The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 19, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1908. THE RAKERSPIBLD CALTFORNIAN Dependable Goods at Weill's I V, Stove Buyers, Listen! Buy The Champion Interchangeable Range Something new anil by far the best stove thnt has ever been put on the market. Every range warranted, and you'll always count your your money well spent when you buy one. You can change it from gas to coal or vice versa in less than five seconds. It takes less fuel to run it than any other stove, and has all the greatest conveniences possible. We've already sold quite a number, and prospective stove buyers should by all means see this fine, up-to-date and splendid range. O O Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street * . Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno H. UK Arrives Los Angeles p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:35 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. j A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN ri Southern Pacific Co. VO^CE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Detroit Studio Phone 338 Main US1C Residence Main 302 OF MUSIC Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR .V" rv» J *, * I IIill CATCHWEilitFS TRACK FASTER i •> Al'; or numerous complications, which arose during the past forty- fiiglu hours, the Netll-Morris fight, for Thanksgiving night, Is again a certainty/ with this change in conditions, that the boxers will meet at catch weights, instead of making 160 pounds at 3 o'clock, (he first agreement. The first trouble arose when Frank Cnrllln discovered that his find, Billy Morris, had not been working hard enough to take off sufficient weight to make It certain that he could get down to 160. It Is said that this discovery so incensed Carlllo that ho chased Morris away from his establishment Monday afternoon at the a gun. When CarUlo com- the fact that nls man waa overweight to O'Brien, the latter at onco p<>? nbout to get a now opponent for Neill, and telegraphed to Jack O'Keefe to come here. In the meantime, however, Neill I*a d heard of the difficulty, and attempted to smooth matters over by offering to flsht Morris at catch welshts. Morris, however, had his dander up by tills time, and although .tho agreement was satisfactory to iCarlllo, the pug was not over-ready 'to go back to his former manager, 'the gun incident rankling dwp down Un his heart. But diplomatic friends | i finally got the pair together, and last i i night it was definitely stated that tho j fight was on again. Morris ^ at once .took.up the training work UP had pre- jviously dropped, and promises to be ' in good shape for the match. s His real weight is largely a matter of conjecture, as he will not step on the scales, but the Urn Angeles fighter looks to be every pound or 170, stripped, as he stands now. Nelli la undismayed, however, and la perfectly content -with tbe new arrangement. Austin and Alexander For Prelim. Izzy Rehfeld' has signed up Kid Alexander and Kid Austin, tbe two bantams who have fought several good battles here before, for tbe preliminary battle, whlcb Is to go ten rounds. In their previous meetings Austin once secured tbe decision, declared a ent, though j Improvement work of a permanoni nature is now being done at HudmU, Park, which will, It Is believed, tend to improve the speed of the track by some seconds. The first turn, which 1-as always been very slow, is now hn. worked upon. Numerous stretches s:in i have been dragged out, and from the near-by slough f has hauled in to take Us pl;x <\ the work is finished tbe turn will be tho best on the track. The entire track will then be thoroughly down, scraped and rolled and by il-sstvlng Day It will probably be n the lost shape It has ever son Final arrangements were made ';iy for (ho return match race Or. Schafer and Kllarney stvlng day. The race will quarter dash at catch weights for :"M ;i side. Jockey Hulcutt will ride Kilarney, while Glass has not yet an- his rider. tnii uiuntniftfi nnnmuui £Ss For Infants and Children. & T ^ Q» ^—»n mitattng -1 — —— larationforAs andRe Always Stomachs andDowe ars Protn THgestion to- he- for IIP. ness and Res Optum,MorpUine nor Miner. NOTNAHCOTIC. Mx. • I Preliminaries * are Announced Apcrfccl Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stotnach,Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Fcveri sh- ncss and Loss OF SLEEP. \ lac Simi ture tiff E W YO The preliminaries for tho wrest- iins match, at the Armory tomorrow havo been announced. The curtain raiser will be between Frank McAnliffo and Albert Myers, :if IS." pounds, and will ho called at *:?•" p. ni. The second Is to be a i-eavywelRht affair, Fred Walz and Thomas Driso.11 bring the contestants, Tho main event, between I). "U Crawford and Jim Hrown, at 158 pounds, will follow. It is said that a large delegation of oil fields snorts will be in to see the contest. Most of these will back Crawford, who also works In the i fields, to win, find It Is highly probable that he will ho a warm favorite in whatovor betting occurs. Walter Harris, his manager, has placed a considerable sum on hl$ choice, aside -from the $50 side bot which caused the match. Arthur Ferguson, who A <<• .**.- - Years COACT COPr OF WRAPPER TMt CINTAUM OOMPANT. HCW YORK OlTV. Requistion Ruef's Chaffeur nrhe Nan 18.—Govern- granted the Austin Afcln had a good lead. little negro always puts up a good fight, for all of this, and he has backers who expect him to turn the tables on Austin at their coming bout. Th~el^ rown ' aa >' s ne has more money to nut ou his man, but is waiting with the hope of securing advantageous odds. IS THIS A SQUARE DEAL? That's the The leading Druggists will give you your money back if MI-O-NA does not cure Dyspepsia. squares', kind of a square deal as every fair-minded man knows. But tho leading druggists can afford to make this offer because fa' 1 knows that Ml-o-na tablets are a worthy stomach remedv. and that the makers will back up the generous offer. And yo wo say to all readers of the California!! suffering or ailing with any stomach trouble, try Ml-o-na. It has such a mighty and powerful Influence on the stomach that H Immediately refreshes and relieves, then In- b vlgorates and cures. It strengthens the stomach walls, puts the stomach In such perfect con;an digest food without pain or other distressing symptoms. It cures by removing the cause, and It removes the cause 96 times In a hundred. A large box of Mi-o-na tablets only costs 50 cents, and relief will come In twenty-four hours. "Mi-o-na tablets are truly ffreat for anyone that, has stomach trouble. I can not praise them too highly for what they have done for me."— Mrs. W. D, Bennett. Bucksport, M«. * •— --• SPORTS OF ALL SORTS. An imported Mercedes. HO horse power touring car, manufactured In Germany, stopped over nt (he TJakera. fleJrl #nrn#c lust night. It is owned by R. Thorseu of New York, who drove the car across ^he continent to San Francisco, down tbe coast, route to I^os Angeles and up through tho Tejon pass to the valley. Mrs. Thorsen, who is wi!h her huHhaml, and Mr. and Mrs. Ixiwls H. Hicks of Berkeley, the other members of the party, all left for the north again this morning. COMPETENT JUDGES, Doctor* Endorse llrrplcldc. "Women v.-ho make a buainosa of beautifying oth»>r women com-' protty near knowing v/ will br.'n? about t^o boat results. 11 i re are letters fr->m t?::>, concerning HerplMde; "I can jKH'^mmpr. 1 > olde." fti* It stopped mv out; and. as a dressing lor. "(SignocU r-v;'.. :ii t r-tni "TTp-p! falling super- The line-ups of the Delano and Panama teams, which will cross bats at Recreation Park Sunday afternoon, have been announced, in bat- tine; order. They are as follows: Delano—Valencia, right field; Sim-' monfi. catcher; Granger, first base; Dyar, pitcher; Nelson, second rase; G. Turner, loft, field; D. Turner, center field; Newell, shortstop; Cueves, third base. Panama—Green, pitcher; Westbrook, catcher; Morris, first base; I*. Stahl. second base; G. Stahl, short stop; Taylor, third base; Peterson, center field; A. Scott, left, field; P. Scott, right field. Kid Georgo, who accompanied Al Nelll from San Francisco as his sparring partner, ROC.S el^ht fast rounds with Nelll each afternoon at _ ,.„ . 3,o'clock, at the back of tbe Louvro. lna!d that. Judge Cabanlss J.K* A.L • .&_& J% SACRAMENTO. Nov. r/r OiJlftt this evening application of William J. Burns, special agent «? tho San KninclHco district attorney's oflVeo, in which extradition was asluMl for Alexander S. I*atham, formerly Abe Uuof's chauffeur. Lai ham is now under HITUB! in Portland, Oregon, and is charged In San Francisco, according to the appHca-1 Uon for requisition, with having ac-1 <>r»ptod a bribe* for the purpose ot keeping him out of tho way In the Tiroy 1.. Ford trial last January. Burns charges In his application for tho requisition that Latham Is nn imiHirinnt witness in tho graft eases, and that fio. after being served with a subpoena, loft tho jurisdiction of ilu> Kan Francisco courtK. and was aided In doing this by (he payment of" $1i;i)o hy one Luther \V. Brown and hnn since then been in biding. Latham IM wanted to privo tesM- moriy In (ho Ruef rase, BR bo was tho chauffeur who drove the machine from the Rrodertck street car barns at thP time It Is altered that Buef re- coived the money from Tirey L. Ford and was afterwards driven to Ruof'B apartments, and from there to tho Western National bank, where Huef had a safe deposit, box. Attorney J. E. Harper represented I Latham at the'hearing, which had t been asked by Harper before the application was made, for the requisition. The attorney said he had knowledge that there would be a request made for requisition and he protested against granting the same. This was made last Sunday. In asking an adverse decision from the governor Harper filed an affidavit that he had searched tho records of the police and magistrates' courts in Sun Francises and bad been unable, io find that any complaint had tx-en filed against Latham. Ho had particularly looked into the court records of Judge OnbanlHs* docket and hart boon told there was nothing filed there again*! Lntbam. He further had told ,iU-ly N'KKDS rnkn Pill*. For H«dent»ry worker* of every rlftiM, without an For CoiutlimtLnn, Indigestion, Wck Headache, ftti«1 Hlll"ti<tnt*f, ti> all of which complaint* tho wdentury ar» peculiarly ittb- SCHENCK'S " Liven the Liver " rrjjtwed energy and une not .r iI6 a I*lnin nr 8iigar Boated, or hy mail J, H. Schonck & Son, Amusement Moving pIcturoB an?1 dance every Wednesday evening in OH Melds. Associated Club House, San Joaquln Lease, MANUEL SERRANO Mnarr. leilhetdlaylor Order today some of our fine MOUNTAIN CABBAGE. Have you tried our CELERY and that froah CAULIFLOWER? Phone us when you want good fresh vegetables. 1423 19th »•*. Phone Main 401 " Tiiirty Now try and conceive a car almost as slleut as the photograph itself— 1 car vibrant with pent-up power under flinger-Up control; a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside the aristocracy of motordoui and lack nothing that the latter possesses except a higher price—and you will have formed a fair mental picture of the revelation that awaits you. Dismiss from your mind the Idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was la the same class as this |1550 four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, you will now see p. big car at a low price. Where you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and • bandbox proportions, you will now see size and strength and dignity. Where you have seen indifferent immnlal skimped and savetl to make possible a* low price, you will now see a car built of the flnest steels money can buy. ustid In full and generous measure—and the same painatak- ang, conscientious system of construction, down to the last nut and bolt, that has been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the first year of its history. Deliveries early next month. First car load already sold- q C. £. Getcbell, Agent, akersfield Auto Supply 29% Murrlaon I 11 "After my hair acalp Is iu • t •rple!/3e" an 1 ni-? \ lu-.ntv Doctor. Porf- t!ru»j-i to Co. '195 Sixth ST. Sol4 hy stamps f Detroit, Alich. Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. j. A. HUGHES, Agent. r — i The way the two mix things IR by no moans slow, and the opinion-has jrof- ten around among tho snorts that George Is some shifty boy. Aftor his coming fight with Morris, Nelll and GeorRp will both return to Sacramento where Al flghta May ft eld a return match, while George will go on In a fifteen round preliminary which'will attract almost as much the main event. Later get a main event here. him there had been nothing filed In bin rourt. and suggested that TMfitriot Attorney Langrton be called up, which wan done, but Harper was unable to any 1 race of tho complaint. Secretary Cooper, who listened to i the toRtimony, tooU up tho applira-1 tlon of Burr/, and said that this con-! tained certified copies of the com-j attention as plaint, attested by the wlgnaturea of, bo hopes toiJudcte CabaniHS. also County Clerk; |H. I. Mulcrevy, and bo cotild not pass! jthls up, but must take cognisance of GRAND OPENING of Louvre Cafe. I tho corllrk-atinna. As Harper had Big feed of Roast Pork and Roast nothing more to offer. Mr. Cooper Kahler Says What Would You would you do to renevi- i' Injuries are liable to tK 1 '"' Hy and everyone shoui'i for them. Chamber!; plied on a soft cloth pain almost instantly, Injury la a very swathe parts to heal scar. For Hale hy field; Kern Drus Co.. K>n;. Do? ,.aln? Such u any fnm- Turkey, welcome, Saturday nl^ht. Everybody Russell & Rloo. Props, tf >-lti. i vo the unless ihp will cause a DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW, FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY decided be would grant the appllca- j tion and this was done. j Police Offlcor Charles H. Ooff of | San Francisco loft at midnight for I Portland whoro be will present lh*' j papers and ask for Latham. Piano on ou .surprse f>in do it so Tuning Tf the enst consult UH. W(? will you. quickly, MALTHOID ROOFING JS JUST WHAT YOU WANT, s in roils, quickly up- in »uv width fusts so 19th and G Sts. Tel Main 1260 of the Wiley 13, All.-n Co. will bt* every thirty days. Leave or-ler HaberfeMe Furniture Co. Terms reasonable. with Pioneer Mercantile C M THA nek means that Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia is n n absolute safe and a mi 1 .: hly handy preparation to keep in the house. A val- remedy for Colds, iil Catarrh, Croup and all diseases of * air passages. 'When ev- homo in Bnkersfiold has a lioUlo of it on hand the will bo a great deal roughing. less t I the tea is good and well « \ worth tho money. j Can't 111 C a U anything || quarters for Guaranteed Rub else. Remember that we are head- ber goods—At right price*. jrorrr rftitrn* y»"r if you don'l like Sw NOTICE, I. 0, O. F. Phone Main 98. \ GUI fohftroblin Kern KorlKe NO. 202, 1. O. O. F. will have work (n the second degree on Saturday night, Nov. 21. A special invitation and request for a large attendance ia extended. T. P. Pin- noil, N. O. J. W. Cro&land Sec, 97 Kahler Bros* PHONE MAIN 42 9th

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