The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 17, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 6
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MORLEVS THEATRE Masonic Temple, 2C07 Chester Avenue Continuous Performance 7:30 to tO:30 P. M. »OX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 9:16 Admission lOc No Higher STRICTLY HIGH CLASS MOVING PICTURES AND ILLUSTRATED SONGS; FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. fnkeepcrs' Remorse (drama) Cart Race (comedy) Wror.nfully Accused (special) S'/arding House Acquaintance iOC'iiuy) Paris Fire Fighters (instructive) The Vacuum Cleaner (comedy) Peer's Fancy (tradegy) SONGS—"Panama" "It Might Have Been." Ki.'ire chanRo of I'rosrram Monday and Thursday aights. iaiMicp. Saturday and Sunday. Coupons given every night. Nov. 23d,24-piece quadruple plate Rog- i-s Bros.' set to holder of lucXy coupon. i "Trains for Business" Our ot'liri' iii the (Dili's building; is now oin-n. and wo slinll >f i;l;id )<> ui\'' jiiiy iiit°<>rmntion about our ciMir«cs tbat may !.>• ri'i|iiirrd. Si'i- is in regiird to a business training. \Vc Ki'nU \vc I'an iiilt'i'i'.st yon. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ETC. Ash for catalogue • H. R. LUFKIN, Principal. may Lose; His Head | SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17.— It develops that the police de- lartnii'ii- mi-l ill' 1 sjn'cial <li>feeti\•>•.-. ii'iul' ! if. W. .t Hums, are very .niii-'i it (mi-- ii'. "i' tin- question-; an to v.-!i'T<- u\'l linu II-las ii'ilaine I (lie plstf 1 wlt'i whirl' I" 1 "ml"'] his lite. Burn? who ^eiii-rln'i H-in> in the court room. ;u;iiiifiii. •< ; h:it li" had no secor. \VITI]> •in ;il M,' I'll'.'' :i'nd llu> jail "•ffiri:ih in- eni'.rlv positive that It was tinl Mussi'.l tn iiim lifter he arrived at tin- Sn '.Tin' Ir.-i tills friction heroin" of the Several proini- llie graft prosecution nlnht, which, it is In' If/I to consider the .i.l • i"iuoval of the jiri- William Bk'::y s to matters taken ni"i'tiim have been ni,i.l>- v.-r. though there is a • !>• :in<.;i on I he slile of iii. M ;••>•! tinit It has not !M..->. . i. I'.v the police ili';ia. i Small Ads Inserted in the Califorriian Will Convince You that Publicity Pays P ' FRATERNAL ___ 0. E. No. 266— Bakersfleld bodge .. 266, B. P. O. B. meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Odd Fel- i.,.vV Hall, Cheater e.venue. Visiting :i:-"thren cordially Invited to attend. 1:. itiatlon every other Tuesday. A. Lee, E. H.; C S. Meroney, S. - retary. ~ The Californian classified advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week BOc Five lines, three day» 25c HfVl-.l. - visiliilin nl !'n- i-lit r.'ili'f cl iiolir No hit"! n\:iti"ii I1J> ill Ill Illllllic, h ci l"il ii FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES, A-Tle No. 93, meets every Wedne*- ill-.- evening at 8 o'clock at Eagle i..,rk 19th street. Visiting breth- i -a are cordially Invited to attend. s Sweltzer, W. P.; Jo P. Carroll, -icretary. WANTED iGHTS OF PYT.'IIAS—Kem^Lodge WANTED—Qooa, gentle driving horse weighing 1100 or 1200 pounds. Must I be s^afe and reliable for woman to | drive. Address, S, Bin 4. tf \VANTK!>— One boarder; 1314 K St., KITH. Telephone .Main 1G65. 01 76, meets every Wednesday ev- 1 —-—;,_., rr at S oVIopk In I D O V Hall ' " •* -^ ' '' nleu auu B.iuugs C, all !'i .in.! siii'.' been lr« mp. nnd the best Welrheli. Buy '. Il-AVs !?or»" Wilist- '.v.i.-, a ',.oy HAHPEIl !. " •. Its ?ood enough YO!' too. In short it HARPER from Brit;', •*-*• DEGREE OF HONOR V..ENTINE LODGE, NO. 78, D of H. --M-ets first aud third Fridays In . \: : \i month at A. O. U. W. hall at - ;i ra. Visiting members cordially i: .!!.>.!. Mrs. Doru 1. Cabe. C. of H. v,;-. Ola K. Taylor, Recorder. & tract ing Co. teaches the trades by actual wovk, electricity, plumbing, bricklaying, and pays advanced students wages. Free catalogue. Union School of Trades, 124 East Ninth, Los Angeles, tf C'alii' \\.uit ads.; three days. L'. JU WANTF>D—Experienced help in dress niiikiiii;. KOI.-in & Kelly. Suiic M S.L' aii'l --. (Jrand Hotel. '.'I The Southern Bakersneld's Leading Hotu) Cuisine. Service Unwxcellod MAIL and EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 60 Works Phone, Main 163 BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVATORY Altering ,->nd Repairing Neatly Done. Goods called for and Delivered.* Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth and L Streets, Eakersfleld, Cal. LOST - -S;iiurd;iy evening on Rosf.l;il ro;nl lii'twiM-n BaUersfleld and tin C'. ('. I'i'M'cr rnach, a black If.\tln". hiiiiilliiu; rrmtalnlne; u knitted pnvsi- coverfil \vi(!i Hteel heads, ahout, $.' In niiitii'.v, a hunch of Hochhelnn-r trailiiiL; stamps, and tickets from ti<" Criin Iliii-h Shoe Co. Finrt'er may h;i\' the iii'UK'.v If they will return !))<• liursi- tn Mrs. C. C. Pierce, Bnl«':> TICE LODGE, Nc. 31, A. O. U. W. M.'i-ts every Thursday evening at S P. m., A. O. U. \V. Halt, No. 1628 \:n»teenth street. Visiting men> i ,.;•? c onlially invited. O R. West, M. V,'.; C. W. Curtzwller, Recorder. IMPROVED ORDER OF REDMEN— Tribe. No. 154, permanent .-, ! ::.'-a D''x T^U. Meets every Wedin -lay ;it S p. tn. in the Workman li.t'l, 'Nineteenth street. Visiting mi'iiiU-r.s cordially invited. J. M. llali'-'rfelde, Sachem; John Lewis, C. of R \VANTED-By middle aged lady, position in country as Apply Harvey, 2205 Dakt'rsfield. housekeeper. Palm street, 92 DIXON ©. SON Undertakers, Funeral Directors, Kmbnlmers. Successors to Morton 4. Connolly. T jai j y Attendant. 1414 19th it RED CROSt AMBULANCI. Phone, Night or Day, Main tl. FOR SALE— Horse and buggy. Horso pcnrle and suitable Mr lady nr children. Inquire at 917 Chest fr avenue, telephone Main 775. i 1 -! ODD FELLOWS. KERN LODGE NO. 202, I. O. O. F.— Regular meetings every Saturday evening, 8 o'clock. Every fifth Saturday In a month, soclay night. Sojourning brethren are always welcome at our meetings. T. P. Pin nell, N. O.; J. W. Crosland, secretary. P. O. Box 52. • FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD — Ki.rn Lodge No. 5S, Fraternal Broth- i-rlmod. meets on the flrst and third \V«"lnesday of each month at 8 p. , In K. "of P. hall, in Kern City. H Brown, President; R. G. Lib, Treasurer. IKERN VALLEY CHAPTER, ROYAL 1 ARCH MASONS—Meets every Wed- 1 tK'sday night at 8 p. m. Visiting companions cordially in^ted. E. M. FRIANT, H. P. FOR RELIABLE HELP—Ring ur Main 21?, Buckeye Employmer. 1 Agency, C. C. Scrlbner & Co., pvr prletors. The best of male and f' 1 male help on the shortest possible notice. 12154 10th street. Waltfr.- Howl. BaKerarielcl. O« tf ORDER OF OWLS—BafcersBeld nest No. 172, meets every Tuesday at 8 l>. m., at Maud's hall. Visiting ni-mbers cordially invited. W. S. K''tifro, president; Joe Mackey, sec- CLEARING SALE of monuments, markers, etc., at low prices at B. K. Stone's Marble and Granite Works, ]673 Chester avenue. Phone Main 9C4 Only a few left. Come early. Also spring wagon for sale. 92 WANTED—Room and board for two in location west of Chester avenue. Ring up Main 728, Mrs. Louthain. 93 FOB BALE—flllSOELLANEQUI FOR SALE—furniture for four rooms, In good order; house for rent, if do sired: re«dv to move Into. Inquire at 1119 Beale avenue, Kern. . 92 HIGHEST CASH* PA ID for old raga] sacks, bottles, iron, brass and rop- per, hides and wool. Junk Yard, Twenty-second and M streets. Telephone Main 799. tf FOR SALE—About it)U 'ons of flrst cutting alfalfa; suitable far cattle feed. For particulars esquire at th« Dave Hirshreid. U FOR SALE—Second hand 1 limber TTi good condition; 4, (!, K niiil 12 feet 1 by 12. Telephone Main TiK 91 FOR SALE—Ahout 300 pounds uf mountain Kernville cabbage at :' cents per pound. Square Deal Cash Grocery store. Main 753. 81 BIBLE'S CYCLERY. WANTED—A stenographer. Inquire of II. L. Packard, attorney at law, Korn County Land Company building, tt HAIR CUTTING AND SHAVING— Massaging a specialty. C Z. Gonzales, proprietor. J. C. ConnellJ in attendance. Work guaranteed. 1907 L street. 92 WANTED—By colored- man; odd jobs of any kind; 'leave orders at the Valley Exchange, 2231 Chester ave. or phone Main 318, Bakersfield. 94 SECOND HAND MOTOKC VCLK SALE ,. * : 1 Uacycle $]15.iui 1 Light $12r..«'l 1 R. S $150.IMI Bible's Cyclery. 1*"7 Chester avenue! Phone Main 85" tt' FOR SALE—Span of horses with (ionbie harness; good covered wagon. Also single harness and buggy. inquire at 1219 California avenua or telephone Main 707. 9(5 FOR SALE—One Petaluma Incubator and two brooders. Inquire at 1115 Main street, Kern, or telephone Main 1204. 9* i NOTICE—Have you any live stork j for sale? If so list it, with me m.-l j I will endeavor to find you a buy-v I Am in tonsil with buyers every day. Small commission. R. .1. Rose, nt Kern County Creamery. ' tf PHYSICIANS BAKEESFIELD SANATORIUM 2205-K Street Phone Main 414 The Poultry and Egg Exchange THRONSEN & STALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bakersfield and Kern. Phone Main 593. 11 2115 Q Street W. W. KELLY. 1^1 Real Estate ant Insurance i Room 4, up stairs, corner Nineteenth j Street and Chester Avenue Phone Main 149, Procured In alt Countries. Infringement Litigation. TOWK8END, LYON, HACKLEY 504-7 Merchants' Trust Bldg Log Angeles. Cal. _ . 4 DR. J. L: CARSON. Physician and Surgeon. Otlin.- ar.'l resilience 301-2-3, Produc- .. Savii:-- Rank building. Hours vi,!ii 1" i" 1. a. m.. 2 to4 and 7 to 9 :.'v ;.• ', residence telephone TOW AND SECOND HAND Furniture at A. Lincoln's store. Fourteenth street and Chester avenue A general line of household furnishings always at bend. And at price* smaller than elsewhere In Bakersfield. Phone Main 66R FOR SALE—Try the Imperial self- heating flat Iron. Can use either alcohol or gasoline. Will pay for itself In a short time; five days trial free of charge. Telephone Main <J44. 9G FOR SALE—RK AT. FOR SALE—Ten acres four miles from town; good water right. Part in alfalfa and the rest in fruit an.) berries. A bargain. Suiter & Co. 1920 I street. Main 14;il. '.'2 FOR SALE—17 acres fine garden land, with 1-4 foot of Kern Island water. Small house and other Improvements. Close to Bakersfield. $3500. R. A Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. 93 FOR SALE—Six room house, toilet, baths, etc; stable, lot 34x132, fenced, good location, for only $1200, $300 cash. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins building. 93 LO/JT AND FCUNjj DK. R. B. REES Physician and Surgeon. Rooms LI aud lo, Fish block, over Hughes drug store. Phone Main 364. Patents B. L. MACK, Cashier J. J. MACK, Vice President 8. W. Wible, President G. J. PLANZ, Asst Cashier. BANK OF BAKERSFIEUD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 Resources, One Million Dollars Directors—8. W. Wlble, S. L.Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith, L. Ouggenhime. General Banking, Domestic aForeign Exchange. Letters of Crellt. The offlcera of the Bank will bo glad to give the benefit otr their »ix- perleuco or observation to all ppersous desiring information on matters of business. WELL BORER. J. H. KEEFE Well Borer. Work Guaranteed •:• 2917 Cheater Ave. DR. CHAS. A. DAVIS, Physician and Surgeon Office. Fish block, rooms 11 and 12. OfTico hours 11 to 1L 1 a. m., 2 to 4 p. in., 7 to S p. m. Phones, office, Main 150; residence Main 973. DR. FRED~J. CBEA8E Physician and Surgeon. Hopkins building, northeast corner Chester ave., and 19th at.; rooms 12 and 14, Bakersfield. Office phone Main 247. Res. phone Main 143. Office lours 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4; 7 to 8 p m. LOST—Receipi case. Her! leather cover, contained B. of R. T. receipts ami pictures and other papers. Finder leave at this office. J. J. Cissua, Shawnee, Okla., cut on outside. 93 LOST—Small black cocker spanif! clog. Finder will please notify J. NY. Heard, Oilcenter, Cal., and receive a liberal reward. 94 STRAYED OR STOLEN—One sorrel horse and one gray horse, 3 or 4 years old, unbroken. Sorrel horse has star In forehead. Both branded on loft hip with goat brand. Last seen near Famoso. Notify Dexter Stables. Phone Main 251. Liberal reward. . tf 1<ESSER HIRSHFELD Real Estate and Fin Insurance. Roou 5, Conklin hulldlng.1926 Cheater A»« C. L. Conner, President. R. McDonald, Cashier KERN VALLEY BANK. WE SOLICIT YOUR PATRONAGE 3 tleber'H Code used Bakersfleld, Cal. ROUGH DRY Did You Know Wo will call for your family washing, wash and iron all sheets, towels, slips, counterpanes, etc. starch all pieces that require starching and return to you for only li cents per pound? If you arc in a hurry telephone for us to call Friday morning and have them returned Saturday Give us a trial, Satisfaetionjjuaranteed. Give us a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDRY R, A. MOORE Real Estate and Insurance Room 11, Hopklni Bldg Phone Main 433 Bakertfleld DISSOLUTION OR PARTNERSHIP. Notice Is hereby ^ivi-n that the partnership heretol'iiV" >-xisilng under the firm name of Hrnl'm \- Dwlght, dairymen, has this <l,iv ii.>en dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. Ueiifro will eon- duct the buslni-s. will nfsunie ;i!! firm and will (nl accounts. (Sinne,U All roads lead to 0. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. BEST WORK ALWAYS Phone, Main C66. 1301 Nineteenth 8t - iu the future and .'lits owing by said l! ,-r all outstanding A. L. RENFRO I. O. mVIGHT. Nov. l>, I'.toS. l»4 DELONEGHA :HOT SPRINGS. Most remaruawt) mineral springs n California. An aosotute cure for RHEUMATISM Forty-five miles from BiiKersfleld la ilerra Nevada Mountains. Fine suov ner climate. (!ood accommodations Terma reasonable. Stage leaves Buk< •rafleld Thursday mornings between < and 9 o'clock from Arlington am! Occidental hotels, and from Motropole 'n Kern. Returns Tuesdays. Ad lr«8, BARBEAU & ROQl'ETTE. t Proprietors T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Rooms 212 and 213, Producers Bank building, Bakersfield, Cal. Office phone Main 220; residence, Main 6SG. DR. L. M. CAIN Physician and Surgeon. IMcKittrick, Cal. Office and residence, Littl<- Hotel. LOST—Round gold locket, "Gibson Olrl" head, diamond In hair; picture In locket. Lost in Santa Fe yard. Return to O. G. Vary, 2117 F street and receive reward. 95 LOST—In or near Redllck's store, a registered letter addressed to Mrs Gertrude Fredricks and bearing postmark Acton, California. Had been opened. Finder will please leave same at this office. 94 FOR SALE on KXfHANfiE—Ten acres improved pi''i;:ei ty, t'.vo mills' south of tovn. under Ke:"i Nliuid liitcii. for either tmvn •!:••>;>"!•:;•• rr unimproved ranch property. Inii':::'? of H. L. Staley at county jail. t£ TEN* ACRES, 150 CASn—Rilance $t per month. Price $'!'< per acre. No taxes, no interest. No risk. ProfHj certain. Located halt' mile from R. R. station, six niile.-i from Bakeio- field. Land level. Xo haMpan or alkali. Orange, fruit, and ''ine lam!, bearing orange orchards nenr. Frultd ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, and land advancing. $100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expires. Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right to., raise price of land without notice ra served. SUNSET REALTY CO.. Fresno, Cal. *' FOR SALE—I have listed with me for sale several lots of milk cows of from 10 to 90 head. Also other stock. For information call on ma at Kern County Creamery. R. J. Rose. *' DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Office hours: 11 to 12 a. m.; « to 4 and 7:30 p. m. Office and residence, Main 210. Rooms 207, 208 and 215, Producers Bank building. DR. A. P. SOHAPER Phyalolan and Surgeon. Office, rooms 1. 2. ?,, and 4, Oil and Stock Exchange building. Office hours from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays by appointments only. LOST—Last Sunday, between Bakersfield and a point one mile west of the Tom Wells residence, girls cloak of gray and blue mixed gools with velvet cuffs and collar. Finder will please leave same at Dr. Victor's office and receive reward. tt FOR SALE—One Colyumbus cut surrey. Now, rubber-tired. O/ box 37, Bakersfleld. Apply P. tf FOR SALE OR RENT—Falrvlew ranch, containing lt>0 acres, near Rosedale. All tinder cultivation, good water right from the Calloway ' canal. John A. Fry, 902 Chester avenue, corner of 9th street, Bak- ersfleld. 101 JAPANESE AND CHINESE LABOR Bureau, first class help furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Ranch hands and laborers furnished on short notice, day or contract A. S. Takayama, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. DR. F. W. MITCHELL Physician and Surgeon. Office, rooms 305 and SOfi, Producers Bank building.; Office hours from 11 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. ni. Telephone Main 6S2. Res. Main 612. DOCTOR FOWLER Physician and Surgeon Office and Private Hospital, rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 aud 6, Hopkins Building. Special attention to diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours, 10 n. m. to li m.; 2 to 4 p. m. Phone Main 249. ATTORNEYS i n<5T_On Union avenue, n sorrel colt FURNISHED ROOMS—Single or In with white mane and tail; bald face; branded "J. T." on loft hip, low down Finder will please leave word at 2324 N street, Bakersfleld. 96 FOUND—In Bakerafleld Thursday evening, a purse containing coin and other articles. .). M. Mclutosli; telephone Black 1S85. 93 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Four moms, either furnished or unfurnished, suitable tot' housekeeping - N<> email children j Wanted. Inquire at 920 Sixth street. 96 EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES When you want reliable help of nny kind call up THE'BAKERSFIELD EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. E. L. FOSTER Attorney-at-Law Room CO, Bank of Bakersfield building. T('• -phone Main 240. and GEO. PLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law No'ary Public. Office, Stoner We also employ Chinese Japanese help. aiuv 1219 19th St. building, corner Chester avenue and 17th street. Telephone Main 67. TH08. 800TT Attorney and Counselor at Law FOR RENT—lliinch of 160 acres, convenient to Bakersfleld; rent practically free; well fenced; house, barn, wilier, fruit. Desire to give pern- Ki'sslon at once. Address John i Carden, Famoso, Cal. 96 housekeeping suites, with gas ami electric liehts. Hot nn<1 co!d baths and use of telephone free. The Willow. 1223% 19th street. E. L. Willow, proprietor. tf DRESSMAKING and all kinds of sewing at the Willow, Room B. Mrs. Russell in charge. Prices reasonable. Also a full line of millinery. White felt hats cleaned. 93 FURNITURlfBOUGHT~AND SOLD WINTERS, BRIDGES. SIMPSON CO., 1800 K street, phone Main 134; new and second hand furniture bought and sold; houses furnished on easv Installments; furniture rented monthly; special grnnlteware nn'* kitchen utrmstls. 25c. tf PASTURAGE—1 wo miles from town, for horaes or cattle; good feed, shade and running water the year around. Telephone Main 135. tf Phone Main 313 Offlo* ow the Baa* of Bakentald FOR RENT—Eighty acres of alfalfa and grain land with water right, work horses and farming Implements. Inquire at 1708 Truxtun avenue. W FOR RENT—First-class room In good location. Ono block from Santa Fe Station. 1826 16tU street tf B. J. CURNOW, well borer (formerly of the firm of Ournow & Keefe) artesian and surface wells. Tanks built and put up. Address Bakersfield R. F. D. No. 2. Phone Farmers 181. tf HAVE YOUR HOUSE CLEANED— Carpets cleaned, remodeled and laid Mattresses made over and returned the same day. Your old furniture re-glued and made like new. Upholstering In all of Its branches. All work guaranteed by A. C. Crowell. 306 K at: telephone Main 398. tf

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