Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 8, 1914 · 16
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Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee · 16

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 8, 1914
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N00 Til E SUNDAY TIMES: CHATTANOOGA TENN SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8 1914 16 ORWORIFIi Tennessee Downs Vanderbilt—Swczntee Tramples ftomi PRINCETON 18 CRUSHED Tiger Offense Totally Helpless Before Crimson HARVARD'S TRICK PASSES BAFFLE TIGER DEFENDERS Mahan Takes Brickley's Place as Goal Kkker—Harvard'a Supremacy Almost Pitiful at Times— Tigers Make Two First Downs CA3IBRIDGE Mass Nov 7—Har yard crushed Princeton 20 to 0 today in their annual football game The Crimson completely outclassed the Tigers in every department of play The New Jersey collegians had little offensive er defensive strength and their nearest approach to the Crimson goal line WEtS in the first period when the Orange and ' Black secured the ball on a fumble on Ilarvard's 3-yard line Even with the ball well in their opponent's territory at a period of the game when all the attacking players were fresh Princeton was unable to retain this advantage relinquishing the ball on the first play by a disastrous fumble Harvard never thereafter was reriousl threatened Both teams fumbled the ball in the first period and It was not until toward the - 'end of the session that the Crimson ma chine began to work smoothly After numerous exchanges of punts Harvard got the ball on Princeton's 39- yard line and after g-aining close to twenty yards in three rushes Mahan dropped back to the Tiger's 38-yard line ' and kicked the first field goal of the game In the second period much the same tactics were pursued The home team continued the smashing attack In the third quarter and gaining poscession of the ball on Princeton's punt to the Harvard 40-yard line proceeded to march up the field again for the final score of the contest Harvard sent in what was virtually a substitute team in the last quarter and Princeton tried out its much vaunted open attack The Tigers made their two first downs of the game here one by - rushing and the other on a forward pass The Crimson substitutes offered a sturdy defense however and the game - ended with the Orange and Black still near midfield The few yards gained in these few final minutes of -the play represented Princeton's sole successful I attack during the entire sixty minutes of the contest - All told the visiting team msde 39 k -yards and two first down in eighteen n rushes while the victors rushed eighty-two times for 297 yards and sixteen d first downs Harvard punted twenty- ' three times for 744 yards and ran the (-4 V ball back on Princeton punts 165 yards The Tiers kicked nineteen times for a -E total of 648 yards and gained on runI1 3 backs 79 yards The Crimson tried three forward passes without success while r the New Jersey eleven attempted five of which two gained about 12 yards Eleven fumbles were made Harvard being credited with six and Princeton five In penalties 10 yards were imposed upon -- Harvard and fifteen on Princeton - These figures tell mathematically the - ' reason and -measure of Princeton's de-' feat but do not demonstrate the team and individual superiority of the Crimson players The contrast was almost pitiful at times The delay and con- : cealed handling of the ball in the Cam- - bridge back field bewildered the Prince- ton team far more than it did Michigan a week ago The forwards and second- ary defense at times appeared to lose all track of the ball being fooled into leav hie the real point of attack unprotected Line-up: Barvartl (20) Princeton (0 c T J Coolidge I it Bighley L e P9111011 1 t McLean L t Plnnoek I g Shenk L g Bigelow c Lennert C Weston r g E TrenkMSSEI T g - Trumbull r t Bailin r t --- Hardwick r e Shea r e Logan g b Ames q b Bradley 1 hb Tibbott I hb Mahan r hb GUek r bb Francke 1 b Driggs X b Score by periods - - I 2 8 4--- IT rv a r d 3 10 0 7-20 - Princeton 0 0 0 0-0 Referee—W R Langford Trinity Umpire—C S Williams Pennsylvania Linesman—N A Tufts Brown Time of periods-15 minutes each Harvard scoring— Touchdowns: Bradlee Hard wick Goals from towWow-us—Hardwick 2 Goals from t field—Mahan 2 Substitutions: Harvard— C A Coolidge for T J Coolidge Men r' for Parson Vilithington for Pennock Harris for Bigelow ' Underwood for Weston Curtis for Trumbull Smith for Hardwick Weatherhead for Smith Watson for Logen t5wigert for Watson: McKinlock for ' Bradlee Hardwick for Mahan Whitney - for Hardwick King for Francke Rollins 7 for King Princeton—Lamberton for High-ley Ilighley or Lamberton: Bigler for McLean Brown for Shea Mott for Brown Brown for Mott Doolittle for Tibbott Dickerson for Doolittle P Trenkmantt for Glick Law for Driggs Driggs for Law GAME IN DETAIL -4 First Period- Ifervarri won the to a 1 chose to de fend the IN et goal Driggs kicked off to t -Logan on Harvard 's 20-yard line Numeric ous punts were exchanged without either team getting a decided advantage Mahan then kicked to Harvard's 35-yard line e Ames fa:ling on the ball On the first ) down the Pfl Hi IV 8 poor arid Harvard got ix the hall on I'rinceton's 45-yard line Francke rna6e six yards through center ' On the second rush be added another yard There was a Harvard fumble but Mahan gct the tall and ran to the 31i-yard line for a first down Francke could not gain and Logan made one yard Mahan dropped back to the 38-yard line for a goal froAa the field He missed it my five yard 'Princeton put the ball in play on the 20- i 'yard line Drigrs punted out of bounds on Princeton's 40-yard line where it was Harvard's ball Francke drove through center for five yards He made a yard more on another plunge through center - Mahan made a first down on Princeton's p 20-yard line After two plunges into the Princeton line Mahan stepped back to the 8-yard line ard dropped a goal from the t field On the kickoff Hardwick took the ball —but fumbled on Harvard's 30-yard line f where Princeton recovered There were e three more fumbles and an exchange of kicks Harvard captured the ball on their 25-yard line but could not gain and Ma- : -ban punted to Ames on Princeton's 30-yard line After exchanging kicks It was Princetons ball on their own 20-yard line t Degas immediately kicked to Mahan on - Filarvard4 40-yard line He was thrown t without gain On the first down Hardwick made 19 yards around rignt end This was the longest run go far Mahan went through the line for three yards On a fake Francke made six yards more Score end first period: Harvard 2: Prince ton O ''' Second Period ' The second period started with the ban on Llarvard's 33-yard line Itnidlee made three yards 'Ilea liarvard tried a for MAHAN'S TOE ATONES FOR ABSENCE OF BRICKLEY FOR HARVARD 11N -1111ag AtirIF tloOrts1711 'I1P4 ito‘ '' '' 4101- ft4111ir ° ('A ' Plitowl'IP - 0 1 ' 1 - ' ' -'''''s p -- lik - " : T A 1111114 - - AT ' - age N- --: 94-- tio "00''k'' -'-'- - - ":" ii6 - : s E--: 4 ! 40 1111 lib 1 41no ' - i -:- ' ' 1: - - - IV 004 - t i jskli 11 -' -:!'1?'':--:- :: :11-::':'':'-'-' "-' - MI- - : ' - - -- M‘ : : -' ri---: : - - : - iv i : : 'rWA-'-'IV ' i15- ' ' -'' ' i i":' y'- -::' -- 'Pr :' 0''' - ' -'':':5'' T ': - !$ 7 '4' - : - '::: :: ' SI -If - Af''' :::iI'" 'NO ie' I'' :44 7 -te--"": -:7 -1-1 '''''' r"A:''?:: '''1! -::::::: '' :' ---'-:' ' '''' '''' -' '''''''''-4 : 5:' ''''' i-:'45 4 '''''' ti- ''4' ' :::' ' 2 -: ' e4 f-47'' -'7 ':' :-' 4i 4:':':''t'f 4':' ?::'':::65r- f: '' N'4NV11:::: A '''''- A :'1:': '''' ''' ‘4 ' :- : '4 :4seA' !: k1' 4 'e-: ' --$ '-' :--''40 II ' -VA A 44 t 4 Or 'e :-' ::4 ''94:i: '' ie: g 4 e'44'' :':': 3 --40 -: ii t - '4 i-ii--- : v ' e- ''s 1 ' ' ':: :-4-(47: ':1—i 4: felik': a'::!'''t s' ir 4 ?-- V'4''' : : 9t:1:'4- v:' ": - ::-st -' -:'-'14 t 1 4- --A1-'174!4-'-:-iirt-t -44'' :'-a- ii:':1::: -': :'i ::' áv:4(à04:444jiA4sg:imi-"1- - ILILFBACK ALLH-4—N e Critics who wrote that Brickley was Harvard's only drop-kicker received one of this year's accustomed jolts yesterday when Mahan kicked two Agoals from the field and helped materially in Harvard's defeat of Princeton The kicks would have been good enough to win aside from the two touchdowns of the Crimson AUBURN HAMMERS TECH LINE ' FOR VICTORY SENTR SHINES ATLANTA Nov 7—The Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn) defeated the Georgia School of Tech in football here today 14 to O goth teams played brilliantly Auburn scored its first touchdown in the second period After repeated short gains by the 'Aubtlim backs through Tech's line Prendergrast carried the ball over left tackle for a touchdown Harris kicked an easy goal The second and last touchdown of the game was scored during the first part of the fourth period After recovering a fumble punt by Hayes of Tech on Tech's 20-yard Line Auburn again hurled all her plays against Tech's line When the ball had been carried to the 10-yard line Hart plunged through Tech's right tackle for a touchdown Louise Ile kicked goal Tech lost her test chance to score when Patten fumbled the ball on Auburn's two-yard line in the first quarter Senter was Tech's star both on offensive and defense Auburn's team showed great offensive power She used her ward peas which was intercepted Ma ban tried for another field goal on the 38- yard line but failed Princeton put the ball in play at once kicked to Mahan who caught the ball on the 30-yard line running it back to midfield Punts were exchanged freely each team trying one or two plays before kicking Mahan then kicked to Princeton's 7-yard line Nobody touched the ball The players lined up with the ball on the ground Driggs kicked to Logan on Princeton's 35-yard line where there was a fair catch Mahan could not gain through center Funcke on a delayed pass carried the balk to Princeton's lard line for a first down Mahan made five more through center Bradlee carried the ball to Princeton's 14- yard line Francke made a first down on Princeton's 12-yard line The ball was rushed to Princeton's 8-yard line nearly Ilk front of the goal posts Dropping back to the 17-yard line Mahan dropped his second goal from the field Driggs kicked off to Francke on Harvard's 10-vard line The ball was run back to the 2-yard line On the first down Hardwick skirted Princeton's right end for 16 yards Francke could not gain through center Bradlee made 12 yards through center Re lost his sweater In his efforts It was Harvard's ball on Princeton's 33-yard line for a first down Bradlee rolled over the Princeton line for 5 yards Hardwick made a first down on Princeton's 18-yard line Francke struggled through to the 16-yard line Bradlee added two more yards On a fake goal from the field Logan made a first down on Princeton's 8-yard line On the first play Prancke made a yard Bradlee made another and on the third down Bradlee went through for the first touchdown Hardwiek kicked an easy goal Princeton once more lined up for a kickoff Hardwick caught the ball on liar- vard's 6-yard line and ran It back 15 yards Princetoa got the ball on a punt and tried two open formation plays that failed Princeton then made an on-side kick that Mahan caught on Hardvard's 30-yard and advanced 6 yards Bradlee gained 2 yards The period ended after several punts had been exchanged Score end half Harvard 13 Princeton 6 Second Halt At the opening of the third period Law went in for Driggs and P Trenkman for Giick Smith took Hardwick's place at Harvard's right end Mahan kicked off to Law on Princetous 5-yard line Law ran It back 25 yards Law punted on the first down to Logan who fumbled and It was Princeton's ball on liarvard's 35-yard line Tibbott failed to gain around left end Trenkmann made 4 yards through center On a ialenl pass Ames to Law there was no gain Law tried a goal from the field from the 40-yard line The ball fell short Logan caught it and ran it back to the 3-yard line Mahan made 3 yards through center Numerous punts were made by each team Mahan finally sending the ball to Princeton's goal line The referee declared it a touchback and Princeton put the ball in play on the 20- yard line Law kicked to Logan on Harvard's 45-yard line Mahan's fair catch was interfered with and Princeton was penalized 15 yards It was Harvard's bail on Princeton's 40-yard line Fraucke made 4 yards on the first and two more on the second Mahan narrowly missed a field goal from the 44-yard line Law kicked on the first down to Harvard's 42-yard line On the down Mahan made four yards He then kicked to Ames on Princeton's 15- yard line The ball was run back 10 yards Law kicked b u d the ball was partially blocked Bradlee recovered It on l'rinceton's 43-yard line Fraricke squirmed through for 4 yards Mahan added 4 more Mahan tried a forward pass to Smith but it failed Mahan failed in an effort to drop another goal from the field from the 46-xar4 line Law kicked to Mahan on 11 I two fullbacks hart and Bidez to good advantage - The players on both teams were numbered The line-up - Georgia Tech-- Auburn— I Goree 1 e Rear ley L e Maack I t Steed L t Lang 1 g Taylor 1 g McCord C Pitts c Sneed r g -Thigpen v g Carpenter r t Louise Ile r t Senter r e Robinson eapt) r e Johnson q b Hairston q b Patten 1 h Prendergast L h Fielder (eapt) r h Hart r h Lang 1 g Taylor 1 g McCord C Pitts c Sneed r g -Thigpen v g Carpenter r t Louise le r Senter r e Robinson capt) r e Johnson q b Hairston q b Patten 1 h Prendergast L h Fielder (capt) r h Hart r h Morrison f b Harris f b Score by periods— Auburn 0 7 0 7-14 Georgia Tech 0 0 0 0-0 Summar y: Touchdowns—Prendergast Hart Goals from touchdown—Harris Lou'sone Substitutions: Tech—Hayes filr Patten Spence for Johnston Alexandtr for Mauck Cushman for Hayes Montagne for Cushman Roondtree for Morrison Bryant for McCord Auburn—Bidez for Hart Sample for Thigpen Culpepper for Robinson Martin for Steed Officials: Referee Brown Vanderbilt: umpire Halegsn Louisiana State university bead linesman Phillips Sewanee Titus of periods 15 minutes Harvard's 40-yard line The ball was run back four yards Smith made 4 yards around Princeton's left end Mahan gathered in 8 yards for the first down Bradlee ran through a big hole in the Princeton center to the Tigers 25-yard line Mahan gathered in three more Fraucke made one Withington went in for Pennock Francke planted the ball for a first down on Princeton's 16-yard line On a fake attempt at a goal from the field Bradlee carried the bail to Princetona 3-yard line for a first down Francke gained a scant yard On the third down Francke carried the ball to within a toot of Princeton's goal line Hardwick weut in for Mahan Score: Third period—liaryard 13 Princeton O Fourth Period On the first rush in the fourth period Hardwick carried the ball over and the score was: Harvard 19 Princeton O Hardwick kicked the goal Score: Harvard 19 Princeton O Hardwick kicked the goal Score: Harvard 20 Princeton ') At this point both teams were greatly altered by substitutes Law kicked off to Prancke on the 15-yfird line and the ball Wail run back 20 yards Prancke was hurt On the first rush King who had replaced Fraucke made 8 yards Harvard was off side and lost 5 yards It was Harvard's first penalty of the game Both teams again resorted to kicking tactics and numerous punts were exchanged Whitney took Hardwick's place King went through to Princeton's 49-yard line for a first down King made 6 yards and then 4 There were so many changes in both lineups that tbe spectators could not distinguish the Harvard players Whitney ear1 tied it to the 29-yard line Here Harvard !gained a first down King made 7 yards In two downs In an effort for a long end run Smith was thrown by Bailin for a loss of 9 yards Whitney tried a goal from the field but it was short Ames caught the r ball on the 5-yard line and rushed it back 20 yards On the first rush Driggs made 4 yards Tibbott then made Princeton's first down on their 35-yard line It was Princeton's first effort at rushing Tibbott ran Into his own interference and lost a yard He then flung a pretty forward pass tc Ames and Princeton scored another first down In midfield Tibbott threw a long forward pass which King intercepted on Harvard's- 25-yard line Although Princeton tried desperately to gain an advantage in the final period her players were unable to score Final: Harvard 20 Princeton O W AND J TRIMS PITTSBURGH - Forward Passes and Long Kicks Feature Contest PITTSBURGH Nov 7—In a game featured by forward passes and long kicks Washington and Jefferson defeated the University of Pittsburgh today by a score of 13 to 5 NAVY DEFEATS FORDHAM Middies Fail at Open Play But Win on Straight (lame ANNAPOLIS Md Nov 7--Navy defeated Fordham in a one-sided football contest today 21 to O The Middies' attempts at forward passing and open playing were unsuccessful the only plays on which they could depend being wide and runs and tackle plunges “COME BACK” FOR SEWANEE Tigers Play Great Game Against Alabama PARKER GROUND GAINING STAR OF HEFTY BATTLE Superior Driving Power Shown by Cope's Men and Alabama Is Never in Dangerous Proximity of Scoring Chattanooga Times Special BrRm NGHAM Noy 7---Out-generaled outplayed and outfought throughout the University of Alabama football team was decisively defeated by Sewanee in a loosely played game here this afternoon by a score of 18 to O Alabaml failed utterly to cope with the Sewanee attack while its few chances to Ft ore were ruined by costly fumbles Porker was the distinct star of the contest ripping the Alabama line into shreds by his terrific plunges Vande Ft ore were ruinea Dy costly rumples WEST POINT N Y Nov 'T—The P won from Notr Dame today orker was the distinct star of the con- Array test ripping the Alabama line into 20 to 7 The Westerners handled the shreds by his terrific plunges Vande- ball loosely throughout the contest The graaffe did great work for Alabama es- Army's initial score came in the first pecially in kicking his long spirals be- frw minutes of play after Goodman re-lug a thrilling feature of the contest Covered a fumbled punt on Notre Dame's Aside from Parker's line plunging the 15-yard line Four plays netted a touch- down In the same quarter the cadets playing 04 Bruce 31cIsaac at end blocked a Notre Dame punt Bendict shreds by his terrific plunges Vandegraaffe did great work for Alabama especially In kicking his long spirals being a thrilling feature of the contest Aside from Parker's line plunging the playing 04 Bruce 31c Isaac at end featured for Sewauee as did that of Boyd who succeeded him Capt Tolley did some open field sprinting and made consistent gains on line sneaks and Dobbins shone on defense Alabama kicked off to Sewanee's 10- yard line and the Purple returned tp the 35-yard line The ball seesawed upand down the field -exchange of punts being frequent Sewanee finally got the ball on her 35-yard line and carried it to Alabama's 10 yard line on straight line plunges There a forward pass failed Alabama intercepted the pass and carried the ball 25 yards There Alabama fumbled Sewanee recovered and Tolley and Parker carried the ball over the line on a succession of straight plunges The quarter ended with the ball on Alabama's 45-yard line in possession of Sewanee Score: Sewanee 6 Alabama O Sewanee punod from midfield to the 10-yard line early In the second quarter and Alabama returned 15 yards The ball seesawed all daring this period with the advantage with Sewartee Vandegraaff's punting was the factor that saved Alabama in this quarter gaining file advantage On every exchange in kicks Vandegraaff attempted a goal from placement but the ball fell short and Tolley returaed to four yards Score end first half : Sewanee 6: AlaisamaO Sewanee scored a second touchdown in the third quarter while Alabama was again held helpless Alabama appeared to be helpless in offensive work and could pot hold Sewanee on the other hand In the first part of the third quarter Sewanee bucked the ball down the field and IL Parker again kicked goal Alabama had somewhat the advantage of Sewanee in the last part of the third periodbut could not score Score at end of third quarter: Sewanee 12 Alabama O In the fourth quarter Sewanee scored in the first part without much trouble Fort made a beautiful run through Alabam's center for about 30 yards and R Parker then bucked the ball over the line Clarke failed to kick goal The game ended with the score of Sewanee IS Alabama O The Alabama— Sewanee— Love 1 e R Parker 1 e Vandegrafre L t McCormick L Jones 1 g Leftwich 1 g Barnett c Scott c Hicks r g Harrison r g Burkes r t Dobbins r t Carole r e Nicisaac r e G Harsh q b Tolley (capt) q b W Harsh 1 h R Palmer I h Johnston r h Edmond r Long (Capt) f b Clark f b Alabama 0 0 0 0-0 Semmes 6 0 6 6-13 Summary: Touchdowns—Parker (3) Substitutes: Alabaina—Izzard for Love Gibbons for Jones Boman for G'ibbons Saul for Gibbons Miller for Barnett Bates for Johnston Neville for Long Morton for Cargile Sewanee—Rucker for McCormick Perry for Leftwich Lloyd for McIsnac Sellars for Tolley Fort for Palmer Peuaittes—Alabama 5 yards off side 15 yards holding Sewanee 15 yards hurdling Officials: Referee Grebe Navy umpire Streit Auburn bead linesman Pelham Michigan: head timekeeper Hixon Sewanee Time of quarters 15 minutes Score by periods— GEORGETOWN IN TIE GAME North Carolina Farmers Fight Washingtrians Fiercely WASHINGTON Nov 7--4eorgetown and North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical college battled here today to a 7 to 7 tie The game was bitterly contested from beginning to end and was marked by much roughness on the part of both teams North Carolina scored in the first period when Georgetown attempted to kick The ball was blocked and Riddick North Carolina's right halfback recovering it racpi 35 yards for a touchdown He also kicked goal The North Carolinians maintained this advantage until the last few minutes of play when Georgetown execu ted a beautiful forward pass for 30 yards and crossed the line for a touchdown Noark kicked goal and with the score tied time was called before the two teams could line up PURDUE DOWNS KENTUCKY Lexington Eleven Scores When Subs Are Inserted LAFAYETTE Ind Nov 7—Perdue defeated Kentucky State at football here today 40 to 6 Kentucky scored in the third quarter when Coach Smith replaced the entire Purdue team with second string players In the final quarter the regular team re-entered the game CLEMSON ROUTS GEORGIA South Carolina Tigers Romp In nie 7 Earlham 26 At Greencastle Ind--Depauw 0 But-Fourth Period ler 7 ATHENS Ga Nov 7—C1emson college defeated the University of Georgia ARKANSAS BEATS L S U in football here today 3 to 13 scor- log four touchdowns in thl last quarter When the final period began Geor- SHREVEPORT La Nov 7—The gia was leading 13 to 7 TruiversIt7 of Arkansas football team Alabama—Harvard Be MICHIGAN CRUSHES DEFENSE ANN ARBOR Ach Nov 7—Tearing Pennsylvania's defense to shreas Michigan won a 34-to-3 football victory today The size of the score was a surprise even to Coach:Yost - PentisYlvania's onV score was in the first period Merrill caught a Michigan punt near his own goal line dodged a Wolverine end and three times wrenched himself loose from tacklers He finally Wfig downed on Michigan's 43-yard line and a moment later Iiiatthews drop-kicked a goal from field - Michigan's first touchdown in the second period was partly the result of Tucker's poor punt which went out of bounds on Pennsylvania's 35-yard line- Catlett made the score and Hughitt kicked goal Then Michigan opened up Fake kicks delayed passes and long forward passes from complicated positions seemed to demoralize Pennsylvania's secondary defense Burton made the second touchdown and 1Iaulbetsch the third Spiawn'a long punts which kept Pennsylvanra on the defense during the second period also were effective in the third Hughitt and Maulbetsch each made a touchdown The game was rough and each team suffered many penalties ARMY WINS FROM NOTRE DAME WESTERNERS FUMBLE OFTEN CD -0 1 -(y FOOTBAU RESULTS C- South At Nattliville—Tennessee 16 Vanderbilt 14 At Birmingham Ala—Alabama 0 Sewaneee At Atlanta—Auburn 14 Georgia Tech O At Lexington Ky—Trannsylvaiala 26 ChattanoOga 7 At Athens Ga—Clemson 35 Georgia 1C Washington—Georgetown 7 North Carolina A and M 67 At Shreveport La—Arkansas Univer- sity 20 L S U 12 At Lynchburg Va—Washington and Lee 10 Swarthmore O At Roanoke Va—Roanoke College 19 Gallandet 7 At Bristol Va-Tenn—King College 7 Bingham 16 At Starkville Miss—Mississippi A and M 73 Mercer O At New Orleans—Mississippi 20 Tulane 6 - At Memphis Tenn—Christian Brothers' College St Louis 62 Mississippi College O At Fort Worth Tex—Texas Christion university 13 Austin College O At Shreveport La—Louisiana Industrial Institute 14 Centenary 6 At Columbia S C—University oto South Carolina 26 Wakeforest O At Little Rock—Final: Henderson Brown :IS Southwestern 6 At Houston Tex—Texas university 23 IIaskell Indians 7 At Gainesville Fla—University ot Florida 66 Wofford O At Richmond Va—Richmond College 2S Hampden Sidney 14 At Asland Va—Randolph Macon 63 William and Mary O At Charlotte N C—North Carolina 30 Virginia Military Institute 7 At Shreveport La—Louisiana Industrial Institute 14 Centenary College O East At Cambridge—Harvard Freshmen 17 Phillips Andover O At Annapolis—Navy 21 Fordham O At Ithaca N X — CADrnell 26 Franklin and Marshall At New Haven—Yale 14 Brown 6 At Burlington—University of Vermont 20 New Hampshire O At West Point—Army Xi Notre Dame 7 At Syracuse N Y—Syracuse 14 Rutgers 14 At South Bethlehem Pa—Lehigh 20 Pennsylvania State 7 At Princeton — Yale freshmen 26 Princeton freshmen O At Manchester N H—Carlisle 0 Holy Cross O At Hartford Conn — Haverford 0 Trinity 6 At Orono Maine — Maine 27 Bodoin O At Baltimore—Gettysburg 7 Johns Hopkins 7 At Lewisburg Pa—Bucknell 42 Al- ° bright O At Hanover N H—Dartmouth 68 Tufts O At Rochester N Y—Rochester 0 Colgate 18 At Easton Pa — Lafayette 24 Muhlenberg 3 At Springfield Mass—Springfield Y M C A College 20 Amherst O At Waterville Me — Colby 61 Brown O At Kingston R I—Worcester Polytechnic 6 Rhode Island 6 At Schenectady N Y—New York University 0 Union 9 At Williamstovrn Mass—Williams 20 Wesleyan 7 West At Ann Arbor Mich—Michigan 84 Pennsylvania 3 At Indianapolis — Ohio State 13 Indiana 3 At Delaware Ohio—Miami 10 Ohio Wesleyan 3 At Granville Ohio — Denison 40 Marietta O At Baldwin Kan—Baker University 14 Southwestern college 13 A Lansing—Mt Union 14 Michigan Aggies 21 At Lafayette Ind—Purdue 40 Kentucky 6 At Cincinnati—University of Cincinnati 21 Western Reserve O At Cleveland Ohio—Case 27 Kenyon ()- At Oberlin Ohio—Oberlin 45 Heidelberg O At Evanston—Iowa 27 Northwestern- O At Athens O—Ohio 31 Wooster B At Des Moines—Missouri 32 Drake 6 At Boulder Colo — Colorado 33 Utah O At Crawfordsville Ind—Wabash 17 Northwestern College 7 At Terre Haute Ind—Rose Polytech nic 7 Earlham 26 At Greencastle Ind—Depauw 0 Butler 7 PENNSY'S FOR LARGE SCORE Maulbetch Catt lett and Murray were the stars on offense Michigan's line held like steel and Pennsylvania made most of its gains on forward passes and running back-punts Game in Detail Michigan kicked off against the wind and a punting duel followed Finally Mathews drop-kicked a perfect field goal from Michigan's 38-yard line The period ended with Michigan holding the ball on her own 80-yard line Score end of first Period: Pennsylvania 3 Michigan O Cattlett scored a touchdown in tne second period on a trick play around Pennsylvania's right and Hughitt kicked goal When the period was nearly over the ball was on Pennsylvania's 40-yard line Sp lawn hurled a forward pass to Benton who ran ten yards for a touch-lawn Hughitt goaled- A long toss brought the ball to Pennsylvania-3 to7ard line just before the period ended and Maulbetsch went over Hughitt missed goal Score end of first half: Miehigan 20 Pennsylvania 3 The fourth period was fiercely fought Then the game was nearly over Pennsylvania started a desperate rally Three forward passes put the ball on Michigan soil and the pigskin rested on Michigan's -yard line when the game ended Final: Michigan 34 Pennsylvania 3 - falling on the ball over the line for a Notre Dame flashed a fine offensive drive in the third quarter and rushed ball forty yards for a touchdown The Army scored again in the last quarter There was much forward passing but neither team made a success of it Mills' end play and Pliskau's fine work in the backfield featured for Notre Dame while Hodgson Benedict Merrill at end and Butler shone for the Army defeated Louisiana State unlversity here today 20 to 12 Leverett scored two touchdowns for Arkansas on a 45- yard run around Louisiana's left end and Cook kicked two goals A O'Quinn and Moberly scored for Louisiana !End two other chances to score were lost when the ball was fumblea on Arkansas' 2-yard line Bernstein played a star game at fullback for Louisiana TULANE BEATEN AGAIN Ole' Miss Proves Superior at Forward Passing Game NEW ORLEANS Nov 7—The University of Mississippi defeated Tulane's football eleven here this afternoon ao to 6 Mississippi's first touchdown came In the first quarter as the result of two forward passes Two others were added in the third quarter one of them resulting from the interception of an attempted forward pass and a 75-yard run Tulane scored a touchdown in the third quarter The last quarter was played in a hard rain NCDOWNSVMI Two Touchdowns Made in One Minute of Play CLIARLOTTE N C Nov 7—The University of North Carolina defeated the Virginia Military Institute in football here today 30 to 7 Two touchdowns were scored within one minute of play in the second quarter Bain of V M I recovered a fumble and crossed the goal line On the ensuing kick-off Win 3ton of ' North Carolina went through the entire cadet team for a touchdown MERCER GETS WALLOPED Mississippi Aggies Make Eleven Touchdowns STARKSVILLE Miss Nov 'T—Mississippi A & M overwhelmed Mercer college here this afternoon at football by the score of 73 to O Offensive work of Kimball left halfback for A & featured the game Mercer's line was somewhat lighter than that of the "Agvies" and the locals found little trouble in smashing through YALE PLAYS BELOW FORM Blue's Second String Backs Have Trouble Beating Brown NEW HAVEN Conn Nov 7--Yale played below form today and the eleven was forced to extend itself to the limit to defeat Brown 14 to 6 With all the regular Yale backfield except Ainsworth watching the Harvard-Princeton game at Cambridge the second string backs played loosely oilier At the Airdome Broad—Near Ninth Morning Sessions—Tuesday Thursday an Saturday 9 to 11:45 Every Afternoon 2:00 to 5:00 Every Evening 7:30 to 10:00 General Admission 1 0c Skates SEWANEE-TENDIESSEE GAME ANDREWS FIELD NOV 14 Tickets Now on Sale at Lookout Cigar Store Havana Smoke House Morrison's Drug s Store—Box Seats at Lookout and Havana AUTO RESERVATIONS AT LOOKOUT Cs Princeton TENNESSEE IN TRIUMPH Voluntpers Earn Victory oiler Vanderbilt FORWARD PASSES BRING BOTH VOL TOUCHDOWNs Carroll Kicks Placement Goal From Fair Catch of Sikes Poor Punt —Making Total Sixteen to Vandy's Fourteen NASHVILLE Tenn Nov 7—rrh University 43 Tennessee football team defeated Vanae tilt here this aftern in a fiercely foug - m scot of 18 to 4 The extra score which decided the contest was due to the curate toe toe ol Carroll who secured three points on a placement kick for Tennessee in thethird quarter Tennessee made the first tonehdown after four minutes of play von a for ward pass of thirty yards from May to Carroll The goal was missed - Tennessee added another touchden in the second quarter and Camel kicked goal From this time Vandy played fiercely The Commodores secured a touclukva in the second quarter and another la the fourth quarter Both touchdowns were made by Curry the last one on a twenty-five yard run through cent Tennessee started the game in winning style Carroll kicked off to Vanderbilt's fifteen-yard line Vanderbilt punted early Tennessee scored directly a forward pass May to Thompson to Cameron doing the work Carroll kicked goal The rest of the plat was in Vanderbilt territory Score first quarter: Tennessee 7 Vanderbilt O Tennessee opened the second quarter by marching steadily across the field -e Vanderbilt's 8-yard line Vanderbilt made a stand but it availed nothing A forward pass May to Carroll did the work Carroll missed goal Vander- bilt tallied first after May fumbled Sykes' punt on Tennessee 13-yard line Beyer of Vanderbilt 'recovered - The ball was hammered over the line and Cody kicked goal Score end first half Tennessee 13 Vanderbilt 7 The third quarter opened with botk teams fighting hard and fairly even Vanderbilt lost the ball twice on downs From 32-yard line Tennessee worked the ball to Vanderbilt's 3-yard line but Vanderbilt held May made a fair catch of Sikes' punt on Vanderbilt's 30-yard line and Carroll kicked goal from placement Curry brought the big crowd to its feet by a 35-yard end run before the quarter ended Score: Ten- nessee it Vanderbilt 7 Vanderbilt scored again early in the fourth quarter Turner shot threagli Tennessee's line for 20 'yards to-Tere nessee's 31-yard line On a second dawn Curry found an opening in Tennessee's line and dashed to a touchdown Cody kicked goal Tennessee fumbled on bet own 45-yard and Vanderbilt recovered Advancing through the line was bard work and Cody attempted a drop kick from the 40-yard line It was blocked Tennessee getting the ball Before the quarter ended Curry got a M-yard IT but Vanderbilt lost the ball on downs Tennessee worked it out of danger Finals: Tennessee 16 Vanderbilt :It The lineup: Vanderbilt— TentleRSeel-- Chester 1 e Carroll 1 e Cody 1 t - Bayer L Reyer 1 g Kerr 1 g C Brown e McLean c Putnam r S Taylor r ft Lipscomb r t Kelly r t Cohen r e Vowel' r Curry q May q Sikes 1 h Thomason L h Morrison r h Cameron r h Carman f b Lindsay f b Score by periods-- Vanderbilt 0 7 7 6-11 Tennessee 7 6 3 -13 Summary: Touchdowns—Carroll (2) eur ry Goal from placement—Carroll Goals from touchdown—Carroll Cody Ch Substitutions for 'Vanderblit—Turner for Mordson Reams for Carman Carman for Reams Phillips for Beyer Beyer for Brown Warren for Phillips Reams to Carman Brown for Linscomb Lipscomb for Warren' Tennessee—M Von-ell for TAY lot Taylor for M Vow-ell M Vowel! tOr Bayer Sorrells for 'McLean McLean tor Sorrels Officials—Cole Michlean fee' McCallie Cornell umpire Johan Senteee head linesman 'Time of quarters Ulla' utes Mississippi Eleven Humbled MEMPHIS Nov 7—Playing an °Pea game the football teem of the Christian Brothers college of St Louis outclassed the Mississippi collece eleven heretoday end won 62 to O At no time wm the Missourians' line threatened -- Sk4i 15c during day session night 25c Sco HAI Spel do L: tni -- hard gylvl lc fret ter an goal 'CI play Dex roug 17111 in each Gaul gath oven bette and was T1 ness open' rush line forth Cba Page Kist14 Eldri4 Gotor Orr Hartir McW1 Wood - Rpene Dexh( Hunt DAR Brigl RO wond4 apran A tng day of th were varieI G In till score Mgt() state A 1 result juries diver stays can ick away WI Funik ny Ilard ton lege 3 utes th touclu ' in thc ton al 35-yv 'CliA I goat CIEC measca taxa the 1)4 Dian e It pFeeid ti caleek tons Ind asked EA ithaci ITI easily shall vra: AS We Illaye( use double FII Eprin S'Pr a ver PlaYed City I IStovkl tasiun a11 to gc Mr LAI In th :eated Idoulat telies

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