Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 3, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1964
Page 12
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Bv NEAt. ADA.ia 12 -Monday, Feb. 3, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE UNDER DEED Of TRUST TF 3840 LOAN No. 8-VA-17611 Notice is hereby given that AHMANSON BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, a California Corporation, tas trustee, or successor trustee, or substituted trustee pursuant to the deed of trust executed by EMM ITT A. SHELTON AND BRENDA SHELTON. his wife, and recorded December 17. 1914 in book 3o29. page 1S6. of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of San Bernar- GOP leaders call for strong stand IN HOLLYWOOD Shhh! TV penguin teaches the kids SHORT RIBS 77* By FRANK O'NEAL By Erskine Johnson SACRAMENTO (UPI) — Thc| J state's Republican hicr-j ji 0LLY W00D - (NEA) -[breakthrough in visual cduca- dino county. California, and pursuant |archy, meeting on the eve of the Hey. Ma! I've got news for you.|tion. Jo 'sen ^tn^eunder'^ecorded ^^'ra.i 1 ^ Legislature, called today; That "know-it-all" cartoon pen-; As an example of program- in book i960, pasc 810. of said *of-f 0 r GOP lawmakers to continue quin named Tennessee Tuxedo ming in the public interest you »rf!i R i"«'lA'^ strategy of acting in a on television every Saturdays an almost forgive the spon- Entrance to the county court House.! block morning is helping educate sor s message. \" ol%a„ > B°c f rn S art,S . r s :, ,a1e n of caT 'i The executive committee ofi your kiddies. ! In case you arc unaware of 'e "rb1dder P for iC cas U h''^ Republican State Central: Tnc kkls don - t rcaljzc t h c v -Tennessee Tuxedo, he s the sort time of *a1e in lawful money of the iCommittee commended Repub- arc being slipped the education- wl10 ' s always sticking his nose ;United States, all right title. and ; ij can legislators for their a i nrrdlc -\nd that's the bi" inl ° otncr lolks ' affairs. As a .interest, conveyed to and now held,.. . 31 nccuit. .U1U llldL s lite ui 0 .... ,- ,. ye [by it under said deed in the prop- 1 strong, unified stand in the : j,j ca ,result, he keeps finding himself eJty situate in said county and state, J963 Legislature. 1 «- ' , -,r %. Jin situations he cannot handle, desenbed a, follows: , fa h d | So keep mum Ma. about, M a fa archi _ now. in a minority in both 'reading that Tennessee Tuxedo; he houses. by 3 C ? m , pany namcd !of building a bridge. The bridge :TT\, the initials meaning " " Lot 50 of Tract No. 4122. as per map recorded in book 55. page 9 of Maps, m the office of the county recorder of said county. Satd sale will be made, but with- Caspar W. Weinberger, state' say 1 •Teaching _ . . . ., ' .. ?i collapses. In the (loins. Tuxedo which I Md ^ junjor yicwcr absorb j out covenant or warranty, express, . j or implied, regarding title, posses- 1 GOP chairman, did not ^«„* , . . i UU u jumu. »^v. « mdeb^dne^^ the Republican strategy; ,he namc of ,hc P en S um a!so : a few basic tenets about the j including the fee and expenses or could mean for Gov. Edmund; means - bridge-building art. !|.v e MTd'Veed^adUSceiThere;^ Brown 's proposed $3.6 billion! Early ratings of the new show. when Tuxw j 0 is unablc t0 rr . 'with interest as provided therein.l budget, but it will take at least i indicate the kiddies are getting, pa i r an automobile the ensuing se" bvli 'td de^?oU O iVs H 8 T 30 n i °M; ,HRCE Republican votes to get!out of bed Saturday mornings; fun> graphically and with juven- with interest thereon from March i.;the budget legislation throughjand dialing TT. oblivious to the j jj e simplicity, explains the ! ... AND CAN AND HIS GROUP 1 TAKE APV'ANTASE CF A SITUATION. | l^yj^ THIS MAY BS \ ! ;^Ti? i By DON SHERWOOD z/ : 7 ...AND IM 5UKE THEIR BOAT'S JUST WHAT •\ VtE KEEP.' ^ZH^WmS?*- lAssembly. and some Republic- AHM'ANSON BANK AND ! ans have promised a fight. Weinberger said the executive TRUST COMPANY as such Trustee. By Wayne H. Mathews. Authorized Officer. CR-2067 MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI committee heard reports from legislative leaders on "plans to try to trim down the governor'* fact that it is a NOTirn or HEARING ON TETI-I RF . HUAEPT •• TION ron PROBATE OK WILL .\ND| CXDANACA ouagci. FOB LETTtRS TESTAMENTART ' No. 33299 In the Superior Court of the State of REQUEST IS GRANTED California, in and for the County! c »\-nl"F\"TIV f^lif iPPI) of San Bernardino. VfL-tiS 11>, Lallt. ( \j PI)—, Mj u s : : Rjvcr w |,j cn |, a<; in the Matter of the Estate of Ex-convict Manuel De Los San-:' " , ,' „„..," .and marketing sneciatNt uho HERBERT G. CACE. Deceased. ,„ r „.,,„ „,,.„j , ,„,.„, f „, •,„_ been put tO Rood USC by Mark.*" 1 " '"•>"; , ->"'" ^wau i »uu Notice is hereby given that thei tos - wno scr%ed a term for bur 'iTwain and Will Rogers Sundav :survc - ved interest of junior age petition of Ethel M. cage and Frank, glary and completed 18 monthsl ... _ . ,. " '.' levels He found "an unbelicv- c cage for the Probate of wui of' „ f '.i,„„t u„u;„* „., c ;night got the once-over from. l V. . ... "_"_"""<-»_<-> significant; wor king of the internal com- ibustion engine. j In similar vein, other plots i lead TT into the fiels of irriga- i tion. fircfighting. astronomy. ! telecommunication. farming, navigation, deep sea diving, etc. The idea for the show came HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Thc from r l ! ,,c * of ^ innc " apohs industrial public relations TELEVISION IN REYIEW By RICK DU BROW • T"» T co„^c . u .because it never once told us^o usc the cartoon as a car- Koods, De Los Santos told a\ Untir .„„ „. rtnf „ n {hQ rivcr ; r ier for a good comedy show Fresno court that he wanted to how jazz went up AUTOMATION, WHAT$3 TAKING VCO GO LONG?/ FOR LETTERS TESTAMLNTAKV . ... . . No. 33322 Probate of Wiii of Henry cram, the the human comedy and drama: Laurentis, In the Superior Court of the State of above named decedent, and tor the f California, in and for the County!issuance of Letters Testamentary lor C\erjone, of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the F.*>tate of JESSE H. PASSF1ELD. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the i petition of Henton S. Brenan for the Probate of Will of Jesse H. Pass-field, the above named decedent, and for the Issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Henton S. Brenan. petitioner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, ivijl be heard at f):30 o'clock a.m.. on Friday, February 14. 1!>64. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 303 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated January 31. J9&4. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. By Martin Sponslcr. Deputy Clerk. HENTON S. BRENAN. 306 Ea*.t State Street. Redlands. California, j (Petitioner. \ iFir*t publication Feb. 3. 19€4» I hereby made for further particulars. WJII be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m., on Friday. February 7. 1964. in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 303 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and Mate. Dated January 23, 1964. i V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. | By Ed .th <*^k CIcrk ;?»™ B o^ and hobnobbing with;filmed in Spain this spring by HENTO.V s. BRENAN. ' ron LETTERS TESTAME.VTART !some of its interesting rcsi-;vet director King \idor. . . . ^nl ^o 5 ;",.'' mih .a .p.rior'oSrt'ofihesuieofidents. workers and revelers I The first new movie studio built Attorney for Petitioner?. | California, m and for the County! along the way. It was a per- anvwherc in the world in manv .First publication Jan. 27. 1364. I of ^ Bernardmo. ^ j sona , an( j a prct , y won . vcars just opcne(| 13 miles out . PETr -l HE.VR'Y CRAM. Deceased. iderfu! one. especially rich for;side of Rome. The money man , _ » ,. . from New Orleans to Chicago, i with an educational message." return to San Quentin because, Brjnk , in fact (ravc " lcd j Snort Takcs: of the greater educational op- dQwn (he riw> s(arting a£ jts j A filrnb io 3ra ph.v of Miguel Dc portunuies. source in Minnesota, following,Cervantes, the great Spanish it to the end of its flow in Lou- : novelist (Don Quixote), will be NOTICE Of HEARING TION IOR TROBATE Ol Wit.I. AND j Notice is hereby given that the ,i,„-„ „.:.i, C oi c full nl ;- n^i;,„ r\\„„ repetition of Henrietta cram for the those with color sets, but full of i^ Italian producer Dmo De and legitimately; So laughs, please, about thereon to Henrietta Cram, petition- C voking the feel of that much; "Robinson Crusoe on Mars." It made r ^ u " h eV%ar,;c*ar:. "'"be 'over-used word. Americana. m ay sound like a comedy, but heard at 9:30 oeiock am. on Friday, without hitting the usual tour- producer Aubrev Schneck isn 't February 7. 1964. in the court room - . „. r . . .n_ of the Probate Department. Room ISt spots. jamilScd by the thought. The S rt ^rS! It made one regret all; film, he insists, is all scien- Bernardino m the above designated the more the cancellation this|tific. about a U.S. astronaut C0 Dated a janua a ry'23. msi. P ast s e ason 01 t!,K weekly half-; marooned after a crash landing v. DEN'NIS 'WARDLE. clerk hour. "David Biinklev 's Jour -.'on the planet. To avoid ridicu- By Edith Ca, ^. hpc JJj. C|crk nal." another victim of the cur-jlous situations, he hired rocket HENTON s. BRENAN. rent slashing of rcgularlyj expert Wernhcr von Braun and R^diandV^aT.forn^.'' scheduled public service prime-; E. V. Ashburne of Lockheed Attorney for Petitioner. time scries. Aircraft to check out all the iFir*t publication Jan. 27. ltHjl* ! ... ,...!• t - r - 1 ^ -----— s In Sunday night s s 'yhsh, vis-'scientific data. . . . NOTICE or ANNUAL MEETING :ually beautiful travelogue, we! Charlton Heston said it about The annual meeting of the Red- saw a fisherman who lives onithe perils of an actor remain- wm'r ^Te^Mond^'Februrrv a houseboat with his son; au -|ing impervious to stardom: 1964. at 8 00 p'm. in ihe Lyon Wins ihor Richard BisscJI. who also|"You try to stay as normal as und'r.'cjiirStfStars a '™ a urgee?1'o' 1'vcs on a houseboat, wrote possible. Then the studio for- be present. ,"The Pajama (Jame," and:gets to send a car to meet you FLORENCE M. W-IESE^ ; ? [ iaref i SO mc Mississippi River! at the airport. You take a taxi • memorabilia collected at Du-|and you blow your top. biiciue: the octogenarian owner j "You regret it later, but you of a firm that once built steam-;are brainwashed into expecting boats, a sequence that was ; SU ch things." touching: and a floating St.j Louis nightclub that made Hoi-\ K |N pR(S0N lbwood look like a rest home. SACRAMENTO. Calif. (UPI) There also was a baptism]_E X -convict Louis V. Santana, j service in the river; a man; wno [ r j ec [ t0 break into Fotsom ;who virtually owns a town andp r i s on last month, was back n's also its mayor and justice of .there legally today, jthe peace: gorgeous old planta-| j^c district attorney's office i tion homes, one v.ith a Greek revoked his parole and sent |Revival outhouse, a watermel-; mr n back to California's maxi- on party at a political rally.; m tim security penitentiary, •and a segregationist Louisiana; Santana was delighted. He political boss. Jau guitarist sa j ( | -i- m trying to escape from I Charlie Byrd arranged the a woman." :background score, and clarinet- ;ist George Lewis" lonely solo NOTICT ol MrAr .iNr. ON PETI• io\A a storv all its own. TION FOR PROISATE OK WILL AND ! FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY . . _, No. xmi The Channel Swim: The In the Superior Court of the State of j space-minded city of Huntsvillc J falsfa TBe 'rn"rd 'rno. '° r thc C ° unty Ala., is visited by IVBC-TV 'S. In the Matter of the E-!=Ie of I "Today" show Wednesday . . .1 tr!b E y RG ^en Dc St SCd .he i Prosperous Houston is surveyed petition of Philip s Beruin for the L.. PRC Tl''« "Tu -Bntioth Cen Probate of Will of Richard A. Bcr- |r»> LBb-iV S iwentietn Len -: B i n , ne above namcd decedent, and ttiry" Feb. 16, and an econom-; for the issuance of Letters Testamen- ically troubled Appalachian re-;^ T^r^bT^'Z; gion is the Subject ? eb. 23. i further particulars, will be heard at VHPTO'. h™.r lo/>l- at A.ic ' 9:30 o'^lo^ 1 ' 3 m.. on Friday. Febru- NBC-TV s hour look at Aus- ary 7 19&4 in thc court room „, th tralia airs March 31 . . . Ed Probate Department. Room 303 of C..11;..,- <!,„ ,„„„„ct! ,ne above entitled Court at the buluvan sa\s the ticket request courtnous< , in lhc Cltv 0[ San Ber is near 50,000 for thC personal, nardino in the above designated U- /--r»c* in* county and state. (appearance on his CBS-T\. DaXod januarv 24. w<n. show the next two Sundavs of! v. DENNIS WAKDLE . cicrk. the Batles, the young British; By Ed,,h Can g£" K - y cierk. rock 'n' roll foursome that is EDWI.V n. HALES. #1. »-n -.r c> : Attorney for Petitioner, the talk Of England. > , First publication Jan. 27. 1964i Arabian Nights Answer to Previous Puzzle ICIAINJO|E "Don't tell me you would deny an artist freedom of expression!" ACROSS 1 ".Maddin'J S Arabian name SSinbad'sbird. H Giver 12 Knave of clubs 13 Nigerian tribesman M Bfaarre 15 Having corolla parts 17 Adriatic port 19 Ascend 20 Swine enclosure 21 Lewis Carroll heroine 22 Struggle 25 Fanons 27 Arabian rater 29 Collection of sayings 30 Roman garment 34 "AU and the Forty Thieves" 35 Slight bow 36 Arid regions 37 American dominion 40 Greek letter 41 Foe 43 Indiana (ab.) 45 Tread heavily 46 Groups of nina 50 Soup bowls 52 Arabic chief divinity 53 North Caucasian language 54 Operated 55 Woody vina 56MissLniic 57 Organ of vision 58 Rational DOWX 1 Frown 2 Opposed to (eolU 3 Customs 4 Quickly 5 Cathedral section 6 New Guinea port 7 Transfix 8 Survival 9 Stout 10 Signal system 11 Point 16 Bristlel&e appendage IS Despotism 21 He owned 2 magic lamp 22 Spider's home 23 Candlennt tree 24 Chest bone 26 Wild ox of Celebes I 23 Inflorescence form 31 Mineral rock 32 Obtain 33 Arabian commander 33 Electrical unit 39 Chronicles 41 Musical study T 42 Water wheel 44 Feminine nam* 45 Counterfoil 46 Slave 47 Wolfhound 48 Scandinavian 49 Pronoun 51 Negative answer w 22 23 a 3* I t

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