The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 17, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 7
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 17, 1908. THE BAKERSPIELD CALIPORNIAN J 1 , S Mathie Brewing LEGAL. LEOAU UtOAIr T OF LOS AGELES /• uorn«-\ Iov rshVld. California, Dated November ,10th. 100S. „ Countv. to the highest bidder for cash.Krick. Pbilln H 479 2ft „ . „ . , , , U. A. MKiINN. V wt 'V, nionov of tho United Stales on Krtck. i*nU:t) ii -i!5 2" Public Administrator: Administrator i'**» Oth H', v ,>t Movoinbor, igos. at tho KrlcK. Ph:i;i> fi 410 ~'» ot the Kstate of Frank Lass* Do- hour of 5 o clock u. m.. the oersonal K"|cH. Knuh M 417 :"i to Hie estate ot Estate. sai.l Halnh Huwor. 1M 1 ( -'Hia nnso>:; TO PRE v CLAIMS"AGAfN'S'T THE E ~~ £ OF L GARTMAN. DECEA ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. I e.'isoltn Kn '['hree j i\ro enuino; 1 Ivll'.ii . . ..... HiO i ;•<» ^< ".< .}\\ i tlu' In tV- Sunori* Court of the Cu of .Kf.a. State n: '',,Hfornia. IN. . * ' ( : i of the north- fjiumor | i. ) of Action thirtv- C,:n in town-iin thirtv C\\n oi ran-jo thlrrj ;-• von .'!?) "anf, AI.. in K< MI count v. Call- MeKlnnl* s 5 ,\U n ., . ,;:i:! 10 -i , , f Uic estato ot 1,. i. I ! Noti s of Celebrated ibbon Wurzburgcr Bottled - von t:T ]•. ii(in ; lotir" (s JicrHr, irlvon, tha •ids uill be ;v.' ( .ive.l bv y;ti> •atr,;- U,r s-i! M<-Kinno J .) • . ir i-* * > i I ''ft ifO 1:0 an ! all i--' th'- • f'-'/r of the estate or i . M-d. 10 the cTo.lii.ors '-'> navtiiu eers t " Hc..'iMo:i mini:-'i .I'm- •;• in nnisf Kc ;sono.rtv no n; and that all bv oas> ::i . ' « ti Count . vouchers i no first to the sai is Ofh>o In the eon''' Citv of A . ;tiii»M| I'iiock in :iu amount t.Mitiiii Millr, li«'f ot-ut ol II; i' Itlit.s JllU'U 1 . A. AIr(!INN. Miller. \Y. T. . . llev Ar.n . . . , Hnjne j M. n- . i : . I',-, ••II oi tlii» A. P. EYRAUD, Agent r,[ i,t ' n. in s;ttfl K< in of ('a)iioniia. itinoo fo of s; PHONE MAIN 241 u , .. , , , . w. A. MCGINN. Public A'lnm>istr:itor in ixoru ( otinfv. aii'l A'!;r of tlio Kstiilc! of 1 •• ' • t; '.!,,] U. I lt'< t'U^^il- Thos. :\-o;t. Aitonicv for Administrator. ,j Is ;tlio\ sal uf Kali*! 1 ; for AKi.-,n I{av»jond . . IT? I MM!!' n. K(?b(. Jr. . Mull-M. U"l.i. •'. . . Mnll"n. ttolM. .f. <-iut. L'O * 1 o v< fo tn-<m>rtv ' 1:*ns. n. in. ot \V. A r»i*'s lav. o- of f) aJtl'iiTiia SJOJ) A S S 'O 'JO . H»U . t lllst I'O K:th>h — — — — T - — —I m ^ ^^- ^:avar,,^}ni,;«;jg | H Free delivery to Bakersfield and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. NOTICE OFASSESSMENT. i OJial m< , _.. Kern-Ctoh Oil \Voilin nrinenta Oi! Conmanv. location oi huslnesg. 106-> Brontl- Closing Two Institute The farmers' institute at Rosedale closed a successful two days' session this afternoon, and the gathering proved a most satisfactory one, the interest beinsr high, and the attendance fair. The program today was: "Growing Eucalyptus Trees For Lumber," Ernest Branton, of Los Angeles. "Silos and Feeding Ensilage," A. S. Ooode. be held. The ladies, as usual, will bos provide the luncheon, and there will Cen be a display of the products of the farms. Mill iiac-o oi iiusinesg. iuos liiuau- Oakland. Ahuneda Countv. State of Cnluornia. Not ire is norohv r-tyon. that at a 1 rn.eetintr ot ihe Directors ''eld on the ninth dMv of November. 1908. an As- Ressmont o r :; cents nor share was levied upon Hie canltal stock ot the On 1 - jpration, Pavahle at once to J. H Sdson. Secretarv of said wellins Ol rooms 18 ant ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Kern County. California. J * ^' * T * +^**r * fcJ * — ^ ^- — ™^ » -' • ______ . . ^^ To all non-consentine owners of the hereinafter described" lands take notice: TnaUtne reoort of the viewers on proposed Countv poad No. 274. described as commencing at the northwest corner of sect ion Join; 141. Town- shin Thirty-one j:nj South of Ranee Twenty-seven (27) East: thence South alone and 30 teet on each side o! line between sections 4 and 5. S ant! 9- J W 9 miles; thence west alone and 30 feet on each side of itpe between sections 8 and 17. one mile to County Road "Sanitary Housekeeping," Dr. Ix>uipe Harvey Clark of Riverside. The numbers on the program yesterday were presented as announced, Mrs. Clark, however, 'taking the place of Mrs. Sherman of Fresno. A. S. Ooode. the dairyman, spoke of growing in connection with. dairying, and there were many Interesting discussions which were participated in by L. S. Harmon, Jno, Waters, I. N. Harbaugrh, Mr. Phil- Allen and No. 26. has been set for hearing b 'ore the said Board of Snnervisprs at heir rooms in the Countv Court. House n the City of Bakersfield. Kern .Coun- tv. California, at the hour of to o clock n. m., on Thursday, the 10th day of Dec., 1908, where any and all persons in Boa e fur- leiss. uavment is made before, will be An Boa must b nished oy me Aouecu^.. «..- *..«.v.,-,... and the successful bidder shall within « t!l) Mlao - " nn deli tlie nuen as- ert un~n the faithful performance of the contract. Delivery of said oil shall be f. o. b. cars at the railroad woint nearest the contractor's wells or storace tanks. , The Board of Public Works reserves the rleht to reject any and all bids., Bv order of the Board of Public Works of the City of I^OH Anireles. HORACE B. FEKR1S. 11-16 Secretary. NOTICE. rooms IS and 19, 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Alamo.Ua. County. State oC California. 11-U NOTICE 0_F_ ADMINISTRATOR'S Persons knowing themselves to be indebted to the late L. Gartman -will please call at the office of the public may apnear and make oblei- administrator and settle atonce. tlon thereto if deemed proper. w. A. MCGINN, The said proposed Road or Public Administrator of the Highway will .nass oyer,.throug.h and Gartman, deceased. NOTICE. estate upon tlie lands of the Kern Count\ of L. 99 Land Company, the Iowa Comnanv. Amaranth Land Comnanv and Dlnkel- apiel Brothers. Bv order of said Board visors. A tost: (Seal) H. A. JAST Chairman 01 HMd Boarn. I. L. Miller. Clerk. 11-13 t Mr. Knight, W. T. others.. A pleasing feature was some en- i joyable mnslrp.l numbers by Charles Smith, Archie Burness and Miss Ixniise Allen. j On both days of the session, the; housewives sorved luncheon, ami the! fjoVjni of FCK-ial hour in -connection therewith j was greatly enjoyed. The committee in charge at flalo consisted of Chas. Smith, 1*. S. ??* Harm an and John Waters. At Panama Wednesday. (NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR FURNISHING FUEL OIL TO THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES FOR ITS CEMENT PLANT AT AQUEDUCT. KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. that the e Citv of Citv's Cenient Plant ut Aaueduct. Kern Countv. California, Tho oil 10 l)f uirnisiied shnl l> Any person knowing the whereabouts of a Mexican harp which was left with the late L. Gartman, for repair, will please notify the public administrator's office. 93 NOTICE OF ADMfNISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. n te Superior Court of the State of California, in and for tlie County of Kern, In the matter of the estate of Geo. K. Ober. Deo •a«f>d. Notice JM hcivhv uivr-n that in pursuance ot an ov lo Superior Conn oi. the Count • of K v n. State of Caliionua. made on Mu- Uth rinv ot November. 1?H»S. in tin, matter of tho above entitled estate. th<- undersjfrne;). W. A. Mct^ijin. nnblic a tiinisiruuu*. administrator of the estato ^ (Jeorue K. Ober. deceased, will sell on "r alter Monday, the IJOth dav of November. litos. at private sale at the office of honws. Scott, rooms 2 and -i in the -jink of BakersHeld buildintr. corner of Chester avemit and 20th streets beintr No. 1501) 20th street, cltv o Bttkersneld. Count v of Kern. State o California, to the highest bidder for cash, cold coin of the united States. md subject to confirmation bv said Superior Court all the rluhL title STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. is? horobv utven that the an- the Htockholders of Company will be . »' ihe. office of said corporation at tho sheriffs office, in this city, on I nursday. the 3rd dav of December. K'"^. at the hour of S n. m.. for the nmnpse of electing directors for the onsnine year, and Tor the transaction oi such other business as may proper- Iv conic before the meeting. ^ . « J- WA KELLY. President. T. A. Baker. Secretary. H-2 ASSESSMENT l^OTICE. Oakland Oil and AsohaUum Com- nanv. Location of nrlnciual ulace of utisiness. Dukland. Cafffornin. Notice Is hereby cfven that at a ree- ular meetinc of flip Board of .Directors held on the 15th d«v of October. 1908. an assessment of one cent ner snare was levied noon the subscribed capital stock of the cprnoratlon oavame im- nieiljatelv in tlnited States Eold coin to 1 » «»•«i ard California !Jcm;<> slonAssociation. for Ponder. Goo. M. , California Home Hion A H^orat ion. trustee for Dic-Urrson, C. A. ..188 California Home KX(*MI- 20 fc for Prewttt. Etlcar L». .238 20 W Rose. Walter M. , 422 20 5*J Cnlitornia Homo Extension A asocial ion. trustee fqrSchbietor. Fred W. 78 Schroeder. Jlobt 53 Slerjhm. 1 R 50 Stur ine. lieo. W. 3 'allfornia Home Exten ilonAssoc or Terrel California flionA8j»oc for_Tlft._ an me i P.. • Ex ten Home ation,trustee lert ...269 20 * f- * m-»- v ^ f m v j f ^jr ^ * ™ » w ^ - ^ ^p T «' " ^ mt -^ ™ ^' ^"^ ^^^ for Tin. Bert ........ 7g Trodeen. Reuben F. ...r>3o Trneaen. itueben P. ...53Q WarrecKer.Otto 434 W pisel P .1 . . 420 t |9^i>» Ai iFi • » • i * wf***itl+\f ? 1 nT*i ^\ wfiof*i!iiifm T 1*11 RTf^f^ OF \> Ifilfliils* IVlrhi L>* t t 9* lock noon which this assessment hall remain unpaid on the. 17th dav f November. 1908, will be delinquent s s and advertised for" sale at iiii 2 20 av ent niic slonAssociution.trnsteo for Younc. ,las. B 317 , f - ,„. - _ _.., _,„ , And in accordance wlUi law an tlon. and unless navnient Is made be- order of the Board of Director fore, will be sold on Monday, the 21st on tho 25th day of Aucust. !__. dav of December. 190S. to uav tlie do- many shares of each parcel of Imquent assessment, together with the stock as inav be ne.cett&arv wl - ' ' " -'sold at nubile auction at the offl costs ot advertlsinir and expenses of sold atDubiic auction ut 10-23 J. ENNIS. Secretary. the secretary of.the con sale. 20th dav ot October ? corana . IftOS. a ee, __.. or "' t th« NOTICE. •; ^ • • x*im * *- « *,..' *^ !_«-.* P • j •• w " ^"^ * ^^^ "i^ oi.lO a. in. of said nay. to uay e.I*nnuent assessment thereon, , r with costs of auvertlBinu and «*&• I { *- *» * *- »xj^m * i* LV* titi*v*ivij \_/i t L*«* i ^- v; and co-nartnersnin for the nur- noso or condnctlne a ironeral merchandise, and store-keenine business at and In the Town of Moiave. County or Kern, and State of California, under the firm name and stvle of the "Mo lave Mercantile Comnanv/' Dated this 16th dav of October, 1:)08 „ tt , Residing at Mmnve. 10-27 Residpg at MoTa\-e'. Catlf ornta. t. K. id nlerest of tho said ficor^p K. Ober. at he time of his death and all tlie riisht. title and interest that the estate of Georco K. Ober has bv operation of law or otherwise arnulreO. other than or in addition to that of tho said Georso K. Ober. at the time of ht DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension Water Companv. ou POSTPONEMENT i.s hereby Ktveti chat the of bale ol deljriqutjnt of tho Fourth Extension Commtnv bus been postponed Thursdav. November 19. IHUS, at o'clock, a. m. , „ v on^r ot the Boar 'ated Wasco Octoher 1U. 11*08.^ .^ ALFRED B. .TORpAN. . Kern Countv. Cal. SUMMONS. kVH^l 0 ^" 1 ^! 110 ^ 1 omceofYusines8;|siiDerIor Court of the State ol C*. Wflsco. Kern Countv. California. iforniu Countv of Kern. «No;W-There are S«l^jouent upon "^VtberaTiiWe Mifrond Com iii 1 T-'>" i'» —'- «i^»^« — -'^— -^ — ^ » t\ ,# v-:nct oonl'onnitv with snociiications .u-,,...!'^*' fin nil. in Mil-* nfTiro (i! tho said wiio Rpoke at Ko.sodalo will be at Panama tomor row, where a one day's institute will n'non '•'.imi'irMion to -|fc^^\ »^-»^»'T»^^W»-"' r— — T— r _ •« l :hiM'<-ror on filo In tlie office ol the said tSiVmr.l tbe said specifications beinir 1 niu ib«'r<'d "iD. Popios of the same " \\-\\\ ho t'urnisberl intondinir hiiJ' J ;'rs 1 «,,,/,„ ..i.iiUfntinii ifi rhf j miroaii or the Tn the Superior Court of the State of Canlornia, in and for the County of Kern. In the matter of the. estate of Frank Lass, deceased, Notice is hereby eiven that in tmr- puance or an order of the Siu>orior rt in the Countv of Kern. State of _ ifornia, made on the fith dav of November. 1908. tn the mat tor of rlio above entitled estate, the nn<lersii;ned Mo:nn. in mid to all tna! portam veal Drooert.y situat^'i in the Cltv of Bak- ersliold. Couniv of Kern, Sjato of V» a ''; torn.iii. and more narticnlarlv described as follows, to-wit: . T , % Lots nine (1M and ton U'M \\\ Block .hive hundred and seventy (**iO> In the Citv ol' Bakersfield. ( onntv of Kern. Stale of CaHtornla. accordinu to the official man of said C'Jtv. filed in Con Call administrator of tlio of Prink Lass, deceased, will «ell on or alter Mondav. the ;tnth dav «f A1 j-»iHi oj snarenoiuers wiin wo. Of cer- the Countv o tlflcate. No. ot shares and amount due; !>{ a int hied in t •* w *. ^ I * * •-• * . f t office of ihe (.'onntv Recorder ot said Countv. November 115, ISftx. to- with thf fniiMintrH and (horoon. And bidH or , K in writjne for said propei'tv win nt* re- CP|VCM! b wiJ<J firlniinintrator at the ofilco of Th.omas Scon, rooms 2 ;tnd -1. in the Hank or MnK'orsficM No. No. Crt. Shs. 40 $30.00 5.00 5 Name California Home Exten* sionAssocuition. trustee for August Anderson . James R Anderson _ James B. Anderson 3!)5 20 14.75 California Home Exten- sionAssociation. trustee for J. B, Anderson . . . . 1J7 20 20.00 .fircer._.Iohn , 470 5 5.0U 5.0 i of BaUorsfield hull dine. < . h MI't'i'i, stroot. nai«'i l s(ifli[ I'd th r.-ii- f -- — T — — — — *.• ^— f ^j- tf ff f f • • m __^ fircer .lohn , ( 47 enrd Thos. £00 ;<fi , ecliPtL Alice AI 41 r> 1908. at private sale at the ofljfc <tf l'niHliiL^"e<VnM>r"""Y)Y (M,,., s f ( .i-' avi'iiiif"- I Honnett'. "Mrs. Sarah" ..;i-t« Thomas Scon, rooms .:> and 4. 'n t'o- .ml L'ntl rior Court, all ihe riuht. tille and interest of tho s-iid Ki'j'ii*; ;it ihe time of liis death, and all the ririht,title and in t forest of the estuH- ot said Frank I-ass as hv oueraiion of b\v or otherwise n run! red. other than or in addition to that of said Frank Lass, a' tho tinio. of his death, m ;tnd tn ail rho^'e rorlain mjninir claims Kituat<;d .in the Countv c»f Kern. State ot C;t!i ' lornia. and more narttculai'lv us iolTnws. Jo-wi.t: \V. A . M'(;iNN. i:aHtorn(a Ifoiuo Exten- 2U iu 20.00 Kern and the le. otfcee of the Cle said Court in t ip said County. n _ The Pecinle of Uie Slate of CaF] nJa send Uroetinc to H. H. Cow John 1. Stousland. Henrietta N. H< Elvira W. Percv. Clarence \V. H (a minor), and John Doe. defeud Yon are hereby required to In an acti niirht acainnt von PlalnUff. in th* herei: .__ ..., t . on lux the above-nnmed _ , perior Cpurt of tho State of Calif' in and lor tne Count v ot Kern lo answer the* t'omnlafnt liloi| tlb within ti-n dnvH (exclusive of in* of nervfee i dim aff r th Association, trustee lor flower. Samuel . . . Ili> California Homo Kxfon- si on A ssoei;i usieo J^^'wer. SSamuel ... 71 10 California Homo Kxlen- » siouA^sociatIon. trustee fornrlecs. Warren F. l'.»G in tio on > it served within tho. Countv: or. it served i'lsov.*lu;r<i. in ililrtv davs. And von are horobv notilletf von fnil to ^o iun»ear and i f \\ill ,inoh' to tin* rojiel domalided in tin /. "HI •-• -'ni Uersl-e! 1. I .T'O:-"«". '.Or Kstate, Uail-JI ' Uiven under niv hand ami the of the ^interior Court of tlto stf» 5 on ' CaliknTiia. in ,ind ior tho i;-;-ir.i. P U M V, O N S lit ttt (j SMMi-rior Court of tho C'onnlv Of I'vi'-l !1, .- f •'• •• "!' ( ; '"!i : ofijj;i. .J. »>. !,()•'". n^. P' -.irii'f vs. Silver How < ' r .-,, siunAssuci;H!"i\ trnyteo f or r'lnhx lii. v <*i-i.iti ciHllforiiii Hun oKxten- i * _* t i V L ' l*r\1*L| \Vm. •oais. J. U. S r.'flifornia Homo K.Mon- sionAHspctatlon.tniKtuo tor (Kolev, ('has. M. KM in inrm r,27 10 lo.oo 5 attnruevs ith. . Snu-ev. . r.. and 1>. V. Oof t.l-iinllff. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTION 5.00 2 (» !'(,'. seven hnu.livd iittv (..."> !•' :-'i •' ieasi-rv irecon. -in i hnn.!rt-d JiViv (7f»iM root in \vestorlv direction an-i iha* *• , nJiiinliri 1 in !!:«• Sn- 1 j : HI)'- I . i\' • O-iini. tlie ;im»'i\ le 1 iocallon lieii^ o! I'cfin'il in \ <:] | ::," , 111 ' 1 I s.-oriMton. trust"*: iins. l.tnnis A. , . 1)7 liS ,11 i{) i coril"i''s o rnia. 'it naue nn\-t;v Also that fi-rtaiu (in-known as Tiuef NO. '1. Minim! I lit- 1 rte: '- .-i; 1 , . i i \ I A. B. Chase, A K-» Player ( . ( , «-v as e L^.'ics pano. Emerson, Estey, Ktirtzmann, Sterling and Pianos. is constantl on luitnl over MJ stork or' lil. I ' ri^i's. llusy Terms. New l M 1-. ;M-M''i:low.s. hoirinnin:.' on \N • of 'I'uror No. 1. rnnninu' said Tif-'er \o, 1. juid s fish Crook, and South l Sin'inus" ahoni Oirec hun'i f*-ct. LooiiU'M Oct. S, I:M fordo,-! in UooU si,\l\-M\ !n: r HoforiN. nai/e tour hi In tl.v ollice of i f-r. Kern Count v, C i That i-ertain ouartx ei Vo. :',. nnd '!e-;.'p "iniJiR' at ill.- X .; No. :!. heln- an •• Oil an t jth(»ut eii/hi «•! l JSin.U I'etM rionth IMI l .oeaU'd Ov-toli'••'. in Hook si\-l\-?i\ "- 1 - 1 er-ords -it nauo ior; v-t. n- Kern Count v Ilerui .;• in tl..- "0.1(0 III) Ifi i I L " " I'bijiii.'i 1 will monev of damages i dt-'i-ii-'ijT ;<-• ;t i'ixitr/ n\n-n ntl'. r to tlie ('onn fur an\ •I* nianded In tho niv hnnd ;; or roiirt oi oi C'alil'orni:'. (his L' A. !/, T«M,.. I. K. Mil.I.Kit. C! .or. .trust* e A. . .100 id; -i f ' \VinK ;; , s;u.. .! ! l K.-rn. it! ' \i v '*•< < I i .. ,,, , ;• ,, ' II Max r»f ot :»\ ;- , , ,, - ( . /;,'.,{ , VL,'^! Vv.'/V,' 11: - ,' * 'J IMI ; V, V • , i IM' • J ; ' r :• ' V'lV" ''' "" IU" I . I I. I. • • • M*,nn- K\f-n- 20 •J') In 'I ' MIT. ^v- v— at!)• i *" i !--> - i.rlilin. l*Mw. W. M(»||JO . . . 7" j u SUMMONS. 01 * lid r ' aiifornia U.nne . e l il ; tlu- Citlit'ornia. Clt-rl i sahi i tho , ,. ( ahtorn: i iionn- 1820K Street C. E. KEY, Manager and offers in \vnHii-' mininir claims will 1"' ror* iv, • said administrator af i o- TlKimas Sf-oti. in Mie Uaiil: Held hulldinir. coru«T II" i ' \ Chester :ivvnue street, ''!!'.• <:-'! Kern .*-IMI» he.;;:- >'.. iVer.Mhdd. f i if ('a! jo >''n i.i < '• ,. t . f Iri-'ii. Alfred . . . .Ii77 t , —---— ( aiilornin ifotno K.vferi- In.the Durorlor.Crtiirt.ot (ho Countv: sion.N.' jon. trustee w , Piaitni'fl'. 'vs. Silver How (Ml Coiuijany. Uofoiiflnnt. AYH^JI brought in 'ho Suo.Tlor C'ourt ; for HarvoV, ,1.'M. ol ih"- ( oiintv oi Kern St.ite oi l nil- "-- 11 ' 1 -- •• • loruia. r-n-l iho Conndaint filed in sahi : til Kern, in iht- ofJU'e u ^ said Suiiorior Court, , ,.- iVcii.h- oi Uu- Suite of C:.|:tVir. ' (Jat<-.. ;{} >;i t! ;rav .- 1 int L'feetlnu n> $\]\ IT j^.vv ( ill >i;iv»-^ «v ^lllrr•l•' ( o-nrtnv. l»e'endant. , Hediiri. ciaru ;:MS s \ou are horehv reouirot! tg anno-tr < ' (om :t liotne in an action hroinsht afrain^i vmi !>• "l ' ;v ' '(»Ui T o| the -Count v o! f(»r .1, M m Notice IF h'Tohy given thai taxes on all jiersonal prop* rty, n jOno-litilf of the taxes o/i aJ] real ( lo.O'/ 'ej-fy, will he di:o and payable on i second .Mtiii'lay in uctr>bor, iinU <\< ll?>fj!i"!;J on ihe hist M«nrta, •oinl'rr ro.vt theraftor, at, i» o'c ;». in. t '{'.}(}^.a juiUl prior -~ Ilf't-i-jj ; -t .- t"Lt will ho added Ui amount thereof, and that if Bald t half bo not \t\\\i\ betoro the last J uay in Ap: 1 !! next, at <; o'clock |>. an fuiditii'itol live per < ' r.t wiU %fle 1( lu-liU-'d thtrc-to. I 1. That the remain' </ one-haif & 2n.noilho la^ l s en all roul p .porty witt ttfet ' payahl" on and affor Uje first .,,,,,,, i day In J;u:Utu-y next, and will be iinqu"nt on the last Monday in next thereafter, at *I o'clock p. land Umt unless paid prior th 2'/.Oo (ivo per cf-nt will be added to amount thereof, 2. That nil taxes may he i>n [the time th first installment, us fet-ver ' lod, is due and payable, That taxes may \,$ paid In ;omc e of the Tax rollerti-r In '• '.county courthouse I'Hworn the. h 'of 9 H. m. and 12 in., and 1 i>. m. «Nt r>. f » ( »iB p. tn. Oe*o!-"r 1, 10n.?. C. K. DAV, Tax collector, Kern County, L H) lo.oo 20 U 10 20,00 2>A L'fi.oo rn ( 'iii.'foi'lii,', 'o l • • filed in »h* Mi "i.*" o Hi - t.;,v.- i time a notice . stiporiur ( i'u^' v l i \cin--i 1 ,»• (,t i oi". |rc fji \ • Hi if si-rvcij wiiljiii -aiiM'nunt'. : u ,-»r\« elsewhere, witiiin thivU' d-tVH. siunA.^oclatlon,.. Jor lieiiier. Nelson . . C Hiif'.iiua Homo I-;\f« n- siojj \s-ooj,jt ion, t rn>-lee fo:' ll.-vdo!!. Kdw. T. . . 1T!» I). .M ::7I to K\1en- sons inat DOG LICENSE NOTICE. 01 eliV L'l vc-n TO ,(: "'•vr;irn: and Kor-ciMi.' (l<ur.'. wJ'.vif* ,ti' th;il tor li*-sTin;.n. M. . . of I and t; v, ilium . if.'. + S '; i' • »11 ) ) 1 i n * i: i-i.i: o ', VI Horiru •; | ( ,\] ''alifo: U1 ;t IliitM.- .-ion A - -ori. ,!}»<'. ! '•' Ujr lit iTMian, A. J i lorvo n I * i a,L-s tor tho vear for deJiverr , , T K. in tho inee. - ;-,;tvin':s HanU af't-:- (ho ri;,v '" nrocoiM] in \m\.i^ii\i\ .n.ninc on th* v • :r;nc tlio . . . T*5 20 , COX. Po;j J.inuarv !*. r. il t i ! A. J • • f.' NOTICE TO CREDITOR <* it, W . ! ('. : e :' I I t i . i " i; U-i NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. l ools 111 r ";e i <it : . . 'n •:.. P.J l • ' « iiM't Nf f f c* ]:••-•• nl (»; o K-.iN < .1 niorj, i i j '4 l for 1!. ' man. U" V, • - r K. . • . t . . .;. \\. • illlo' :i;t t !• (••ioilA- --0"ia'i(>!),' r for ti LM? ;,::. i i 1 1 ; * ' • i t hiiit jy * i ^ 11 i ' - \ t>'> I;. ,"l,' '". j - r ; • 1JlH- tr .1. 11 o ( ' ' hi' ol \«'i n o li PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET »• A. ! >. if :n » r.< ln.'ilter Ot v. !' 1 I Cijlit'o! Ilia I I(.| () e c li til A-- :-nt'i,|i I' h t ''list* " lor K« enev. .). \\" Caiiforniii MOIIM* IC Sion \-;sor!:iil'iM. M UKt.e for K.'onoi. .}. \V T.'J n •. \ ' 1' I; ij . iitl r :i 'ii'o' i !ov tin ;;; ! - , ,S,JJ'J <;• ce;i ;-(•(! V, i 1 1 H''ll s:ilo in vh" i>Hlco i.t th*j mi ratov ari'l coroner or K»-rn I Countv. HiUiido in tho court npnso. in t>io Cltv of liuHoiHfloUi. in »ai<i Kern 20.00 2ft-W 0.00 mUilHtrittor. 10; of first publication 17-1 ^o 2 1 1 ' - ! i ;i. MI I'! j j/. I i i i i 1 1 'mint :H( * mu;u--- '• ani ' n H 1 fff K-M), .' '. . - hom n- onAsrtoo-intion tro^teo or Kl.-iKM.n. lltnirv ...J'-j 20 rcjt. »h n (. .......47G 20 rolc. .'h u 1 .4J7 20 r ok. Hi u I -:'« 20 !i' K t (Ji (,' hollt',' til* - i' Moil Ul lu>i'!ess Ol f! Kotn A. \ of .A Snurhii. . w s. Plut/, uilornev fur«4- s

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