The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 18, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 3
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1908, THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPOnXTAN 4 Dependable Good* at Weili'e Stove Buyers, Listen! Buy The Champion Interchangeable' Range Something now an ns ever been put on ery ran^e warran count your your money AV one. 'S ove an you II always snent when von on can change it from ens to coal or vice versa in less than five seconds es less fuel to run it n any other ove, an as a c •eatest conveniences • k~i> ' m » j fc v • • We've already sold quite a number, nnd prospective stove buyers should by all means seo this fine, up-to-date aud splendid range. \1 OD S Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nlntceenth Strefct Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train loaves Fresno a. m. Arrives Los Angeles p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:35 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Go* VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER D Studio Phone 338 Main US1 Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC Business address Phone 181. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR '-,"£' Thirty Now try and conceive a car almost as silent as tho photograph itself— • car vibrant with peut-up power under fllnger-Up control; a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside the aristocracy of motordom and lack nothing that the latter possesses except a higher price—and you will have formed a fair mental picture of Uie revelation that awaits you. Dismiss from your mind the idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was lu the same class as this $1550 four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. « , Where you have seen little car.s at a low price, you will now see a big car at a low price. Where you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see size and strength and dignity. Where you have seen indifferent muterlul skimped and saved to make possible a low price, you will now se<j a car built of the finest steels mon« ey can buy, used in full and generous measure—aud the same paiastak* ang, conscientious system of construction, down to the last nut and bolt, that has been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the first year of Us History. Deliveries early next month. First car load already sold. 0. E. Getchell, Agent, kersf ield Auto m HI: TH1HG1VIN i Arrangements are being made for i Bakorsfteij football enthusiasts will an atuomoMlc race on Thanksgiving, have their first chance to see the lo- Day, nt Hudnut Park, between the ; ral htsh school team in act ion car's owned by Henry KJIpsfein and D against another organization, in ouo H. Clark, of the Commercial hotel, of the regular league games, m-xt Clark has* bought tho Tourist ro»M ' ^ ster, formerly owned by A, H. Dlxon. and la'er raced by Dr, ^V«t. on July Fourth. T!)e noo \vllt vw>«kly l:< for five miles, nil* \rtll be put on tV- program in addition to the horse racps and motorcycle races which will occupy a large part of the afternoon. An effort is nlso bein.c made t- mateh Mike Argy'.s Kilarney and William Glass' Or. Schnfer buck au«in. When the two wore matched before-. for $50 a side, Schafcr won easily, bn; Arsy is now confident that with Hull cult riding, his mare would show a form reversal. M'Kinney Horses Show Speed the 21st, when tho Uau- ford will moot the locals at Recreation Park. While the tte game with pinuba Coach Hrifllth COflntS Oti rouruli tho team into good shape this wo« nnd lie confidently expects to i. HaUersfleM returned on the lone: end of the score. l Hanford te regarded aft the \venk-l '^t ream of tho league, A week au< they wore defeated by Visalia, HIM champions, by a score of 5 to ft on their home grounds. Their gome with Porterville !a'«t j ' Saturday was called off. . The Thanksgiving day game with VMmiba will really Be the crucial of the series for Bakorsfield. In Saturday's game and that, with .ia. practically the same line j up will bo used by the local team as (thai oi' the game with Dtnuha. WIfr aoo men in ' *! V c Koc ountain n r 07 1 esc men smokeu o\ S»- i William Lutz and Dr. Barnard yes terday worked out ttietr stallion Mr Kinley and his two year old son .Tasper Mac, a pacing gelding, for fast quarter brush on the Hudnut track. Although the track was In! very bad shape both horses showod j a 2:25 clip, although they have only been joggod aemi-occasionally for the past two weeks. McKinley, while apparently a slug- gi&li horse when standing in his stall, is full of life and go when warmed up. His action is superb and for a dead eame sruare trotter It is i Wrestlers Rea Match Imperia!c5 Ci 0f r.rct'.03 have just themselves to thank for this enormous popularity — j::.,t them- f;-:;:u!3 \vho have t-Id their selves, and the ^o friends of the matchlc/.n satisfaction th at b h:ul in cv.--.-y Rolled in th;:\, rr,.; ; :> <>f the fin ot aa -fer*. el- c! j * * •ct'tmfct/y not tobaccos pro- « H Imocrialcs p;e the cnoicc of careful, tninki::;; sr.v cvorywbore. Smoke them all n.iy lon you -\vant • • ^— T^^ ^^ -^^r ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^— ^^^^^m - ^^ to be doubted if his equal exists in the valley. Hie son Jasper Mac is very green on the track being only recently broken to harness but yesterday's brush proved that be is a natural pacer. He goes without hobbles, swings free and in spite of his inexperience does not break easily. On his few breaks he-always catches his feet again almost instantly, losing practically no ground. LAitz and Barnard will put both horses through a hard winter season of training, and hope to put both on the track in race meet in the near Both D. L. Crawford arid "Professor" Jim Brown are said to be tn readinpss for thoir wrestling match en Friday niRht. They nro to RO best two falls out of three. < atc-h as catch ran, strangle hold barred, at the Armory, weighing in at 158 pounds, the welter weight limit. Hoy Gilchrist will probably referee the contest. There has ben a fair sent sale and the event is expected to be a financial success. The men wrestle for a per- :o— no cents ere THE JOHN BOU.M Manufacturer San Francisco c-eutage of the gate $50 side bet put up receipts and a by their mana- Walter Harris for Crawford and Arthur Ferguson for Brown. At Noll and his wife recently adopted an eight year old girl In San Francisco. Her mother, an Englishwoman, joinod the Holy Rollers, was WRANGLE HAAS WILL OPPOSE JOE CANNON FOR THE SPEAKER'S JOB. ^^^ future to gain marks for themselves at home. judged insane, and sent to Stock Urn leaving the girl nnd two other children motherless. Nell was first attracted to the child because her A half mile bicycle raeo will prnb- j name, Elslo May, is the same as ably be an added feature to the I that of both his wife and his sister, NISW YORK, Nov. IS—nepreaenta- Chark'H N. Fowler, who was elected for tho eighth consecutive, time to tho Fifth New York con- district, bas announced him- m'lf \\ candidate for tho speakershlp of the house- of representatives, nnd SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 18.—Tho (will oppose UopruHentiutvo Joseph G. Investigation held by Coroner Inland j Cannon, who will be a candidate to to the Inquest ' on the" succeed himself. body of Morris 7-Iaas, the man who, Kowb-r. who is chairman of tho com* Thanksgiving day racing program at; and as Mrs. Nell also I ^f* « ^H^L w t^^ • A • 4 tf "• __••__» m £ m f f .y^ «*4. ^n _^^ I j* Tudnut Park. The bicycle races have proved very interesting before and will probably attract several entries. one. legal adoption were taken out I wo ago. wounded Assistant District Attorney i mince on tmnklui; and currency, an- F. J. Honey in. Judge I>awlor's court-' mmnc<>d himself a irnndldate on the room on Friday aud commuted sui- j fnlowlim pint form: cido at the county ]:»'' Saturday night (i Tb«» h«mse of Mojave turned the tables on Te- Iiaclmpj and defeated them (> to 5 last Sunday. Two of Tehochapi's best, players, however, were out of the : A leffer from Mfke Ku/rbos that the Htfle Greek has beori ed to flpht Monte AtteM In Ix>s An*re- Xovomtvcr SHtli fur fifteen rounds tho woeVs J ! '* v flriM K a- bullet into hfn head from s( .j,.ct n board of mnnaccrs. a small derringer, developer! several O f novcn members, which shall be Interesting moments. T!ie body orjchnrgerl with Mi^ direction of leglsla- Haa-s was exposed to the jurymen and i! don wJtfcli In now riKHiuned by 'he the pistol with which ITaos ondod his j HpenNer of (!u- hfHi.sA," Ufo wa«| plaed In one of the < ff | h - known that Fowler J)as been iralit-rs which the doad man had on j itlHpksiwd with Cannon's attitude to- ^_ ^ _ ^ I _ ^ _ ^b ^b ^m ^m The Delano and Panama teams nave leased Recreation Park for Sunday and will play baseball there. — \ for tho bantam weight championship of tin- coast. Mike Is training at Arcadia and expects to win the bout. BWANlEiSES TEA Good tea, close price. There is no other way to build a good business or keep a good business. Your g rowr returns your moner it you *•»'! Uk« Schilling* Bent, we pay him. ( ( FUTUR A FACT PROVEN, Should Convince Even th* Mo«t Skeptical of XU Truth. I If there Is the 8li$htest doub» lr> th«% i mindB of ony that Dandruff aenns do not exist, Ihelr bcUef \A comp*^'! ***' fact that a rabbit innoculat^ri with germs becamo baltl in siK weokd* lime i SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Nov. 17.— "My friends do not require mo to prejudice the future and I shall not take the advice of my opponents on this subject. I shall continue to write and apeak In defense of things which I believe to be good for tho American po^i>le. I hope It will never become necessary to run for offlne again, hut I will not attempt to decide that question until the time comes to act. I don't see any nef?es- at (he time he killed himself. Earn juryman was Instructed to pass his hand ovrr tho shop as a searcher would have done and all said that, j they i-ouJd not have failed to notice the prosenco of Iho weapon. District Attorney Iian?dn?i. Chief of Police niggy, Detective Hums, Police Commissioner Cutler and Police Captains Puke and Kelly were all present at the investigation. Detective SerRoant Thomas F. Burke began the Investigation with a demonstration of htw It IB claimed Haas had perured tho derringer by hiding U In his shoe, Detective Burns started to question Burke when he waa Interrupted by J. ^ ^_ ^ ^_ ^^ _ ^k^d A v wnrd the Fowler currency bill. Amusement Moving pictures and clanco ov- ery Wednesday evening In Oil field*). Associated Club House, San Joaquin KCHHO. MANUEL SERRANO Mmrr. .f. Webb, an attorney. Hated qucHUons as to i y to nay any more on the tlon." In answer to the "Will you run for again if conditions This preclp- Webb'a ron- wlth the matter, the tatfe,r H( at ing that he had been hired to watrh out for certain interests but re- to state who had hired him. coroner finally declared that Webb had no right to take part in tho direct question, the presidency »aom to warrant ' > It must ho apparent to therefore thut baldne?B la tho which net ia in on« hundred the application of Dandruff Is which cmuefl baldness »TI ventort wltn tho sam.: r-: Kerplcble. Accept no substitute cause you remove U>' ^ff- Sold Vjv l^i.V-j .Visc-H-f Btftmpfl for pn.mplo to Tho T T«rp Dntroit vich. Two tlzea, 50c and $1-00. n p^rs of r .'. by it?" William J. Bryan' dictated foregoing statement tonight. Regarding the future ( >f tlu craiic party he said: the and ordered him to remain Bllent. Later, another attorney, J. If. Seymour of Los Angeles, who was first employed by Mrs, Haas, but whoso present connection with tho affair is not clearly Known, atenvptod to enter Into the procedlnns, eliciting a sharp ! attack from l/antfdon. The district ! attorney asked Chief Blfcgy if ho vegotab th - ( t be Ueomeratle. and 1 have no doubt i that the country will see tho neces- , fifty for I lie adoption of the reforms I advocated by the Democratic party. I It IH already a gr 1 and ( have no do Kahler Says ¥• ..----«-—»•• v * *,< , _ \f | | 1.1 I I- I U I I fl i «. uuftWFc; Aaent ' w111 Inatu * tho voters turn to it us tho j. A. HUGHES. Agent., best inBlrument for the ttCW , mp H Bh . ment of tho nexiesKiu-y reforniH." "Will you allow yourself to be ejected United States Senator from Nebraska?" he was asked. M A_l ^ lory, DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY "They do not HHHH lx>dy will b«* hold on Thursday and In tho meantime the body will roposo In the re- vaultH of Odd Follows' ceme- Coroner T.eland ordered last that It should not bo burled or cremated until after tho Jury had rendered Its verdict. Tho Investigation threw little, or no light on the mooted que^tUtu aw to the Hme and manner In which Haas secured the weapon with which he killed himself. fleet a senator this The proceedings of tho coroner's Jurv year," he Bald with a smile. are awaited with «reat interest as H "But. they do two years from now,' is -»____ _ — — * t • urpnse l\n It SO Ti' the cost }vi>rri' consult us. "We will agreeably you. Again you can quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. f'omos in rolls, <iui<»kly «i> costs so little, plied, cows in uny \viJth the r he was reminded. "You have my statement regarding tion and my future, ag Car as I caro to say," rome, anfl he smilingly refused to discuss the subject further. Mr and Mrs. Hrynn ai'' 1 enroulu lo Mexico, "Ah. ui\ old *.''*utI(Miiaii, tt't'l l)Jl,| If) St'( ciyai •!" "Dt'ii we c:tn . Toiniuy, making *'S Jill It rcrtnlnl,\ maUes inc yon sinokitiK iliut vll" " a wry had. Ion." plie-l "ll that tho struggle between r e^ of tho graft prosc-n the rjiy police force will head at that time. Defective Hums and Captain of Hco Diiko. iwjtli of whom Haa^ nl the courtroom after the shooting of Meiu-v. remain fit in In fhelr declaration fh«* fn\er did not have the denInfier In his possession at that flnie, while the Jail authorities say that It. was not passed to him white hi* was Iu their custody. Compound Synip Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia is fin Absolute s«fo and a mighty hanrly lo k<"'p in Iho house. A vnl i»«l»l(i remedy for Colds Hrnfichifii Catarrh ic C'roup and all diseases of air passages. When every Ijonio in Bakorsfield has H Itottlo of it on hand tliere ^ trreat deal less li i Remember that we are head quarters for Guaranteed Rub ber goods—At right prices. PioneerM C 10th and 0 St«. Main ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f lotamblia Man -Jobsou hhs douc I !n ( Hng I «'VCM' h*»av.| ol; ijc came to «iy house the other night, at*' a big dinner, got indigestion, and then wwnt to fijiothar doctor to be curt\l.— Exchange. NOTICE. I. 0. O. F. K^rn l-od?o No. 202, I. O. O. F. will have work in the second degree on Saturday night, Nov. 21. A special invitation an<i request for a large attendance i,s extended. T, P. Pin- neJl, N. O. J. W, Cropland Sec. 97 BAKERSfiELD DRUG CO Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 rrxr 19th 4 1 n I'

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