The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 3, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
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Wednesday, February 3, 1971
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1971 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Life is Worth Living ] Do \ Really Count? .Preparing " Dinner for the Federal Land Bank Banquet are members of Worth Why le Extension Homemakers Club 0 - r) Mesdames Gerald Stafford/Robert N. Smith, Donald Smith, Lee Cauble, Guy Horton and Herman H. Lewis. The banquet was held on,Tuesday evening at'the 4-.H anil- Community Building. (Staff Photo by Nancy Sottong) When I look at thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which thou hast established;' what is man that thou are mindful of him. (Psalm 8: • 3-4) • ' In today's world it is not hard for an individual to get caught up in the masses. With tensions,, pressures building up around us we somtimes must stop and take a good hard look at the situation. . Have we lost our individuality? Numbers and IBM cards seem to have replaced the human aspect as far as the world is concerned. But what about God? Do we really count as individuals or as a mass of numbered people? As we study-the life of Christ we soon discover His burning •interest and concern for people on personal basis; Nicodemus, the women at Jacob's well. Zac- cacus, the twelve apostles, were all individuals to our Lord. God knows us as individuals. The book of Numbers in the Old Testament records name upon name of individuals. Some were great men, some were not. - But all of them asr-e know by name. "What about me? Do I count?. Do I really matter to God? Yes, God does care and is concerned about each individual. He cared so much.that He sent His : Son to die on the cross that we might be reconciled to him. He was concerned for us and loves • us enough that He does not force salvation or dictate to us. He gave you and me freedom to choose the way we would go. Not as conformist to a crowd but as individuals. The.plan was laid before us, what we do.with it is our choice. Scrubbing Potatoes for Kiwanis 50th Anniversary Dinner are some of the members of Lu• theran Ladies Aid Society; They are (1 -I rj'.Mesdames Matilda Heffelmire, Pearl Ebert,'Winona Henry, Alice Gray. Don Sandman and Raymond Leininger. The dinner was-given on Tuesday evening at the Lutheran! School. 1 •' | • (Staff Photo by Nancy Sottong) deceivesj-^inS By Mrs. George Overdorf EAST UNION — Roger Burner received a tw& year attendance pin and Lyle Calvin received a five year attendance pin recently at East Union Christian Church.' A Barnabas Club has recently been started at East Union Christian Church. It is made up' of young men who will have as one of their duties to assist the el• derly or handicapped persons in parking their cars on. Sunday mornings. , Mrs, John Samuels. is a patient in Tipton County Memorial Hospital. . ": • Mike Curtis is home after being a patient for two days in Howard County Community Hospital. Earl Spurgeon has been ill at his home the last several days. Mr. and Mrs. Radford Dunning celebrated their 25thweddingan- niversary on January 26. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Overdorf and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wilburn Tipton. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wilburn and family, Indianapolis; and Mr. and Mrs. George Wilburn and family, Frankfort. The birthday of Ralph Wilburn was observed, . ; Mrs. Fern Sweet spent Sunday night and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burket and family of Huntington. Mrs. Nathan Sweet recently underwent surgery on both her feet. She is convalescing satisfactorily. .Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sweet and' Clark Redmon visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. La Verne Clingepeel and family near Richmond. Another guest was^Mrs. Esther Clingenpeel, Greentown. Mr. and Mrs. Don Henry returned home Saturday after spen-. ding three weeksat Miami, Fla. Keeping Cool is absolutely essential for most fresh fruits md vegetables to retain their im- portantfutrients. Knowing this, the producers of fresh fruits and vegetables pre-cbol them for their trip to market. Methods include hydrocooling, with ice cold water; vacuum evaporation underceduced pressure; forced air cooling, inwhichrefri- gerated air is forced through" a load under pressure; and, icing. Trains and trucks in transit with fresh fruits and vegetables are thermostatically controlled " to maintain optimum temperature. Among the good buys at the market now are fresh carrots, apples spinach, celery and'broccoli. Kum Join Us Class New Officers HOBBS — A report from the nominating committee for new class officers was given at the meeting of Kum Join Us Sunday School Class of Hobbs Christian Church at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. Kenneth Dickover, south of Hobbs, on Saturday evening. Officers for the year are president, Mrs. James Melson; vice president, Mrs. Bud Ley; and secretary-treasurer, MrSi Robert Weeks. • The meeting was conducted by the president, Mrs. Wayne Bryant. Devotions were given by Mrs. Dickover, reading from Matthew, part of the Sermon on the Mount and reading an article by John McNeal, who wrote a letter to the editor on "Judging Other People." The class discussed literature for their Sunday School class and also voted- to meet in the sanctuary for their meeting place. Plans are being made for a fish fry as a church project. All the congregation will be requested to assist. Games were played during the evening with' high scores going to Rulon Hartley, Mrs. Mark Weismiller and low scores, Mrs. Bud Ley arid. Mrs.Wayne Bryant. The next meeting will be at the home of Mr; • and Mrs. Wayne •Bryant in April. Refreshments were served to Rev. and Mrs. Robert Garrett, Messers and Mesdames Harold Syverson, Rulon Hartley, Robert Weeks, Wayne Bryant, Mark Weismiller, Kenneth Dickover, Mesdames Omer Leisure, Bud Ley and Linda Ploughe and daughters. Highway Hypnosis. Highway hypnosis has lured many a driver into high speed accident situations. It's that insidious lullirigof the senses which occurs during long stretches of turnpike driving. But it can be avoided with some very simple measures. Eat moderately before starting out and while on the road. Keep a package of candies on the seat beside you and pop one in your mouth when you get drowsy. Candies with a tart flavor -- such as lemon drops -- are best. • Change your speed every once in a while, adjust vents and windows to keep fresh air circulating, and sit as straight as your seat allows. Stop at least once an hour to stretch your legs. Keep you eyes moving, being careful not to stare at highway lines or the car in front. Staring at a single object when you are tired is the surest way of putting yourself to sleep. Talk to your traveling companion. Have the person riding with you stay awake to keep an eye on you. " When traveling alone, play the radio loud and change stations often to keep your mind alert. If you haven't got a radio, sing to yourself or talk to yourself. Art Exhibit— "Man's Search For God" is the tide of the.oil painting pictured here, shown at the art exhibit at Emanuel Luther an Church. Shirley Geier, Indianapolis received first place for her painting. All of the exhibits at the art showare from the State of Indiana; Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Indianapolis is sponsoring the 13th annual exhibit. . (Staff Photo by Nancy Sottong) Miss Cheryl Off Honored At Bridal Shower By Mrs. Mark Weismiller HOBBS — A miscellaneous bridal shower was given for Miss Cheryl Off, north of Tipton, on Wednesday evening, January 27, in the social rooms of Hobbs Christian Church. She is the bride-elect of Gordon. Orr," of Tipton. The gift tables were covered with a gold cloth and white netting and moss green cloth with gold netting. White bells were attached at the corners of the table with gold bows. A bridal doll centered the gift table. Contests were conducted during the evening and receiving prizes were Mesdames James Off, Garland Orr and Bud Ley. They all presented their gifts to the bride-elect. Miss Off was assisted in unwrapping her gifts by her sister, Miss Carol Off and Mrs. Dean Weismiller. Previews \ Standerford Class Standerford Class of West Street Christian Church will meet in the fellowship room of the church on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Hostesses will be Mesdames Nellie Porter, Fern Wheatley, Eva Wheatley and Zelma Clouse. The refreshment table was covered with a white linen tablecloth and a. centerpiece of an urn- . brella made of net and trimmed with wedding bells; and bows of gold and moss green on the staves of the umbrella. The centerpiece was made by Mrs. James Melson. Crystal candjeholders were on either .'side of the umbrella with gold and moss green candles. The cake was decorated in gold roses and green leaves. Napkins were in gold and moss green. • • Hostesses for the evening were Mesdames Dean Weismiller, James Melson, David Julius, Alice Julius and Mark Weismiller^ There were approximately 30 guests present for the evening and several persons sent gifts who were unable to attend. Towns represented were Tipton, Hobbs, Sharpsville and Indianapolis. A real gem deserves a smashing bit of costume lewelry. The best Is whar we Haunt. available at Earl G. Rhodes < - Busy Bee Club Austin Lodge No. 128 F. &-A.M. Tipton, Indiana Stated Meeting Thursday, Feb. 4, 1971 7:30 p.m. Jack E. Plake, W.M. George Green, Sec'y. Mrs. Adamson Presents Lesson The project lesson, "Indoor- Outdoor Carpeting" was presented by Mrs. James Adamson for members of Know How Extension Hpmemakers Club at the home of Mrs.' Robert Taylor, route 1, on Monday evening. Mrs. Don Needier,'president was uncharge of the business meeting. Assisting hostess was Mrs. Don Overdorf.'. \- f . ; Devotions were given by Mrs. Ray Wiggins and Mrs. Taylor ; gave the history of the song of the month. The next meeting will be on March 1 at the home of Mrs. ' Charles McQuinn, route 1. j Members, attending the meeting were Mesdames James Adamson, Walter Burkhardt, Robert Curnutt, Jack Durvick, Charles McQuinn, Edward Meloche, Mark Mueller ^ Don Needier, Don Overdorf, RaymondStipp, Robert Taylor, Oliver Wheatley and Ray Wiggins. Guest Speaker Jim Parsons, missionary to Ghana, West Africa, will be guest speaker tonight at 7 p.m. at Grace Baptist Chapel, N. A and 24th Street, Elwood. He will also show film strips of Ghana. I He will be going back to Ghana for his third term. He was reared in Elkhart and attended Bob Jones University, S.C.j He serves under Baptist Mid Mission Board. WEDNESDAY I ' .. Redi-Maids Club - 7^30 p.m.,' .Mrs. Russell-Sottong, route 5 Verus Cordis Sorority - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Thomas Mason, '230 West South Street ' Friendship Circle - Normanda Christian Church Women's Council - 7:30 p.m. Windfall Christian Church | THURSDAY . Silver Belles Club - 7:30 p.m.,' Mrs. Martha Baird | ' Tipton Union of WCTU -.2 p.m., Mrs. Hattie Thompson,- 209 . West Jefferson street American Legion Auxiliary - 6 p.m., Legion Hall • "j Goldsmith WSCS' - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Mabel Park, Goldsmith Present Day Club - 2:15 p.m., .Mrs. Florence C. Smith Weight Away TOPS -7:30 p.m.,. GAR Room of courthouse . FRIDAY Standerford Class - 7:30 p.m., . fellowship "room of WestStreet Christian Church J MONDAY Monday-Night TOPS -|7 : 30 p.m., GAR room of courthouse TUESDAY CWF - 7:30 p.m., East Union Christian Church ; . Busy Bee Club -2:30 p.m., Mrs; C.W. Mount, route 1 • To prrvrnl imi >l :n>oin.< from shrinking:when they ary grilled, blanch (hem'in boiling water immediately', helore -cooking. jCeiling Decorating One of j the quickest, easiest and most inexpensivejways to'give • any''room 1 a lift is to decorate the ceiling. This large--and of- h-n : ignored — area can be used to effectively highlight decor, or offer a solution' fori "problem" rooms! j - I . • Here; are some useful eye-fool- irig tips; ;Low ceilings look higher with 'a' white,or delicate tint. On the other hand, high ceilings - in an older home appear lower when a darker hue is used. ! • ' • ' -" If you have a-large expanse of glass, tile the ceiling and paint the opposite wall with a dteper color. The room will lose much of its glare and arid-take on a dramatic jappearance. Aqua, blue or green ceiling tile accents will help to bring out the richness of tone and grain in wood paneling. Colors for ceiling tile can be inspired by one of the minor accent colors in the room. For example, jjour sofa or draperies. Tile and lay-in panels are a- yailable in more than 250 designs with a completely factory-finished surface. .Textured ,or embossed designs can add an interesting; note to a room. Fissured tile simulates the look of travertine marble. I -•' • !' . .!• . Acoustical ceiling tile has fis- , sures or L tiny holes. They can absorb up to 70 percent of the excess noise within a room. ^A 1 new jceiling: carTbe used to bring out the overall harmony Celebrates Anniversary ' . EAST UNION — Mr.-and Mrs. Ralph Spurgeon of Arcadia observed their 50thweddinganriiversa- ry on Friday, January 29. On. Sunday they were guests of honor at a pitch-in dinner at the home- of their son, Mr, and.Mrs. Earl Spurgeon and family of Arcadia, The table was centered with a large decorated cake, baked by Mrs. Ralph Wilburn. Other-guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Spurgeon and family, Louisville,' Ky.; Miss Esther Spurgeon, Indianapolis; Mr, and Mrs, I.eo Egier,' Mrs, Lester Illges, Miss Mary Illges, Marie Illges, Delia Faulkner, and Mr. and Mrs, James Partlow all of near East Union, Essential Item in most people's refrigerators is a bunch of crisp celery. This tall member of the vegtable family is in good supply at the market now. It is not only indispensable in'making salads and sandwich fillings but it adds so much fresh flavor when included in soups, stews, sauces. Chop the leaves up, too, to add to soups. It adds a fragrant, fresh herb quality to the soup pot. of color scheme while soaking up nerve-wracking noise- from kids or company. And, there's another bonus: you can do the job yourself with ordinary hand tools. Mrs. C. W. Mount, route 3, will entertain members of Busy Bee Club in her home, at 2:30 Piin. Tuesday. East Union CWF Christian Women's Fellowship of East Union Christian Church will meet at the church for their February meeting on Tuesday • at 7:30 p.m. Lesson leader will be Mrs. George Overdorf and -devotional leader will be Mrs. Fern Sweet. KEMP TON CEMETERY ASSOCIATION Election of Officers — • General Business Thursday, February 4, 1971 7:30 P.M. at Kempton Lion Club Building ALL INTERESTED PERSONS PLEASE BE PRESENT. HARD TO BEAT BONELESS FULLY COOKED half or whole lb. 65 BRAINS h RIB END Pork Chops 39 lb FRESH PORK LIVER lb. 25 GROUND BEEF PATTIES lb. 0 99 bag Jm 4 'PORK LOIN ROAST 49 SMOKED center cut Pork Chops 79* TIPTON MEAT

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