The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on October 10, 1908 · 10
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 10

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1908
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THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS, BIRMINGHAM, ALA., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1908. "A r acobs ?Keep Quality Up Keep Prices Down acobs s - -J ' FawFLuccfrom The Womens Style Store Bids Every Visitor Welcome To Make This Big, Exclusive ' Shop for Women Their Own We want you to visit our store, to wander . thru it to post yourself on the correct styles ' to use our information desk to check your parcels with us to rest here buy .if 'inclined if not youre just as welcome. Watch the Sunday and Monday papers for the special inducements to the State Fair Visitors and remember we pay railroad fares. The s.i-rd concert at the Fair Grounds Sunday hv Ricci's Premier band, with Miss M tlmltie Hammann soprano. Signor Joseph Fontana baritone, promises to be well attended. The picgiamme will start at 3 oclock and will be as f Mows Part 2. 1. Gland March, Tannhauser. .Wagner i Overt me. William Tell Rossini i Celebrated oifiiin Offertoii e. . B it 1st e 4 Baritone Solo. Traviali .Verdi Sitrr Joseph Fontana .. .. .. r. Walts Vision Von Blou Mi limine Hammann. , . . . . Part 2 . . 6 Grand Selection. Rlgoletto. . .-Veidi 7 Soprano Solo, Fear Ye Not........ Dudley Buck Miss Filmine Hammann. ,. 8 Angelas ( fi nm Scene Pitloresques) Massenet 9 Conceit i for Colo Cornet) . .Llberati Master A Pnsqualonl. .. .. .. The Mmngest Cornet Soloist In the world. pi c.rind Seetton, jarmen Btzet "CAR DOF THANKS. We desite to thank our friends and nelghtr rs for the sympathy and ser-iees dining the illness and bereavement of out husband and father, J. B. Gnthiu MRS j B- GUTHRIE and family. Bv J M Guthrie, "316 Second, Avenue. East Lake .: 1 i Bin cm SENT 4-H-f 4 Pratt City Bureau, Birmingham T News, S. T. Key Furniture Com- pany Building, No. 230 First Ave- nue. Peoples Phone 15. E. O. Sanders, Correspondent 4-H . PRATT CITYAla., Oct 10. The Bryan-Kem club held an enthusiastic meeting at the city hall Friday evening. A large number of citizens have enrolled. President E. J. Hudnall has forwarded $100 to democratic headquarters at Chicago which was subscribed by members of this club. The series of meetings conducted by Rev. Mr. Farror, at the Baptist church, is still in progress. Forty members have been added to the church and the Interest continues. The young men and the middle aged men will organize a Bacara class at the Baptist church Sunday morning at the Sunday school hour. 9:30, and the ladles will organize a Philathea class at the same time. The organizations will mean much for the church and for the young people. All are urged to be present Sunday morning and fall in with this great movement. ' , . Rev. Mr. Farror -will preach at the Baptist church at the ' morning and evening hours Sunday. SWEDISH LUTHERANS TO HOLD SERVICES Members of the Swedish Lutheran church will gather Sunday afternoon at a o'clock for services at the German Lutheran Evangelical church, corner , Avenue F and Twenty-first street. Rev. J J Richards, of Thorsby, will occupy the pulpit. Through the courtesy of Rev. A. Eblnger, the Swedish Lutherans will hold services In this church eVery second Sund&y in the month for a -ycTW-- - Grand Sacred Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis Imperial Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. EXPERTS III THE DISTRICT MORE SAFETY TO INDUSTRY. J. A. Holmes, f the United States geological survey, and party of distinguished foreign mine experts arrived in Birmingham Saturday afternoon at X oclock over the Alabama Great Southern, two hours and twenty minutes late. They visited Pratt Mines Saturday afternoon and will visit Yolande mines Sunday. The party. In addition to Mr. Holmes, consists of Carl Meissner, chief of the German mining service; Victor Wat-teyne, inspector-general of mines of Belgium; Captain Arthur Desbrough, chief of the British explosives commission, and J. W. Paul, state mine inspector of West Virginia. Mr. Desbrough is accompanied by his wife. These gentlemen are being entertained by a committee of the Alabama Coal Operators association, consisting of Erskine Ramsey, chairman; F. H. Crockard, J. C. Maben, James Bonny-man, W. A. Green, Guy R. Johnson, Walter Moore. G. B. Crowe, and A. H Woodward. J. M. Gray, state mine inspector, and Dr. William B. Phillips, geologist and metallurgical chemist, are also with the party Object of Vi sit. The chief purpose of these experts Is to acquire information which will lead to greater safety In mines for the men who handle The pick. The secretary of the interior Invited these gentlemen from abroad to make a trip through the chief coed mining districts of this country with a view ; to securing their advice in the matter of a better regulation of the devices in use for the safety of the men and the mines. It was his wish that they should spend as much time as possible in the Western states, where the United States government is largely interested in the development of the public lands and especially in the conservation of the coal resources. ROUTE OF CARS TO !fair GROUNDS. In on Third Ave. to 18th St; 18th street to 1st Ave.; 1st Ave. to 19th street; 19th street to 3d Avenue and out 3d Avenue. Ben F. Smith 1 in WhitweU Tenn . where he went Tuesday to attend the funeral of hie brother. Pr M M Smith. Born to Dr. and Mrs O H Montgomery, a son. Do your biscuit get hard when cold. Not if you use Omega Flour. Lyceum Opening Tonight. Twelve entertainments for Two Dollars. Get season tickets. Grand Sacred Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis Imperial . Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. OCEAN STEAMSHirS. CLARK'S ELEV. ENTH ANNUAL CRUISE, February 4th, '09, 71 'days, by specially chartered steamer, S 8. Arabic 4 mos. round the world, T dcL 16. '09. F. C. CLARK, Times Bldg., - Now York. . iedy for Sleet, aarrheo odd Runnings fiwwl M (I HOUK. Cures K(d-VBMJorTMMoo. T BE LEL1T ONCE Robert Jemlson, Jr. reporting on the progress of (he Chamber of Commerce building to the Commercial Club Friday afternoon, aid that while the bids were to hae been opened on September 21. the time had been extended to October 1ft. and that fifteen responsible contractors from all over the country were competing Forty-two sets of blue prints have been sent out by the architects. He said that from a conversation with a Pittsburg builder, who employs concrete construction, he believed that the company will get its work done at a low price by a contractor who Is anxious to get a start In this district. I recently visited Pittsburg. said Mr. Jemlson. "and inspected the Chamber of Commerce building there. If the plans are carried out as now drawn, we will have better quarters than they, although theirs are of recent date. They have a hall seating 400. So will we. They have reading rooms and a buffet arrangement. I feel sure that the Chamber if Commerce building will be one of the greatest features In the upbuilding of Birmingham." The Holiness Convention, After hearing the Rev. J. E. Samp-ley, of Meridian, who is here to arrange for the convention of the Holiness union, which will bring 1,000 persons to Birmingham and the Rev. H- R. Osborne of the Simpson M. E. church, the club authorized the committee on conventions to assist in providing the convention of the Holiness union with a suitable meeting place. W. D. Nesbitt asked for more time In securing quarters for the Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union. The new members elected are: John C. Henley, Jr., James A. Wood, J. B. Simpson, Claude L. Norris, H. F. Holt, W. E. Urquhart. Oscar Floyd, W. W. Moore und Hemy Hyman. t Try Murine Eye Remedy for Red. jIVoiik Weary, Watery Eyes Murine DoenT Smart; Soothe Sire Pain, STREET QUITS POLICE FORCE When Police Officer T. E. Street submitted his resignation as a member of the police force Saturday rooming It' made the third resignation of officers submitted within the past few days. Officer Street quits the force to take up his duties in the sanitary department of the city. The resignation of A. B. McLendon from the sanitary department caused a vacancy and Officer Street has been named to fill this vacancy. Mr. Street is perhaps one of the best known members of the police force as he has almost entirely been assigned to special work. Since the adoption of the prohibition law Officer Street has been devoting his time to the enforcement of this law and prior to that time he did special work in enforcing 'the gambling laws of the city. Grand Sacred Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis Imperial Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. ' DOWNEY DRAFTED. It is reported that the Chicago National League club has drafted Thomas Downey, shortstop on the Birmingham team last season- The local baseball association has received no notice of the draft and the rumor stands unconfirmed. RUBBER GOODS Theres just the same difference in Rubber goods that there is in Dry Goods the difference hetiveen cheap, sleazy goods and the best "all wool and our experience of twenty-five years in selling rubber goods has shown us that cheap rubber goods are worthless at any price We do not sell a single piece of rubber giiods that we cannot guarantee and every piece is guaranteed and if it goes wrong your money will be refunded. Palmers Wizard Vaginal Sprav. Ladles Syringe $2.50 Stork Goods Stork Diapers, in boxes of six. Small, medium ,and large, at 75c, 90o and $1.00 Stork Pants, light weight . . .50o Heavy weight, 75 to $1.00 Siork Ribs, S5c and 50c Stork Bags, checked silk rubber lined with Stork Sheeting 75c Stork Sheeting, yard wide,. $1.00 Yard and quarter, single coated; yard, at . $1.00 Yard and a half, single coated; yard, at $1.50 Yard-wide double coated, vard. at $1.40 Yard and half wide, double coated, at $2.00 Rubber Diapers, numbers 1 to 6; pair, at 25c Rubber Sheeting Nipples Yard-wide, at Single coated; yard . 75c Davidson's Health Nipples, pure gum rubber. 3 for ...10c Davidsons old style pure gum nipples, 3 for 10c Miller's non-collapsable nipples; dozen, at 50c Perfection Nipples; dozen, at ,50c 85c Fountain Syringes Palmers Favorite Fountain Sytinge A rapid flow syringe with 3 slip pies and extra heavy bag 2-quart, at 85o 3-quart, at $1.00 4-quart, at $1.25 Water Bottle, extra heavy Guaranteed 1-quart S5o 2-quart $1.25 3-quart $1.50 4-quart $1.60 V.. 209211 North Nineteenth Street. Also Atlanta, Ga. m IK VETO. It is very probable that Mavor George B. Ward will veto the action of the council taken Friday night in regard to the contest filed by A. A Oambill to the primary held recently in the Third wara. The council, as will be retml ibr-ed, ordered that the clerk turn over the box to the democratic committee on demand It is this iction that most probably will be veto bv the mayor It is pointed out that t.xe democratic committee asked for the poll lists and so forth from the box belnc careful not to ak for the box. It is understood that the committee made its request In order that the council if It desired would open th box and turn over the poll lists. Shingles. Shingles. Shingles. We are overstocked. Pay you to see us. Wood-Norriss Lumber Co. Phones 285. 8th Ave. and 13th St. JUDGE McCUTCHEON ENDS LONG CAREER SCOTTSFORO, Ala.. Dot. lft Judge W. W. McCutchcn, probate Judge of Jackson county, died In Scoltshoro Monday night at 8 oclock. He had consumption and had been confined to his room and bed for several weeks. consequonh tils death was not unexpected. The death of Judge McCutchen caused genuine sorrow throughout Jackson county, where he was so well known and highly es. teemed as a citizen and a friend. He was 56 ears of age. He was one of the best Informed men In the county J Grand Sacred Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday ! afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis i Imperial Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. j. w, McQueen returns IMPROVED IN HEALTH. BE PRESENTED The autumn rally of the Sunday school of the First Cumberland Presbyterian church. U. S. A . " ill be held Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. A delightful programme has been arranged j by the superintendent, R. F Lew is. , and has been mailed to the several j hundred members of the school. The ) home department and cradle roll mem- bers will be present in force. 1 A feature of the programme w ill be , the presentation of diplomas. These diplomas are htghly valued by members of the schodl. To be entitled to one, the member must be regular and punctual in attendance, and must have a well-studied lesson. The following will receive diplomas: Third Year Miss Annie Hudson, Harry Lewis, R F. Lewis, Rev I. D. Steele. Mrs. H. D. Breeding, W. F. Tyler, Aubrey Williams, Miss Jennie Mc-Lin. Rov Allgood. Mrs W. D Moody. Mrs. W. T. Brooks, Miss Willie Mai Breeding, Miss Maud McClellan, Mis Sadie Hudson. Mrs. R. L. Cross, Mbs Nell Cosby, Miss Burnice King, Miss Lema Easley, Miss Ellielin Lewis, Miss Sarah Brooks. Miss Emma Hudson. Mrs P. H. Hand, Miss Mabel Bojd, Miss Tryphena Chase. Miss Mav Chase. R. L. Cross. W. T. Brooks, E. P. Lewis, C. H. King, A. J. Lundbom, J. S. Bridges, Dr. Lola Taylor. Second Year Miss Barbara Ransom. O. H. Orr, C. R. Johnson. First Year Miss Josle Cosby. Miss Maybelle Cosby, J W, Hood, Miss Lila McClure, Miss Nellie Frew, Miss Rebecca Scott. Robert McClure. Willis Ransom, Mrs. J. P. Taylor, W. M. Cosby, Miss Maud Newton, J. W. Blaken-ship The following have made a perfect record for three years: H. D. Breeding, Miss Jonnie Mae Cross, Miss Lillian Cross, Mrs. I. D. Steele. Sixteen of the number entitled to diplomas are children and thirty-one are adults. Special music will be rendered by the Sunday school orchestra and the occasion will be made altogether delightful. j.o i x Mewboume Undertaking Co. Both Phones 90. DEATHS II FUNERALS. Carmott Hixon. The funeral of Carraott Hixon took place at 2 oclock Saturday afternoon from his late residence, 341 North Fifty-third street, to Woodlawn cemetery. Mr. Hixon died Friday morning at the age of 35 years. He is survived by two brothers. C. C. and E. D. Hixon, both of Birmingham. The Rev. Dr. Crouch, pastor of the Woodlawn Baptist church, officiated Jesse Hampton Smith. Jesse Hampton Smith, the Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Smith, of 3913 Third avenue, south, who died Thursday night, was burled at Fort Payne, Saturday The remains were taken there at 8.15 a. m. by LIge Loy. Mrs. Ida Curl. Mrs. Ida Curl, of Pattons Chapel, died Friday afternoon. She was 23 years of age. The funeral will take place Sunday morning at 11 oclock. Mr. Curl survives. Mrs. Hannah M. Brown. Mrs. Hannah M. Brown died Saturday morning at the age of 60 years. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 3 oclock from her late residence. 216 Kate avenue. Smithfield, to Elmwood cemetery. Mr. Brown survives. Grand Sacred ' Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis Imperial Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. SBRIM SCHOOL ROOM TO BE LET The building commute of the Calxary Baptist church will meet Saturday night to award the contract for their new Sunday school building. Thev will not erect the main building for the present. The congregation is worshiping at present in the old North Highlands Baptist church. The new building will be erected on J W M Qiieen." of the Sloss-Sheffleld Stel and lion company, who has been away foi several weeks 111. has returned to the city and Is much Improved. His Illness started with a carbuncle. He had fever for quite a while. ST. ANDREWS KINDERGARTEN. The St. Andrews Kindergarten will open on the 19th Inst., Monday week. Miss Armes and Rita Evans will be the teachers. A limited number of fre pupils will be tnken nnd nnpllcattons must be made to Rev R. de Ovles, 1019 .Central avenue. The school will be held In fot. Andrews Parish house with a full equipment, v - MEANS NEW TRAIN. IV hen the new schedule on tje Queen and Crescent goes Into efferf on the 1,8th Inst., a new train Is put on between Chattanooga nnd Cincinnati, connecting with the train which will leave here at 4 08 p. m. The new service lesves Chattanooga at 9:45 p. m. and arrives In Cln-ciaaatlat t a. m. agxt owning. . PEV. J. D. RAY, Pastor of Calvary Baptist church, which will soon start work on Sunday school room. the corner of Thirteenth avenue and Fifteenth street north. The Sunday school building will vntaln about twenty separate class i ms, and will, when completed, nwk'' a splendid structure. The Sunday school building will co-t about $12,000 when completed. The main building will bring about an expenditure of about $20,000 more. The Calvary , Baptist church Is the result of a unien of the Fountain Heights and North Highlands Baptist churches. The two churches were consolidated laat year, and Rev. J. D. Ray la the pastor. w -t L. i SHAW & SON. UNDERTAKERS. GREEN UNDERTAKING ' CO. m It Grand Sacred Concert. Alabama State Fair Sunday afternoon, 3 oclock. Riccis Imperial Italian Band. Admission 25 Cents. PARCELS POST AND POSTAL SAVINGS BANKS A concise explanation of the parcels post and postal savings bank legislation fathered by Postmaster General Von L. Meyer and which will be introduced in congress at the next session, was given before the Commercial club Friday afternoon by Postmaster J. Rivers Carter. o O' 4 Shingles. Shingles. Shingles. We are overstocked. Pay you to see us. Wood-Norriss Lumber Co. Phones 285. 8th Ave. and 13th St. PISTEflMUTEFBE ESIRBUSKED IN MTGOffll A Pasteur Institute will be established at Montgomery, November 1st, urtder the auspices of the state board of health, and all persons who have ben bitten bv rabid animals will be treated free of charge there. This Information was given out 'here bv Dr. E. H. Sholl, a member of the state board of healtn. The matter has been under consideration for some time and was definitely passed on recently. Lyceum Opening Tonight. Twelve entertainments for Two Dollars. Get season tickets. IB. IIEILE IB PHEAC3 III iJESTIC THEITER- The Majestic theater will doubtless be crowded to Its fullest capacity Sunday afternoon at the great mass meeting for men only, to be held under the auspices of the Young Mens Christian association. Rev. Luther Little. D. D., of Fort Worth, Texas, will be the speaker and Man In Religion will be the subject of his address. Dr. Little Is a speaker of marked ability Rnd has had great success in addressing great men's meetings In other cities. The subject selected for this meeting Is considered one of his most Interesting and helpful addresses. Mr. and Mrs A. D. George, the noted gospel singers will have charge of the programme of music. They w'ill sing several selections and conduct the chorus songs. The meeting begins at 3 oclock and the doors open at 2:30. Admission is free and all men are Invited. 'TV ROBERT LOVEMAN TO BE IN BIRMINGHAM SOON Robert Loveman. of Dalton, Ga the Southern poet, will come to Birmingham shortly and participate in an en-teitainment for some charitable purposes. Mr. Loveman is related to several citizens of Birmingham and during his visit here will be entertained. He is a poet of much reputation and ia well received wherever be toe A Liberal Policy , V 1 wA,1 a -r Sr&r M'' ' J - 1 s' . When you purchase property and make improvements on same, should you sell, you naturally expect to get the money back which was spent on improvements. Notwithstanding that Elmwood Cemetery has spent over $5,000 on improvements within the last year, yet they have not increased their prices, but naturally expect to get more than at present. Therefore it is to your interest to purchase now, as money will be saved; at the same time, you can secure a better location now than later on. While Elmwood has kept up with the modern methods of the best cemeteries, yet it has only one section that has rules which limit the size of individual grave monuments. All others have no rule pertaining to size, or number of them used on a lot, neither do they regulate or prohibit curbing, or flowers yet we discourage too much o? either, or anything that is detrimental to the beauty of the grounds, When Elmwood Cemetery was started, it was run under the assessment plan, that is, certain amounts according to the size of the lot, wore charged annually for care. It was soon discovered that the tlan would not work, as some paid while others would not. After Imwood was organized and bought the Elm Leaf Cemetery, all lots it had sold have been under the perpetual care plan. Elmwood I also taking cars of the former Elm Leaf lots, and this uniform appearance has made Elmwood a beautiful place. The management of Elmwood Cemetery has never taken advan-' tags of any one in the time of their bereavement, sickness, or distress. This policy has made Elmwood many friends, and they sell lots on monthly payments, and having single graves as low as $5.00 proves that it caters to the poor as well as the rich, Elmwood's office is at the cemetery, which has telephone connection and is a few blocks from the Elmwood station on the West End, Powderly and Cleveland car line. L Incorporation papers and deeds were filed Satumay which show that the Hood building on Twentieth street has been sold and that It will cither be torn down and rebuilt or remodeled. In this connection a certificate of the Incorporation of the Saks Investment company was filed. The purposes are to pay and sell real estate; to construct, maintain and operate buildings, etc. Authorized capital stock is given at $65,000 and $62,000 is paid up. Incorporators and officers are: Louis Saks, president; Herman Saks, vice-president: J. N. Griffin, secretary, and Herman Svks, treasurer. A deal made by William Hood and wife to the Saks Investment company was filed. The property transferred fronts 100 feet on Third avenue and 100 fet on Twentieth street Tfe consideration Is gKen at $260,00ftt) BIG CORPORATION. A certificate of incorporation of the National Building Company was filed in the probate office Saturday. This is the company that proposes to put up a twenty story building at the corner of First auenue and Twentieth street. The objects as set forth in the certificate is to buy dnd sell real estate. to erect an office building, or buildings, and the same to have sole mortgage or otherwise dispose of. Authorized capital stock is given at $175,-000 paid up. Incorporators and officers are: Ben. T. Head, president; Lewis Minor, vice president; R. C. Head, secretary: R. A. Brown, treasurer and S Head. A deed made out by Ben T. Head and Margaret S. Head to the National Building cmpany was also filed Saturday. It transfers 125 feet of land on First avenue, north, and extending back 50 feet, being the property on the south-east comer of Twentieth street and First avenue. The flour, with gluton Omega. Plant Goddens Lawn Grass Seed Now Plant Hyacinths, Lillies and Other Bulbs Now Visit Our Exhibits At the State Fair We hare in operation for the first time in the South' an Electrobator hatching eggs by electricity. Visitors are requested to register at our. Seed Exhibit, and while in Birmingham we invite you to make our, store vour headquarters. Ask or write for our Fall Bulb Catalog. It describes and gives cultural direction for all fall planting Flower Bulbs. Also treats on Lawn Grass Seed. It is valuable - to every housekeeper. Amzi Godden Seid Co. 2012 First tonne We Sell Canary Birds $3.50 Each SEED Rye for Winter green. Reck 40q bushclj $1.40. . . r- ' . '' - r9. u j, 1 - v A. New The Gypsy Iron Tripod Aquariums with 2 gold fish ornament and rood tec II. F a''

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