Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 4, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1964
Page 7
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EUROPE-BOUND — These five Redlands boys are wearing those happy smiles because they have just been accepted as part of a Methodist youth work party in Europe this summer. They will work four weeks, then travel another four. Seated (I to r) are John Barry, Bill Smith, John Biddick and David Garretson. Tim Doss is seated on the floor. Five Redlands youths in Europe tour program Five Redlands youths wereiship of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Le- in Europe, and as a result of notified today that they have Roque of Hacienda Heights, the these experiences they are con- 50 youths will travel as a single vinced the teams offer one of group to Amsterdam. There, the best opportunities for youth they will be split into three to relate and practice Christian workteams. concern for others. One, under the leadership ofj In order that Redlands might the LeRoques, will go to Lubeckjbe represented in each of the in north Germany: the second.!areas, the Redlands youth will under the leadership of Rev. be divided among the three and Mrs. Charles McGregor of!teams John Barry and Bill Monterey Park, will go to a!Smith will go to north Germany] town in south Germany: the!with the LeRoques. Tim Doss third under the leadership ofj will go to south Germany with Rev. and Mrs. Lee Truman, oflthe McGregors. John Biddick Alhambra, will go to Scandi- and David Garretson will go to navia. IScandinavia with the Trumans The Truman's team will All of them will live with fam- servc as a caravan group work-lilies in the communities where ing in camping programs, most-jthcy work ly in Norway and Sweden, while the other groups will repair and rellurbish church buildings in Germany. been accepted among a group of SO Methodist young people from churches all over Southern California to participate in a summer work and travel pro gram in Europe. The five are John Barry a valley college student, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Barry, 12.1 Anita court. John Biddick, an RHS junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Reginald Biddick, 532 Cajon. Tim Doss, also an RHS junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Doss, Wabash and 6th avenue. David Garretson, n o w working but who will be a Valley college student next year, son of Mrs. Howard F. Garretson, 503 Nottingham. Bill Smith, an RHS junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Smith, 19 Sherril lane. Organized under the leader- Thc LeRoques have spent many years as workers with youth in Methodist churches in the Los Angeles area. Three times they have led work teams Although they are going to work, the youths must pay their own way. Each has learned about half of his ex CAB intensifies investigation of plane crash GAINESVILLE, Fla. (UPI)The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) today intensified the investigation of a plane crash that killed 10 persons. The Beechcraft air taxi veered suddenly on takeoff early Monday and fell 75 feet back to the runway and burst into flames. The passengers, most of them on their way to Jacksonville to make other airline connections, included assistant Tennessee basketball Coach Bill Gibbs. Investigators from the CAB and FBI searched through the wreckage Monday in an attempt to learn the cause of the crash. Several witnesses said they heard the plane having apparent engine trouble before it faltered and fell. Clyde Hall, a city employe at the airport, said the plane went "almost straight up" then sharply to the left with the nose down. He said the plane exploded on impact. By the time witnesses reached the aircraft, flames had engulfed it. The South Central Airlines plane left Ocala earlier and picked up five passengers at Gainesville. Miss Reagan to marry HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Maureen Elizabeth Reagan, daughter of actor Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyman, will marry Marine Lt. David G. Sills Saturday. The couple took out their marriage license Monday. It will be the second marriage for the 23-year-old Miss Reagan and the first for Sills, 25, of San Clemenle. Calif. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or a}- pliances will find a ready n&r ket through Classified Ads. moo Mho Has o idoy FEBRUARY 5 — Robert Break Orville Sherrard Charles Bales Harold Tompkins George Ahler Les Kovalcik David Murphy J. M. Nickell Glenn Bowen Rick Price Allen Arfr Thomas N. Cox James G. Moore Happy Birthday from 004*. 11 E. State Ph. PY 3 2505 penses, but each needs about S600 more to make the trip possible. Any who would like to help these ambassadors get from Redlands to Europe may do so by sending a check to First Methodist Church, 1 East Olive avenue, marked for this purpose. The youths will be attending orientation meetings each month until time for departure on July 1. The work projects will take four weeks, then the group will merge once again to start a four-week tour which will touch Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and possibly Ireland. During the tour, the group is jplanning to present a typically I American musical program (which is already scheduled for j Copenhagen, London and Edin Children's teeth show need for dental care Early and regular dental care is a standard recommendation of the dental profession. B u t how soon is "early" and how often is "regular?" The question is raised in a statement by the Tri-C ountyj Dental Society on the occasion; of National Children's Dental; Health Week, Feb. 2 through 8. In a national survey, the American Dental Association found that dental patients under four years of age had an average of three teeth needing fillings. The highest incidence ofj decay occurred among those aged 15 to 19, who had an average of five teeth needing fillings. And this is not counting those who seldom, if ever, see a dentist. It was also revealed that 80 per cent of the dental patients under the age of 15 who were surveyed needed fillings, while about 64 per cent of those over 15 needed fillings. Children are highly susceptible to dental decay, as this and other surveys have shown. This is due to a variety of reasons: Snacks between meals, excessive amount of sweets, improper and infrequent tooth- brushing and lack of regular professional care. Home care is quite simple. The teeth of those who eat sweet snacks frequently during the day are subjected to almost continuous acid attacks. Therefore sweets should be kept to a minimum. Brushing immediately after eating will help to remove the sugar before it is converted to acid. When brushing is not possible, the mouth should at least be rinsed with clear water. As for professional care, a child should make his first visit to the dentist when he has all 20 of his first teeth, normally between two and three years of age. The child should visit the dentist as often as the dentist recommends, to see that the teeth are growing properly. Contrary to common belief, the first teeth arc very important, for they set the growth pattern for the permanent teeth to follow. Minister dead DAKAR, Senegal (UPI) Commerce Minister Andre Pey-iburgh tavin, 38, the lone European The youths are scheduled to member of Senegal's cabinet, return to their homes on Aug died here Monday night. 30. Some of state's dams have never been checked Pacific Coast News Service SACRAMENTO — Some of the state's largest earth and concrete reservoirs located in the heart of residential areas have never been checked by the Division of Dam Safety. Although that agency was specifically created to oversee safe construction, operation and maintenance of all dams in the state, it is prevented from checking some of the *'m o s t potentially dangerous," by the State Water Code. Assemblyman George Willson (D-Hunlington Park) will introduce legislation to redefine the Water Code in an effort to include any dam large enough to! damage property or endanger) constructed a legal ruling was made that it and future similar facilities were not, and could not be placed, under state jurisdiction. Key to the ruling is a defini tion of the word "dam" in the code. A "dam" is defined as "any artificial barrier. . . across a stream channel, water course or natural drainage area which does or may impound or divert water." Since many larger reservoirs arc supplied from pipeline fact Iities of the controlling water district and the only means of withdrawal is through other pipes they are not included under this definition. Baldwin Hills Excluded As a consequence the Garvcy life if it should burst. | The DDS is responsible for | * c f r ™ r - «™ ntwicc •that of the Baldwin Hills Reser annual checks of all dams and many reservoirs at present. II must see that they are properly maintained and operated to avoid any endangering of life and property. Until 12 years ago — a year after the construction of the Baldwin Hills Reservoir which burst last December killing three persons and destroying or damaging 250 homes —the state supervised construction and operation of all dams and reservoirs. This is why the Baldwin Hills reservoir was inspected in April, 1963, and certified safe by the DDS. A few years later however, voir, and two others in Orange County controlled by the Metropolitan Water District, have never been inspected by the DDS. Willson said he hopes to get Gov. Brown to place the matter of including these and other res ervoirs on special call.for the 1964 session. Brown, who released his special call items this week has not listed this among urgent matters. A spokesman for Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh said that if the water districts involved are willing inspections could be undertaken this year by administrative order. He said that Unruh would support legislation to .place all but federal dams un when the Garvcy Reservoir was| dcr state jurisdiction. Willson and members of a special sub-committee are studying the causes and effects of t h e j Baldwin Hills disaster. They were urged by William E. Warne, director of the Department of Water Resources to seek revision of the code. WHY... does Garvey Motors deliver so many new and used cars. RHS has Hootenanny during noon The Noon Activities Commit tee of Redlands High School presented a "Hootenanny" during both lunch periods on Fri day, January 31 in Grace Mullen Auditorium. The "Hoot" was under the direction of Tom Hahn, commissioner of Noon Activities, and was coordinated by Tom Reeder. This is the third such activity at R.H.S. and plans are for one to be held approximately every two weeks. Participating in the songfest were the "5 fingered 3" composed of Tom Hales, Robert Willhite, and Tom Sparkman; Glen DeLange and Jym Dickey; Haley and Cyndy S o p e r; Tom Reeder; and a "jug band" featuring Dan and Jim Faragher, Steve Hauser, Casey Cunningham, and Brad Madsen. First graders at Lugonia take trip on train Exciting and new experiences are being shared at Redlands first graders this year. Study trips in all elementary schools are being planned in connec tion with the first grade social studies unit about airplanes trains, boats and transportation. Last week a group of 49 chil dren from Lugonia school traveled by school bus, some of them riding a school bus for the first time, to the Santa Fe railroad station in San Bernardino. They were taken on a tour of the baggage room, inspected freight cars, and observed a switch in action. A timekeeper explained the schedule of trains' arrival and departure. Each child presented his own ticket to the conductor and boarded the passenger train for a trip to Riverside. When they arrived in Riverside the pupils were then returned to Redlands by school bus. Many points of interest, including the Tri-City Airport, Norton Air Force Base, and the Edison company steam plant were highlights of the trip. Accompanying the youngst ers were teachers Miss Helensue Wright and Mrs. June Fortress, principal David Martin and Parents Mrs. Allen Spicer, Mrs. Howard Speakman and Mrs. John McCoy. ALL ABOARD — Forty-nine first grade youngsters from lu­ gonia elementary school had a ride on a Santa Fe train from San Bernardino to Riverside last week as part of their study unit on transportation. Some of them are shown climbing aboard for this experience, the first train ride for most of them. Adults shown, I to r, are Mrs. June Fortress, Mrs. Allen Spicer, Mrs. Howard Speakman and Mrs. John McCoy. The conductor collected a ticket from each of the children. (Public schools photo) Many job opportunities available for teachers Goldwater's committee files papers SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The first official step was taken Monday to enter Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater in the California Presidential preference primary. A committee supporting Goldwater filed a formal nominating committee with Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan. Job opportunities for those with a bent for teaching would appear to be heading for new- highs, according to an informal tally taken of he needs of school districts from West Covina east through the major cities of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. This informal tally was made by the Inland Empire Teacher Recruitment committee and showed that 14 school districts expect to need 1,560 teachers next fall. Floyd Allen, principal of Smiley elementary school, made an nformational report to Redlands Trustees on the January meeting of this committee just to show the competition the local district can expect to face in its hiring plans for next fall. The figures he presented were by no means all-inclusive since they were only for Corona (100); Bonita (70); West Covina (100); San Bernardino (100); Colton. (20); Pomona (140); Redlands (70). Riverside city (150); Claremont (85); Chino (50); Ontario (90); Upland (35); San Bernardino county (250) and Riverside county (300). Mr. Allen said that Dr. Carroll Lang, district director of personnel for the Pomona Unified school, spoke at the meeting and discussed recruitment techniques his district uses. But Mr. Allen said it appeared to him that Redlands was already doing most of the things Pomona does except that Dr. Lang often spends up to six weeks "on the road" at a time in teacher recruitment. It was noted, however that competition for good teacher candidates is stiff since private industry is also in the market. As an example, a technical recruiter in charge of college placement for General Dynamics told the committee that his firm spends an estimated S1300 for recruitment for each person hired. Dr. Lang said the Pomona chool district figures its recruitment costs at $50 per person hired. Redlands Supt. H. Fred Heis ner told the local board that recruitment costs to this district have never been computed specifically but that $50 would not seem too far off. Redlands Daily Facts Tuesday, feb. 4, 1964 - 7 County begins its work program for unemployed SAN BERNARDINO (CNS)— A program for using recipients of welfare on county work projects was started in San Bernardino County on Monday, making this county among the first to meet the Feb. 1 deadline set in Assembly Bill 59. 1 This bill requires counties to set up employment and training projects for unemployed parents under the Aid to Families of Dependent Children program. The latter is the successor to the Aid to Needy Children program. Roscoe Lyda. county welfare ! director, said Monday that 75 i applications for assistance under the new welfare program were received. Of these. 12 were denied, and 48 were referred to county departments for work projects to start Monday morning. The county did not have to get its program underway by Feb. 1, Lyda declared. Some counties may take several years to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the state law for employment and training programs. The question of where to use the relief recipients came up several times at the Monday session of the Board of Supervisors, and Supervisor S. Wesley Break said only 10 of 15 workers supposed to report that morning at the road department turned up. Lyda said that the recipients of welfare will not be put on projects where they will deprive anybody else of a job. He said the road department, forestry, the hospital and the planning departments are among those who propose to use this new source of help. So far. Lyda said, all the persons available for the county projects are men, but he added that it is also planned to put the mothers in families of dependent children in the work groups. Scouts on fourth of hike series The fourth in a series of "conditioning" hikes was conducted by the Grayback Council, Boy Scouts of America, Saturday. Thirty-six scouts and eight leaders hiked 14 miles from Camp Hunt to Pisgha Peak above Oak Glen and back to Camp Hunt. The group was led by Jerry Horstman. Bud White, chairman of the Grayback Council's Back Packing committee, has scheduled a hike every six weeks as part of a conditioning program for the grueling Nine Peaks hike —a two day and two night trek which starts July 4th. State studies notices on rate hearings Pacific Coast News Service SACRAMENTO — Should local homeowners be given notice of hearings on all pending rate increases for light, power, gas. telephone and water services? A proposal to require direct notice by public utility firms to all consumers prior to rate increase hearings before the Public Utilities Commission will be examined by the State Assembly Interim Committee on Public Utilities and Corporations meeting in the State Capitol tomorrow. The Assembly probe, expected to draw dissenting testimony from utility company spokesmen, is under the chairmanship of Long Beach Assemblyman Joseph Kennick. San Bernardino County Assemblyman John Quimby of Rialto is a member of the interim study unit. A HELPING HAND FROM REDLANDS FEDERAL in the realization of your dream come true — a home of your own. Sound financial guidance and a loan for home building, home buying or home improvement await you at any of our four offices. SAYINGS ASSOCIATION Redlands Home Office Fifth St. & Citrus Ave. 7*3-2391 Fontena Branch 8401 Wheeler Ave. 875-0902 or 822-2254 Yucaipa Branch 35034 Yucaipa Boulevard 7974181 Beaumont Branch 725 Beaumont Avenue 8454151

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