Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 3, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
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Monday, February 3, 1964
Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts 2 - Monday, Feb. 3,1964 Legislature convenes to Space scientists • . _. , , ^ ^ _ .... . f | seek to pinpoint t£2T tackle $3.6 billion budget | cause of failure nmonrlmonl SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The,House, said "The governor says ( program in the 1963 Legislature.; PASADENA. Calif. (UPI) — OmenamenT 1%4 LegisIature convened „ I ncw taxes but we fmd I Brown announced Sunday hejD "fW «Jit«l space scientists The Los Times wen^on .today to hear Gov. Ed-! selves M ^ tax proposals. | ^^^'TheSlrjafon SX^ttoM* Nationwide manhunt on for gunman-forger ... . , , . ., e Imund G. Broun propose a $3.6., on editorial record in its Sun.! bj)lion s(ate (nat prom Jr day edition as supporting the; ised tax cuts an d a California initiative amendment to nullify war on poverty. The election year program in­ dent think we should tinker j — ' t Ws ye'ar." Other-:Ranger-6 spacecraft in its mis with the tax program." L. jse the lawmakers would be slon t0 capture the first close- Brown proposed the tax re-|limited to action on the budget. U P television pictures of the ductions for 1.1 million wage creased current spending by six; carners through a new method per cent and aimed at main-| of claiming state income tax detaining Brown's earlier pledge;ductions. of '"no new taxes." I Brown's war on poverty ap- The budget, covering fiscal!peared in a statement that 1964-65. once again set a record!echoed President Lyndon B. the Rumford Act — the state's fair housing law. The Times editorial asserted that the Rumford Act perils "man's ancient right. . . of using and disposing of his private property in whatever manner he deems appropriate." It stated further. "The philosophical fal-U lacy of the Rumford Act, unhap- 1 Legislature s Republican minor-! -Broadly speaking, our para pilv. lies in seeking to correcti lty ' whlch coul ? sta " the Amount task is to extend the ben .such a social evil while simul .jjg 8 p3Ssage by V ° Ung 35 3 tancouslv destroving what we C- deem a basic right in a free Assemblyman Charles Conrad Brown's list of matters he moon said can't wait until the general The last-minute malfunction session next year included Long that came just before the Beach offshore oil revenues, in- Ranger-6 destroyed itself by come tax relief, a county-wide crashing on the moon early school tax, and new branches,Sunday came as a bitter climax of state government for housing to a flight that had been rated for state spending and immedi- Johnson. The governor told the)and for economic development, perfect otherwise. ately drew criticism from the|lawmakers: Legislature's Republican minor- LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A massive nationwide manhunt was underway today for the suspected killer of two policemen who were shot down in a crowded department store as they questioned the suspect j about a check he and a woman | companion were trying to cash. A third police officer and a store clerk were wounded in the Saturday night shooting at a Sears, Roebuck and Co. in the Wilshire District. Object of the manhunt was Leaman Russell Smith, 33. a convicted check forger who used a number of aliases. His Proposed park program to cost $15.8 million SACRAMENTO (UPI) — A parks and recreation program costing S15.8 million—with cm- The list also included bill- "It was a sad finish to some-| re d.h a i re< i companion. Mrs .Bar i- • ...,„..:, e ^i^^; nc 'thinf that wac fninc so «wvt " II.- TI..,L . , efits of prosperous California to the hundreds of thousands still boards, rapid transit, salaries.:thing that was going so good, county reaportionment. Bald- i commented Dr. William Picker- win Hills flood payments, and ling, head of the California In- bond issues for construction and stitute of Technology's Jet Pro denied full participation in our!schools. societv. Braille Inst, founder ipulsion Laboratory (JPL) here of Sherman Oaks, GOP floor abundance." I i nc0 mc tax-Brown himself'"; hich tracked and guided i leader in the Lower House, im-j He said that he would explain I urged income tax relief f or " an S«"-6 °" its space mission, i mediately challenged Brown's .further before the lawmakers! more than one million low in-: The failure of a battery of six :"no new tax" pledge. He said ended their 30 working - daysicome earners. The $2.75 million television cameras to obey re- ithat there were new taxes in :ses sion, but added that "thisicost would be nearly balanced peated early commands re- by tightening a $2.5 million loop-Reived and verified by the COLONIAL DAMES HYPO - AILERGIHIC HAND CREAM & BODY LOTION SCIENTIFICALLY IMPROVED hole in the insurance tax laws.spacecraft during the final 10 School tax — Brown again!minutes of flight spoiled the urged passage of a countywide P lan for a close-up look at the which moon's terrain — a pioneering!apparently masterminded by s 'Smith were arrested Sunday. They are Donald Castncr, 30, LOS ANGELcS (LPI) — J. [he I)r0 g ram> on mS urance com- budget already marks a start." Robert Atkinson, founder of thc, panies and ]oca i scnool districts. Rrnu _ nrnnnc „, , n , n( . roac „ Braille Institute of America, 1 and that the governor had mere-i ? proposed to increase died Saturriav He «is 7fi • • . !> U • ;current spending by $209 milled Saturday He «« ,6. ;l.v delayed still h.gher levies un-', ion Mos | of , hc nc „. . funeral services will be con- til after the election. , () , Q ^unlum, social: ^al property tax under „„.... ---~ - , """Smith ducted Thursday at tne Church, One Democratic leader ^welfare and <alarv increases al- lr >c hcr school districts would step toward sending astronauts |:5m " n of the Recessional in Forest announced displeasure. Sen.> readv aproved f or statc em .!hel oorcr ones. It would raised the lunar body Lawn Memorial Park, Glen-!Hugh Burns. D - Fresno. Presi-j pIoy( ; s (about $28 million in ncw money. 1 Ranger-6 began its ill-fated ( ' allf - 'dent Pro Tern of the Upper f 0 moct , he increase without l Billboards-Brown called for flight Thursday morning from taxes. Brown depended partly a ban on billboards along state Cape Kennedy. Fla., and all on passage of the President's,highways. l natl Sone according to plan un• tax-cut bill. This, he hoped.j Housing—The governor asked!'' 1 those last 10 minutes, 'would stimulate consumer:for a new state Department of There was a spectacular j spending and corporate invest-] Housing and Community Dcvcl-; bull's-eye landing on the moon iment. thereby increasing state] opment, to concentrate mainly following a flight through space j revenues. :on low cost housing for farm! that had gone exactly as expect| Also, he used $140 million in, workers. icd. But the main goal of the ;surpluses from last fiscal year.! Rapid Transit—Brown said he!picture-taking mission had to be I about half of which resulted! hoped for steps to develop raid declared a failure, jfrom passage of his tax reform transit systems for Los Angeles, Ranger-7, an identical photo, mission, is planned for the lat bara Ruth Walker, surrendered in the store without attempting to flee. Arresting officers said Mrs. Walker had a 25-caliber pistol in her purse, along with five California driver's licenses—all apparently under fictitious names. She was booked on suspicion of murder. Two men that authorities suspected of being accomplices of Smith in what they said was an elaborate bogus check ring identified as a former prison­ mate of Smith's; and Dennis H. Anderson. 21. Killed in t h e gunfight were Sgt. Charles Paul Monaghan. 37. and officer Robert M. Endler, 37. Policeman Endel Jurman. Phasis on better maintenance. 27, and part-time clerk Stephen new facilities and expansion of S. Suzuki, 55, were the men in- the Hearst Castle tour—was procured, posed today by Gov. Edmund Officer Jurman recalled at G. Brown for • the next fiscal Central Receiving Hospital where he was taken for treatment of bullet wounds in the chest and arm that he and the other officers—all dressed in plain clothes — were questioning the suspect about a $167.49 check he and the woman were trying to cash. Jurmen said Smith asked them: "Are you policemen?" and then opened fire. Monaghan was shot through the head and heart. The officers had been summoned to question the suspects after cashier Sandra Balsimo questioned the validity of a driver's license given her as identification for cashing the check. Smith had been released from a Kansas prison only last October. Officers said he had taken a "rehabilitation" course in lith ography while in prison. 260,000 students in New York school boycott • Normalize chapped and roughened skin » fcr hand and body beauty care • Aids that soft and lovely look • Vanishing and non-sticky! UMITB TIME! mum am Paul Hollum E. State Jerry Hoislip Redlands -"so different!' OUR Valentines Are Guaranteed to get Results! • Cuitomer Forking Validated • Yog May Park in Fronf 221 East State Helen Vawter Acrow from Security a»nk Jessie Vavrter er part of the month—probably 'Feb. 28— as the second of four such photo flights authorized. San Mateo and Marin Counties. Salaries — The proposal would raise salaries for judges. state!i am i SO n "personally and crim (Continued from Page 1) of all major civil rights groups, declared it would be non-violent. The Rev. Milton A. Galamison, one of the organizers warned however that "outsiders" might deliberately pro voke trouble. Board of Education President James B. Donovan branded the boycott as "lawless" and warned that if one child, white or Negro, is injured he intended to do his utmost to hold Ga- department heads and other high ranking officials, but not the governor. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. f or. ;MO N DAY 9 TU ES DAY & WED N ES DAY COOK'S LEAN BRISKET CUT U.S.P.A. CHOICE GRADE "~ "~ ANY THICKNESS BONELESS ROUND STEAK 79%, ROUND inally responsible Other developments: Cleveland, Ohio: Alleged de facto segregation sparked protests where plans were laid to picket the city Board of Education offices today. Chapel Hill, N.C.: About 250 Negroes staged a silent march and rally here Sunday night to I protest restaurant segregation. i A short time later 39 persons iwere arrested during a sit-in. | Atlanta: James Forman of the Student Non-Violent Coordj nating Committee (SNCC) said his followers plan to continue their demonstrations against segregated restaurants despite a moratorium on protests agreed to by some leaders in the Negro community. Tuutkegee, Ala.: Doors to Tuskegee High School were closed today to 12 Negro students who entered the previously all-white school last fall under a court order. The state Board of Education ordered the school closed on the ground that it was too expensive to operate! for only 12 students. The entire white student body has boycotted the school and is attending classes in neighboring communities. Milwaukee, Wis.: Civil right* groups plan demonstrations tt- day to protest de facto segregation in city schools. We, the Women U.S.D.A. CHOICE RUMP ROAST BONELESS RUMP 79c lb. BONE IN FRESH SLICED BEEF LIVER 69 49 SUPER RIGHT c lb ALL-SAF SAFFLOWER (3c OFF) FRANKFURTERS EXTRA LEAN GROUND ROUND 19 ALL MEAT Mb. Pkg. DOLE—Crushed, Sliced, Tidbit or Chunk PINEAPPLE 1 *^ 33< COOKIES 7»S ,! ft23< Luzianne Coffee 73 I" Metrecal All Flavors 6-count $ 8-oz. cans Large Navel ORANGES aft A&P BRAND 0RAPEFRUIT JUICE MEL-O-BIT PROCESSED CHEESE SLICES Amer., aB ^R^ or Swiss HL^ffll L I Farm Fresh Prices Effective Monday, Tiesday 1> Wednesday. Feb. 3. 4 & 5 320 Redlands Blvd. 'Taxable i/emi tubjtct fo tax — Open Sunday THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, HC. *A*P15 u P er M ar ' cets .^SSfc 8 - , IMIICA'S otPOtDuu rooo MutaujtT ma usi tf«« Chip Stomps give* on ad Hems eicepf alcoholic bewaqiu tobacco products, fluid milk and cream. By RUTH MILLETT. It's too bad Sybil Burton finally gave in and divorced Rich- jard Burton, leaving him tree to mary Elizabeth Taylor. A lot of wives admired the stand Mrs. Burton took originally and held onto for a long time — that she intended to "wait out" the much publicized romance, instead of rushing into court for a divorce. i Mrs. Burton — in the minds of many women — was just keeping her head in keeping her rightful title, "Mrs. Richard Burton." They figured that at last Hollywood's most publicized husband - borrower had met her match in a wife who was determined that the "other woman" would have to remain exactly that — the other woman. But Mrs. Burton called it quits, and thereby let down a lot of women who were proud] of her for taking the stand that a wife and mother doesn't have to turn over her husband to any woman who comes along and decides she wants him. The irony of it all was that one story of the divorce bagan "Sybil Burton, the other woman in the Richard Burton-Eliza beth Taylor affair. . ." In such a situation the wife is NOT the other woman. She is the one woman with a lifetime claim on a man. It looked for a while that Sybil Burton was going to hold onto her claim. It's too bad she didn't. It's too bad that like so many wives in a similar — though less public triangle, Mrs. Burton finally cleared the way for the "other woman" to get exact ly what she set out to get. As long as wives allow themselves to be pushed around in such fashion, there are always going to be plenty of "other" women to do the pushing. High winds hit Southern California year. By far the largest chunk. SH million, was earmarked for the Division of Beaches and "?arks— S6 million of it for construction and acquisition. The other three divisions of the department fared like this: Small Craft Harbors, $607,125; Recreation, $118,150 and Administration, Si million. The cost of operating the department was pegged at $9.8 million, up about 7.6 per cent. But the construction budget was down considerably, from $34 million to S6 million. An unusually big land acquisition-geared capital outlay program this year was financed primarily by a special legislative act, which provided $19.1 million. Not mentioned in the budget was a S150 million bond issue, to be on this year's ballot, for acquisition and development. Brown asked that $282,000 of the budget be used for a stepped up, uniform maintenance program at the various parks. This was designed to up grade maintenance of some sites to the levels of the better kept ones. At Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument, another tour was proposed which would open up the second floor of the castle. Now only the first floor is open. The total cost of operating the castle, after reimbursements from fees and concessions, was estimated at $166,360. On construction projects, 371 new campsites, 265 picnic units and parking for 630 more cars were planned. These 17 proposed major buildiug jobs included: Doheny Beach, erosion control, $249,795; Salton Sea. continuing development, $180,180; San Buenaventura Beach, erosion control, $68,475: San Clemente Beach, sidewalk, $4,725; Squaw Valley and Blythe Arena improvements, $419,300; San Luis Reservoir, recreation facilities, tree planting, S45.000; Castaic Reservoir, recreational facilities, tree planting. $36,000. Damrosch's Operas Walter Damrosch wrote four operas: "The Scarlet Letter, 'Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Man Without a Country" and The Opera Clock." MATTRESS AND UPHOLSTERY CUSTOM MADE MATTRESSES Free Pick-Up and Delivery Fret Estimates BANNER Mattress & Upholstery Co. 122 CAJON PY 3-5851 (Continued from Page 1) disappeared at dusk near Huntington Beach were rescued after dawn this morning. Craig Thompson, 16, and David Steele, 18, were picked up a fishing boat. They were reported in good condition. Fog also plagued the coastal areas Sunday. Three boats ran aground in dense fog at Playa Del Rey. Many others were guided into fog-bound King Harbor at Redondo Beach by patrol vessels. The west section of Los Angeles International Airport was fogged in briefly Sunday, but traffic was not interrupted. Farther inland, trees fell and some roofs were blown off houses in Riverside County. A few power lines were downed and numerous minor fires reported. Due to 50 miles per hour winds at the Riverside Raceway the main event of the Pacific Coast Sports Car Races was cut from 18 laps to 12 at midafter- noon. Sheriff's deputies in Orange County said a chicken coop was picked up by a gust and hurled into three power lines. The lines were knocked down and power temporarily cut off around the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Civil rights backers defeat Southerners WASHINGTON (UPI)— House civil rights backers today defeated 176-125 the first attempt by southern opponents to kill a key provision of a broad new antidiscrimination measure. The southerners were armed for many more tries. At issue in the opening test of strength was language to let the Justice Department demand the impaneling of three-judge federal courts to hear cases in which Negroes claim their voting rights have been denied. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads FREE PARKING AT REAR OF STORE 'Ml DOWNTOWN REDLANDS A1964 FALCON FUTURA HARDTOP and many other fabulous prizes in the CORICIDIN* Festival of Prizes Celebrating the 5 billionth' CORICIDIN Tablet come in for your free entry blank WINN'S Daily 8-9 DRUG STORE Corner Colton and Orange Sunday 9-5 PY 3-2804 FREE Parking S. & H. Green Stamps Prescription Delivery (FREE in Redlands)

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