Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 5, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 7
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i EXPECTANT siw3s*™u£* ATI IP It A INJURES Safety ' nTUCDv ol LI lota Mother' '"MOTHERS' FRIEND", »Robs ConlinemenlofllsPiln, Horror and Risk., My wife used " MOTHERS' FBIEXD" bo- * t lore blrtb or her llrst child, she did not i suBerfromVKA.MItli>rPAI!CS»-wasqulokly i relieved »t the critical hour suffering but. little—>be had no pains afterward and her recovery wns rapid. , E. E. Jonssiox, Eufnula, Ala. ' Sent by Mall 'or Express, on receipt ol , •rlcf, (1,00 |»r bottle. Book "To Mothers" mailed Free. BUDFIELD HKUQUTOR CO., Attain, Ol. SOLD BY All DKUOOIST8,. ' TIMETABLES. ii Montlcello 4 Effner t HHW » m 11*5 P m isancat stodsssa i*»ss Sa2ftAS58 h gp:::j3SS Sis BraiWonl^anil^Cpl....* 2:05 p m • 1.10 p ru f 2:20 p m. t 7M5 a rn k •« .1C n m » 1 ;55 P HI •12:30 p m Rrnrtfnrd Col t 4:30 P i ,*-—r — J. A? McCKLLOUGH. Agent. Logansport. }!'.'• TVEBT BOUND. I HI "! l>'l I I I Mir . i M'! " '!,' St. if nl» )ln>lli<) dull;. 'yW nH" J'BSt 3 >P M'JIJ- '0,0 IlO Mi ........ ... 1'iH pm . S:J7 IP H-I2 D '""jVnTi'm p'oV "«-~iu is« „,, EAST BOUND. 2 N, Y. 4 Boston lira d dam 'old DO 42.. 2:41 a m 6 f&tt IDRil Uflll/i O.(J HO -iO.... '*'"""." . Vi\ _ _ ' 1 Atlantic Urn <tollj ex Sun 'old no •"•-,*'£• P ™ 74 Local frt. Accom. UailTMon" " ou p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. EAST BOUND. VANDALlA . : .I--' [" "i* u S .Jo p m No (tror?Ucs"p>>.d"U '•• ?."» No H r.,r!-t. ioxn.il. K..IJ <-x sm. No 20 tot M . Jowuti.- •>* smi, . . . No 1P tuSi JMej t fa.Swnd»> on i No 8 M Sunday for soot'i Send No 8 611.1 thronsb P<"l°r car.lr.dlimnpollsto South Bend via Coltax. . : No SO tons throuiih sleepers, St Louis to Mackl nRW : , FOR THE SOUTH • So 13 lor Ti-rre Hnute clnlll ex Sun_ ...... 7 13 " » No irtorTerroHBUteimllrexSun.... 2#6 p r, No SI dallj ex Sunday ............................. "jw " " No 13 has ihrough parlor car, bonth Bead to Indianapolis ylatoirai. No 21 ins through 31ecper, MncWnaw to St Lculs ' •', ' ' Arrives No 15 dull! ; except Sundaj... .................. »%> P J" No 17 EnndiiJ only ................................. , t . For complete time card, giving all trains and statTon., and f or. tull -Information « t/> rtttpii throuKh cars, etc., acmross to rates, t y 0 g B ^, DaEWOBTH . Agent. . ' • LiOgan«port, In<l. Or, E. A. Ford, ' Confirm Passenger Agent, St. 3jOul», Mo. prlmaPi ' 1 ' Sc( '' xi oada^J•orTc^ uirT FOISON pcrmanontiy loured ID I&to8i days. You can bo treated K Ihomoior BQDIO price under oaraoRnnraQ- if 3ouprol**r toconiehcco T/O win con* ntllnroonah.->tolbills,i>nd „_ DutllVJ. fcl'v wl'UJ, »«,... '^. out. it la thla fjecondiiry *,M*W~ •-•— w* cnnrontoo to euro. Wo solicit tho most obsl. nate caros and chaUmiiro tho world for a «tt»o wc< i&nnotcnro. Tnls dlxQuo h.in nlir&y3 baflled th« uhlll of tho most oinlnont physicians. »OOO,000 cnpltiil holiina our uuconal. ™ucffi™ n I^r^ w t'oo % £ r 'KiS>iuEr?v'cifc, >*V4 ^£aaon»o Vuinplo f CK1CAOO* IJ^lu TOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER • —AND— KIDNEYS. 4.BBBB Curr^. me of Rheumatism/, Yo'uts," 'V; W. E. Roberts, ( Letanon,'Ind. 4 B UB B are purely vogetablD. Put up In capsules, sixty in a "box. Thir.ty.idays 1 treatment.in a box. Prlcejl^per box,-or six for $5.; , Manufactured :byH. C. BRAQQ, Connenvlllei, Ind. 1"^ . •• ' Fof'sale by alf'dniggistg. '^- " • •:';''_ j '.'• I.L' 1 -1'1'i L^-Lu-i^iiliii-LM WHAT" ARE WE COMING TO? Some Now Ideas That Help to Make on Age of Wonders. • Late frosrm In Applied Sclcnco-Rull- ro»U Cart to V* Ilullt of Stronecit 8teei~Bo»U with Habmn- rlno Window*. [corTRiaiiT, 1SOC.] The brains of the inventors of striking novelties seem to have, been especially active during' the past few weeks. There hiive Oc«n many new ideas given to the world Uint will doubtless influence our lives to some extent, as they lie directly in the path of progress in the rapid evolution of mechnnieuJ construa- tion that has been so marked in the latter half of tlio present century. ^ A novelty in the wny of sleeping cars ill shortly be put on several of the rooms are all on one side'ot the car ana the corridor on the other. . : ,'"' During tlie duy the ear is divided intc compartments', oiieninp into the corridor. At night, however, n]l this is changed and, standing'in the corridor the car appears to lie about'a-third ol its ordinary width with aJI tile windows on one sidf, 1-lie opposite side being to all appearances acleatl wall. This change in the n.ppe<i.ra.nw of-Llie car is made by a. curious .method of arranging-alternate partitions which during the (.lay form the barj; seals nnd the division between the compartments. • Theso partitions are. so constructed that when they arc slid into position tht lower berth isi in one room and the upper berth is in the next one. 'During the daytime each stateroom Is nix feet and a half long o.nd four feet wide aud contains a sofa.l!)'/! inches wide. All this U changed with the coming of night, minded natives HB would the appearance of a strange nsh.., At present the little glass-bottomed craft is used by its- owner and inventor simply for pleasure and "an nmateur's'stiidy of the mysteries and curiosities of the waters o£ the bay. But. PicrreSt; Felix, .the inventor and owner of the curious cratt, expects to malic a 1 comfortable living out of it: He has hud the idta for his boot. cver.siuce, 03 a fisher lad at Catalina, lie madc.hii; 1b-Et ; w«tc;r g-Iass by setting- a bit of window glass in the bottom of .0 rusty tin can. He noticcd-how, when he put (his g-lnus-bottomed can below the surface of the water so as'to avoid ..refraction, he: eould see many feet deep into the depths of 1 he water. As he Icancrt over.thc.side IN ONE OF THE NEW SLEEPING-CAR STATEROOMS. Inrge trans-continental lines, and it is expected that it will greatly increasu the comfort of night travel by railroad in this country. Among tlie earliest provisions for the comfort of travelers was the providing of places for sleeping while, en route. Improvements were constantly being made and-the palatial staterooms now in use on the sound and river steamers of. the country o,re' ; the result. A cerUiin. amount ot privacy/can also.be hail in the berths provided on till steamers, for night travelers, b'uf.'unLil now the inat- 'ter'of -providing sleeping quarters for •the night traveler Tjy rail has been a great problem for the architects, Th'e. traveling public has protested against being obi Igcd to spend the night, iu a. two by six cotIin.-1-ike affair : with only a thin ami irnconfiucd curtain be- iwecn^tlio.sltfpprr u-iul tho ga/,e of hLs fc-llou- traveler's, to say nothing of tho :i.r..i-r>lia.t.in au-ilitv neocssarv to accom- however. The upper pa,rt of each alternate partition is unfastened and slid forward 3«'/i inches in grooved guides «.nd refnstencd. The lower portion of the partition is then-raised and fastened in a horizonUi.l position which forms-the bottom o£ the upper berth. • • • If two persons desire a double stateroom, 'the dividing partition ea.u be folded but of tliu way' a.nd cither two 'lower or two upper berths- made up in the same room. • 'These new sleeping cars are 72 feet long, nnd have 14 single staterooms, one double, room and two ordinary bcrUis, 18 berths in all. It does not aftord as many berths as the ordinary Pullman or YVasncr ears, which is practically im 7 possible who.re a. separate room is given to each passenger, but ns Uie berths ,ire wider .than 'those 6£ ordinary cars, two pensons traveling together can com forlably slerp- in one berth. The object aimed a,t has be™ to. obtain separate rftblfliQini-Kaiivvii/.*'-. ' , „ Joll»t«»lTroit Bondl. > repldl j «nh»n(diif In ttlu*. . . of his boat, looking into the water untH he was stiff" In the..ba"ek, little Pierre. tkoiig-ht' what a pood idea it would be if he could 'flx his glass in .the bout's bottom so that he could see the water without bending over. He kept his idea to himself, however, and it was not until the present year, when lie is a grown mtm with ninny years of experience with Uie danger of the rough sea, that he sees his itk-a a reality, and one thatis lilii'Iy to carry him past the necessity of dangerous work forever. The preater part of the IS feet of St. Felix's boat on tlie bottom, is taken up with the glass. It is arranpud in three divisions, fitted close with strips of fteavy leather at tha oflge's to prevent . Thi glass is an inch thick. i.'d nlong the lengi.li of the boat, BO as to inclose the gins? on every side, there nn: fixed chairs, in-ranged in position so that a sitter may look downward without the slightest effort. Catalina-is G() : miles north of St. John's, and every year ninny visitors liaVe been in the bnbit of goin<? rhero for no other purpose than to look into the water through the rough water glass of the fisherman. The water of the bay id particularly clear, and under ordinary conditions a depih of 50 feet c.an be examined. With the completion of his boat, St. Felix im- mediatelj. monopolized the greater number o£ visitors, nnd many curious eights were seen. The bay abound? in curious fish, for close to the shorethere are more than 13,000 varieties. Hammer- handed shartfs keep just beyond the reach ot those who hunt for them, •word flsh sport gc.ily about, and as seen thrr.ngh the .bottom of St. Felix's water bout make a strange contrast to the shoals of codfish. Far down below the multitude of flub, the great beds of scnweed wave in graceful folds, making a background for the sight above. Aside from the possibilities as n unique pleasure craft, tlie glass-bottomed boat is of' immense advantage to scientists who can by means of it make, uninterrupted, observations of. marine -life a-s it exists in its. natural state below the surface of the sea. In clear; culm water objects far below the surface cmi bo distinctly seen a.n-1 motion 'noticed. Where the presence of anyone in a divnr's armor would frighten t,ho fish and prevent an extended study of their ways, the glass-bottomed boat crait.es no r.lnrm among- the finny donize-ns of the deep who art np- .narently unaware that they are being observed and studied from above. Tho Electric Carrlac*. An clcewic carriage, is now being manufactured by a. Chicago linn, and it -is sa.it! t.hey will soon be s«eii running swiftly. and noiselessly about the strecls of ;i.ll la.rg« cities: They arc a decided novc-l'ly. Heretofore hovseiless •vehicles lin.vebwn'propellcd by noisome gasoline er.gin'es: which omitted n.n- ul«i.s:iiit. odors. - The eaiffiue under the scats ia.rrcd • the vohiele. a.iid -in con-se- qucncc Mu> horseless eacriage propelled. by such niLMjiri has not, l)ce.n a populM' success. . Cut now electricity sucecss- fullvappl^'l to 'the propuls.ion .of. a. sf.rret voJiiele has sol veil this difficulty. The ek'trric ])liiH.-ton slipwn. in t,hocut is .artistic in dwign aiitl Ineks. 1ihe hahcrto-ciimbci-s'onio appearance of Horseless- cii.rriage.s. The eonta-ol of- rhi^ vehicle is s:iid to be. perfect; and 't.hc- s'lCL-'d is .regulated by. means o£ a Bii-iiple U'vci 1 . . Tests' hiive'bei'u made jn crowded thoroughfares to the ama/c- meut of t«amsr,crs -juid drivers. It, .is ,-mi by a slcmisre-ba.tte.ry under the seat. The battery is ot light constnic- ',;,„! nnd rc-atl'ily reehwgwl. -The mo- 'toi' by a series of cog wheels.- nnd a chain.' is con-nooted to. a Brocket wheel on the i-e«r a.\le. Somi; of -these -ve- ' hides are designed to. develop t,he h igh sliced' of IS miles (in hour. When. an entire electric vehicle sen-ice is placed in- a. livery' 'stable an. electric -plant, will lw instiilled'.-'whteh will cost less than- feed .and- care of horses. ' " For. private ;owners. however, art e'Va bonite outlay, is.not necessary: The cn-rrsit from a,n' incajidcscent .. lamp ircn'it: is sufficient to cliargc tiie bal.-. *JT*V- '• The largest belt in the world has Just completed. 1 Tt has not been com- plish ,the ieat of,dl«robing and dressing while lying at full lenf?th,.flat on.pne • If. with only 13 inches head room.. AH of these objections hiive, however, bieen overcome in the new stateroom -'car.'and in them a traveler can, if he to- -ch«U*«', : loek ; hiinReifinto'hl8 stateroom • ih:prl«fy nnd'have aa.' could:be fnrnifehedat ,n; flrst-clas* ..r uew ; caTB, which are so BOOB to.toke the, 'pWe of the ordi_nars:;n.igtt. coach, es- apted to •ecuring .for the - : 'c W'h Dec gUl&'the -d^ireiJ : 'prlvacy/ . .'but tVePVrt iiliw'tf'noveltyin 'the man-; ner of "<h<<if. arfan'gieinenrfdr:day.trave1. The car 1» divided into ataterpoms all of which open Into aloplf corridor running' * jl^aaaLt^ ™ ~ w hlob : openlntoa:lop(rcprr)aorrujiniiitr iv. V j.-.-..-,-— - •-•:.;^i^_. i -^j |e A i jj, | p|jj. .rooms with ns;llttte.sacrihee : of:Bpeo« .,«»• possible..:;•• ., „;,:',' •• i:i',l :•:(. ± : - '---'J' ' ' jhio 8ub.oi»rln« JUndo*.',, u ,,.-,--. 1 The principle'of'Jhe.water teleacope, "•to"' long' utfed by flshermen'.to fjeteet UK uresrice'of nsh'•far ; below'the:»UTfacepi 'the water; lias b<?cn Bu'oeetafully ! a'ppHea io-the : cons'tructl6ri-bf;apleolinte'boalj.'i| n<'-3n.. ' Dotto.m.,,-hB8 been, cpnstnicjtedrby, a X^r ..,, , . fbiindland.,g.eni"!> ! an 'nan "prpve'd' a iBUeeesBj. upantk'' of' the boat .can wh.ne^ -e' 1 dltAt»ct).:bectB- '"'feet below the- Bur'faee'of th% sea. 1 '° •••'• :.Th« Httlfrt-'craft'-. aarta'"every>- •• :.The '• itttle-V-'crrift' . thTOflgt'tbe \yatcr of Trinity bay, Newfoundland, and creates ns mueh wonder ' Brazilian Balm THE GREAT SOUTH 4MERICM BIISSM.I , RADICALLY CATARRH! It clears the head of foal mncotis ; heals the orc» and ulcers of the head and throat; sweetens the breath, snd perfectly rertoftt the senses of the taste; smell, and hearing Stops • headache «nd dropping into tho tliroat. Also destroys the germ which. cauMt HAY FEVER. aking a perfect cure in a few days, Nevtt fails I No fatal case of T<AGRIPPS ever koow« here Brazilian Bain "s faithfully TiseO. ,"iz lestro; '. "lie grippe germ and quickly removal- tbi ti fad effect . B L E in ASTHMA, CROOT, BROW «HP EURISY. PNTSUMONIA, DVSPEPSU. L \TISM, TYPHOID and ScAPiKi kil \1EAS1ES, and any disease wbenT thtk^ nflammation, Fever or Congestion, Greatwt relief in Consuiuv tion evej: &* covered. cures a Fresh Cold IQ one day. , stair. tba head ana relieves drsgiera. Ai xn ly |l N F vents lock-'awromwouno. Its Healing Power Is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine In Existewa 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Dosis, or Two Weeks Treatment for dtarrt tl.OO aQTTUS EQUALS THHEB fiOo, BOrTLXS. HOME TESTIMONIALS: «Urazffi?n Bato cured me of inveterate caterrh whkh I tad for orer so yeftBt the^olt vfoiderful tnTimph of medical science."-'?^./. Parkc fbsUes. 'Tf onp, coTd and the worst forr/of gripp we have ftmrj- t a »haD &lm n^vahiable.- -Jtw. W. S. Boothe, D. D., Pastor Del Avc. Sap. Ch. "Mrs Lore has used tit Brazflian Balm and thinks it did her much good. '-/fat. Oat. A . Lo,t Ch vfju* " "0-ie bottle of Brazilian Baim cured a friend of mine of bay fever. — *I was very deaf for 10 years from ortarrh. Braz.liar , Bairn sp - "—Ancctee» , warm in lay ears every oay soou restorcd- A -ft is thebest thingTor dyspepsia I ever s ^waswrn almost to the grave 4iih a ra sa ever sawne.- . wrn almost to the grave iih a racking cough that all the remedies and th* doctors Tfoiledto relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It sbaB ; be mv doctor through life.»-,1/w. /. Galloway, Pottstovn, Pa "I vcas fearfrJl; crippled £> with rheumatism, could not gel my hand to my head. I took ten y* cent botUe P s S Brazilian Balm in six months. Am now entirely cure.* end a» nu» blfasl ww-lt fbrty."-^**» E*rrell> aged S± A lady -rn Cjncinnati was K afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen wars she was unable It steep lyi^g down, was entirely a^d permanently r-ired with Brazilian Balm. B . F . JACKSON & CO., Cleveland^ For «ale bv the following dru^f.: B. F. Kcesllng, gcDeral acent; B« Pteher, Johnson Bros./W, H. BrluRburst, G. W, HoffmaD,,D. E. Pryor, Q. i Means, H. D. Hattery anfl A. R. Klstl er. for Sale by B. F. KBESLINO. rani tlie statement that on a eeinmei- cirJ basis these cars can be constructed at a cost not to exceed tliat per ton of carrying capacity ot wooden ears, D'.nl with-a, "safety factor :n favor of steel. They have been tested with a- load of wct'canil and pig iron weighing 121,- oosmic.Uons MJceu.ll.-isH. Jt is not every; sink whicli would be relieved by'this treatment; it is not every man who. has sneh ingenuity as was .here exhibited, and it is not every, house that 15 furnished witli. water under high pressure. But the story is instructive. IS .affords .n lesson in enterprise. ^ ; BIGGEST OF BOILERS. It WelifJ" 110.000 J?ound« »nd Twelve ThouBimil Dollar*. When tJie big- Climax boiler was set, m, at tliii world's fair it was an o\>-: Vet ot even greater wonder and ad r . miration'than w:is 'Hie Corliss engims at tlie Centennial cxliibition. Aftcrtho:' fair was over th's boilor was purchaseB,. hy the Kew Vork Sti-am company.' • transported to Xcw York ard sctupiu- the company's works at No. 2 Cortlandf. street. Tlie boiler was then said to bo; tha largest iu the world, and machinists . fa-clared that, it would be many a day before a larger one would be built. Th* iiwcliinisls wore mis!:il;eii. and the probl of it is found in die fact that there wa» resting on rollers the other morning, in front of No,.5fl Dey.street, New York,* puted how many helpless cows gaye.up their hides in order that thehugebclt iniffht be-a sue cess, but a,grcat many did, so! The belt was manufactured for the Louisiana Elcotrlc'-tight company of New Orleans: It is 84 'inches-wide nnd when placed' upright makes.a formida-' ble barrier. It ii taller, than the tullcst man,, -and- is. three-ply: thickne«s,. .It possesses wJhat for, a belt iB;consMere<l a. great length;, namely, 15p feet. ,,- ... * Steol Can B«(ni Introdoced. Xt last steel cars have been made. Tori years ; th'ey liave'lieen'regarded as the coming:'car;"but owing : to thiMiign price'-o* 'Steel they were not-.thought jtoi be'-economleally,-possible: until'the' Twentieth .century. -A (Treat steel/com- •iiimyi' iniorder'Hb: show, vmrtor.-th'o prei- ^rrt conditions, the possibilities of gtoi* 'in this-direction-has constructed two THE CAR OF THE FUTURE. 00.0: pounda.- The use o{.steel will not be confined to freight, cars. It is intended jn .the near, future'to build passenger cais of steel'throughout, and thus 'dp' away with 'the danger of splintering in railroad collisions. CLEANSING DRAIN PIPES. How • H»ndy M»ri Avolded^the of Faring • Flambor. \ man living in a;town that hod its own waterworks, nnd whose house was supplied from the street mains, received news one day that the escape pipe of his kitchen sink was elOBge^. .He sent for'a plumber, but the latttr was not ready to proceed to business^ and the' proprietor,.therefore decided to try to-sc* mattero right himself:. This .is the order o£ proceedings;described.,'to his letter to the American; Machinist':'He took a piece : of boarrl six or elglxt inches square and very ^Jiick, gouged- ouf'a ; Half-round.cavity on the linaer'sidei'cut-nlhoIeflVairotWh. , the bottrd" 1 «li'<h 1 c:centerior the cnTity,--i .mid then;:fftt«l::irito.'tnc.'hcJe> BtWtofcr, ; B titf pipe which, he had. Over thUjJlpf.: >e Rl ; i|iped ; .one endf^ VJg^^.f^'rf' lioBe'a.foptOT *--''— ' tl ~ 4 UJdLfl , As .the. picture ?hOTVs,. struction, i fo ; lW"exh'lbit : ed',-BrouiiO' the- courirvy 10- i',nilroiVd '"men; arid ' -if: the Idetf.takes,'. i : ftie'y will ;'be Tconstriieted. 'on .larlarge ".cafe In the fall. \Vhilethecoiitota «tVel car will naturnlly be-mor*;than ^ that of/;a.;wooden-.on<'. siifflclfnteKper" >]£» ' •---•-' - 1 "' '*•>-•:;-.. t?& close tight joint: On .the unoer »uie. . 'of U*e ; Wdrd 1 he : 'tack'ea'«jme »trip*;of-- leather^iiferve'iaBTrMneitVnnd the bole ,:\n'itai boaJ'aT'btf placed righi over Wiose !n Uie sink. .The upper end of the:liwet wa§ thenibrpqght up around the water .cock, and clamped; fastjby..inea^o,/ two grooved blocks screwed together. Upon opening- the faucet middenly,.wa ..teTwai forcea down the— Kl - Inteitl WORLD'S GREATEST: BOILER. ,. boiler which'throws the Climax com- - pletely .in the: shade. This boiler -wai -\; built 'for the New York Steam comr. v pony by, the Edgar Boiler company,,-.: limited, of Warren, Pa. It toolr «bc ,,y rionths to-complete It, and Hcoet J13.7 . : ••>00. It is twenty-three'feet six mchM. : high—being aii 'upright boiler-aud ; .something over 2S fee!, In circumfcr- ; ence:- JtSveighs 119,000 pounds,and nm*'. u capacity of :1.000 horse-power:^ •: '; ; .'-:.., The- boiler was shipped frora Warm*,:; to .lersey.City on a-car-uscdjii; trWit-.; V 'pitting the beavient gun*. It.reach«« , Jersey City the .other day. and •?».-., brought to the foot of We»t EI« W n£ J ; street by the Chapman Derrick •»_•'.„... g company on a' float bullt-eK- ^.: -transferred;from tie -foot <rf-|W««t-j/5 'iiteventh street to the. boiler tUUon &•$>, 1 the^ steam «prDpanj: on Mrickbdoyjt-,:;; Ing to ThomaaMclaJTipn. A .t^m.ol 3P,V, lioraeii wan reqtired. The co»to<'*"«•* '*\ porting the boiler to Dey »tn*t from, , Jtr»ey City w«a »1,000.. , !, ; zmnosnaKJng came Into vo^nadonnf, V, Jhe reign of Henry H.ln England. . ,

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