The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on November 26, 1909 · 14
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 14

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1909
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, ' : f THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS, BIRMINGHAM, ALA., FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1909. -1 A CLOSEjlUVE Many of Them Hastening Every Day but Seen Forgotten. Close shaves would be of more frequent occurence but for the tender faces of many men. ' which will not permit of shaving often. Heretofore, nothing has been said In these column a -about poslam. a new ekln discovery. In connection with Its use after shaving. Its publicity, and- sales have been confined almost exclusively to Its remarkable properties as an eczema cure; It stops the Itching at once and cures the worst cases In a few days. While tne application of poslam after shaving Is one of Its minor uses, such as for pimples.' the complexion, etc., shavers will find It a revelation, as it does for abrasions, roughness, and severe scrapings what it does for all manner of skin difficulties heals and cures in a few hours. It is the only article possessing real antiseptic and curative value that haa ever been exploited for this purpose, and will soothe and tone up the skin as no toilet preparation could possibly do. Poslam can be had for fifty cents at any reliable druggist's particularly Jacobs' Pharmacy, who make a specialty of it. Or the Emergency Laboratories, No. 32 West 25th Street, New Tork City, will send a trial supply free by mall to any one who will write for It. This Is sufficient to show results in 24 hours. We use nothing but well seasoned lumber, so there can be no warping in your building - when once put up. Our building lumber Is always reliable in quality. SEMI-CANNEL, CAHABA, GALLOWAY COAL8. . HeidtNelson Coal & Lumber Company Phones 943. Ave. E from 16th to 17th J. Tom Heflin Speaks at Roanoke Special to The Birmingham News. ROANOKE. Ala., Nov. 26. Congressman J. Thomas Heflin spoke here Marion Closes Season With Perfect Record Defeat of Southern University Ends the Most Brilliant Football Year At the Institute. Special to The Birmingham News. MARION, Ala., Nov. 26. The Mat ion Institute football team closed the most brilliant season in the history of th college by defeating the South" university Thursday by a score of 6 to 0 The Marion collegians have not been scored on this season and have won brilliant series of victories, defeating both Spring Hill, the Catholic college at Mobile, and the Anniston Presbyterian college. Thursdays game was a fitting close to the season. .The weather was perfect rid the largest crowd ever assembled on the home field saw the Southern unhersity go down to defeat. The first half was all Marlon's. The home team outplayed and outgeneraled the t labors, ploughing through the line and ripping off long end runs until the first touchdown was made which clinched the game with a goal by Shaikleford. The second time the Marion team marched down the field to the visitors 15-yard line when time was called. The halves were unusually short, being only twenty-five and twenty minutes. The first half ended 6 to (1 in favor of the orange ami black of Marion, file second half opened with Southern university kicking off to Marion. A third time the institute eleven marched down the field by a series of brilliant and spectacular plays. Coach Pittman of Wednesday night In Wood's hall to an audience of 375 ppople. Notwtthstand-s tending the cold weather, the fact that there was no fire In the. hall, the people came out to hear more about the amendment. Mr. Heflin's hoarseness made it difficult for him to speak, but he discussed the question thoroughly, taking up every phase of the opposing side and reading It to the satisfaction of his hearers. His speech was convincing. , IF YOU KNEW how quickly Hall's Texas Wonder relieves kidney, bladder and rheumatic trouble, you would never suffer. It gives quick and permanent relief. Write for testimonials. E. W. Hall, 2926 Olive Ft, 8t. Louis. All druggists. Graft in German Navy. KIEL, C.ormany, Nov. 26. Extensive finanrial irregularities have been discovered in the department which furnishes meat for the navy. The discrepancies are especially serious in the division through which torpedo boats are supplied. It Is likely that arrests will fee made very soon. Glavin Defeats Phillips. NORFOLK, Va., Nov. 26. In a fight at the Norfolk navy yard Thursday night, witnessed by a thousand men, mostly naval officers and enlisted Jark-ies, Jimmie Glavin, middle-weight champion of the navy defeated Dick Phillips, welter-weight champion, THE HEI-IEBY FODSODESDICEDS There Is but one way to cure an old sore or chronio ulcer, and that is to remove the cause that produces and keeps it open. No matter where located, any sore that remains until it becomes chronio does so because of impure blood; the circulation constantly discharges its polluted matter into the place and it 13 impossible for nature to heal the sore. S. 8. S. heals sores and ulcers by purifying the blood. It removes every trace of taint or impurity from the circulation, and thus completely does away with the cause. No local application reaches below the infected flesh at the spot, and for this reason can have no curative effect on a sore or ulcer; whiio such treatment is being used alone, the germs and impurities are constantly Increasing in the blood and the eore is bound to grow worse. When S.S.8. has cleansed the blood and enriched and purified the circulation the place begins to take on a more healthy appearance, the different symptoms show improvement, the flesh around the nicer gets firm, new skin and tissues are formed, and aided by pujv, inch Hood, nature provides a perfect and lasting cure. Under the tons? ax-3 hftd-janf ying effects of 8.8.S., the rretem Is built np, and tho wins licu&fc Lts been impaired by the drain and worry of an old sore wfl I grtiaifiy iauefte-d by its use. Book on Sores and Ulcers and any meical airiiw all who write. TEE STeUT SrltZFlQ CO., ATLANTA, GA. North Caollna has demonstrated his ability to perfect one of the most brilliant college football machines in the state. After carrying the ball the length of the field a third time, the Marlon team became over-confident and by poor generalship and a fumble lost the ball to the visitors under the shadow of the Southern university goal posts. Here the visitors made a desperate stand and for the first time made more consistent gains, carrying the ball down tit field within, striking distance of Marions goal where the orange and black line stiffened and again Marion took the ball and started to march up the field when time was called. The final score was 6 to 0 and Marion closed its most brilliant football season without having her goal line crossed by any opponent. For the visitors MacDonald was the wholes strength of the team. His tackling, line plunges, and end runs gave them their chief gains. For Marion the maohine-llke work of the entire team was the noteworthy feature. Heath, Flnnell and Graves again and again made long end runs of ten, fifteen and twenty yards and brought the cheering crowds to their feet. Captain Savage played a magnificent game In the line for Marion, and Manning at center was a tower of strength. Indeed all men on the team won distinction by the harmony of their work. Pennsy Downs Cornell Easily First Half a Tie, But in the Second Crimson Weakens. PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 26. Wallowing and sliding around on a field that was several Inches deep with mud, slush, ice and pools of water, Pennsylvania defeated Cornell in the annual game on FYanklln field Thursday afternoon, 17 to 6. The contest was pooily played, for which the weather and field conditions were in a great measure responsible. Twenty thousand persons witnessed the game. There was hardly any choice In the teams during the first half, which ended In a tie at 6 to 6, but Pennsylvania, showed the better form In the second half. Because of the wretched conditions, neither side could make any great gains by carrying the ball and much punting was resorted to. Both teams fumbled frequently. Georgia Tech Downs Clemson. ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 26. Showing a remarkable reversal of form over the previous Saturday, Georgia Tech defeated her ancient rival, tho Clemson "Tigers." on the gridiron here Thursday afternoon by the decisive score of 29 to Clemsons only score came in the very opening of the game, when BIs-sell, left halfback, made a pretty drop kirk goal from the 28-yard line. Tech immediately opened agressive tactics and plowed her way through the lighter Clemaon men for five touchdowns, adding four goals from touchdowns. Indians 'ft in. LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 26. The Haskell Indians defeated Nebraska on Andrews field Thursday, 16 to 5. The Indians outclassed Nebraska, although the visitors were outweighed 40 pounds to the man. The contest was spectacular, each of the touchdowns coming after long runs down a muddy, sloppy field. No Score. MILWAUKEE, Wls., Nov. 26. Nothing to nothing that was the result Thursday of the football game be- A mouthful of delicious WniGLEViK ESSEZS Presto! Youre in the country! Fine for teeth! The refreshing flavor of WRIGLEVS k , carries your mind to green fields-running brooks i ikoolkfor the spear! The flavor bote ! . Saks Refunds Railroad Fares Through the Rebate Bureau . Saks Boy Proof 9 Blue Serge SuitsPrice . The Kind Others Ask You $7. SO For A berge suit cant be beat for real serviceableness, if it is a good serge and right heres where Saks Boy Proof $5 Serge Suit makes good. Tts a heavy storm serge that stands up to any test the boy can give it. Then, too, the suit is unusually well put together (we insist 'on that point with the maker) and is thoroughly stylish and good looking. Other stores ask $7.50 for serge suits like Saks Boy Proof. Of course Saks lias. $7.50 serges, too, but theyre just that much better and others up to $12.00 and a fine watch free. Fancy Suits $3.50 to $15.00. r Special Reductions on Wash Suits For Little Fellows- These little suits are in madras, percale and ehambray, striped patterns and plain colors all sizes from 2 Va to 5 years only. For Childrens Day Saturday you take your choice at the folowing reductions. $1.50 Suits now $1.13 $2.00 Suits now $1.49 $2.50 Suits now $1.87 $3.00 Suits now $2.23 $4.00 Suits now $2.97 $5.00 Suits now .' $3.73 V.. 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Tennessee closed its football season Thursday with an 11 to 0 victory over Transylvania of Lexington, Ky. The feature was the fact that Captain Dougherty was the one last year man who participated, owing to the fact that Coach Levene decided to play the entire second team. Tennessee scored a touchdown In each half. Other Results. At Washington Bucknell 12, Washington 6. , At Austin Texas A. & M. 5, University of Texas 0. . At Little Rock Arkansas 34, Washington 0. . At St Louis Carlisle Indians 33, St. Louis university 0. Ole' Mias Wine. Special to The Birmingham News. JACKSON, Miss., Nov. 26. It was a happy bunch of collegians who boarded a special train for Oxford last night, to carry tidings' of the great victory on the gridiron at the fair grounds. "Mississippi 9. A. & M. 5. was blazoned forth in huge letters on each sMe of the long string of passenger coaches, and before taking their departure the Varsity students had obtained a large supply of chalk and fresh paint and decorated sidewalks, sign boards, halls, show windows, and almost every available spot, with the symbols of victory. "9 to 6 Is a familiar sign in Jackson today, and it will take at least a week to remove the innumerable decorations. Alabama Wins. . VICKSBURG, Mias., Nov. 26 Hon- mi mi to Alabama. In tha annual tournament of the Southern Rifle association at Camp Williamson Thursday. For the tournament Alabama scored first with Mississippi second and Louisiana third. The cup for the high aggregate was captured by Jones, Alabama, with 180. Hogaboom, Mississippi was second, with 178. The rapid-fire medal was won by Pope, Alabama. At a meeting of the association following the shoot, Adjutant General Fridge of Mississippi was elected president and Montgomery selected as the next place of meeting. I Louisiana , 12; Alabama , 6 Thanksgiving Day Game at Fair Grounds Proves Great Struggle. For the first time before a Birmingham public the University of Alabama football eleven went down in defeat Thursday. The husky lads of the Loulsana State university turning the trick by a score of 12 to 6. The game was an Interesting affair with Louisiana the favorite in the betting all the way through. The Alabama boys, however, swept the visitors from their feet in the first few minutes of play and before the Baton Rouge lads had settled Austell had already carried the ball over their goal. Arant kicked the goal and the score was 6 to 0 with the favorites holding the big end. It was then that Louisiana braced and from then on scored twice, at the same time preventing Alabama from again tallying. When Seip about the middle of the first half carried the ball over Alabamas goal line it was the first time tills ' season 'that this goal had been crossed. The wearers of the crimson d white had guarded their goal posts well during the whole season and not until the last day did an opponent get across the coveted line. Alabama played all. season without a score being made against her until the last battle. Both teams were handicapped by the absence of their stars players. It is contended by Alabama sympathizers that had Pratt been in the game Alabama would have won, but this is merely supposition. On the other hand the Louisiana sympathizers assert that had Fenton, their star quarterback, been in the game the result would have been vastly different Fenton is in 'a Louisiana hospital suffering from what physicians first diagnosed as a broken neck. Both tea,ms were handicapped. Fenton was out and so was Pratt. Louisiana won and deserved the victory. Ifs have no place in the result of the game and Louisiana won on its merits. The score at the end of the first half stood 6 to 6 with the spectators realizing that Louisiana looked good to win. In the second half Seip again took the ball across Alabamas goal line and this ended the scoring of the day. . The game was a spectacular one. Both teams played good bail. Both played open ball and the spectators went wild with enthusiasm, and there were about three thousand spectators. Both team broke training last night. Here is the line-up: Louisiana. Position Alabama. Hail left And . Garrett Seip left tackle Greene Thomas ...... left guard .. ....Arant Stovall center Countess Drew right guard Lumley Hillman .... right tackle ....Gresham R. Stovall,... right end .Baumgartner Howell ...... quarterback .... Moody McCollum .... left halt . . V&ndergraaff and Brown Gill . ..fullback Austell Ryan ........ right half Palmer Summary: Score, end finst 'half, Louisiana 6. Alabama 6. Final score, Louisiana 12, Alabama 6. Touchdowns, Seip 3. 14 us tell. -Goal after touchdown. Arant I. Referee, George Watkins, Sewanee. Umpire, Dr. Elgin, University of Nashville. Linesmen, Lanier, Alabama; Jamessey, Louisiana. Length of halves, 80 and 25 minutes. Columbus Here For Basketball Georgia Boys Will Mpet the Y. M. C. A. Team ' Tonight. There is going to be a fine basketball game at the Toung Mens Christian association tonight. The team from Columbus, Ga., is on hand ready to defeat the Y. M. C. A. teatn and while few followers of the local team believe the locals are going to be beaten, yet the Columbus boys feel confident. The local team is a good one, it has trained hard and is in the pink of condition fdr the battle. She same ' can .be said of the boys from thet Geor- V gla city who declare that they didnt I come away over here to be beaten. ' t The game should be a close one. It f should be a hard fought afafir wlWjJki every man fully trained and fightinC hard. It should draw a large crowd f of spectators and no doubt will. There I will be sponsors on hand to cheer their I favorites on to victory. , f There will be a preliminary game t. put on by the Junior basketball team and the Business Boys' team. This will be a good appetizer for the big game. The game will begin at 8 oclock and those that are present will see a good fight i .1, ) t MOTHERS! procure Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup for your Children while cutting teeth, it soothes the child. Softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a boHlo. I 7 A 4 ..

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