The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 18, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 7
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t- I But Amendments Carry 13 THIS A SQUARE DEAL? Thaf.'s the The leading Drug* gists witj give you your money back If MI-O-NA does not cure Dyspepsia. scjuurest kind of a "What makes you think that young man dislikes music? LEGAL. LEGAL. LIQAl "The manner in which he whistles, Dftttl(I Xovembp ^v 10 t h ^/^?Vv fti«« '» itr««t»»«-.*^^ « t -_ . _. W. A. .MCttliN i\. a time."—Washington Star. ROAD NOTICE. r ._, , , Public, Adminibtratorj Adm ofithe Estate of Frank niatrutor -ass. Dt;- f deal as every fair-minded man Unows. But the leading druggists can af- SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 18,—Returns received by the Assor-iat^d Pr«'s. of ihe \ utt- i n constitutional r nifiits from aM tho counties in st i!c ( -.\pej.i Oel Xorte, Marlposa, Mo. S;»» Kh'LMj ;?;> J SrU)!:i ( JM::, in.u- " f hat I!H' lolowint; /.pion.'lnif'ni.; *> IK en di'i' v it'--i; >''-n;itc Nr. 1. ,S"ij.'ite Xo. II. AH- seml)ly J4, c-jiiiftol nMuoViil an l ihe Hf;t wnll and Inlia Hanln uclM. I .OH Aim^lrs iM.nrity o; n heavy t vlporatos and cures. VOIM nnaiiisi tin- In Ma basin act nn-.l Ihr f«an Kraneii^o st-i wall act. The I'ollnwiiu is flic vole on the Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Kern Countv. California. h^rcinaitev [ipscrlbiMl lands take no- of tl'e viewers **ott. Attornev for California. Estate. 1M1 Countv. to the highest bidder for cash.Kjic jywful, nipuev.ot.Uie rnitod States on ' 9th ilnv of Noveniher, • • " o'clock :f? n iii 1-T A Q .1" *? • Vie niiu H -U5 mm 179. 20 tlee: 'I »v,t on lu-oiiosed Count.v ^. ni (l No. 274. de senbeil -is eunimencini' nt the north ^ . - . _ CREDITORS SENT CLAIMS AGAINST . £AT| OF L. GARTMAN. D ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. ford to make this offer because Superic: Conn of the Count Unow.s thai Ml-o-nn tablets are a wor -UU ;our of r> o'clock D. in., tho iier'Horial Krick. Edlt'h M 417 orpprtv belonirlnc; jo the OHtnte of.KrtcK. Edith > 4)8 said 4 .Ualnh Mower, deceased; Three { is roll. ruas. I.t 4<tf 3 uasoline cnclno: 1 2U 20 ana nUv: 1 water lank; 1 horse barn: 1 corral, ml situated ^, 1 i 1 l l ' » 4* 1 of the north- thirty- on thi! west one-hi»lt t wes? uuarfer < i..; > i>f -.ction three (:13) in township thlvtv CH» t'o Hoittij of raiU'i- thfny-: «ven :J7 t enst, l Mr . M. I'. H. and M.. in Kevu eouniv. Cali- Me ! fornia. Mr j And jiptlce js hrM'obv civtMi. that Me ;son!--i| bids uill be )•<•; ,.fvttd J>v said ' Me iadiri Kroll. eiias. U. McCartn^v. Ham .... . McCar'uev. p.eni 489 I, \U 11- 5 5 f * * nni*-. nnic, nnl*\ .! i ' • K ' I l\ i: • * r ii * 4 * *_> :»*S i - \inme. J. K 'jlll^llllTl ^ \ iuin ir.iKt rator tor said nrouortv UP m Mrl'luj^iiini h'; hour of > ; le HUT-'»>. and that all . Mea<j. \Vm, U. nnion:liw»niH and Amendment-— Senat*' No. 1 86,112 Senate No. U 88,275 Senate No. If. W.271 Senate No. :>G 94.601 Semite No. 2!» 1)2,890 Senate No. :;i 108,471 Senate No. 32 .126.424 Senate No. 3tf 100,369 Senate No. 04 91,431 Assembly No. 3 147,985 Assembly No. 7 88,834 Assembly No. 8 81,762 (Alameda no included) Assembly No. 24 58,391 (AJameda no included) Assembly No. 28 100,171 (Alameda out) Capitol removal 83 Seal wall *73,368 (Alameda out) India basin 77,457 Dec., 19ns, where any and all persons In- thi H sironglhens the stomach walls, terested mav apwav and make ohlcc puts the Htomarh in such perfect con- ' ion thoreio if deome;] proper, that it<>an digest food without m^hwav-will'nass" m t? ,. \«-ii«uf • - - CT -----«- upon tne lands of Hie Kern Countv i 01 Ap.unsi lt ( . UI . US ]jy removing tte cause, and '.-""'I O,i,ipunv. ..tho Iowa Ooniiriny. •I 'Mi' ^ ^ — ^ -m v mr —r^ I — mf f r ^ - I The said proposed Uoai] or Public .'t-r. through and — . _ j- i m"l » - • — "^ p F -\f • M -•- • " • "-f * — -ff Wf mm t ^ f ~-* -Im' ^-> -'^ ~— mf « ^*~* — ^ —~ I ^'»"J<, H removes the cause 96 times in a k^9-q< hmulrecl - cr'orn! A large 1)OX of Mi "°- na tablets only ^n':<!.M eosts 50 eents, and relief will come -V^iin twenty-four hours. 45*903 i " jVU -°- n a tablels are truly great for 65*23') nnvone ^ at nas stomach trouble. I 79 214 can not P ra ^ them too highly for 42,204 67,930 73,721 91,628 46,416 150,752 81,197 96,072 what they have done for me." — Mrs. W. D. Bennett, Bucksport, Me. * SCIPIO CRAIG DEAD. REDLANDS, Nov. 18.—Sciplo i.anii Cf.iiipunv. tho Iowa ConiP'inv. Apir»r:;nth I.and Companv and DinUel- sniel Brothers. Bv order of said Board of Supervisors. H. A, JASTRO. hi-ijiLi "th'o" Place "for tin . , ,. "i tiusinfiss ot said eslate In.siud Kern Countv. I Oetuht r U. t!)0,S. A' A. niust :>..;. nccounKiniert bv CMS]' Miller. W. T. tided cnock in --fi amount • Millev, "•n por cent of lb" t'ids inade. . , . , \v- A MCGINN*. , : Adtiiinistrator of the --state of Kr.l-il-, i ot- to • • , • * • ' • • t • < • • • * 4*4*1 •r'S > I t. • r i inn, t i r l- Administrator of Keru Countv, nisirator of the Estate, of and Adnu L. ''an man. Deceased. Tlio.s. Scon. Attorney for Administrator. .\nlire is hercnv uiv.-ti tfuif tli** i\;\l* "I 'pi- ahove salt* f)V Ji'Tsonn't i»i'(i:" f 1 ' heen 1M»S(UOlle I Tn TfU'\ . ^-1. I'.IOS. ar ihe hour of n. tn. U'. A. Me(;|> Administrator of the e.stale of Hnwer. (ioroaned. i lor ; MuJ Mul ^ Mill tt t iil /-\?*r»i Mvn .. .. en. Kohl, .lien. Kobt. .1. en. Ho)'!. ,1. . , no cert. .151 rerl. no cert. 20 ao California Houu for Nelson. tor . . <MKi>n.|' ranUA.andf Pardee. \Villard . Camornia Homo I 52 20 20 lo 38 (Seal) o- a»»id Bonrn. rt 1. u Miller. Clerk. 1M3 NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR FUR- NOTICE OFSSESSMENT NtSHING FUEL OIL TO THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES FOR ITS CEMENT PLANT AT AQUEDUCT, KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. JXelhuu; on Comoanv. location of I iiirsduv. the 3rd day of Dec< nrinchml place of business. 1068 Broad- l^'V at the hour of s p. m.. f w r a ^; 9»W»»d. Alaineda County. State I wirnoae of eiectine directors f of Calitornia. STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. . f for Pender (Jeo. M. Notice* is herein- efvcn that the nn- (C'aMfoi'tiia lloniv K.\u*n- Ui:.l me$n*'^ ?' nll »V B i ( . lc i2l^ n ^ ni A HtC ° 1R8 vorn-hnh Oil Company will be c^fir^A^^im' ieid at Jhe.offlop of mik! corpora!Ion r^K at the.sheriffs onjce. in ty^ $tv .on ? O W£B . Sear ^ Psotice, is hereby eiven that the Board of Public works of the Citv of Los AncoloH will receive bids at or before the hour of 2 o'clock D, m. .of She—I understand lhat drinking is one of your fallings. He—You have been misinformed, 't is one of my most pronounced suc cesses,—Chicago Journal. Craig, founder and for twenty yeans editor of the Redlands Cltrograph, and a prominent member of the National Editorial Association, -died here last evening after an Illness of glx weeks. Judge (to prisoner—We are now going to read to you a list of your former convictions. Prisoner—In that case, perhaps your worship will allow me to sit down.— Philadelphia Inaulrev. F ru rld :ne hour of 2 o'clock p. m. JM November 20. 1908. for the ne of fuel oil for use at. the „._._ _. „„ for use at. the .jty's Cement Plant at Aaueduct, ern County. California. The oi) to be furnjsnea shall be in nurppse of electing directors for the ^, . ensuing year, and for the transaction Notice IH nereuy r'ven. that at a <>t such other business as mav orooer- of the Directors '-eld on the i lv come Delate^thejneetfnK. r -r— - T mr ^ mm mmr —rr mm f — _ f A£ j Rose," Walter M. ^ 422 W* CalUornia Home Exlen- £0 0 ;0 ninth dav ot November. 1908. an As sessment of ;j cents oer shar sessnient of ;! cents oer share was levied unon the capital stock of the. Cor poration. Pavable at once to J. H Bdson. Secretary of said WellinE Oi Comnanv. ;it hlK offlop. rnnms IS nni T. A. Baker. Secretary.' resident. 11-2 , ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Oakland OH and Asphaltum Com omtianv at hl« nfflpp rooms IS anil v/»iKianu u.u uuy ABUUUIIUUI v-uiu- f. 106K bro JwV.^SlklSSSP AlameSa RJlS^i^iaSSnS" POTSffiln D ' aC6 °' niintv rVilfinrnla Anv atnMr iinr^n DujUnOSS* .UaKiana, V'ttlUprDia. . niviu n or^v^v io i **-*iLf »• V"4J-* w for Schhieter^Fred W. 7 Icnroeder. Rpbt 63 iterflnK. J R..... &0 Strjline. ftopVAV. ..... 1 Cailfornla Home Kxten BionAssoclatkm.truslee for Terrell.. Daniel F>. .269 lalifornta Home Exten- 20 Cpuntv. CalUornia. Anv.stock upon vnlch thlt= t assessnient shall remain unpaid on the ninth dav of pecember. 1 *'• • » ^V KJ W* \^ U Ifr 4*A V* *" I Y"' •* * * " *-* I ** • *» * Notice Is her.ehv gTven that at 1»,0§. will, bo dylingueiU ana adv^rtls --^ - v ut( Y ( ular nieetlnit of the Bonrd of plreciqrs held on the 16th dav of October, 190$ an assessment of one .cent ner shar Rocmtion. trustee ft. Bert Dreamland RinK r DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE RENOWNED DARE DEVIL therefor on flle.fii the numbered, 50. ""Goofe's" bjf" the same win be furnished intending bi/'-'Ts ^mmmr mnf ^mrr mmr —r- — ^——m- —r - mr. ^. ce of the sal oeinsr upon application to the Bureau of Los AngoJes Aqueduct^ Room fthi 110, ds m . . »_ * _. « ^ »»v^v^» *» » - v trai buildlnE. Citv of Los Aneeles ust be forwardeato t., Hall. .City of B ~ ^F ^P mm m* ^ ^ ^ H . ^^^ fhff m^_m card, room 18. . the said Aneeles and b"e receive e Boar-" of -.J^DapN. S 18 and l3, 1 Office rooms"!8'amrY^. 1$$ e Broad .. v. OaUianu. Alameda Countv. State 9 bv.'.tjjf sale* I must be on""• forms'whfcTi" wl/K u . alifornia. 11'-11 W ioppm' 7th ( ™ » ^ T mr • - T ^ ^ ^ •• rr m. rf n mr ml rnmmr ^ rm—mr I m I mmf remain unnnld on the. 17th dav ovember, 1908. \vilf be dellnauent advertised for sale at public a ees an e receve v.tne s oard before the hour named. All bi e fur A A M ^^ ^ ^ -*- -m^ mr mm mm mm n-f ^v rf rr -mf. rmr m. mmi * | nlshed bv the Aoueduct as -„-.-.-,.,-and the successful bidder shall within ten te da s after the contract ias een awarded to htm enter into the sa [in'! furnish a .pond in the sum of F \ Fire Skating Mid-air Once Seen Never hoi liar _ _ - A -v — —r -v f -rm, ^ v « ^ J v ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ f ^ ~* Vf ^ ~- —~ "~» ^ ^mf^ -^- •- p-»* Thousand Dollars ($50.000* condtt •ne. tt.v - - — -m-r - — - ^h-V ^ ^ I • ^^"^ ^if ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ J ^fT — f ^f f ' f » ^" -^H- — •— T ^ ™ ^ •» » ^"^ ^ ^ J^ eel un^n the faithful Derformance of the contract. Delivery of said oil shall be f. o. ,b. cars at the railroad point nearest, the contractor's wells or storage tanks. , The Hoard or Public Works reserves the rleht to reieot anv an'i all ni;ls, order of the Board or Public NOTICE VAT tion. and unless payment is m c d uc- e be- ALE. ADMINISTRAT REAL ESTATE AT PR f ^^ • — -r. r I m* ^1 ^^ ^^ :m * ^~ ^t ^^^^ ^^ ^^ r-m^ mr mr- -m 1 m. r I ml ^^— — —r- «„ u , ore - will be sold on Monduv. the 21st %^n \J i ~i-..* —r T^V« HAHM I.^^ -in/hfi j«. -™^,. Ti» ** ri A S F dav of Decem llnuent assess old on Monday, the 21s ber. 1908. to nav the d sment, together with th costs of advertising and expenses A..!te..»V^ertor_.Cqurt,.of JJie ?tate | J0j|3 a *>» If:* »--Mn^ii\ji vvLiiL. \ji V. 11 ^ v*«*-*.' of Calitornia. in and tor the Countv ot Kern. In the matter of the estate of Geo. ENNIS. Secretary. e e of K..Ober. Dec* a«ed. NOTICE. To whom it may concern: . \J J * • * L t *-* V. l. t f • • • * * » * rodeen. Reuben F. ... Traeden. Rueben F. ...f?iK> Warrecker.Otto 434 Wefsel. P. X ..........420 Califqrnfa Home Extern* sionAst?pciatioii, trustee tor Williams, Mr Cnllfornla Home . 3. P. 44 xten* iiolaA 202 s sion Association, trustee for Youne. Jas, B. And in ac-i order of the 317 10 c'cordance* with law Board .of Director ,3 ith Notice at In nur- Ms herebv ulven that we. the under Notice is heiehv uivon thi suance ot an or >r oi the" Superior | siened. have this 16th dfiv of pctoher. e ourt of the Count v of Kern. State of 11)08. entered Into articles of agree- nllfornia. made on the yth dav of No-1 ment and co-partnership for the pur- vemer. 11-16 Secret a rv. NOTICE. above entitled estate, the understsrned, w. A. jMc(»inn. public a 'mlnlBtrator. administrator of the estate of Georee K. Oher. deceased, will sell on or nfier 11 oivji f-nutrijiutt ui tne Town of Mpluve, Countv 01 i*n, nnd State of Calfforplii. under 'firm name and stvle ot the "Mo- Forgotten BEN DARNELL, ''The Man Who Has No Fear." THE ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD ROLLER SKATING IN MID-AIR. One Week, Nov. 17th to 24th, at 9 a.m. No advance in prices. FOLLOW THE CROWD. Persons knowing tnemselves to be indebted to the late L. Gartman will please call at the office of the public nnd siihH administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate. of I*. Gartman, deceased. 99 in the matter of the 1 nose of conducting a general merchandise and store*keenlng inislnenH nt nnd n the Town of Moluve,, Countv of <er ,he Mohdav. the UOth" da\> of Kbveriibe'r. I fave Mercantile,Comnanv." 11)08. at private sale a> the office of Dated this 16th dav of October. 1:»08. ;honias Scott, rooms 2 and 4 tn the „ ,,, ^ K. H. J. HIIJ-, 4i' in A of BakerBfleld 'building, corner Residing at Mouive, California. of Chester avi\ nu ^ ?»** 20t " streets, A m „ , , M. f. KNAPP beincr No. 1509 2uth. street, citv of 10-27 Residing at Mofave, Callforn beincr No. 1509 2uth street, citv Bakersfleld. Countv, of Kern. Stat Camornia, to the highest bidder cash, gold coin of the United, Su nnd sumecr to connrmat on bv , Bunerior Court all the rlc to rest of. the sa a?l°"h sa d ft e of " f f •-**.** *• IV'l , Ited States, on bv said DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. it, r\ t title eor°T K. ,no time of his death and all the right Jtle and interest that the estate o NOTICE .OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OJ FRANK LASS, AT PRIVATE SALE. -*f • • i m • In the Superior Court of the State 'Sfi'^Jlllows to-wif p| California, in and for the County of n j",t" nine (91 Kern. In the matter of the Lass, deceased. eorce K. Ober has bv operation o law or otherwise neniiJred. other than 8 r In addition to thnt. of the said eoriie K. Ober. at tVto i Fourth Extension ater Comnanv. of business. upon ; ntiiii Oner, at the time of bis "fitn. tn g| nd to all that rortnln veal nropertv situate in the Citv of Bak- erftiield. Countv of Kern. State ot Can- •foruiiK and more imrticularlv described ten (KM in Block Superior Court of ,the State ifornla. County of Kern. , ^ Southern Pacific Hnllroad Com Plaintiff. VP. R. H. CouptlHS. J" Stousland. Henrietta - - - \V P(*rcv Or't'onc^ several amounts sot opposite fho nil'nori, and John Op^/'Defenda names of the respective shareholders, i Action brontnt in the Superior Location of t) rind mi I Place of pus Wnaco. Kern Countv. California. ^Notice.—-There are dolfnnuent the follpwine descrlbod stock count of asseaBinent ( on the 25th dav of Aue a stocK. on ac- No. one) levied ugviRt. 1908. the on the 2Mb dav of August. 1~, many shares of each parcel of stock as mav be necessary win « sold at public auction nt tne office; the secretary of.the coinpariy.o«.v 2Qt day of October. 1908. at the of 10 n. m. of said day. to na delinuent nKsessmet tnereon. toff* ^K V ^mjf m. m. mr -., ^ -r -r -m rrrm mf ^ ^ ^^ f 'f- -mr -m rt —vmmr-mr rrrmr rr - ^^fc er with costs of advertising and * JORDAN Wasco. Kern Countv. Cal. 01 POSTPONEMENT IK hereby glveu Uwt the of delinquent of the Fourth Extension W Companv has heen postponed Thurpds.v. November Iy. IbuS. at o'clock. H. in. ^ . _ liv oroer of the Board of Wasco. Kern County. SUMMONS. as loows: '• • . . f -a. „,. three hundred and scventv (IJ7*n In estate of Frank the Citv ot Bnkersfleld. Countv of VT«»- -1 -u i t .1 * i Kern. State of California, according to «,??JK lce J 8 ^ ereb Y civen that in o tr-1 ( h e official man of said Citv. filed in g l0 «nr e ._°?^« n ..o«l^_pt,,the Superior the offlc« of the Countv Recorder of C» ^— _^ ^ ^ ^— mm -m m- ^— ^ ^fc ^ ^— ^ ^ ^ H^ mrLj-f ^ ^ mrl I —irr* —r -mmr -r- ourt in the Countv of Kern, State of alifornia. made on the £th dav of November, I'JOS, In the matter of the above entitled estate, the undersigned Tfimlni^trator ot tne estntc nf Fr r »nk said Countv. November 2f». ]8J)K. to- Kether with the bnildiuirs and Imurove- ments thereon. And bids or offers in writ inn for said prooertv will be received bv the said administrator at 0 40 $30.00 ____ ____ und interest of the estate ot said Frank Lass as bv operation of law or BtbfM'vviHf ac'ciuired. other ihnn or in ad'linon m that of said Frank Lnss. at th*- thii* 1 of his death*- in and to all UIOM' t'*-rtain mini nil claims situated , in ihe Cntiniv of Kern. State oi' Call a. iiinl more nartlcularlv described !. "ft kerslield. ': tlifomia. for Hstate. Ha- 11-11 of shnreholdora with No. of certificate. No. of shares and amount due: No. No. Name Crt. SUB. Amt. California Home Extension Association, trustee for August Anderson James B. Anderson James B. Anderson . .. Calitornia Home Kxten slonAssociation. trustee for j. E, Anderson ..., anrer. John 47< eard. Thos. OPO. _ eckett. Alice M 412 Bennett. Mrs. Sarah ..;M tJaJiiorniii Home Kxten- sionAHsoi Jarion.tniaiee for I3ouer. Samuel . . . ;j California Mome ICxten- sfoiiAssociatifUj.tnisit'c for Bower Sanuiel ... 71 10 California Home Extension Association, trustee f orHnsirs. Warren F. I!»5 ,."?}}•?' : Io HV A. . 528 Calitornia Home Extension Associat! for | Hobb* of the State of Cjjlitornin. m, an the Count v of Kern and the ulaint tiled In the office of the C Court In the said Count. smtl Tne Tne P'-oine <)t the State of nla send drewtini: to li. H. Co .If'hn 1. PtonnlaiKl. Henrietta N. Elvira \V. Perev. Clarence \V. ta minor), and John Uoe. defeu cm arc herebv required tp 20 14.75 in au action brought aualnst v(io above-nameil IMaintiff. in th« the State of H 1 Mie perlor Court of in and tor .the 1U Ctmntv ot* Kor r'i'nlltb answer 4he Coinnfaiut illed tb- f.'fu'i within UMi <l;^vs (exclusive oi UK of service t alter the service on Vo«1iE this summons it served \\ithin the s'" ('otintv; or. it M-rved elsewhere, w. f in mlriv iJavK , Ift , " no I And vou a:-*- herebv notlnVif vou f'aiJ fo so nnitrar and J. \t I'h'lutlff will aiinlv to the (V.un. ftv n the Cmi'njXtot the ri'Urf 'h'inanded, in tl.c (' Glvt-n under inv h;tn<l and nf ilie .Snii.-Tior Court of the Wat 1 * n 20 SUMMONS In,the ^ii'icrior Court of the County ot K« vn, ^''i.f- nf (* -litornia. i J. U. Ho''"''n>-. P'-ifiitiff vs. Silver ! lto\\ ( .' ('"n o ;n\\ Uf i-ndant. Suiiorior <\r , iae.s ezeiaj . Ca.lliornia Home Kxten- S9 30 30/iU r n,-, i California, in and lor tluj C«utry r ' J ;K» n», on Auuu.t 14. 3tin7. '•" (Seal) I I.. MILLKU, ]»y BedPll Smitli. JH-Mitv C \\ m. SSiu'er. Jr.. and L). V. attorwvH for I'lain'ifl, Christ ten! Avin^F.' ".V. 1 ?. r,^7 Homo Kxteu- rnstee 10,00 it .h TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE s(jnyKspc(ton. rnstee tor t'oolev . Chas. M. ,. ;I7 7. uifninir claitn , Thai certain ction \ certain nuar T) Kev*'SvilH- ; -MU. nr , California l-fanns Exten- 5.00 10 20 iio Notice it- hereby given tajcoH on all personal property, one-hull' of the taxes on all real property, will be due and payable OB tfts* sf-f.-oud Monday in October, and li'MMi j be d'-iinqu'.-nt 011 the, last Mondiy vernier ntxt therafter, at '> o'chvdfe m., uiid unless paid prior the '-i-n l""r cent will be added to amount thtM-eof, and th.1t Jf «aM half bo not j>aid before the last ) 1C lC.<ni day in April next, at t ho Keeordors otUre Kern < <mni v. [ ,\nd vou are hereby notlfU-d that, it ( aliiorniM. m<» mtv-nve '-»:>'. , vnu I'nil to ^o ntuiear and answer. ilu» ?.. .Mso ih:u c ; ..;talu nuarf/. M m u-. ; pjaintiiT will take Indtrnient fot' iinv cI'Min Known as . I itor No ,'. HHIM « ,,jo ne v or damages demaniled in llio in P-'MH-rr M^uiu: Iiis-tncl. In ^• t1 ' 1 ' t (JiuiU'iiiH a- ai'i^ui" uiion Contrnct or K ... (V,.,;--.. : ;' ;li:? \'l VtVUtHv 1 ' 1 !'i. I will annlv to i he Court, for anv oilier as'/.Uow^lieiniinintr on \\esierb M.I. i YC ,u. tf dnnauded in the Comwlu'.nt. o( . uiror No. 1. ninnipi-r.dlHiromilU A 11 '!' ' Witness mv hand and tho seal of r the Countv of Caliloi-nia Home sion Kv A. B. Chase, A No Player Known the world over us the crreatest piaii'i. Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling and others. Pianos. Lai'irost stock of fine pianos oonst>inily on hamt eve in I3«kersfifld. I^ow Pri»?os. Easy Terms. Sherman Clay New Fish Block— 1820 K Street f IMS i. (n the ofllce of 'M-der Kern Count v. , . . Th'U oertain ouartx t-biim Known Tiuer \o. :!. and desrribed as lo of 'Tiuer No! I 1 , 'belim an <*xl*-n/i")»,';» - ot ern 1 tod fish i r . T. M. SUMMONS. r.erior Court of* (he Con of rallt'ornia. . , !>\nn!s A. . .100 nia lionif Exuen- KlonAssociatlon.lrtistM(j r tor Kindon. V.'al'iT [M-iodlander. Max 444 hosier. John . . . 445 Cnlllornla Home Kxtcn- sion A HHocfa tion. trust eo 1C 20 20 10 o Ca ) rnia Honx- Kx'ti'm-' HlonAssocia tion, trustee for (Iriinn. ICdw. W. .. California Homo ICxton- sion A Hsociatlrm. trustee for (Jj-.-ej, Alh-ed ..,.277 California Home Kxten- ntv j slonAHHorlatlou.trustoi* 10 ; an additional five por • * nt '10.00 ifl'Moj fli'Tc-to. I 1. That the remain:; t: 2oOoj^ ie tll - V( ' H "u all real pi .perty w(DJ jpaynhl*' ou and aff*-r tlio first , J|M)() iday in January n»'Xt, nnd will l>e fc (M , j linquent on the last Monday in A iiiext thereafter, at (> o'ciock land that unltss paid prior 20.00 five per rent will be added ta «l* amount thereof. * 2. That all taxes may he pate the timo th first installment, as 20 20.00 s Pi-'intlff. vs. Silver — -r -r ^—m. rm J • ^^^r T - . I r rf ^r ^ -r n _ rr.!Lu cl "!iirl ^iJmu'^eiyiie-'n'lHii^^-nBow Oil rcmnanv. l)^nd it nt. ^ feet (ISuW feet aoutTi from ;'lnMi ' .Action'l.t in the tfui.erior Court ot tho (oviiiiv of Ke:n. State ot Ca 1- TnoniHH Sfott. in th< 1 I*;mt: ot H; (ield builtlinu. corner 20th vtivei (.'liester avonnr* l)e(iur Xo. 1 '" :/ Htreet, Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager - bodur. No. 1 -• f IVikorsfleld. Tare r»v CuHfornia. or illed in tli»- "ffice of the Cb-rl; above iianu-d ^nuerior C'ourt time a*V'r I>IH lirst Diiblleatlon oi notice bM'on- ibe sale is made. ak ers Oil PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET .11 iiu itciJUii :M ".(•' ;i HC-liniHl VOU OV u-1 ; the .above-named nlalntiff. in the Su• b pi-nor Court of the Countv of Kern. "' b, talt ', n V al U ornia -,»nn 'o answer the ['«»' romplaint (iled tbeivin. within t*»n li • davs (exchisnc of the dav of hervlro) IM ajier service,on vou of thlB Summons, ii:, if Me,rveil within said Countv; if served , fIwowhere. within thirty davs, urc lu-robv notirte:! that if ' and answer, tin r lireen, Honrv \V. . .1110 10 9 I( | fo California Home Extension Association trustee for Harvey J. M. Cnlltornla Uome I^XUMI- lonAHf'Orlation. rru.stco in provided, is due and payable. or Har'.ev, .1, M 304 • * . t * * ij I U <S; Murray aves & Murrav . % ave« & Murrav Hodrick. Clark «!'foiT*lH Hoir.i. .'. (»-.*!- HionAsKoclation^tmsteo ...144 . ... ij i LI ....5m 3. That taxes may be paid IK ; office of tho Tax Collector te tin 1 '• )} (county courthouse between the h jof 9 ft. m. and n m., aud 1 p. m, &.00 (5 p. m. i Dated October 1, 1003. 2.50 ! C. E. DAY, Tux CX'llrc-tor, 10-1 Kern County. Calibrate. f f "* *, /, 1 *^\* tv '*l 4 ^ *-* <tJV/*l , , California Home K.xlen sion AHao.cia tion. trustee fo 20 20.00 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice is herr-bv um-n TO ail »«r* •»nK pwnine a/id \u>f>i.l..t* d^>rs. »'{?>&•; 10 limits of the Citv of RakersnttlS. f^„ it t fs-i K ,= -~- .... ,„ , * lat Lk'efjsf- TaifH Jar !h" )^».. iJSJrJSy 00 ^' fV lw> T " "W? ?? 20.0''are now readv for deliv.'rv U V the * lierrmaii. I) M. 374 20 -o.6u j flrcs of fhe citv rii-fk. hi rho WK-T^ California Home Kxten- 'of Producers Savinufl Ha k ToMift California Home Kxten- iionAsBocliition. trustee or llorrn IJerrman. an. n. X M. ), M. • » j I- — j -l-r M - m rf -m mm * of Producers i and on after Bi.nk 1iih dav K9", mi to ,v\° <i"' t( - i ar and answer, th*Plaintiff will take nidement for anv money or damaties de.nuinded in the HioiiAssociatton tfustcc coinuhiint as arisunr unon cumract. or s for Horrman. A. J. ...105 will aimlv to r W Coin-r lor any onu.T, C;|lifornla Home Kx*nn- H'lii'l deuiaiidi'd m flu- tonmlatnt. HlonAs:..rj**| ;J tii>n liu^icn VtUlcss liM ban-' -Ul'l (hf» ^M! of tor Ih'rnnnn A I I'M; '('arv, 1 will r.:,v,^d to impriin.d I'njttt dous ffuiiin riifiiiintr on lit - - - - — - -f - - - - m - - r t t • * ' • n , , - « . California Home Kxton- »}lonAsKoclittlon, Horr 20 a 20 20.OH ! art: the nu the e streers t;:tr f Poundrriar>r V'iUK'HS i- o. Ilor Kt-rn. Staff- ><• of Oct.. A I). l!*tiV • It i, L. Ml , }-.. \Vbli:.:-,- r.AMv Tor -ui'I HK; Kf-il o! ' tor Hemmm. A. .1 (U I}H- (pnniv ot i i \ilJroMii,* Horn*' I.-, it'll- this „'•< ('[ NOTfCE TO CREDITORS. .' t > }~. NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. Tools and Supplies In »he *'nurt. Sta" ca- MI)). 1 r i •!(•*• tor H.-nnan. 11, \V , . f ;tl|forjj] ) HOJJH- |-..Vfii- * ; H)|) \SSfK'l.|(inn TfMl. '..,. for Hern!.!Jj, Ji. \V. . . . Moff. C. K, . U'>\/ij. j. v\California 'I-une T for 1 hnMJe.-ion! t t 20 20 !'* 10 t' \ f in 'in-} ;"<if «d ('a iiio' :n F ' if-. n ft .• a. in .md CoV the Couniv iri Kfrn, I r/iJiforn;,! MM- man*-r o<; the Kstatf "i" Kaluh ' >'<>n \^ <• i,s | ( > i-4'h\ ::ivi-n. Mtat in DMr- ! ('aiii'onii.i "lome (•; of an oni'M- of rh«- Sti(»'i T l»»r | .-"iojMv -ncbdJoji in t'oiH! nt' lb<- ( 1 0lt!ll'> of K'MU. rflHtf Of I ''»!' Kf'-TlCV. J \\' i'aHlotni.t. n = ade on the l'*Ub d;iv of i A, I/i. V.tus. in He- n.atu-r • <>!' Haluh Mower, dere.js the nndersiunpd administrator of tlu estate of Hiiid dereasod will Hell at Male in the omce of the •^ • l . ,". 151 \\ i i . i • I! l; 11} I . • \\ s i } i miminiHtiator and coroner of Kern rt nous*, in rn Countv. blUmlf lu the court nous/*, Uie Cliv orllakersflelU. in said Ke -.on • s- uftalK'-n. "'uslee for Koeney. J. \V, .,,,174 ('nlitornhi 'alitornia MOIIJ»- 1.x t MI- wionAHHochttJon trustee 'or KI-'sKen. Hcnrv . ..IHH _, i rfc • -f-^f • • * j ..L .; ir ck. Ph i> H 470 I M"/.. I'Olll^ ». ;i|(.; • M finiiiih.- in n.^- <-:< •I. founts of Kern. .-;;t\ MM sari.-- ueinv. [in- i iti:-.." ' :on ». lniHln*'.-s ot c L'O L"l, ( i't 20 Adr::in;stihtoi A .1- D I) ***** 0.0 20,0 00 ,, ..i nn X , llt|r ' n - > (J Oea»M. Matthew S. MaU. attorney for l niintfitrator.

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