The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 18, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, November 18, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIK1.1). CALIFORNIA, TIII'HSDAY, NOVEMBER 18, J908. No. 93 * * JAPAN'S FIGHTING VESSELS KOBE, Nov. 18.—The fighting craft of Japan, comprising 110 vessels exclusive of submarines^ passed In review before the Emperor today. The occasion will long be remembered on account of the magnificent decorations. The Emperor was welcomed aboard the battleship Asama by Admiral Togo. The battleship then steamed slowly between the lines of warships and auxiliaries, while the national anthem was played. Togo, by the side of the Emperor, explained each ship. The Kmperor leti the rtairsnio mini a united thunderous salute. FOR AT RUEF TRIAL SJ.BIE BUCK FROM ALASKA ORDER AGAINST WINE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.—Commls- SAX FRANCISCO, Nov. 18.—The motion for a change of venue for Ruef having been denied, the trial of the former boss was resumed In Judge Lawlor's court this morning. sioner Capers of the Interna. revenue | Hiram^obnjjon JUttJ- £«»£;£* bureau has Issued an order suspend-! J - *•• u > ei a " aiH>earLu ^ , Ing the regulations of his office dated May 16th last, prohibiting the use LABOR'S NEEDS ARE DISCUSSED WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.—Mem- hers of the cabinet, and Justices of the ELLIS TRIAL IS TUESDAY NEXT The case of the people Katherine Ellis, occused vs. Mrs. of having supreme court of the nited States sat caused I ho death of Mrs. Eardley, will Not over 200 spectators were ad- j court room and many or preparation~of patent medicines or i were searched for arm*. • v * — - -•- • Before the case was resumed S. W. Wlble returned last from his tenth strenuous mining season In Alaska and for- the winter will be the guest of his sister, Mrs. Mostler, at her home on - California ave-, nue. Though 74 years of age. Mr. I Wlble expects to return to Alaska In the spring to again supervise his ex- j tensive mining Interests. , ! Mr. Wible's properties are located on Cook's Inlet, near Sunrise City, he ' being twenty miles Inland. In the ten , years he haa been working his prop-! erty, he has made great progress, per. I feeling a hydraulic system and now being enabled, each year, to cover a | vast deal of ground. This year the j season was very short, the workmen j being compelled to tunnel Into the. property In the spring, and on Sept, j 15, two feet of snow falling. Mr. Wi-. ble came out to the coast through a; terrific storm, a combination of snow ( and rain that was most trying. • Mr. Wible reports great develop-; ment of Uncle Sam's northern pos- j sessions. The richness of the Interior that has been explored Is marvelous and me n are going further inland compounds. The California Crape Growers opposed this ruling on the ground that it unlawfully destroyed an Important market, for their wines. ! commissioner, however. Insisted Us legality and stated that to allow manufacturers of medicines, etc., to substitute fortified wines, whict; ray only three cents a gallon, for spirits which are taxed at $1.10 a gallon, would deprive the government of an Important source of revenue. ^ Today's suspension Is based on the as- gumption that Congress at its approaching session will enact legislation definitely settling the question at Issue. Lawlor briefly related to the jury the details of the shooting of Heney and of the suicide of Haas. He told tne Jury that Heney would recover. Former Supervisor Gallagher, the aliened go-between, took his place on the stand and his cross examination wa.s resumed. HAN ino'ioiir for C'O, Nov. IS.—All 'l->',a> tii the Ruef case 1 of iaie hist evening and iri;\'i was or of <ue i-.ifldBYlt return ic, Ach tor ilaet naUol -or I v.'.tnosaea and l>vocp'. v .l. At, reudliv^, Al- inn. on Intro In sunnort "f »'ia application for,a change of venue. "Denied," said the court. "Counsel for' the defense asks utilil tomorrow to file further affidavit!-. said Ach. "Denied," ruled the court. Judge Lawlor then announced In n lengthy decision his dental of the application for a change of venue. He said that the apprehension which the court mint rally felt after Friday's tragedy In the courtroom, which was well calculated to arouse the resentment of the community, had not been realized and that he had seen nothing to Indicate any threatened violence, excitement or turbulence, or that the defendant and his attorneys were In any danger, and that nothing prejudicial to the de/endant hud come to the attention of the Jury. "Counsel for the defendant moves the court for a continuance of thirty days in the trial, until the feeling of the public has somewhat subside;!." said Ach. "Denied," was the reply of the court. "Then counsel makes a motion that the jury be dismissed and a now juty down tonight with the labor leaders from various sections of the United States at a dinner given by President Hoosevelt at the White House to aj come up In Judge Bennett's court on Tuesday next and promises to be a hard fought legal battle. She will be- defended by Thomas Scott, F. E. Bor- num°be7'of"iM!r7onai' friends"and men! ttm " n ! 1 , ? f ' a E - "'hitaker and the pen- closely Identified with the movement I'le will be represented by District Atto better labor conditions In this' lornoy hair, ami Deputy Rowen r- country. The occasion was one of. wln - A vonlrp for flft > J»O'men has the most Interesting events that has i "<* on ls»" p 'i ;ls occurred in the White House In, month's. • | From the supreme court there were Justice Holmes and Justice Moody, both from Massachusetts. The cabinet . was represented by SOYS CONFESS TO Secretary James A. Garfleld of the interior department and Secretary Oscar Strauss of the department of commerce and labor. Labor's Needs Discussed. Subjecting his guests, who were representatives of mony of the lead- Ing labor organizations of this conn- j |' 0 ' n ^j. 'M. Hush, A, R. Warner, T. B. try, to a rapid fire of questions, Pres- | shoemaker, W. F. Nelson. A. B. Ren Ident oRosevelt endeavored to learn what labor wanted from Congress VINELAND, N. J., Nov. 18.—\Val- each year. A friend of his packed out ter Zeller, aged 19, and Cline Wheel' 175 pounds of gold this year, coming from a point 300 miles Inland. To reach that territory; the miners are •compelled to pull sleds laden with er, aged 20, both charged with the murder of William Read, the grandfather of Zeller, last Friday night, today confessed their guilt. Zeller provisions over many weary miles of admits th» plot and says Wheeler snow clad plains anil mountains, and killed the old man, the purpose being the cost of transportation of food Is robbery. Herbert Grlgg, aged 19, who one dollar a pound. Mr. Wlble reached Seattle in poor health as the result, of an inclement year, but In the time spent there and- in San Francisco he has so far recuperated as to be much the same as usual, and he looks forward courageously to another year in the northland When spring shall have made the country'habitable. Blackbirds and Crows Protected is Implicated, has disappeared. Read, who was a wealthy man of 70, was found, dead In his room f urday, shot and beaten, and $1300 coin was missing. In Did you know that the blackbirds and the crows, yes the crows, are protected by law? The former, the greatest grain thieves known to the farmer, may be killed, If caught In the act of depleting the soil of new sown grain, but they may not be destroyed Indiscriminately. The crows, beyond /a the worst foragers among the fowls, dead ana and which rob the walnut and almond trees, dig up the farmers corn, attack tree of the fire will next be shown." the vineyards and every other nnd plant that furnishes food may not be killed except when they are actually doing damage to crops. Yet so far as known, the crow serves no useful purpose. He Is not a scavenger, nor a destroyer of bugs. He cannot slug. He Is not beautiful, but yet he may not be killed. The hawk, the bluejay, the catfish and the linnet are under the ban and are fair targets for the marks man, but other wild birds, which Include the blackbirds and the crows, nre protected by law. Surely our game laws, like the tor-'makes the crow and .'ff, need revision in more ways than immune, will hardly PRISONERS IN WHOLESALE LOTS A telephone message, received this morning from Constable Redd, of Mojave, states that he Is headed for Ba- kersfleld, with seven prisoners, whose sentences aggregate 720 days, or practically two years. One of them has 180 days to serve, a»d the other six 90 days each. Uudersheriff Baker and Deputy Mort Bell will meet Redd and his consignment at 3:35 this afternoon, with the Southern hotel bus. In which they will be transported to the County Jail. Conditions are very bad at Mojave at present, and almost, half of the prisoners serving sentences are from i the desert town. The Owens River ON WITNESS STAND.' aqueduct work affords an excuse for I thousands of vagrants to scrape a few 'dollars together, and it is impossible j to altogether do away with the Hie 'element which always surrounds great I public work. i Sheriff Kelly last night picked up ! three vagrants and lodged them In jail. They cuve their names as Frank Collins.'Roy Spence, mid Put McOovprn. Institute at Panama Farmers Hall at Panama was a busy scene today, the occasion being her body and those of lhe no i,ij nK O f thy unaual farmers In- her three children were found In the s . t it u t e xi le attendance was large, ruins. We have proved the threats j nc i u( ji' n g the farmers of Panama, by Lamphere and Lamphere's setting J. M. Goode. S. A. Hart, Jacob Walter, ('has. Church, T. A. Metcalf, C. Cat'tro, C. M. Stoll, J. W. Overall, S. B. Dewey, O. O. Matlson, J. B. Garlick, J. P. Freear, J. M. Coburn, W. J. Heath. Wm. Tyler, Perry Wllkes, Dick Shnckolford, A. B. Robinson, H. Phillips, Paul Cortl, W. W. Frazler, W. E, Deacon, E. M. Ward, A. M. Belnap, A. Savoie, .T. C. Payne, Alonzo Tyler, H. O. Pam us, C. O. Richardson. T. B. o.veii,. '.. Hii-slitii'lrt. M. A. Duncan, E R._L<:!ii;, W. ' E. Scarlett. B. C. Sum Williams, Geo. A. Til- fro, C. L. Donnen, .1. C. Roberta, Joa. 1. H'll"-.'. J. X. Norrls. Ooo. E. Parker, and In what way he could be of assis-. ) 0 lin uoth. l>. A. Murray. Thos, Camp lance to the tollers of the country, (bell. While the President did not commit: H A j as tro Fllss Bond, himself to any of the propositions |, v ,'| lls!rn today file:! his official submitted by any of the labor leadors j |, on ,| . Af supervisor, In the sum of present. It was learned that he i jnooii..wiih \V. .1. Doberty and H. L. JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER NEW YORK, Nov. IS.—,iuhn 1). Rockefeller v.ent on the sfan 1 ;it 2 o'clock til's ;ifs-r- ti^ou in tlie Kovornivn-ut's suit to illii.-oli'f tiie oii'.adan! Oil Company. No siH'Ctaloi.i were admit'--1 and the police turne 1 back tlu- liLslstent crowd. Rocl'.M'elK'r took the stand by direction of ills counsel and began, mv'.e.i- questioning, to relate the history of the Stnndfird Oil. this defendant, believes that he was In some manner connected with tiu crime." "The motion Is denied." "We make application to Inlerru gate the jurors and ascertain whether they have any prejudice against tin- defendant as a result of the shoo'lmr of the assistant district attorney." concluded Ach. "The application is denied." from all of them. Justice Moody, Secretary Strauss and Secretary Garfleld frequently asked questions of some of the captains of labor. | The general Impression prevailed | among the labor leaders after the | dinner that the President's message ' to Congress would show some of the flavor of the conference. I Questioned about the dinner after- 'We are ready to proceed with ihe j ward, several of the labor leaders irial," annoiinca'il the dejected all .r declared that they had enjoyed them' uey, with considerable « i » vim. Supervisor-Elect Here Supervisor-elect Wm. Houser arrived hero today from Randsburg on business and will spend Wednesday nnd Thursday In Bakersfleld. Mr. Houser Is naturally gratified at the vote ho received in the election, and selves immensely at the President's table and had partaken of a "bully j dinner." One went so far as to con-; fess that he had enjoyed the candy j which was passed around sn much ! that be bad stuck four pieces into his pocket to take home to bis little clrl. Debate Quite General. Occasionally during th,e conference i the labor leaders would 'bfjentrp In- I yolved In a debate, which would terminate In some tangible suggestions being offered. President Roosevelt In his machine gun questioning covered , It Is said, every possible phase of the 1 labor question. Tho /ahor lenders talked wltlinnt reserve and were free to reiterate Licensed to Wed. fin--,, s. Piiw:-™ of Onyx, a native of California, age 2ti years, today was pranlfl a license to wed Eva Tungate of Teh;icha|)l, a native of California aged 21'. Appraisers Named. In the Estate or R. W. Armstrong, H. I. Tu;mian. T. 1C. Kllpstlen and R. If. Fariium have been n-.imed na appraisers by .Indue Mahon. Final Discharge. In the estate of Lena Petche. a decree of dual discharge has been entered . Matthew S. Platz is attorney. Application for Injunction. The application of .1. F. McVean for iin iirum-sii.n in the case of McVean vs. F. Kcbun-ii :•!! ' •!. W. Kelly was :irur.i'' in .!;•,!•-'• lienuett's court and .SsttlSsf MEXICAN FAILS particularly Is ho pleased with the j their pronounced attitude on^ some _ls practically" unanimous support given ' •• • •- CONFLICTING CLAIMS IN THE LAMPHERE TRIAL. LA PORTE, Ind., Nov 18.—The prosecution states: "We have proved liltn by his neighbors In Randsburg and on the desert generally. Mr. Houser expresses a determination to keep In close touch with the entire first district and to give his constituents a good business-like al> ' ministration. Speaking of the Republican majority in Randsburg, Mr, Houser Is of the opinion that a number of Democrats in that section did not support Bryan, and that the vote of the third Inst. does not really represent the strength of the party. • »» i Greenfield and Canfleld . districts, and the program one of un- Counsel for the defense say they usual interest. This Interest was are not worried for even If It be manifested not. only by the men but by the housewives as well, most of them In the neighborhood being In attendance. A feature of the day was the elaborate and substantial luncheon served of mon on the grounds. The baskets ic.f pood things, the product of many ' kitchens, were supplemented by proven that Lamphere set the flre as contended It will be shown that Mrs. Gunness killed her children arid herself. THE WEATHER. Fair tonight and Thursday. Heney May Close the Ruef Trial SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. IK.—The condition of Francis M ues most satisfactory. sues to which Congress had In the past, turned an unwilling ear. What, seemed most significant of all, both . to the President nnd to other gov- 1 ernment officials present, was _ the suggestion that Congress should pass a bill of rights Into which all labor legislation should bo Incorporated, and should create a publicity board, whoso purpose would be to Investigate and make public, the details of controversies between capital and labor. Tho plea for a bill of rights was rn.ade by P. H. Morrlssey, grand master of the Railway Trainmen, while the publicity board Idea was advanced Ivy T. J. Nolan, general secretary .Manuel Vargus, the Mexican who was supposed to have entered tha room of J. Salisbury some days ago, anil stolen a valuahlu phonograph, was dismissed from custody this morning, and his bonds of $1000 released. It proved to be impossible to make a case against Vargue, as witness for the prosecution be found when he was wanted, Stanley Vace has been arralngod for the burglary of Winters & Bridges store, the crime for which Kid Alexander and Ernest King were held for a month In the county Jail. His bonds were set at $1000 and hla examination will be held Nov. 27th at 2 o'clock. ow larks, are properly protected, but noon time formed a most . teaming pots of hot coffee, ami the comfortable night, and his physicians I m>w( > r O f the treasurer of the Brotherhood Steamshovelers and Dredgemen. ! GENERAL DUVALL IN COMMAND. The President's Interest In these j two propositions was keen, but as to WASHINGTON. Nov. 18.—Major his attitude upon them he was non- jonnoral W. H. Duvall has been Be- committal. lectej to succeed Major General John Better Define Injunction Power. 'p. Weston In command of the troops Although many of the speakers ex-1 )n ,|,,. Philippines, pressed their opposition to the boycott and sympathetic strike propaganda they He passed a j should belter why any law should be framed that;hour, the blackbird be understood one. Tho songsters and useful birds, by the farmer, who has to fight these ihe Insect destroyers, like the mead- common t'o«s continually. enjoyable i see no unfortunate symptoms as yet. I Heney himself Is most optomlstic an<l """"• n .nrn T It I s predicted that, barring itnv com- /sTanf ISd ^T^^^ ^^^,^ "•>'> "e ""« '«• '-> <>'" . . . ^^« , . . . i _i _» . 1..,.» ' HI f' II *> t f KM. define the co'irU. and that, Congre8 B «i«"'°'»'! 1 '«l t -. whlph , "•» badly scorch- f h» intnncHon ed, while George had his Injunction t asked for lar * e In conversation wilh That new hnt you've been planning to buy you'll find here. We've a very swell assortment of becoming stylish fall hats and can always please you In color and style. All prices THE We're Mighty Proud of Our New Fall Suits ami be. We colors latt' n up in e've reason to ve all tilt 1 new iintl all the iiiti'Hiils made the season's most » t t i' a i> t i v c sly It's. Not only il<> \vt- show a liiir variety, but niiv prices uiv vi«ht. We've outfit t.', I more men in new t'iill suits Hum any other store and it's, time WP wore selling you one of our smart fall suits. * TOGGERY IOWIU • ILOOH subjects presented by outside lecturers In accordance with the program \ heretofore printed In the Califonilan, | w|1 , b(i lil))p (o m;i , (( were supplemented by <ll !i( ' llRsl(m ? j spci-ch In the Ruef trial that were participated in by many or : the prominent farmers and their wives. ,f friends, the hojie that he tin.' closlriK The committee in charee Panai'in institute was con James Herod, I. N. Wlnslow Stahl. Tomorrow Uu- Institute a' will open. At Rosedale. On the closing day of the at Rosedale J. B. Neff, in I the farmers In the vicinity will fol tlie ' low Mr. Goode's lead and erect silos.'suit In more comprehensive Ideas and! nee! 0 (,One of the Interesting facts Is that, that he urged them to get together a modification of both this law and | (he Sherman anti-trust law. They al- | so wished Congress to define the exact status of labor organizations In general and whether they should be permitted to "solicit peacefully." There wns a divergence of opinion on some of the propositions advanced, but one of the loaders said that! the President told his guests that their differences would ultimately re- . " an "' h "'"' " le alaim - was attracted by the \Vasco i institute the ab. . sence of Ernest Braunton of t<os An- j Q fodder fed as silage, produces more butter fat, and Is In every way more economical than any other method. Dr. Clark of Riverside spoke on I "pure food" and "sanitary housekeop-j ing," She treated extensively on the, various processes of mastication, digestion and assimilation of the dlf- on everything If possible sent a united front. . «».« and pro- pea, spoke on the Blowing lyptna for lumber and he on fereiit foods, and like all other re- ered I formers In this line, she said that the ••"•-•» •••• - -- , ih«' av ®rage nian and woman ate too fasti thoroughly into everyJetail f. ;>n the,^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ | Fire in Garage Threatens Grand rowing of the seed and f. 1 ' \'! n " u S nUl P r 8 «i down'forconin^rcW Rt Neff said that after »'" soil was selected and the trees -t out Following Dr. Clark, Mrs. Ilaatey !the ultlmato profit of the grove de- 1 of Hollywood spoke, for an hour and penilod the flf%t upon the care given during four years. He said that , thera was no question as to the sue- that a large portion of the aliments : of mankind originated, not from ex-. Tlll . ( ; niml Hotel vvu* again threat posure, colds, etc., but from food dls-;,.„,,,, , 1V flr . (1 | 11H , ,.veiling at about 5 orders In the stomach. !o'clock," when waste gasoline became A tour- cleaned Ma'-hln- a half on the subject of "Poultry Raining," which was most Interesting, end after the meeting was adjourned, Mra. Basley was surrounded by anxl- Ipiiited In the Sharp garago. ing car engine was being with the. Inflainahle fluid by list George, when the (JaBolIno flowed toward a flaming torch and burst Into; flames. In an Instant ChK*«« cesi of zrowlne this wood In Callfor- Mra. Basley was surrounded by anxl- flames. In an Instant almost the 1 ula and that the blue, and red gum ou» inquirers for further light on the j whole rear portion of tin- garage ' wero not onlv the most rapid growers art of profitably running a poultry j seomed to ho a mass of fire. George int thn most valuable >' anl - turned a couplo of hand extinguishers' l.ut the mom \aiuaDie. ^^ _ ! on the Kasollne, and then turned on SOME PIN MONEY FOR i the cleaning hose full force The flre; MRS. HOWARD GOULD, department was called out, but the | hand extinguishers proved capable of '. NKW YORK, Nov. 18.—Mrs. How- ' A. S. Goode gave definite figures en the cost of building a silo, and slated that though his experience extended only over a month or two, he was quite satisfied that silos were all that were claimed for them. doing the work, and before the dem w«-re cm.,«ru .«. >.— ard'oould" was" allowed" $25,000 a year irartment arrived the gasoline had j This lead to a very interesting dls- alimony today by the Supreme Court! turned out, without any of the wood-! Icusslon and from the Interest mani-1 pending the decision of her suit for work of the building catching fire. , jfested, H U quite likely that many of divorce. . The only damage done was to an j sr H- i W a E. 3 s- CH ? > ~ W W Oi 3 O "0 C 5" " § ff a. s-

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