing all faiths in thc nation undertake the project jointly. This would show that the true image of America, reflected in its capital, is that of "a good | and God-fearing people," he asserted. Johnson made the proposal in an impromptu talk before the annual presidential prayer breakfast sponsored by congressional prayer groups. More than 1,000 national leaders attended, including House Speaker John W. McCormack, D-Mass.; Chief Justice Earl Warren, most members of the cabinet, about 300 members of the House and Senate and scv- Rodlands Weather Today Highest 69, Lowest 37 One Year Ago Highest 87, Lowest 50 6:43 a.m.— 5:24 p.m. No smog, allowable burning. San Bernardino Valley: Mostly sunny Thursday. Local gusty northerly winds Thursday. Little temperature change. Lows tonight 30 to 38. U.S. Weather Bureau Noon Forecast Mostly sunny weather will continue throughout Southern California this afternoon and again on Thursday. There will be patchy fog near the coast late tonight and Thursday morning. The forecast calls for increasing winds over mountain and desert areas Thursday with these gusty winds extending in to thc coastal areas below canyons during the day. agreed to investigate safety features at the huge Orovillc Dam, a key unit of the California water program. The probe was requested by Sen. Stan Pittman. R-OroviUe. after thc Orovillc Mercury-Register raised questions about construction of the dam. Tourist Industry Tourists — The Administrate Los Angeles Department of'tion's bill to establish a new of- Water and Power without ad-|fice of California development mitting total liability. jwas introduced by Assembly- Current law provides that a;man Robert W. Crown, D-Ala- claim payment may be consid-jmeda. He called the tourist in- ered an admission of a client's ;dustrics "one of the most prom- liability, making it difficult for ising growth areas" of the the company to c o 11 c c t from Estate's economy. Willson, D - Huntington Park, and would allow insurance companies to make immediate payments to victims of the flood caused by a break in the Baldwin Hills Dam. No Liability Under the measure, the firms would pay nearly S15 million insurance carried with them by cause he is forging thc path of i It was not known whether thei social,sm - ' vessel had sunk. ! "Nkrumah socialism will call! all Africa against thc shaky Johnson said that since to New York for two speaking engagements that his slain predecessor, John F. Kennedy, had planned. The first of the speeches, tonight, was particularly close to the heart of the assassinated president—the annual awards dinner of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for Mental Retardation. i After attending this morning's prayer breakfast for men in the main ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel here, stepped across the hall to another banquet room where his wife. Lady Bird, was guest of honor at a prayer breakfast of congressional wives. Addressing the women, John has passed ture Department upon their safety. —Grant the Federal Trade Commission authority to issue temporary cease-and-desist orders at the outset of a proceeding, subject to review, when the commission has good reason to believe continuation of the practice would cause irreparable injury to thc public. —Insure that the consumer Johnson- nas access to information necessary to make a rational choice among competing package products. —Require all lenders and extenders of credit to disclose to borrowers in advance the actual amount of their commit- In addition to thc helicopter. others who might have been. Salaries—Sen. Alan Short, D-iboat. two Coast Guard aircraft and two cutters were reported on thc scene or nearby. The Hattie D. was en route from Seattle to California on a three-week pleasure cruise when it struck a log that punctured its hull off Cape Mendocino, 250 miles north of San Francisco. The vessel was owned by Charles Orcutt, about 58, Seattle aluminum siding applicator. Also aboard were his wife, Evelyn, and two sons, Robert, 28. Tacoma, and Dewey, 21. It radioed the first SOS at 5 a.m. today and the Coast Guard rushed three aircraft, including the helicopter, and three surface vessels to the scene. An aircraft dropped a life raft and other rescue equipment to the! fabrics of capitalism. The CIA agents and their Peace Corps subversions failed with guns and bullets. Now they foment rumors to create alarm and panic and to confuse and divide the people." responsible. Stockton, introduced a bill to| A makeshift patch and two Congolese terrorists hold airfield LEOPOLDVILLE. The Congo (UPD — Congolese terrorists armed with bows and poison arrows dug in at Gungu Airfield today to prevent the central government from flying in ammunition and food to its bc- Thc measure slipped through; raise thc sa i ar i cs 0 f Universitv'pumps failed to hold back theiIcaBucrcd garrison, the assembly Tuesday on a 79-0 o{ California and state collegelseas. in excess of 12 feet. Thc| I . G . ,1inguT , IS . a m ° n g vote after being approved by, non . academic employes, plus^essel also lost a hatch cover" Mrs. Oswald again before commission son indicated his support of last year's Supreme Court decision Intent and the annual rate of in- holding that recitation of the ; 'e r cst they will be required to he!Lord's Prayer in public schools P a . v is unconstitutional. —Broaden the laws requiring "I believe strongly that our; full disclosure of information [children should be taught to!about securities listed on secur- ipray." he said. "But this is aiities exchanges to cover pur- task for our homes. It is much (chaser of "over-the-counter" too sacred ever to be touched {securities who now have no by the states." {such protection. WASHINGTON (UPD — The slim, blue-eyed widow of Lee Harvey Oswald had the painful duty today of examining the gun that her husband allegedly used to kill President John F. Kennedy. The 22-year-old Russian-born mother of two returned for her third day of testimony which is investigating the assassination. Chief Justice Earl Warren, commission chairman, said Mrs. Oswald would be asked to identify the gun and other "items of physical evidence — things that were around the I home." Articles such as diaries several'and notebooks will be shown Kwilu Province towns under Thc northern desert areas and! thc lower chamber rules com-i aboul one-third of all state cm-!which let more water surge into' sicgc b -Y !5™ ris,sl , 0n - 3 ram northern mountain areas will be a little cooler Thursday but little change in temperature is expected elsewhere. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period ended at 4 a.m.: High Low Precip. .18 Boston 41 34 Chicago 46 37 Cincinnati 45 18 Denver 42 20 Fairbanks 16 -12 Fort Worth 53 38 Honolulu 82 67 Kansas City 55 30 Las Vegas 56 — Los Angeles 70 51 Minneapolis 48 24 New Y'ork 45 39 Oklahoma City 46 38 Palm Springs 70 — Phoenix 61 29 Sacramento 64 42 Salt Lake City 36 17 San Francisco 64 4S Seattle 52 31 Washington 53 30 .01 mittec. But it suddenly halted in! p i 0 y es the senate. j Willson pleaded for quick action on his measure and said thc 1.S00 to 2.000 victims needed the insurance money now. But the senators had other ideas. Full Hearing Sen. Virgil O'Sullivan. D Williams, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee which must consider the bill, w a s I the hold. Redlands Dollar Days to offer unusual values It's "bargain-hunting" time in Redlands again. Y'es, Redlands area residents will be treated to outstanding buys at particularly suspicious of thejmost downtown stores for the bill and felt it should have a|„ ext days in Ule am , U al full hearing. {February Dollar Days event. 'I suspect an attempt to take away the rights of injured to the full recovery to which they are entitled by reason of somebody's negligence," said O'Sullivan. He also blamed Los Angeles Mayor Samuel Yorty, sometimes mentioned as a possible U.S. senate candidate in next fall's election. "I suspect Mayor Yorty is savings. In Redlands, Dollar Days has become an event when shoppers can expect to find substantial price reductions on items which they have admired as regular merchandise in given stores. Too, some merchants often bring in special purchases of quality products specifically for Dollar Days which they can offer to their customers at big page of killing, burning and looting led by leftist Pierre Mulele. A garrison of 40 army regulars at Gungu has been beating off attacks by the terrorists, but its supplies are running low. More than 100 terrorists were killed Monday when „j , .. .... u - ! tne >' charged wildly into ma- P L r ^" ^.i W .° b i!!chine gun emplacements, but the rebels managed to seize the Downtown Redlands now hasi off-street lots on Citrus at Fourth and Citrus and Fifth. Parking in these lots is free with a validated ticket from the many participating merchants. Because of the unusual values and the convenient parking, Redlands Dollar Days attracts thousands of shoppers from Redlands and from all surrounding communities. The majority of Redlands stores will have their Dollar Days bargains available from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from to- tomorrow through Saturday. Many stores are also open Friday nights until 9 p.m. airstrip. The rebel gangs were reported entrenched around the landing strip to stop government aircraft from landing with reinforcements and materials. This week, they downed a U.N. helicopter with an arrow that cut its oil line. Other bands were reported making frequent attacks on Congolese troops at Idiofa Airfield, about 300 miles southeast of Leopoldville. Fighting has continued at Idiofa for about 10 days. her for identification, he said. Since there are "a great number" of these items. Warren said, the process is expected to take considerable time. He anticipated that Mrs. Oswald would be called back Thursday. The chief justice said the young woman already had told the commission that her husband did have a gun. He noted that she previously had identified it for the press. Warren said Mrs. Oswald was not in "protective custody," although she was whisked in and out of the hearing room by Secret Service agents and was allowed to talk to no one. He said this arrangement was desired by Mrs. Oswald and her attorney, John Thorne of Grand Prairie, Te.x. The chief justice said he also preferred that Mrs. Oswald avoid reporters now because he did not want to see her upset while the hearing was going on. He described her as cooperative in every way. TELLS HER STORY—Mrs. Harvey Lee Oswald testified in Washington before the presidential committee investigating the assassination of President Kennedy. Redlands February Dollar Days Open Thursday... Shop... Save

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