The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 19, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1908. THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFORNIAN ROOT ON SLATE FOR SENAfE on .•lal Til'Xn.S. Vfi.. Nov. IS.— '.',,',:- a c.iufei-eiice at the oot- New York politics. .-' n- IT.iir.s and (-'Specially rp- liieiiHUies ii->r: administration. :e 'iViMldent-oleet nt-elec.t Sherm:in, national lleptibll-1 from Xew York. I non would continue to hold that office in the 61st congress. Further details were unobtainable, the explanation given by Judge Taft being: "It was a general talk re.enrdiiiK many matter find persons, just such talks as I desire and expect to hnve with the party leaders and those men who hud to do with the campaign, and as ii result of which In the end 1 shall be able tc form opinions and make <!••- clsion*. Thr-.-e \vas nothltr: definite ATTRAGTIONSAT OPERA HOUSE 32, 31-23. ] Same to same, $10; southwest quarter section 4, 32-23. P. !•". Hlackburn and seven others to samp. $10; southeast quarter section 4, 32-23. | Same to John D. Hedrick, $10; lot* jill nnd :!., block "98, Delano. UEQAL. Dated November ;Oth. }!>OSv, . Public Administrator: Administraior of Frank Lass, ue- LEOAL, .Countv, to the highes il money or Kstate. LEGAL ".n I today iMlliti'.- ',i:i:; ;" i:i.^ 'o the n> conferee'. Vice l> : -e--.P \Yili::-.:ti \V:i;- I (c.mi.'.itie'-'uau \Vhile no one to he qil'.'i'-.l lie -tat' ;!. as I'.H Secret ii.i Hoot will he tile successor in the t'lilte.l Sti-ti-!-. senate of T. C. Plat). This, of course, is bound upon the un !ei>f.i!i'.llng that Root wishes tho plaeo. .ludge Taft baa had no hesitancy from the first in giving positive expression to bis desire to make Root the premier of his cabinet. He has said also that if his persuasion could the present secretary of state done nor v, acter that discussion of a .blielly v:ou'd be char- eiib- ;:i'i(-;ir-e|.T ; '|-i:t ; .(-nt n c;;l:!e- tonivht. exlen-lin- ills hearu- ;iHllnt ion ' lo Cull; 1 ., through C,ov AliiU'OOll. OH '!i(- COtl lit' 1 ! all:! I'e the receni electlc.u there. • T:ifi t.'XMi-(-f-.S("l doubt tonh'ht prevn,,, me present secretary 01 HUH* . would retain that portfolio despite his several months she says they have ...... senatorial ambitions. ''Mr. Root Is pre-eminently a statesman," said Judge Taft today, in .referring to his cordial feeling and admiration for the secretary of state. "He has the most wonderful faculty for respect to domestic affairs and to !n tornatlonal relations of any one I have r-ver known. He has such a plan for the development of our .relations with the South and Central American countries. Such plans must, as Indeed must those of true statesmanship in any direction, be. worked out by step, with patience and time." It is understood that Mr. Sherman gave it as his opinion to Judge Taft at the conference that Speaker Can- ; TUi> story "Tiie Clansman" tells, I j an 1 the title of the |il;iy i» tHUf-n Viom i i a yonnu Clansman or it .ide" of the Kll Klux Kliiil, 'which v. as oi-^alii/<'.l to 1 I iiivht the nenro-earpotl>a;;';er r"'-'.i)iie. j ; Many of tin 1 old Sooi'-h continues i ! were retained by the soul'.i Carolina I Klan. The cross of H'. Aii.-lrcw was i (•mblazoned on the ro'ie of every; 1 nieiiiber, and the (levy cross or torch j j signaled from mountain top to moim-) ! tain top the order for tne Klan to j strike. These: Clansni' n comprise,! I the. best citizens of tin- communities In which ilu\v lived. They were God- fearing, honest men and their was ivit to inflict sufferlim but to restore peace, good order and the reign of law to the devastated and impoverished south. No more thrilling picture has ever been devised by the dramatist vhnn that of the Ku Klux Klun in "The Clansman" as it will be seen at the Bfikersfteld opera house on next Tuesday evening. Paid in Full." .. _ The subject .of dramatic criticism Is olng halls and indulged In other cap-1 nn interesting one, to theatrical manors that sent the shivers down her i uger ami playgoer alike. The critic NOT.CE TO CREDITORS. .III Die Suppi-i. of Keni. State i ander lirssiieilb AOUCi is llej, (.•.-.::.-in -' ,,-llh. i ernnr ! suit of .TudU' ii l lie conference wishes j that, he \voni.l u'o lo Cuba to witness en the subject, It may! the n-ltbilrnwa) of the American and opinion oV all that; the iiuiupv.ration of the Cuban administration. This function will take phee jiltil at a time when. .Mr. Taft s-id. l-e would lie deoldelly eunrossed with th(> affairs of tho administration. THE GHOSTS ANNOYED ACTRESS NANCE O'NEIL. BOSTON, Nov. 18.—Ghosts have evicted Nonce O'Nell, the actress, her Tyngsboro mansion. For banged the doors, tramped about at ( ! unseasonable hours through the ech- . r Court nf the Countv it California, ;., '. inc Kst'UO Ot Alex- i ( ' . deceased. hv iiiveu. bv the i;n-1 "i i.-iratin of ttie estate ' -.-•'in'illf deceiiseil. to ; " an>l nil iier«ons lluv- ' -' isi tin.' said -lecca.-iod ; • Wltll t,'l<; i:eees.;.:r\ - I'Hir months aiier 'i:'- j n 'il this notice, xvhicii | 'it. to s:'.l'l fi'll«i.iiiMr ,- -i. mice of C. 1.., Claflin. 1( . and .:•.:. Hank of BaUerstleld i • H H ei-^fieid. Kern , Couritv.;: ma. ti:e .-..iine beinu ti\e place I" 1 t!'!'!- K-tidll i',f file llllSlllCHS Of nKSlUK BBSStlKll.LB, ! I 1 Admiiiisiri-ior ol' the Estate of Alexan•,(".• Hes.-ueille, Heceiise-.l. , ' )at,-I NoM-mlier 1!( 1<MI><. ll-IHiT! the IJsliitc ceased. Thomas Scott. Attoriiev for nakersflcld. Cilll'firnta. NOTICE~TO CREDITORS SENT CLAIMS AGAINS"" ^.^O^D^.teR^b-RT- of K.'i-n. Stale of California. Ii the iiMtier o° t'li: estate -• :maii. deceased. \otice i-- hereby sri\' n bv the unc tied administrator ol the estate lawful | the iilb dav 1 hour of 5 i i nropi i't v In- said Hal nh . ... the of N'ovein.-.. . .. 'elcii'lv D. m.. the lonciim to the it bidder for «ul UnlleO Sta««k« nher. I!H)8. at tfe state O^ iwrtlwi eiie!««; C. of the Hi 1 . 1 , to c- )|i;,i; vo:v|i( r.-- lir-i i r!>lii *K Hie d.'il uir it th nmins ::i bill! (in-.:. (iilin'iiii for ii'e ;i Ha iartnnm deceased. to the. creditors and all nresen- bavinir claiii!:. ist the said dec eased, to exliildl with the bplne The -disturbance became too much for Miss O'Nell, and when the as a general proposition Is an unusually learned person and there are ^ both w b Sisters of the Notre Dame Academy thousands who would no more go to a \m^t aW n- of Ix>woll, who long had wished to play until their favorite critic had en- possess the mansion, with Its twenty- two rooms, five bathrooms, 260 acres frnd three lakes, made an offer to Miss O'Nell, she was glad to listen to them. The actress confined the secret of the spirit noises, but the Sisters smiled and said the ghosts would not bother them. The sale concluded, the selling price of the $75,000 estate is believed to have been $15,000. Dreamland RinK DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE RENOWNED DARE DEVIL Fire Skating In Mid-air Once Seen Never Forgotten BEN DARNELL. "The Man Who Has No Fear." THE ONLY MAN JN THE WORLD ROLLER SKATING IN MID-AiR. One Week, Nov. 17th to 24th, at 9 a.m. No advance in prices. FOLLOW THE CROWD. dorsed It than they would willingly pluck out their own eyes, it is no exaggeration to state that hundreds of plays have gone upon the rocks ol defeat simply because the critics did nol care for it, and .there may have been much of worth in It. To find the critics of New York and Chicago all in a universal mood Is a rare thing but. that Is what. "Paid in Full" found when Wasenhals & Kemper present ed this play of contemporary life ii America by Eugene Walter, at tin Astor Theater, New York, and at th< Grand Opera House, Chicago. A spe dally organized company and a pro duction of unusual excellence will b Offered here by VVagenhals & Kempe at the Bakersfleld Theater on Vv'et' nesday night. "Paid in Full", has t its credit a run of five months i Cnicago and its inception there 1 wa the same as In Xew York, where is now in its second year. The sam care and discretion which marked th selection of the cast and the buildin of the production at the Astor Thea ter, New York, will be exhibited 1 the east and production to be seen in this city. Seats on sale Monday next. nresen dei e.istxl. I . necessary lour months a'ter the -Hdfi of this notice 10 the said ,i :fi--,i,ii- ,,( his ollicc ;:', the cour' file Cilv of Bilker,- Held. Kern, Slate of Ca!i'-...'tii:i. lielllvr tin- nhice for the iii.-iiictton o*' business of s-aid estate •aid Kern Countv. IVited October 11. UHIS \V. A, NictilNN. i'-lic Administrator ol Keni Countv, ,IIK| Administrator of the Hstate of I. ii'artntan. Deceased. is. Scott. Attornev for Admlnlstrii- iniinti anri u;- irouch: I I-; on the v.-i >; west o.iai't- < ihree ("..: < -oiith of vi 1 : M. h. H. ami ' lornla. And notici sealed bid" idminlftrat. ; the lidiii- o. h'.ds must I or certliie.l i in ten per cent li 1 I'asoline : l water tank: J i: I corral, all s • '-liall I V.I ol the m i 1 , i ;if .«eclion In \ te-.viishli) thirtv ( thirt v->-evcn :!?( I . in Kei u count v. i- ii'-Kbv civ-Mi. H I ' e received bv si •'•] hO'-i-'"'- »T ., ;l,r.eol. and Ilia!. IM\ 111 i'HIV of same ' POSTPo'.Nl'MnXT , , Notice is herebv i:iv--n tliat tho i of the above s'il<- fit (x-rHoiia! pri'JiK, has IK en nosuione I I' 1 TIH-S.IIIV. . \einhei jl. HHI.V. at the intur ol o'clock, ii. nf. W. A. MefilN!*, Adinini-'-'rator ot the entnte ot Ho,v ei. deceased. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. vbv utven »li» a«i ROAD NOTICE. Othc Clerk of the Board of California. tl:o ix't-visors. Kern County. . " all iion-eonsentinc ow.ners of the en-inatter described lanos take no- I v i;it the renort of th Ice renort . __untv Pr . commencing at n iiroposed Countv Poad No. 274. dp-j.,.,-,,,,ff-v n Cribed ''^ fi.'n-.rf.anntntr Mt fh O tl nl't 11. i I] '.' V ! 1H V ° viewers i the' nor'tfi- NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Wellinc: Oil Company. iGcaUon of 'iicipal place of business. 10t>t> Broad- v. Oakland. Alameda Countv. State California. •wci.. .iqnu and ;!(i feet on each„-.---.- etween sections 4 and 5. 8 an,d_ ---, ,.„ , , .vjj.n •» HJIU o. o auu n. s w imiles: thence west a.lomr ana 30 feet on each side of II —-f—- 9. and l j. one m ,e between^ .secyopsj •Jo".' 2fi."lVas"'i)'een"set fi ountv Roail e I nearlne be- lervlsprs at f Supervisors at untv Court House n the Citv of BnUersfield. Kern Coun- our of \0 o.'clock. art; the said Bpart! of heir rooms in the Coir n the Citv of Bakers!.-. ,y. California, at the nqu. _- ,- -, » a. m., on Thursday, the 10th day of Dec., 19uS, where any and all persons Interested mav amiear and make ob.lee- tlon thereto If deemed nroner. The said nronosed Road or Public is nerebv p'ven, that at a ._ jf the. Directors held on the dav of November, 1908. an As' if 3 cents tier share was lev- stock of the Cor- .IM.HIUU. * avable ,at pnce. to J. .Hi •Jdson. Secretary of said welllnsr Oil Jonipanv. at his office, rooms 18 nnc fr. 1068 Broadwav.- Oakland. Alameoa . California. Anv .st.Qck ut: ninth day of November,. sessment of 3 cents tier share v ied unon the capital stock of .t miration,. Pavabl e '». V068 Broadwa' bounty. California, "•hlch unrmlt. ,-i,---- ll»08. will, be dejlngt. . . ed for sale nt PuDlic Auction less payment is made before. " on the 28th duv of de JUK Ul UIK V^Vi Wetflnf' 6% rooms 18 nnd {land. Alameaa A v,. v"—• --nv .stock upon •n this assessment shall remain ild on the fllnth day of December. . will, be dejlngtient ai)d adverus- iimi will o mt at 8 n. to uctlon and, un" re. will be December. i.-ruo. «. o ... i..,. •.« ,«.y dellnayent assessment, together with cost of adver- tlslnc and ... . By order of the. J. H. K f sa,le Land "Cqninanv. "t'he "i'owa" Comnanv. I Annirgjitli. Land Comnanv and Dlnkel-i Co and. r " of Dlrec N. SecreU) I!>,.lo88 Bi Dlrectors rv. iad of tllf'' sfbckbolcievs ".of leld at tlie o.t it the sheriff i fhursdav. the 190K. nt ttie r oft. Niitice is .- itial uicet nc of llie ~ — ,,- <ern-l:tHh Oil Company will leld at the office of Hliid c,p... • 'Ts oflice. in this clt\\ c !ird diiv of Dece ,.,v liour of 8 u. m.. for purpose of eleetiriK directors for j-- ensuinu vear. nnd" for the transacthm if such other business ap may Iv come her .1. VV, l\C*i>I^I. T. A. Baker. Secretary. ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland Oil and ABDljaltum anv. Location of uriflclnaj pi imjness. .Oakland. spiel Brothers. order of visors. Atest: Ch; said NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR FURNISHING FU^L OIL TO THE CITY OF LOS ANG = LES FOR ITS CEMENT PLANT AT •QUEDUCT. KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. herebv uiv blic Works OF ADMINISTRAJQR'S OF SEAL ESTATE AT PRI- SALE. e Superior Court of the State s ornla. In and for the County ot mutter of the estate of Geo. s hereby elven that In iiur- „... an order of the Superior i Court of the County ot Kern. State of ! California, made on the 9th dav of November, 1808, in the .matter of the irinclnal . J „-,„„., jnklnnrt. Callfornm. otlce Is herepv tgven that at c lar nieetlne of the Boorrfof J51 field on the 15th dav of Get an assessment of. one cent ner was levfed uoon the subscrlbei stock 01 the corporation navat to the secretarv or sni<| Compaw. Us office, room 72. at iHlo.HloadwWj the Cltv of Oakland. California, stock unon which this a snajl remain unpaid on the .. r . ofTJovember. 1908. wilt be delln; and advertised for sale ft »mwci tlon. and Jinlesp navmmit its mf*s, fore, wljl be sold on.Jftondav. t v In the tv K. Ober. D. isfotice jf sun nee of. H pa iid o' n ... .-.-^ el*. Ii7\,a. i.w w**» y-, nauent assessment, toirether wit costs of sale' NOTICE. To whom It mav concern:—Nofi«j IB herebv tlven that we. tli^u-"'— slirnod. have this Ifith dav of Oc* ed n,to_Hrtfcles.. 0 L* l!M»,s. ment entere and co-JMnnersniD W : i v: 111 IJt - I i 1 i'"C'i lit V.UV- *m»i «•*--• **» i that the \ above eiitltjeif estate, the underslirned. •he Cltv ofiW. A.. McAlnn.. public admInfslra or. Notice is .. Board of Pub'. ,. , Los Anireles will receive , ids m. u, , inuiiinirnnin.. v,. ...v. •, , f -,.;.., before the hour ofva o clock •,). m. ot K. Ulier. deceased, will sell on or atte frldav. Novembor so. Tims, lov the i Mondav. the .iOth dav ot Noveiubci, furnishlna of fuel oil for use at the | 190S. at yrlvate sale at the, dminlstratofo'f the "estate of Oeorue Aoueduct. FRAT BOYS NOT WANTED IN LOS ANGELES. 'sold Citv's Cement Plant, at A Kern Countv. California The oil to be fnrnlMie.: siiall be strict confof.niltv with_snecinj?atloni therefor Boar" nui wll upon Los Ce . Thomas .Scott, rooms ?. nnd^ 4 B J'nlj. of Bakersfleld b illd inc. of Chester avenufejind . 20t]i No. ir. tleiu. C olllce "of 4 in the corner ia. and ^(Uti streets. 20th street, cltv of f Kern. State of pose of condttctnic a een«r«l n and store-heepfnc bimmess at iverii. iiii'i oiiic ^'i ^(i.«>«. the linn name mid stvle ,9 lave Mercantile .Company, Dated this ifith duv -' *~ RfKldliiU nt M Ql av r Residinc at Mciiave SUMMONS. THE ONL'' EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18—By a notice, the language of which is unmistakable, served today by E. C. Moore, superintendent of the city schools, it win be impossible for any pupil of the high schools of Los Angeles, who are members of secret orders, commonly known as fraternities or any j The kindred organizations, to secure the recommendations necessary for a graduate of these schools to matriculate with universities of this or any other state, without examination. If nny who are members do not show to the superintendent Indisputable proof that he or she Is no longer a member of such society. This proof must be in Moore's hands by Decem- i her ISth next. | Moore, lias further determined 'the ! failure to relinquish membership In i fraternities, sororities, societies and I clubs by January 30, 1909, shall be j cause for suspension from the schools i to which such members are attach- I ed, .and to make the assurance all | connections have been severed doubly i certain, an oath will be required. i ; This notice disposes of the nues- ] tion whether the four hoys of tin 1 Polytechnic hinh school and two mejnbirs of the Los Angeles high j hcbool who have been suspended for i being members of the Kappa Delta i (.filer siiall be expelled or peniiiii'-d to resume their connection with the j schools. | Superior Court of Ifornia, Countv Southern Pad VB. II. contract. Delivcrv of said oil shall be f. o. b. cnrs at the railroad point nearest tne contractor's wells or storave tnnUs. The Hoard of Public Works reserves' " r * Soci'f'tarv. n-nlH. according *ald Cllv. filed Iii v Recorder of NOTICE. Persons knowlne tnemselves to be Indebted to the late L. Gartman will please t-; : :i at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of th'e estate of L. Gartmnn, deceased. 99 •5tnK - - --., Jcial man of 'the office of the C,....... „•.-;•.;,.-., ,, • said fount v. November U:>. 1S9S. to! uether with the bulldinca and Improvements thereon. And bids or offers in 'wrltlnu for said iiropertv will be re- Iceived bv Die said admiiustrntor at i the oflice of Thomas Scott rooms 2 iaml 4. In the Hank o HaUersfield ' liiiitdintr. corner ,oj ClieHler iivenue land liMt'i street, liefnf No. ISO!) 20th street. Hakersliehl Kerp Countv. California, or mav be filed in the o/llce of he Clerk of the above mimed Super!'the or Court at at!\ time alter the tlrst this notice, before I he II* (lU"»'tiinn» M » ••»••• • • •" • a ft m c .icrlor Cotirt of the Suite of Calif, n and for the Count v of Kern, to answer the Comulalnt filed thei within ten davs (exclusive of the of service l after the «erv ce on w this siiiiimons if-served within th«. Countv: or. it it-ived elsewhere, v. And von are In-rebv notified von fall to MI (iDnear nnd !IIIH»,"'T. Vlalntltf will ui>nlv to tlu^ C.I-L-VS. the relief il"tnanil->d 111 Jl:e Cr>H«M (•'Iv.-n under mv ruind ami vhe Court o( the of iljff will elle!' il'-n .. v> th'' Sunerior litoniia. in 'I'll. Oil A tin I!,7l || tor ir tlie NOTICE OF. ADMINISTRATOR'S __1 , publication of i Kale is miide. Done this lutb dav ot Novomlmr. Kins. \\". A. McfHNN. I'nhllc Aduiiiilstralur: Administrator l (Seal! l. u Mii.i.tcn, v^i'-i of the Kstale of Ceorue K. Ober. De- liv Bedell Smith. Uepmv t'lerk. ceased. Win. Sim-'ei'. Jr.. a,njl D. \. O 'Thomas Scott. ,\ttorpev for Kstate. Han. ll-ll . kerslleld. Californi !of FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. hi M V . S;i SUMMONS In the Sunerior Court of th( Slate t'aliioriiia. ModnonM. Plalnilff VK. Countv Silver .11 the of Kern. ,.- cmrt of the Slaty! (. ( )H- oil "CornVrnv. "liefiindant. an ! :or the County of i Action lirotmht In th(> Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of c-iiifdniia. mnl the" Complaint filed in '! Countv of Kern, in the olllco of of Franl; in fur- REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. Kein County Land Company to: l-'raiiU Nowelli $.1 and oilier valuable j (onsidt.-i-iit}(;n»; nonh half of north- ; west quarter of southwest quarter, j t-ecCon C. 27-26. j U:'!;.-v Uiii'tiscrs to l-Vitirth Kxten-j IM-, Kion Water Company, $10; 20u by 1^0: um feet in' southeast corner lot 17-),. J.-,.., ' Fourth Home Extension colony. ', oih ; George M. Rutterfield and wife t.. j ^^"Vtn" .",\f n A'l l s O i'u^t'h. 'tn"a'n(!'"t<r'a' same, $10; 230 by ISOJeet m south those r^rtaijv^n^lym^ sltunt In the manor of the e.stat Lass, deceased. X'otice is berebv then that snaiice of an or.ler ol' the stiiienoi 1 i Court in the Countv of Kern. Slate of California, made on the ilth day ol November. MIC.", in the mutter ot tin ahove entitled estate, the undersfsn :elinini-i cator of the (s'ate ot }• \-,\ 1/iss decease,I. will sell on or after Mondav. the :'.utb dav ol Noveujbc-r I'.M'iv at nrivate sale at tho oflice .ol Thonia.- Scott, nuiti Hank of H:'kers(iel... of ^uth vtreet and Chester avenue. iiiL 1 No I'-ii'.i ""til street, f ilv o( J.CIK- ersllel-l. Countv of K'-ru. State of (,':-l- iforihi. to the hluheit bidder for cash, cob enln of the I'nlted States, and sub ect to confirmation ot said faune- rior Con.'t. all tl:e riulit. ml'- ann tn- ol the said FfK!-.!\ Lns«. -it tne lii^ death, and all the'.l«> iteresf of the estate ot s,ml Las.s as liv .operation.of law or he Clerk of said Suiie|-l'-r Cotirl. The I'eoiiSc- i if llie ,sti;e of. On! i for.-»i i > Silv nia vend CieefiiiL' lo Coniu.iiiv. Hel'eiidant. You are herein :v/iiiliv-il I action brous-'ht ai'alilH Uow attornevs for "id:iinti Known tlie wni'id over as llie ^I'eatest piano Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling itud nthc Pianos. Lai'trcsl stock of fine pianos eonslnntly on in BakersdeUI. Low Trices. Knsy Terms. Oh;ise, Player [ Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 '<. Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager t-ast comer lot 120, Fourth Hume Extension colony. L. A. Evans to same, $|n; I"" by inn feet on north side lot !-s, I'"'-irth Home. Extension colony. I Pacific Improvement Company ' C. ForsuatiKh and wife, ?--?• ii, block 157, Kern. PC let- M. Catiley to J. M i$o; north half of northeast ! faction 3B, 28-27. l Elizabeth J. Shoobert to P. and Albert C. Alberts, $i' ;',', and 4, block l!24, Uakorslicbl i P. F. Hlackburn and sev n ; to C. 1". Haberkern and seven Sin; southeast tiuuru r 123. Joseph Norton ami seven in Hie Countv . fotniii. and more p IIS t'l.lldWS. I0-W|t.: . 1. 'Dial certain flua; 1 "/. mliilnir claim situated in Kevesville Miiiliu ) strict. ;l ! in Mil' aV-ilon' 'bi'oiis.'lit'"aVrai'nnt vou b'v ! ilfi 1 '-' 1 !! l'"r -<' l Tit 'the above -n.iiucd iilaintllT In the Su- I aiiio.iht thereof, i hei'ior C'our-t of the ('oiiiitv n! Keni.[,i f i „ _,. .,,,1 --' of California snid lo iniswer tlie!"'"' '' e " c , I '" < C'onihliiiiiii- liled iherein. within ten I day In April lie inns lexcinsive ol UK- <l"v ni service) - additional f; alter service on vou ot tills summons."" If nerved wllhlh saiil f'ount\ : II" served ej -1'\\ 'lere. within IflilC' (I;M'S. And you are ben-liv nolllied that if v"i l.-ill to so atniear and answer, the 1'1'iiiiiiff will take tudiMii^iit for fipv nioi'ev or diimaces demanded in the Coiniilaini as arUini-' iition Contracl. or will uiuitv lo (lie Conrtvfor anv oilier rei'i-i 1 deiiiiinded in th" Comulaint. Witness mv hand and the seal of ;*U'I Sniierioi' Court nt nie Countv ol Keni. Stale of California. Uiis 2nd dav of November. A. O. 1UOS. (Se.ill i. L. AIM.LEU. Clerk. (!(•;'. iv Whitakor. Aliornev for Plain'-' TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given tliat tfcfc ta\es on a" personal properly. ««B one-half of the taxes on all real pww> erty, will be'due and payable o« fflft second Monday In October, and «8S be delinquent c-n the last Moudur *. November next tlierafter, at fi o'<ds»dfc p. m., and nnle-s paid prior lifi-'-en r-r -cert \v!!l he addf.-d to •ind that If saU before the last !, nt 0 o'clock f- t e IHT i-o.nt wffi . . Conntv ;.n.l tf'-itc afoj-i'.;.';J. an known »H Tiie Ciacin.1nr:lf Ou ; '.'t'. i liilm. con- , o SUMMONS. [•rlor Silver ''aulcy, quarter In the Fniierlor Court, of the County f Kern. Stale of California. ii'leeii "hiiivFe-I"MS'iiii"Tinear ' ... T. .){. lloduens, PliilnlilY, vs. feeY -iloi '• the cot r--e o r the veil Mild • Mow O Company, lletendant. t),r! e niindiv.l (!?m>i ?/•!•! on « aMV side i -\ciion. Superlor.Cqur.t ol llie iniliile of snl'1 -.e'.n. and more or tin \ naniciiUiilv des-cribo-1 r t.i cominencintr i U>r ! ;it the locaiiiiii r,'piit'i.°(.-nt and .seven hundred lll'tv (7. r iti) feet In a I northeasterlv dirfCtioii. and seven ; hiuidrc'l tlfiv i/.".;il t'"et In a Soujh- westerlv dl-'ecyoii -ia•! fiat said cl,'um e 01 tne (..(iiitnv <i( ive t;; fornia. an-l the Crimp ••>• i Countv of Keni, In a i Clerk of s--,:id Superk ,._... No. 1. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET - i cl'iini ioins the ;-;>.-;th%-,>••', en 1 of the Kevo Ouartx Claim, tin- .::.'ended notice of locf'tion being of record In Volume sjxtv-ilvo (f,5'i of Mlnini/ Records in Recorder's omen. Keru Countv, fornia. at naco fiUv-live. (,"»). Also that certain niiartg piinlni: known ;if Tle^r No. 2. fjituaie ! .n i'ioneer Mlnimr District, In said Ko.rn Countv. bounded n.n.d descnhe.l "T'eoiilii "()t'"tbi',"St'a'te of Callfpr- to Silver How Oil . , ... 'lie'reiiv rt'-oulreil to annear In an action brought the above.named ,.,,,.. on . . unnipu I'laL-onallv Tluei' No. I ail 1 siluated on Creek. :tinl Soti'li from '' abom three hundred . l.oc'itefl , Oct. X. I HOI), nild !''• ed (n Hook slxn-wlx n't'l <if M'i>- TU'Cords. i>ai.'e four bnndrcd elchl C'outitv <if Kern, Slate of Call• Cdinplaint filed In stud in the office of the ..lorlor Court. The PeonlH of f nla send ureetinu ... Coninanv. liefendant. Vou are herebv re ... ... .L'ht against plaintiff in me on- tierlor Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Comubiliit tiled tliei-ein. «'11 hln ten davs (exclusive of the dav of service) after service on vou oV this Suniinons. If serve-! within stiid c,,-,mM ; if^erveil elsewhere, within Ihirtv davs. And von an- iierei.v ni..illied that.if vou fall In so anne i'lnlniiiT will take j'.ioiK". .or dali'iu 1 " - nlv 10 tlie ( lejiianded ii (an (added thereto. I 1. Tliat the remain!- •-', one-halt Gt the taxes on all real property wl8 *» payable on and after ihe first day in January next, and will b« llnquciit on the last Monday In next, thereafter, at C, o'( lock p. «u and that unless pald""*|irlor thenfM five per cent will be added to 4JM* amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be pal4 iM .the time tb first inhtullment, as .in provided, In due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid la office of the Tax Collector in county courthouse between the of 9 a. m. and 12 IB,, and 1 j>. m, tst Fi p. m. Dated October l, ItlOS. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, Californht. DOO~L i CENJF'N OT eCE. Notice \f hen liv the I answer, it for nnv •d In tin iCl ns 'i- In tb' |J "fi'ci of llie Countv rn Conn'', C,illf(ir''i'i. I I.(in dial ./. cb'llii Miown :; and -le-icribed :.s lol- ,i',t • at t!:e Vort liv <'- : ' em] " lii-ll) 1 : till e\te'isfon Of tftuated on tl.' Mo llh-li about eit-lileci! l.-mi'lreif feet South liM'.ii 'Iron icateil Oft-'ber liini 1 . i'( ' sfxM-'-.lx MiC) o» Mil; n-iue I'ortv-niiie I !!'i in niv H- '•oi'it-r.- ofnV". •aid .if ()i •il) i. 1C. U i inv hnii'! . l. I, coiitraei. or 'ii' anv otln.r , nmlainl 'he seal -.<• Count v ,-•. thhi - civen to nil tf*' • , «-i'piiii'dpirB. witW' the limits of the Citv (,f Uakersfk-t/* that l.lfi-iise Ta,i.'s rr,r the y«ar ISfc. are now readv lor d'-llvefv at tin? «.• lice of tlm C'in Clerk, in the li!isem*«Hi of Producers SaMtiirs Hank buiidiit*'. ' • tiii- i'tli dav 01 r ";**- iiMicced to JnipritvYii'. -Si" iiiniiu- un the Ktrcetn tlW .i.u the license tuu te ft* sona owninu' and limits of the and en afie! n rv I will docs i' 'Hid i .11 ,. ! .i-:it, ' . .••'-• Pit if. CO! ill ill 1 .' It'. ( "li' 1 '!- "ViVii] 'if'"--.--- 111 Wl'Ului.: Illillll:!-' cl'lMie-: will lie I'er'-IVl a.lniini,-,tiatoi- at the in Hi- 1 Hani, o tield ImDilinL'. corner Lntli •••" Chester avenue l',"inc ^». street. Cltv <>l Hul-e.rsn K 111. .. ubov time ui lt'1 Liir 1*1-TV M«...,.,.,..,... notice before the sale IB uifide. . . ern. State of C,ilifornia .or may i.o iled in the "flic'' of the Clerk (;1 '.i..' bove named Superior Court tit »nv ime after the. first ,uu j lea on of UiU NOTICE OF 8AI E CF PERSON PROPERTY. In tin Sunerior Court. fit--ii. Ifornin. In and fm the ("onn'v 111 l l.i lii'llt'-;' 'il I lie I- -.tat- 1 ' UliVel . -leci used. Niiiice is l-ei-e'iv i'i».-n. dial su-ilice of nil o:i|er of 'li" Miperlur Conn nf tbe Countv of K'-in St-'te ot Cali'.'irtilii. niii'ie i.n ihe :;i;th dav <it (•„ .,,!-,.c \, |i I'Xi.v in -I.-- matter of ihe e,|ale nf Kuli-h ll'i'-V'-r. deceased, the uiidci-sliincd adniini ••.'r i(oV ol thu f- f ljtte of said deceased will sell at In Piivate sale In tin iidininistralor and County, sitjta.te.ln Un- oflice coroner of Kent , - the court nouao. In the Cltv of Hukersflftld. in said KeVn of tlHi'pjiblic of Ker 10. Uiite . 1901!. ' Kjnllv irator. of ' : ti ronii' v. A .1. Sl'I'UMN. ate: of the Kstate 6{ A. snurlin. Deccasif.-^. I'lhiz. uttornev for'Tul- first publication Nove

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