Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on March 28, 1919 · 6
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Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1919
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lUfi I h A I Y i! ' THE LONO BEACH PRESS: FRIDAY MARCH 28 1919 CHAFItl SIAR1S CARRIES BATTLE INTO ANTIPODES and huhy black hair — except when it i dyed with linte a golden brown! Their costume i the mulberry bark ' -- -kl Eugene Chafin prohibition work rr whose home it in tin city hat arrived in Sydney Australia fo( which place he tailed from San Francisco shortly before Christmas according to a letter received by Mrs Chafin from their daughter Mitt Detdemona Chafin who ac-I coinpanic her father if Mr Chafin it will be recalled f went to Australia for the purpose r of assisting with a prohibition A movement there The work may be handicapped because of an in-j fluenza epidemic which it raging m 7 many part of Australia Mitt Chafin' I letter it copied fiom her diary and 1 It at followi: Leaf From Diary q On board S S Sonoma cn route San Francisco to Sydney Australia i January 6th 1919 1 What a wonderful plai e we have t teen today! We were on deck carlv 4 —jut as we wire passing between a ’nail island and the mam Island of On ft I) mil lutmiMs - -- - - Cloth about the loins and necklace armlets and anklets The warriors wbar a tall fantastic headdress also Besides this they wear an abundant roat of cocoanut oil— which makes them glisten as if varnished and the men are tattooed Their homes consist of circular thatched room on post with curtain of course matting that can be raised or lowered along the sides according to the weather We Were made quite wel-come in the two homes we visited come in and they acemed very pleased that we took notice of them At one W f! IUUA inn'll place the lady offered me about a deren strings of beads for my green silk barasol They have many strange and beautiful customs and it would have been delightful if we had arranged for a stop-over and thus bad time for many charming glimpse of native life in it primitive simplic-ity It would ha vr also enable us to go to Upolu Island where the grave of Robert Lodis SEMI HERS (EEIIISTOCK IS SACRAMENTO March 28-Srn- TO Mafc ator William E Bown Los Angeles champion of the consumer and state market director Harris Weinstock organiasr of the farmers associations debated the state market commission act before several hundred persons In the assembly last night Brown charged that the market director was imbued with the "spirit small island ana tne main iianu m Tutila the mod important of the Samoan group— and what a vision of leaiity wc behold! All this week A we have been in raptures over the t pii turesqueness of Honolulu but 7 from now on it will he Pango I'ango that linger in memory as the ideal spot r A number of u stood at the now 'J snd one of the officers explained as we entered the haibor that it was the broken crater of an extinct vol- i A HU UM'ACU V nil VI W - n cano Tango Tango the largest town A tin 'the Islands i a lind-loiked EUGENE CHAFIN Goes Half Way Around World in Order to Fight Demon Rum station They were delighted to see folks "directly from home ” and many questions had been asked and answered even before we reached the dock by the use of megaphones Ice Cream Trade We were told that the Jrug store served ice mam on the days the boat came in so wc inquired its location the very first thing Though it was not quite eight o'clock the sun was doing its share in working up trade for the cream On our way wc heard a bugle and instantly evi ryonc stood still — with uncovered head— as the native band struck up harbor of majestic loveliness The entrance is narrow and almost cn- CIIIHilt sat — — fircluiK the deep still water of (he bav the cliffs rise hundreds of me IMY Hir cons V feet llicir strip slopes are clothid jn deep forests with only space for t a narrow road at their base Cocoa palm arc everywhere and the whole place is decidedly tropical As at Honolulu the ship was con- voyed to her anchorage by a per- feet flotilla of native boats tho oars of the rowers timed to a weird f melodious chant Almost the whole town were down to meet us but f there are only some two hundred j Americans there — those at the naval it rtr — m i' - j 1 he Star Spangled Banner and the flag was bung raised It was splendid to see so many natives 5-OdO miles away from the lotted State show such respect lo us Americans who had been on the boat it -tunded "most awfully good — fpr Hie English people so outnumbered us that it was always "God Save the King" When we reached the drug store we found a number of natives each devouring a disjl of cream Believe we got there just in tunel The South Sea Islanders are a unique people at least they were to us They have dark brown skins Stevenson may be visited Lively Bargaining The sound of music drew us back to the wharf and there we found on one side the band all natives except the leader — anil on the other any number of the dark skinned piople with fruits flowers and heads A lively bargaining was carried on for the brcad-frmt cocoa-nuts bananas alligator pears and bright green oranges as well as tor the fans baskets and shells Some time was spent in witching the natives unload the cargo Each one got $1 for the morning’s work and that is a great plenty we were told to last him until the next boat comes in— some four weeks we were not allowed to take our cameras ashore a war time rule not yet revoked but we seemed a number of snap from the ship As we pulled out into the bay the bugler called us to lunch but it was some half hour later that wc responded for we were truly seeing nature in one of her grandest moods and could not be drawn away After lunch but a dim outline of the island remained and shortly the last bit of American territory that we will see for some time had slipped from view The Samoa Islands are wonderful and wc believe that Romcrt Louis Stevenson rightly said that "No part of the world exerts the same attractive power upon the visitor r the same sense of enchantment” of autocracy’ had been engaged in forming food selling combines creating extra middlemen fixed fic titious food prices and even intimidated producers who were not Included in the combines He urged the establishment of state commission markets Weinstock suggested that Brown establish such a market in Los An gelrs as an experiment He dc HELP! - HELP! Help Us and Help Yourself Ur are placed in a desperate p o a v’ A1W ’Vv r c shipment of NIW WHITE ROTARY SEWING MAs HIN ES but have no room for them Our store is CHOCK TILE ot USED SEWING MACHINES So to make room for out-shipment we have decid-d to sell ail of our used marhim s WL S1MTLY MUST SELL THEM And liege is where your -chance comes in We will sell our machines reardless of their cost or value This sale ootues at a very opportune time for you too just in tune for your STRING SLWiNtj A FEW SAMPLE PRICES moo White Rotaries w $2000 and up $90 00 White Lour Shuttle $1800 and up $7500 Singers all styles $1000 and up $7500 Standards $2000 and up $6500 New Homes $1000 and up $6500 Domestics $1800 and up $6000 Wheeler and Wilsons $2000 and up ’Sneeial about IS Machines of all makes $600 and up EVERY MACHINE ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED A few pally paid for WHITE ROTARY MACHINES latest models to be sold for the balances due an them Come early and lake first pick w White Sewing Machine Agency 219 East Broadway Long Beach Cal S S Phone 582 SPENDS 47 TEARS fended his producers organizations by reading letters from prominent nnjn and officials congratulating him Hill Asks for Jury Probe of Railroad Harbor Land Leases LOS ANGELES March 28— Dr Randolph llill has written a letter to District Attorney Wool-wine asking a grand jury investigation of the passage of a city or dmince in 1917 giving the South ern Pacific and the Pacific Electric railways leases on certain lands at Los Angeles harbor Dr Hill alleges that the effect of this ordinance was to give the railroads a strangle hold on the harbor waterfront and that the city got little or nothing in return ‘IlMMfltialtniM ml tor mar-in ) with ik Vi1r l ke Mordi ot my veto The mcorks mid by Ik Vktarj pmtm si tor mgswor-m utiiy el lew etturti rv- SrodiKtion end la vsry' M-iobkne auto by Saqv'IHCTSja Iff jjg'yiWjy SPSS'S? to" mom v IS CARUSO my wkir fiAni a ik II "Wf - -to I ‘IlmiMnoo el Ik1 toval Mm w do" atoMtoork thftt it u!-T 'w frorlrf CLUCK Select your Victrola with vir of theworlds greatest artists I s Read what Caruso says above Read the straight-from-the-heart tributes of Homer and Gluck They simply voice the views of all the world’s greatest ‘'artists for everyone who wants the best in music And who indeed can better advise than the very artists who thrill thousands nightly in the opera and concert season and prove their supremacy throughout the year to millions in the home on Victor Records Quality Paints Varnish and Wall Paper— Long Beach Paper & Paint Co 248 Pine — Adv You can secure a Victrola from us for a little more than a rental charge' and we will apply the full amount to purchase price Come in and let us play any of the Victor Records you’d like to hear Victors and Victrolas $10 to $400 THE PATRICK MUSIC CO Home 221 333 PINE Pacific 120 The Music Store of Long Beach smjiuruillliiutUIttltTHHililttlliltitHItllltMtWIIItlHIH OF HIS LIFE III FOR YMCA JUST what (lie name in plies— a shoe of service fat hoys Unit to meet the needs of growing youth It satisfies from every viewpoint and the price is exceptionally law v Forty-seven years in Y M C A service thirty-eight of which have been spent in one city is the re-niaikablc record of Henry J McCoy senior secretary of the San Francisco Y M C A who has been in Long Beach assisting Secretary Gossom and Ernest Mogge and the other leaders in getting the campaign for funds started Secretary McCoy is cheery of face and a straping six-footer just the king of man to spend a lifetime in the service of his fellows He says his only regret is he has not another life to give in the same work Coming to San Francisco in lHSi with Dwight L Moodv the evangelist as a young Y M C A sec rctary from Lowell Mass Mr McCoy remained to work with the ban Francisco organization and has been there ever since It was largely through his efforts that the splendid building now used by that association was erected following the earthquake and fire of April 1906 in which the former building was destroyed xr Mr McCoy went back to New York while the fire was raging and before the ashes were cold baa raised practically enough to assure SSVVTSif t was contributed by Morris K Jessup of New York who voluntarily offeied lus donation after Mr McCoy placed him on his campaign committee “Don’t mention tt said the wealthy New Yorker when Mr McCoy thanked him The obligation is on the other side I want to thank you for giving me the chance" The San Francisco property no ff present a million dollar invest-ment and is free from debt Secretary McCoy left this morning for Fresno after addressing the executive staff meeting of the local association He fcpcnt yesterday tn Pomona where a campaign for a new building is about to be launched Here is THE Washing Machine Madam ! This is the hard-working Thor Electric Washer and Wringer that lightens household labor and saves strength time and money A big washing can be done in an hour at the small cost of 2 cents for electricity And ourtasy payment plan tnakes it easy for you to buy a Thor ' EASY payments Not much more than you are now paying out for your washing Come see the Tljor at once and be forever relieved of wash-day Drudgery ' - $4 00 SERVICE TAN 1 or BLACK CALF Coal Barons Charge Lack of Cooperation Refuse to Cut Price WASHINGTON March 28 After two day of conferring between the industrial board four hundred mine operators and Fue Administrator Garfield lower coal price today were uncertain The ‘onference ended with a resolution passed by the operator to the effect that no lower price will be made until proper cooperation from the administration is forthcoming Henry R Spencer acting director of the railroad admimstra lion in absence of Director General lline issued a statement de dying the operators charges of lack of cooperation 120 East First St Both Phones 556 PROFESSIONAL CARDS Physicians Surgeons RDWIN R HARVEY M D Special attention given to diseases of Stomach and Tract 221 Nat Bk Bldg Office phone If P 1065 SS 12-J Re denre H P 311 S S 12-M F)R A W BUELL Announces that he ha opened offices at 204-205 First National Bank building Home Phone 3831 Residence 601 Almond H P H1R2 S S 342-M Attorneys £)ENIO & HART— Attomeys-at-Law 36-7-8-9 Long Beach Bank Bldg Office phones: Home 133 Sunset S40 Residence phones: E C Denio Sunset 1060 Home 6572 Geo Hart Home 21072 rR W D TURNER Specialty disease women rectum chronic diseases First Nat Bank Bldg Rooms 223-36 Office hours 9 to 1? 1 tn t Home 38 tg Osteopathic Physician lONE S INGLES M D D O 1 Therapeutic Electrical Treatments Moody Bldg Homs office 38 Re 16081 Office S S 445 t aHCpolley dr MA BEL A PQLLEY— 302 L B Bank Bldg Grad A- S Q Kirks- ville Mo and fR O B WOLF- Osteopathic Physician Gynecologist 405 First Natl Bk Bldg fh H 1C1 Tar AMY J C- ROWSE- SC2 I inden H Home 415 Pse 04-T Dentists D R1MMKR— Dentist Comer Pina and Ocean Suite 3 4 and S Mood Bldg Phones Mome Ot Sunset 611 FUGENE I FISHER Attomey-at-Law 203 National Bank of Long Beach Office phone H 11481 Residence rhone H 8712 Hours: 2 to 5 p m Evenings by appointment ' I ONG & HENDRICJC-Lawyer Stephen G Long L M Hendrick - ' 207 Marine Bank Brag Home 193 CKINNER ft JAQUES— Attomey8-at-Law 403 and 404 National Bank Bldg AN APPEAL FOR THE DESTITUTE MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF EUROPE SEND THE RED CROSS ALL YOUR OLD CAST OFF CLOTHING CUGENE C CAMPBELL— Attomey-at-Law 306-307 Marine Bank Bldg Long Beach Cal Both phones 1242 Oculist IAMES H McKELLAR-J Diseases of Eye Glaaaea Fitted 20S-6 Long Beach Bank Building DLINY F HASKELL M De- Eys Ear Not and Throat 504-5-6 Marine Bank Bldg Hours 10-12 2-5 Both phone 233 Advertising Is Pro Business by Employing htable Increase Youi uce in The Press SHOES BLANKETS Long Beach is asked to raise 6V2 tons— only IV2 tons received far Leave salvage on door steps tomorrow morning and it v be picked up by Boy Scouts BRING IT IN Bring everything to the Salvage Shop 333 East Third Long Beach BRtt IT IN HO USBS30LD GOODS ± S About Storing - We Make Your f Daily Freight 54°°and Baggage Trips to Los Angeles Homs m Pacific tlS 122 West Pint St B TRANSFER AND WAREHOUSE CO Mpwng Pianos Our Specialty’ We Advise the Purchase Are Making Bpecialt LIBERTY BOr A chart of the yield of rious issue at different free on request gfltro 733315 l us Pint Natiotnt - & t-o v - s n t J- A 4 ? -r “ ' ! i iK 4 & i ii'tf J ' J V j3 1 VAf - 5

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