Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 1, 1914 · 16
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Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee · 16

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 1, 1914
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t ! I 1 I I t: 1 ! t t ! I : ! '' HE SUNDAY TIMES: CHATTANOOGA TENN 'SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1 ENV 16 Mauled by Vols--Harvard Wins by One Touchdown-- Vanderbilt Lost Moccasins 1 I 4 t 1 ' 1 1 ! 1 ''-' ( i 1 f 1 i 1 ' ' 0 - I t ' I ''': 1 i - 1 ! r : i - ' 1 4 ' it i I 1 1 !': Ii ' ' ' 1 1 i : ' I 1 7 I" '- -' t 1 i 1 3 '- i r - ' I - t 1 I i 1 1 ! 1 i - - I ci I 1 1 ' ' 1 I I 1 i i I I t i ! I ' 1 i I I I i - 1 1 - ' I I 1 - 1 i - - 1 $ I ' 1 I : 1 I t t I I I ' ' 5 r ‘ HARVARD WINS BY ONE SCORE Michigan Plays Eastern Champions Hard CRIMSON HOLDS TWICE ON HER FIVE-YARD LINE Western Eleven Plays Only Straight Football and Came is Devoid of Spectacular Features—Hard wick Makes Touchdown CAMBRIDGE Mass Oct 31--Harvard defeated Michigan 7 to 0 here today in a football game almost devoid of spectacular play and confined to conservative attack and defense Twenty-five thousand spectators witnessed sixty minutes of hard-fought scrimmage in which straight football predominated throughout The general advance was achieved by a series of line plunges varied by an occasional end run Harvard showed to better advantagi than the westerners displaying stronger defense and striking with savage rapidity and skill in the second period when the solitary eeore of the game was made Both elevens appeared to possess a stronger attack than defense although the Crimson line and secondary defense I held Jike a stone wall when the Wolverine s twice penetrated to Harvard's last 5-yard line A di8appointing feature from the spectators' standpoint was the absence ot the thrilling open attack it was thought Yost would uncover Michigan attempted only one forward pass and this was inter- 1 cepted As if further to upset the ante' game forecasts the Crimson used four 1 of which three were successfully canned through Alrchigan used a rushing line of attack The campaign worked well between the 20-yard lines but it lacked the scoring punch once the team had carried the ball within the shadow of the Crimson goal bar Harvard twice held Michigan on or inside her 5-yard line Harvard forced a touchdown and the resultant goal in the second period Obtaining the ball at midfield on a Michigan punt Harvard opened thet sconng advance with a' series of line plunges and knifing runs piercing the Wolverines' line for consistent gains ' On Mich-- igan's 30-yard line the western eleven held for two downs Temporarily checked Quarterback Logan called for a forward pass which perfectly executed put the ball onthe visitors' 19-yard line I Again Harvard went to lint-bucking and I by cleverly mixing covered and delayed 1i ' HENRY C EICKHOFF HENRY C EICKHOFF and GARNER ("Count") Tailors to Particular Men WATKINS Visit Our New Establishment 112 East Seventh Street - :e v!!!°'1 ç-r 7 Supplied with 7:-7 tiIc' - of the ve I '- - ' - latest pattérr - ------5- - -----?' 44'r- -1-!:k '::: I 11- equippe -:4- :: :-: ' ---- ' --7---e-- - -1!-E-- -': - A' -:--- -14 wl 7 : A :v ---- - - r---- -24-::- !-" T expert -----:f --1'- "4:: k''''-L''' --- 1-1--7--iq :--- 7 4 f-1-'1-::- - I:- ':c- - i- A rep:11 - f we it--: 1 -- i-i prep a-1--------:-: t 4::----:----7----f fli:EE ------------: j:-----1 - !-741----: 7:9p guar -7-:-: 6:' '''ti ' Ic :-: '::j1:1:: Z1 -4L1- : I : fl'I': it '-4 ? satis :9-: - f z !! ! !h P 7------' : -- : IT'4: '-! 0 fi Suits : - - I 1 '-- i (P : a- on a - 1 fr: Prer 1 : i : see Our Wi 1- -612::: i-: e - Disp Nobb ir : A Ilk lik ( - WO EICKHOFF ez WATKINS TAILORS - Just a Step Off Market Street I'LL TECH DEFEATS SEWANEE ' IN SPECTACULAR CONTEST Gene Patten Comes Into His Own and Plays Magnificent Game-- Long Runs Feature for Both Teams—Tolley and Dobbins Sewanee Standbys ATLANTA Ga Oct ZL—Georgla Tech defeated the University of the South (Sewanee) in football here today 20 to O The game was spectacular the opposing hank-fields making many long gains All three of Tech's touchdowns came after long runs by Capt Fielder Patten and Hayes a sub-half These men made runs of 75 35 and 35 yards respectively Capt Tolley of Sewanee was the beet ground-gainer for his team Dobbins of Sewanee came near making a touchdown in the third quarter when be intercepted one of Tech' s forward passes and ran 35 yards before be waft tackled from behind Sewanee threatened only in the last quarter when they worked some forward passes the final one going over the goal line for a touchdown but Parker dropped the ball Patten was the individual star for the Jackets offensively- and defensively- On the offense be received fine assistance from Sauter Fielder and Goree while on the defense Goree shined- with him Tolley did the only offensive starring for passes made the scoring of the touchtlown and goal comparatively - easy With a seven-point advantage the Harvard team played a defensive- game curing a majority of the remaining periods It was in the 'finer - points of team play that Michigan lost for player after player the Ann Arbor eleven vas fully equal physically to the Cambridge players Collectively however they failed to move with the same cohesion and smoothness Statistical figures show that while Michigan made ten nrst downs to ?arvard's eight the Crimson gained 183 yards by rushing to the Wolverines' 164 Harvard gained 24 yards with four forward passes while Michigan's single attempt caused a loss of the balL In penalties the Ann Arbor team lost SO yards to Harvard's 20- The visitors also punted the ball 430 yards to the losers 256 yards and ran toe ball back to punts 20 yards to 5 Individually the Michigan players earned unstinted praise by their clean bard and brilliant work The best of good feeling was evideneed between toe players allthrough the game which although extremely hard fought was filled with good sportsmanship Line-up and summary: Harvard (T) Michigan (0) T J Coolide 1 e Benton L e - Parson I t Relmann 1 t Withington 1 C Watscn I e Wallace C Raynsford c Weston r g McHale r g Trumbull F t Cochran r t Smith r e Staatz r e Logan qb Hugbitt qb Bradlee 1 lab 'Maulbetsch L hb Hardwick r hb Lyons r bb France fb plawn‘ lb Score by periods: Harvard 0 7 0 01 Michigan 0 0 0 O Referee—Langtord Trinity Umpire-- Hackett West Point Head ItrIPSITYlan Nelly West Point Time of periods-15 minutes each Harvard Scoring—Touchdowns Hardwick goal from touchdown Hardwick Substitutions—Harvard It Curtis for Parson Bigelow for Wallace C Coolidge for Smith Michigau Dunne for 1 ' iii and GARNER ("Count") WATKINS Supplied with a stock i of the very latest patterns and equipped with with ' ' ' expert -t tailors e- we are ' ' IN‘ prepared -- to -- guarantee 1 t i :I i 11 satisfaction Suits Made on the Premises See Our Window Display of Nobby Fall Woolens - Jji — the Tigers Dobbins and Rou lhae starred on the defensive The latter's punting was also better than r Tech's Tech's sweeping end runs with Fielder and Pal ten carrying the bill and her oft tackle plunges by Patten Goree and Senter were too much for the Tigers - Fielder scored the first touchdown for Tech in the second period He received the ball on a punt and made a 75yard run down the fiebi Later Fatten scored Tech's second touchdown after a 35-yard run In the middle of the last period Hayes substitute halfback for Georgia Tech circled Sewanee's rigut end for 35 yards scoring the third and final touchdown of the game Carpenter failed to kick goal Line-up and summitry: Sewanee - Tech Crudgington EdmondGoree Knapp 1 e Boyd 1 a Mauck AlexanderLtParker 1 t Lang Sneed 1 g Leftwich Harrison McCordc Bryant c 1 g Sneed Churchill r g Scott c - Uarpentez z t Harrison Perry r g'Senter r e Dobbins z t Johnston Spence qb McIsaace r e Fatten Hayes I hb Tolley (C) Fort qb ' Fielder (C) Morrison Farrow Palmer I hi) r bb Clarke P bb - Talley Roulhac ft - Summary: Touchdowns—Fielder Fatten Hayes Goals from touchdown—Fielder A Referee—Innis Brown (Vanderbilt) Umpire —Grebe (Navy) Head linesman—Brookes (George Washington) Time of quarters 15 minutes Benton ROM' for Watson Quail for Mc-:Hale E James for Staatz — Game in Detail FIRST HALF Michigan won the toss and decided to take the west goal Withington kicked off to Sp lawn on Michigan's 10-yard line The ' ball was run back ::0 yards After Michigan had netted 23 yards in eight downs the Harvard line tightened With occasional : punts the hail wns rushed back and forth In the central section of the deli' with the ball in Harvarti's -territory most of the time Until the last few minutes of play in this quarter both sides had used 'Only old-fashioned football tactics With ! the ball near Rarvard's 30-yard line Manit boseh planted the ball on Ilarvard's 11-yard : line on a fake forward pass Slight gains then were wade and on the fourth town the ball was on Havard's 4-yard line Sp lawn was thrown for a loss and the ball went to the Crimson on downs liar eard quickly punted out of immediate danger At the beginning of the second period eneh team panted after making email gains With the bell in Michigan's territory the Harvard team began to make some headway against the Wolverines Bradlee tirried the ball to Michigan's 3Dyard line for a first down Two attempts to gain were ineffectual when the ball finally was planted on Michigan's 19-yard line on a forward pass Hardwick to Smith Freacke pillaged through the line for 10 yards On the nest play Hardwick dashed throngh the Michigan team for the first touchdown Hardwick also kicked goal Score—Harvard 7:- Michigan O Dining the remainder of the second quarter theball see-sawed up and down the field with both teams kicking freely Score end second period—Harvard 7 Michigan O 1 SECOND HALF Third Quarter—Neither side was able to score in the third quarter although Michigan again threatened Harvard's goal line taking the ball within a few feet of the Crimson goal There was no change in either line-up when the third period start1 ed Neither team was able to net any Subs ta n ti a 1 gains in the early stages of this quarter and punts again were frequent After see-sawing for some time Michigan carried the ball to Harvard's Z7- yard line for a first down The bell was rufled to liarvard s 1-yard line for the next first down and the Michigan rooters began to yell for a touchdown Maulbetch plunged through to Harrard's 11-yard line The Crimson line then became practically irresistible Although Michigan managed to get 5 yards closer to the goal the ball I was lost on downs During the remainder of the half neither side scored a material advance MIPE NORTH CAROLINA AGGIEg' THROW SCARE INTO NAVY Middies Win ' Only by Margin of Safety 1 ANNAPOLIS Oct 31—Navy met a Tartar here today in North Carolina A & M and gained a two-point victory le to 14 in the moat warmly contested game played on the navy field in a long time The margin of victory was due to a blocked punt which fell behind the A & M goal line and was recovered by the visitors for a safety Getting the jump on their opponents and scoring first the Carolinians kept fighting all the time Their mastery of new football with many varieties of the forward pass was their greatest asset Summary: Navy (16) A & M (14) Overeseb 1 e McDougal 1 e Kennedy t Turner I t R IL Jones 1 g Prolitt 1 g Berry e Plyler e Graff r g Young r g blonsbaeh F t Cook r t Jackson r C Seifert r e Miles q b Van Brocklin q b Blodgett 1 hb Townsend 1 hb r bb Riddick r hb IL Harrison f b Tenny f b Score by periods 1234 Navy 7 0 2 7-15 A & M 7 0 0 7-14 Referee—Church Yale Umpire—Edward Thorpe De LaSalle Head linesman—Stollenwerek Johns Hopkins Time of periods —12 minutes each Navy scoring—Touch downs If Harrison 2 Goals Treul tonehdoens—Blodgett 2 Safety—Van Broulin A & M scoring—Touchdowns Penny and Itiddick Goals from touebdowns—Riddiek 2 Substitutions: Nary—T Harrison for avereseb Deroode for Kennedy H K Jones for Graff Ward for Seblosabaeb Schlossbach for Jones Ketworthy for Jackson Mitchell for Mlles Mlles for Mitchell Mitchell for Miles Craig for Falling A & M—Winston for Turner Champin for Tenny Medlock for Champion HOWARD WINS BY FUMBLE Spring Hill Leads Until Last Minutes —Robinson Stars MOBILE Ala Oct 21—In a fiercely contested game Ilovvard College of Birmingham defeated Springhill here this afternoon 7 to 2 Springhill held a lead of 2 to 0 to the last few minutes of play the result of a safety when a fumble gave Howard the ball and Robinson carried it over for the only touchdown of the game OUACHITA BEATS "OLE MISS" Arkansans Use Superior Weight to Batter to Touchdown MEMPHIS Oct 31--Ousehlta College of Arkadelphia Ark defeated the University of Mississippi football team here today to O The Arkansans used straight football scoring the lone touchdown of the game in the third period after terride line plunges The Mississippians fought gamely but were unable to overcome the superior weight of their opponents ARMY IN PRACTICE ROMP WEST POINT N Y Oct 31—The Army football team ontelimed Villa Nova in every department of the game today and won easily by a score of 41 to O Villa Nova's offense was weak and was productive of only two first downs VANDY LOSES To VIRGINIA I Old Dominion Team g Earns Triumph VANDERBILT OUTRUSHED BY GOOCH AND COMPANY Commodores Rally in Third Quarter and Make Touchdown but Slip Back in Fourth—Final Score 20 to 7 NASHVILLE Oct 31— Virginia outplayed Vanderbilt In almost every department of the game here this afternoon and won a fiercely contested football game by a score of 20 to 7 Every touchdown made in the game was earned There were no flukes and few penalties Vanderbilt was penalized half the distance to her goal in the last quarter for sending Curry in twice in that period Virginia drew first blood when shortly after receiving the ball on the kick-off the visiting team rushed the ball down the field and with a line plunge by Sparr took the ball over for a touchdown Barker kicked goal Another score came in the second period when the Charlottesville team worked their way through the Commodores and parr in a line play earned another touchdown Barker missed goal Vanderbilt came back strong in the the third quarter In this period the Commodores outplayed the Virginia men and by a hard series of line and end plays carried the ball to Virginia's 12- yard line With a forward pass on drop kick formation Curry crossed the goal line Cody kicked goal Score: Virginia 13 Vanderbilt 7 After rushing the ball the length of the field in the fourth quarter Mayer went over tackle for Virginia's last touchdown and goal was kicked In the second quarter Vanderbilt carried the hall to within one foot of Virginia's goal With font downs they failed to carry the ball over Gooch for Virginia was the star of the game Curry was Vanderbilt's best ground gainfr and made several long runs Mayer and Barker for Virginia also starred The line-up: Vanderbilt White 1 e Reams I e 'ward 1 t Cody 1 t Coleman 1 g Phillips 1 g Frans C Huffman C Moore r g Brown r g Barker r t Warren r t r e Cohen r e Gooch qbCurry rib Mayer 1 b Sikes 1 b Word r h Putnam r h Sparr f b Carman f Summary: Tonehdowns—Sparr 2 Mayer Curry Goals from touchdowns—Barker 2 Cody 1 Substitutions—Vanderbilt: Chester for Reania Jarrett for Carman: Lipsomb for C Brown lleyers for Lipscomb Carman for Jarrett Lipscomb for Reyers Reyers for Phillips Reams for Putnam Putnam for Reams: Putnam for Cody Northcutt for Curry Virginia: Berkley for Gooch Gooch for Berkley: Anderson for Evans Referee—Rs rry (leorgetow n Umpire—Donnelly Trinity Head linesman Sewanee Time of quarters-15 minutes Came In Detail FIRST HALF Cody for Vanderbilt kicked off to Virginia's 10-yard line An early forward pass Mayer to White netted Virginia 35 yards An attempt-at a field goal by Word front the 25-yerd line failed Sikes punted on the fourth down Word got away for thirteen yards and Xrayer got eleven yards Virginia went to Vanderblit'a 12-yarn line where Mayer took seven more but Virginia fumbled Sikes kicked out ot uanger Word attempted a drop klek from the 40-yard line but failed On Vanderbilt' 35-yard line Gooch got a fair catch Word Mayer and Sparr carried the ball to the goal line Sparr going over Barker kicked goal Carman for Vanderbilt got twenty live yards over right guard before the quarter ended S'ore end first quattet: Virginia 7 Vauderbilt O Chester took Reams' place it Vanderbilt's left end Sikes and Carman negotiated a forward pass for twenty-live yards reaching Virginias 22-yard line' Curry made a pretty broken field run Sikes got a yard in center A forward pass failed the ball being brought out to virginia's al-yard line Gooch made moderate gains being succeeded by Berkley A fake forward pass netted Virginia fifteen yards Jarrett succeeded Carman at fullback for Vanderbilt It was Virginia's ball on Vanderbilt's 2S-yard line Virginia's hacks again tore at Vanderbilt's center Sparr getting over for the touchdown Virginia failed to kick goal Lipscomb went in for Brown of Vanderbilt The period ended uneventuallv with Virginia having the ball on her 211-yard line Score end tirst half: Virginia 13 Vanderbilt O SECOND HALF With the opening of the third period Gooc?1 returned to the game Both teams were playing fiercely Vanderbilt was driven to punting twice and Virginla twice Virginia had to punt still again from the center of the field Vanderbilt then assumed a vigorous offensive Curry and pikes repeating for good aria Curry fumbled but recovered It was Vanderbilt s hall on Virginia's 20-yard line Curry was hurt but continued playing On a fake forward -pass Cody to Curry the brilliant little quarter skirted end for a touchdown Cody kicked goat Gooch kicked to Vanderbilt's 12-yard line Curry returning twenty-two yards Sikes had to punt Mayer wade sixteen yards Gooch live and Mayer twelve again the quarter ending with tho ball in midfield Score end third quarter: Virginia 13 Vanderbilt 7 Virginia was penalized two yards for delaying the game Sparr and Mayer worked the ball to Vanderbilt'a 25-yard line Putnam Vanderbilt was hurt Reams going In Virginia was held for downs Vanderbilt eould make but small gains and Sikes punted to Gooch on Virginia's 40- yard line Gooch got away for twenty-five yards Spam Mayer and Word charged the line for consistent gains Word went over and Barker kicked goal Chester brought back Mayers kickoff forty-five yards Virginia intercepted Vanderbilt'S forward pass End runs by Gooch and Barker totaled twenty-five yards Virginia was penalized fifteen yards for bolding Gooch and Mayer made it back Vanderbilt got the ball on downs Sikes putitod and Gooch muffed and it was Vanderbilts ball on Virginia's 48-yard line vanderblit was ponalixed twenty yards for attempting illegal substitution Northcutt Vanderbilt's new quarter Intercepted a forward pass on Vanderblirs 5-yard line Final score: Virginia 20: Vanderbilt 7 DARTMOUTH ATTACK HARD HANOVER N H Oct 31—Anaberst succumbed to the powerful attack of Dart mouth's backfield today and was defeated 32 to O For the first half Amherst forwards held the Green to a single touchdown but heavy plunges wore down the visitors in the last two sessions CAPTAIN DES JARDIEN AND TWO OF HIS ASSOCIATES ON CHICAGO TEAM - 01a11ø 1:::::'!!' f — i : - : - lik:40 " 7i SA-- ::: --::::: z-:4 : I:: ------ ::::::i'):: --4' 4P- ti t -—:' -'' ': l' -E-T-1'7!i44 :''''':- : 'i-'''-':': '''-' 1 ':'r'' :2i:177"-' '''- 1 -:r7- -': : -f:ft ::sri - ::: — ?‘ : :::0::: ::::::::: -40-7:- 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'i4: 9 ir4::::: " t:::::::: --i$4' ii7:?-:: -- y--1 ' --0':- sp ' ::t:':':::-J'Si':-: l'' "" -V-?!!I‘:::! 4:'-: -::ei ?i:-'0'1 if '':'j1-4::---' ':v 'T t 4::":t : : : : : ::::: '‘ :?44'C: :44:1:::: :''''' ' 4 - ::A'' ''':fn : i:i': : ' tli ii'Z" --4r'9- e?v'e- 4 -t-- : :::!: '-iv — - -3-- 4 :- : - :?s 6- ''::::-::--':::--:': -s?'I 0 :-1: ''''' : ' -: s -':-'::' I It -0 -- '-i1ci ‘Tz5t - Pi k - lit::-:i4 -: - f :? 44: v::irt:' - 1A ie ' s 1 f::w ::-- :7 -7 :f -'gelyc t: r :iN '?—: :: !3 0 l-f I : lk :'''''4:441! 4 :-:-:- -&:tr L : - : -az - ss - 4 4 r'::'''4':clt:I :44: ):z:'1i Att:7-::‘l:::::::!1::54"ti:11gt:::':::::::'?:::::::-: :::4: 4147 4 -f: 'N t 00'0' -'7:-r-AC64 - 4( rt1421-:3:' '-'!fS4''7!!:!::::: ' '$5 '"fibiW 11:4-1 i4'44- :- t klt I1 smitt:zt:? 4)114441619 P9'1 " RP1 EMI J3HULLj I PE5 JARPIEtil CHICAGO Oct 31—Capt idien Who J — en the University of Chicago football team is one of the stars of the game Quarterback Russell and Shull a tackle ire two other players who are expected to keep the team to the front in the hard games yet to be played CD g) FOOTBALL RESULTS ®-- ® South At Nashville—Virginia 20 Vanderbilt 7 At Knoxville—University' of Tennessee 67 Chattanooga O At Atlanta—:Georgia Tech 31 Sewanee O At Tuscaloosa—Alabama 5S Tulane O At Winston-Salem—North Carolina 14 Davidson 3 At Athens Ga-111ssiss1pp1 A & M 9 Georgia O At Roanoke Va—Washington and Lee 7 V P E 6 At Macon Ga—Mercer 33 Furman O At Memphis—Ouachita 7 Mississippi O At Cbarleston S C—Clemson college 14 Citadel O At Richmond Va—Richmond college 8 Randolph-Macon 13 At Washington—Georgetown 27 West Virginia Wesleyan O At Jackson Miss—Mississippi college 28 Louisiana Industrial institute 8 At Wakefogest N C—Wakeforest 19 Roanoke college O At Da liaA—Texas A & M 63 Louisiana State university 9 At Houston Tem—Rice 13 f)aniel Baker 7 At Newport News Va—Hampden Sydney 19 William and Mary O At Tampa Fla—Florida 59i Southern O At Austin Tex—University of Texas 50 Southwestern university O East At Cambridge—Harvard 7 Michigan O At Sew Haven—Yale 43 Colgate 7 At Princeton—Princeton 7 Williams 7 At Hanover N: H—Dartmouth V Amherst S At Buffalo N Y—Syracuse 24 Carlisle 3 At Ithaca N Y--Cornell 48 Holy Cross 3 At Philadelphia — Pennsylvania 40 Swarthmore 6 At Easton Pa—Peunsylvtlnia State 17 La Fa yette O At Allentown Pa—Bucknell 0 Mublenberg O At Washington Pa—Washington and Jefferson 38 West Virginia O At Clinton—Hamilton 26 St Lawrence 6 At Medford Mass—Tufts 7 Massachusetts Agricultural college 6 At New Haven—Yale Freshmen 7 Phillips-Andover O At Middletown Conn—Wealeyan 14 Worcester Tech O At Kingston R I—Rhode Island 7 Norich 0 At Waterville Me—Maine 0 Cooly 14 At Providence R I—Brown 12 Ver- moot 9 At Troy N T—Uniori 23 Rennesalaer O At Middlebnry Vt—Springfield 27 Middlebury 7 At Brunswick Me—Bateo 27 Bowdoin O At Haverford Pa—Franklin and Marshall 14 Haverford O At South Bethlehem Pa—Lehigh 33 Johns Hopkins O At Pittsburgh Pa—Pittsburgh 96 DicktriSOn 0- At Hoboken N J—Delaware 0 Stevens O West At Madison Wis--Chicago 0 Wisconsin O At Minneapolis—Sullins 21 Minneaota 6 At South Bend Ind—Notre Dame 21 Haskell 7 At Lansing Mich—Michigan Agee' 76 Akron collee 6 At Cincinnati—tniversity of Cincinnati 14 State University of Kentucky O At Cleveland—Wetitern Reserve 6 Oberlin O At Alliance 0—Mount tnion49 Case O At Athens 0--Alarletta 23 Ohio 19 At Granville O—Denison 16 Wesleyan 7 At Bloomington Ind—Indiana 48 an 7 At Bloomington Incl—Indiana 48 Miami 3 At Lincoln Neb—Nebraska 20 Ames 7 At Columbia Mo—Missouri 13 Kausas A G 3 At Lawience Kan—Kansas 16 Oklahoma AG At Worcester O—Wooster 13 Kenyon O CHICAGO FAILS TO SCORE MADISON Wis Oct 31—For the first time in two years Chicago's football team today left a gridiron without the laurels of victory In a game that was straight football nearly all the way Wisconsin held the Maroons to a pointless draw Bellows was the home team's mainstay His accurate long punts so far outdistanced those of Des Jarden and Russell that the ball for most of the game was on Chicago ground A dozen forward passes were tried by both teams but nearly all miscarried - - 1 RU5SELL en tha ALABAMA MAULS TULANE Scores Eleven Scores at Will on Louisianans TUSCALOOSA Ala Oct St—Alabama swamped Tulane here this afternoon by a score of 53 to O The visitors were out classed throughout Alabama scoring apparently at will tour touchdowns Were made in the fourth quarter Tulane never threatened to score Alabama Tulane Cargile r e cakes r e Burks r t Woodward r t Hi(ks r g Johnson g Miller c Jerwick C Bowman 1 g Underwood I g Vandcgraaffe I t Malhlies 1 t W Harsh qb Gately qb Love 1 e Gerrges 1 e Bates r Jib lieraux r Johnson L lab Brown I hb Long fb Rosenthal fb Summary: Touchdowns—Harsh 3 Long Love G Harsh Saul Vandegraaffe Goals after tonchtiown—Vandegraalle 7 Goal from neld—Vandegraaffe Referee—Streit (Auburn) Umpire—ounselman (Virginia) Head imesman—Cheape (Seyrauee) Timekeeper—Pratt (Alabama) Time of guar ters-15 minutes MICHIGAN AGGIES ROMP Smith Makes 95-Yard Run for Touchdown LANSING 311'ch Oct 31—Akron college was no match for the football eleven of the Michigan Agricultural college the Aegies winning today's game 75 to 6 The most brilliant play of the game was a 95-yard run by Smith of Michigan from his own goal line n the first period DRUBBING FOR CARLISLE Indians Try Open Game Against Syracuse With Dire Results BUFFALO Oct al—Syracuse de" feted Carlisle today 34 to 3 Carlisle's attempts at the open game ended disastrously the Indians most notaMe gains being made through the center center W & L HAS CLOSE CALL V P I's Failure to Kick Goal Gives Victori to Generals ROANONE Va Oct 31 —Failure to kick an easy goal after a touchdown in the first five minutes of play caused Virginia Polytechnic institute's defeat here today 7 to in its annual football game with Washington and Lee Washington and Lee had not previously been scored on this season YALE DEFEATS COLGATE Eli's Rugby Passes Baffle Their Former Conquerors NEW HAVEN Conn Oct 31— Yale defeated Colgate's football team today 49 to 7 The Rugby passing game completely baffled the visitors During the third period Yale played its entire second team and it was then Colgate scored The game abounded in spectacular rtins by Legore Ainsworth and Scovil of Yale and West and Swarth-out of Colgate TAR HEELS BEAT DAVIDSON Forward Passes Bring Two Touchdown in Last Half WINSTON-SALEM N C Oct 31 —The University of North Carolina defeated Davidson college ij football here today 16 to 3 North Carolina made both its touchdowns on forward passes while Davidson's three points were scored on a dick from placement Carolina's line was heavier than Davidson although the back fields were about in weight Carolina did not score until the third perind when one touchdown and a safety were scored the second touchdown being made in the last period Davidson's score was made in the second period WILLIAMS TIES PRINCETON PRINCETON N J Oct 31-- Princeton and Williams met in football here today and the game resulted in a 7 to 7 tie the Tigers scoring their touchdown and goal with only two mit ntes to play Toolan of Williams was the star of the gliane The Princeton-inns tackling and interference was poor while Williams had a sterling defense and crashing attack REPETITION OF HISTORY i Moccasins Go to Pieces inbizt I Bra Half VOLS SCORE TWO IN FIRST - GALLOP AWAY IN SECOND Woodworth Makes Sensational 7c Yard Run to ioYard Line but Tennessee Holds—Many Moo casins Injured KNOXVILLE Tenn Oct 31-:--Thia aft ernoon's game between 'Tennessee and Chattanooga was a romp for the 'Volum teers Although they scored but tiro touchdowns in the first half they big lively clip in the second half scoring liTt touchdowns in the third quarter and three In the fourth The final score was 67 go t and its size was a surprise to everybody Early in the first half the fleet 'Woodworth cut loose with a 70-yard run arm& Tennessee's left en& and was only ph vented front going for a touchdown by being forced out of bounds at the 10-rard line by Cameron Chattanooga fought Tsd' lantly for a score but the Tennessee lbe tightened up and the ball passed over 01 the two-yard Hue In the fimt half the Volunteers who did not seem to take their onponents serioat did not play much footballi but got to gather in the last half and scored at wit By the end of the third quarter the ply where Cbattanooga players were laid out must have resembled a European battle field hospital for Coach Balenti used op all his subs and then didn't have enough to stop the rushes of their heavier opponents Neither of 'Tennessee's first-string halfbacks were used and only three of the regulars played through the game an almost entire second-string eleven playing the second half Woodworti s playing easily featured for Chattanooga while Cameron MeSpaddia May and Lindsay starred for Tennessee The teams lined up as follows: ' Tennessee Chattanooga Carroll i e Pay I e Bayer I t Orr L t -- Kerr 1 g Kistler L ' McLean C Page c Taylor r g Eldridge r g -- Kelly r t (Terforth r t G Vowel r e Sutherland re May qb Lazard qb Cameron I bh Woodworth I Lindsay ft Hampton ft) McSpaciden r lib Scott r hb Substitutes—Tennessee Wolfe for ('sr roll M Vowell for Baver Lowe for Kerr Cates for Taylor Sorrells for G rose& Callahan for Cameron MeSpadden tor May G Vowel! for McSpadden Cameron for 31eSparlden: Chattanooga McWhorter for Duty Woodworth for Lear& Clark for Woodworth T Hunt for FlamOton Summary: Touchdowns Lindsay AL May McSpadden Wolfe G Vowe4t Gee from touchdowns—Carroll (2) Lindsay th' Time of quarters-15 to 12 minutes: &V eree—Mitchell Chicago Umpire—Rogeri Tennessee Head linesman—Fitzgerald Guilford L S U TEAM SMOTHERED Tigers Get Jump but Crumble Liter In Game DALLAS Tex Oct 31--First end running and good Interference enabled Texas A and M to defeat Louisiana State Uziversity's football eleven here today 63 to 9 Louisiana got the jump ett the beginning of the game scoring a touchdown and a safety before the Texans got started but they were unable to hold the Texans irt the latter part of the game AGGIES DEFEAT GEORGIA Forty-Yard Plunge Brings Touch down—Field Goal Follows ATHENS Ga Oct al—Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College defeated the University -of Georgia in football here today 9 to O The Aggies did all their scoring In the final period Left half back McArtnur smashing through the line 40 yards to a touchdown early in the 00 ter and Jones substitute quarterbatt kicking a field goal in the last minute al play ILLINOIS DOWNS GOPHERS Three Periods Without Score—Then Both Teams Break Loose MINNEAPOLIS Oct 31—Illinois defeated Minnesota today 21 to 6 in one of the most tiereely contested games ever plard In the conference The teams struggled through the first three priods with honors about even All the scoring came In the final quarter PRACTICE FOR PENNSY Swarthmore Proves Easy—Straight Football Used PHILADELPHIA Oct 31—The Val- varsity of Pennsylvania football team defeated Swarthmore today 40 to 6 The game was good practice for Pennsylvaniat which meets Michigan nest Saturday ne home eleveu played mos!ly straight football RESERVE WIN AT FINISH Violation "Hiking" Rule Unpunished Brings Touchdown CLEVELAND Oct al —Western BP serve university seorn1 a ti-to-0 victOrl over Oberlin today wil-n the eutire teats pushed Quapterbaek Soliu(-Lie over the line for a touchdown in the 1-tst few mintites of play GEORGETOWN WINS IN WALK West Virginians Unable to penetrate Opposing Line WASHINGTON t M—George' town defeatod tile West V!rzinia leyan football teaTn lwre toda'y 21 to a The yisitors NA i'10 'MIL to penetrate Georgetown's line find Trn(14s hilt three first downs The lirt 'Ialf ended 7 to 0 three tonehdowns coral:J7: in the last two quartprs Yale Runners NEW HAVEN Col today dofeated Prino nual eross-conntry run points to rriocetons in Front 3 11-----Tale :1: 2117 their I I VISI Ince2 and An ancie touch Riker schoo the up a 53 tc ' heart the t mute ling and Th an e: Coact eta The I first score( near Umpi his really his ever dashe to hil Dune Pal Centr whist start oppos t ruling ing ph cone 'tors' touchi hiddet amp° tion I cover the a bowel visitoi lug n partic "hidin livere4 Upon shift disqut Brant Coach discitu Excer the tc were could Cen play gains ing lc pass back on th eonsis eral oppos tossed can f seeme end I howeI tie ad the v had a but tl not ol Dui start ball ( sprint ingtot down don Play When Cent the t to ral Mtar vox 40 coal eel itors 1 end I Yarn It fel Van d 25-7a tral succe! aroun run f remai excite In Of a along Revin acorin bucke Tone' s qua D Ilardt I ball 0 down lame Cam n str Du la nil toll& viouRI The ahe -f ell a "end Pible kelpe( rar Rill lone Rhea Robin 14hos( Wado Carlin - 2 t - A I i ' - - I -

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