The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 2, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1971
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1971 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE THS Band — Tipton High School Band Director Thomas Polley leading the School band during halftime intermission of a Tipton Basketball game, shortly after the new uniforms arrived and were issued to the band members. The action took place on the school gym stage and a few of the members could hot be squeezed into the photo. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) LEN HELP US! Previews —'.' —by Helen Bottel— ^J4e 6 Scoicli^y4Lout^J4ii Scotch Dear Helen: " ^ You think you know everything about tlie girl you married and then....I came home last night to find my wife's wedding and engagement rings soaking in almost a half - jigger of my best Scotch! Whisky, she says, is a great cleaner for diamonds, and Scotch being most expensivewell nothing but the best for the rings I gave my bride, What do you call this, Helen? — DENNB Dear Dennis: N " Scotch on the rocks, what else? ; Be glad your bridehasn'treadsomewherethatbooze is superior for washing down walls. ...... And tell her diluted ammonia is less risky than whisky, husbandwise. — H. Dear Helen: Our daughter says it's going around school that peanut butter and butter sandwiches are aphrodisiac. (Something about mixing the two.) She heard it in her sex education class, though not from the teacher. Could this have a grain of truth? — ALL THOSE YEARS OF PEANUT BUTTER Dear All: \ ...Not even a speck! Nor is it true about mandrake root, sea foods, ground up tiger claws, or snail heads in spicy sauce. (Ah, sex education classes — they DO make life interesting for parents.) — H. Dear Helen: I.have.been married to a sweet, Christian wife for 20 years. This has left me kind of alone because I am not saved. So I went out alot, tough it was never serious. That is, until I met this 24- year -fold girl two years ago. I found out she had three children, but only one of them was her husband's. You see, she'd been separated several times, and each time some guy came along, fooled her and left her. with a baby. j made up-my mind I would prove to her that airmen were not alike, so I bought her clothes and treated her like a princess. Also paid her rent when she couldn't manage it. Then she got a call from her sister in Cleveland: Sickness in the family. I paid for her plane ticket and got new luggage for her. Soon she wrote that she'd cashed in the other half of titer- ticket and spent the money to live on, and ''Please help, as I have no one else to turn to." I sent her all the money I had and she wrote back saying she must be falling in love with me. So I sent her fare to come home the next week, and everything went fine — until she announced she was going back to her husband who now had a good job. That didn't last long, and since I was still crazy about her, I went back to supporting two families. I should say here that this girl is the helpless, dreamy, kind of withdrawn type that worries you when she isn't happy. So i sent her to Cleveland to help her morale. I gave her $400 and she swore she'd always be true to me. Her next letter said she was tired of her old life and it was all over between us. I now haven't heard from her in two months. Her children are farmed out to relatives here and they won't or can't tell me anything. Helen, please teil a fool in love what to do? — F.P. Dear F.: .... Get smart! Look, friend, you were took, and took plenty. If your sweet, patient wife will have you, crawl back to her and try to make up for ;all those years of FOOLING around. — H. This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let.Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of the TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Silver Belles Club Silver Belles Extension Homemakers Club will meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Martha Baird. The project lesson, "Indoor-Outdoor Carpeting" will be presented by Mrs. Glen Lightfoot and Mrs. Martha Baird. Tipton Union of WCTU r Mrs. Hattie Thompson, 209 West Jefferson street, will entertain members of Tiptqn Union of WCTU at her home at 2 p.m. Thursday. Miss Dorothy Bunch will give devotions. All members are urged to be present. Friendship Circle Friendship Circle of Normanda Christian Church will meet Wednesday evening at the church with. Mrs. Veradean Nash and Mrs. Wiladean Dawson as hostesses. Legion Auxiliary American Legion Auxiliary will have a pitch-in supper at the Legion Hall at 6 p.m. Thursday. . Willing Workers Conduct Meeting By Mrs. Eugene Kirby TETERSBURG —Willing Workers of Tetersburg Christian Church were entertained Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Jerry Dell, Goldsmith. Mrs. Olive.Bauer was assisting hostess. . Mrs. Basil Teter, president, opened the meeting by reading appropriate poems.' For devotions, Mrs. Bauer read scripture - Epnesians 6:11-15. Plans were made to have a Chili Supper at the church on Satur-j day, February 20at5:30p.m;ltj was also decided to have a community sale on the, church lawn>; March 6 and plans were discuss-* ed. <"Chrch Advance" was the >' subject of the lesson presented;; by Mrs. Jerry Dell. Refreshments were served during the social hour to Mesdames Robert Cole, William Bath Basil Teter, Matie Smith, Julian Boyer, Paul Duncan, Ottis Bilby, Sally Teter, Guy Horton, and Olive Bauer. The February meeting will be in the home of Mrs. SaUy Teter „ with Mrs. William Bath and Mrs; Velma Hinkle as assisting hostesses, v ' yo ©§tori<a is the glamour of entertaining beautifully Shimmering crystal. Glimmering elegance. Ah, yes-^ but more* much more, this fabulous Fostorla! It is a proud possession. A clear statement of your taste. And then—it has^lalr. Make your selection at Earl G. Rhodes 106so. Mam Jewelry Women's Council Women's Council of Windfall Christian Church will meet Wednesday at 7;30 p.m. at the church with Mrs. Joseph Horner and Mrs. Harold Johnson as the program leaders. Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson, president, will conduct the meeting and Mesdames Eddief Nash, Harry Yundt, and Lettie Foreman will be hostesses.' To rejuvenate sleds; remove rust from runners with steel wool. Wash away the.- residue with hot-suds. • Then, for speed on the slopes, rub' the runners with slightly dampened soap and re -coat them the same way before the next snowfall. Mrs. Me/son Hostess For Homecraft Club Homecraft Extension Homemakers .Club met at the home of Mrs. James Melson. Mrs. Don Clouser, vice president; conducted the business meeting which was opened by the group singing the song of the month, "The More We Get Together." Devotions were given by Mrs. Frank Ackels using as her subject, "Forward, Day by Day" and she also led in prayer. Mrs. Lloyd Brinson led the - group in repeating the flag salute and club creed. The secretary's report and roll call were given by Mrs. Chester Powell. The project.lesson on "Use oi the Blender" was given by Mrs. Don Hinds and Mrs. James Melson. They demonstrated several recipes. The door prize was received by Mrs. Lloyd Brinson. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Chester Powell. "He Leadeth Me" was the title of the song sung by the group at the close of the meeting. Attending the meeting were guests, Miss Lisa Terwilliger, Lana Kiefer and members Mesdames Loyd Brinson, Leroy Burkett, James Parr, Don Hinds, Don Clouser, Alton Terwilliger, Robert Terwilliger, Chester Po r well, Frank Ackels and Bert Ellison. . • FROSTING TINTS ReTOUCHING BLEACH VIRGIN BLEACH see 20% off KIMRITZ of Betty Jo's 778 W. Madison Kenneth Lloyd Watson HI This is Kenneth Lloyd Watson m, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Watson H of Dodge City, Kan. He was one year old on December 31. They all live about a block from Boat Hill Cemetery and close to the old western part of town which has been preserved. . I • Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ogden, 810 Maple Street and Mr. and Mrs. James London, 726 Maple Street. Great grandmother is Mrs. Violet Rose. Mrs. Zack Sullivan Entertains For Jolly Stitchers Club By Mrs. Eugene Kirby LITTLE NEW YORK —Kemp ton Jolly Stitchers Club was entertained Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Zack Sullivan. Gaines were enjoyed during the afternoon and several prizes were awarded. Mrs. Bethel Ricketts received the attendancepri- ze. ; Refreshments were served to _ Mrs. Larue Wallace, Mrs. Bethel Ricketts, Sheridan; Mrs.GuyOrr Tipton; Mesdames Charles McMullan, Ralph McMullan, Angelo Freeman, Mary Burget, and Miss Catherine Stuart/Kempton. . i - • The time for the next meeting has been changed and will be February 18 in the home of Mrs. i Wallace. ... Weekend Guests By Mrs, Ted Barrett WINDFALL — Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wallen and family were weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Flowers and family, near Albany, Ky.Mr. Flowers who has been seriously ill the past week, is slowly recovering. Honored Guests j LITTLE NEW YORK — Dane and Cecilia Hastings were honored guests for a miscellaneous shower Thursday evening at Hills. Baptist Church. The room anil tables were decorated for.the occasion. " | Persons in charge were Mesdames Oscar Butcher, William Glunt and Delors Habegger. j - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shockney, Anderson were recent guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Shockney and his aunt. Miss Edna Brankle. Mrs. Chester Frazier was a weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Dorothy. Williams and family. New Albany. ome Sewing Home sewing is "in" again. You'U find everyone, teenagers to matrons, fighting inflatioj} by' stitching away on skirts, blouses, dresses and children's clothing. Fashion helps the trend with its "anything goes" attitude. Taking a hint from professional dressmakers, women who sew at home keep their iron and ironing board handy to give a professional look to eased-in sleeves and seaming details. The modern ironing aid, is ideal; for home sewing because it can be used on all. fabrics, from cottons, linens and woolens to manmade fibers, without a worry about scorching, yellowing or flaking. . Now there's a new way to. sew, to mend and add individuality to home projects. It's a ['ao stitch" sewing, alldonewith your iron and new iron-on ap­ pliques you can find in notions departments and variety stores. With iron-on appliques yoiii can do practical things like patch a pair of worn jeans, or reinforce buttons. Or you can do pretty things like marching a row of cut-outs across the front of a child's dress or add a bold border to hide a let-down hem-line. Most of these iron-on appli­ ques are easy to use. Pre-heat your iron, then iron garment area where the patch is to be applied. : Next, place patch on garment, hold iron on for a few seconds. Then iron all around edge of patch to complete the seal. Couldn't be easier. Makes ironing fun, too. '. Iron-on appliques are really a bit of magic to make home sewing and mending more fun. ' TUESDAY Phi Beta Psi Associate Chapter - 7:30 p.m„ Mrs. Herbert Michel, 315 West Madison St. J Double Dozen Club - 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Frank Bell, 808 Mill Street . Phi Beta Psi Sorority - 7:30 p.m„ Mrs. Gerald Thompson, 808 North Independence street WEDNESDAY Women's Association - 1:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Church Country TOPS - 9:30 a.m., GAR Room Redi-Maids Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Russell Sottong, route 5 Yerus Cordis Sorority - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Thomas Mason, 230 West South Street Friendship Circle - Normanda Christian Church Women's Council - 7:30 p.m. : Windfall Christian Church 'THURSDAY' Silver Belles Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Martha Baird Tipton Union of WCTU - 2 p.m., Mrs. Hattie Thompson, 209 West Jefferson street American Legion Auxiliary - 6 p.m„ Legion Hall Goldsmith WSCS - 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Mabel Park, Goldsmith Present Day Club - 2:15 p.mi, , Mrs. Florence C. Smith '. ! • Weight Away TOPS - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room of courthouse Neil Cline underwent a ton- silectomy and is getting along satisfactorily. . . i Pvt. Charles Snodgrass, who has been serving in Vietnam, has received his army discharge. H% is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snodgrass. - , ' •'< Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams and family of Indianapolis were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Biddle. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johnson entertained with a party Thursday night for members of Fellowship Class of Hills Baptist Church. Following a social evening, refreshments were served to Messers and Mesdames Eugene Bonecutter, John Friend,'Milton Butcher, and Lloyd Mathews. Dunbar Extension Homemakers Club will meet Wednesday a 1:30 p.m:'at the home of Marilyn Ieonard. j Angelo Freeman, Arnold Hawkins, George Harlow and Bob Wilson attended the Midget Races recently at Fort Wayne. Mrs. Angelo Freeman and Mrs. Mary Lawrence were guests of Mrs. Lela Cloud, Elwood. Handy Hands ' ' - I . • .• ' 1 Circle Has All Day Meeting By Mrs. Ted Barrett |.-. WINDFALL — Handy Hands Circle of Windfall Christian Church met Thursday at the church for an all day meeting. Hostesses for the day were Mrs. Emmett Simmons and Mrs. Ola Dean. A carry-in dinner was served at . the noon hour with Rev. Jerry Williams, pastor, offering prayer.: Mrs. Jackie Miller, circle chairman, was in charge of the afternoon meeting. Devotions were given by Mrs. Albert Johnson and she followed with prayer. 3 The afternoon was spent in quilting and sewing. The meeting was dismissed with prayer. Eighteen members were present. Cooking Tip for broccoli- it's in excellent supply at top qua- • . lity in the market now. When preparing broccoli, trim off a slice from the bottom part of the stalk, then cut lengthwise slits up the stem almost to the flowerets. This will enable the vegetable to cook more evenly. Unless this' is done, the delicate; flowerets tend to get cooked tender ahead of the stem. If you want to make a very special event of serving this very special vegetable, make some Hollandaise to crown a dish of fresh broccoli at your table. A marvellous treat! So is broccoli sauced simply with butter or margarine. And have you made Broccoli Soup? It's creamy, and delicious. Basic white sauce is the foundation, plus pureed, cooked broccoli, and a judicious choice of spice or herb. Nutmeg is excellent. Instead of liuving three different creams or lotions for skin softness, makeup removal, and face cleansing, try bab\« lotion or oil. or even mineral . oil for all three. . Ample Onions is the cheery market message. High quality dry onions are attractively priced at the supermarket. How shall you use them? How about a savory beef stew, elegant French onion soup, fragrant poultry stuffing made with onions and sage, French fried onion rings to garnish hamburger or steak, and scalloped potatoes layered; with onion. Salad Change of Pace is pears—fresh pears that are in the market now. Leave the peel on, but quarter the pear, removing the core, and serve it on your favorite green with a creamy dressing. In the early eighteenthe century, a Belgian priest who raised pears called them the "butter fruit". It's Avocado TImeJ Such wondrous supplies of avocados are at market, it's enough to make a gourmet glad to be alive. Do you to keep this food from darkening, once it has been cut? Two methods will do it. One is to sprinkle the cut fruit with fresh lemon juice. The other is to wrap the cut half in plastic wrap, being sure that it is pressed tight against the surface so that all air is excluded. you QijjUcmJL Tlx Most Famous lasket in »(World It's time to call your, Welcome Wagon hostess. Phone 675-4498 J Page-3 life is Worth Living Yea, I Power of Love have loved thee with an everlasting ^ve; therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. (Jer. 31:3) Love lis rooted in the very personality of God and no thought about God can be adequate that does not take into account this boundless . love. We see God's, love rnairifested in his long^en- durane'ejand patience with mankind, we experience the magnitude of His love as we see Christ on the Cross. Love is filled v ith power unlimited as it flows down from the heart of God, through the Cross and into our very be ngs. It is in this love that our response rises to give love to our fellown an. We can not love God and have dislike for those around us. Love is giving of ourselves in service to others. It .is sacrificing inordef to know the true joy of living a life filled with peace. . The power of God's love is unlimited ... it increases as we re­ spond allowing it to permeate our souls. When we know the real meaning of God's love and experience the power therein, everything else in our lives seem to. blend into perfect harmony. The power of love is capable of taking us beyond ourselves into a deep penetrating commitment that passes all understand ing. It's compelling force urges us on to live according to God's divine plan for our lives. As we experience this great love, all fears are unshackled for we know that God cares and understands our hearts. He will keep us close and secure in the hollow, of His hand where there is no separation. It is in the knowledge that God does care and walks daily by our side that we are able to walk with confidence. For all things work together for good to those that love God. His ultimate plan will be fulfilled as we wait with pa-" tience upon Him to reveal that which lies ahead. .' , - windfall For Calorie Counters: Fruit Cocktail Molded Salad Culorie-eounting can be fruitful—particularly if you serve this delicious Fruit Cocktail Molded Salad. Not only will it help you keep away extra pounds', but it will give your entertaining a lift, too: Calorie-conscious friends will be happy to enjoy it with you. i One of the reasons why this salad is such a dieter's delight is the new calories xeduced fruit cocktail in it. The fruit is packed in a lb v sugar syrup to give it natural flavor that is very-like the flav 'i >r of fresh fruit. ' * * ~" Fruit Cucktaif Molded Salad 1 can (16 oz.J -2 envelopes (1*4 oz. pkg.) . reduced fruit low calorie lemon gelatin -cocktail j ' . x k cup low calorie mayonnaise ljx>w calorie gingerale, 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten about 2 cups . % cup flaked coconut ; " Lettuce leaves jrain syrup from fruit cocktail. Measure syrup and add enough gingerale to make 3 cups. Heat 1 cup of the syrup until boiling. Stir] in. lemon \gelatin until dissolved. Stir in remaining syrup. Beat in mayonnaise until smooth. Chill until slightly thickened. Fold in fruit cocktail, beaten egg whites and coconut. Pour mixture into 1 Ms quart mold. Chill until firm. To unmold, dip mold intol lukewarm-water. Tap to loosen and invert on a platter. Serve garnished with, lettuce leaves. Makes 8 servings. Calories per serving: ' Using . glories reduced fruit aitdj low calories products, 81. Using regular products. 259. | For a quick jPeach Yogurt Shake, combine 1 can (16 oz.) reduced ..peaches. chilled.; 1 cup Ci pint) plain yogurt, chilled, •£ teaspoon cinnamon.teaspoon nutmeg and 1 cup slum milk, chilled. Whirl in a blender until smooth. Serve at c nee in -6 tall glasses. Calories per serving: 74. Pfour 'boiling water over cooking apples; just before they are peeled. Less of the apple willfbe remove^! with the skin. Run the sewing machine needle through steel wool a few times if it has been catching on fine fabrics. PATTERN EXPERT HERE! Far tht past JUT Mr. Xllllu* has tramled Uvougbont the comtry conducting pattern titt­ le J classts tiat bars I»!ped thousands of women overcome tttt difficult problem of mik­ ing dress patterns fit. Mis amailngfy simple method vblch combines the last pattern fitting techniques of Eorope eoi Asia, his proves to be a valuable addition to High Schools and Universities. .tn bis classes | Mr. Kllilane demonstrates bow store' patterns can be altered to fit, HJm anyone can draft their own patterns la just • few minutes with proper fit, using only twjajneasarements, tor men. women and child- He concludes by teaching the basic fundamentals of dress designing as used by garment manufacturers, to enable the home measurements to copy any style, regardless of price. Mr. Killiane's metltod requires no math or previous training, and can be mastered by beginning with a Uttle practice. For any woman who has felt the disappointment of garments that will not finished or ones she would not wear, attending one of three classes dairy will prove beneficial. All classes are Identical and last SO MWUTES STARTING PROMPTLY AT 10 A.M., 1 PJI. and 7;30 PJJ.' Wednesday-Thursday Feb. 3-4 HOLIDAY INN j 2040 South Reed Street KOKOMO, INDIANA DEMO FEE $3 HUSBANDS ADMITTED FREE $1.00 Discount with this ad Clip and save remember time and date] VALUABLE GIFT TO ALL WHO ATTEND

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