The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 17, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 8
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THK CALTFORNIAN TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 17, 1908. •W.EPHONL3 MAIN zs and 35 Thoughts of Christmas Frissella Quits ITHE CLANSMAN the Committee 1 NEXT WEEK Make a note of thi> —we <liall slock some new txit't ar- •:;rl",s Iliis year that you will ii-d !'• investigate early. I'heiv will he many n sur?',.M here for early buyers. The Store of Eastman Kodak*. aer s Leading Druggist!. A serond jarrin.c ii'ile In the raisin situation was heard yesterday, when! U. FrlH.sello of the Kearney Estate handed In his resignation to Chairman Falrweather, declining to serve longer as n member of the newly appointed selling committee of the -.rowers' association. The opening note was heard when William For- cyth handed In a resignation dated Saturday last. Mr. Falrweather has declined for the present to accept either resignation, believing that an understanding can bo reached by which the committee will stand, says the Fresno Republican. Mr, Frlssello's resignation reads: "Kearney Park, Fresno, Cal., Nov. 1fi. '08. "Hon. John Falrweather, Fresno. "My Dear Mr. Falrweather: | "I hereby tender my resignation as a member of the selling committee of the raisin pool. "When, after r-ona'der-able heslta- "on. the Meromitile Trust Company, as executors of the Kearney Estate, nuthnrlx.ed me to sign the pool for the of justi Kearney crop, I assured them that of the <>;'.: the Helling would be entru?ted to a bangers, a" 1 ' r imn'ittef of five appointed by your- the Klau \\ii self of which I would be one. i governor "Tiie Increasing of the committee I ceede 1 i aii'ju:' 01' "Tiie. Cbin»n:an" in.iy j !,ip' r'leic.her of Saltoun's f;e ' mono and say that he would' -ithe: tun' >• a nation's dramas thiin its laws. One effect of this celebrate i l)la.\, which "HI lie presented next Tuesday Nov. Jt'li at the BaUorsfie'n lions-, has been to make Me > nf its owa greatness of tile stage men :>n ! 'hern descent view the t'.ithers during the re- ,'Tiol. and they an* •ecov.!. The heritage is • • - how precious m,-.;i> • until "The Clanr-urm" eice and prosperity ot ,• founded on the heroic Ku Klux Klan and the r-MiilzatlonK that resist•us ineasures by which in reiiuee the south to -,rr.t;>y "The Clansman" Ki; Klux Klan in a n:\rl-. in!' C:irollna history. it ri lihg to the rescue of ('a morons, the high com I- •.veil ; i inous O!>o|-a south i 111 the won' deo'ls const |);'o» a pr' did not CHIlle. Tile II the present HI labor> of th • other s-efi-ei o ed the inlriiiii it was soimht n mou- r rei .-,r pictures the i- crisis a' ? shows lie 1 the uallnni ION AL CREST YOU WANT IT! SOLO ONLY IN TINS Bakersficld Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th situation which necessary has been to nine members, some of whom were not appointed by you, tlir-y regard as a violation of the Implied jisreemetit, and have directed me to withdraw the Kearney crop from the poo'. 1 wish to assure yoirthat nelth- i er the executors nor myself consider the unfortunate makes this step brought about through any fault on your part. your part. Very truly yours, ""R. FRISSKLI.E. "Manager of the Kearney state Co." 1 MR AND MRS. ROWEN IRWIN ENTERTAIN. A pleasant dinner party was r:heii at Ihe always > harming and hospitable homo of Mr. and Mrs. Umven tr- win on (1 slroft. last evctiiir,'. Coders wre laid for leu. The invited guests were. Mr. and Mrs. (iuard. Mr. and Mrs. Stanton. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. Hoar. Mrs. Ciimrd entertained the company with her delightful character mono logiie. and Mr. Stanton with Instrumental music. A most delightful evening was spent. girl. ated a p has been .here wi- Ibeamli'il I trlcal i Klan i; e Klan, the dummoui'i-, ' > |>iit down th.e ca'."H-<finally to intervention 01 •n the mulatto lieutenant the state had almost sue, ;>,;:• >ose to Wed a wiilv i>; i.v is true to historical huii^h the details are !m (•"ii^eived. and it has ere- mild sensation wherever it !.v» 1. It will be presente ' well-balanced company, n "!i!c •voductlon and elec •>. and the note.1 lju Klux cavalry of trained horses an.'. BAKERSF1ELD OPERA HOUSE Uni\L.IIVII 1»I»U »OBT. 0. IkAtTON. M.n.qtr THE Clansman IS COMING THE HUB Q» the Corner 19th and I 3ta. THE HUB On the Corner 19th and I Sts. 'Paid In Full." ! inUht ha piled atop axiom ; r'. •-. :,-•,•-:.-, onri 1 earno' 1 ,. bv: tin- si n i •!,:•!> U !!!)•.<•!" !-re Hint the sue-' .>••••: i.- lns'.'.u^ U ,i genuine pleasure' tlivt is why \Vaeeahals & Kempf"' ,,•!• shaving with Eut:i>ne Walter the| delights of n triiimp such as t'n-y have! with Mr. Walter's now play of contem-,i pnrnry life in AmerirM. "Paid in Full, ' ; now in its fourth, month at t'.ie As tor . theater. New York. "Paid in Full" is, truly a great play, nothing stronger! has been presented in New York i'or seasons past; it is the play with the "gripping" qualities ami to quote Mr. Louis DeFoe in the New York World. "No one who sees 'Paid In Full' can escape its grip." Prior to the time' WauenhaU & Kemper accepted "Paid in Full." Mr. Walter had hawked it from one end of Broadway to the other, and unsuccessfully, for no OIL- wanted to try their hand with a ne.w author: it seems from his siatei that he directed most of his attacks j upon the man-.i^prlal citadels from ; I bench in Hvymv Park, where he sir 1 ,. i o'ninbts, bm, on'-'- ii had a he.iiiim ii | New York it became the era/.' 1 MI.-, i | is safe to say tli-ii there ha- ' e,-n rj j production offer,-.; in IIMII; se>>i>i:.- j thai lias li.-en so nnivi.'tv-allv e'.ii-'-ixe.l (as "i'aid in Fill!." hoM by I'-'MCS ••]••'• ! the imbllc. The nui.gav.lnc- usually /most ciiary of their poo-l. words, have j bud many n :-oo ! natttred areitment ' as to which of them 'might t'e-lii'! 1 ! i'"Paid In Full" in 'he most Ian ',nory j vein. Tin- !>'r.'y, secure in the irln'.i'ph it is enjoying, will remain at the As'or threater throughou' th;' lotm suninu 1 '.' months and at (In- smile (iioe a special compuny will 1..- sent In tin- play to London. In Chicauo, too. starting late in April, a third organi/ailon will he seen and Boston is now asking for the attraction for one of its thearers J for the summer. In each case Wawti- if hals & Kemper will organ'./.e their cast with the same cure uirl discretion as marked their formation of the company at the Aslor theater and the productions will be as complete In every detail as is Ihe Astor organization. This attraction will appear at the Ha- Uersfield opera house on Wednesday, Nov. 25th. J, E, Aft HAS A BIG J. E. Austin, rormorly of this city and a partner of c. A. Barlow, has j A Big Stir in Cloak and Suit Dep't. MRS. KELLY says: "Too many tailor-made suits, too many skirts and coats, I need more room."—-"All right," says the Manager, " FORCE THEM OUT!. n -this is the way she goes at it— $25.00 Tailor-Made Suits For $14.75 :!."> s])li'iiiiitl suits in this ofPepinjjif—-cojit.s are three-quarters and -.even-eighths length, satin lined. Sonic in plain tailored effects of Mil' latest nuiile .others tastily trimmed with silk braid. The new •.iriped suitings ore represented, as well as solid colors. Regular pri e-s are $-'*'. $-'U.;">n and $25; your choice for $14.75. $13.50 Tailor-Made Skirts For $4.75 Tiler- arc just 2!) of these skirts—ACT QUICK—the very newest skirts Imttoning down the front, as well as other late models arc in this collection. Material arc panamas. cheviots, English suitiii'.r and se'rges, in fancy mixtures, stripes and checks. Regular prices are *8, $!>.50. $10. $12 and *13.r>0—ACT QUICK FOR FIRST CHOICE AT $4.75. You can see a few of these garments in WINDOWS No. 6, 7, 8. OPEN'A CHARGE ACCOUNT You'll find It a convenience, especially for holiday trading. See our credit man. THE BEAUTIFUL PREMIUMS You get for Redlick Trading Stamps are suitable for Christmas Gifts—See them. TOYS! BAKERSFIELD'S BIGGEST DISPLAY ON SECOND FLOOR AND IN WIN DOWS 16 AND 17—BRING THE CHILDREN. TOYS! You Can Dress Nicely j —For Less Money— If You Buy Your Clothing At struck it rich In gold and sulphur !n Nevada, the Tonopah Sun giving the following aiount of the find: President J. K. Austin of the Cuprite Sulphur Company states that the Immense sulphur beds near Cuprite are more valuable for the gold contained than ihu sulphur, although the sulphur occurs In almost' ducts to several points, Including San Tlie man who waut.s to dress nk-ely at a slight expense cnn easily do «i>—if he e-unes here for his clothes. $15 is really :\ small amount to pay for clothes-—particularly u-heu they're a full fifth better Hum the clothing sold nt ^O elsewhere. Redliek's $15 suits are assuredly handsome, well h'ttiuir and durable. Wo are showing a collection of men's Fall Suits at $15 so strikingly superior to anything you ever saw for the money that every man who intends to buy a new suit owes it to himself to see them. Save $1 on Fine Shoes On our bargain tables will be round some excellent values iu men's ineiilnin weight shoes. N These are broken lines iu kid aud calf skin, laec and Uluoher style, cither bin or black. Regular $5 values. Clearing price $4.00. TRY OUE "WALK-OVER" SHOES. inire form, and much of the product .Kranclsco, Los Angeles, Ooldfleld and > is fmro. Austin says that the last New York, The sulphur netted the! carload of sulphur K ave the astonish- company $15 a ton. No suspicion of' ing returns of $I2» u> the ton In gold. | the presence of the gold was held I Ihe company lias made, several unt n i n the sampling of the last car-! carload shipments, sending the pro- ]oa j it was determined that the BU!-| phur represents only a fraction of the value of the product. U|>on exam- j {nation, It is seen that the product of] the Cuprite sulphur beds contains aj ind the. gold content Is' WE ABE AFTER THESE "CAN'T BE PITTED" FELLOWS. To the stout man, the slim man, or to any man who thinks that lie can't be fitted with a read-to.wear suit, we' have u message of comfort. Bring your suit troubles here. We have a euro—clothing that will fit you perfectly. Don't sooff, Mr. llardfitter; put us to the test; try our clothes. That's all. NEAR FIRE AT GRAND HOTEL 4 burning bji of sulphur from the It Is stated that the company will ] I 1(1(1 fl ''e at the Cirand hotel last si.!p only one more carload under the'} night. Miss Bessie Kelly, who suf- prefont contract,_ and will then payjffrs, ironi asthma, was preparing to Inhale some fumes, and struck a mutch for flew extensive, the possibilities of proposition as a gold producer very promising. ~4^_» the are S.WISEKOPF WILL SA.Y "HAIL" OR "FAREWELL" TO FISCHER, this Walter Fischer who Is soon to bid specii.l sale of fine"robes'and blnn-IJ" 8 " 6 ' 1 !° ^achelordom will enter- i ,*„ 1-1 i t . , i ,, ,. . ; taln at 'linner a number of his kt-ts. l<or let us tell you the first • Wends .., morrow e venlns at the Bak- choic.' ot the oftVninr is well worth ersflelcl club. Those who will be Mr. comin.}? enrly for. Ami as qunnti- Fischer'- guests and bid him "hajl" ties are'limited we advise you to or f ' m> '' ils " 1P CHHt> »>ay be, are come at once and secure the'crenin !"' £" ijiigbes ctem^Wlls^n C^H* of the best oft'erinsr iu water-proof Ban,' Alfred Harrell and C. B. Colby' and stable blanlcet.s it has been our privilege to»make. 4, B. SB&BINOTOK his purpose. The burning head off, however, and landed on a couch cover, which burst Into flame. Two lace curtains, above the couch, also caught on tire, but Miss Kelly and others who were in the room ylth her pulled them down and stamped out (he fire. "No call for the flre department was necessary, and the only damage done was to the curtains and couch. DISEASE AMONG DUCKS HAS RUN ITS COURSE. The disease among the ducks has run Its course and the fowls are again healthy aud in good condition for the sportsmen. Deputy Game Commissioner A. C. Tlbbet has Just returned from the lake and after a close examination he says there are no longer any sick ducks nor signs of disease. any aud \Y. 8. Boggs. Tlelhet & Taylor, the fruit chants, are branching out In m«r A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 and 24, blDck 3fl, on Q street, between King and Baker streets, Kern Price $450, .Terms If desired, $150 first payment; balance 1 '* 0 years. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California. Office Telephone Main 731 Residence Telephane Farmers 18x1 2025 Chester Avenue. Me Caron's Art Store' Orders by Phone Attended to Promptly Pictures, Frames to Order, Utss t Mouldings, Best of Workmanship.

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