The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 26, 1969 · Page 57
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 57

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Sunday, January 26, 1969
Page 57
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BRIDGEPORT SUNDAY -POST, JANUARY 26, 1909 TV Guide-Book for the Week Notej^Numerals in parentheses indicate channel* over which programs ere heard. Programs are tubject T°hfTM!l Wlto °V 0ti , Ce ' Check dai 'y « sti "K s in . .TJie TeJetfram or Post for up-tp-the-minute sched- MONDAY 7.3»-GUNSMOKE - MaM Dillon must lo« two, cannlverj wli» gold mine. (C) (J| 7:»-AVEN;eR5 - steed ,, kn « ked out by tlteplng ccpiulM ond wokw CARR BATTERIES 634 STATE ST., BPT, 12 VOLT BATTERIES W *««'· HOUR--ALL tHAPXI ALSO FOR MARINE 4 LAWNMOWERS $22 6 ° GUAR. Exch. UOODOIBBAT! AT TC90T BEEB McDonald's. · 536 POST BO. IN FAIRFIELD TRAFFIC CIRCLE 1133 Main St. Cor. Elm St. TV STEREO SERVICE Our enlarged service facilities enable us to offer expert factory trained wrvice onMsgnavox, RCA and ?«niilj, Call WE INTERRUPT THIS .PAGE FOR : : AJN IMPORTANT MESSAGE Computer Classes Starr At LCB SOON Cjll row for, a personal Interview and free Aptitude test to determine, yjuiv qualifications Dial 333-2176 Learning Center of Bridgeport : '855 MAIN ST. 'Bridgeport, Conn. In an vnwordly town. (C) 17) (I) ;:»-COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIETY -- Lecture en "Communlcaflonj Research" with Paul Loienleld «nd Chorlei Slepmann. (I)} »:«0- ROWAN ANB MARTIN--Lough-in latutei organized labor. C) (4) l:0o--PETE SEEGER -- Folk Mullc llo- rurlnj Malvina ReynoWj and .rack Elliot. [II) I:30-KEP.E'S LUCY - Corel Burner! guests on ilfuctian camedy. (C) (3) t:l»--PEYTON PLACE -- Rodney oiki for a trial leparalion; El! court* Moggie. (C) (;) (I) »:W-MAYBERRY R.F.D.--ooober lak« till turn at Moyb«rry'i driver e6u- cotlon Inilruttor. (Cl m 13) 1:00--MOVIE -- "Draantt," a crlmi drama starring Jack Webb. (C) (4) ):W-BLACK JOURNAL -- LiRol Jonei, ClauBe Brown and Korhlten Cleaver are lomt ef the guests discussing major events of 19H. (C) (111 9:30--FAMILY AFFAIR -- Uncle Bill IS olfered a position In England. (C) (!) 13! !»;»-- CAROL BURNETT -- Martha Roye and Mel Torm» join Carol far a look al commercials. (C) (3) 13) 10:00--BIO VALLEY -- Barbara Stanwyck stars, as a wealthy rancher moves Inla Stockton to ruin Iht Barkley enterprises. (C) (7) TUESDAY 7:30--LAHCER -- T«reso V/rlghl guests . as a wife who Intervenes In a tang standing, /eud between her htubend . ond o sherlll. (C) (3) [3) 7:30-- NBC NEWS SPECIAL -- "Arctic Odyssey" follows a IW-day mapmaking expedition to rhi North Pale. (C) «) 7:30--MOD SOIMD-Pele and Line |al a gang of young thieves. (C (7) 18) 8:00--ABA ALL STAR GAME -- The second annual American BflSkerbfil ctsociollon'i All Star gome Is tele cast from LouisvUle. CC) (9) »:«5-- NEW YORK TV THEATER -- A production al Molly Kazan's "Rose mary.".(l3I »:30--RED SKELTON -- Phyllis Dillei and Grace Markay visit Red la night. (Cl (51 (31 8:30--JULIA -- Julia attempts to "move over" Marie. CC) (4) 8:30--IT TAKES A THIEF -- Muldy r« kindles a poll remonce ta floin in tormallon. CC) (7) (B) 9:00--MOVIE -- "The Miracle worker' stors Anno Bancroft ond Patty Duke In the life al Helen Keller 9:30--DORIS DAY -- A chiming Bntlqu, alarm clock ccvses problems 01 this situation camedy. (C) (2) (3) ?:3I--N.Y.P.D. -- Crime Sromu concern Ing twa teenage gunmen. (C) (7) (I 10:00-- CBS NEWS SPECIAL -- An Inter view with longshoreman-pnllosopnei Eric Haffcrv called Q "controverlla heur" by praducer Perry Wollt (C) J) (31 10:00--THAT'S LIFE -- snelly Bermoi and Kay Medford again play th 1 pcrtj of harried.en-lows who take t "family 1 1 vocation ta Florida. [C (7! (I) WEDNESDAY 7:30-THE GOODT1ME HOUR -- Tbi new Glen Campbell show feature Ihe Smothers Brothers, Pal Payl son and Bobbie Gentry. (C) (2) (3 7:30--THE VIRGINIAN -- A Weste. comedy lonfghl sfors Yvonne De Carlo. (C) [4) 8:00--WORLD WE LIVE IN -- "The Sm Watchers" traces man'A progreis li determining the sun's nature em findings M* lor Irs energy. (13) 8:JOr-GOOD .GUVi -,. A -'.'John Alden' Jituot|on coysw .CompUcDri'oni fo ' RufusJ oni Beri. 1C) (3) (3)' 8;30-PEYTOK PLACE - Steven seek : Betty's help to light Peyton's witl ;»!»-BEVERLY HILLBILLIES -- Ra' : Clorfc, country weirern singer, con . . . tihues in role |os cousin Roy on' · ' oflerj some music-tonight. (C) (J , , U . . . : HALL -- Eddie Arnold hall Bergen.cnd rhe Cowsllls. (C »:«--MOVIE -- "Thi HappenlM," o sltry of ex-Mem ri«0 »farv Anthony dulrm end Glargt Mehorlt. (C) (r) ID ITIOUE -- viiuol ar concrete poelrr K critically, onoiyud. (C) (13) »:jO--OXEfN ACRES -- 0,'lnr contemplates opening a new law practice. CC) t!) (3) ' · tAWAII FIVB-0 -- McOIrrttt II held hoitftft as a prison drimei imfeldi. 1C) til (J) »:»»-OUTSIDE* -- KOK tries fo hfp a M«l»n-Artvtrlctn r !;«· o feud. (C) (I) THURSDAY 7:30-- DANIEL BOONE -- Vincent Price plays Dr. Thodeus Morten In o distinctively Qkkinlian talc. (C) 7:30--COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIETY --Lecture on "Communications Research" features Paul Ltieriietd. (13) 1:00--JONATHAN WINTERS -- Barbara Ftldan, Paul Lynite, Charley Weover Loin Jonathan for vqrlety show. (C) (3) «:03-YOUI) DOLLAR'S WORTH - A re port on stocks and band! looks at 'tie rofts ef Investors and stockbrokers. 113) 1:30-- IRONSIDE -- A friend of Mark's, falsely accused ef assault, seeks legal help. K) HI «:3o-- BEWITCHED -- Samonlha cotchw a witches' virus that makes all she says, poetic, to (7) d) «:W-MOVIE -- "Cat on a Hot Tin Roo stars Paul Newman and Eliiebeth Taylor In a drama ef o southern family. (C) (3) 13) 9;00--THAT GIRI Ann has income Ion trouble tonight. (C) (7) (!) 9:30-- DRAGNET -- The L«j Anietei police department cracks down on norcotfcs. (C) (41 »:*)--JOURNEY TO THE UHKNOWN -An Insurance Investigator looks In ta the "accttfenlfal" death of c scientist. (C) (7) M:oo-- DEAN MARTIN -- Lena Home, Victor Boree and Sid Caesar (out Dean fer j rrjllcal variety hflur. 1C) (4) FRIDAY 7:30--HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS -The Trotters face the Washington Generals in Madison Square Garden. (C) (2) 13) 7:30--OPERATION: ENTERTAINMENT -- eTd Ames, Louis Nye ond Joai Rivers entertain ot Peniocola, Flo, Naval Air stalion. (C) (7) (H) «:M-- NAME OF THE GAME -- "Love In at Ground Zero," finds a grou Ot demonstrators ready ta sacrilic 'their lives. (C) (4) 1:3»--FELONY SQUAD -- "TH Low on Order Blues" starring Brook Peter. In the llrst part of a two-chapter story which will be compleled on Judd later tonight. (C) (7) (3) 9:00--MOVIE -- "Made in Paris" storv Ann Margaret as on oisljlanl clothes buyer in Paris Involved with three amorous suitors. (C) (3) (3) 9:00--GUNS OF WILL SONNETT -Waller Brennan start as a man reputation. (C) (71 (» 10:00--JUDD -- Concluding section at Felony Squad In which an African chief, the victim ot larceny/ fs brought la trloj for the murder of a men Involved In the crime. (C) (7) II) B:30-NET PLAYHOUSE - "The Blood Knol" Is B play of two black brolhen by Alhol Fogard, a South African playwright. (13) -^; -- - · "' ^niic »TUWU»:II nuiae, dlia me JI-i-ICE. Rep. Hugh Carey (D- Boy and the Airplane," relate to Brooklyn), chairman of the spe- children and their love for ani- cial House and Labor Commit- mals and adventure. In the first, ,ee task force which will inves igale New York's anti-poverty program, and Rep. Ogden Reid, 'R-Westchester), a member of 11:30 AM-Noon -- P U B L I C BEARING. "Reform of the Abor- ion Law." A debate between Prof. Robert M. Byrn, asso- \ Previews 10:30-11:00 AM -- MAN IN - r ' -- -- · **v» vi « ( . K J I U , OIJU HI l U C i l l l i i l , he task force, will be interview- a little boy daydreams that his rtrt ff^t\tnr\ (A\ t . i - . . . (Color) ciate professor at the Fordham 5 .aw school, and Assemblyman Albert Blumenthal (D-Manhattan), will be moderated by newsman (2) Bob Young. 11:'30 AM-Noon -- D I S C 0 VERY. "Stockholm--The Town be- AND / 'ERS. Three flew United SI-, senators, all Democrats, Harold Hughes of Iowa, Alan M. . . · Cranston of California, and ccoiorj. Thomas F. Eagleton of Missouri, will be interviewed by ABC correspondents, live from Wash- nglon. (Color) (7) (g) tween The Bridges." Host Virginia Gibson offers children a unique tour of a beautiful city, as fascinating for its ancient parts of town which go back in history to the 16th century as it is for its new section, a model of 20th century planning come to life. The title of the program conies from the startling fact that this metropolis, the capital of Sweden, is actually made up of 12 islands linked together by bridges. (Color) (7) (8) Noon - 1:00 P.M, -- THE SUPERINTENDENT REPORTS. (Return). Dr. Bernard E. Donovan, New York City superintendent of schools, is host to a discussion of "Decentralization," featuring gueEt John Lotz, chairman of the Decentralisa- tion Committee of the New York City Board of Education. (Color). (7). 2:30-- PRO HOCKEY. New York Rangers vs. Montreal Ca- nadiens, from New York (Color) (2) 1:00-1:30 - MEET THE PRESS. Ambassador W. Averell Harriman, formerly chief nego tiator for the U.S. at the Paris peace talks,'will be interviewee live from Washington by Max Frankel of the New York Times syndicated columnist Carl Rowan, Robert Goralski of NBC - -- --. -· .. --** .v.m nn-iiiuti:j ui uic nuuse o News, and program - producer Representatives-- Brook Adam Lawrence E. Spivak. (Color) "- ·· Cops in New Mexico Target for Thieves LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) -Several Las Cruces policemen apparently became the victims of thieves during December. Police Chief Ben Silva's home was ransacked by vandals. Patrolman John McAnon reported someone, stole a-tire and rim and a set of. tools "from his private automobile on Christmas Day. ' · - . · · ' . Police Capt. Enrol. Baca said his badge and police identification papers were'taken from his automobile. They were .returned to him about a week. latSr. FILM FESTIVAL. (Return) Kukla, Ollie and Fran Alliso. back as hosts, this delightful se UHe Wooden Horse," and "The boy has lost his dog, in the econd, a horse on a carousel las caught the fancy and devo- ion of a child, and in the third, nodel airplane becomes a real )lane. A sensitive and appealing wur for children. (Color). (2) 3). 1:55 -- PRO BASKETBALL. Cincinnati Royals vs. the Los Angeles Lakers, from Cleveland (Color) (7) (8) 4:00-5:00-- THE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN. (Season's Premiere). Armchair adventurers are n for another season of vicarious thrills beginning today with hunting and fishing exploits Actor Rick Jason, star of the defunct "Combat" series, is on a dangerous grizzly hear hunt in British Columbia, with his guide Clayton Mack; and sportswoman Joan Salvato joins fisherman Lee Wulff in the waters of Con ception Bay off St. Johns, New foundland, in a battle with the fighting tuna. (Color) (7) 4:30-5:30 -- SPECfAL. "Both Our Houses -- The New Con gress." John Chancellor is an chorman for this hourlong intro duction to the 91st Congress, i|s makeup, the issues it faces, ant its attitudes. Highlights include a roundtable discussion between four members of the House o (D-Wash.), John Brademas (D Ind), Benjamin S. Rosenthal (D N.Y.), and John V. Tunney (D S Calif.), on Congressional re forms. Another highlight is . u u l ..,,^. VJ *tmi, v . minis, rtnuiuer nignugm is 'Clown and Other Stories." 'With roundtable discussion on the fil buster bill by four Gordon Allott (R- senators.), Fran *... .. UU i.L,, .!j. j u-_iig,iei,iui jc.- uuiuuii /MIULL ^ j\-^QJu. i, r ran - of children's films opens to- Church (D*Iowa), Spessard Ho day with three short films pro- land (D-Fla), and James Pear duced in France, which have son (R-Kan.). Brief profiles o earned awards for excellence. Senator Hugh Scott, (R-Pa) All three, "The Clown," "The Rep. Allard K. Lowenstein (D Sunday Post Television GREAT TREE In some parts of Brazil, 3,000 different species of trees have icen found in one single square mile. · JL a M UUM WORLD IS ft 3 DRlfG DBPeNDBNT WORLD? An in-deplh discussion on drugs: medical and psychological effects, dependency, addiction and recovery -- a Well known psychiatrist* an M.D., members from Renaissance, an · officer from the Bridgeport Police Special Services, and a representative from the Greater Bridgeport Urban Coalition. SUmaYBTSPM R3DIO BOO ON YOUR Dial Tin Connicllcut Brotdcullng Co,, Inc., phont 25S-44£t -7: DOS--Tom and Jerry 3-- CP Telethon -7:154-- Farmer --7:30-2-- Aquaman 5-- Religion 11-- Cathedral --7:50-7-- News -- S:0tt-- 2-- Around Corner 3-- Christophers 5-- Prince of Planets 7-- Religion 8-- Davev-Golialh -«:15- 3-- Gumby 4-- Library uons 5-- Religion 5-- Wonderama 7-- Christophers 8-- This is Life 11-- Evangel Hour -8:45-4 -- Story Time -- 9:003 -- Marine Boy 4-- Sunday School 7-- Thou Art With Ma 8-- Faith Today 11-- Capt. Scarlet. --9:15-4-- Hebrew School --9:30-2-- Way To Go 3-- College Campus 4-- Jewish Heritage 7-- Beatles 8-- Christophers 11-- Litlle Rascals --10:00-2-3 -- Lamp to my fee: 4-- Education 7-- Linus 8-- Dialogue II-- Three Stooges -10:302-3-- Lookup, Live 4-- Man in Office 7-- Kins Kong 8-- Vidicon 11-- Movie --11:007-3-- Camera Three 4-- Searchlight, ?-Bullwinkle 8 -- Comments -11:302-- Public Hearing 3-- Agenda 4-- Direct Line 5-- Mother, the Car 7-8-- Discovery -12 Noon- 2-- Newsmakers 3-We Believe 4---Youth Forum 5--Movie 7--School Report 11--Movie -12:30!-3--Face Nation 4--Year of Hope 8--For Consumers --12:45-8--Survival -1:002--Black Letters 3--Your Community 4--Meet The Press 5--Movie 7--Directions S--Way Out --1:30-2-3--Children's Film: 4--Guide Line 7-8--Issues, Answers 11--Racket Squad --1:55-7-8--Pro Baskclball -2:004--Speaking Freely 11--Wanted -2:302--Pro Hockey 3-- Movie 11--Code Three --3:00-4--Movie 5--Movie 11--Patty Duke 49-NET Journal -3:30]]--Gidge; -4:007--U. S. Sportsman S--Wackiest Ship 11--Dr. Kildare 13-World Press 45--Conn. Issue --J:3B- 4--News Special -5:002--Dial-Music 3--Gunsmoke 5--Man from Uncle 7-8-Golf II--Run for Life 13--Charity Bailey --5:302--Amateur Hour 4--Frank McGce 9--Sea Kingdom 13--NET Playhouse 49--Antiques -6:00- 2-3--21st Century 4--College Bowl 5--Movie 3--Here Come Star- II--Invaders 43-French Chef -:30-2--Eye on K. Y. 3--Zoorama 4-- Wild Kingdom 13 -- Jazz 9 -- Eastern Europe -7:00!-J-- Lassie 4 -- Huck Finn '-8-- Land of Giants 9 -- Movie 11-12 O'clock High 13-- Critique -7:302-3-- Gentle Ben 4-- Walt Disney 49-- Bridge --8:00-2-3-Ed Sullivan 5 -- Movie '-8-- FBI 11-- Honeymocmers 13-49-- PBL Report -8:304-- Mo!hCrs-in-Law 11-- College Talent -3:002-3 -- Smothers Bros 4-- Bonanza 7-8 -- Movie 9-- William Buckley 11-Naked City -9:3011-- Adventure 13-- NET Festival 49-NET Playhou --10:00-2-3 -- Mission 4-- My Friend Tony 5 -- News 9 -- Movie II-- John Gary -10:305-- Mayor Lindsay 13-- Soul! -11:002-- News 3-- News 4 -- News 5-- Susskind 7-- News 8-- News 11-- Eleventh Hour 2-- News 3-- Weather 4-- News 7-Ncws 8-- Weather -11:302-- Movie 3 -- Movie 4 -- Movie 7 -- Movie 8~-Pat Boone 11-- EncourUtr .), Rep. James G. O'Hanf .llch.). Rep. I. Mendel Ri C--THIRTEEN ·IHIn ' (R-Mlch). Atfd lastly, (respondent Herbert Kaplow I! interview " ' ison. (Color) (4) 1:00 · 7:00 -- B!NG CROSBY OLF. The second and final y of coverage of this annual ofessional and amateur golf amplonship contest at Pebble lach, Calif., is a [wo-hour at- ir, described by commcrila- rs Chris Schcnkel, Jim Meay, Bill Flamming, Keith .lack- n and expert Byron Neison. olor). (7) (8) 6:00 - 6:30 -- 21st CENTURY, leturn) "Tomorrow - - Today." ter«sting expedition into ihe mputer - dominated world of ience technology in the future Ih particular emphasis on the lue of simulation which al- ws scientists to plan and eval- te test conditions which would herwise be impossible. You'll e how simulators are used in anning now for the astronaut's rthcomlng attempted landing n the moon's surface, and dis- ver how the simulator and rnputers help military stra- gists concerned with possible tack in the space age. It's al- your only opportunity of the eek to see Walter Cronkite ex ' Jte a perfect backward som iault. (Color). (2) (3). By STEVEN H. SCHEU1-R Q- -- Linda Kvans is so beau- :hc show happens to lie good anyway. Please give us a nio- ;raphy about this t r u l y gorgeous actress. -- A. 1-'., Pittsburgh, Pa. A. -- The beautiful young star was bom in Hartford, Conn, on November IS some twenty or so years ago. Her father, Elba Evanstad. an interior decorator, moved the farruly to Los Angeles U'hen Linda was just two months old, She aitcsded Hollywood High School, from which she was graduated with a B-pius average. She began studying] drama as a form of therapy, to cure her of her shyness. She got her f i r s t professional job while visiting her high school sorority sister, Carole Wells, who was then starring in the "National Velvet" TV series. Her natural beauty attracted the a t t e n t i o n of a director and she was signed on the spot to appear in a soft drink commercial. Then came parts on several TV series, including "Bachelor Father," " and Harriet." "The Untouchables" anri -The Eleventh Hour." Her performance as a neurotic teenager ina n "Eleventh Hour" drama won her an MGM contract and a minor role in "Twilight of Honor" which starred Richard Chamberlain. Her first big break came when she co-slarred with Brian Keith, Keith, Vcra Miles, and W a l - i ter Brennan in the Walt Disney f i l m "Those Galloways," which '.·30-8:30-WALT DISNEY. Those Calloways." Part Id. ick city folk double-talk Cam alloway into believing his love- pond is about to become a "*· ** imu must; LailOWavs " vhjch rd sanctuary, then the hunt- was recently shown or, TV. Ijnda - arrive to do their killing, has a married sister named Ca- : ter a two-week buildup on ,' alloway's feeling for the geese J uch a trick drives the man al- ost loco, and in the climactic :enes, Cam goes after the hunt- rs. Brian Keith plays the out- aged man perfectly, and he'll ave fans booing those gun- ippy sportsmen tonight. (Col- '· -- :uur lavornc snows are 8:00 - 9:00 -- ED SULLIVAN, all NBC-TV entries. A d d r e s s d has an interview with Joe amath scheduled for tonight, ~ sports fans be sure to tune For the rest, there's George amilton for a song and dance the Beatles' tune "Act Na- irally;" comedians Richard Pry- r ,,,,,! 1.1. r ""····""* iy me snow witn ae r and John Byner for comedy scared out of mv outmes; English singer Shir ' y ey Bassey and her songs; Bal- it America, boys and girls in heir teens and twenties, sing nd dance folk and pop songs- tiore tunes from Tommy James nd the ShondelJs as well as rom The Green Machine, six J.S. Marines; plus a novelty ct by Marvin Roy. (Color) (2j Q. -- Alfred Hitchcock's TV cries was the best. I still recall he show with delight. I was "cared out of my wits many imes. Oen of my favorite shows vas about a lady who lost her baby at birth but thought they switched babies on her in the hospital and she looked up the girls who had children at the same time and finally kidnapped one child. There was a blonde actress who real mother a 8:00-9:00-- THE FBI "Cae ar's Wife." The series borrows he locale of "Hawaii Five-0" or a tale of espionage starring uest Michael Rennie and Clou me Longei. A vague clue left y a murdered CIA agent trig- ers a chase from Paris to Hoolulu. Masquerading as a ma- azme writer, Inspector F,rskine eeps a dose Jab on a budding Hate Hari who's trying to gel tr hands on vital information rom a retired American dipto- iat. There's another attempted nurder and the usual cat-and- mouse game until the FBI gets o the bottom of things. (Col (?) (8) major pro 8:00-9: .10- PUBLIC BROAD AST LABORATORY. P E L urns to the subject of racia onflict m the Ujiiled States and broad, using a magazine for mat for its coverage. A i egment of the 90-minute ,,.,, ram is an experimental film reduced by French journals Jamelfe Hunebelle called "Ne roes Next Door." a dramatiza on of an interracial conflic n a St. Louis suburb, in which he uses a technique called 'psy ho-docu-drama." (Color) (Edu ational Television). (13) (49) .-.^ SMOTHER; BROTHERS. Andy William; ingmg "Moon River" and "Peo le" in a crowd of over a hun red, sets the tone of the hour om and Dick begin by chat mg about ihc population explo ion and move on to a Venezu Ian rain dance. TV cook Lc "rcnch discusses what to il and a younger sister named )athy. Her vital statistics: ilonde hair; blue eyes: and he's five feel seven inches tall. Q. -- Where may I write for ihotos of the stars of such shows is "Bonanza," "Get Smart," 'The Ghost and Mrs, M u i r " md "Adam 12." -- L. H., Mem- his, Term. A. -- Your favorite shows are mur photo requests to NBC-TV, Rockefeller Center. New York, N.Y. played the boy's nd a dark hairet ..^, ,, ,,,,,,, llauc( . actress who was the psychopath Please tell me who these actresses are if you can. I would look for them on other shows.-Mrs. E. K., New Britain, Conn A. -- The drama you recall starred Nancy Kelly as the woman who kidnapped the little xiy and Gena Rowlands as the jlonde.mother. Both these actresses appear as guest stars on TV from time to time. Q. When- is Donald O'Connor going to take over the CBS late hour talk shows? I think his current syndicated show is pretty good but he really ought to get into better shape before he tackles the giants. Joey Bishop and Johnny Carson, in the ratings -L. H., Fairfield. A. You have some facts twist cd. Donald O'Connor is not go mg to headline a CBS talk show m direct competition with John ny Carson and Joey Bishop That job has been relegated to Merv G r i f f i n , who will becomi CBS' late night talk show sta. m 1969. O'Connor will continue with his syndicated show. Historic Book Sold To Diocese of Exeter EXETER, England (AP) -Dr. Robert Mortimer, Bishop of withdraw from auction a hb toric book bearing the signatures of West Country cle'rg who signed the oath of allc giance to King Charles II aftct England's civil war in the 17th century -- The document, which it was do feared might have been split up --* " i a i lu uo Jtaisru u l i g m Jtdve Oeen S p l i t UP 'ith leftovers: the Clingers sing and sold page by page, has betn Oil] C l i e n t W i l l in mr in!«^ «1_- KTMmlit ^ , r + l i r . r\:^^ -t T- . _ · ·-- ^^,iiftn» J"Jg "·"* jwiu vctv: uy jjii^e, /las OCcn bit; guest Williams joins the bought by the Diocese of Exeter ·egulars in blackouts about em- for a nominal 100 pounds (S240). barrassing moments; and the fi- !t will now go into the diocesan lale lakes place in U\e Smothers archives, ockcr room *fter the game [Color) (2) (3) 9:00-10:00- WILLIAM BUCK-EV. 'The Causes of The School Strike" is the subject of discussion between Mr. Buckey and his guest, Albert Shan- «r. president of the United Federation of Teachers in New York City. (Color) (9) 10:00-11:00 - MISSION- IMPOSSIBLE. D a n d y gambling! show thanks to a good script and a new snorkel camera. Out to crush a syndicate boss, our agents work on a henchman by way of the casino dice and card tables. Chief highlights of the hour include n blackjack game in which the dealer passes Cinnamon the second card from the top: Phelps employed at the dice tab.'e; «nd agent Barney, with his shiny mechanical fiismo, making safecracking look casv (Colorl '-') (3) Moving uf? Go Nor* American . ,, R costt no moTM . . . y* jpnAioXv moo pecnral · ttjafs thft truth. CALL 336-1866 , North Ame NO frflODU MAN WHY PAY HIGH PRICES - BUY f ^^ DIRECT FROM US-SAVE UP TO 5O% NO MIDDLEMAN .1.000 S». ft. Hocrory Spec* Uffttt hi Connettfc*. DOH'T PUT UP WITH OLD. WORN OUT HOUSE WINDOWS CONVERT.,. TO NEW REPLACEMENT WINDOWS NOW! Mwkrnize Your House The Easy Way! FOR: HOME -- OFFICE -- FACTORIES SAVE MONEY-STOP HEAT LOSS MAINTENANCE '·llSi.J'"*,'"' " lUl 5 ldl d ? f " T"'""'" 1 " "· *"' b M'*. "»·« ««t « »!· I,. E ' I !'" V'J! 01 ° n " *" lh " * '"' ""' '» '»»' »'. '"t Hi? uti nir hmi (nil/ IM tWIIy. thinly autincnfetlhlni of haiu tanS, tt'utfy^IVTM^ "·" "" 1J| " ""»*. AC£-SMH innn m«i let ctnnlng tnl-li cont/ollid by thi louth ot you (1»,», - - »? a eliin. vttvn i,,unm. i6S ,»e, irltill tn «lirt»« . « i » « «i Call or Write Today for FREE Estitnati. BAKED WHITE ENAMEL ALUMINUM or FIBERGLASS AWNINGS' AS LOW AS HOMEOWNERS SEAMLESS WHITE BAKED ENAMEL ALUMINUM GUTTER To 400 Ft. Length* NO JOINTS--NO SJAMS--NO UAKS Installed Ai Low At 95 DO IT YOURSELF W» cut gutrtr to «x»et langM and deliver to job. AS LOW AS 451 n. 1NCLUDII ALL ACCHSORlIf lit FLOOR--INCU. ALL ACC«)ORI» *Mt». 100 Ft. or Gutter -- Slightly High Contractor! Developera Spt«!al Discounts For ?uanrfry itr Fer Ua Fe«t«j*. CNI CHAROE CALL US FOR: ROOFING -- SIDING -- GUTTERS ft ADDITIONS m ifift Afifl! ANYTIME. Oat Of . 000-40UI Town, Can CoVloet Norwalk -- Weslport -- WrfteW ~ 853-0023 Weather Product! ! He SO Wgtwwrd St., fpt. . ,,, HUH KIT II COHM. TOt ! MWIY t UATf JT. KU.

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