The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 3, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1971
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!:*'-."I.D J . CURTOS 'AkJ.iIv£3 ASSISTANT l :;I )IAMA STATE LIBRARY I^i)IA:i?.?JLI3, INDIANA VOLUME 1, NO. 2S THE TIPTON (INDIANA) TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1971 10$. PER COPY . 45<? PER WEEK ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895. AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON. INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON, INDIANA 46072 i 1977 Legislature Guidelines Set Fqrfh to Determine Redisricting; Reapportionment - By HORTENSE MYERS ; , INDIANAPOLIS (UPP* - The 1971 Legislature today conies face to face with redisricting and reapportionment, for the first time this session. ". Sen. Marlin McDaniel )R- Richmond, ' chairman of the Senate Apportionment Committee, plans to outline to senators this afternoon some guidelines for accomplishing what may. be a difficult task. Rep. Jack Smitherman, R- Mooresville, chairman of the House Apportionment Committee, distributed to members of, his committee what he called | McDaniel said j he has been assured the legislature will receive the' needed census tract and block maps within two weeks for urban areas. He said he is certain the legislature will to revise Indiana's 11 congressional districts — now six Republican, five Democratic — but sees "a possibility" the lawmakers cannot accomplish, reapportibnment of their own 100 House and 50 Senate seats. The revisions are necessary because the 1970 census left many districts misrepresented! Bill Creates Commission McDaniel today introduced a for congressional, redisricting. "I am confident we can pass congressional redisricting but I think we may find it difficult to reapportion our own dis- Assist Heart Fund The Amicale Sub-Deb Group met recently with their sponsor, Mrs. Bill Harmeyer filling envelopes in readiness for Tipton County's 1971 Heart Fund Campaign. "The above Juniors have helped canvass our town the last two years and were the top "collectors" both years for the Heart Fund," according to Mrs. Harmeyer. This group includes: Beverly McFarland, Cindy Chance, Susan Dellinger, Kris Zehner, Missy Murray, Bonnie Rogers, Cindy Ripberger, Debbie McCorkle, EUen Cage, Jo Lynn Teter, Linda Lambert and Liz O'Toole. Also filling envelopes at a recent meeting was the Amicus Sub i Deb Group composed of sophomore girls, and sponsored by Mrs. Rick Pearce. Members are: Lisa Baker, Patty Burke, Becky Baxter, Gwen Baxter, Patty Phillipe, Melody Hobbs, Robin Finch, Teresa Forest, Becky Reasner, Debby Bourff, Cindy Henry, Sharon McQuinn, Becky Sherill, Nancy Whisler,Janice Doversberger, Darla Duvick, and Penny Mahaney. i The Senior group, known as Tiki Sub Deb sponsored by Mrs. Steve Collins will also be assisting in the 1971 Tipton County Heart Fund Campaign by canvassing residential areas during the last week in February. Members include: Jody Tudor, Laurel Zehner, Jane Tunmer, Sharee Worsham, Lynette Ziegler, Robin Yohe, Cindy Watson, Mary Helen Cox, MarclaMcElfresh, and Debbie Harmon. • \ • . Assisting was the Freshman group, sponsored" by Mrs. Gary Woods consisting of Marta Watson, Marcia Hobbs, Carol Harper, Cindy Bagley, Lindsey Hinkle, Janet Stafford and Nancy Smith. ;"do-it-yourself kits" for drawing bill to establish a State! Legis•equal population size congres- lative Redistrict Commission« jsional and legislative districts, identical to one created"iin 1967 Winter Storm Front Headed For County Kiwonis Club Observes 50th Anniversary The more than 150 Tipton Ki- wanians and guests Tuesday night at the 50th Kiwanis Anniversary Dinner held in the Tipton Lutheran School dining room were treated to a fine historical review of the TiptdnKiwanisClubbyCarle- ton Hull. "Improve Quality of Life" was the topic of a speech by Kiwanis District Governor of Indiana, Carl M. Tyler, a delicious meal prepared by the Lutheran Women, and two telephone conversations between Kiwanis Toastmaster Irle Bridge and Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Leist at their winter home in Phoenix, ' Arizona and William Zaloudek from his winter home in Florida. . Both Leist and Zaloudek are Tipton Kiwanis-members. Their awards were accepted by relatives in attendance at the banquet Jane (Leist) Tudor accepted the award for her father and Ed Zaloudek accepted the award for William Zaloudek. William Kinder and Roy Girard, charter members, accepted in person their awards and the third living charter member. Dr. P.J. Pentecost was to receive his awardfrom Roy Girard. Kiwanian Hull gave a brief history on the application for charter of the local club by £3 ((Continued on page ten) Statistics Show 66 Percent County Deaths To Diseases 5 of the Heart Mrs. Floyd Collins, Tipton County Heart Fund Campaign Chairman announced today that predictions show diseases of Bomb Scare The Tipton High School Principal's office Tuesday 2:10 p.m. received anannony- mous telephone call "from a male voice stating thatabomb had been placed in the high school building and was set to explode at 2:15 p.m. and then cut off the conversation. Principal Dorman Rogers immediately sounded the alarm and ordered all students from the building. Tipton police, State police and the Tipton County Sheriff's office all were summoned to the site. A 25 minutes search throughout the building was made. Nothing resembling a bomb was found and a clear alert was sounded by Principal Rogers shortly after 2:35 p.m. A continued investigation will be made on this latest of bomb calls to local schools. the heart and blood vessels will be responsible for the deaths of 27,800 residents of Indiana during the calendar year of 1971. Mrs. Collins stated that according to Dr. Robert Chevalier, President of the Indiana Heart Association, total deaths in this state are expected to number 49,000 in 1971. The cardiovascular deaths will then represent 56% of the total, with all other diseases accounting for 44%. According to other statements by Dr. Chevalier about 428,000 people in Indiana alone are living with some form of heart disease—a figure which does not include persons suffering from the effects of stroke, nor those with high blood pressure without heart involvement. "Nationally," said Chevalier, "the overall economic cost of cardiovascular diseases has been placed at more than $10 billion yearly, or about $50,00 for every man, woman and child in the country. "In Tipton County**, said Mrs. Collins, "recent statistics from the Indiana State Board of Health show that more than 66% of all deaths are caused by diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This is 12% higher than the national average of 54% lost each year. Mrs. Collins went on to say that this tragic death toll may well be decreased as a result (Continued on page ten) By United Press International A warning to travelers throughout Indiana today and tonight was issued by weather forecasters as a Winter storm headed for the state bearing a variety of forms of precipitation, . Moderating temperatures accompanying the storm left it up in the air as to whether the from would be rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow or mixtures of • two or more. i The storm invaded the state in the southwest corner this morning and was scheduled to . move northeastward, enveloping the far north by late today. Although-the temperature was expected to climb to around the freezing level during the day from overnight lows in the teens or colder, the fact the earth is frozen from a week of sub-normal temperatures including numerous below-zero readings was expected to cause traffic hazards. Even if the air temperature: is several degrees above freezing, the cold condition of the earth could result in icy roads, streets and sidewalks for some time after the moderating influence developed.. Forecasts for the bulk of the state pinpointed the traveler. warning for this ( afternoon and early tonight. \ "Cloudy;: with light "freezing rain or drizzle mixed at times, with sleet and a little snow beginning by early afternoon and changing into rain tonight with (Continued on page ten) tricts^" McDaniel said. "I see a possibility—not a probability — we {might, not be able to reapportion the legislature and I think it is better that a legislative commission do it than the courts," McDaniel said. The 1 bill provides that p if a session of 'the legislature adjourns without having accomplished reapportionment, "or if City Court City Court Judge Glenn T. Boyer assessed the foHowing fines in court Tuesday: Tearle L. Jones; 19, 2215 1/2 South East, | Elwood, driving with an expired inspection sticker. His fine was $3 plus $26.25 court costs: Latry E. Etts, 21, route 2, driving with an expired inspection sticker. He was fined $1 plus $26.25 court costs. The Fire Run for any other reason at any time the state of Indiana finds itself without a valid state legislative district law, a State Legislative Redisricting Commission shall be established.'Commission m e ra b e rship would include .the House Speaker, President Pro Tem of the Senate, chairmen of the Senate and House Legislative Apportionment committees and a fifth legislator named by the governor. • • m The' plan adopted by the commission would be implemented by order of the governor and the State Election Board under terms of the bill. On Tuesday, the House passed, 78-18, a proposed constitutional amendment that would remove the superintendent of public instruction as an elective office and leave selection up to the legislature. The Senate earlier passed the measure. Would Be Up To 1973 Session Rep. Frederick Bauer, D- Terre Haute, said' the amendment, if approved by voters in 1972, would let the 1973 Legislature determine whether to (Continued on page ten) Tipton Fire Department was called Tuesday at 4:27 p.m. to State Road 19 and 140 North to extinguish a fire in a 1965 Permits Arrest auto belonging to Domar Blakley: The, fire was out when firemen arrived and the fire department estimated approxi- City police reported Tuesday mately $300 loss, at 4:50 Raymond N. Scott, The Fire Departmentwas call- 809.Uorth Main, Jflriving a 1954 fi d Tuesday at 10:35 p.m t toState truck heading north was turning into a drive-way'and was sfruck by a 1967 auto traveling north driven by Ivan H. Spires, Oakford. Roads 28 and UJS. 31 to extinguish' a coke fire in a Gibson COal'Company ruck. The blaze was brought linger conrol and the ruck continued on its way. Permits issued during January by the Tipton County Planning Commission at an estimated cost $32,075.00 were: Mission Services Assn. - religious clearing, house, old Prairie School; Kenneth Bourff - drive- in restaurant, 1/4 mile east of Tipton on S.R. 28; Edna Higgins - house railer, 2 1/2 miles north cf Groomsville; Delmas Jackson - residence, Jackson Station. Third Grader Receives Letter From What about pollution? Miss Lou Ann McCarter, a third grader at Lincoln Elementary School had her own thoughts on the subfect V • 0f Member Honored- L-R Irle Bridge, Mrs. Carle ton Hull, Carleton Hull and Carl Mv Tyler. Carle ton Hull being congratulated by Dlsrict Governer of Kiwanis for the State of Indiana Carl M. Tyler' on Hull's being awared the Tipton Kiwanis Club's 1970 outstanding active member certificate which Hull is shown holding in his left arm, The presentation was made by Tipton Kiwanis President Irle Bridge as Mrs. Hull looked on Tuesday night. - Bridge was the Toastmaster for the Tipton Kiwanis 50th Anniversary Dinner at the Tipton Lutheran School Dining Room and Tyler was the major speaker for the event (jStaff Photo by Eldon Cage) as she penned a booklet containing several environmental proposals which she then forwarded to President Nixon. Recently Miss McCarter received a letter from the President stating,that he shared her concern. The following is a copy of the feelings about pollution which the youngster proposed: "Get a special gas for these things that pollute the air. Tell people not to throw out,rash. Don't pollute the water or roads or highways. It kills rees. Please don't throw any rash on the ground. I am not a litterbug like some folks, but I pick up the litterbug*s rash and throw it in a rash can. Why don't we get a group called the P.C.U.T.A. and then it would get cleaned up fast. So why don't the grown-ups think about it and do something about it Now. The President would be happy that we cleaned his country up well. Maybe he would send us a picture of him for our very own and keep. My yard is going to have to be cleaned and about Sharpsvilie Town Board Meets The Sharpsville Town Board met Monday at 7:30 p.m. with members Francis Romack, Jack Lowe and Tnelma Jarrett Secretary present; The Compax machine was explained to them and ! a plan will be worked out and a report ready at next board meeting for more discussion. 10,000 yards and roads have to be cleaned cause people dump trash along the road and don't, care. Sometimes ride bikes to town and do what you should do, and to the store. And pollution it kills little animals.' Help the Weekly Reader Earth Parol. And we will have a better coun- txy. So help us.' You will have a better counry and you will have a better life and a better view at the country's sides. And the earth will be nice when it is cleaned up. I would like it if this pollution thing would stop. Now. So help us clean up. If God wanted the world toberashyhewould have put rash all over the world but he didn't. That is what we > can do about pollution. So don't dump rash out the window." (Continued on page ten) Letter From President LOU | Ann McCarter proudly showing her teachers Miss Sue Cauble, a student at Indiana State University (left) and Mrs. Paul Jones, 3rd grade teacher at Lincoln School : (right) j a letter from President Richard Nixon. (Staff Photo by Margaret Hinkle) junior high matter Cloud type - sratus, overcast Present temperature - 28 Maximum temperature - 29 Minimum temperature - 20 Wind Direction - Southeast Wind! Velocity. - 3mph| Relative Humidity - 55% Precipitation - 0 Barometer Reading - 30.35 faUing Forecast- Cloudy & rain Receives Certificates Mellnda Hunter and Patty Fletcher hold letters of congratulations upon receiving the Certificate of Achievement which says In part "In recognition of participation in the Weekly Reader Earth Parol the Editors of My Weekly Reader awards this Certificate of i Achievement for helping to make Americaa better place to live." Looking on are Sue Cauble, a : student'from Indiana State University, visiting and the proud teacher is Mrs. Paul Jones. (Staff ; * Photo by Margaret Hinkle)

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