News-Pilot from San Pedro, California on July 27, 1953 · 3
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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California · 3

San Pedro, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1953
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m arbos1 flcea mmmmmmm SAN p8KQtels pilot Monday Evening July 27 1953 Page 3 Harvey Girds for Battle Over Television Station Reds Keep Barrage Till Up Shell End By NEWS-PILOT BUKEAU TORRANCE A hot battle shaped up today for Television Channel 34 in the Los Angeles area with the Federal Communications Commission indicating that a hearing may be necessary to determine which of three applicants will be granted the operating license Paving the way for a possible hearing was the FCCs denial of a request from Lawrence A Harvey Torrance industrialist to dismiss the application of Spanish International Television Inc for the channel Harvey himself is an applicant for the same channel as is Radio Station KFWB of Hollywood according to FCC records The dismissed Harvey petition alleged that Spanish Internation- al if granted the channel proposes to locate its main studio in Glendale without a request having been made that the rule requiring the main studio to be located in the principal community to be served be waived Charges Foreign Ownership The Harvey petition further alleged that since one 20 per cent stockholder is a Mexican citizen and another stockholder (both were unidentified by the FCC) claims birth in Honolulu before 1900 it appears that more than 20 per cent of the stock may be owned or voted by aliens in violation of Section 310 of the Communications Act that permission was not obtained from California authorities to issue securities and the securing of subscription agreements after incorporation violates California law that there are no corporate by-laws and that there is no reso lution of the board of directors authorizing the filing of the ap plication" The FCC ruled that while it is evident that the subject ap plication leaves much to be de sired by way of compliance with instructions in the application we are of the view based on the policy consistently followed by the commission in such mat ters in the past that the Spanish application is sufficiently com plete to warrant further consid eration on its merits Would Be 10th Station Harvey applied for Channel 34 on Nov 12 1952 and Spanish International filed for the same outlet on Nov 17 1952 The unfreezing of additional channels in the ultra high fre quency band by the FCC in 1952 will give the Los Angeles metro politan area a total of 10 video channels as soon as the grantees of the new channels are determined Harvey had tried unsuccess fully to have the FCC boost the total of channels to 11 in an earlier action The commission said that a hearing now is indicated to settle the competition for Channel 34 (Continued from Page 1) then will trade and sign the other half Exchange of more than 100000 prisoners of war probably starts within the week Reds say theyll free 12736 POWs including 3313 Americans UN Command will return about 69000 North Koreans and 5000 Chinese Joint Military Armistice Commission charged with over-all supervision of truce holds first meeting at 11 am tomorrow Korean time (7 pm today PDT) in Pan munjom By 10 pm Thursday (6 am PDT) both armies pull back 14 miles to create a 2 mile wide buffer zone across Korea Chinese Peiping radio boasts the IN THE SERVICE there will be no immediate or even early withdrawal from Korea Gen Maxwell Taylor 9th Army commander says truce is just a suspension of hostilities South Koreas President Syng man Rhee says his nation will not disrupt the truce for a limited time but he is sure the armistice will prove to be the prelude to more war President Eisenhower says in a s-ecial radio-TV address: We have won an armistice on a single battleground not peace in the world We may not relax our guard nor cease our quest Secretary of State Dulles on the same broadcast says All free nations large and small are safer today because the ideal of collec mportant Dates Of Korea Listed Communists won florious victory tive security has been implemented and cautions Red troops to remain and because awful punishment has on guard been visited upon the transgress- Gen Mark Clark tells his armylors teds Keep Most Of Land Big Cut Seen in Future Drafts LOMITAS QUEEN Beauteous Betty Hutchison (right) selects ed as Miss Lomita at Saturday nights Optimist-sponsored pageant lines up with her two princesses after being presented with the gold cups that designate them the most beautiful girls in Lomita They were selected from a field of 14 Miss Lomita Selected At Pageant LOMITA A dark-haired beauty with flashing black eyes was selected the 1953 Miss Lomita at the Optimist Clubs Miss Lomita Pageant in the VFYV hall Satur day night Her name is Betty Hutchison 18 a veteran in beauty line-ups The two lovely runners-up were Dixie Leonard 16 second place and Lucille Mays 23 third place Gold loving cups were present ed to the girls who were select ed out of a field of It The pageant which included dance on the program was at tended by more than 200 Lomita residents according to John Kellogg chairman of the event Walterians Ask for Longer Hours in County Library j Boys Blamed in House-Wrecking WILMINGTON Two boys one 7 and the other 8 were believed to have virtually wrecked the interior of a home owned by Donald Gaines of 1131 Banning Blvd in a Sunday afternoon vandalism rampage The youngsters entered the home by tearing open a screen and proceeded to empty dresser drawers all over the house Finally the youngsters took a gallon of paint into the yard and painted their bicycles police said In the house-wrecking process L they took a $69 camera WALTERIA The petition asking for longer hours at the Wal-teria branch of the county library needs only about 100 more names before being submitted to County Librarian John Henderson according to Mrs Mesley Crocheron secretary of the petitioning group She said that approximately 250 Walterians have already signed the request which claims the three days and two evenings a week that the library doors are open is not sufficient for the demands of the community Mrs Crocheron who lives at 3321 Winlock Rd pointed out that the present library hours were established more than 15 years ago The petion was drawn up in 'Big' Savings Made by City WILMINGTON Percentagewise the city made an extraordinarily good deal with Warren-Southwest Co for paving an al ley one block south of I St and west of Gulf Ave The paving companys bid of $3715 was 29 per cent under the cost estimated by the city engi neers according to Councilman John Gibsons office Work on the alley is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks Youth Killed by Plane Propeller WASCO Kern County (?) sightseeing plane flight ended in tragedy yesterday for 4-year-old Sidney W Harris of Shatter when he darted into the path of the planes propeller The pilot Harold M Rohrbach 27 also of Shafter said he landed at a private field four miles south east of Wasco and had taken the youngster from the rear seat of the two-seater plane As he turned to help the youngster's 11-year-old sister Patsy from the seat the boy dashed into the propeller ROYAL CROWN CLEANERS 242 K Pacific Dressmaklnr Alterations CA'sH AND CARRY SPECIAL Laundered Shirts $ 18 and Indies Suits 100 Marks Skirts 60 February and in the precedin month Mrs Crocheron said there were 1000 books and 90 new library cards issued at the Walte-ria library Over the last few years the community has tripled in population she said and for the 7000 persons now living here the additional hours of the one-room li-brary is a necessity TOUR OF NEW TERMINAL SET BY KTLA-TV WILMINGTON Los Angeles televiewers will get a camera-eye looksee at the new $8 million terminal Tuesday at 10:30 p m when KTLAs TV camera makes a tour of the huge new installa tion Coming over Channel 5 as a feature of Your Town the program will include an introduction by Mayor Poulson of the new harbor commissioner Frank Waters who in turn will present filmed history of the harbor and Harbor Department activi ties Waters will also offer the viewers a movie on deep sea fishing State Population Growing Younger SACRAMENTO (UP) A pop ulation report by the Department of Finance show changes in Californias age composition are going on constantly with the bulk of the population under 35 years of age The changes are caused the de partment says as the result of the aging of the population resident here deaths births and net migration The most dramatic changes are those in the age groups under 20 years of age in the 1950 census as compared to 1940 The change reflects the impact of the changing number of births in the last 20 years The total number of persons under 20 years of age in California in 1950 was some 3000000 Births and migration added another 3500000 to the population the department says The proportion of the aged also growing the department says but at a slower rate than that of the younger ages (Continued from Page 1)' the Korean War cost the United States More than 22000 dead on the battlefield part of a 140000 casualty total More than 15 billion dollars to help pay for over 1125000 tons of artillery ammunition over 1 800000000 bullets and grenades 800 tanks and 40000 trucks used up in battle more than two million shells for naval guns hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs It triggered a general rearmament program for which the government has spent to date over 101 billion dollars Shooting Stops The shooting and the casualty lists will stop But the boys wont start home tomorrow or next week Secretary of Defense Wilson says It will be a long time before we can with safety withdraw our troops from Korea A long time can mean six months or more depending on how fast prisoners are exchanged and how soon peace instead of mere armistice can be assured Everyone President Eisenhower Secretary of State Dulles Wilson hurried to caution the country that a Korean truce should not be a signal for demobilization or letdown of the defenses against a bigger war by Russia No Let Down The government is obviously worried lest industry think that the truce means quick and wholesale cancellation of munitions orders Hardly had the truce signing announcement been made when Wilson issued a statement saying current productions plans would be continued until such time as an orderly production plan can be worked out that will take into account the changed Korean requirements He did not however give a hint of whether that plan would be ready soon or at some distant date On the day the war started June 25 1950 the United States had under arms 14603)00 men in the Army Navy Marines and Air Force Less than half a dozen Army divisions were manned and equipped to a point where they were ready for battle Today the military manpower counts up to about 31-! million although it is being trimmed some under the economy program The Army has 20 divisions WASHINGTON I The Defense Department anticipates that monthly draft calls will drop 4000 in about three months if reasonably stable conditions are achieved in Korea within that time John A Hannah assistant secretary for manpower disclosed this prospect recently in stressing the continuing need for Selective Service as long as the United States keeps more than three million men in uniform A 4000 drop would mean cutting the monthly call from 23000 to 19000 However Hannah calculates that it may be necessary to raise the monthly draft quota to around 40000 beginning in July 1954 The reason is that draft calls were very heavy in the first 18 months of the Korean War and large numbers of those men will be complet ing their cycle of duty next year They will have to be replaced The armistice will have no im portant effect on the drafting of 19 - yearolds Selective Service headquarters said An official said in most states older men who were qualified have already been drafted and that men under 20 must be used to fill the needs of the armed services PANMUNJOM Here are some of the important dates of the Korean War and armistice negotiations : June 25 1950 North Koreans invade South Korea Aug 31 Reds push Allies in Pusan perimeter on southeast tip of Korea Sept 15 Allies counterattack with US Marines landing at Inchon behind Red lines Oct 21 MacArthur announces war is very definitely coming to an end Oct 25 Chinese Communist troops enter war (Their entry was not officially announced until later) Nov 26 Chinese split Allied forces in North Korea Big Retreat Dec 24 Sea evacuation of Hungnam completed by 205000 Allied troops including 20000 US Marines Dec 27 Lt Gen Matthew B Ridgway takes command of 8th Army Jan 4 1951 Reds capture Seoul and push south Feb 22 Allies open counterdrive World Citizen Deported to US NEW YORK m Garry Davis 32 self-styled world citizen returned today on the liner Queen Mary from England from which he was deported for overstaying his work permit Davte'was met at the pier by his father bandleader Meyer Davis and he was admitted as a returning alien resident He renounced his American citizenship in 1948 as a gesture in support of world government and now is trying to get it back Sentence Meted Mallet Slayer LOS ANGELES -E Richard Fredericks 41 who slew his wife with a croquet mallet was sentenced today to 1 to 10 years in prison I have nothing on my con science it was self-defense the calculating machine operator told reporters He smiled as sentence was pronounced A jury convicted him of manslaughter July 21 Fredericks said he hit his wife Ruth Hilda 32 after she came at him with a knife last Jan 6 Her body minus the hands was found in a gully in Mexico in February Fredericks was arrested April 14 in Maplewood N J where he had gone with their three children The wifes hands were found buried in the backyard of their Van Nuys home San Pedrans af Photo Sessions Spanish Sardine Prospects Gloomy Outlook for sardine fishermen and fish canners in Spain is gloomy this year the Fish and Wildlife Service reports A closed season from March to April 30 failed to produce return of former sardine runs in Spanish fishing waters One packer went so far as to say that the Spanish fish canning industry has already passed into history the report says Hopes for a good albcore season however lessened the gloom in some fishing circles Latest developments in photography are being viewed by Mr and Mrs Herb Phillips of 881 Ninth St at the convention of Professional Photographers The convention opened Saturday and closes tomorrow at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium FIRING OFF FORT I The Coast Guard warned skippers of sport and fishing boats of a firing area 4000 yards sea-j ward from Fort MacArthur Fir- ing is scheduled from 6:30 am to 6 pm Monday through Sun-j day of this week 1 PVT EDWARD O POTTER Taking Basic Army Pvt Edward G Potter whose parents live at 236 Seventeenth St has been sent to Camp Roberts to begin his basic infantry training He has been assigned to Bat tery A of the 440ih Armored Field Artillery Battalion of the Seventh Armored Division The huge military installation contains more than 270000 acres and is located in the Southern Salinas Valley near the Pacific Ocean Ni M WAC GRADUATES Private Carolyn F Roekafel-low of San Pedro graduated July 23 from the Leaders Course at the Womens Army Corps Training Center Fort Lee Va The daughter of Mr and Mrs William L Rockafellow of 1336 VV 21st St she is a graduate of San Pedro High School She is now attending clerk-typist school at Fort Knox Ky Private Rockafellow enlisted in the Womens Army Corps in March of 1953 and upon success ful completion of the basic train ing course she was selected to attend the Leaders Course where highly qualified women are trained as potential non-commis sioned officers Here she received five weeks of academic instruction and three weeks on on-the-job training as an assistant to a non-commissioned officer in one of the basic training companies Graduates may be assigned to another Army school for further instruction receive a direct job assignment based on civilian experience or be assigned as cadre to assist in the training of new WAC enlistees Private Rockafellow is a member of Jobs Daughters of Fresno Calif M M M ASSIGNED TO GEORGE Airman Second Class Sabin C Barainca son of Mr and Mrs Celly Barainca of 945 Second St recently assigned to Detach ment 1907-4 1907th Airways and Air Communications Service Squadron George Air Force Base Prior to reporting to George Airman Barainca served as an Airport Traffic Controller at an air base in the Pacific a posi tion hfe holds at his new post Barainca a graduate of San Pedro High enlisted in the Air Force in July 1951 He received his basic training at Sheppard AF Base Texas From there he was sent to the USAF Technical School Keesler AF Base Mississippi where he attended a course of instruction in Air Traffic Control March 15 UN forces re-occu-py Seoul April 11 President Truman fires MacArthur who is succeeded by Ridgway Lt Gen James A Van Fleet named 8th Army commander Hints Peace June 24 Russian UN delegate suggests cease-fire July 10 Truce talks begin May 6 1952 Gen Mark W Clark succeeds Ridgway who takes NATO command in Europe Oct 8 UN Command calls off truce talks following long deadlock over how to exchange prisoners April 20-May 2 1953 Sick and wounded prisoners exchanged June 8 Agreement reached on prisoner exchange June 18 South Korean President Syngman Rhee releases 27-000 anti-Communist Korean War prisoners July 12 Agreement between Rhee and United States on truce announced July 26 Armistice agreement announced July 27 Armistice signed shooting stops Jap Bill Would Hike Export Of Canned Tuna Skipjack A bill has been introduced in the Japanese Diet for the promotion of canned tuna and skipjack exports to the United States according to the Fish and Wildlife Service Japanese exporters of frozen tuna are seeking the support of tuna and skip jack fishermen in opposing the bill which is based on ! the contention that there is more profit in exporting canned as opposed to frozen tuna An article in the Nippon Times had this to say: The backers of the bill contend that the best interests of Japan will be served by exporting tuna as a finished product canned rather than the unpro cessed state to feed American canneries It is true of course that we stand to make a greater gain by selling processed rather than raw tuna But we cannot have our cake and eat it too It is not difficult to imagine what would happen if we suddenly decided to curb our export of frozen tuna and to concentrate on the sale of canned tuna For one thing the American packing industry will come out with a concentrated drive to raise the present high tariff on canned tuna and restrict its import For another it will give great impetus to our chief competitors Peru and the Pacific Coast fishermen to expand their operations and in this they have the aid of the packers so that the present heavy demands for unprocessed tuna can be met Japan will lose her market not only for canned but frozen tuna as well In short there will not be any cake at all for her" the article concludes Optimists to See Cable Car Film History of the Cable Cars o San Francisco a Standard Oil Co movie will be shown members of the San Pedro Optimist Club 'when they meet at 6:30 p m tomorrow in the YMCA By way of business the club will discuss the Optimist-sponsored Sea Scout Troop Barney Bradford is program chairman CHARLY ELLIS MALT SHOP-CAFE REOPENS Tuesday July 28 7 AM to 1 AM Tele-fun by Warren Goodrich Channel Pipeline Delayed 17 Days Establishment of a pipeline across Cerritos Channel by the Standard Dredging Co has been postponed until Aug 12 the Coast Guard announced today The surface obstruction was to have been in operation yesterday It is scheduled to cross from the east part of East Basin Anchorage across the channel to the vicinity of Berth 209 Art like morality consists of drawing the line somewhere (Copyright General Features Corp) Nationally advertised main WATCa Sturdy reliable timepiece with 30-hour movement Smart modern design Nickel plated case REG 295 -Plus Tax Booths and Nooks Made to Order UNPAINTED FURNITURE FREE DFLIVERt TRIANGLE FURNITURE CO 430-432 S Pacific TE 8-0S1S Joseph H Courtois Prop ram mi PLATES REPAIRED WHILE YOU WAIT SE HABLA ESPANOL PHONE NOW FOR LOW PRICES TErminol 2-0764 HAMBURG Germany The first air cargo of American food for hungry East Berlin and the Soviet zone arrived here today! The US freighter American Inventor with the first shipload of food was reported heading up-! stream to Hamburg i FINAL CLEARANCE WOMEN'S SPORT DRESS FLATS and CASUAL SHOES 297 ? 397 LE KINGS 733 So Pacific Isnt he wonderful dials so carefully I bet hes one bull that could walk right through a china shop! To get the right number always dial carefully keeping your eyes on the dial Pacific Telephone (DOQKBS GOOD HEALTH TO ALL FROM REXALL I QlIiQlinHHB 03DQSE0O DR G A HEWSON Immediate Restoration no need fo go toothless have your new denture inserted immediately on extraction of remaining teeth VERY LOW PRICES MY EASY PAYMENT PLAN ENABLES YOU TO HAVE YOUR DENTAL PLATES MADE NOW AND START YOUR FIRST SMALL PAYMENT AFTER SEPT 1st NO MONEY DOWN ON APPROVAL OP YOUR CREDIT Dr HEWSON Dentist 704 So Palos Verdes Street San Pedro TErminal 2-0764 1 Hour Free Parking Heards Union Service Station Corner 7th and Palos Verdes In Downtown Los Angeles 550 S Broadway t MAdison 9-2206 1 Hour Free Parkin Pershing Square C a rare and any of Walt Auto Park

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