The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 18, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 2
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Wednesday, Nov. 18 Kvory Rvcnint? hut Sundays at; DEAR TOM * - ,_«_••* t M «--« • b ^ * ™*» ^P"W v • ^L • ••! ^rf • W m • B-UersiieH, Kern Omnty, California. cityaneic^t^^^.toofficial Paper The sweetest thing * u'pon the earth Is the i pleasure of pleasing-- 1 And the best way to. , please your •'sweet- > ALFRED HARRELL, Ecmor and Prop, heart' 1 is to take her In Com pan •& MS at Mail Matter. .^-«V-t '-• a month; $." a Year In Advam Wholsale Dealers n W Telephone Main 3 box of Gruenhagen's candy bought a* Mero- ar nes NOV. ney 's, BILL he cream or all g Quotations an m NEITHER ONE. i . , n __ jinerit. tor that publication, f'.nt Jt has : . . been followed by a report Jiiim*a , n'mt .,•! tiuiHl moves nt M jsfiilinati, president of a Stun.lard Oil; as do other < ; h;inl<, held tvvn-Hilrr|R nf t(te stork of! • & Phone Main 237 s served in sample room i application 1623 Nineteenth Street ' * ***•* J — - ' •^!li I : * ' 'f • - f »*• - ~'t <:*u^ * • -i' i • , • . - ., .... ..,'•' . . - -k, ... <**H4•_ j.^a.^4> inirids. ;m»i lli>' e ( nuui in Hie -..'fi'im " N l|M|p' ' Ii'' •'•-> ti tinirs th" Outlook. And ufflcrcrs <>! tho Out.-' look Company have refuse.) to any information ;m to the ow se it \\iiN M'ie-he.1 ift ih<» sanctum. K"!' mMilliee, ll'Te is tllC Oakland Kti'iuirer. ^p.-eufatmu on the snii-ide nf Haas and delivers of the stork, declaring "it is not u public corporation," and so they arc >se any- nsman'John D. Made CM are only Mvn supimsjtions upon which (•• -ireoDjjr f,,j the suicide of Morris Ma.'/s. Mje would-hc assassin of Kf'-mri.S .]. Heijey. One of those Is th" wan shot himself in retrlbu- r no obligation to of tlio sort. No one shonhl for a moment suppose that Roosevelt is willing to change hi.s/ attitude toward Standard Oil or any] other corporation because of the new employment. Hut, as to the Outlook, Tuesda Night Mori for his own act, the other thut ership of a periodical to which It up-j peals for patronage. hiinsHf rather than reveal] The truth is (hat the controlling in u innn An organization of players kept Intact for three seasons re in these days of and repertory. Manager George H. Ttrennan is therefore Dollar and Half s a thing of vital concern to its read fortunate In boinp able to present for "The Clansman's" fourth triumphal net-mints' f ' rHl for k wi]1 be reflected, for the vneide. Tiler* 1 WHS no ton in the art at H«as in in one way or another, in the editorial policy. And if the ownership of the Outlook is in Standard Oil hands, the taking his n\vn life. And it rmtv ; aim "W'be to nmke Roosevelt ^f J ^B • • • ^A ^L eertfiin lie was not worrying * a stiUKing horse to rurthei jvvealiim' the names of those » ^ _ . that produced Hint epoc pan In the east three years ago. Fra; lin the r,,', I ' by , tle genie Hayden as w.-.v )>, him it. the shoot- nr " n "™Tnt H t^ lIT-v, , ti T I,- i < m 'i»K**nH»m, is 10 ne smp> a eca vn g>,p ..I II.'M'- it ,-iny w.-n-, Avhioh ; contributor, with n department of hls| tKh e * inu ntot. nlei '.the Vermont abolitionist's daughter. ! Miss Haydon. by the way, ts a child ° f the West ' boi " K a na " Ve Of NebTa8 ' s very Hi-' i'OI'S . at least s<j J*»i phase ,,f th«' matter !°"I Iook ' 1 , , , -and « may liave been, and aticall • ~- — }»ath!/e«l wiih "vei- his *'undoing" i the pn t)V 1 leffV". hilt a!) h • ' ' I I - » » -----'-'"»» *. * • ' ^ . -,,' , - It mnv 1 with liini . and not the actual editor of tho editorial policy of articles, there IK notii done notAblp stock BLOCK, !S i|Hl(e tel'ed lMt«t :i to \\\\\ e t Ii Events !iis "undoing" i the public, using the Roosevelt contri- vsteria «sido f "it l butioils "n-n-Iy as bait to lure the * ' 11 n \v * 11 * v utt nolxxh* en-! , ' * ;„„„,. ,,,ui' i,;, , If niH.v '»o said that Roosevelt shouM ii make searching impiiry info the o\v« Killed, ci'ship of any (Hihiicntfoti usinf; his in Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago. The thrfH? most important comedy Maude Maxwell and George Diirand is known the country over for her comical work ns Auntie Eve whtch has been a bripht. and shining feature of every presentation. Michael A di.-i'«" ftn from New York says: John I' KockefeUer and his lieutenant?. Jeim D. Archbold and James Moffatt «'t the gtaudnrd Oil Company, were todiiy subpoenaed by United Staten MnVshal Henkel to appear before special referee Fninklln Ferris In the trust busting" proceedings which ha\e been begun by the government. The proceedings were being held in the custom house building. The defense is now submitting its evidence, ir has not been settled Just on whai <lay Mr. Rockefeller will appear, but he will probably testify be- lore ihr end of the week. Mr. Rockefeller nnd his aides received ll.f.n apU*ce when they accepted the subpoenaes. The tendering of the $l.r»tt. \vhirh is a fee for witnesses piovided by the government, seemed to plea^f Sir. Rockefeller Immensely, He iippeured to be rather annoyed SEEKS TO EJECT FROM LAND IN KERN COUNTY. Julian do Ucuona, a citizen of Spain, has filed suit in the Federal J court against K, E. Jones of Bakers- ifleld and the Standard Oil Company 'to eject the defendants from forty {acres of land in Kern County claimed by the plaintiff.—LOB Angeles Express, L TITLE TO ISLAND 18 INVOLVED IN 1 SUIT. SANTA BARBARA, Nov. 18.—Title • • ' j •!• monstratetl that . mi^*-' and fame as a means of addiui,' i there aiv mm PI San Francisco ' to !ts ^^'riilafiofi, and, rather than per *" I } 4. 1 f t >-> . • b * ruit himself to b*» m;ide » cjit's iaw for so. SfHni| . inl shol|)( , i . i sol|( ,, lus(1 hven su-tr*- ofr**re I him. Hur, on "Cl.nnsnian .f .]< Hart of the Ku Klux Klan, Clara Merser- oau as I>ittle Violet, George Bennett djin .«»« Austin Stonomnn, Kiub Nellie Graham the messenger hut if u;is NMI_ d.-tnircrous. _ r^vtMi | s-tl:(ry offere 1 him. Hur, on tlie oilier A!»e fiiiej', ('iii-uiL: a (eciEi itj (I'c'han*!. if he is iu no way to lie respon- p.-iiitcniiiiry. won!*! har.ilv risk I sibl(> r< "' Ill(l ' >oilt '>' ° r tllf - Outlook, or . • i • ', -tor any nt its contents save his own L ni> ne ( -K in a noose f cnntributions, these latter may more ihe tjicts ajtpeiir 1o lie jilaiii j ilian offset any inlluence exerted by Here \\-,-is a jjiai) of untie oth*M' articles it) the same periodical. \vhn h;ni as Dor-tor Cameron, Joseph Sweeney as Ous and Earl Ritchie as General Nathan Bedford Forrest, are all known in their respective parts and have pleased the critical audt- when Mr. Henkel first walked into his office on ih» i fourth floor of No. 26 Broadway ;;nd handed him the court papt T. iUit when Mr. Henkel drew frem his pocket u $1 bill and a 50 cent icf-i- and handled the sum to the richest man in the world, Mr. Rockefeller seized ir with alacrity and smiled. "This is indeed an honor, said Mr. HoekeMJcr. and then as he pocketed the njom-y he added: "Thanks very much. Lovely weather we are having, '-^HF ^ -™ ^» • ^^ -•— ^"- r — f to the whole of San Miguel island, comprising 14,000 acres, is at stake In a suit to be reopened In this city tomorrow before Judge Monroe of bos Angeles. The case has been pending for the last four years. It was tried in the local court, carried to the appellate court on demurrer; overruled, and sent back to this court for retrial. The island was transferred from Ellas Beckman to W. G. Waters in 3892. Beckman claims the transfer was made only by deed of trust and he sued to prevent the transfer to the San Miguel Island Company. Waters and the San Miguel Company claim a complete transfer and a hard fight Is expected, San Miguel Is the smallest of the Santa Barbara islands. Aside from the claims of the contestants, the state also is said to have a claim on the property. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMt«K OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAQEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every^ respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. R. 0. HARNESS With J. W, Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25. Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfield, Cal * ' • " A ' . isn T it , .Mr. H» MK*'| nrsr went to Mr. Mof- ton IIUH'li mittni ii i V V i5« v i i JEi U f«tt's "Hue where he received a cor- ce s nf Now York and Chicago on ,, , r ,,,, I)tion . Xoxt he wont to Mr. ,,),.. : a^lUlSf tile tie ( ' :ilHl M! " I""""'' «"ilS -|1IK the iMinl.M'ot in ,i in, .si It It would thus lie u case of Roosevelt the field, with the odds favor- c. lie would same position, virlmiliv, IK* , ,». ' :»M several separate visits to those cit ies. With a well-balanced company of metropolitan players, a magnificent scenic production find the cele- hniterl Ku Klux Klan cavalry of mounted men and horses, the present t»> lulu. ;ilnl he lii 1 )i;nl "i 1 Ita.K !.e mil i! IP- Ilial tin'! \VJIV thiii inn. 1 1'. 1 !"d "-.>•!• i.. ••. hi.-ii iii- '!•>.'>»• ) I ' !! i •!.• '1 Mi Mi>Mi ,; i . i''>i><;risftr lilS oWM M;. > 1 » , il < - ANOTHER BIG AT - i L I J Tie I I ' v I' 1 ! i Ity his ih'i . J\,|' • t [-1 ! ! 1 :'H. * * ' j • >, al' ; ; , « i Ml' -I' i « • •) io •( v.-r doors ', and with no' "^^^snian" constitutes one of the not over 1 n tes ps *- nnd best theatrical offerings (that has ever visited the western j country. This attraction will be at j the RaUersfield Opera House next j Tuesday eveni "Paid in Full. Tho \Vii«f>nhals and Kern per production of "Pnid in Full.' tho new play of rontempm*aneous life 'en by Ktfirene Walter, will be at fh« a IJiikersfleld Opera House on W*'dnesd«y evenin?. Nov. 2. 7 .th. 'flu* ul.'iy ]n^f summer ran for five months .'it the Grand Opera House, :<>, and is now in its second nt the Astor Theater, New York. "Paid in Full" won a triumph from the o Archbold's office. Mr. Archbold was attending to his private correspond- _ erice, but he stopped Ions enough to smile tienitfnly upon tho marshal as he ;icc. ;/ed the subpoena and the $1.50. The ,jcor of Mr. Roclcet'cller's pri- v;ite oilirc V/:LS wide open when the inarsh,'',! i'.ppmaclK'd. >I''. Rockot'oller v.-jis alone. Ay the marshal paused at \>.** d(H»rway, Mr. Rockefeller turu^O morning; come in. : ! liave a suVipoena for yo\i, Mr. I Rorkefeller," snid Henkel, in | him the writ. j "All riubt,' replied Mr. Rock<»f<'ll ii - Ke took it and laid it mi his desk. "I ;;iso liave $1.^0 i'or yon," added Mr. Henki!. it was then that John D. -i.iilel. The idect o! troll) 'he -was aain rvnwd RST Edd SCO adq Funerdl Directors Embalmers swe •> v *!« -I* •!• •!* »> :• •:• •:• •:• * GENTLE HORSES. We always hnve on hand snfe and gentle t.orses that ladies drive. You will find everything: spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals* and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc,, in ?ood running order all tho time. W. T. EATLIFP Cor 21st and I Sts Tet. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 **"***<*. -- if 1 1 i . i 4 i n an increase each The ladles \\\ charge um\ s are jubilant most thorouhl human. d«»ulji neat e story In drawing r his characters Mr. Walter has exhibited u v.'oudrous photop;rnphic pow- r \\if.'l*.-s l't,r the defense IU the ' HocUefelh r will ;;lve « H. K.-i.'..^;r. tV.t- .'nverni A • ^ r- n a ^ Mr. u v ii i,in- will bo anothoi- occasion ,.hr (:ir i^r in w r.d , i, > * j i * i > . i ' ; • In" |e f|M (•()])(•,' b f n 'V^^ram For This Evening. -"'o. Mrs, Flournoy. . -A. V » • • ' I Thomas. . Vv. MacTlao. Miss Juno Harbor. Ysabel L t . Fnind Returns Thanks. t + O • • . rr- -<; " I T - -J for they ave the nioKt life Hko ^ Ainericuu st:iK r ' has -. The erltifs of the and Chicago papers we re. unit f -d Tor onr-e this season in nc- ( laiinint; th" nltu- a snonss; to e;i"h aii'! evry indlvjdnal wrt'er "Paid in Put;" hade n latins npjieal nnd Oie mav he sa'ni of the effect it has uoj: ihe nuilii'iu-es who have it. XY'i^-'nhfils aud KeruntM 1 have loni? been notr-d for ih p e\cel- :' *h"iv produf lutis but v **- ' E. H. LOVELAND Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Pominps, Beans, Ky:KS. nud all farm r»roducts. A A $ *. *. * •>•><• * v *:* •; ••• '.'.is ff •. ^. i * 1 • I t • * . ;n an it. ;. v -ti:i n ! i :i i ! * i THE IDLE .-^-i his sinrcre thanks ' ' hfv havo dn r .e in in the MeOuiro Indian ; ' onm-ir- vitli i'i« nntronn ^ rfe? ticn »vi' i'virnisliod tho first- f»f the pmdnr-i'on the bav provided * i j i • i - \ h . • i i M , ' I * T \ ; ; ' i i . i ; r i "lite-- . •, ;),a! ';. :••:•!( \V!!. • -> f'..-• N^) i<.»t II. A e, itUo 1 tie liaihis look it in I'or \\ f .1- to \viti !;. M( Ot ! i • ; i •• i i , 1 1 f .11' t ' 1 1 L • f 1 > iu.-ntfi tho past t\vo!f<>!' "Paid in KM!'" Th" sfacinc* of • frequent return to thoj'lir iddy reiVx-i^-. 'h . redlt of n map- t-veninir provod tho,*'* 1 ' hand upon Mr *\\'-\\ Kompor for i:i \vhh h 'th*.' andionco ,hc has novr-r snr;iii ,-d tho hutnfin _ |i-.i(U* of the pNv |. r ;-,----.!hin (he.'lM'l- ral f*ff^<'ls. Tin- dema or «o*s eclnc 1i :,(*}' to ,. \\ 'I \\ V. :t ^ , i i b Special Gail. on entorUunmfMit" ', lo all the parents < Jilldn n who took pirt !n ! en hnnd for i-ehearsalshnll child ren's outer tain men t' n hand t'uv reheai'Hiil tirtTior- ' at The detniiitd for and tho ;i<iv:(r< f< '-.-He will open Monday mornlmr. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS 10 NFAV YORK THROJGH A checKing account with ihe First National Bank has so many advantages that yon find it a /rro-'rt aid in your financial affairs. If you have not ah-uadj puch an account with vis we shall be pleased l^ have yon op*m one and test it yourself. n I Oiange Groves of Scwth ern California; Cotton ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and Streets. Deeds, in niiinl. .i-.l * t ^ > * Hint h tried r;,i;|i>'-ii azar Notes. 1 V' niii'-': will he oi\e of special 'o all UM. viHitorK l" i r tli" hading talt-nt of will in- tin tf MI mi r<>ii(p;n)y. squill hal!' «>/ sin, 1 1 iHrl'T sect -T. M. * / i o A n; i half ii"rih- ". 10 • ast hr»Jf or' of tht 1 vailey, and \\a\\ ••> .i.-i»e ( | <»c :, -t^-.^M! t Int '' !'• •«• '-'.' i-o \\*i for him. Thcret'oi-.- u>i- . [»<*k io iind \v-.rl; and i'aili'd. A pi tu rent I y nulnuly \va. p <t' d to tMliploy a man \vlic, frojM ; , ^|| ( ,r; U'.St, ilppt'ai'ed 1u lie ;;!l ill- rloiis worker and tin' man is out of a job. A H o;' \vlneli iv. 4 I Th" four .Japs }M fho npanono booth HIT. Mhs Rachel He\vHt, Miss ' H"\vltt, Misses Helen and Xvn" Their up t«. .hue win Uie admiration of all. Don't iVvtfet "Tile Toy MuUer" will be irive;' Krldrtv eveninc, half of Th r - 'i* M a to srj.MHM I'MUbovn Oil (Nuni \i!srone, ?ln : M . u West (llUH'tf'!' of II •lortb half of : mrth west have r-or f• j.- ; well patn»ni/e(i thus fur. r r! | St '('.uupam ;nstro j,m. Kraus^e, in K i uhnl ,, C'n'^i,\ U when it rornes f<t scrv- ,,, to r. of r.ortb- quarii-r. of To Take Up, Clean and Relay: In-rain 8c per yd . .. 9c per yd Velvet 10^ per yet ;n^' 8c per yd iKiii nr I'd'/ onlv , oc per yd | 5c per yd j Gc per yd 50c' 25c Fields of Texa* iaua. [b rtv. « IM\V e ?.s, each . . . ss seauis, eaf-h To lay new primed lino- ; ipunj Sc Per sq yO ; Tc lay old Mnokuni 10c persq yd ' i n Jay new inlai;! linu- , leuiii ^ Cc P er sq yd lav old Inlaid !ino:. ;-.r: I2c per sq yd : uft ,. , , for tile mail -.vh.i ' ni ' gry ami eammt \viu-; Inm- atid t>r . SI|OWH an ea<-h 'V-Ien. $: o. ./MI-V. r, oil sam a.-c 1 c Ma-. > :m ies !) hi Hi tu \V ' I 1 ! * i M • i • l:t n 'i ren . w tinii ';• -.•. 'Itii: ;» i'i. T)l t . III.'! t- l 1 ' wao-h 'nil] War beat -j ,. a i U;>v, I-' * i (( ' - •* f t . t, 1 ,' n f , \-: rh M)e <; you ^ ..i the i» • t ."]e ;ni by s :.;i 'erf io your : > v I'lo will (Us- * i ;t on all Cnrpei Work li' ptiid iiu- ') on of work. M.'e oj M n d i i * -I , | * , i* T * ^ e ni Iiiii.' v r p S Uieu 'us 1 • as \s. M as ' 'ue t-vt-ninjr bci'-'i'e oiobf- la^ 1 ovMiiiiK wore re with mil- h utlntslasni i>v, ,- v I > ' • I \ I Wilin MM \'ir-.-inia • .md is l;t - ah r '•• n M ') Roy Wh ^^ « r f i . * - Ml. A *v- ^ i i ', j f -~, - f • • i r* A ( -il"*'.! i ,-:t D KNOW Th Roosevelt o anuo\iuooHun;;ra oosee wui it* bo ii "coiimfinnuK editor" «i tttm r*. !'• 'l:'i- I' Ule Ir! rualll ! J -n l -lr"ds of n- wt-ro pur a i»* \\\-\ your many . la at (tie St. Kruncls ba- con-nu Schilling's ll^st is abusi- nc.sS'likc name; you know what ii means; and it 7h3 Man that Buys nnd Sells Anything Don't Phone M-iin 423 zar. means \vhat yuii want. You are not tile tlil'ee » vour don ' f Uay and Tliiaiksgiving day? PAtNT YOUR HOUSE HiM-e paintihc f c my ppp ! ii'.-t- not'iMV-' but rhf: hest mate- vials, guarantee* iny work and diursc* rea«onabU- prices, . |. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 QUIP EAME S^5^ * CHESTER AVENUE * NURSERY +• i f ALBERT WEfciDALL, Prep. •> jkf FIrst-c(ass Nursery Stock, Trees, *' : f Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Fk«i f a! Designs. Orders promptly filial 'f Corner Sixth St. and Chester | i* 'Phtne, Main 745 v v *:* •• *:• : »• *• • BROS. Are Agents for •• * THE ALBANY NURSERIES * <« If you need anything in the •:• <• nursery line /eo them at their *I* ranch opposite Producers' He/in- v , •;* ery on Beurdsley rrtna). AVriJo •:• !*;« them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or * i * call them up, Black fill. A •:• •:* *: # * *> *:* *:* •:• •;• •:• • ri-ri- > -<r« vi KE Painters DER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a 8pe* cialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING SIGNS Phone Main 1136 1637 Wall St •akortfl«ld. Cal.

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