The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 19, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSMELD CALIFORN1AN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19. 1908. Cbt Bakertficia California!! 1 Kvory Rvt'nlng but Sundays otlpgAR *, K"i-n County, California. Thursday, Nov. 19 City and County Official Paper i in P'isfoftU'u itt Biikor.jii' . i, an Second-class Mall 60 month; $;" a Year in ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. Main 31 Every duty well done; makes the next easier J And every box cf ; candy you buy of I Gruenhagen 1 s ;andy j makes the next, one better. Wholsale e alers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars - - * * . • !• a ^•••^J fca^^^^_^_ ^--j^—-- ^^^^_—^^^^_ At Meroney Tl 1C cream of all good? served in sample room CANNON FOREVER. BILL Quotations and samples sent on application '•nun like !<> i l,v ill-- !!' o t }j lions'- *>. v K"\v!-- coniitnn ' n»«s. \. \' " .1- r><'y. the ant it IIKMI thinks lie would ihe position no\v ill" man, ami he an- eamli<i}iev therefor. ! -e[t' in advance not .rit'l to he guided '•(' the business of tlie K'.anl of ^ ihe chairman of tlie hankinjr and cnr- I to he an ahh- NM'Miti'T of Ihe house, but it j,jii tH i nay lie said that in all likelihood bi^ raii'li'laey is doomed to failure in a'iva.'xv. And indeed we soo K..WI..H. All P iv,li.:tK.iis lo '•"* Aimdrs i-il.v IH Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street ! '•'•pi! in the eonstrnH net. All estinia engineers appear lo h< er than under the mark, southern eity will before trin to look forward to when it will ho drinking Uiver water. <• f the! rath- 1 ;md the en IT be- the day The farmers of the eonntry will he gratified to know that the law protect H the, erow from being erow is certainly a valuable asset on a farm. "The Toy Maker" Tomorrow Night.; Tomorrow evening "The Toy Maker" will he ^iven !>y the St. Frnncis (IrairmMr* troupe ami when we recall their last appearance we can easily understand why there, will be a crowded house to hear them again tomorrow evening. Bazar Notes. Mrs. Kransse nnd Mrs. T). Castro did a land office business at the refreshments hooth last evening. I How to Cure a Cold. I TAKES ijo rc,is*»n \\liy it should sneeeed. I»n not the people rule? And have th'-y not spoken? Mr. Can- \rry much an issue in Fmnejs pj, Ilcney is demonstrating the value of a good physique. A less hardy man might have found in the hurt received by the prosecutor n fatal wound. It Brn'Mli n beautiful ftov.U arch In e da" 'lately decorr.ted parlors of Southern hotel, at 9 o'clock last The Japs held n very popular recep- evenin Mr. G'-orge Calhoun of this tlon at their booth from 9 to 10 p. I city an ,j Mirs Alice M. Rogers of Cov- m. ' !tn«ton, K* nuioky, were made man and th It la a groat season to flsh— at the w jf< N H. D. Sniuhlen, pastor of fish pond. jjun wii- \er.y inui'ii mi issue m prosecutor n ratal wound, it is the late campaign. He was vijf- now predicted that he will IM* out t opposed on the ground j a^rain in two weeks. that he stood sijuarely in the way I of every n'lvernniental reform, that lie was opposed to such pol John I), jrot a dollar and a half I'or appearing as a witness in a made the Roosevelt ad-(ease airamst his own company. It. ministration popular, and that in | was easy money, but not as easy the interest "' irood government i us a lot that the oil mau'iiate hav i should he defeated, if not for I made, certainly for speaker. ! The v»t|ci' i.|' the people of his district was over > in favor of the stal-! wart old barbarian, hut while that verdiH roiild ii"t he expected to hind the people of the entire 1 country. < 'aim»n *s re-election in ' 1he chair of speaker was an issue _ ; n every ronuivssional district, j EVILLE THIS EVENIN6 as of old delivering bargains. Their booth last evening was crowded every moment. Twelve beautiful pillows are for sale in that booth alone. The country store sold a large supply of groceries last evening at the country store, as he ladles knew bar- prains were to he obtained there. Don't forpft the juvenile entertainment this evening. Master Tu»rt Melloring will sing ihls eveninL' "The Tov Maker' 1 tomorrow even ins will bring another full house. Master (Jrogory Newhouse and Edmond, the contestants for tho elegant silk surplice obtained | many votes last evening. The piano that is to be raffled at fifty rents per chance is now on the this the Fli>' Methodist Episcopal church, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Galtes are busy officiating The parlors were beauti- lul in Bmllax, chrysanthemums and roses., and pendant from festoons of green were many wedding bells. Within the parlors some fifty guests HPBenibled to witness the ceremony and th»- wedding couple entered to a march ila^-l by Leo Hlrshfeld. They Be as careful ns you can you will occasionally tuke cold, and when you do, get a medicine of known reliability, lone that luis an established reputation 'and that is certain to effect n quick j cure. Such a medicine is Chamberlains I Cough Remedy. It has gained a world wide reputation by its remarkable cures of this most common ailment, and can always be depended upon. It acts on nature's ?>lan, relieves the lungs, aids expectoration, opens the secretions and aids nature hi restoring the system to a healthier condition. During the many years in which it has been in general use we have yet to learn of a single case of cold or attack of the grip having resulted in pneumonia when this remedy was used which shows conclusively that It Is a certain preventive of that dangerous disease. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given as confidently to a baby as to an adult. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfield; Kern Drug Kern. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell.and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. \vfve accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. \V. Cnlhoun, and the bride lovely in u gown of white lace over silk, empire style. She car* rled white roses ana lilies of the valley, with orange blossoms in her hair. Tho matron of honor wore a princess pown of thamvagne silk and -carried brides roses. The ceremony over, the newly wedded pair received the con- *. . I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor Co., * PAINT YOUR HOUSE * House painting is my specialty. * I use nothing but the best mate- •> •3* rials, guarantee my work and charge reasonable prices. H, 0, HARNESS With J. W, Real Estate and Insurance . Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfield, Cal * and it issiMiiilieaiit tliat men were ivtiirned lo congress b the vote : ready to be examined, Look out for "Coon Town" rvenlnp on the stage. Who said the hard times were r.ere? Not around St. Francis hall of eninss, that is sure. Several of tho leading merchants ('atninM airaiu. And the people oiiL'lit to rule. And these slaild- * re-rlec}ed to eoliL'I'i'SS )i;i\'e Open Afternoons. Tho liulios aro at their respective afternoon from 2 to 5 bazaar is routlnulne to draw i , . . . , , ., ., , ., . ... , .. . ,,, are booked to vis t the haznr th s crowds. J,ust evening the hall pvpn i nB of the people, \vho then- \vji^ ev-' booth was tilled with patrons. The KP suppose would vole'fcalure last evening was the excel- 'Mil musicalprogram i rendored »«^j 1)no ,. hs oaf - h ihe ,ui).M-vi y inii of Mrs. Chris Hel- Mnt hor S nnd children not ,1m*. hnlowmj? was tho program: flble to v , slt thft bazar d ln 1'iano solo, Mrs. llobt. Houruoy. ft Vocal solo, Mrs .Thomas; patntnciit by Mrs. Chris •>. M grntulatlons of their many friends, and *> 2117 B St. Ui«'!i all n-paired TO the (lining room, Phone Main 172 nr'-nilv where an elab- tilt' riiiht tn place licit CMMS! rui'l'mii ac-cdin- nble to visit the bazar evening are invited. the on iuan is t-iit itleil to Ite cause the people Ity their votes. Mr. l*"owler will I'M':) in bis el'-! fort, 1»e t • a u s e 11 n \ v i I i lie without substantial backers. Vocal aolo accom- Miss lUivbcr; so iiaiiinient by Miss 11. Hunt. Piano solo, Miss Ysubol Fovker. 1-^ai-h nninber was oncored, many coniuiinient.; I'l-hiu; ^iven the ... Ofil , fll( "'< sjri-1 v:t thi 1 -'. wef 1;. Jmt T "What for?'* I' "For overtime. f ness be the bo VMS about me \vorl; all las' nli-ht.— Tit At least that JK th will way it looks- MOW, and linn- de/noiist rate whether this IS ("il'IVef id 1 [)ol. Mr < tnrs I'res' )v FOOLISH TALK. Ml'vnu iu a Texas intervi.-w 1 ants Vaudeville This Evening. Th!-* t-v nin^ the patrons of tho ha;-.'tar \\ill In- iicnicrl fo a first-class \ I\'A(\<-\ i!]e performance. The Master 1 f 1 i'i.iL-; .Min^ii-ils \\ill talie pnrt and h" .-.-\cral pi'etiy drills had in the COI ; l ; i£E What is csscn tial to good coffeei" Good bean ground fresh, orate dinner was discussed. Banquet ers toasted bride and groom and many comiilinienuiiy words were spoken by the as>> mble.l guests, all wishing Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun much future happiness. Mr. Calhoun is the president 01 the National Oil Refining and Manufacturing Company, and after rlu 1 weddfnc; supper he and bis bride-left for their new homo in the oil Holds. Many handsonv wed-Jina; presents were received and in turn each guest U»ft with a pretty souvenir box containing wedding cake. The bride was the recipient of a costly diamond pendant, the gift of Mr. Calhoun. Tlu- quests present wove Mr. and Mis. .li;mes T. Maeuire, Miss Beruice Mii-nii' . Master Tom Maffuire, Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Mack, Mr. and Mrs, rr«-d Kail. Mrs. S. O. C.rady, Mrs. A. •m-- .f. W. MKiruh. Mr. and Mrs. W. >i. Hill, Mrs. O. E. Boyd, H. Kellner. C. Fl Baer, Miss L. derardat, I. F. Gerardat, Mr. and ^Irs. C;<»o. M. ' Brown, Mr. and .Mrs. Mark "NYest^ato, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Tegeler. Rev. B. i'. --'u . (•!* 'i. Mr. ;-nd Mrs. Ceo. \Veslnn :•• K. R.')U"Vs of l.<is An- IV \vil i i 1 s. I- l:f It 1 ' 1 ' j * I 1 - \vIJl lie repeated. rhe cliildren nl' St. Francis church ti'e iihvavs creeled with a lar.^e .en- AS an "xaM!i»ie their }as» en- and a woman ot common v. lit- h only the ied over apiiear- R8T CTLY DAY rsfie peo Funeral Directors Embalmers Day GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle horses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc.. in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIPF Cor 21st and C Sts Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 I -\\\ " ;na in W. s him usin c i hiini *M Mir sense. it. E. H, LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beans, Eggs, and all farm products. *.< \ Their iinu will no doubt bring 1 1 • "it in:iii Your yrocer ie* turns ynur money II you don 1 ! like SchilliDK'b Ut^t, \vr p»v him * ..I" - i .. i' ti 1 *Mi I'll* ; '')'li:irv- \vhi-h \'\ I .\e\vhouse i ive at. the i n'er of at.- i F ri - •*• • _ -iirl s'-fl^e ; »fen nis me. ;uid >'or le v.-..-- Vf'i *..*5- -:or . i (( v is *r'v; 1 f u'\ IM hns , r h 1'n H i- ' • 'I Kmld- ^ l ' i J ' 1 - Eaby Show Saturday Afternoon. L r 6 Canghs a n '' F 1 * '•* i!-;t;rr i' i MI. •'.»• i i ' !ivc dollars GRAND OPENING of Louvre Cal'e. K I'ee/I of Fioa<! Pork and Roast nt-.'d n«xt. , Turkey. Salnrday r"veryb()dv •; .'•- • •' :• • :::••'. Tb,- ^velcoiue. Hu^sell & Rice, Props, tf event will lirifi:.'. u'..iuv uintluT's loves ' v: Colcl S t I I! ', hi it ( • i 1 •,: 11 as Mrs. .1 Mrs. I- " will act 1 le - \Yhen \V" art t's: Mis. James McOuire, : b(»th think alike. ('. Klacl: Mix. ,\. S. Morton, i She-- V-' S , hm f I l \V. \ \ v\v- - ; 'sh • \ ' C: i 11 1; i * :t , \( > : ! 1 , i \V i ' 1 ' • i a that II* that be I ) u thi '(* d( lt , ,, '.'-it, ami • •I' i',,|lv i n\' p"-,i\ • i !• <* rov II'K • plenty not iliiuU. win* t" « i wiv Unit ihe .. M!<-!I find Tllosi- whn IMJlk lion !U)W. llilVe I'oll i<\rv c»t' tlie n ictv to littl * A • Tho parly i;t ]IUSt AVil! in t!;c !i!s tn he i f i ?ht» •irteut r a RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE 10 NEW YORK THROUGH A checking account with the First National Bank has so many advantages that you will find it a great, aid ir> your financial affaire. » If you have not already aiitih an account with us we shall he pleased tn have you op'io one and test it fo>* yourself. arm ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ffAKERSFIELD OR KERN « 1 com A ball i m a c old room cl i is a .1 "slnvcry"operation iind is rxlrnurly liable to cause colds. 1 he halhruuin above all should be kept warm. This is easy and ihe hath is comfort il you have a a the principles i'or which it con letirls will li'- •• N" shall <•;, MM; TIM- is - I \\'\\() / I ' r;, will as l^' T i • > o \ 1 * M •> 1 -In it. his \\' e i I work * i landnrd A':'l It 1 MO- i 1 ha;i (equipped with Smokeless Device) II nr i v bf i carrirJ from ;iny other room to ihr h.-iih ro ii \\,'i !i. at while you ar? prcp;:iru] for llir L. to lur-: ft i//o liifjh or !oo ]tv,v Tii • n-o-J t you (.-.I huy — ir!lc;r.;c he::! i r One i: ';.';;>. NATURE'S EAI-SA We Rccorpirana UiC Us-: of Our Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton Corner 19th and H Streets. •• COLD TABLETS Fields of Texa* iaua. r • A Curativ 2nd Lnxative When I RED SPRUCE AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE * CHESTER AVENUE J A . e NURSERY h ALBERT WEEOALL, Prop. .*• First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, I- Shrubhs, Hoses, Cut Flowora, Flc^- *• a! Designs. Onlern promptly tllUd *• Corner Sixth St. and Chester A'-«, I* 'Phtne, Main 745 *f* V V V V • * *, I ELEGANTLY IFF ii-attT \ i ANDWHITE PINE T AMER8 BROS. Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything In the nursery line ;-eo them at their ranch opposite Producers' Refin- * cry on Beardsley canal. Write •> them Rural No. 1, Hox S. Or »:* call them up, Blnck 511. •;• *:• •• •• • ». * M Is Take s amp l- *»;i\'S it docs liohi. |'\:rpo tlu v In t lamp fur 1-roumi luu:;*;- Crivcs a clrar, Of Drug Store, r 1 HMJ| v ' " 1; : :nhir ! ' K'-'t • • t. , \ 1^ wit!) t!u' l:i'.i'Sl ur.nrov ' - 4 |* . U '*• T |i islaclur \t I l r- t *, uw;u t! the party. y(»ii riinnul f]rl heaU-r or lamii at your dealer wnc our Icr descriptive circular STANDARD OIL COMPANY <ittcorpor«t«<S) Bakersfield's Finest OLD 1XLXABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall 8t 0ak«rvfl«ld, Cal.

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