The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 5
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FACE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1952 English People Want No More of 'Fighting on the Beaches' »#***'* »** #"* **** Plight of British May Be Churchill's Last Stand f , )( , By CHAKLES K. HAItOIUIVB NEA Siieolal Correspondent I or ran materials. That was 12 years and a ivorldj World War II cost Entiland nlimit war ago. Since then England surely j oiir-riunrlor nf its total wealth. To has suffered and continues to suffer j fj^y ) 1E . r W ay in the early ciays of almost ns much as if she h:id hern j world War if, before iond-lease, forced to fifht the Germans on ' beaches and in her streets. The otner rtny the same Winston Churchill, apain prime minister, Etill tough and doughty at times, but now 77 ye.irs old. made a characteristic battling speech about 'he perils besettitiR England from within and without. little hope of producing more food of livliiK raw six no.r cent In the they are allowed lo pay only moder- first nine months nl its current mlnistraton. Waces rose, too, bull not enoueli lo stem a tide of workers 1 demands for more money. And still hicltcr prices are ill slRht. The Government lias announced it will cut its subsidies of ccrt'iln foods by about one-half and cut. down on the supplies of foods it ale dix'idcnds. All this Is tough for all but the lower Income groups. And even ChnrehUlian rhetoric can't make it less so. To which a. middle-class woman shopper replied: "So he's after 'fighting on the beaches' a^ain. i Well, we don't want, anv more of j that," And comment fj,,^^^™ : E^li.nd owes the world nearly .00 ;;<s forced to lUinklMr nor vale- n-orsens n^etn inrludhie $••* Million in American securities Hut thM then niichly Churchill, m his lipsl• in war, was there to lead ihnn nuri | riocs not Mihskll/n. Thnt means hii spirit raised, thn spirits of thn i higher prices to ihn consumer. people, | Aulnmnbilr* nvmufaHnrns 50<m v/ill. dHiver to the hnmo infirkrt only one ear wheto lliry tlrhverTl two iKifore. And it's to Iv? ninrh Ihoj samn for bicyc-1"^. rndin"--, \ niachJiH'S, nnd similar items Youth Fined $15 Of Roller Coaster Covered-Wagon Travel Tough CENTRALIA. 111. l/Tl — It took & Mattoon. 111. coupl* back to pioneer days to travel 100 miles in a covered wagon. It also took them four days. Greeks, Bulgarians Report More Firing ATHENS, Greece new out- ! Bri bef simple Ir-rm^. j amounts lo this; inslnlfri inu Itr.s pitnmtion o the war tlsc 1 re^t of the -AmUl] ov.-fd pvcry mnn, woman and rhild i in linlnin 100 ponivls. Today jt's \ aliiinst vice versa—every per?' 1 PITCHBUHG, M,i5s. <&,— Paul J. FJ.urt, H. u'n'i out SI5 toriny for playing dangerously at V/halon Fluet wns fined In Di.stricL Court placed against Holland. 'yc'trrday on police testimony that I he finrt tv/f) younger cotnpanlon.s Marriage Is Annulled For Teen-Ager, Sailor TUCSON, Art?,. (jVi—The marriasrp nf Joe Holland. 17, a sailor on leave from San nieprt, Calif., lo pegsyi Williamson, 13. In Nopales. Ariz,,) last Saturday, was annulled yesler-j flay by Juclse Robert S. Tiillar In Pirna County superior Court.« [ A charpe of contribiitinG 'to the delinquency of a minor has been break of shooting was reported today on the Jittery Greek-Bulgarian border. A Greek Army communique said Bulgarians opened fire without Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Reed had I warning yesterday on a Greek pj- a hunch it would be tough. They , trn | on Mt Be n es in Gree)c lerr t. hired a truck lo take their home .„„, M .. _ ... furnishings ahead to their new Mt. lory ' alld the r ' r ^ £old " ! ' s Carmel, III. home. They took the "hard way" because it seemed a pood way to take their covered wagon relic snd horse with them. Red Denounces Father To Chinese Reds party ns well was hnrdly more flattering. Somr think this may vi'oll ho Churchill's Irtst be.^cb. The point iicrn Ls one thai will come a* a shock to m:uiy Amrrlrans —the old fighter wlin l"d Britain m military victory in tlie prerUrv-t. peril she over fnced is hv nn me;ins Ihe pt'arelJTne hern he ;vn-i ill, '.v;ir. Britain Is burdetifd "nv ininy ill? at (he moment and if rihmebill h^s not caused them, which of niitlsh currency Ijcriuiip frrnilc a! few years nco and ii:ui to l]f put in :i .'-iraiwhtjnrkrt, more and morp of \vhai. Hrittiln prouufcd had to nn sold foi- rxport tn pay The bilk, and sis n result thr Atnndnrd of livirm fit Tim Tli'iti^h poinifl brjorr> thf* war •,vas worth S'l H!i. Ten >T:un later it \VIIR worth SHJ'.l. Otif* yr^v lnt«'r U wjii wnrth ?3^18, and the folLo- h vin(j , vi'ar S? SO. There vn.s t;ilk lecrntly he hasn't, he and his 'conrrrvfitlvp ; <> l redueinc It still further to about An Index by ChurcVtiH's own Con- government have done litlle t/i nl- i $-5$ or irss. leviate them In the JPW thnn n yonrj they have ht-cn in powrr. j One simple fart Ss lint Churchill i serviUive yovcrnment shows the cost Is getting old and lie shows it. HP doesn't hear writ anymore, he Is forced Eo rest mnre arid work 3fss, he can't concentrate (or Ion? periods the way he used to. Londoners don't SPP Die famiHar Imnehcrl fic- ure on the streets much anymore, He was never lone on economics and during World Wnr II could dodce their tedium in the interest' of getting thn military Job done. never mind the. cost. Bill money and goods— or rather, the lack of them — are England's croiit, problem today and many feel for this reason Churchill is not the man lor the |ob, Tliere "'ill pruhnhly he even le.-K tobacco nvall.ihle import It-—n Inrr country--and (lify'i i- cutting down on imports crneraHv. Gonlrnls of all kinds arc m*mv nnd vni'ird. Th^y rov^r (lie iirirrs nf j nl! evriUlnl i;oofls nnd their dislri- J button, especially raw ruatrnnK '• They cover iniports and exports of horn nonds and mono;', and even ihm movement. 1 ; of the KriMf-h poopln. For no one enn take more thnn ?-? Rriti?h pounds FV yrnr out of ilie country for any excepl s!rictl\' business purposes. You cun'l travel far on thnt. The controls cover nvcn the distribution of profits by companies— it nra HONG KONG M»i— A university student who denounced his father to the Rcdx'was among 38 recently- admitted members of the Chinese Two other tcen-nRprs acre also i Communist Party, the Hankou- Reel murried in the double ceremony I newspaper Chang Chiang Dally re- nto a roller coaster car as i before Justice of the Pence Fred [ ports. •nd (hr top of a big rise and : Allon, The olher couple v.'ere Thorn- j , then leaped out before It plunged n UritiEhrrs. They - ( ] nw nu'nrd nn the other side nrnonnt from tills j p nli ^ „,,, the tflf) rc p eated the Police There Is even pressure now, both from elements of his own Conservative Party ns well ns from Ihii [,n- horites. thnt ho either rrlire. or turn over some of thn Important reins of government to youncer men. But •what to do with nn old hern Is by no means the most snrions of England's problems. There are several, and they ore involved, but probably the most, important. !s flouring out how to keep from going, literally, bankrupt. In s de.spcrnte effort to makp ends meet, Britain hns Inrrnased her nx- ports to other countries by 74 per cent over the pre-war level. At UIR same time her Impnri^ are only about 20 per cent hlqher. Her plight becomes further apparent when It is renllzod that, with 550 people per square mile, ns compared with 50 In the United States, Britain grows no cotton, mbhr.r, or Jute, produces no oil. Imports nearly all It* copper, low-fifths ol its-wool and softwoods, and half, its food find Iron ore. And the experts say thai with the one exception of coal. Britain hns as Lnrsen, 18, and Neva Brooks, 13. All are from Tucson, Lar.sen and his bride have been separated, hut her p.i rents are withholding for the present annulment action. stunt several times while Ignoring pleas of park officials that they come down. Utah Eliminates Tax SALT LAKE CITY l/fi — Utah's statc property tax for 1952 was completely eliminated yesterday, The elimination was made possible by record collections of personal incoiTje taxes and corporation taxes. swered with machine guns. Th«| communique said a United Nations! team of observers had gone to th*| spot lo investigate. . Quiet had prevailed along th»| border since last week end, when! Greek troops shelled tiny Gammal Island in the border-line Evrosl River to clear a Bulgarian dc-l tachment from the disputed isle. Montevideo, gay and tan, holds more than Uruguay's people. cosmopoll. i third ofl , stW toii^h nnil (longhty al Uincs-^mlalso Hslhly gedliiR old—Ihls Is how Winston Churchill look* today In closcup anil as Ldmtoners see him, less frfquenlly now, on the streets , , , ! 5 : KentiKky's favorite straight Bourbon! Cast n vote for Early Times, and make your party a success. EARLY TIMES Every wnce a Moris whisky! KEKTtlCKY STRMGHT BOURBON WHISKY . K PROOF IARIY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY • LOUISVILLE 1, KENTUCKY Come in to Sears x Order Office and get Your FREE Estimate Blank . , Lei Sears Experts do all the hard work for You ... Sears will even lend you the Tools! This Service is not limited to Plumbing Also Free Estimating Service on the Following . . . Heating (Basement Type Systems—Gas, Oil'Floor Type Furnaces). Conversion Oil Burners • Water System* Stoker Estimates • Steel Wall Tilt Plastic Counter Tops fij/ffut me.'uy Jaai' Blylheville, Arkansas 217 W. Main — Phone 81311 Special Purchase Sale OUR SIMILAR QUALITY SOLD LAST YEAR AT 6.98 Your choice of dolls shown [A] 20" Baby, Intex or vinyl arms^egs; sleeping glassene eyes, eyelashes, cry voice. Saran wig con be washed and permanent-waved, Curlers and comb. Assorted 'pastel dreisesand wig colors. [Bj 26" undressed Baby v/ith alt-latex sMn. and beautiful nnlufally molded soil vinyl hcod wilh glassene sleeping eyes, eyelashes; coo voice. Cot'on ponlios. Big enough for baby'i clothes. .99 holds dull for 30 days. [c] 18" soft Boby Girl hns all-lalex skin, sof* vinyl head, sleeping glasiene eyes, eyelashes, coo voice.Sarnn wig can be washed, permanent- waved. Curlers, hair ribbons. Assorted dresses. [D] 16" Girl has long Saran hair in cssorfed slytes, colors; can be washed and permanent- waved. Almost unbreakable plastic body, jointed arms,legs; movfng head. Gla&scne sleeping eyes, We Thank You To the people of Mississippi County for their magnificent support for Judge Cherry we give our sincere thanks. From the very start of the campaign we believed Judge Cherry possessed those qualities which should make him a good Governor, and our efforts in his behalf we tried to keep upon a high plane in keeping with the dignity of the office he was seeking. Judge Cherry will be elected in the general election on November and should take office without being embarrassed by any pre-election promise made by him or by his supporters in this county, and without any large donations to his campaign which would hamper or embarrass him. By your vote you have shown your approval of this. t • Again we extend our thanks to the loyal workers', supporters and voters of Judge Cherry in this county. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHERRY-FOR-GOVERNOR ORG&NlZATil By R. A. Nelson, President

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