The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 29, 1967 · Page 3
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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 3

Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Sunday, January 29, 1967
Page 3
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BRIDGEPORT SUNDAY POST. JANUARY 29, 1967 THREE Stroll in Space Thfiiled World (DITM't NOn - Allrwuut E4- · M«r, iMctrlMd MM MIU« wnk Ml «r«MKc ll-mlw* ilrMI In tract. '· Mm HI MM U|NMih »l DM cj£W i WMto «iT commoM pilot, A. McW.Jtt, *rlx fix Hxa I. Gri«o m p a d r t C « l T h ' J , eft W " e kmed Frid «y' ta « « « » t h e Apollo launch pad at C»pe Kennedy. The trio i» shown last December with a mode! at the Apoite spacecraft during i news conference at the Manned Space center In Houston. paceciui Newsmen Visit Silent Launch Pad; 'It Happened CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) -- A framework of red-painted steel stretched gauntly 310 feet into the air on Pad 34 at Cape Kennedy on Saturday. The /ed, rust-resistant paint gleamed brightly in the sun all the way to the top, well above the 21-foot level where a cone- shaped Apollo 204 spacecraft became a death trap^for three astronauts Friday night. View From 1,500 Feet There, twisted metal; nothing to reflect the tragedy from ground level in the · closest · view newsmen were permitted -- · just outside the : concrete-.blockhouse 1,000 feet from the rocket and its payload. ' · · The Saturn IB rocket was hidden by a series of fiber doors. The 12-foot-high spacecraft 1 itself was', under a protective cover, p a r t ; of the emergency rescue system which served no purpose for Virgil I. Grissom; Edward H. White H and Roger B. Chaffee. "It happened too fast," ' Ed ward Mathews, chief of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Saturn systems office, .explained to . the press pool. Men standing by with Mi; ·rmored rescue vehicles arounc the pad at the time of the accident didn't go upstairs to carry out their assigned role of help- Ing astronauts emerge from the cramped spacecraft in case o: an accident. Fire fighters did ride the high speed elevator up as soon as the words flashed,over a communi cations system -- "fire in the ·pacecraft!" -- words by one o pacecraft when the unexplained ire 'erupted.-' ··'· . It was a silent launch pad Saturday afternoon. The dead had leen removed. The .few living in he area were there only to keep others away. The entire area was secured, closed down, so that an-inquiry ioard on the way- could see it t as it was. he astronauts,, which one to be determined by a check of the recorded tape, made 'during -Friday's tragic practice for a planned Feb. 21 launch. Some of the fire fighters were among the 27 treated for smoke nhalation. . - ' · . ' . ' . None in "Whit* Room" Mathews said there .probably were within a few feet of the oxygen-filled spacecraft when it burst into flame, but not 'ikfiiy iiiai^iiy'wSfe inside'the "white roofn",T--a 6x8-foo't sterile cabin covering the entry latch during preparations for launch. Ain official who observed the [ire on .the closed-circuit'televi- sion system from the r bloc- ihouse said he, too, felt no one was in the white room". · He couldn't recall whether the white room was scorched, bill said it certainly must have .been uecause of all the smoke he-saw on the picture from a white room camera. If. this; had been an actua launch; no one would haye. : been in the, and, in fact the. U-shaped service 'tower would, have been·] rolled ; back from the,rocket on its own rail road'tracks. u : Y' But it was a simulation, /a practice. And s om e t rouble with communications circuits between the capsule - and the ground stations -had 'caused a delay of about 15 minutes V 1 in space parlance, a "hold'' at T minus 10. That means 10 minutes befori launch time, The countd.own'was just abou to resume and. the last people were .leaving the vicinity .of th on Feb. 20, 1962. MANNED SPACE CENTER, Houston/ Texas. (AP) -- Edward H. White II had to be ordered back into his spacecraft when he became the first American to take a space walk. White returned reluctantly after turning his scheduled 12- minute walk into a dramatic 21- minute stroll as Gemini 4 swept across the Pacific and the United States June 3, 1965. Flight director Christopher C. Kraft's "get back in" order was relayed by command pilot James A. McDivitt. "I'm coming," White replied He later emphasized his reluctance by saying, "It's the sad dest moment of my life." , ' Opens Hatch While over .Hawaii on the third revolution of the 62-orbi mission, McDivitt reporter While had opened the hatch am was standing up. · Three minutes later mission control .reported White wa walking in space. Here are the highlights of th space walk chatter between Ih astronauts: First Aimerican To Orbit Earth Expresses Grief WATERViLLE VALLEY, NH. (DPI) -- John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, Saturday expressed "deep personal griefV over the deaths of the three Apollo spacemen. The three had been, scheduled to set out on their'historic mist sion virtually on the fifth anniversary of Glenn's accomplish: ment in the Mercury.series. Of his friendship with:the astronauts, Glenn said,- "Gus Grissom used to live right heir us in Houston and Ed1 White, 1 1 ( t h e nation's first : spacewalker) /lived across the lake. Rog (Chafee) also lived in a development with the space people." . . "What more can I say? What can anyone say."'' ; - ' ' ' . . . Asked if such an accident was inevitable, Glenn replied, - "! don't want to say "that. I- can't say." Glenn made his historic night White: The only problem have is that I haven't go enough fuel. (His jet-powere maneuvering gun ran out of fue rather quickly.) I've exhauste the fuel now. I'm looking righ down and it looks like we'r coming up on the coast of Cal fornia. There Is absolutely n disbrientation association. Move Slowly : McDivitt: One thing, about -- when:Ed gets out there an starts whipping around it sur makes the spacecraft tough t control. White: I'm very thankful i having .the experience to b first. McDivitt: Move slowly II. take your picture. ' . ·'. White: Right now I could ma- suver much better if i jiist'had le gun.'.but I'll manage. The un in space is not blinding but 's quite nice. I can sit out here nd see the whole California oast, ', v . Flight surgeon:' It looks great, e's just ripping along at a real rate." (White's pulse beat ad jumped from a normal 50 to -8.), . . . . - ' McDivitt: Hey, Ed, smile.. White: I'm looking right down our gun barrel, huh? All right. McDivitt: You smeared up iy' windshield, you dirty dog. 'ou see how it's all smeared up tere. White: ight down on Houston. McDivitt; Yeah, that's eston Bay right there. Yep. We're looking Gal- Widows? Will Get $100,(KX) From Life Insurance M A N N E D SPACE CENTER, Houston, Tex. (AP) --Each of the widows of the three Apollo astronauts ; killed in the flash fire at :Cape Kennedy will' receive $100,000 from life insur ance policies, The policies are part of a contract under which two publishing f i r m s hold exclusive rights to stories and photographs of Ihe personal lives ol astronauts and their families. The widows also will continue Mission It's Fun control: The director says get back i flight to receive, for the life of the' contract, the lucrative annual payments specified in the document signed in 1963 by Field Enterprises and Time, Inc. The contract now provides ?I6,250 a year for each astronaut but the figure is expected to drop soon to $9,811 when 19 new astronauts who began training last year start receiving the benefits. Final negotiations now are under, way with the 19 new space trainees. With their addition, the annual payments will be made to 47 astronauts and six widows. Three other astronauts were killed in plane crashes. Tha contrkct extends until 1971, provided Time and Field exercise next Aug. 31 their op- Ikn'.to^continue,'The astronauts have ho say on the option. ' Such contracts have been In existence slnce.the early days of the original Mercury program. Field Enterprises puts up }320,000 a year for Ihe annual payments and Time adds »200,- 000. The money is divided equally among Ihf participating astronauts, regardless of the number. Income from the contract is in addition to the regular military and civilian salaries drawn by (he astronauts. These salaries, including military flight pay and allowanced, now range from »U,65.16 to »Z4,500 a year. Tourists in Italy may get bar gain exchange rates. General White Say* Son Died for Country ST. PETERSBURG, ! Fla. (AP) -- Ma]. , Gen Edward White, father of Astronaut Edward White, said Saturday: "My son died doing a Job for his country, and. I'm sure he would have wanted it this way," White added that these things are inevitable, but the world must go on. He expressed continued faith in America's space exploration. He said he felt sorrow, but no bitterness. Because of the city's antiquated sewage system, garbage disposal units are forbidden in New York city homes. White: This is fun. McDivitt: Well, back in. Come n. Ok, ok. Don't, wear yourself out now. Just come on in. White: (laughing) I'm not :oming in. Aren't you going to lold my hand? McDivitt: No, come on in. Ed, come oh in here. Come on. Let's get back in here before it gets dark. While: It's the saddest moment of my life. 2 of Mercury's 7 Remain With Program MANNED SPACE CENTER, Houston, Tex. (AP)--With the death of Air Force Lt. Col Virgil f. Grissom, only two of the original seven Mercury astronauts selected in 1959 remain on active space flight status. They are Navy Capt. Walter M. Schirra Jr. and Air Force Co). L. Gordon Cooper Jr. Marine. Col. Jolm K. Glean Jr., the first American in, resigned in 1964.. Health problem's now keep Navy Capt. Alan B. Shepard Jr., Navy Cmdr. M. Scott Carpent«r, and Donald K. Slayton, now a civilian, off flight status. Phon* Orders Filled Call 366-4571 meM^ PLAYTEX CROSS HEART BRAS Now:--try this le/fcr way to accent your figure .., in this beautiful new Long 'Line style of famous Playtex "Cross-Your- Heart" Bras. Cross your heart. See? You're suddenly shapelier. That's what this new Playtex Fashion Magic* Long Line cotton hra does --it lifts and separates..'. gives the comfort you've always wanted. 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