Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1891
Page 5
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SHORT SPACE Is enougti to tell,.what everybody knows. The Grand Bazaar is headquarters on all kinds of sporting goods. Fishing rods, Lines, Reels, Bicycles, Safety's, Velocipedes, Tricycles etc. The Grand Bazaar. PATRONIZE TAILORS' UNION LABEL. Dr. CORBETT,V.V.S, A veterinary surgeon of many years experience Is now permanently located at DieMs Livery Stable 209 Market street, Logansport, Ind. Dr. Corbatt will be pleased to wait upon all who may favor him with a call. apr2;!d>twlra DR. E. M. HATCH, - liOMOEOPJvTHIIST- Physician ana Surgeon. Office, McCaftreyiBiock Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 11222Hlgh Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&wSm M O JN E Y , 6tezt9ral Insurance and Loauft. All kinds of In- •nranoe placed In Hr6t class companion. Endowment policies pnroh&fied., Bonds of roretysl. written lor parties aoldlng positions of WTWI where & bond is required. 319 PEARL ST. S. M. Closson, MONEY TO LOAN, D BUT »nm at the LOWEST rates. Priva Onl7, Money always In hand. No re 1 tape or del«y. Interest nod principal payable ID IiOgaiii- port. Special urrnngemwitfi »e to poymw.t at principal and Interest, made to suit tVe wlshoio* borrower. For further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sura over Shallowest rates. Large amounts 6 percent. GEO. B. FOKGY. F. M. BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. Office Over J. Herz> Tailoring linliirieiit, 4OO Market Street • ' aprlldtovtf Daily Journal SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 16. AsT-defy'a'ny'one to detects its use; B. R'Keesilng sells "Blush of Roses" to nearly^every young man in Logansport. 8— Judge-George Burson returned to Ms iome in .Winamac last evening after rendering his decision in the Barnetf^Clark case. Peru Journal: John Holland and Chas. Melles, of Logansport. were in the city, last night in attendance at the Catholic Knights drill. Quite a large number of fishermen are daily lining 1 the banks of Wabash and Eel rivers in quest of bass, although but few are reported caught. John Welsh, of the fire department is still on the sick list caused by a plunge : ia ; " the race some time ago after a child which had fallen therein. A series of lawsuits between a son and'his father, which has been in the Montgomery county court for ten years, has at last ended. The son froze to death last winter and his body lies in a pauper's grave. Melvin Bennett, the Jeffersonville boy who wa's shot a year ago, and who still "carries the bullet beneath the skull, prefers constant suffering to . taking .the risk of having the skull re*med out and the ball removed.:; Winamac,Republican: The entertainment given by the Logansport band in Winamac Thursday nig-ht of last week deserved a much better patronage than it received. The boys really 'gave an excellent entertainment.-, j. - Bpna Booth, for the past three .years rasiding- on the Pacific slope, was in •the city.just long enough last, even- ing'to shake hands with a few. friends/ Mr. Booth was en route to • New York, and 'after >a'" short stay there will return to-the home' Of his youth to make his permanent residence. D. D. Phillips, of Reynold is in the cityon business. Luther Booth and Cal Zinn went to Chicago last night to remain permanently or until something gelse turns up. Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Pierce departed this morning for Louisville so attend the B. P. 0. E. conclave commencing at that place on Sunday. Quite a delegation of Logansport Elks will depart for Louisville to-night. Rensselaer Republican: Mrs. E. P. Hammond goes to Indianapolis today to meet with tie Indiana Commis sioners of the World's Fair. They will select a president, treasurer, secretary and manager for the Indiana exhibit. The indications are favorable for a large attendance at the celebration of the Mexican war veterans and picnic of the old settlers, at Lake Cicott, June 3, under low rates from the State line aud the popular low rates from this city. Francis Murphy closed a two weeks' series of temperance meetings Wednesday night at Hunting-ton. Over seventeen hundred have signed the pledge. The City Council at that place has raised the liquor license to $250 and saloon men are looking sad. The surviving members of the Cass County Volunteers (war with Mexico), of this city and vicinity will meet at 7 o'clock this evening in the rooms of Major McFadin. Business of importance with reference to the celebration at Like Cicott, on Jane 8, will be considered. Helen M., the five-year-old daughter of Mr .'and Mrs. Henry Tucker, died at the family residence, corner of 14th aad High streets, last evening of tuberculous meningetis. The child had been suffering with the painful disease for the past two years, and death was a relief to the little sufferer. The announcement of "the funeral will be made later: The war museum i\as well patronized last night, and all were highly interested with the descriptive lecture of Anderson ville prison by Captain Slusser. Little Robbie Slusser,' the six-year-old son of the Captain will be present to-night and entertain the visitors in his wonderful zouave musket drill, in which he is the king. Don't fail to see him. Dr. J. H. Allen was elected second vice president of the Indiana institute of homeopathy in session at Indianapolis. Dr. Allen is a rising odvocate of this school of medicine in this State. The Indianapolis Journal's personal notes of the institute contains the following: "Dr. J. H. Allen of .Logansport, of stalwart form- and studious mien, is one of the abler and newer members from whom much is expected. Commencing with to-night Manager McNary will put on an extra street car that will leave Broadway and Fourth at 10:45 and the ,Barcett hotel at 10:40. This is done to accommodate persons who have been complaining that cars are not run late enough. It ia a sort of experiment. If at the end of a week it is found that the receipts justify;, the. expense, the car will be continued, if not, . it will be taken off. The Des Moines Register speaking of the success of Frank Fetter an old "Old Jlnnjy tlie War Hor»o. Rochester Republican: Mr. J. L Zolman, of Nebraska, who is home o a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs Amos Zolman, in Newcastle township called Tuesday to give us some fact in reference to "Old Jinnie," th "army horse" so long owned by 1 bii father and recently made famou through newspaper notoriety, Th Rochester Sentinel first called atten tion to the existence of "Old Jinnie,' and other papers throughout the Stat refcred to the fact as being worthy o special attention. Amos Zolman bought the mare of Dr. Thomson, in this place, nearly twenty seven yeai's ago, in 1865, but the doctor is not now living and no further record can be had of her history, except tba she was sold as an "army horse" by a government agent at auction, and was at that time judged to be nine years of age. During her twenty-seven years of service on the Zolman farm she has exhibited many traits lha evidence the fact she was engaged in active service during the war. If any one discharges a gun, while she is running loose in the field, she will come with all speed and with an apparent desire to enter an engagement. She also rallies at the sound of a drum and the bugle call. If at any time she should be driven to Rochester during a public demonstration, such as political rallies, the music of bands and the beating- of drums would cause her to become almost unmanagable, and if driven by the old gentleman he would unhitch her and put her into a stable for safe keeping. For the past few years she has not performed any labor, and Mr. Zolman being a citizen of considerable means gives her the very best care and would not part with her at any price. During the past month several letters have been received making many inquiries about the mare with a view of securing her for exhibition, but the majority of these remain unanswered. "Old Jinnie" is a dark bay, medium size, very glossy hair, branded U. S. on shoulder and has a scar at the throat, near the jaw bone. Corbln-Klnkead. A very pleasant home wedding was celebrated Thursday evening at the residence of Mr. Charles A. Brown on east Market street, the contracting parties being Mrs. Julia Corbin of Cincinnati and Mr. John P. Kinkead a prominent business man of Anderson, Ind. The ceromony was impressively performed by the Rev. Dr. Norris, according to the ritual of the Methodist church, of which both the bride and groom are members. Refreshments were served and the evening delightfully spent by the assemble guests. The newly wedded pair lef on the morning train for Anderson where they will be tendered a recep tion and immediately go to house keeping in their own home. Blava>Kttyltea Excommunicated. Wednesday evening Rev. L. A Clevenger, of the Frst Baptist churcl at Muncie, called a meeting of th church members and excommunicatec John Mock, wife and daughterbecauS' of their recent connection with spirit ualism. Mrs. Mock claims that sh has recently detected that she is pos sessed of strong powers as a medium The Mock family .are pioneers in the Baptist church at that place and rep resentative citizens, and the action ol the church was a great surprise. i DOWN TOWN BLAZE. The "Mjflit oivlv" Treated to a Mild Nlgfct, Logansport boy, at the inter .State oratorical contest at that'place lately says,-"Mr. Fetter is a young man of handsome, aquiline face, graceful carriage and considerable self-possession for a young speaker. His voice was clear and resonant, and his articulation and intonation excellent. He was an intelligent speaker, and Ms em- .phasis showed he understood his own speech—a very .difficult task for a young speaker. He has an actor's face and the play" of expression that- goes with it.",. ' . . . • i There is more Catarrh in this section of th country thin all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be Incur able. For a great many doctors pronounced it a local dlsease.and prescribed local remedles.and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment pronoun«ed It incurable. Science has proven ea tarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken iuternallyU doses from 1U drops to a teaspoonfuL It acis dirsctly upon the blood aid mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one huudred dollars for any case It fails to cur». Send tor circular* aud testimonials. Address, V. J. UliEKEY &CU., Toledo, 0. [3?-Sol(l by Druggists, 75e, A Strange Itlnerarary. Lafayette Journal: L. DaMolin, known us the "Dude Bum," was in .:- e city Thursday. DeMolin is making his way to Mexico foe a $5000 wager placed by the Philadelphia Athletic club. He is to make the trip in fifteen days and is not allowed to have a cent of money with him. He came from Pittsburg hore in two days and is thirty-six hours a head of time.' Commendable. All claims not -Consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are .purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup. Company. 1 it acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions : that "every bottle will not substantiate.. PoniinylTnnla Line*. Excursion to Cincinnati, one fare for round trip May 18th and'19th, via the Pennsylvania lines for the National Union Conference. Tickets will be good returning until May 22d. : For particulars apply, to nearest ticket;, agent.. , . tolS Mr. F. W. Munson Chicago last night. returned 'from. About 11 o'clock last night flames were discovered bursting- through the :-roof at the rear end of the little frame building owned by Sebastian & Mulcahey, next door to Johnston's drug store, corner of Fourth and Broadway, and occupied by Master Ray Wilson as a confectionery store. Captain Morrissey turned in tke alai-rn and the fire department responded at double quick. The flames had not gotten much headway and were soon Quenched. The clanging gongs and the great volume of smoke arising from the lire attracted quite a crowd to the corner. The fire started in the back room Of the store, but its origin is a mystery. Young Wilson's stock of fruit, confectionery, etc., to the amount of $450 is ruined. He carried §875 insurance. The adjoining building occupied by Gippinger & Elpers, cigar manufacturers, was not damaged by fire burthey had a considerable quantity of leaf tobacco ruined by water. The damage to Sebastian & Mul- :ahey's building can probably ba repaired for $100. The building was insured. A Proaclier'H Story. A Laporte paper contains the fol- .owing which will be of interest to the Tiends of Bishop Joyce; "Rev. Johnson, a Methodist minist- T, stationed at Rolling 1 Prairie, this county, in conversation with some riends here gave an account of a narrow escape he once had from being buried alive. He was located in Lafayette some twenty years ago, when ie was taken very sick. He lingered or a long time, but his life was des•aired of by his friends, and finally to I! appearances, he died. Prepara- ions were made for the funeral, and n due time the body was placed in a asket and was awaiting burial. U this time Rev. Joyce (DOW Bishop oyce) came into the room to ook at the remains. He failed to lose the door after him, and shortly fter his entrance a gust of wind blew t shut with a force that caused quite loud noise. He was looking in ten tat the features of the supposed dead riend when the noise occurred, and, o his great astonishment, he plainly aw the eyes of the man in the coffin ervously move. This led to a hur- ied investigation and to the discov- ry that the man was still alive. The ork of resuscitation was begun at nee, which resulted in'his complete recovery. Rev. Johnson feels that he owes his almost miraculous escape from the horrors of being buried alive to the visit of his friend, Bisoph Jovce." Black Cheviott Mackintoshes with tape $4 gg Silk Umbrellas, Large Gold Heads. ':.•'" 9&'" '• Silk Umbrellas, Novelty Handles, equal in style and appearance to any $6 Umbrella, for: 1 55 Ask To See Our $15.00 Suits lor Men, $10.00. ; "; $20.00 Suits for Men $15.00. Fine as Tailor Made. Further Great Reduction on Children's Suits, Knee Pants made from Remnants by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., worth up to $1, Choice 25 Cents. '" Base Ball Outfits Free with Suits. Nellie Ely Caps, and Straw Hats! See our Ladies Kid Button Patent Leather Tip Shoes $ 8£ Men's every day Shoes gg. Dress Shoes 1 2,> ALL STYLES, OTTO A. KRAUS, "OF COURSE," TAGGART'S BAKERY, Bread, Crackers and Cakes. 524 and 526 Broadway. A Sudden Death. Thursday evening- Mr. Thomas Regan, an old soldier and father of Mr. J. E. Reg-an, of the West Side, arrived here from the Marion Soldiers' Home on a visit to his son. He had not been feeling well for some days, but thought nothing of the matter. Hs retired to bed that night feeling rather better than usual. During the night Airs, Regan was arroused by a violent fit of coughing from the old gentleman, .and going to his room gave him some medicine. Ho then told her he would- be all right and begged that she feel no uneasiness on his behalf. Yesterday morning when Mrs. Regan went to call the old gentleman for breakfast she was horrified to find him lying dead in bed. He had succumbed during the night to heart disease. The deceased was 81 years of age and served through the war- as a private. His son John Regan who has been at Chicago for some days, was telegraphed for and arrived home last evening. Electric Bitters. This rarnedy is becoming so well inown aud so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A pure.r medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove all pimples, boils, salt heum and other affections caused by ^.mpure blood. Will drive malaria rom the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire iatisfaction guaranteed, or money re- unded. Price 50 cents and $1 per >ottle at B. F. Keesling drug store. 5 Terre Haute Express: Miss Wecht, f Lojfaasport, is visiting the Misses 'uhr, of so_th Second street.... Miss }. S. Perkins has gone 10 Logansport o visit .her sister, Mrs. C. E, Keen. Ft. Wayne Sentinel: Mr. and Mrs. :dward Maurer, of l/og-ansport, are in he city, the guests of James Gouty nd family, on West Superior street. A telegram came to Marshal Luns" 1 ford from Chicago Thursday, directing- him to look up and arrest one '. H. Clark supposed to be at the City Hotel on Sixth street, and who was wanted at Chicago for embezzlement On investigating \ the matter it was learned that Clark had left the city, telling the landlord that he was going to Kokomo. Clark had been canvassing the city in the interests of a Chicago picture concern and it is supposed had been "knocking down' 1 the profits. Up on the Miami reservation the Indians still delight in hunting and fishing in the good old way, with bow and arrows, and the stalwarth "bucks 11 send an, arrow with as unerring aim as did their fathers before them. The. Peru Republican speaks of old chief Gabriel Godfrey shooting fish in Eel river with arrows, getting a fine string: of bass by this primative method. JTudKc SlcConuell Honored. Judge D. B. McConnell yesterday received official notice that he had been appointed an aid-de-camp on the staff of the Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. This is a worthily bestowed honor and one which Capt. McConnell will bear with becoming dignity. BradlieJd'H Female Kesulator Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and at change ot life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write the Bradfield Regu- Has Xot Deserted Parncll. DTJBLIX, May -W.—E. Dwyer.. Gray publicly demands that the Nationa"T~\ Press retract its statement that le has \ abandoned the Parnellite caiibe. Mr. Gray says that instead of deserting 1 Parnell he was perfecting 1 a scheme to settle the f aetionsi trouble, but he feaia tttat the statement of his desert'oa mav •frustrate his plans. 1 itor Co. for particulars. Fisher & Co Sold by tolC A Defaulter. YORK, May 15.—It has been covered that Medad W. Stone, the late president of the American Docks and Trust Company of this city, who died about a month ag-o, was guilty of utter- iag 1 forged cotton receipts to the extent of 840,000 or more. He covered up his tracks during his lifetime and his forge ries only came to light weeks after his death. Prices Have Increased. WASHINGTON, May IS.—Reports of the statistician of the department of agriculture show an increase since April of last year of more than 100 per • cent, in the price of corn and oats; 30 per cent, and more in wheat in primitive markets; 32 per cent, in Chicago for choice beeves, and 34 for Texans, and advanced values of all cereals and meals. Hurled to His Death. JOLIET, 111.. May 15.—Just before noon -Robert Morrison, a stone contractor and an old Joliet resideut, 50 years of age, while engaged oh a building in the eastern section" of the city, was struck by a timber and thrown on the stonework, fracturing his skull. Death was instantaneous. H*f JOY® Both tie method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; itigpleasacfc aad refreshing to the taste, .and ac?»/ gently yet. promptly on .the Kidneys, Liver and .Bowels, cleanses, the sys- , tern effectually, dispels colds, bead-' aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tl» only remedy of its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste asd ac" ceptable to the stomach, prompt iu its action 'and truly.; beneficial in its effects, prepared onJy, from the-mosfc healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made' it the most popular remedy known. S}TUp of Figs is for sale In 50<r and $1 bottles by all leading drug! gists. Any reliable druggist -who I may not have •<• M hand will pro| cure it promptly f;;r any one who wishes to try it Do not accept aaj substitute. CALIFCRIW W SmW CO. I.OUlSl't'.!. KVt-J. jrorsalf>byB,l'.Ket).slljjg»iid all t igslsts. MAEfllALL'S .HOW CUES ^cures sand and quarter cracks,, [split hoots, sore and contracted: i feet, corns and all hoof troub- lles. Stops cracking, shelling: i scaling hoofs. - Softens. ^and toughen* brittle hoofs. ^It in "better tban soaking kwith .oil, meal, etc. " Should be used on.. all standing, on floors or drir- i en on hard roads. .It, also cures itches, tetter, i of all kind*, A. Desperate Bandit'Slain. ST. Louis,.Mo., May 15.—A dispatch from the City of Mexico says: Natividad Villaneuva, a celebrated Jalizcan bandit, ha.s been shot and killed in a battle with a posse of citizens near, thu City of Guadalajara. Before he fell he succeeded in killing"a civil jud<re. TOLEDO, 0,, April 6,;18fll. I had a horse in, 017 stables that had boors BO brittle that itwas impossible, tojrcep. a stioa on his feet I have used one. can of, Maiv Bhall's Hoof Cure on lua hoofs anil the horse has been shod for four weeks and ihe shoes stay on all right I consider it the bestbbot cure 1 have ever 'used. ' ' - • J For sale by IX- E. -JPryor,' Lo«-(insport tnayl4deod&w6,m,.y;j ._ 0

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