The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 20, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 2
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-"t-T t-F tb< BakersfUid CaWornian Friday, Nov. 20 City and County ^/-v^gja. Official Paper 10 • I ^— ^—^— —^r -• Kvery Evening but Sundays at DEAR TGl'/l : " ~, Korn ('nunty, California. Be sure of one thing yourself And you can always be sure of pleasing your swe etheart by tcx in Poptofftr-e nt ., as Socond-chis's Mail Matter. ompany s a month; $5 a Your in A(lv«:i ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prep, i talcing a • • • M pi n 31 Gruenhagen 1 s '-andy. e ers m Wholsale L Wines. Liquors And Cigars -——^——- -i- . ^ £ --..^-^ *-^fc^^^^^M^am«^aa*a>a^a^aM^^^^M^ A t M e r c n e y FIIIDAV. XOVKMRKK ->•>. • i BILL THEY TALKED TOGETHER, jf-iony. h. O. O;il\i' ; 11 - V. t'*, . ii--i j third of H-Tiiou iti-iT. LJX. ' >( '" Wminm U. Mfllrr ntid The cream o a goo served in sample room. Qyotations and' 1 samples sent on application Phone IvTui 237 A pri'ss dispatch s;.v> linni It. llt • •r til the "Whito TTonso on .Mo.ulnv find ;., $1 tin-I to H. ?;aTwB^sawyMfK»l;. 1G23 Nineteenth Street H. Kfniih<\iK( -. nnstt"-, $10, mush luiH nnil of h-\ •-.<( v.ith l'ivsi-;i"r son Ion h«ir;m hour that ho dent HoosfvrJt Mr. Hears) jii'tcrwiinls that he \vj»s not tnlkinu: politics i quarter U '" °' A1; '*»'" 11 ' "' Oil qimr • Co. $lo, east hair iir eouthe.iM quar- 11 <>Ul tor section -1, south half of southwest i * , • * , . ... :.l>-li'J-l!0 and lain! in at all, and we ;m \v\\\\ S;in Uuis Obispf) county. curiosity its to what Mr. Hearst and Mr. Roosevelt really did talk about. Perhaps it was about nf.ture! faker* or somi' other kind of a faker, both Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Hearst nhhorrinjr fakers iu general. Or perhaps the two gentlemen discussed their very dear mutual friend Mr. Root, who; or mayhap but what's the use? OF course they had nothing in Klux Kian in The Clansman AND IFE IN TJMES How to Cure a Cold. CHICAGO, Nov. 20.-."The men of i this fa today are justified as a rule in desert- Woman Superior. ing their wives, when they do H for! In hn<-f. Mrs. Brown claimed wo- economic reasons. In times of stress [man «•;-.? a superior mentality and oc- and panic, the noblest thing a man cuplrd a more Important place than can do fs to leave his wife unprotect- her parni»M- in the general scheme of ed, for he himself can command no things. sympathy and stands between her Then amplified her above re- and relief/* mark regarding wife desertion with common to discuss with reference to the late The foregoing view was presented an addition that to an ordinary man by Mrs. Corlnne Brown for the con-1 might seem to show considerable re- ^F ^_ . — ^^ ju ^^^_^*K J^K J^L ^b ^^^^^_^ — ^^^—^^^ — H ^^,^F RjH -• fou'hc! < n 1anst ates1r± a i86T n Bd€ratIOn ° f ' be W °° dlaWT5 Park to 18G9, at the end of which time their man's Club. In U n and They have nev May be Mr. Hearst was soliciting o^ThSmaVSjo? Jr author of "The Mr. Roosevelt to join his party. Leopard Spots" and'"The Clansmuu." I but femInlnUy was That hadn't occurred to us be-j He styles the organization "an Invis- fore. Mr. Hearst is badly in need ! ible empire which within a few months n territory larger than urope, snatched power out was still to be placed upon masculinity in case of emergency. In rlpserting his wife," Mrs. Brown women in the world, and added "man takes on himself all op- of meiiil.ers, and Mr. Roosevelt , , ill ,i i ^ would probably enjoy the work of O f defeat and death, and tore the Canal Needs "(prohrlum and creates a sympathy getting on to] purinp the address fr such minor thoughts found expression as that Be as r;D' lul as yon can you will occasionally tab 1 cold, and \vhen you do, got n medicine of known reliability, one that lias ;m established reputation and that is certain to effect a quick euro. Such :t medicine is Chamberlains Cough Reniody. It has gained a world wide reputation by Its remarkable cures of this most common ailment, and can always bo depended upon. It acts on nature's plan, relieves the lungs, aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthier condition. During the many years in which It has been in general use we have yfit to loam of a single case of cold or attack of the grip having resulted In pneumonia when this remedy was used which shows conclusively that it. IB a certain preventive of that dangerous disease. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given as confidently to a baby as to an adult. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Kern Drug Co., Kern. . * GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OP THE CITY Free bus meets: all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. building up n party with nothing fruits of victory from 20,000,000 con- to build 1<>. The idea is rather at- <l«ererB. rhe Clansman" for the tractive, an,! we are poinff to be- %*! £™*£? * n v!' e broadn "? ht of v 4 i 4 ii fi 4 ,1 day tins secret working, methods am Jieve thfit Messrs, llenrst imil j ritual O f this mysterious order, tht talked about Doodle equal in romantic interest of the Ma(la in Sicily, the Corslcan Vendetta or until we. heiir to the con- trar. ! the Vigilantes of the Western frontier. ! Therefore the appearance of the pluv I cent f ^ V * 'h m Much Money WASHINGTON, Nov. 20.—Discuss- issue of $30.000,000 2 per 1 was a greater man than Roosevelt because he was a better huntr-r. nnfl that woman does not oppose man In his scheme for his own salvation except when he Interferes .with her. I-o ml on is artistic and not scientific, she explained, when she was broupht to account for the fact that ho cV-piftPd tenderness in a savage H. 0. HARNESS With J. W. Real Estate and Insurance Rom 26, Oaltes Block PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty. •$• I use nothing but the best mate's* rials, guarantee my work and •£« charge reasonable prices. *.. I. D. MEREDITH. Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main'172 Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Gal GRAVE PROBLEMS. One of the papi-rs of the Calkins e, wliH'h is reputed nt the Bakersfleld opera house on next j Tuesday evening, in awaited with nn- »usual intereKt, canal bonds, bids for , .__.*__» * _ *^__ ^ _- _ ^. i I I * K • mnn ncatnst Mrs, Brown's contention that Tenderness is a cultivated feel- wblcb have been asked by the treas- to r * • J * i* ** *' ** r *^ ^f ** %•*** v^*-*-* •» x* \.\ »-* j fc •* w » • "f *• t '•'• * 1 ury department, Secretary Cortelyou I. "w^man «oes no states that the expense of building j lsur ™ l ), nard wh the canal warranted the Issue and | fp ' tflrf ' fl - rontinu **,« «,«.«— «fl«,i«,i *« ««« /«- *t,fi "The .nrc-er frPCUO. "Paid in Full." j WafconalH & K<*m\wr will offer at I the money needed to pay for the . tin* corporate interests! lhp HaUt%rsfl(l)( l Qi^a houso on next work there. in * .- ,, ..,. ,. - ' . ' ' ,' i Wednesday \\\K\I\ the sensation of thu ot (iililorniii, says in M recent ed-1 prKscnt thontrlral season, "Paid in torial: I Full." by Walter, Ji pluy of This will be the third issue under the Spooner law, which provided for 'Woman does not become material- en free but when continued Mrs. Brown. :nrper freedom of today is mak- a more tender 'womanhood.'* a total issue of $13fi,000,000. The y L'rnve problems eon- cimtfn»m»niry life, in America which first issue was for $30,000,000 and the I*: ...titiit»>i- i.* tt-..n ..... ,.M,.,.. M ias w «n an unondtn!; shower of Kohl- nnrnnri fnr toinnnnnn With T>IP n^w front this country, iis well as <J Hier ; J^^^^j^ ""^""ni? shower of gold- social rather than political, IM-O- ' Yorl< aud has to its rviMlii u run of shower of gold-i second for $24,000.000. With the new $84.000,000 of the authorized 'u* niMii-r thnn partisan. The ' fiv " »nonih.4 in electiun of a I'resi<lent .-mi not '• , l V ;V riMt \ h:lIs & K.-iup** avo not t'ol- r j u j, t ..i ,.. * »' v -inu tho usual rules laid down by ; in-odiir-hit; nuirum-frs in kcc t ilnu T uti at- nn\v Samuel Compers i^ dei'viuL' tnirtinn in \Y\v York.until the rnulv- tlie eonrls. This is tin- first mnt- iilL " ri ' i(is tj| " «>'' h":inuu nl 1 its liitrh t that forebodes ill." That is fiuinv. \V.- i ^ ;(]) ' oi*d, ii'nl i* now , i f: i i ' 11 •• A success \\ i ' » thi N.. r\ I M --... i,(?- . >, f i•, L c,j i • ,,. bonds will have been issued, leaving au available issue of $46,000,000. The expenditures on account of the canal have c-xceeded the amount of j the bonds thus far issued by about ! j $2R.oftn,(n.w ( hut the tmlance has been ; pnid out of the current funds of the ! treasury. The present issue was nc-! \Y\v YMI-' cessltated at this time, it is said, ow-j * * * ' ' : 1 . J . * ^ 'k<rt<j _• . . - ' DON'T PUTITOPP UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY I: the cost worries you "-•?:MI!T us. \Ve will airrecably surprise Airuin ou can do it so y * M TI the treasury having i":oii".| \,.\ v York critic, wnin- : ! '<'d»ml to about $18,000,000. •(in-: i»t'j HidH fcr fno boruTK will be received hi f''nll hy Socre»nry OM-teJyou up TO 4:.'J'i •'•n.-i.:iih'iii'! (in J." .'Un! , m. Docembor «"»h. ' 'i" n s In, ' i ' i . iM'h r ' I, - I MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. <"<,/-.'.<"* in rolls, quickly ap- costs so little. cnni'-s in y/iy xvidth ; " i i l»i .is i n i example t .. i r ,» r , I T I I . i ' lj f Tl ih ;MM;I? ir hit - in t'o.ij' ;j;' s ' ' H 1 t! h-! 1 1 relUS t\\ \\H-\ii •' '-'•: f if f'\-('i'\- |;i r •'()!;.-; v L r • :- :IM! dallv \viM ( ' I.!- Pioneer Mercantile C 0 RST DAY Edd FRA era! Directors Embalm era Fun awe GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle iorses that ladies can drive. Yon will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc.. in jjood running order all the time. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21st and x Sta Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 E. H. LOVELAND .;. .;* <. i V Phone Main 98, • t • t ' * • \ I: • 1 ! M <•-. , ' j! . " ' - * • \ I I J H • I'imit <\t i-t '•',l! ( M 1 ' t >! ', ' V. \\! i 111 < • n t i i' f! * " ;•" r. ,:i' in.:i , r. v Mil i I D chRinblir: Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, Eggs, and all farm products. stain!, i f.'i • •. • * * t M •. will ii- -d * <* * i • of rti for a Bad Caee of Ecz«tr: on ( Suffered for Thr-; Disease Benched r, F-; Pain and ltcliir:,v \/. ' d S:;Uc s an I L \ H'» n And I;:« \\ CURED AFTER OTHER PRESCRIPTIONS FAILED 1 ' i • \ » •* T i i.-,'!, * * i n — r t Hint. '• j • i|-'ii-M» * [I. : • \ • ! i . I ' not S!H.\VM .!'. ' !' in t i i'.ig Arro 1 ".' 1 I t' tiif i-> "• at i i '. •>.\,. a'! t MM ii »vi. t ' ^ ' . ri ;< Ji : i a • 4 h mi f- I J *'!> ' ' < I ' 1 > t'« U-i' t In- ( \ (iiit' i \.' I)' I.JI |,:.M i ; v,-|>'."!i I I RED SPP.UCE AND WHITE PINE ROUTE " NEW YORK A checidng account with :!ie First National Bank hwa fet> many advantages that you •will find it a ^reat aid In jour financial affairs. If you have not already such au account with us we nlmll be pleased to have you op<?n one and test it fa** yourself. THROUGH 1 ^ i . A »! Unit i,; \ *' h I M Tl I * l ^ i T 1 f n I I ! s '' i. i \\>.\\ --'Tl MM • • • • ti' I'. 1 "I I 1- I . • 1 * II' J i 'ill I I • I 1;' 1 . r • 1 1 . * ists have I*- M •d (o stand an :t p ir Ili25.t)0(» eiirh for two ^ WOllld fMV'- t [',.' Mill'- " I I * time in \vln.-!t tahlislied." '! • * i i t * M * - r • i tin* slum ii is MI In ,, i i ;••! \» -iild ; n.' t! :,i • ni shin»: •I -'u'' S, llili!!' ' • . '!1 ill'lll |lir-l HI i 1 c-i ill-} ill Hi'.* 1 n ' I i .11 ' • , • • !_• ! i • M • I'll | l -I-M V | > t IT Sf tn y, i ; j cMi'l i- '.vj t ; . ;-ad ii.- th;- I'ac'ei-. av •! via-; jirntu; yiu--', i rr.i 1. \ f •> ^UllUe. \* "TllM ii" typfcal t-!;iy of «i i - ' Tlii- Klninln:.' Ar- I"•!!• \vi si, Iriiucolu .1 • and prodmvr ; coni i e<lt. it 10 ,( iiro.tiii'l inn. To add 1"<'-(1 eol rllie of ri :tl my (hut ( VM--I. V,'I-..H OcL 2U ( ll-v/7," il '" r:i',K.-J( was I *;\tn riife 1 :ie. Mi t t TC NG CUR .< 1 ' <-:i of U With li;tuedies In Three Dnys Afu-r 5ix Month.*; of 5iur,ring. "I filMV"*"! J...: - v \ Tim NATURE'S We Rccommanil ;hc Use of Our Guarantied COLD TABLETS Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN AKERSFIEUD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Street* Fields of Texas iaua. .9. *+. r ' ml ii \VIIH till anil hancts. .-. u ii v. » .' be no The from and tin with <• i I. ; i to Wfniid pay 1- i '';irri' ), .-/So » s .'iilii'n'fs. cn\v!Kiys >; n•;. \\hich will wi\f a tin 1 iiip.'ui fc'IX , i <,' (( i, i , uau Kir ' f'tmrul. • : > , , Mi 'I i • i i. Ti I - • < • ' j - t , i » • I .'! t A, 0. U. W. ATTENTION. ,*:•)-. - t \ t 1\ t 'i t: »-'<- J ' lit-" f', -t t \MM.I th • i l V 1-! * v , •i! ir f, , iio|- i . » l l . - • . . . It :\t J ' (lii'l 1 t i! i>'.ll Ot Olfi- ' i i ll'M h P : i REAL c'iTA . . f 3 « \V ,,•., t '!• •,.,,> i M I, A Curativ and Lsxative When RED SPRUCE ANDSWHITE iPINE FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED ETEAMERg ASK ANV i • ^ P L \ ;i s J I > *- h Take 1 ' *. * . * ' I - I I ') it ;-: -V, MJI, - .. * •» r ' 1 U)l : I"HLi i ! ,'• Of Drug Stores I A Mr--, \-.\b\ \Vu c »r ruu.;r must \ve 10 i \v rh. t ' • , I 1 I - sell all be coni!"o;iaM<'; but he needn't -( 11 it to you. • , GRAND OPENING nt' K. O. !i')i -; )1 ,',. *!•(, s Ainaramii 1 (!o. to JdHeph I). | H;H, |10, lot 07, -UU Home Tour 1,'f" t-r ret in i i! rco dca'l Huss* }\ if Bakersfield's Finest P CuUforuiiin witut lulu.; three days, 2&c.' AGBN • CHESTER AVENUE * f NURSERY * *• ALBERT WEEDAUU, Prop. * i <• Plrst-class Nursery Slock, Trees, j T Shrubba, Roses, Cut Flowers, Plc..-- f fr al Oesfgne. Ordorp i>romptiy fl]7«i * Corner Sixth St. and Chester A^e. * 'Pn«ne f Main 745 * Are Agents for * THE ALBANY NURSERIES •: *• If you nueil any thing In the *1 <* nursery lino .-eo them at their •> ranch opposite Producers' Hefln- fr ery on Boardsloy canal. Write > thorn Rural No. 1, Box S. > cull them up, Illnck 511. • v Or •-• »:« *:* # # * OLD X£LL\BLE Painters 8NYBER & JACKSON Paint ing in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1198 1527 Wall 8t •*ker*fl0Jd f

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