News-Pilot from San Pedro, California on May 30, 1945 · 1
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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California · 1

San Pedro, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1945
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1 AM F PILOT r WEATHER Southern California: Partly cloudy forth and west portion and scattered clouds southeast portion tonight and Thursday with scattered light showers O’er mountains auid few sprinkles west portion today arid Thursday little change in temperature TIDE SCHEDULE tate high tide tonight will be 5 I feet at 11:38 pm according to coat and geodetic survey tables High tide tomorrow will be 33 feet at 2:56 pm and low tides will be -4 loot at 7:31 am and 3 feet at 615 pm San Pedro Daily New— Established 1901 San Pedro Daily Pilot— 'Established 1909 New Series: Vol 18 — No 74 San Pedro California Wednesday Evening May 30 1945 Ten Pages Per Month 85c — Single Copy 5c Ship Repairs Worry Navy ’ Franklin Work to Take 9 Months Workers Urged to Stay on Job WASHINGTON (A’) — The navy let it be known today that it is frankly and openly worried over the problem of repairing ships damaged in the Pacific At an unusual news conference attended by the department’s three civilian heads as well as uniformed leaders reporters were told that ‘any relaxation in the repair yards “means more and more people Censorship Eased in Europe PARIS (IP) — All censorship restrictions except those dealing with ' the movement of troops to active theatres and any matters of such importance as to be referred to Gen Eisenhower were lifted today for all correspondents in this theatre The order surprised the censors as much as the correspond-ends Both had been told that the SHAEF censorship branch could be expected to maintain a measure of control of all news from the theatre for some time New directives which appeared Immediately after V-E day called for the censoring of all copy for such things as inaccuracy and statements considered injurious to the Allies Censorship officials were not immediately able to explain the change in plans Garner Declines Truman Bid - AMARILLO Tex UP) — The Amarillo Globe says in a dispatch from Uvalde Tex that former Vice President John Garner has declined a request from President Trunsar that he return to Washington for responsible work with the government “probably a cabinet post” John McCarty a member of the newspaper’s staff who visited with Garden in Uvalde reported that Garner declined an “urgent request” of the president because cf the illness of Mrs Garner McCarty said he asked Garner for a statement on what the president wanted him to do and Carney said “any thing' I wanted to fullt 'The’yard host' ap- The Globe says Garner 76 is in good health but “Mrs Garner has been in failing health for several months” Seven More Jap Admirals Killed SAN FRANCISCO (IP)— Seven more Japanese admirals have died in battle Japan’s chief naval station at Yokosuka announced officially today the Tokyo radio said in a domestic broadcast recorded by the federal communications commission These latest high-ranking naval casualties bring to well over 100 the number of Nipponese admirals reported to have met death in less than a year Tokyo radio said those reported killed included two vice-admirals one of whom was identified as Nishio Hayakawa The second name was inaudible to monitors The other five were listed as Rear Admirals Murata Ozaki Inouye Oknno and Odawara Mary Martin III Reported Gaining NEW YORK CP) — Mary Martin itage and screen actress was re-Dorted'to be “doing nicely" today it the lving-in hospital after blood transfusions folowilng loss of a child not expected until next December Richard Ilalliday her husband laid his wife suffered severe shock two weeks ago when their only child Mary 3 was attacked by a dog Back Fighters Urges Ingram WASHINGTON (IP)— Here is a war bond statement from Adm Jonas H Ingram eommnnder-in-chief of the U S Atlantic fleet: “No major war was ever won without the support of the home The men on the battlefront look to the folks back home to support them If all Americans tighten their belts increase production and buy war bonds now we 11 be all set for the tough final push" killed on the beaches” The navy men emphasizing the seriousness of west coast repair workers quitting their jobs indicated broadly that only the necessity of keeping valuable information from the enemy prevented telling the whole story Pointing up the problem Secre-taty Forrestal said it was estimated the aircraft carrier Franklin now under repair at the Brooklyn navy yard would require nine months to get back into action Some cruisers will require six months and a number of destroyers three months NAVY CASUALTIES The secretary said naval casualties in the battle for Okinawa dating from March 15 total 4270 through May 23 including killed and missing in action compared with ground force totals for the same period of 5332 Adm Frederick J Horn vice chief of naval operations said this should give some idea of the extent of damage to naval vessels since the naval casualties were suffered aboard ghips in the support force off Okinawa “Damage to combat ships” the secretary declared “has increased in the past few months largely because of the long sustained operations against the Japanese in waters around the enemy homeland Increased aerial activity by the Japanese also has been a factor” The department announcement disclosed that critical labor shortages exist in vital west coast repair yards At MareIsland Calif a net loss of 600 Workers was reported during the past month and the yard is now 9000 workers below its ceiling despite widespread recruiting drives and intense efforts to keep workers ADDITIONAL LOSSES The Puget Sound Wash navy yard lost 600 workers net last month and is 5000 under its ceiling The Hunters Point Calif naval drydocks need 6000 more A-f'Vorc if facilities are to be used proximately 700 last month "The situation is comparable in private yards” the announcement said “The Puget Sound area needs 41000 additional workers the San Francisco area 3500 workers and the Los Angeles area requires 5000 workers” Admiral Horn said as the var approaches the Japanese homeland the fleet is “more and more subject to heavy Japanese air attack” Despite losses the Japanese still have many planes and every attack is “in the hundreds” he added “What we are trying to do in the states is the battle of repairs” (Continued on Page 7) Mans $48000 Lost in Fire SAN FRANCISCO LPi— Bruno Salvadore wanted to have' all his eggs in one basket So he toured his three banks Monday and drew out his savings until he had three $1000 bills 54 $500 bills and 180 $100 — $48000 in all — in a canvas sack He put the sack in the locker where he works and left it overnight intending to put It in one bank next day But he didn’t Guido Pollastrinl manager of the restaurant told police yes he chopped open Salvadore’s locker with a meat cleaver — to put out a fire Money? What money? All he saw was burned clothing Small Nations Win 2 Points at Security Conference By JOHN M HIGHTOWER Associated Press Diplomatic News Editor SAN FRANCISCO UP)— Small nations checked off two notable gains at the World Security Conference today in their struggle with the Big Five for more power in a world peace league These advances held the prospect of tempering their fight on the Big Five veto voting formula although on one hotly debated question they demonstrated an ability to outvote the big powers and score a clear victory for themselves Hmerican braves hpu IneHag War Dead Mourned as Work to Conquer Japan Goes On 500 Parade at Wilmington WILMINGTON — More than 500 persons representing veteran and military organizations participated this morning in a Memorial Day parade and program sponsored by American Legion Post No 287 The parade was witnessed by hundreds along Avalon blvd from F st to Banning high school Organizations represented were Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Police Drum and Bugle Corps Disabled American Veterans Red Cross American Legion WAC Mothers and veteran auxiliaries Chaplain David Colony of the port of embarkation delivered the Memorial Day address at the high school program which honored Gold Star Mothers American Legion auxiliary (Continued on Page 7) 150 Berlin Japs Arrive In Moscow MOSCOW (IP) — Nearly 150 Japanese were among 350 members and employes of foreign diplomatic staffs in Berlin who arrived in Moscow recently after an eight-day journey aboard a special train Others aboard the train included Swedes Swiss Afghans and Spaniards - Here is what they gained: 1 The United States Russia Britain China and France finally accepted a Canadian proposal that any country whose armed forces were to be employed by the security council should join in making the decision for their use This means that if Canadian troops were to be called out to suppress aggression Canada could participate in the security council decision even though it was not at the time a member of the council Not more than one outside nation at a time however (Continued on Page 7) I ft S&SsSJ ’ ’ By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS Millions of Americans heartsick over the rows of fresh new grqves on the battlefields of Europe and Pacific islands today mourned the nation’s war dead Work for victory1 over Japan continued in most war plants and government offices as the nation observed its 77th Memorial Day with parades religious services — — and quiet ceremonies in cemeteries Saddened by memories of soldiers who rest at Gettysburg and Flanders Field and more keenly by thoughts of those who died on Normandy beaches and Iwo Jima in Italy and' on Okinawa Americans also gave thanks for V-E Day and for the safe return of many fighting men from Europe Few of the 240 remaining Civil War veterans took part in observances of the day which was inaugurated 77 years ago in honor of their fallen comrades Wreaths were placed on the grave of the unknown soldier of the World war in Arlington national cemetery and of Franklin D Roosevelt in Hyde Paik In Chicago the Memorial day program centered about Gen Mark W Clark and 50 heroes from his Fifth army who were expected to arrive early this afternoon tor a 15-mile military parade In the San Francisco bay area Memorial services were limited to brief army and navy rites and a civic program at Oakland Traditional Memorial day services and parades were on the New England program- In Boston recently-returned veterans of World War II were to march in a parade Kansas City stores schools and public offices closed down for the holiday A special marriage license deputy remained available (Continued on Page 7) Lady Astor's Son Runs for Commons LONDON UP) — American-born Lady Astor a member of parliament may have another son sitting in commons — if he wins at the polls Capt Michael Astor 29 is to be named conservative candidate for East Surrey He has been a member of the staff of Field Marshal Sir Bernard L Montgomery Lady Astor’s eldest son William Waldorf Astor is also a member of parliament Her husband Viscount Astor formerly held a parliament scat X r"-- - Cfew I mMl Victory in Europe and driving the Japs back to their homeland defenses cost San Pedro its heaviest casualty rate of the war a Memorial day tabulation of all available casualty lists disclosed Fifty-eight San Pedro men gave their lives in the last 12 months bringing to 126 the names on the harbor’s roll of war dead Most of those killed since last Memorial day died in the fighting which started last Fune on the Normandy beachheads and continued without letup until V-E day The Philippines invasion and the assaults on Iwo Jima and Okinawa also took toll of San Pedro soldiers sailors and marines In addition to those killed In action 38 San Pedrans are listed as missing and many of these whose status has been unreported for more than a year are presumed dead Wounds both minor and disabling have put 115 San Pedrans temporarily or permanently out of action according to army-navy casualty lists Not since the Pearl Harbor attack took the lives of 17 San Pedro men have casualties piled up so rapidly as they did in the closing months of the battle for Germany In the 18 months after Pearl Harbor 21 more San Pedrans were killed and in the 12 months leading up to last Memorial day another 28 names were added to the honor roll of war dead Cardinals College fo Hear Pope Pius ROME UP) — The Vatican radio will broadcast on June 2 an address by Pope Pius XII to the college of cardinals The cardinals will pay their respects to the pontiff on that occasion which is St Eugene day and the pope's name day Yank Troops Ok inawa Fortress FRENCH SHELL DAMASCUS NEW VIOLENCE ELARES Syrians' Artillery Brought Into Action in Capital LONDON W— The Syrian and Lebanese legations said today that the French last night bombarded Damascus capital of Syria Intervention of the British minister stopped the bombardment the legations said in a joint statement but firing continues The statement did not explain the extent of the filing New outbreaks of violence were reported in the dispute between France and the governments of Syria and Lebanon (The British radio said heavy fighting was in progress in Damascus and that “Frqnch troops entered the city and the parliament house” The report said the Syrian youth movement had decided to resume the general strike) ARTILLERY OPENS IP The Beyrouth radio said Syrian artillery had been brought into action against the offices of the French legation and “all French military position in Damascus” iast night It added that “French military authorities therefore have taken all necessary measures” Fighting which started at Aleppo in the extreme north and has spread southward through Hama and Homs was reported to have reached Reraa 60 miles south of Damascus near the trans-Jordan frontier where natives were said to have attacked French garrison barracks A train was reported derailed between Hamdanieh and Kawa-keb with three persons killed and 14 injured Syrian acting Premier Jamil Mardam Bey announced yesterday that the disturbances already had taken a toll of 80 to 100 killed and 200 to 300 wounded NO COMPROMISE Neither France nor the" two Levantine governments showed any inclination to compromise French foreign ministry circles in Paris ere quoted as saying they would not welcome outside mediation and the Paris radio emphasized that France “intends to insure the guaranteeing of her strategic interests” including the use of certain air bases and ports on the route to the Far East The broadcast added that France also wishes to guarantee her economic interests including her rights to a share in Mosul oil The Syrian and Lebanese ministers in London countered with a statement declaring: “Now France is presenting demands which had never been mentioned before The answer of the Syrian and Lebanese peoples and governments is that they will never accept such demands” C of C Boards to See Civic Film A Committee for Economic Development film to show how community projects can help the transition from war to peacetime economy Friday night will be shown directors of the San Pedro and Wilmington Chambers of Commerce at the Oslo Cafe as the program highlight of a joint meeting of the groups Director John Phipps of the San Pedro Chamber has arranged for the CED film and President James McQuigg said the host group already has made 27 reservations for its complete board and staff Harbor Group to Consider Aquarium Finance Proposals Proposals for financing and control of an aquarium in the Point Fermin district will be discussed at a committee meeting he expects to call within two weeks John Paulli chairman of a Chamber of Commerce committee seeking establishment of the scientific and cultural institution here reported today Supervisor Raymond V Darby has promised to aid the plan and will be a member of the general committee to include civic work CAPT GIjRALD VV GKIEUTU His Intelligence Was Good San Pedran Wins Bronze Star Capt Gerald W Griffith regimental intelligence officer serving with the 103rd Infantry regiment 43rd Infantry division won the Bronze Star medal for meri-lorious achievement against the enemy on Luzon island during the period from Jan 9 to March 15 1345 “In the planning phase at Aitape New Guinea he performed the complex task of keeping his regiment informed of the enemy situation on Luzon" the citation said “His systematic thoroughness as to information of enemy strength and locations saved many lives On several occasions he deliberately entered areas under enemy fire seeking information which proved vital to the success ol the command” Capt Griffith’s outfit was among those making the initial assault landing on Luzon and it recently captured Ipo dam near Manila Maj Gen Leonard F Wing wrote Cant Griffith’s wife Catharine 1015 S Harbor View “I deem it a high honor to serve in tiie same command with your husband who typilies the finest in the American army” Capt Griffith entered service in February 1941 and was commissioned in March 1912 at Fort Denning Ga He has been in the South Pacific since January 1944 Iran Asks Allies fo Withdraw TEHRAN (P) — The Iran government has demanded the withdrawal of all British United Slates and Russian troops from Iran Iran’s Foreign Minister Sepah Bodi informed parliament that identical notes had beeg sent to the British American and Soviet embassies in which “w'e demanded that in view of the cessation of European hostilities and in order to restore a normal situation in the country British American and Russian troops evacuate Iran” Article 5 of the Russian-British-Iran treaty of 1941 stipulated that Allied forces would leave Iran within six months after the cessation of hostilities and Iran authorities view that period as dating from Germany’s surrender Freed in Europe Tech Sgt Clarence E Bolt a German prisoner since March 1944 when he was taken during fighting in Italy ha3 been liberated the war department confirmed today He is the brother of Mrs Edith L Jones of 213 Project st Rancho San Pedro ers scientists and government officials Paulli said Councilmm George H Moore although nut accepting membership on the committee wrote Paulli that he has asked the city park department to review plans it has been considering for some time to establish such a feature at Point Fermin park Possibilities for financing an aquarium run from private to public sponsorship or some combination of the two the committee chairman said Crac NIPS SAY 250000 LEFT HOMELESS IN YOKOHAMA Chinese Tell Gains 51 Square Miles of Tokyo Devastated By LEONARD MILLIMAN Associated Press War Editor Yanks today crashed through crumbling Japanese defenses on Okinawa island and Chinese troops reported victories on four continental fronts as the Japanese home front coped with the greatest disasters its cities have ever experienced Enemy broadcasts reported 250000 Yokohama residents were left homeless and uncounted numbers killed by yesterday's Superfortress attack which transformed the port city into a sea of flame More than 51 square miles of Tokyo — an area greater than the city of San Francisco — has been destroyed in six mass incendiary attacks in the last three months which cost the 21st bomber command 50 Superforts There’s nothing left in the enemy capital worth fire bombing On the doorstep of Nippon’s homeland U S marines and infantrymen cracked into Okinawa’s ancient Shuri fortress virtually completely conquest of the capital city of Naha and made deep thrusts toward the southern and eastern tops of the island NEAR SOUTHERN SHORE Japanese fought iiercely in the outskirts of Naha and north of Shuri but American field officers predicted the southern shore would be reached today and invading ground forces would “take at least half of what’s left of southern Okinawa within a week” Climaxing months of mountain fighting in the Philippines the 38th Infantry division captured undefended Wawa dam the last of Manila’s three reservoirs to be reclaimed while the 32nd and 25th divisions joined forces for a push into fertile Cagayan valley nn r 1 1 1 1 e Luzon island - Announcement of extensive China gains were coupled with other reports of Japanese retreats The Indo-China corridor was further breached Chinese columns pressed toward Japanese bases in southern central and northern China and swept farther up the coastline north of the recaptured port of Foochow The destruction of virtually all of industrial Tokyo within three months was described by Associated Press War Correspondent Leif Erickson as “an unparalleled achievement in strategic bombing” ONLY SKELETONS LEFT Only the blackened skeletons of concrete and steel buildings remained in a vast scarred area spreading out around the imperial palace In this area were Tokyo’s greatest war industries her main business section and hundreds of extoy factories which had become “shadow” producers of war materials Numerous buildings in the imperial palace grounds were destroyed but damage to the emperor’s palace was minor Seventy-seven square miles of Japan’s major industrial cities have now been devastated by fire bombs which Maj Gen Curtis M Lemay of tbe 21st Bomber Command says cannot annihilate a city This does not include destruction acomplished yesterday in the first incendiary attack on Yokohama port of Tokyo Tokyo broadcasts said the communication and transportation systems were paralyzed and 60000 homes burned down It made no mention of industrial damage The Japanese claimed 38 planes were shot down U ' S reports listed two B-29s and three escorting Mustang fighters lost a sharp reduction from the 19 Superforts downed In last Saturday’s unescorted and most costly strike at Tokyo JAl CABINET MEETS In an unusual session in the fire razed capital Premier Kantaro Suzuki met today with six former premiers and his war navy and foreign ministers presumably discussing defense of “the sacred islands” Impending loss of Okinawa and the Soviet Union’s position toward the Pacific war The Okinawa campaign vas quickened by penetration of the lfilh century fortress keystone of the established Nipponese defense (Continued on Page 7) " (

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