The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 2, 1971 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
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Tuesday, February 2, 1971
Page 4
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Page 4 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Cage-ology John Moses FrankKirkpatrick Max Crouch Female Athletes 'By Elaon Cage,Tribune Sports Editor' Pacers Trade Beckert, Barnhill TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1971 Eldon Cage, Sports Editor, The Tipton Tribune Tipton, Indiana "Dear Eldon: Your recent account of the work of Larry Mattingly in refereeing games in the earlier days of basketball brings to mind a recent visit with Homer Stonebraker, former star of 1914 state 'winner little Wingate High School. I was among those in attendance at the Shrine Caravan Club and Tom Carnegie, as master of ceremonies, called on "Stonie" to reminisce about the state tourney of 1914_when Wingate won four games on a Saturday to become the State's No. 1, with the hero getting all. of his team's 17 points in the second game to defeat Clinton. The first game was with Crawfordsville, home of Indiana's first high school basketball, with the score 24-1; the third game was to defeat Lebanon, former state champions for two years, 14^.-8; and the final game was with Anderson, the score being 36-8. Homer, still handsome and erect and near 6* 2", said the all- day help he and his teammates •got from a professional masseur on that Saturday kept them going,, and the -man who had membership in the Columbia Club and paid the $350 fee for the Club's .specialist was a Wingate citizen named Wingate. Stonie went on to star at Wabash College and in profess-, ional basketball and did some coaching. His business life has been with Allisons in Speedway. Very truly yours, . Frank Kirkpatrick Tipton and Tipton County does not have all of themodernrecre- ation and athletic facilities enjoyed and taxed by some of our neighboring cities and counties, but over the years there have been facilities.for baseball, Softball, basketball, /bowling, swimming, shuffleboard, golf, tennis and several other recreational activities for both men and women and the development and achievements by many in some of the sports has been exceptional and outstanding. There is a good current crop of girl athletes in swimming, golf, tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and we hope they become interested in horseshoe, shuffleboard, and other games. Some of the good girl Softball players of the Sharpsville vicinity a few years ago were Peg and Mary Hawkins, Ann (Whitehead) Henderson, Wilma (Fecher) Duncan. From the Tipton area were Juanita Zaloadek, Mary Belle Simpson, Sandy Burden and many more whose names escape us now. A Windfall young lady by the name of Yundt was, according to reports of the 20's, able to outrace some of the good male track stars in the dashes and in addition we are told that Miss Yundt was a fine basketball player. So we can readily see that girl athletes had the "liberation" movement going years ago. Most of the Tipton County High Schools, Sharpsville, Windfall, Kempton, Goldsmith, Prairie and Tipton had Girls Basketball teams and played regular schedules. If a reader knows of any; particular girls athletic news, Cage-ology would welcome a report. " • C-0 Tipton High School Athletic Director and Coach John Moses will be the Guest Columnist one day this week, probably Thursday or Friday if possible, report- INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UPI) — The Indiana Pacers and the Denver Rockets have completed. a four-player trade, Pacers" General Manager John Weissert announced Monday. - Denver sends Don Sidle, a 6- foot-9 forward, and Wayne Chapman, a 6-foot-6 guard, to Indiana. In return, the Rockets will receive 6-foot-8 forward Art kert and 6-foot-l guard John Barnhill. Indiana also gives up ' an undisclosed 1972 draft pick, and' an undisclosed amount tjf. cash, Weissert said. Pacers' Coach Bob Leonard said, "Naturally it is difficult to lose players like Art and John who played major roles in Indiana's championship season of 1969-70. But we see the trade as strengthening our club. We needed a big guard and got one. in Chapman." - ' • . Co e Bask ai bait So. Col, UCLA 1-2 Daniels ABA Rebound Leader Avid sports fan and Tipton Booster Max Crouch came the closest to predicting the outcome of the -Tipton-Hamilton Heights game of anyone Cage-ology knows. Max set down his score on Thursday with the Devils fav- - . . orites 81-75, which was not close * d John since he has many duties = w ^ "Eht to the 31 point difference butwas 80(1 is also attempting to get his giving the Satans the nod by more BJue Devils in .-shape for two than the two points most of the CIC Basketball games this week- Devil fans were predicting. end « Elwopd visits Tipton this 'C-O- Friday night and then the SATANS NEW YORK (UPI)— Indiana Pacers center Mel Daniels continued as the rebound leader according to figures released Monday by the American Basketball Association. Daniels, has averaged 18.2 rebounds per contest while staying at the top of the individual listing for most of the season. He also ranks 10th in scoring with a 20.9. per game figure with 1,069 points. Former Kentucky star Dan Issel, now a rookie with the Kentucky Colonels, leads. the ABA in scoring with a 29.3 per game average. John Brisker of Pittsburgh is second, averaging 28.5 points per game. Leaders in other, categories, include Rick Barry of New York in free throw percentage, Zelmo Beaty of Utah in two- Halas 76 Today CHICAGO (UPD- George Halas, founder and owner of the Chicago Bears, celebrated his 76th birthday Tuesday, at work in his office as usual. Halas, chairman of the board of the Bears, also is president of the National Conference of the National Football League. He was born Feb. 2, 1895, and later played football at the University of Illinois and the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, during World War I, before founding the Bears in 1920. . Halas expected to take his usual vacation, a month in Arizona, in - the near future. Meanwhile he celebrated by cutting a cake in his own office. TRAVEL TO Alexandria on Sat- Coach Moses was pleased with the win over Hamilton Heights, but stated that this win does not make a season and he and his proteges want more success. Today's S p o r t r a i t (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sports Writer. NEW YORK (UPI)-George Blanda has made it official. He's' coming back next season. , There never really was much doubt to begin with that the 43- year-old Blanda would be back 7 for another crack with the J Oak and Raiders next fall even though he kept teliing everybody he was going, tc have to sit down and think about it. .Wei-, he has thought about it and whether he owns up to having reached a decision or not he gave himself completely away Monday in Rochester, N.Y., where he finished runner- up . to Brooks Robinson, Balti- morels Mr; Mighty Mitt, in the voting- for the Hickok' Professional Athlete of the Year Award. A $10,000 diamond belt goes to. the winner and a pat on .the How Do You Get Accurate Engine and Tune-up Repair Service ? , Get a 34 Step Engine Analysis Today in 20 minutes or less AC/GM Diagnostic Tune-up Center Call us experts...but call us! back goes to the runnerup but Blanda, who has a lot of old friends, made a flock of new. ones by saying of Robinson: "I'm glad he got it. Ithought he was just great." Let Cat Out of the Bag And then he let the cat out of the bag. "I thought I had a shot at it," Blanda said, "but then there's always next year." That means Kenny Stabler's worst fears are now confirmed. Stabler, who broke most of Joe Namath's records at Alabama, is Oakland's No. 3 quarterback behind Daryle Lamonica and Blanda. All last season Blanda kept reassuring him, "Don't worry, kid, you're gonna get your chance.95 But as far as Stabler is concerned there's only one trouble. Blanda never says when. George Blanda, the AFC Player of the Year tins past season, is suffering from an occupational hazard common among athletes. He . doesn't' want to quit and,he isn't alone. ' He has plenty of company. Now you take another young fellow like Pancho Gonzales, also 43. Pancho claims he's quitting, the pro tennis circuit but nobody really believes it because, he has said the same thing at least five times before. Then there's boxing's -Floyd Patterson. The ex-heavyweight champ is younger than both Blanda and Gonzalez, only 36, but in some ways he seems older. People wonder, why he keeps fighting and Patterson has always said he wanted one more shot 4t Sonny Liston, who kayoed him\|wice in the first round. Sonny Liston is gone now but Floyd Patterson keeps fighting anyway. What motivates an athlete to keep going.when he knows he's past his peak? Maybe it's the iongshot hope that somehow some way he can prove to everybody he has not lost that certain spark and that he is every bit as good as he always was, which is seldom the case. Nobody Immune Nobody is immune from this form of self .delusion. Look at Sugar Ray Robinson, one of the ring's ail-time greats. They practically had to tie his hand to keep him from ' fighting anymore and I'm not so sure he still doesn't feel he can lick ' most of the current middleweights- particularly if he trains for six weeks or so. Ken Ventury, the former U.S. Open golf champ, also has found it extremely difficult to point field goal accuracy, George Lehmann of Carolina in ' three-point goal accuracy and,. Bill Melchionni of New York, in assists. . ; TRADE MADE . . • MILWAUKEE (UPI) - The Milwaukee Bucks of the Nation-' al Basketball Association Mon-.. day traded rookie Gary Free-; man, their No. 1 draft choice' last year, plus this year's- second-round pick and cash to- the Cleveland Cavaliers for. 1 veteran forward McCloy McLe- raor.e. . _____ , WAGERING CLIMBS COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI)-' The U.S. Trotting Association said Monday that wagering at pari-mutuei tracks in 1970 climbed to $1,935,530,530, the 27th consecutive yearly gain. . NEW YORK (UPI)-The stage has been set for Southern California and UCLA. The two Los Angeles rivals were voted 1-2 among - the nation's major co:leges today by the 35-member United Press International Board of Coaches. Now they'll tangle Saturday. night at the Lbs Angeles Sports Arena with the winner probably laying a solid claim to the top ranking. Waiting in the wings, however, are - a pair of unbeatens. Marquette (16-0) was ranked third" and Pennsylvania,, also 160, took down the No..4 ranking. Southern California received 20 first-place votes and--318 points after running its record to 16-0 last week. UCLA, now 15-1 had nine first-place votes and 301 points while marquette had the remaining five for 283 points. Kansas was fifth in ' the balloting, which includes games played through Sunday, Jan. 31, with Jacksonville, South Carolina, Western Kentucky, Tennessee and Kentucky completing the top 10. Five coaches from each of the seven geographical areas of the nation comprise the UPI Brooks Robinson Wins Hickok Award ROCHESTER, N.Y. (UPI>Brooks Robinson, winner of the 21st annual Hickok Award as the "Pro Athlete of the Year," said today he has no managerial ambitions but that Baltimore Oriole teammate Frank Robinson "will become highly Marshall Gets $42,000 from TV HUNTINGTON, — Marshall. University received a check for $42,000 as its share of the TV memorial fund raised by the) national iy- televised "Night of Stars," Development Director John S. Caliebs revealed Monday. • -.. Marshall was invited to share equaliy in the fund by Wichita University • after most of the Thundering. Herd football team and • eight Athletic Department membets perished in the Nov. 14 chartered airplane crash at Huntington that killed 75 persons. Wichita had lost football players and Athletic Department personnel in an airplane crash in the Rocky Mountains a month earlier. . The Marshall Memorial Fund included about $214,000 before receiving the TV funds, Caliebs said. Half of the $50,000 pledged by owner Carroll Rosenbloom of the Baltimore Colts has been received, according to Caliebs. quit and in hockey, Detroit's Gordie Howe, who's pushing 43, doesn't ' even like the mere mention of the word. Bill Mazeroski, Pittsburgh's \ veteran second baseman, is . punishing himself with daily leg exercises in Florida now hoping to stay on a bit longer and withstand the challenge of Dave Cash, who is 12 years younger, but the ali-time champ for hanging in there has to be Hali of Famer Connie Mack. Manager of the Philadelphia A's until tie was 88, Mack for a long time employed his younger brother, Earl, as one of the team's coaches. There came a day when the elder Mack felt a change should be made .and 'when he was, questioned about the move, Connie Mack thought a moment and then, in ali seriousness, said: "Earl was getting a little old for the job/ BILTZ'S 675-4668 tires, batteries £ accessories. First Federal Savings a^Loan Association OF TIPTON MEMBER FSLIC A MONTH SPECIAL 10 TIMES! Deposit by the 10th - Earn horn the 1st successful if given the chance." "I'm going on record as stating that I wilt not be interested in becoming a major league manager,"' said the 33- year old hero of the Orioles' World Series victory over the Cincinnati Reds. "But Frank Robinson has been grooming himself as a manager and. has done a great job. He will. become highly successful if given the chance ."j [ Frank RobinsonJ the Orioles' Triple Crown Winner in 1966 and the only player in major league history who. has won Most Valuable Player awards 'in both '-leagues',' would "be" the first major league Negro' manager. He has j been schooling himself in recent years by managing in the Cribbean Winter .League. ; Brooks Robinson, who says some, of his defensive gems "aren't as j difficult as they look," . admitted Monday night that he was surprised to, win the $10,000 Hickok Award. '.. "This tops it all off," he said. "It's got to be the most satisfying moment of-., my career because the Pro Athlete of the Year Award encompasses all sportsl I literally jumped'in the air when told I had won the award because 1 thought either Bobby Orr of the Boston" Bruins j or George Blanda of the Oakland Raiders would win it." j Robinson, who hit .428 in addition to making a half dozen remarkable defensive plays in the Orioles' five-game World Series triumph over the Reds, received 62 first-place votes and finished with 238 points in the balloting for the. Hickok Award. ' • !' Blanda finished second with 140 points, followed by Orr with 110, Wiliis Reed of the New York Knicks with 108y 2 and Johnny Bench of the Reds with 59. - ' ' Others receiving votes were: John. Brodie (42), Joe Frazier Arrested Twice OAKLAND, Calif. (UP1)- Oakland Raiders football star Warren Welis faces more court difficulties after two arrests on drunk driving charges in less than 24 hours. . Welis, 28, a wide receiver for the Raiders, was arrested early Monday in Oakland. California Highway Patrol officers said they chased Welis in his 1970 Cadillac at 90 miles an hour before bringing hinr'to a stop. The officers said Wells flunked an on-the-spot alcohol test. Just before dawn Sunday , Wells was arrested on the Bay Bridge when another CHP officer observed his car weaving from lane to lane and speeding. The officer'said Welis flunked an . alcohol test after being stopped. ' Wells was arrested Jan. 24 in Los Angeles after playing in the •Pro Bowl game over a violation 'of parole in connection with, an ^attempted rape iase in Oakland in which he pleaded guilty. ratings board. Each week they select the top' 10 major colleee teams in the [nation, with points awarded on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis on votes from first through 10th. v j What's j wrong with the South Carolina basketball team? j Coach Frank McGuire's team suffered ( its fourth Atlantic Coast Conference loss Monday night when lit was beaten by Duke, 82-71. The Gamecocks can ; still make the NCAA, tournament if they win: the controversial ACC postseason j tourney . but the team has now lost four of its • last six games. I The Blue Devils, who' had only two wins in six previous ACC games; led most of the game against the cold-shooting Gamecocks .j ' j • Duke held a 33-27 half time lead but South. Croiina rallied and outscored the Blue Devils, 10-4, at the outset of the second half to tie the game 37-37. But then' Duke pulled away and South Carolina never caught up. Key Roles I The outside shooting of Rick Katherman, who scored 16 points, and the rebounding of Randy Denton played key roles in the Duke victory. John- Roche scored 28 points in a losing Cause for South Carolina. . While South Carolina, ranked seventh',' was losing, two other teams j in the top 10— fifth- ranked; Kansas and lOth-ranked Kentucky—were victorious. But •ninth-ranked Tennessee also was an upset victim as it lost to Vanderbilt, 65-60. The other teams in the top 10 were idle including Southern California] and UCLA, j who'll meet.-. Saturday ' night j. in a classic .showdown when! UCLA puts its 135-5 record over the past five years on the line. Dave Robisch scored 25 points to pace Kansas to the 7974 victory over Kansas State. Kansas is now 15-1 this season. Bud Stallworth backed Robisch with 20 I points while. Steve Mitchell paced Kansas witln22. 'i. .'['•.'.."' Turning Point j . The turning, point of the game came with 2:59 remaining when Robisch (wrestled the ball away from Bob Zender after a missed free throw and scored a basket to put Kansas ahead, 69-64. ' . i Kansas St. Coach Jack Hartman rushed onto the floor to claim that Robisch was guilty of a foul. But the referee called- a technical^on Haftman, (41), Willie Shoemaker (33), Al Unser (27), Jack Nickiaus (18), Muhammad Ali (13). Rico Carty (5), Tony Esposito (5), Tony Jackiin (5), ' Johnny Unitas (4\ Paricho Gonzalez (4\. Phil Esposito (4), Bubba Smith (3\ Alan Page (3 )r Jerry West (2V 2 V Bob Gibson (2), Mike Curtis (2), Billy Williams (2), Dave Stockton (2) and Boog Powell (1). i *''••(* Sanguillen Signs PITTSBURGH (UPI)-Catcher Msmny Sanguillen, who batted .325 last season, signed a 1971 contract Monday with the Pittsburgh Pirates. . The Pirates also signed two pitchers, John Lamb, who worked as a reliever in 23 games for Pittsburgh at the end of the 1970 season, and Bruce Kison, who played last year at Waterbury, Conn. Sanguillen, 26, finished the 1970 season tied for second . place in the National League batting averages. He begins his third | full season j with the Pirates. Lamb, 24, a righthander, from [Pittsburgh's Columbus, Ohio, j farm club last Aug. 12 and was credited with three saves. Kisong 20, also a righthander, was' 10-4 at Waterbury last year. . H___.AMffMf_r/!r TIMt LADIES MERCHANTS LEAGUE LEAGUE <? STANDINGS I- MONDAY NIGHT MENS MERCHANTS BOWLING LEAGUE Team Standings •1. Co-op Service Center 20- 4 2. Detrex Chemicals 16- 8 3. Hi-HoBar] __^ie- 8 4. Suburban Lanes 16-8 5. Plake's Floor Cov. ' 16- 8 6.-McGraws' : 16- 8 7. Team #5 12-12 8. Farmers Loan & Trust.Co. 9. Westside Tavern 10. Manufacturer's Life 11. Moose Lodge 12. Hawkins & Son Cable 10-14 8-16 6-18 6-18 2-22 (M. Pickett 547) tied Slim's Hi-Ho Bar (R. Orr (N. Pyke;563) over Moose Lodge (D. Casler 591) TAX SERVICE State & Federal Keturns Farmen by Appointment | Open i:3# «.m. i* . ; 3:30 pin. Dally : . 1. i •• i •Toes. A Thnri. til a pjn. : j Sat. 'ill Noon JIMMIE DEAKYNE Located 114 block* north of : 4-way Stop, St Bd. 1». ' !,-'; WeitSid* . -' Phone SSS-4965 Cleer* Team #5 543) 4-4. McGraws' 6-2. i Plake. Flo'or. Covering (P. Moeller 579) over Detrex Chemicals (V.E. Witham 581) 6-2. Co-op Service Center (W. Robinson 596) over Manufacturer's Life Ins. (I. Bridge 515) 8-0. Farmers (-Loan & Trust Co. (J. Garmon 576) over Westside Tavern (Keeling 565) 6-2. < Suburban Lanes (C. Koors 591) over Hawkins & Son Cable (J. Freeman 548) 6-2. . Willis Ro 'Dihson .'rolled J>96'for the high 3 game series^ Dwight Casler and Carl Koors rolled 591 for the 2nd high 3 game series. Kennyf Altherr rolled 235 for the high single game. Willis Robinson tolled 226 for the 2nd high single game. giving the Hawks a free throw and possession- of the ball and Kansas St. Never got back into the game, j y j. Kentucky hit on .72.2; per cent of its shots while !whipping Auburn, 114J76. Tom Parker led Kentucky j with 27 and . Tom Payne added 23. .,'" Van .Olive'r scored 17 points as a 'Vanderbilt upset Tennessee. Jimmy {England and Don Johnson - had 19 each for. Tennessee. j In other games, Indiana beat Northern; Illinois, 113-112, New Mexico ;-Stl stopped Hardin Simmons] '75-57, Tulsa nipped St. Louis', 75-70, Utah St. topped Montana,! 98-68, and* Duquesne beat Santa Clara} 84-73. • • Y-\ <• J. •United Press International top 20 major college .basketball teams with first-place'votes and State won-Iost records in parentheses. Team Points I. Sou. Cal. (20) (16-0) 318 2 UCLA (9).(15-1) 301 3 Marquette (5) (16-0) 283 4 Pennsylvania (16-0) 226 5 Kansas (14-1) 189 6 Jacksonville (14-2) 164 7 South Carolina (11-3) 79 8 Western Kentucky (14-3) 54 9 Tennessee (13-3) 30 10. Kentucky (13-3) - 29 II. Illinois (9-3) . 24 12 LaSalle (14-tt 20 13. Notre Dame (1; 5) 19 l4.Fordhara (13-lV 18 15.. North Carolina (12-3; 15 16. Utah St. (16-3) .14 17. Michigan (10-4 - * 13 .18. Duquesne (11-2 12 19 (Tie) Villanova (15-4^ 11 . (Tie^ Nebraska (12-3) 11 . Others" receiving five or more points: Drake, Arizona. State, Louisviile, Oregon, Utah, Houston. COAST CAPER By Alan Maver 000 ftlKfOfT//£ tS M£rfTrt£y 1? Al££f{/C£/} !/ #£*?0£Arrf f//£Al TMC£ 3 6M££, //ACFOF7//Z P£F£AT£(/C£A ${/ff£f?£PV/f Tff£fW5T4 5£J50/tS<MP -7fl£OfU.Y7tfO Ori 7fl£/R/iatf£ - COURT. Are you a Buick or Pontiac fancier, in the dark... ABOUT WHERE TO GO FOR..: SALES SERVICE NEEDS Let us ENLIGHTEN you ELWOOD BUICK- P0MTIAC INCORPCRATeO [14,12 MAIN ST. 552-98M

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