Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 15, 1914 · 18
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Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee · 18

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1914
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' - t : 7 -- ' 1 t - i ' 4 : R 1 t ! 4:41 1:: ' ! 4 g I - t - 18 4 - ME SUNDAY TDIRS CHATIANOOGA TEN SUNDAYNOVILMBER 15 1914 - - p Tennessee Defeats Sewana e by Two Touchdowns to One 0 efore Four 40 4 Immononoomom i 1 m 1 gm' li te-nklirik " ri I 1 IQ roc A qt-TrIWS IMPRnVPMENT i A I IDIIDIti lAtihin Tennessee Defeats Seumne0 by Two 1 IMIEREMBEIMPIMI E SO M A SHows IMFKUVEIVILPI i OVER VAND''' TEN NEssEE AUIJUtill wiNs I IN TRIumpH over -' I - - "BIG" GAME IN I EVERYBODY t IN DEFEAT OF T M I ELEVEN 1 - Carroll kicked - off short to Melsaae 'Tolley brought it lyaek ten yards In A COLLEGI N Shong great Improvement A wit r their latter marched up fieM to a touchdown I ' ! who returned ten yards Clarke plunged three successive bucks over the right line A nits es from enter by s e Parker made eleven yards Palmer - Baylor game the "Little Ilgers" from Á thirty-five-yard run by Lazenby and a for two -s-a n c 1 thi few long gains by Palmer and Stone were ------- TENNESSEE IN TRIUMPH Vols Terrific Line Attack Beats Sewanee TIGERS "OPEN UP" IN LAST HALF AND SUPPLY THRILLS Sewanee's End Runs Have Volt Nerv ous In Last Half and Game Ends With Sewanee in Possession 25 Yards Front Tie Tennessee's terrific line attack crashed through Sewanee's plucky defense in the first half of yesterday's struggle at ndrews field and brought the Volunteers a victory in one of the most fiercely contested games seea on a local field in years It was the first victory- for Tennessee over Sewanee since 1902 and gives the Vole a tie for the championship of the S I A A provided that they win their Turkey day game from Kentucky State which seems assured The game was won by a score of 14 to 7 When it ended Sewanee was speeding down field by spectacular forward passes and end runs and was on Tennessee's 25-yard line with a tying touchdown in close prospect It was one game that went exactly true to the advance indications of the dope: Tennessee won but only after a bitter struggle in which Sevyanee threatened to snatch a victory or tie the score time after time Tennessee showed great superiority in smashing through the line Sewanee excelled in the aerial game and around the ends The Volunteer backfield rushed through great yawning abysses opened up by their hefty forwards the Tiger backs sprinted 1 around the ends or hurled rifle shot for' ward passes over the line The famous forward pass play May to Carroll did not produce during the game It was called only once and both times the Sewauee forwards were through on May while he was looking for a place toiard which to throw the ball The Vole gained but little except ' eight through their line or just 'ttutside the tackles Through the line they used frequently a delayed pass play that completely mystified the Tiger defenders especially 'in the early periods of play The same delayed pass play but arousal the end Was partly responsible for the first touchdown It mystified the Tiger smashing halves on several occasions and the Tennessee backs got around unhindered with WY the secondaries to stop them Later in the game hoWe4er the play was abandoned around the end and Tennessee for the:most part shot right through the line where there was usually a hole The Vol line more than lived up to advance assertions that It Is the best in the south Sewanee may have made the mistake of trying line plays too often in the early periods Tolley and Dobbins sought to hnd a weakness in the left side of Teanesiee's forward defense anti succeeded for part of the first period Through this aperture -Big" - railer shot tor repeated gams and was cinelly instrumental through it in the scoring ut sewanee's only touchdown Tolley and 1-almer helping by short tackle rushes Tolley boon tound that the Tennessee line was adamant abd there was no use to waste the strength of his mauy backs in flinging them against a stone NV Then the Tiger leader "opened up" The effect was electrical Around the tuns swept the Tiger lia&s for gains ot from a to la yards Tolley leading lint close up and others gaining during the entire second half they kept Tiger supporters in a fever of excitemeut and - hope Tennessee was never disconcerted however and managed to stave oit another score all the counters having been made in the opening half Great was the gameness shown by the Sewantee team in the second half Qutplayed decisively by Tennessee in the opening chapter save for their one rush across the held the Tigers swapped blow for blow Up and down the held the two teams fought and bled Tennessee went through the line until a fumble a Tiger breaking through or some other contributing cause led to the loss of the ball Then back would come Sewanee around the ends and across into 'irennessee's territory again until a slip in the damp going a forward pass that went wrong or some turn of ill-fortune would give the Vole the ball once more The Tigers kept gradually gaining the advantage however and as the game ended two brilliant forward passes in succession put them in hearing of the Tennessee goal only to have the referee's final whistle rudely interrupt their final desperate dash for a dog-fall score Those to whom especial honors are due in the Tennessee line are hard to pick The entire outfit worked like a perfect machine on offense The 'thole" was nearly always there when the back was called to go through While Doh-tins outplayed Bayer to some extent when 6ewanee had the ball Dobbins played back on defense and McLean made "holes" just as did the others Big Kerr and Kelly both broke through repeatedly Carroll's game at end was hardly up to his usual standard on defense 'out he was effective on offense Ad of the Tennessee backs—May Cameron Rainey Tromasson and Lindsay— went through the holes in the Tiger line together with both ends Vowell and Carroll Two athletes showed magnificent improvement over last season Lindsay's - line plunges were thrillers Ile got through the hole made for him as did the others but then be plunged and wriggled for many yards further Though not having the momentum of some line plungers seen locally he was slippery as an eel getting by crack tacklers on many occasions and going yards after it (seemed that he was hopelessly stopped Quarterback May is the other scintilla-tor May was the chief and almost the only Vol back who could gain around the ends the two speed merchants Cameron and Rainey being unable to get away The little quarter was In fine made three over the same place Tolley Over left tackle for four yards Lindsay v""' " s'""' Touchdown—Palmer Goal from touch- touchdown in close prospect fensive asts early in the morning The T NI snake dance on the Eeld between halves During the second quarter d was within easy striking distance et the circled right for two Itouhlac was in- was called again and failed to gain Kel- down—Lasfuby Referee—McAllester Tea- 1 It was one game that went exactly lured on the play and gave place to Ed- IY tore off a great punt forty-bre yards team with its supporters and friends pa- Short periods were plaYed or the score nesee n—LBMrnPTIre—tonElenlhayattilSenoowraaneepimHeeaodf an erbilt rr n el go n ri A nc f vcsrvt and high rreillpv -tuna nnly ohla tel rottiril rcuiPd the streets about 10 am and from might have been larger ''''' ' ' s b'"' 1"'" -1 - ramie a spectacular plunge throtign cen- of the field Tolley failed to gain Fort VLA Al-LELA lit' I zokltClw IN CI C ZL11c1 10 4 LACIA 4 vaLA- - - tack wore away the stubborn Maroon made much ground by that play Cap- The Auburn team was an odds ma to Carroll did not produce during the ter ten yards May plunged for five got three yards around right Rainey in defense t : 1 f f oas original ways One aged supporter v th orite in e contest but Vanderbilt ps t 1 game It was called only once and both yards but was brought back and Ten- tercepted a forward pass intended for of the gold and purple Nvhose enthusiasm Spectacular runs by rogue and tarn Desjarden's punting was a big fac- Clark took the ball to the Maroon five- tor in staving off the Illinois backs up a wonderful fight Sikes and Cu' 1 1 times the Sewauee forwards were nessee penalized fifteen yards for hold- licisanc McCormack threw Thomas- was explained by the fact that his son sting son back a -yaross owel' ufts once a star on the Sewanee team and Cody played brilliantly Th May gained five yards ATcIsaac bk f 5 d l V 1 through on May while he was looking - burn machine on the other Inai V stopped him Kelly's punt was short plunged for eight yards Thomasson PrE1MNICCCVE1 VIT VITPM Tq Dr AT wnrkpli with it nta I m ta ta lae-11th n Th pan 1 naraded the streets during the entire time - ' -- — — - — - - - - ' ' "- ' k ' " A a iiogoy game 1wenty-tives thousana - ---z 1 I tL4116 ucivis 011 ta ixelij Villy Ii1C-Iiett LUArell I rime or rerwas—io mtuutes each i on Tennessee's 15-yard line - 1 -o-ui-a-t— 7 -p-an -—and the second at 7:15 witnessed the contest '$: r - - Air I 7: I "BIG" GAME Carroll kicked-off short to Mc Isaac who returned ten yards Clarke plunged for two yards A pass from center by Newauee was fumbled but recovered rarker was called and failed to gain Clarke fumbled the pass for a punt and G Vowel' fell on the ball Lindsay smashed the line for eight yards but fumbled Talley recovered the ball and returned it five yards before being tackled Palmer failed to gain over left tackle but then shot around left end for ten yards Parker smashed center for four yards Palmer made three Parker two and then Tennessee's right side caved in on Parker holding Sewanee for downs May gained two yards around left NIcIsaac making a pretty Itacle Lindsay made six yards through the line May sneaked through center on a delayed pass for Pie yards Thomas-son made two yards over right tackle Vowell was called around left on a delayed pass and made eleven yards May only gained one yard but Thomassou added four more through the line Lindsay made only one yard On a mystifying delayed pass play May circled left —Sewanee's right end—for twelve yards putting the ball on the 13-yard -line Lindsay on three successive plunges made seven yards Sewanee's line fighting bard May shot over tackle for four yards making it a first down on the 2-yard line and then sneaked over Ifor a touchdown Lindsay punted out to Thomasson and Carroll kicked the goaL Tennessee 7 Sewanee O The toilet' down - was made in 9 minutes and 14 seconds seconos - Carroll kicked off to Tolley who made a brilliant 33-yard return Palmer made two yards around left Dobbins four around the same spot A forward pass behind the line of scrimmage Tolley to Clarke brought a 5-yard gain but was ruled illegal From a kick formation Clark threw a forward pass to Tolley for an 8-yard gain The pass was partially blocked by a Tennessee player and bounced in the air - Tolley grabbed it before it hit the ground Itouhlac bucked for four yards Palmer made three yards over right tackle and Parker made three over the same place Tolley circled right for two Itouhlac was injured on the play and gave place to Edmonds Tolley made six around left from a fake kick formation Parker smashed over the right line for six and then for four yards making it a first down on Tennessee's 11-yard line Clark plunged for four yards M Nowell replaced Taylor for Teunessee Tolley failed to gain through the line and then made four yards around left The period ended with Sewanee in possession on Tennessee's 3-yard line fourth down and goal to gain Second Period - On the first play of the second period Palmer shot over right tackle for a touchdown Holley kicked the goal Sewanee 7 Tennessee 7 Tolley kicked off across the line for a touchback Thomasson bucked for three yards and Carroll for five Lindsay made a spectacular plunge through center for ten yards May plunged for five yards but was brought back and Tennessee penalized fifteen yards for holding May gained five yards ATeIsaac stopped him Kelly's punt was short going only fifteen yards and out of bounds on Tennessee's 33-yard line Clark bucked for a yard Carroll made a great tackle of Tolley A forward pass for MeIsaac hit the- ground Another forward pass was intercepted by Thomasson Three plunges by Lindsay Thomasson and Carroll netted seven yards Kelly printed forty yards and fettle and every time he called himself produced something substantial Tolley's great sprinting and end runs and returning kicks featured principally for the Tigers The two-beaded quarterback had one of his best days and was undoubtedly the individual star of the game A surprise was sprang by little Fort the sub quarter Going in at half early in the second half he was good for a series of speedy sprints displaying all sorts of speed 'Big" Parker was another S'ewanee scintillator in the opening half his line plunges being especially productive Coach Cope shifted his backfield men repeatedly and all who were used showed ability to get over ground The 'Vols "laid" for Dobbins but the latter got many tackles as usual AIL four of Chattanooga's latest additions to the Tiger squad got into the game Mersaacs started at end and played throughout a good steady and consistent game though not spectacular Clark stayed until the last two minutes of play He was used but little in rushing the ball In kicking after one costly fumble he and Capt Kelly of Tennessee had a nifty duel with honors nearly even Both sent their punts high down the field with plenty of time for the ends to cover Kelly pulled off several short ones while Clark's were uniformly for good distance Clark-has cultivated a new asset that of throwing the forward pass He hurls the ball on a line like a rifle shot and when the plays are developed a little further they will be excessively dangerous for the enemy Ed Boyd entered the game late replacing Clark and threw two perfect forward passes just as the game ended Tally distinguished himself with one kick off across the line for a touchdown Both he and Roublac were injured early and did not re-enter the game Fumbled Pass Dazes Sewanee at Start Sewanee won the toss and decided to defend the north goal Carroll kicked off After three plays Clark fumbled the pass for the kick G Vowell was oh the ball far up in Sewanee territory After an 8-yard plunge by Lindsay Tennessee fumbled Talley recovered and made a pretty 20-yard run before be was downed Palmer made a 10-yard run but Tennessee then held for downs Tennessee plunged up the field sixty yards without losing the ball Three delayed pass end runs were tried for good gains otherwise the damage was done strictly by ripping through the lines May sneaked through for the touchdown from the 1-yard line Lindsay punted out to Thomaeson and Carroll booted the goal Tigers Make Countermarch Up Field and Score The game's biggest surprise and one that set the Tiger settions of the stand ablaze with joy followed Carroll's ensuing kick off Tolley returned the boot for a brilliant 35-yard dash and the Tigers kept on the goal line without interruption A great forward pass on a line from Clgrk to Tollev saved the ball at one juncture A Tennessee player partially blocked the pass but Tolley leaped in the air and brought it down Several good end runs by Tolley combined with line smashes of Parker and Palmer kept the ball going and the end of the first period found Sewanee on Tennesee's 1-yard line On the first play of the succeeding period Palmer shot over tackle for a touchdown Tally kicked the goal tying the score Tennessee Duplicates Tigers' Rush to Goal Tally kicked off across the line for a touchback Tennessee started through the line Lindsay making a great 10-yard plunge but a penalty for holding set I them back and Kelly only kicked fifteen 1 Tolley brought ltrback ten yards In three successive bucks over the right line Parker made eleveu yards- Palmer fumbled for 05-yard Joss- Thomasson grabbed the ball from under the Sewanee player and rat forty yards across the Intij LL line but was brought back the referee's whistle having blown while Palmer held tli ball Tolley failed to gain around left eud Cameron knocked down a forward pass Clark punted thirty yards to May who made a fair catch Tennessee then began a thrillingmarch up field nearly eighty yards to a touchdown with out losing the -ball Most of the 'plays were -straight through-the line varied with -adelayed buck - Camernu circled xight for twelve yards Nowell got over 'left tackle for - seven yards' Lindsay shot'through center for ten yards Carroll plunged for sit yardsNowell for six yards - Lindsay -hit the line for nine yards more and Oarroli sfor eight yards Lindsay hit right tackle-for three yards May only got two yards around right end Vowel' smashed over left 'tackle eight yards to Tennessee's S-yard line Lindsay plunged for three yards :Vowel for three yards more to the 2-yard line Palmer was injured and Fort replaced him for Sewanee Lindsay put the ball within a foot of the goal line With the players all bunched and the road straight ahead impregnable May flung himself outside left tackle for a touchdown Carroll lcked goal Tennessee 34 Se-wanes 7 - Carroll kicked off and Tolley returned it twenty-five Yards Tennesse was penalized for off-side play Talley got four yards over right tackle Fort tried left and was thrown back A mussed up signal caused a loss Clark punted thirty- five yards to May Cameron slipped and 'failed to gain May also failed to gain Kelly punted forty-five yards to Tolley who Made a brilliant 20-yard return as time was called Third Period Rainey replaced Cameron for Tennessee Clark kicked off for Sewanee to May who returned ten yards Lindsay plunged for three yards Rainey got Over left tackle for four yards Lindsay was called again and failed to gain Kelly tore off a great punt forty-live yards and high Tolley was only able to return it five yards Fort got around left for a great 20-yard end run Parker plunged for four yards Carroll spilled the next play with a great tackle Parker was tried again and lacked an inch of making it first down the ball going over on Tennessee's 43-yard line There was a fumble on the first play but Tennessee recovered Thomason shot through 4he line for twelve yards Carroll plunged for two yards Rainey furabled but Lindsay recovered Vovvell plunged for seven yards Lindsay gained one yard barely making it first down Carroll bucked for one yard Lindsay for four yards but on the next play the Sewanee line caved through on Lindsay May called a forward pass but held the ball trying to find an opening for a throw and was downed in the center of the field Tolley failed to gain Fort got three yards around right Rainey intercepted a forward pass r intended for Mcisanc McCormack threw Thomas-son back for a 5-yard loss Vowell plunged for eight yards Thomasson for four Kelly punted thirty-five yards out of bounds It was Sewanee's ball on her own 13-yard line Kerr broke through on Parker and threw him for a loss- Fort failed to gain Clark punted thirty yards out of bounds Carroll plunged for six yards May made four yards but was brought back and Sewanee was penalized for off-side play yards out of bounds This gave Sewanee the ball on Tennessee's 35-yard line The Vo Is defended fiercely how ever the line caving two plays and Carroll flinging -Tolley viciously back On the fourth down Thomasson intercepted a forward pass and the danger was averted The 'Tigers held and this time Kellytore off a long high spiral for forty-five yards Parker made it first down in three successive plunges Palmer fumbled and Thomasson sneaked the ball and hurried up the field across the line amid a riot of joy in the Tennessee stands The touchdown was not allowed however as the referee's whistle had blown The Vo Is held and Clark punteu to Tennessee's 20-yard line From this attack that carried them steadily up field without losing the ball Lindsay was the principal gainer rarely failing to annex at least six or eight yards when called through the -Tine On the 1-yard line May seeing that the Sewanee line was bunched and impregnable In the center flung himself outside tackle for the Vols' second and last touchdown Carroll kicked the goal Tennessee kicked off and forced typunt and Sewanee duplicated Tolley delivered a pretty 2)-yard return as the period enOed Rainey Enters Game In Third Period Rainey entered the game in the third period replacing Thomason but was used little his bad leg slowing him up perceptibly The third period was a game of see-saw with punts end runs and line smashes alternating Fort made one pretty 20-yard run Thomasson came back in the game replacing Cameron and made a 12-yard dash Rainey Intercepted a pass one pretty play Tennessee managed to get the ball in Sewanee territory by holding for downs and later recovering a fumble Early in the fourth period Cameron was sent in to try a drop-kick from the 20-yard line It went wide for a touchback 'Phis was Tennessee's last chance Sewanee commenced immediately a series of brilliant end runs up field which threw a chill of - apprehension into the camp of the Volunteers Tolley Fort and occasionally Edmond carried the ball for from eight to fifteen yards at a time until Tennessee finally held for downs on her 15-yard line Rainey made his longest gain just here an eight-run dash outside tackle The Vols plugged for three more first downs before they were held and Sewanee got the ball on downs on her 33-yard line Then came the last desperate stand of the Tigers Tolley filed around end Two forward passes hist the ground lowt a third Ed Boyd to Tolley netted a 15-yard gain Tolley ran around end for four yards and then another forward pass Boyd to Fort enabled the latter to make a great 30-yard run This put the ball on Tennessee's 20-yard sine for a first down The watches of the timekeepers were ticking fast and as Tolley hesitated on his next play the final 'whistle blew Line-np: Tennessee Sewanee Carroll I e R Parker 1 a Bayer 1 t McCormick 1 t Kerr 1 g Harrison L g McLean cen Scott cen Taylor r g Perry r g r t Dobbins r t G Vowell r a Meisaac r a Mayigh Tolley ab Thomasson 1 h Palmer -1 h Cameron r h Tally r h Lindsay fb Clark fb Substitutions: Sewanee—L Parker 'for McCormick Byerly for Perry Rouhlac for Tally Edmonds for Rouhlac Fort for Palmer Boyd for Clark Tennessee—Rainey for Cameron Cameron for Thomasson M Vowell for Taylor Taylor for M Vowell M Voweli for Bayer Sorrefis for McLean McLean for Sorrells Tcpchdowns—May 2 Palmer Goals fro touchdowns—Carroll 2 Tally Referee—Henry (Kenyon) Umpire—Cogdell (Auburn) Head Linesman—Tapp (Chicago Y M C A college) Time of Periods-15 minutes each IN-DETAIL Touchdowns EVERYBODY A COLLEGIAN " " " 1 1 1 11 Showing great improvement over their B-aylo game the "Little Ilgers" from Sewanee Military academy won their an- nual game from Tennessee Military insti- Football Spirit Pervades All tute at Chamberlain field yesterday morn- lug by a single touchdown and goaL While People for a Day neither eleven is up to last year's form they were evenly matched and au-pplied a hard-fought struggle After SM A had scored the first touchdown by an opening CITY WEARS THE YELLOW rush down field T M I took the aggres- sve and repeatedly threatened to score The Little Tigers had been thoroughly AND PURPLE IMPARTIALLY coached on defense since their last appearance here however and flung their opponents back stopping them at one time on their three-yard line Great Crowds on Downtown Streets The improvement of the Tiger ends was specially noticeable both Masterson and Enjoy the Enthusiasm Laugh at Tramwell doing some great ' tackling the Stunts Wear the Colois Palmer the S M A quarterback suffered a bad cut on the head and was and Help Celebrate taken out the change weakening his team perceptibly Big Duncan was the star for his team as usual making many long All of Chattanooga was draped yester- runs his favorite being from a fake kick formation day in the gold and white of Tetinessee Peck was the big noise for T M and the purple and white of Sewanee and Ms kicks were a distinct feature One for the day the city belonged to schoolboys of his boots went fifty yards on the fly and girls College spirit ran riot and then bounded nearly twenty-five yards seemingly caught everybody ( further across the line for a touchback More than fifteen hundred people cattle He also gained repeatedly on line plunges from Knoxville on the two special trains but lacked Duncan's steam and indeed two hundred more came on the special was not given so good an interference on from Sweetwater Sewanee sent more end runs The T M line seemed to than three hundred and other trains from have a slight edge opening up many holes cite s in this section brought more who for its backs Quarterback Jones ran his were interested in the gridiron battle team indifferently He called himself The Knoxville crowd was made up of often though rarely gaining A mix-up students and business men but from their in signals at the goal line probably cost conduct and apparel it was impossible to the Sweetwater cadets a tying touchdown separate the two classes Dignity age The student bodies of the two schools and gray hairs were forgotten and for the witnessed the game almost en masse day-all were boys and girls again Local prep fans were also out in force Strains from the brass band of the Ten- and rooted for both elevens The T M nessPe Military institute heralded the ap- band gave a touch of life to the situation proaPh of the first contingent of enthusi- The Little Tigers did their accustomed asts early in the morning The T M I snake dance on the field between halves warn with its supporters and friends pa- Short periods were played or the score raded the streets about 10 am and from might have been larger that time Market street was jammed with T M I kicked off to Sewanee and the a wild joyful throng The bright gold of Tennessee dominated Those who came down on the special train wore streamers CONFERENCE CHAM bows and comical-shaped hats made of yellow and white bunting Many U T WON B men wore buttons inscribed thus: "The Passing of Vaiitly Sewanee next victim" Football Spirit Pervades All People for a Day CITY WEARS THE YELLOW AND PURPLE IMPARTIALLY Great Crowds on Downtown Streets Enjoy the Enthusiasm Laugh at the Stunts Wear the Co lois and Help Celebrate All of Clattanooga was draped yesterday in the gold and white of Tennessee and the purple and white of Sewanee and for the day the city belonged to schoolboys and girls College spirit ran riot and seemingly caught everybody More than fifteen hundred people Cattle from Knoxville on the two special trains two hundred more came on the special from Sweetwater Sewanee sent more than three hundred and other trains from cit'es in this section brought more who were interested in the gridiron battle The Knoxville crowd was made up of studonts and business menbut from their conduct and apparel it was impossible to pcparate the two classes Dignity age auckgray hairs were forgotten and for the day- all were boys and girls again Strains from the brass band of the TennessPe Military inStitute heralded the approaPh of the first contingent of enthusi- asts early in the morning The T XL wain with its supporters and friends paraded the streets about 10 am and from All of the disorder was good-natured Chief Hill and Sheriff Bush knew the nature of the crowd with which they had to deal and left the handling of downtown streets to the ordinary force Many Antics Played By Loyal Collegians From 10 am until 2 pm the crowds on Market street were entertained in various original ways One aged supporter of the gold and purple whose enthusiasm was explained by the fact that his son w once a star on the Sewanee team paraded the streets during the entire time with a small dummy perchedoa a long pole He was copiously draped In Sewanee colors and so was his doll He held the doll aloft walked seriously along the crowded streets as though he was on a business errand and appeared to be a total stranger to everyone Shortly before the game he encountered a band of Tenneosee rooters in front of the Palace on Market street and for some time they made sport of him by saluting his doll in derision throwing kisses at it and offering him milk bottles but the erperienced Sewaneeite smiled not He coolly held his doll aloft and watched his tormentors until he had tired of their antics when he walked sedately off This same band of Tennessee enthusiasts came near cursing an accident and furnished some thrills when the man departed with his doll They stooa ka the narrow passage-way between parked cars and the street-car lines and swung automobiles as they passed either cheering or groaning according to the colors with which the machine was decorated Several were thrown to the pavement but they always came up smiling Not finding an automobile large enough a0S010mOW"00ftMaeAf10a6s"OSOS1046a00No0 Lindsay plunged for six yards Vowell for five yards but the irrepressible Dobbins was through on Thomasson Tennessee was penalized for holding and the Vo Is' last good chance to score was lost May attempted a forward pass which was blocked Byer ly replaced Perry for Sewanee Clark intercepted a forward pass Fort circled right for four yards and Tolley dashed for six in the same territory Tolley fumbled on the next play and Taylor recovered for Tennessee Rainey got three yards over left tackle Time was taken out for 'McCormack and a few moments later L Parker replaced him Lindsay bucked for three yards and on the next play May shot through for ten Carroll got three yards and Thomasson three more through the line Time was called with Tennessee in possession on Sewanee's 30-yard line with third down and four yards to go Fourth Period Thomasson made it first down with a 4-yard plunge Lindsay failed to gain but Sewane was penalized for off-side play Lindsay fumbled but Tenessee recovered Lindsay plunged for three yards and May for two Cameron was sent to replace Thomasson and try a drop kick The boot from the 2-yard line went wide and resulted in a tsluchdown Tolley circled for eight Fort for seven Emend for five Tolley for five four brilliant end runs in succession M Vowell replaced Bayer fol Tennessee Tolley circled right for eight yards but Fort failed to gain Mime was taken out for ' Carroll who staggered back into the game Tolley circled left for seven yards Sorrell replaced McLean for Tenessee Fort tore off nine yards around right Tolley six Fort four more The attack was shifted to the line Emond made three Tolley slipped and failed to gain and Fort only made two over tackle lacking a few Inches of first down It was Tennessee's ball on her own 15-yard line Lindsay bucked for two yards Rainey shot over right tackle for nine yards Vowel' made two yards May three Lindsay made it first down with a 7- yard dash Vowel! bucked for three Lindsay for three May for one and Vowell for three another first down Lindsay bucked for three yards Vowel! failed Lindsay made four and Vowell four for the third first down in succession through Sewanee's'line Rainey failed Dobbins stopped May after a 4-yard gain G Vowel! bucked for four yards A forward pass failed and Sewanee took the ball on her own 33-yard line Tolley was thrown for a loss Two successive forward passes failed but on the next one Boyd went in for Clark and threw a pass to Tolley for a 15- yard gain Tolley made four yards around left and another forward pass Boyd to Fort put the ball on Tennessee's IS-yard line Tennessee supporters were getting desperate Sewanee started plays a little too slow In the emergency and after a line play failed to gain The half ended with Sewanee in possession on Tennessee's 15-yard line I to One S M A SHOWS IMPROVEMENT IN DEFEAT OF T M I ELEVEN WON URBANA IlL Nov 14— Illinois made certain of the conference football championship today by defeating Chicago 21 to 7 while Wisconsin was losing to Minnesota Chicago scored early and maintained a lead until the third period when the score was evened In the fourth with the count 7 to 7 Illinois' brilliant attack wore away the stubborn Maroon defense Spectacular runs by rogue and Clark took the ball to the Maroon five TENNESSEE ELEVEN IS REAL REPRESENTATIVE OF STATE Judge El G Ingersoll dean of the law' department of the University of Tennessee was an enthusiastic witness of yesterday's annual combat with Sewanee Like all of the university faculty the law dean is "plumb crazy" about this year's football team In an interview with the sporting editor of The Times last night Judge Ingersoll spoke of the football team in the Tollowing warm words of praise: "We rejoice the faculty of the State university over this great victory on the football geld President Ayres and the deans of the colleges and all the professors and all the students are proud to bays a football team this year that has won over Alabama Vanderbilt and Sewanee Which' was the greatest victory we don't know but tonight we feel that our team is better than ever "And we all rejoice too that it is an ell-Tennessee team Of the boys who carried the State nrdversity to victory today over as game a team as ever came down off the mountain' four are from Middle Tennessee the large division of the state They are Capt Kelly from Robertson county the greet tackle Carroll from Davidson who plays end to the queen's taste:" Bob Taylor the sturdy guard between Kelley and Center who comes from Franklin county and Bayer the stout tackle who comes from Stewart county 'West Tennessee furnishes three members to the team: Vowell from Weak ley county Thomasson from Carroll and Kerr from Hardin each bearing fully his share of the honors of the great game "Our own East Tennessee 'also puts up three members: Center McLean 'Quarterback May and Lindsay the fearless line plunger and we East Tennesseans are especially proud of them each and every one But after all it is the 'team' that all together did the work and commands 10owWo4PaSoo to carry all of them and refusing 'to risk separation by riding street cars one bunch hired the largest auto truck' they could find and paraded the streets before going to the game singing and cheering They confiscated a drum and some tin pans and made plenty of noise All day and far into the night the streets resounded with the ring of bells and it seemed as though every man woman and child in all of Chattanooga wore one Some had bells on their fingers some had them on their toes and others had them tied on their coats or hats One or two were seen with a bell on each shoe making a noise like a Christmas sleigh More than :2000 were distributed during the day by a local firm None of them had been broken up to midnight last night judging from the jingle they kept up Great Crowd Handled Quickly at Ball Park Forty street cars were parked on East End and Harrison avenues when the crowd was turned out of the grandstand and there was no unreasonbie delay in getting the big crowd back to the city "That's the best street car work I ever saw" said one of the Knoxville merchants "If that crowd had been in one of our parks or in any other city in the south many of them would have been forced to wait five ten or evert fifteen minutes Chattanooga should feel proud of this feat" At the game Tennessee rooters occupied the first base bleachers and the south section of the grandstand "Red" Mathews and Bill Gowan garbed in white stood on the field and directed them displaying great ability both as leaders and as acrobatic contortionists Rain interfered with the plans of the Tennessee crowd following the game and the victory was not celebrated in a manner in keeping with the spirit and intention of the victors A big parade on Market street was started but rain soon drove the enthusiasts to shelter Not all of these who came from Knoxville and points along that line returned on the special trains last night Many waited for the regular Southern accommodation The first special pulled out at 7 pm and the second at 7:15 latter marched up field to a touchdown A thirty-five-yard run by Lazenby and a few long gains by Palmer and Stone were m:xed up with DULIC8118 runs Palmer finally sneaked over the touchdown and Lazenby kicked the goal- The score came in about five minutes of play T M I coma back strong and after receiving tore off a long punt one of many Peck unloosed during the game A bad pass by Sewanee's center gave T M I the ball in Sewanee territory A holding penalty put T M I far back but Peck made it up with a fifteen-yard tackle rush Welch circled for ten yards and three line plays easily netted another first down on Sewanee's ten-yard line It looked like a sure score here but a mix-up in signals caused a loss and Sewanee held Duncan ran the ball out of danger making twenty yards from a fake kick formation In the third period T M I received Dunean's kick-off and after three plays-1 Peck's seventy-five-yard kick brought a 1 touchback When Duncan returned the punt he only booted fifteen yards Again T 31 I dashed up field and knocked at the goal line once more Sewanee held ancr-Dancan ran the ball out of danger from the false kick formation In the fourth period there was an interchange of kicks after which one of Duncan's runs put the ball well up field and Sewanee took the offensive They reached the fifteen-yard line where a drop kick was blocked -and the game ended Line-ups: Sewanee M A T M Masterson 1 e Dike Harbeson I O Duncan I L Lewis I tMcNeal Robinson 1 gDomergue L g Ezzell cen Mobley cen Reed r g Burks r g Rogers r t Bencrstft r Tramwell Kuhl- Welch r man r 0 Jones nb Palmer Aiken Clark 1 h Tramwell qb Winn r Chapman L h Peek lb Lazenby Kuhl- man r h Stone lb Touchdown—Palmer Goal from touchdown—Lazenby Referee—McAllester Tennessee Umpire—Finlay Sewanee Head lineaman—Broxton Chattanooga Time of periods-10 minutes each PIONSHIP BY ILLINOIS ELEVEN yard line where Pogue shot over Clark then caught Desjarden's kick-off on the Illinois five-yard line an ran through the entire Chicago team for the final touchdown Illinois played an open game using many double and triple passes forward passes and "spread" formations Chicago was successful in breaking up forward passes however and neither team made much ground by that play Captain Desjarden's punting was a big factor in staving off the Illinois backs the grateful -pride of us all More than ever before we Ore sure that the University of Tennessee belongs to the whole state-and truly represents it and that 'the team' is far from being Its least worthy and important factor Verily Tennessee rules the day and the year" "What do you think of : Red' Rainey judge?" "Rainey wasn't put in to win the game— it was won in the first half But people did want to see our swift strong redheaded halfback from Maury county once more today to be sure that he would come again find be will Watch him on Thanks giving day" "And 'Scotty Cameron' he was sure in It Where does be hail from judge?" "Scotty comes to us:' thank goodness from Aberdeen by way of Chicago 'He's not a Tennessean yet But watch him tool" CORNELL DOWNS MOAN Defeat Closes Yost's Most Disastrous Season ANN ARBOR Mich Nov 14--Cornell clearly outclassed Michigan today and won 28 to 13 The defeat closed the Wolverines most disastrous season since Fielding H Yost became coach In the fifteen years Yost has been at Michigan he never before has lost three games in One season Barrett Cornell quarterback was the brightest star in today's game Time and again he eluded Michigan tacklers for long- runs and once made a thrilling dash from his own 40-yard line through the whole Wolverine eleven for a touchdown Maulbetsch was practically the 01:117 successful ground-gainer for Michigan PENNSYLVANIA DRUBBED Dartmouth Administers Crushing De feat to Red and Blue PHILADELPHIA Nov 14 — Dartmouth defeated Fennsylvaxda today 41 to 0 the highest score ever registered against a Red and Blue team on Franklin field Pennsylvania was outplayed in every department and the Greens' goal never was in danger Dart tnouth used a fake pass suceessfuly for many rains while forward passes resulted m several touchdowns CARLISLE ROUTED AGAIN Notre Dame Makes Big Score on Crippled Indians CHICAGO Nov It —The crippled Carlisle Indians were no match for Notre Dame today losing to the Hoosier eleven 6 to 4S Welsh the Chippewa fullback was badly injured and was taken unconscious to a hospital The punting and runs of Cofall and the rush-mg of Eichenlaub Pliska Bergman Keleher and returns of punts by Bergman were features of the Notre Dame offense Capt Calac was the star for the Indians Maine Runners Champions BOSTON Nov IL—University of llaine won the New Eng Isnd intercollegiate cross country championship here today over a course of 4 8-10 miles The totals were: Maine 66 points Massachusetts Institute of Technology 69 Dartmouth 74: Massachusetts Agricultural college 115 Williams 136: Colby 145 Brown 146: Worchester Polytech- nic institute' 155 Amherst 158 California Loses Rugby Game BERKELEY Cal Nov 1-I—Leland Stanford university defeated the University of California today 243 to 8 in a Rugby - tame Twenty-five thousand witnessed the contest AUBURN WINS OVER VANDY Alabamians' One Touclidni Enough to Win FAKE FORMATIONS PUZZLE COMMODORE DEFENDER After Plainsmen Score on first Rust Vandy Rallies and Kieps Them on Defensive for Re estinder of Game BIRMI2GHA3I Nov IL 11 tie less than eight minutes of Ali Auburn had defeated Vanderbilt hen this afternoon and had further strengthened her claim to championship honors In the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic association The game played in dreary vapory weather ended With g score of 6 to 0 and Auburntagoal remained uncrossed - A series of desperate lino plays alittd up with several fake kicks And falo forward pass formations enabled A16 burn to score the only touchdown of to game Vanderbilt seemed unable b cope with the plunging Auburn nat chine in the first few minutes of play but after her goal line had been crossed there was a complete traneformatdon During the last three quarters 'Vanderbilt played deSperately and brilllantly forcing Auburn constantly to the de fensive During the second quarter Vanderbilt was within easy striking distance of the Auburn goal but the Plainsmen from the- Alabama Poly institute held firm and their opponents were forced first to attempt a forward pass and then a goal from field Both efforts at scoring went wild-and although the game was not ”t half finished the spectacular features had ended Vanderbilt fought stubbornly in ths second half while Auburn was conteg to play constantly on the defensive Punting exchanges were frequent la the final quarter Auburn tried an ofetisive movement for a time and carrial the ball well down the field The As-burn students called for a tonchclovra Fresh men were sent into the line be the attacks were repulsed on the Vas derbilt 25-yard line and there wu further attempt at scoring The Auburn team was an odds mat yorite in the contest but Vanderbilt pa t up a wonderful fight Sikes and Curs and Cody played brilliantly The at ' burn machine on the other hasi worked with its usual smoothness Tfice were the characteristic line and tub plays by the Alabama men and the el stant shift at fullbacks Ilarris and Bij5 relieving each other In that poeldia Nearly every Auburn play was made IS F bias or the other of the fullbacks sia Hart at right half occasionally atter irtg an end rum Line-up aid summary: Auburn Vanderbilt Reerley L B Chester L s Steed Cody I L -Culpepper L t 'Lipscomb L g - Taylor L s Brown c - Pitts a - Phillips -- Thighen Putnam r g: Sample r - Warren r- t Louiselle r t Burke Cohen t Steed - Cody I L 1 -CuiPettper L t 'Lipscomb L g '- ''- ) Taylor L g Brown e i Pitts e - Phillips Thighen Putnam Z g: 7 : Sample r iy - Warren r t Loviselle Y t Burke Cohen La' Robinson r Curry q b - Sairston Sikes 1 h Amok? e b Reams Turner e L Prendergast L h I Chester f b Hart Lindsay r h - Harris Bides f b Summary—Touchdown Harris toulgelt failed to kick goaL Bradley Walker la: veraity of Virginia referee J E Halt: 'A gain Amherst umpire J S Counselmaa i V P 1 beacilineannart Score by cluarte1 1 Auburn 60094-1 Vanderbilt 0 I 1-4 1 — I Came In Detail - s' FIRST PERIOD Auburn kicked off to Vataderbilt's 30-rd I Line Vanderbilt fumbled on the first il Ila ' t up Auburn failed to gain and then so penalized 15 yards Exchange of set 1 ruages brought the ball to the middia the field Auburn made good gabs t - fake kick formations toward the intil1 ' of the quarter End runs gained Vit downs consistently Harris finally Mani '' ball over for a touchdown boulselle I1i4 i to kick goal Score Auburn 6 Tande: Wit O Harris kicked off for Auburn to Vial - - bilt's 30-yard line Vanderbilt made atint down by rushes through the line Vandtt hilt then was thrown for a loss Vance' i bilt punted 45 yards Auburn returned tit kick and it was Vanderbilt's ball on As I i burns 35-yard line Vanderbilt lta I 1 thrown for a 7-yard loss and wita futile penalized for holding in the line Vande I bilt punted and Auburn had the bag V her Wyard line Two tackle plays nettel practically nothing A drizzling rte started soon after the game vas beta! Auburn finally was forced to kick SD" was Vanderbilt's ball on ber 40-71rd lilt- i Vanderbilt tried to gain through tick after two downs punted to Auburn es Or I 20-yard line Harris gained 9 yards Mr V Vanderbilt's right tackle Hart madelt 1 first down through center The alvt PH 1 ter ended on Auburn's 30-yard Une am with the hall -in her possestikat leete I first quarter: Auburn 6 Vanderbilt & ' enlaCeney:Auburn was twND QUARTE th Auburn zent th ' O r ice 111'' to gain on line Phil ----- I IL Auburn failed ' ifti- I was foreed to Wk Vanderbilt raidealitus I gains off Auburn's tackle and -then teld! I a successful forward pass for 404- 1 Vanderbilt was penalized 15 71 tr 1 holding on the first line up Van"— tried another forward pass but intercepted anti It was Aubutn'l Dtm h 1 ubunroadrolle gtwetftry! i df7o:ar E wrudans:iylao'itinnsrds TiKed et S131 aplbr i 1 i : i Was followed 1)7 I tunitgll i and it was Vanderbilt's ball Oa 4Vb5ral I 85-yard line 11 1 1i 1 ballon through center Sikes made 5 yards lerto 1 On a fake kick Vanderbilt made 10 4 Vanderbilt tried a fake kick but 1 thrown kick yielded 8 yards B Bides went to back in place of Harris and went t ua dfoorwb a sSo-ybarbaerloss L5yardAub littne goit rnrial1110 1 the line for a first down Bides eosin: 1 t flees the cbarecteriStic Auburn Due Piu viol on two downs had gained 15 Yarns ' ore : continued to carry the ball for thre!r s downs Auburn then was Pena-111"mm yards A forward pass failed and lin Au?) kicked over Vaudertilit's goal e' ball was brought out to Vander ihns 1 yard line Curry for Vanderbilt- Pi - I O ' a yards and the period ended half: Auburn 6 Vanderbilt Score l'' t -1 THIRD QUARTER Vanderbilt kicked off to Auburn' 16-t: 1 line and the ball was returned 110:i I 45-yard line Harris returned to ftlitt41 t for Auburn and was given the bs-11 oil f times in succession He failed to the necessary gain however ball and w11 pelted to kick It was Vanderbilt s t 15 ti the 20-yard line V burn11 Pee anderbilt failed o ! sion in the center of the ilelaoeyea plays Harris wade 10 yards: 11 Fort i through center venin for 3 itarlokt rts tried right end but made Email -t rfkie I made consistent gcins over ri tgnaa:--ice i- 1 and the A1011111 students begat) niaa A punt put the hall in Au tia a touchdown Lindsey took liartl: lk I See Page Nineteen Bi't14 t eidat - fk d e b le f ': ter X t i ''' 1 L 1411 r 1 L 1 iligent ill i 11010 1 103104 i uteri 0 0-4 i I g-0 I 1 10-0 1 1 a 110 T Dv tett 3 di i IV 't - A it Ft : z i tr : r 41 I tt nt I do or Lit gs it 1go - I dl Ire Ito tto ok et 01 't 1 et 1 Lir fAt I f 1 -"------- : : ': T

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