The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 20, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 20, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD. CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, No. 95 IS KILLED CAR SWERVES AND PASSENGERS ARE SHOT INTO WATER OREGON REPUBLICANS DECLARE! OFFICIAL ROBES TUNG CHI FOR REPUDIATION mm EMPRESS DI CHICAGO, Nov. 20.—By the swerving of an automobile at the Torrence avenue bridge over the Calumet rlv- j er, Joseph Myer and Margaret Atkins' were drowned. The car contained eight occupants. It plunged down a 15-foot embankment and the passengers were shot as from a catapault Into the water. A. C. Smith, a brakeman residing In Fresno, was hit by a projecting beam on the Santa Fe's Kern River bridge last night, at about 7 o'clock and met death, probably instantly. Smith was not missed from the train until Bakersfleld was reached. An extra was then run back, as It was presumed that he had met with an accident. Coroner McGinn, who was on board, found the body on the bridge. The head was down and was evidently crushed, and It la- , .— „- — thought that death was Instaneous. [Ham J. Burns last night filed with the special dispatch to the effect that a PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 20.—The Union Republican Club, the most influential Republican club of the stale, last night through its milllon executive committee endorsed the fight being made against Governor Chamberlain, who by popular vote, is the nominee for United States senator. The decision reached, after a wordy war, was that the fight be pressed to overthrow the pledged legislators, The six who escaped drowning were I rescued with much difficulty. « * ••' — BURNS 8AY8 CONDUCT WAS NOT BECOMING. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20.—WH- j ECHO REPORTS SALE CONTEMPLATED This morning's Echo contains a Smith was an unmarried man. He had been on the Fresno-Bakersfleld run less than three weeks. He came to Fresno from the east, where his relatives reside, but a short time ago. Coroner McGinn held an inquest upon the body this afternoon. The coroner's Jury found that Smith came to his death by an Injury to his head, received by striking against the Kern River bridge while descending the ladder on the side of a box car. The members of the jury were Rodney Farnum, Pete Wilson, John F, Me- Vean, W. J. Heath, J. M. Goode, Ed Morris. DEFICIT SHOWS IN FAIR FID Although the financial affairs of the recent county fair are not yet In a condition to -be finally closed, with very little money left to collect and almost all bills in, It can be definitely stated that HIP ledger will show a deficit of between $50 and $200, instead of a balance of about this much. which was at first expected. The difference between the advance figures and the final ones will bo explained In part by the necessity for the payment of last year's taxes, and the penalty attached to them, which were not at first counted. Numerous smaller bills, wliicli were not counted upon, have also come in, and there Is not at present the money to pay those, especially as all tho money from stock subscriptions has yet to come in. police commission charges of unbe-! German syndicate has purchased $10, coming conduct against Policemen • 000,000 worth of land In Kern for there was anything doing, but they didn't. Jt was "news" to them. The a few hours before the latter's sul- j ga in. clde. FRENCH CRUISER ON ROCKS. AJJACCIO, Corsica, Nor. French cruiser Conde ran rocks off the Coraican during a heavy storm. Is critical. 20.- on Echo had 'era scooped. Not satisfied with the Echo report- Callfornlan today its bright young men to tne case w ' tn Instructions to take A long local story follows the niB- nothing but the truth from anybody, patch, relating the Inability of the | reporter Kelly and Attrldge because they re- colonization purposes, and has put up or's findinRT"the' fused to permit Mm to examine Haas a 51,000,000 deposit to bind the bar- d e i a u e( i one O f j t , r, «A*» l«x»4«_ tm#A*<«. 4-V» *» In + f ai*'ct Qlll. I «._ i _ • '... ... PICKING, Nov. 20.— Accurate infor-, R the. last, days of the emperor and tho dowager empress was obtained yesterday from officials of the palace. Tbo various foreign legations have abandoned tho poison theory, Tho emperor made a speech les? than one hour before his death. He passed away during a period of tho yroatest excitement and confusion. His native physicians gave orders that the emperor be dressed for death and that imperial yellow clny be spread wore dismissed, but they wore told to return at 2 o'clock In the morning, with the edicts prepared to announce tho succession to tho throne. It (• reported that her majesty was able to signify her assent to those particular odlctn, but Immediately after having done thin she doclurerl. Tcari bear no more," and relapsed Into unconsciousness. Tho emperor and tho dowager empress were dead or moribund when tho regency edicts were issued. As soon as It was actually known throughout tbo palace that their ma- the road leading from the winter! joules ',v.v doart a condition of panic palace to the forbidden city. At tho (ensued. The widow of Tung Chi at- relating the inability 01 ine, The fo n ow |ng were asked tho ques- f to confirm the (telegraphic tlon , » Now what do you thlnk of j -The ' statement In* any manner. The re- the coast today Her position porter doesn't seem to believe the special, and M$ suspicions are prob- j ably well founded. . He interviewed j all the people who should know if sold I've OIL HAZARDOUS BUSINESS SAYS JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER NEW YORK, Nov. 20.—In the government suit for the dissolution of the Standard Oil Co., John D. Rockefeller, undergoing cross-examination by Attorney Kellogs, denied that the production of crude oil has always been ample, but said that the production has always fluctuated, and is larger now than when he actively engaged in the business forty years or more ago. Their Thinks. i f/. Brundage: "Sure, my ranch." T. A. Wells: "Report slightly exaggerated, about to dispose of a couple of Delano lots." Harry Thomas: "It just goes to show bow far 'off' a newspaper can •wt. The story really refers to the commissions I made at Sunset." Ronald McDonald: "More personal loan I made to accommodate a friend. N'o colonization contemplated." Celsus B rower: "Evidently got mixed on tho appropriation I made tho other day for tbo sandstone front jOf, the Gusher Grill." same time an imperial conveyance was made ready to convey the dowager empress to the death chamber. Both of their majesties awaited the coming of the grim reaper in their full official robes and surrounded by- hundreds of court officials and folow- ors. H was a barbarous exhibition of the soulless and Inhuman formality and cttquct of the court. On the night of November ICtb tho dowager empress callo.l tho members of the grand council together and talked with them for some time. She was lying prone, but fully dressed. After one hour's consultation the councilors tempted to commit suicide because she would not be made dowager empress. Many of the palace cunichs fled, carrying with them such valuables as they could lay their hands on. The Dowager Empress Yehonala was one of the few who retained pros- once of mind. She ordered that the gates bo guarded and gave other Instructions for the maintenance and restoration of order. Pu Yl, tho baby emperor, has been taken from his family and Is cared for within tho palace precincts. He la populirrly reported crying day and night for bis old nurse. Kellogg asked If a business Invest ment of $67,000,000 which had yielded dividends of $591,000,000, and In add ition had left a surplus of $300,000.000 BOBBIE ROBINSON'S FATHER IS DEAD. Bobbie Robinson last night received word of the death of his father In San Francisco. He left last night for tin- north to attend the funeral, which will „„ , _ . , -. bo bold at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Th>1 ho apparent deficit, however, j;onl-1 NMneu-euth street poolroom will b,- pt closed until after tho funeral ou: respect to tlie absent proprietor. ly amounts to a K aln, as over $'!<mo was expended in permanent improve- rnents upon the park grounds, includ- ins the building of thirty new stalls i£? on^VracT have to be duplicated, and the committees of other years will reap the benefit of the expenditure of this year's committee. RUEF TRIAL SETTLES DOWN SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20.—Tho Rtiof trial has settled down to tho routine examination of witnesses, enlivened by occasional (lashes am': afcarp exchanges on the part of conn- eel. Gallagher Is still on the stand. WILL GIVE AWAY MECHANICAL MOCKINGBIRDS AT MORLEY'S Manager Para of Morley's thoato" lias secured a thousand niechaiilcii! mockingbirds, which will bo s;iv;--r. away to all children attending th>matinee tomorrow afternoon. Tlv mockingbirds make a very neat lur • elty toy, and are greatly prized I) y:!u- children. The program for the latter part of the week, which went on last night, has proved to be an extraordinarily good one. A packed house greeted Its Clarence Berry. "I am the German. I took the sum named out of a Klondyke '^pocket in fifteen minutes and put It In my own poekot in less time than that. Thought I'd buy the Land Company's part of Kern Coun- jty and colonl/e It with Elks when the Mr. Rockefeller promptly replied | s'rand lodge moots In I^is Angeles that IK> did not consider that the " pxt summer. could be, by any flight of the imagnr ation, reckoned as hazardous. amount involved, whether it was j?re at or small, made any difference in an v.tteinpt to ik'tormine whether or not the business in which the money was invested was of ;\ lo is ua'ure. He maintained th:tt re^ardl^ss of the profits derived nu;r. ia,- o:<i'.MTion o r the SUm-iard Oil Ton-fun'. .;,/> 1,-us- :;ii:-S3 has be-on. ;m-l a'vir..- v!;i I.e. 1) ENGINE RUNS DOWN "~~~ HANDCAR; FOUR KILLED. Harry Peacock: "Whatever tho Board of Trade takes up Is sure to leak out. You can't hide anything from those Echo follows." F. W. Robinson: "I am pledged to .sf-roov but don't mind saying that vhilo I know nothing whatever about th" matter. It eomine to my attention for the first time this morning, the Producers Savings Hank agreed last week to finance the proposition." A. Woaber: "f think it's llko Iho story tho Rcho told mo when It said 1 CDtild bo elected." OF GOMPERS DENVER, Nov. 20.—Tho recommendation of tho committee'of .the J Federation of Labor on the subject of "Legislation and Political Action," which was an endorsement of Gompers' position, was adopted today without debate. When the question of endorsing the American Federalist, the official organ, came up, Its editorial, "Who Is Financing Debs' Rod Special?" caused much debate. The question was argued whether a committee sljould be appointed to In-, vestigato tho Socialist party's books, GAS KILLS 12 f'HK'A.GO Nov "M—Four track la- manager. Garfleld, to the Pariflo I-'-M (in a 'handca'r vere run down : • qfntps Telephone Company for $10,a Chicago Tin'-l-'n-tcn & Qulnry ! OOO.nnn— that's all there Is to the re" .)}• passenger train between Highland and Ijtigraniie. Illinois, today and killed. Five others were injured. NEW YORK, Nov. 20.—Twelve plosion of a giis main at Gold and Second street, Brooklyn, today. Tbe explosion tore tbo street, to pieces for many rods on either side. Tho men wore working In an excavation for a big sewer pipe, wore bur HENEY FAST RECOVERING. SAN FRAN'CISCO, Nov. 20.-Fran-; , t . th MB J. Honey continues to improve '" Homer gtalev and is fast recovering from the ef- " omer Blale > • feet of Haas' shot. Y OU Know Good Clothes—the better posted you are, the more delighted we shall be to have you step in and pass judgment on our collection of Fall and Winter styles of Adler Brothers and Kuppenheimer & Company's ready-to-wear garments. Now is the time to look us up! THE TOGGERY ICY.'-Ut. A II.OOM Copyright, '.wa. by v, ADLER CO. port. Arthur Ferguson: "The number named does not refer to dollars, but to doughnuts. Wo serve that many: led under tho debris and aro believed every morning." t o have smothored or burned to death. Father Frund: "Somebody swiped Samuel Trout, living near tbo tho Bazaar receipts sheet, but I have scene, In attempting to rescue a wo- Echo today." i man who was passing at the time of "You should read ' the explosion, fell Into the trench and your Sherlock Holmes. The riddle Is was roasted alive. The woman was easy. W,e have the Echo trustfulness, rescued from tho trench by a boy. German. Farmers. Ten million do!- The excavation was forty feet deep lars. Syndicate. Last week I had a j with heavy timbers which held the 'trusty' here, a Dutch trusty. He of- sides. fered me $10,000,000 to let him escape —and I'm no farmer. If he had not slnned-I-cain't see how he ever got into jail." Many other persons Interviewed declined to express an opinion for committal, but all stated onthuslas tlcally that they believed In a high protective tariff and wore-unalterably opposed to the trusts. TORfiflAS CARRY PISTOL? An accumulation of gas from a broken main exploded. A large water main was broken by the explosion and a torrent of water rushed in side by side with tho ton8 ° f SOUC1 WELL FLOW 500 The Sans Soucl at McKittrlck, on lands leased from the McKlttrick OU Company, has a fine well at 900 feet The well Is not finished. It flowed all day yesterday and filled a 500 barrel tank which, making all possible allowances for shrink- ago, proves it a big producer, and th.a hope Is entertained that further drilling will make It even better than It has already demonstrated Itself to bo. The str.ike Is notable not only for its size but also for Its location, the site of tho well bolng at least a quarter of a mile north, out In the valley, from any previous find. LQMAlnKi). GETS TRUE SAND i Th" Loiiia Vina liaw sone Into tbo j irii" Sunset Hiindii In the well which i bus been drlling on the lease for a | number of weeks and there is every | ,„.„<,,„,(,, ()f „ K0{ , r | wo) | Tllo oll (lowed over the eusing For a considerable time after the Hands were touched. Oil was loiinil at 117r. feet. Bon Storud of tin; Fairbanks Company, Midway, is In town today. He reports good progress on his well which la now down 1HOO feet and In vory favorable formation. Wheat & Wilson are preparing to sink four holes with as innny outfits on their leases on 4 and 32. The St. rat ton air compressor has been hauled to tho wells from McKlt- trick and Is beinf? Installed. The lead lined pipe, has not arrived and seems to be side tracked somewhere, no trace of It being obtainable. A. B. Hodgklnson of IMH Angeles is hero looking for oll Investments. He has boon Inspecting tho west side put jthe on one of Haas' shoes and put weapon In It, Inside of his stock SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20.—The question of how Morris Haas, the woiiM-be assassin of Assistant DIs- I trlot Attorney Francis J. Honey, ob- talue ( ] or concealed the dorrlngor with which he committed suicide In his roll In the county jail last Satur• day nlf;ht, was the principal subject ' of Inquiry yesterday at tho coroner's Inquist, Tbo dlssi>n&U*n and bluer t't'.'liiii; hot WOOD tho prosecution and the police and In tho police department itself an a result of Hans' suicide, was strongly reflected In (ho testimony Rlvoti. Dr. T. W. ! : . f olH'i-1. f!i" -or -)i. r. •.vbo \v;is as-ill 1 !' ', !•: ilio Inquiry I'V v, ;-, viri 'Hilly i :i!:!lui"l hin-'-idf ! > c-liollhitf t'-Mliiioii.v supporl.'!]" tii' 1 i ' 'UK llti'-ll O'i' Ilif ;~i -M-lccul llM'. 'hill HI" ". i upon VMS p'i;,«--d to Haas by somu •-I'M after ho wa-; to ilio county ii'i. It is tin- theory of Chief of Polie,- lilsw and daptiiln d' DotofllvoH • \"lly Hi-it Ham had <bo derringer, a very small sinnlc barrel 'iffalr, ron- . , -tied In his i-lioc and that it was ••.i-fli.okt'd when Haas wiis soan-ho,-l 1 v Special A!.'< ri- \V. J. Hume and f.u,lain of pr.lici- [ml;, Tbo IriMor !-, ill.- 01,ly police ofllci.'il who ban till.*"! hi- stati'! '.\ii!i ilii- priisi-ciill'ii) In th" oonl roviTsy. To Hive the Jury nn i-lr-a of wbolh- or the dcrrlnf-r could or could not. have boon coii'-.-aled ID the man's jih'.M.', Doji'itv f.loronoc Thomas Davis ing. Davis declared that the weapon | caused him very little Inconvenience. i As his atiklo moHHuremont. however, iwas considerably loss than that of Hans, tho lost was not regarded as conclusive, While admitting thai bo Old not search the prisoner's shoots, Captain I of Police lluko said on tho stand thtt i ho had thoroughly examined Haas" • rlothlnK and foil around his ankles. Ho assorted with groat posillvonoss -that If tho weapon had been In either 1 shoe he would hnve discovered it. i Special Afiont Burns testified to having made a thorough search of ; Haas. "And I have boon searching , men for twenty years," ho added. Ho told of the att'onipt of Pollromon A*- IrblKe and Kelly, rlio lutlor a son of Ibi. cnpialn c.f dot.-dives, to prevent .'hi; s-'ooiim; Hiian a I t!:" roiinty Jill Iv-'i'n be woni Ihi-i" (ho policoniffi slntin.'-' take hia seat by Dr. I.eland. Mrs. Haas, wlfo of the suicide, was to 111 to appear yesterday and the Inquest wag postponed until this morning. M- \v 111 th;it (hoy • nllico n ii -. loon si i ; i that IM •', hc'ilovln -' ,•••'.• V/h'M) l'.r>> • a rib Ha;i -' --h 111).: '.VdllM :><• ll')lt<- ,,,-i., n, r am 1 .' 1 i ;it II"- ,::ill. Th,- '.'illc! -j'i- 1 ] V,>!i H.I-I i;,,-!,-,' .!t.| wliirh !,ii ! li.-on '•'• (• ,.,,,„ (!,,- irittcr'- 1 . leu l;nv, v.; 1 . ; ( |iii-o,l in cvldcn-. 1-v I>r. H. -i !(.•,• It i-':ilispln -I Hint (hr. ,,,,|l' eiidoi.vof d ti, ;.'"( Ibo Millet llo(i.«!«-y, but tb<- lullor *••••'•'! "'•'" '"' b;i.,l l-ooi) "directed by Mr. Honoy l.iui:-"'!!' ifii'lci- no r-h-ciin)sl:incOF< to «lvo Ibo bullet to tbo poll''" and to allow no one but tbo district nhornoy !n liav" II." D.'lcctlvc Hornoaiit Thomas !•. Hurko, one of the men Kt,ardini{ Haas' ut tbo county Jail, who has boon much rrllicisod, was so norvouH, suv- ,-iiil times »nomptlnK to ask nuoa- l:,,;,-. thin li'- WKS rc-if-fitodiy told t'< t

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