Mississippi Free Trader from Natchez, Mississippi on December 30, 1846 · 2
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Mississippi Free Trader from Natchez, Mississippi · 2

Natchez, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1846
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i 1 t:ZiZ:EZJI3t-ffrtt crautr T A S DON Aditer tr-e We are authorised -to aanounce RALPH as a tam-davit for &Leper ai die ensuing elttioa la January rip We ere authorized to aanounes JOITN IL M as a candidate for the office of Maros Elle City Llectioesia the tat Monday in January '41 rt We are authorized to auaconee ROBERT W W u0Oas a candidate for Mayor of the tity of Natchez at the esseinglasitary election Ins tau sr authorited ea announce Mr 7011N thth111aa a eateditiate tot Sciactimax at the sent city election- 4 I lirr We are authorised to assesses JOHN P WALWORTLI as a candidate for &looms at the ea city electito rj We ate &inherited ite announce WS PO& as a candidate tut &teeing& ii the sein - Ilk The undersigned sill terra as Selectness tut the tumour year it is-elected - - It E PROe LIM AID' THOS BO 1 0)1‘ I prics CYRUS SAJLiT STEWART: n We are 'authorized to anikience ROBERT WALKER as a candidate tor Sciectesin of the city et' 14inkhez in the nest election- - ' rr w are Authorized to announce 3 A VAN111ty1?11 as a tandidate fur Selectman of the City of Vetches at the belt election - - - - r-r We reauthorized to announce VALENTINE DUYEit at a candidate rot Selectman of the city of Natchez at the &est election rr we are authorized to atilliii11201 GEORGE S'I'AN WOOD as a candidate for U141 Ogi Ca a City 001sswoort at the ensuing election r We are authorized to anunumee WILLIAM ra LOVER ait a candidata tor City Locator et the Ansiong January electioa --We are authorized to announce LEVI G 11AR Itio0N as a candidate tor City Aotiessor at the cue Lig eicelon irr We are authorised to eaniposte PICTEll P SAiiEtt the rearm tecumbeet as $ conditions for reelection to the cifice of City Collector at the eau k f Ire We are antherized to announce CITA IttEll to M 1(CN ask undidate fur Car Tat Collett tut at the ensuing January election -"-'rtyllre are authorised to announce TI0111A8 Vie ' t'LAY the present incumbent ea a candidate for Vity Treasurer at the issuing election NATCUEZ Mlatasscgs:DECKSIBICA 29 1846 1- We are whorised to unouned Gee Wm 1 aBRANDON of' Wilkinson a is a Candidate for the oiLee of Colonel of the new regiment of 'Volunteers callett for from this State - - N 'Ltr The Chsacery Cour for the Luther Di t Ojai MUNI M Smiley presidingE 8 Russell clerk commenced its first regular sessios' for the - transaction of business la our eity yesterday morn 4 log We -beetle a number of distinguished yrs from Woodville and other places10 attend 6E44 11Z:76 We bed the pleasure of Omani In our :city on yesterday Capt D IL Cooper of the Vita ioton volunteers he Is in fine health and sea pima (it the success of our army Ile will re aura to the army In about ten days joining It as '-Victors ? ION ??????11 ??? ? ? tr:P The Notches brought as Saturday evening papers from New Orleans I OM the Metier) Of that sloe we take the foreign news r Err We are now enjoying the most delicious weather it Is possible to conceive of For the lut tea days the thermometer has sot been below CO A slega Far sot above 70 i — v n 4 1101I41 IMPS Guenos—That portioa of tLis compaay which was raised la irtforsos Co vat be in tows this evening when t is loped that every tuna is Notches who !input his 'isms down will answer at the roll call - Tug Sant Ilamoonises-oabie band of st tractivu performers lewd we learn tisidng our city ici a fews days sad giving one or two of theit entensining tOttent The inclement welthir tea they were as here preventing may from bearing them they intend to embrace this' opporb inky to give all e chance They are the best performers of that tied aow in the IL 13 irr The Norge news la our columns this morning la interesting commercially showing as WI predicted a few weeks juice a heavy minim t Is our great staple' The blood -thirsty tyrants t have blotted out the republic of Cracow and the "papers ere eatIng foe Eogland sad France to iw teriere Rid plate a monarch on the Mexicali throne The cholera is travelling westwardly alarmict rapidity Uttellsgrri Rectum Cossitzre—The Itetta 3 Itegimeut of Mississippi Volunteers is now full lea companies having been repotted and accepted on dee 18th 1884 The following companies with s those previously limited by us compose the regb mew patrols Company Capt A A Overton ) Colon Grayt Capt Adam Ms:Willie Unica : Cowpony from Lawrence Covingtoo and Hinds The companies composing the new aegiateat are - ordered to rendezvous at Ykksberg between the 1st and 5th LOVVILtIgt -StAtir--Loaisitaa tompleta her 'regiment on the 22d Major Dellussee of 'Natchitoches (and formerly of the IL S Army) was elected Colonel SF Marks Esq of Lieutenatt Culotte! and Fraser Ghoul t formerly 'of this tity was chose Major )1 irkr The U S steamship Massaehnotte sr 0- rived st Ne w Orleans on Thor-easy last with dates –fora Tampico to the 15th and Drasos St ago to pie 18th The Dews is unimportant ILLINOIS Stigm541M Stephen A Doves - at present a represestative in Congress wee oa the 12th inst tlected by the Legislature of Illi oois a Senator in Congress for six years from the dtb of March next whets the Honliimes Semple' term of service expires The vote stood Hoe S &Douglas (dew) 100 t for Cyrus Edwards (WO 415- - s A New Damamen---It is stated in the Cheraw I (S C) Queue tha t - Col hues °angriest President of the South Carolina Railroad Cowpony has been appointed 11rigadier General by the Plesident of the United Elatel Oen GAOSDElli ii to take command orate regiments of Volunteers from the Stites of Vitt glum North Carolina and South Carolina OINtIAL Soort left New Orleans PO Wedoes':e evening Usti in the steansahip Alabama tor the rjn Grande The Legislature of Booth Carolina ad-'lilted on the nth: last The propositioa made time since of transferring the choice of pies- ilectorsfrom thy Legislature to the people I ) rtcrive the favorable attention of that 7 - r!! - the presence of78perr reet of tags were taken made r snd printed In five miitutes v 1:comrs universal loafers t Pr M or their regzed vetments I off an under their noses e of a haritP alrertising vagrAPts —ge y know it! A Arrital of Ms Steamer Cambria15 Days Later from Buropeo—The steamer Cambria arrived at Boston on Wedaesday toornieg (10th ism) silos a sage of little over tads days (tea Live Sim brooght to Boston 78 pee- stagers Tors hp from the Baltimore Sit of friday sight18th inst gives the tollowitig abstract of the sews sect-ism! at Philadelphia by telegraph the lines belood being broke: - The most promisees pitied sews by this arrival is theobliteratioe of the Republic at Cracow the last manes( of Patted by the combiaed pow ers of Russia Anstria sod Prussia The antes aterket has bees very mite The Idescheeter ttade feet 'my isdigust at the present enormous supported by speculators Golf Upwards of 28000 begs beiag takes by speculators otos Teeeday last St sus of three-ogisthe of 4 poser - - t Tit robtligh ports art to be opened- - '- Sadie cora le quilted at 56 a 58 shinier per quarter Ameticas Aar bad advasted one shit hag per barrel is Liverpool clueing os 34 last with a dews ward trodeocy Twelve of the Royal family et Finis have died ot the cholera— This plague is 'mottling westward Fayette" thousand pasties haws died of M is &tided The cholera has also appeared is 11 psis - :- - - - The Spani4 papers call es France sod Log-laid to establiets a monerthy ia Mexico to save that country trots falba isteab tr Amencastiolos Ireland lit copyist more usequility and lead' lords have duos(' raciest sad successful mut sures fot the relief of the people Ciao Flares the Ewell' A works resettle is I reported to hove sailed from Spain with one thou- sand moserchists to conquer the Republic of Equadoe' - - 't 1 The elegem Creel Drina& is still oe the rocks r Betrayal bee °petted her ports staid October Ito 1847 end report of food is positively prohibited The Popo hat submitted the people of Rome to organize their owe local police whirl is deem-id an immense toacessios v Tbe Q090 01 Portugal is is a critical position The Rebellion is very general and it is supposed that she will be compelled to abdiesto -' 1 Fresh trouble bare btokes out la IOC& - Tbs British sts preparing for new conquests Eng-1 land bas protested agaieet the occupation el Coe I con 1 ' Perhm a- vet meets 10th ofranuary ' ' Troops for Tampa Iloy--The two COMpanifl of Regulars now stationed at Tempe Lave been ordered to Mexico gni the president of the United Stotts his made a requisition on the Governor of this State for a company of niotty men to supply their place--Ploridian 1216- i ' Amitlesr Repast:tie for Troopeo-lt will be seen by our telegraphic despatch front Philadel phis says a Baltimore paper that a n otherrequisi tioa has beta seat by the Secretary of War to the Governot or Neboyinknia (or an additional regi ment from that State to rendezvous at l'hitadelphi and their destination Tampico — The First Pennsylvania Reziment le lull and some half dozen companiis of l'biladelphis are tusking preparations to Join the new Regimens ' SpunkyLitde Rhode !eland has tendered one of Its tourist and best volunteer companies to the Government for the war and its services have inch accepted - - -' - ' Letiskture el le tsao—Tbe Legislature °flows cossetted at lows City on Monday 741) inst In the Senate llamas Baker of Pull county was elected President and drest B Russell of Disown ington Secretary I Jos Myers of apello As- 'islet:it Secretary i Thomas Young at Lee eons IT Sergeant-at-Arms! Jobe A Anderson of Do begot Messenger and IL IL Welch Seal the man—all Democrats - a Me House J B limo n of Lee county elect ei Speakers Silo A Hudson of Burlington Chief Clerk r PC Porter of Mai:ask Assistant I Solomon Spam of Let county Sergeent-atarms and — Chipman of Lee county &emelt—all Wtigt : :- ' :rirtiehe-The Legislature of this State tom irginic-The Legislature of this Stall cow Me Deed its session on Monday the 7th R T Scott Speaker of the Senate and Wm-0 Goode of the House The Governor's Mintage is very long It gives a very tatithetory lecount of the State finances showing a surplus of $150000 under a decreasing revenue Indiana-The Legislature of this Suite met cm the 71h Hon I Read in the chair of the Senate and R N Garrett Speaker of the House A Gov Whitcomb' Message is not long and reptesents the Aunts of the State us improving Duadliti Calantity-Sevetat accidents' We occurred within a day or two Avail the fillips of masses of snow horn the tops of houses Last evening a small boy was crushed to death to this manner on Third Street opposite the Washington Drewerp-St Louie Union 161h ' iceomMe tears from the dicers of the Tioge is thismorning hunt Keekukrthat the Ice bat de-mended as far as the mouth of the Ithaois river and will probablyreacb here by to-morrow is represented as being very thick and difficult to put through Between Keokuk end Quincy the Ti ego bad several of ber buckets broken by it The buckets were If Web ask plank-St Louie Union L Cotton Fiour Grain litThe Cotton market cousinues exceedingly km sotwithstanding the advance in freight& The sales yesterday amount id to 6000 bales takes for Europe tied the Vortb --prices ety (tine Flour is also steady-about 7000 1)14:wets sold for export yesterday prinCipay ii f 4 20 for good Ohio bread& Graio--Coro was in less itmanasome 2000 bushels were told at 50 to 53 coots per bushel far the but shipping lots A lot ot 3000 bushels good Wheat brought 90 cqius per bushelDelia of 77toreday t ' Supplying Europe with Acct—The ship Rap pahannock which ckared at this port on fita Ridley Int for Liverpool had on board the following "enormous" cargo - Bales of cotton 1128 bairels of eutty 00541 barrels of corn meal 1250 bbls of turpentine aud tellifil 656 barrels of apples 261 barrels 01 navy bread 103 barrels of soda crackers 25i boxes of soda crackers 50 casks bacon 6 j boxes cheese 011 keen butter 100 boodles shooks j25 bloishead staves 1400 ' The rad weight of the olive Is 1623 tons and is exclusive of baggage and provisions for -fifty steerage passengers The estimated bulk of the cargo Is seventeen thousand five hundred and ighty-three barrels The ship measures as per register eleven bun dred knd thirty-three tonsand draws but eighteen feet and tit inches IA water ' - This is probablv the largest men ever cleared from this Tke freight amounts to about 6201000—N Y Ilerald14th ' Pirther Particulars of the Lou of Mt U S Sloop-of-War Beetev—The Boston sailed from New Yeti on the eth ult had a pleasant passage out and on the 13th while funning before a blaek squall at the rate of nine knots struck oe an enter reef on the north idea the island of Klee: theta and was driven op within thirty yards of the bescholte sea rolling tremendouslyt Having lost all their boat etc they immediately sot away the toasts but the vessel contineed to roll towards the shore until within thirty yards of it where she bow lies In three feet water having bilged on her larboard side Coptain officers and crew all saved together with everything belonging to the vessel except the guns sod water tasks Having reached the shore la safety they immediately went to work and cleared up an sere of land and built tents in which to reside suffering but little ineoavenience except for the want of water which was very bad and brackish After making this settlement they cleared I road about on toile is length down to a cove from which they proposed to debark every: island on the 3d or 4th inst for Nassau and may dieretote soon be expected at NorfolL—N 0 Times - ' ' - Frost the Coscoraia istelligencer Tke'Diekeson Skeleton—The new Order of Mitt:E—We Sod I the Concordia Intelligence of last week the following editorial item under the captios of sA New Omni or Talmo" "A New Order of TAings—Gliddon the lecturer on the champollions of Egypt has presented before' society in Philadelphiathe fond rémaint1 of albums skeleton dog from a pit near Natchez 70 feet deep by Dr Dicktion of that city These revelries beteg foetid below the strata r the 'odes and other monster salmi they have set the result st geological enquiry at nought—upset the theory induced by the tactility of the bible and hooded the chapter of Genesis as printers would soy intopi bo we go" The senor of this kens is eels as to much mischieflf takes is the spirit of csador in which it Is stated sod I thiek requires some comment from thou acquainted with the locality of the (so called) fossil discovery and the circumstances of its exhumation - It is bet a few weeks since Dr Dicieson of Natchez presented before the Association of American Geologist' as their convention in New York portions of a remarkable skeleton (probably a Mylodoa) found in theneighborhood of 34atchez and with k a single human bone (not a skeleton) being the anterior part of the right hip bone This he assured the association was found in the same loeslit with the Mylodoa () which be calls a Nondescript" He further Wormed them that both were in the Teniary formation at a point far below say in which human remains have hitherto been found Dr Wyman one of the most emioeot of American Naturalists especially in compar- ative anstomy was especially appointed by the Aseociation to investigate the facts This note is intended only to bespeak a suspension ofeditorial opinion until that investigation shall have been made Meanwhile we give the following facts as the result of ten years acluaintance somewhat intimate with the Geology of the Natchez Bluffs esti That the Natchez fluffs and the uplands of their vicinity are a fresh Welie Dativium or Super Tertiary411 its fossils being either lands or fresh water animals Dearly all of recent species 24 That there is ito Tertiary exposure (unless we may class the Natchez Silas under the name of the newest Plelocene of 'yell) within fifty miles of Natchez 3d That the Bayou or deep chasm in which Dr Dickeson found his Nendescript and Wale ilium traverses the fresh water loam and sand strata (and these only) of the Natchez Dluff for-mating from its source to its mouth namely about three and a half miles lith That this is not below the Mastodon's place for the Mastodon next to the Mullusks is the most cameo° fossil found in these Bluffs and in the sections made by that particular bayou the skeletons of two species perhaps three having been found by others as well as the writer on many K vision" and in many neighboring localities for twenty years past 5th That alio bafou and its tributary branches take their Mort upon and drain several large plantation' which have been cultivated by many "laves for half a century their dead now peopling half a dozen e near the Bayous Cal That the rapidity with wheel this bayou (as well ass hundred others in the vicinity) undermines end eaves a way its steep banks of fifty feet in height is such as at times to biing-in its bed trees and animals from the surface to the depth of Were feet and at other times to Lay 'them bare and elms the unpracticed Geologist in to the °pinkie that they are really in ells" 7th That human bones not fossilized Cauca site Ethiopian and Iodise trees chips with axe and saw marks bogs dogs cats and birds are to be found Its abundance along these terms sad that Alas is the first effort yet made to give any of them so peat as "iniquity as a Tertiary Era That toe great authority has been given to the fossilization of the bone in question that these earths have the faculty of rapid fossilization that trees and stumps petrified standing erect lying on the surface or partially or wholly covered—are a very comma affair throughout this diluvial re-teem ' ' -C 0 FORSHEY Vidalia IA Dee 14 1840 Of Mrs Chase the heroine of Tampico in hon Of of whom a battery has been owned Fort Ann the Philadelphia Spirit oldie Times tea the following notice Our readers will be pleased to learn ihat this pa- triotie woman once resided in thiccity She is of Irish origins her maiden name was Ann Wear-non and she kept a dry goods 'tors la Second below Pine street She was a woman of great business habits and coney of character and undo considerable money Doubtless many of her old neighbors will recognise her name and rejoice with us that she has proves' herse'lf eminently worthy of this brief notice About twelve years ago she moved to Nell Orleans and subsequently to Tampico where sho engaged to mercantile business and married Mr Chase the then America's consul We are indebted to on old and valued friend for the above information and our readers may rely upon the statement as entirely correct ' At t tem' meeting of the New York Historical Society reported la the Mirror a member read divers papers of interest being narratives of recent discoveries in various parts of the world It was stated Incidentally by the eentlernao that there is sktogether a false notion with regard to the Desert of Sahara which instead of being a barren desolate place is really a -beautiful and fertile country He alsostated a curious faet that in the interior of Africa a race of white people bad been discovered--their skin is perfectly white and they have blue eyes and flaxen hair-sthey are scattered through various tribe and are believers in the Koran They are believed to be s remnant of the ancient Vandals he said The gentlemen likewise gave some interesting particulars of the recent discoveries ih 'ticket Nineveh by &French traveller who is shortly to publish it great work on the itubject for which the French Government have appropriated three hundred thousand fiance It is to contain fifty-five plates of different views of This gentleman explored a large minted to which were series of halls containing paintings and sculpture' giving scenes in the Assyrian history of the highest finish ft appeors from them that the people bad all light hair which they won combed smoothly over the head and their beards were long and curled Everything gave indication of the gorgeous taste of the people of their fondness forjewelry and ornaments of the mostelaboratedescriptiom There were paintings of horses sod chariots the horses being dressed in the richest and most magnificent trappings---Sr Louis Reveitte " - - Prediction of Ilumboldt-4o "Folsom's Merl-en" New York 1842 Is the following quotation from Humboldt: The distance front New Or learn' to the city of Mexico is about 540 leagues or 1620 miles It presents very few obstacles till It reaches the Rio Grande—and the ascent from the table lands beginsoaly from &thin where the declivity is by no meson rapid: and we can have no doubt considering the progress of civilization on the new Continent that land communication will gradually become very frequent between the United States and New Spain Public cootice will este day roll on front Washinrion to Mexico end Acapulco on the Pacific" This prediction is about to be fulfilled important Deciaion—In the Circuit Courithis morning as we are informed Judge Krum gave his decision On a case ot much initiortanee It was one which called lam question the constitn tionality or the law regulating the residence In this State or free colored persons We under- stand that he decided in favor of the law Ind ex pressed the opluilm that none but free white per !Ong could enjoy any of the rights of eititensbip This of course excludes the radian as well as the negro--St Louis t:nion ' ' think saved begides "itioniselves to Nassau and The Genets Court of Virginia glee a decision thence to Norfolk Tbey iatetded Icasinc the on the '15th 'inst lajite case of the citizens et Ohio who WIC arrested tor kidnapping slaves from Virginia at rarkersborg la Wood coital— A majority of the court decided that be prisoners rhoubJ he discharged upon the groond that the offence charged did Got occur within the jorisdiction or Virginia—that joxisdietios extending ao farther than the Western bank of the slier at kis water lark Rocket ad Anottain Rowitzer flattery— A new species of force which promises to be were rAignooectablidervveereolutstistoessebeentawtwealnaizd gLitfeoruLittea c 1:al'itswinihta ctobL erv arpripeastwrslcitiei "Rocket sad Mountain Howitzer Batteries" Bow preparing by the Ordostice Department for home-'hate departure Nose but choice men will be received into this iorps The armmental' one of di re Batteries is composed of four 12 wieder Mountain Howitzers weighing telly WO lb sad caissoes complete two Rocket carrisges wiab the accessary Estates and caimans complete two 12 posed Mortars weighing eighty-four panda each widy mortar beds also complete Oil travelling Forge and one Billiertiregpe la charge of the artificers The travelling Forge and Battery-wagons to be at such taydeoialayarmce ink° leaeasireaarlsaso rheuMenorietaare" wanhdicteehelleisni g tequired for special cases only would not accompa— ny the Battery in its manoeuvres on the field although habitually in teadiness to be made available when called for The officers sad men are to be armed as followst For the officers swords and pistols for the non-commission( d officer s and men musquetoons slung the non-commissioned officers carrying if necessary a light sword Every man of the company to be an expert marksman The amunition required for this Battery would be—For the Rowitzero Shells with the improved fuzes and canister shot For Me Rocket Carriages the usual Congreve or War Rocket the greater portion to consist of the smaller kind with a few however el the larger sizes for special purposes A mode is devised for packing rockets in the ordinary ammunition boxes like those for the limbers and caissons of the guns instead iof long wagons—thus- sEading more uniformity among the carriages of this battery and also greater faaties for manteuvring the pieces and tranvportjag the ammunition From Lieut Walbacles memoir which received the consideration and approval of the Depart-meat the following statement is taken showing "the nature of the services proposed (or this new corps with temaiks upon its supposed efficiency in certain cases" It is proper to add that to this dil1 igent and well-Informed young officer the project 1 of the new organization with its elaborate details maioly to be ascribed: - A battery of this description could be of much service in the thtee following eases viz : in the field in the attack of towns and among the passes and defiles of the mountains r 1st To operate against masses in general like other Light Artillery Ed More particularly against Cavalry by forcing them with the fire of the rockets from positionand by effectually resisting their charge upon squares of Infantry or upon the battery 3d By the effect of the rockets also upon the opposing Light artillery—destroying or dispersing their horses when in battery and by checking their direct advance or changes of position atb By the direct effect of the Howitzers when brought to bear upon squares columns or other bodies of Infantry taking position beyond tango of the musketry and discharging canister shot each cannister containing 149 musket balls or 270 carbine balls and at the rate of firing 7 rounds to the minute delivering upwards 04000 balls per minute from the four Howitzers of this battery 5tb By the use of 'shells from the same either as ahrspnell shot or for ricochet firing which with good fuzes would very dettructive 6th By the peculiar lightness of this battery al-lording facilities for passing obstacles rivers ra vines marshes 4tc which would cheek other Light Artillery and from the celerity of its move- meats being always in readiness and particularly fitted for accompanying light troops on special expeditions or ether detached movements 1st Wherever other light 'beanies could be made available is front of the place -invested by supporting the Beaks guarding avenues and passes or teptillog sorties 241 By the incendiary ef- fects of the rockets and:shells charged for that purpose 3d By the destructive use of the locket and canister shot of the battery in enfilading streets bridges ?cc after an entrance has once been erected into the town 4th The Howitzers it will be recollected weigh only 220 lbs each and their carriages with wheels complete only 242 lbs more and as the parts are susceptible of being readily detached the whole caa be pecked on the backs of horses or carried on the shoulders of the mete through 'narrow passages and avenues where other tight Artillery could not enter— It could thus be brought up to batter down door-wilt and force eatrances We fortified build logs and even to be placed in battery upon the very rooftops of the houses (if like those of Monterey) and there obtain command over the bard codes and defences in the streets below Riflemen might certainly do the like hut where three rifles would discharge from any aperture or win- dow their twelve shots per minute at most this small howitzer firing id the rate before mentioned could hewer down in the same 'pace of time its 1000 musket balls upon those in rear of the barricades To this add the destructive fire of the rockets anfrifies of the meet of the corps tad tile effect would be most severely felt by the enemy- ' Ames the passes and narrow defiles of the mountains would seem howeveri-to be the propet field:tor this battery where it would prove so much the more efficacious as other Light Artillery could not MitS0310113 at all or if se to very great disadvantage thus: 1st By clearing passes of opposing troops as the track of the carriage wheels is only 281 inches land I am told there are defiles on the road to the City of Mexico only three feet wide) it could be take" through the narrowest pees sc ceseible only to pack mules and be brought to bear where other Artillery could not approach 2d In ascending with it the mountain sides and by cirminims route taking position above and in she flanks of the enemy's batteries planted in the passe below and thus obtain a plunging fire upon them with the Rockets and Howitzers - 3d In conjunction with such flank attacks an attack in trout could be kept up from the 12 p't mortars of the Datteg which by their vertical fires could do serious injury among those in rear of the works defending the pass - The description of troops that could be most efi recently opposed to this force would evidently be the Light Infantry and Riflemen detaching themselves as skirmishers and firing upon the men serving the guns and rockets To meet such coses this corps should always be supported by a body of select Riflemen co-operating in all their movements aad forming if necessary one cam wand under a common commander For further efficiency and to insure their protection whets de tached by themselves the molt of the compacty should as before stated be armed with rifles and musquetoons and one-hall of them Lem In readiness to act either as drainers and ItaliketS or to repine the disabled men at the pieoesaoBall Americus t v - The Rev Wtti-S Douglass of the Methodist persuasion has been convicted at Springfield Me of incest with one ol his daughters Ile is also indicted for the same offeace accompanied by rape upon two other of his diughters-441 O Delta A shrewd old gentleman once said mliii detach' ter: Be sure my dear that you sever marry spoor man but remember the poorest man in the world is One that has money and nothing else' MEXICAN COTTON SEED 20 A HUSLIELS genuine acclimated Mexican LP Cotton Beek which yielded an year one pound of Atte long staple Cotton to 62 boll& For sale at 50 cis per bnshel delivered at Grand Galt GRIFFIN as CLAY:: - dee tor Main and Commerce st4' A 1' rackb heavy °sibs for Ate by dec 1 '44 1) CiiEULEft Lan Natcriez Dec 14 1846 its Pompoms — Dear Sir--111esse insert the following resolu- ion adopted blithe Board of Visitors en Saturday 12th iast: Resolved Tbst from and after this date (Dec 12th) no pupil shall be admitted into the Natchez Infinite under is tears or exe excepting those already enrolled Resolved That the above be published in the city papers Iwo werks L M PATTERSON Secy ALIVERTISEI-IENUS T—HE–STAATdaEm5OFC0MunISStyISSIPPI sct 1 The Stare el Mississippi Set Brad P Simihet himself as Rzentior el the last seal and lestainent Elizabdat Smith deceased Ann Solt lane Gillespie' and her husband Jaws A Gillespie Horatio N &oath Joke R Dnykr Abner Ogden Mary Ogden Seated Podia-wade and Ssesan Pestle:Awe ile VOU are hereby cited to be and appear before the 1 Probate Court of Adams county at the courthouse thereof on Friday the 5th day of a term of said Court to be holden on the fourth Monday in February next then and there to answer the petition of Israel P Smith administrator of the estate of Joshua D Smith deceased for sale of certain lands tenements and bereditaments of said deceased described in said petition as follows to wit : "A certain tract of land ' situate lying and being in said county of Adams State aforesaid containing by estimation one hundred and eighty-four acres' and to show cause if any you can why the same should not be sold and further to do and suffer such things as shall be considered and ordered by the Court aforesaid in the premises Witness the Honorable Charles L Dubuisson Judge of said Probate Court at the court-house of said County the fourth Monday of December eighteen hundred and forty-six Issued the 28th day of December A D lea dec 30 '46-welt RICEI'D A INGE Clerk J 0ROU4TRAM THOS P MCALISTER ROUNTREE 4 McALIST ER HAVING associated themselves in business at the old stand of the late Samuel T McAlister one door above Vid A Britton & Co's on Main street are now opening and respectfully otter for sale a choice assortment of fresh and fashionable Dry goods and Clothing and Fancy Articles among which are the following viz: Fancy Mourning and Merrimack Nuts Blue black brown and pink Cambrics Apron checks Plaid linseys green barage English merino French mouselin de !eine- Plaid alpaca black Italian and fancy cravats Linen cambric cape bordet'd & hemstich'd Hdkfs Silk dress and ladies thibet do do Cord and black mertno shawls French laces bobbinet putting Pongee silk French and Madras h'ditts Gent's cashmere and cord kid gloves Ladies cord and black do do Linen and cottontlapkiniq linen table cloths White cotton hose English ditto blue ditto Misses cord &white do ladies brk cotton & silk do English wool mixed perino & brima cotton hose Silk Pursel Ribbons assorted Pet (ornery assorted Victoria Sachelq Umbtellasz Thread &c Gents' Caltand Kip Boots do do do do Brogans Boys do do do do Ladies Kid Slippers—Lasting Gaiters do do - do Weivand Busks Children's Morocco and cloth shoes Ladies Bonnets White Tuscan Black Alpaca and Willow Ladies brit and white Veils A variety of Clothing Hats &c all a which will be sold at very reasonable prices Natchez Dec Oh '46 c&w3mo HOLLAND GIN UST received one Pipe very supr Holland Gin IP "Rose" brand warranted pure and genuine ' - GRIFFIN & CLAY dec 29 cor Main and Commerce sm GUANO LODGE LOTTERY 'fang following are the drawn numbers in Class L No 4 Grand Lodge Lottery for 1846 drawn in thalliansion lionse Natchez Miss 26tb Dee 1816 45 27 47 29 13 70 40 44 64 31 4 2 Natchez December 29 1846 $159060::: GRAND LODGE LOTTERY Class No 25 toi rPO be draws on Saturday January 6th 1847 la the Mansion Muse Bar Iltoom Natchez Whole Tiekits 24 00 Halves - 00 Quarters - - I 00 SCLIEME One prize of - $159000 it SO 6000 -I' ill 9500 I a 5 es - 115°4:10o0 100 " 100 Prizes of less denomination too ottmerotts to mention One Package System—Packages of 25 Tickets are so arranged as-to contain all the numbers in the Louery 75 Numbers are put into the Wheel and 12 of them drawn out—and 25 Tickets with 3 numbets on each make the 75 numbers from 1 to 75 inclusive Consequently when 12 of teem are drawn from the Wheelthe package so arranged must have the twelve Nos on them therefore the least they can draw will be 12 Prizes of e4 Ou each In the above scheme a Package of 25 whole tickets can-be bad for $100 and we guarantee them to draw half the purchase money less the usual deduction of 15 per cent Packages of Halves and quarters in the same proportion To be had in a variety of combine tions by applying to G a Taintor F Crone or the Managers' Office Vr All orders by mailer btherwise enclosing the cashwill meet with prompt attention if directed to C P HATCHER & CO Managers of the Grand Log e tottery Natchez Miss Cornero1 Main and Wall its f Des 29 ' NO Iflt 1-y1 gr"P ' tl 1111 i E-- -'-'4jftit01 11:i-t ivVV4f 41-- -:-'‘ 1 t 1 - ' -'- ' -4975:411r-t K -1'1FAs 'is WIT111111ALTITMIt4 ( iFrAil I I III L ' : c:T7bilic 1 ' i'-'7a vir74":1!ft - - ' 14(41 3 s tir 401 z Akar I UST received direct from Philadelphia a supply e1 of genuine and fresh seed from the extensive Nurseries and Gardens of the Landreth's which may be depended upon 4'or bale low by dee 20 '46 P II MCGRAW BEAUTIFUL BOOKS FOR THE SEASON rp LIE Floral Offering for 1847 the Diadem for 1747 L the Evergreen for 1817 the Rainbow for 1847 Beetles in the lives of the Apostles The liyacynth 1847 Bryant') Poem Lady of the LakmRogers Po ems Proverbial Philwopity Childe Harold Lalla Rookh Byron I:terming Burns SigourneyCrabbe Lieber and Pollock and Longfellow s Poets and Poetry of EtuReall done up in fine bindings suitable for pmants lust opened by ' dec24 ' ' 11: FOX FOR SALE 4 600 as"P of (rota ke t oz e6ecs onad Crcelr eight ta Dwportion of the Plantadon known as Greenfield The land will be sold either in onesbotly or in portions to suit parches-art and being la st most delightful neighborhood would be admirably suited for country seats like- dee Ulm k Apply to ' 303 C FERRIDAY - MAMMOTH JONATHAN FOR 1847 11HS mix stupendous No yet just received at dee 5111 - - TAINTOR113 1 UST received and for sale— 1 100 lbs superior Green Tea - z 1 case do Black do' - I 1 case Fresh Prunes - Shah kegs Grapes 50 halt bonen Sardines - - - si CLAY ! dee251 Cor Main and ComMeree sic I 'WANTED' I A GOOD Gardener will bear of an exCellent situ& 1-Ition by applying at this oifitm Dee 184b-cX ' 200 USLIEL8 Peat Gulf Co Ilya b'erd la stuns tuall for sale by 22 CALCOTE & youzcz i rrillE unsold Pews in Ttinity ed for rest for the ensuing year ask the tntetill- of January scat Those pews which have be rllea curtest year a will be reserved for the preboaalle pants sbouldthey &Wire to-retala them foe the year till 12 o'clock Mottler that hour tikl rented 10 the first a ppllcants Also hie allele for account uf the Eotitlf AN& LOOM deed — The undersignett- will be la atteltdalks Church from 10 o'clock A M till 2 etkiek C THEODORE VENSIGER11014 dee Z '46-cl Treasr Trinity M HE subscriber bait One Thousaaa Reibeis ehiet GULP HILL SEED and about doe saartlft 641 of MASTODON for sale at his pleated a wiles-front Payette leffersoa tunny Dect41 1846-7w ' BARRA rii14 lidrESS PORK--800 band 111 and Prime Pork for sale by de e 18 P CREGIEI Learn SADDLE HARNESS CTORY WHIP a- MANUFA Vits4P011ftS1 Main Streekopposite the City Hotel N mu undersigned would respectfully toutogs their friends and the public generally dug IL: have re-entered into copartnership mkt the and style of DICKS A WATERS at their old stand for the manufacture ot 8addie4 As they have enlarged the manufacturing dem ment of their house they are now enabled to dad their own make every variety of - — SADDLES HARNESS SADDLE AA BRIDLES TRUNKS CARPET BAGS MARTINGALES WHIPS Gm oksDik Now opening (late arrival) comprising largest beautiful assortment of Plated Ware (lased in Silver ' Brass and Polished Steel Bri(lie Melt! rups and Spurs Carriage Barouch and Buggy Ha& neSb Mountings Buckets Trace and Halter Chas Saddler's Tools dm - Also every variety of EnglishGermait aid la jean worsted Girth and Rein Web English tad Ae erican Horse Brushes Combs and Cards In addition to every article in their line Illey supplied with Coach Laces Fringes Tons and toga Their supply of Leather will al ways be lam and complete consisting of Hogskin Seating Sim ing Harness Riark and Russet Bridle Maltase Russet Upper Bag Hides Top Leather Calf Skin Patent Sole and Gin Band Leather Pad Skkis No Rocco Linings and Bindings Sc dte Making sus gether the largest and best assortment ever oared is this market A large portion of their stock his keg purchased quite recently low for eaA aad they vs determined to self at a small advance the fit lie assured tbat their prices will be found as Iowa ail house in the souther st New Orleans not excepted From a long experience and during a smite elyeits in business in this city their work has stood astet of time and gave general satisfaction they now isse themselves as their materials are of the very tee that every artielt made by them will prove Wait to none either North or South The public are invited to examine their large splendid stock before purchasing elsewhere areal bargains may be had for cash or on the SW time le punctual customers GEO I DICKS - STEPHENSON WATEES' N B Bands of every description made to add at short notice jan tice Repairing done in a neataadtdeugtrable — A MIRK FOR CONSUMPTION '- 7000 Cases of Obotinato Pulmonary Qmpldiido Cured in One Year' rz 0 tn 14 Ed El cks711'4 eitHE great American 'Remedy for Lung Cob I plaints and all Affections of the Respiratuy Or-grins Sold by 6 jan 2? P 11 mcanw: ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL e AITTION—On purchasing it is particalvly to 2 N141 cessary to ask for "Rowlands Macassar 00 Each bottle is-(with tt practical Treatise 01 the Hie man Hair) enclosed in an envelope from a sieet e graving of eIquisite workmanship by Messrs Patios 8 and 'Simon on which ye these words—in tee lima ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL' 4 8 'Under which are the signature and address dile r proprietors in ens thus-s- - f A ROWLAND (St SON20Ilatton Garden Loden Countersigned ARE ROWLAND To further Insure to the public the original snide ee ba '"crildBoIR°thew f taining290Z8 letters without this nese are mew elnanTdelsopeMaacasealsityr10500i1"ntirmeseengiotravestove Thelrices are 311 frol 7s family bottles (evil 4 small 10s Gd and double that sue Xi Is jan For sale by P IL MCGRAW SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA- M ICR the removal and permanent eared all die 1 eases arising from aa Impure state of the Mogi or habit of the system namely t Scrofula or Ealit EviI Rbeninatism Obstinate Cutaneous &wisest Pimples or Pustules on the Face Blotches Liar Chronic Sore Ryes 'Ring-Worm or Tewa Head Enlargement and Pain of the Bonesand StabbOrn ITIcerSt BYPhilitie Symptoms Serstieni nr Lumbago and diseases arising front an injudiciew use of Mercury Ascites or Dropsy carom" e' prudence in life Also Chronic Constitutional D orders trill be removed by this preparation ' Jan I) Sold by P H McGRAW DR CULLEN'S INDIAN VEGETABLE REMEDY TS a domestic preparation entirely free fres 1 via ilferry or any other minerato-eombiliZ In itself all the requisite qualities to effect a Ind cure in a few days it used according tothe direIt acts first by purging oil all irritating matters ads System which aggravate the disease ad lathe no' time it acts upou the secretion through the medial of the blood by which all vestiges of the $711111146 taint are eradicated from the system The consult tion Instead of being injured at it often b t the of Mercury Capaive and 'other powerful Pim lacing medicines is benefited and the individualists himself in the enjoyment of better health them ho Irsh before It also eradicates Venereal 141 Sveitais and is a general purifier of the ortell Ian " TAYLOR'S 1 - BALSAM OF LIVERWORT' - PoOL Cbruturopticnt end Liver Col07'laol4 POUGIEIS Coids Asthma Difficulty of Blenth"il 1 Pains in the Side or Breast Sratiag 003W Catarrhs-Palpitation of the HeartOpprso"&"" Soreness of the Chest Whooping Cough Hectic Fever Night Sweats Difficult or Profuse pectoraniolk and all other Affections of the Char Lungs and Liver This medicine is for sate by jan ' ' P H MeGitj1Lc : PEASE'S HOARIOUND CANDY A COMPOUND trout twentyfive of the mostrox 2-3- and salutary cough ingredients - Each Inrek54: is invariably signed by the proprietor& All ht':: are spurious articles - This preparation is highlY "'- commended for clearing the voice and rel Coughs Colds Hoarseness Irritation ot the Croup Whooping Cough Asthma 01thrltsgreTeia tation of the Heart Liver Complaint rtient Ditheulty or Profuse Expectoratiest end ia Diseases leading to Consumptive and Peath jLiti 21 RA Ye ClIAltRIERS CUPPING INSTRUMENTob A FRESH supply jest seceived per thiP Suble lite! OL front Havre and for sale at - Oct 80)14 rurs DavG Sru"'" i 1 I the coo Go hi fro' 5 chc ket - II Tr I OM A Bo nd Liver bein de pr nth or greet work on ascending with in the t our r e more efficacious as other Light Artilley could Co ny aperture or win- s' AIM A S B43 WS 47- vol ' '''' 1--"-- '" "- - '''-"'"-""" ' "3 I'l r il d ent ce- nue° Vi(Mill IIItilarge' 11 - in the above scheme a Package of 25 whole tickets '-"' friend fo the above information n ' ' ' ' represented as being very thick and difficult to pate m dow their twelve shots per minute at most this d them d po RED se- ' 3 ho way rely anon the statement as entitert tOtreet can-be had for n100 an we guarantee em to raw prorietrs In thus l' Mtentlatett 1110111EATCOISPIXTIL-4 us Steen' through Between Keokuk and Quincy the Ti - - - - - 5 small howitzer firing st the rate before mentioned rden 1svaver 'Under which ari-ilii-iiigna-ture- and address d th al half the purchase money less the usual deduction of A- "WL'AlsD4rS°NIAtistaaGis I a 3 Itegimeut of Mississippi Voluoteers is now full ago bad several rat her buckets broken by it The ' At at netts' meeting of the New York Bistoro could "bower down in the same space of time Ica 15 per cent Packages of Halves and Quarters In the 4 ' lis I bee r potted and accepted buckets were If loch oak plankSt Louie niers cal Society reported la ten companies ir at 111 e at of the ano- the Mirror a member read WOO musket balls upon those in re e b same proportion To be had ha a variety of combine- To fu Insure to the public the original trade 8 the words Rowlands' Ma r OW areengrave et s 7 divers papers of interest being narratives of recent cade ' ' 4 - - 4 '' 0 t To this add the destructive fire of the rock- tiOnS lay applying to G a Taintor F Crone or the eope meatly1500 times 4 to A ' on tire lath lost The following companies with tra with prompt attention if discoveries in Various parts of the world It WAS eta andrifies of the meet of the corps end the el- MarragerstOffice VrAll orders by mailer Otherwise 1117 l!'lviLvt !ay RIVCA Countersigned AIM ROWLAND bl re awl Eg those previously indeed by us compose the regi Cullen rioter Groin ftThe Cotton market stated Incidentally bythe gentleman that there fed t would be most severely felt by the enemy- enclosing the cashwill meet 1 bottles (eon"' N mew Pinola Company Capt & A Overton coatinues otteedinq firm totaritlistandint ska -1 - - - -- ----- --' la k f the Des- Among the passes and narrow defiles of the directed to C P The C P HATCHER & CO elticee are 3s Sd 731 family - in frei his be sales 'Verde amount atogether a alse notion with regard to Managers of the Grand Lodge Lottery taming wOoto letters without this mew a g let tor " 4 small 10s Gd and double that sueti Is mu 3 Union Grayg Capt Adam- Ms:Willie 1 Unica "slat° g 2 a E r k Y ere of Sahara which instead of being a barren mountains would seem howeveri-to be the propet t id re boon bales teat° tee saturop on e alku ute Va t fertile is real a urious feet a beautiful an where it would ore so much Natchez Miss Company from Lawrence Covingtoo and Zinnia i Adra ' - wool es place d e fieldfor this battery Pr "til COS very SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA - - A " s-1 this '-' '- IA country He also-state c that hrrnerof Main and Wall its ' The e9vereeies eemPeelel the IL ell aLgialesitt are - ackas is als° stal"171k7111'w '-'1s" "11 " interior of Africa a race of white people bad been not 1131111tOttet0 at all or if so to very great disad- - inn Per sale by P U MeGgAe- to Tr" of the !PIA Ft ' ordered to rendezvous at likkauarg between sae tor import yesterday pnacipany it $ I 20 swung vtheir A 0- I t Ski I I I Wm and t a 1 I B clearing Pules et ePPneing ' I ANN ‘ I'll - 1'4 ''''' eases arising from a Impure a state a Per ect Y white St 110 ages us s Yc e e V :- - 44'-'We" or habit of the system namely: Scrofula or KO : es - FOE the removal and permanent cart of In Lit' I - nkla ' 1st cod 5th YedderT - '' :' l' --- atatma - - ' " ' '' diecoered '' two they have blue eyes and flaxen bair-they not troops as the track of the carriage wheels is only N-‘ t 46'7 311t-s t c ---‘ ' ' 4 Grala--Coto was la less tlemant-aome r scattered through various tribe and are believers fifit inches (and I am told there are defiles on the ie 4-'4"3 IvirtylEalth14-'7'-4' Pimples or Pustules on the Face Blotches 1111s 111 '' LOVISIAWA Rearre-Lonisiana tompletto let bushels Were It314 al 5° to 53 sews Cr P bushel '°e in the Koran They believed t be s remnant road to the 'City of Mexico only three feet wide) 4" -'':' ' w ' ' ' ' --:'144-Pr' ey are o lots A lot ot 3000 bushels ' regiment on the 224 ' Major Dellossee or the best shipping good is' 0-4- e - --- -: k Chronic Sore Eyes Ring-Worm or Teuert MI Evils Rbeninatism Obstinate Cutomeottol Ersiskast of the ancient Venders he said Thil gentlemen it could be takea through the narrowest pass se -'q)ina$ sk e0--a-i--1 'N1Vslit- Head Enlargeinent and Pain of the BoneseetyoloN Iss ' &Well or ihr hes'(ati4 formed of the Us S Army) Wheat htaaghl 9° °sills Pet bushetri-Delg's ° likewis gave some interesting particulars of the ceseible only to pack mules and be brought to hear 'is f 42 t - - Stubborn Ulcers! Syphilitic' Symptoms C Lumbago and diseases arising front " jai stia -s174 14 Natchiitoc Y yin Ida 11711artrArzirmD i was elected Colonel i S F Marks Esq of Fell- 'air 31' '' ' - ' '' ' - ' ' ' recent discoveries i abele ' ' - ' h Xit Nineveh by French where other Artillery Gould not approach 2d In res -Ar is shortly to publish it it the mountain sides and by cir- - i- 7 use of Merenry Ase -- '"-3"4-4"''314r71f--1- ' ites Drops! exPota f Dip 111 CaO Lieutenatt Colosel sad l Frost's Cline' Is Supplying EtstoPe with rootC-The ship Rap traveller who Ina imorect for which the Frentesh Government IC above d ill -7 -p ' - I wetly 'of this city was chose Major ' or ' 4 ' mhannock which cleared at this port on Saturday on- meta emulous route taking position a ve an in e - rs t s-4 : e'l ' V: prudence in life Also Chronic Consul GO a - ' - I b sand francs flanks of the enemy's to batteries !anted is the as- Itt4 - 4 r It 1: --V or 1: ---r have appropriated three hundred on fie y P P it - - - pl - - tk 1 ' Jan ll -ort e st ' r" orders w ill be removed b this 'reparati " Y V 111 M GILAW hi I Sold by P - c -see s ' no" The U S steamship p Massachusetts er r gleam-moose cargo lest foe Liverpool had oa hoard the following sse ' s - - It is to contain fifte-five plates of different views Of see below and thus obtain a plungiag fire upon -t 4444- - ---7- ‘ froi Ikft-41111316 ' This gentleman exploret s containing conjunct a -tit !gra them with with the such Rockets sd Howitzers- 3d an la qltfir a - 0 z ' rived at Ne w Orleans os Thursday last with dates Bales of cotton 1128 bairels ót Boer 00541 Or '13 tri ' CULLEN 0 5 JUST received direct from Philadelphia a tapply TS a -fora Tampico to the 15th and Brava St ago to hard of cord me - turpentine tn al I 250i Idris or tee ound to which eine a eerie of hauii flank an attack 'INDIAN d VEGETABLE REMDY E ' ti d I t e gving scenes la the As- (toot could be kept up from the 12 p1r mortars of ' and resin 656 barrels of apples 261 bandit of Pam dfie dd ten P or c I omestic preparation h entirel y free fro m Cl? L ' s the 13th The sews is unimportant hi Id 05 ha I r ad k 25 a of inane and fresh seed from "the extenave 1 striae nistoty of the highest finish: ' It appears the Battery which by their vertical fires could do IP too sateearry or any oter mineride-congiZ I Davy eit 1 barrels soda etat era i from stem that 'union Szerroaestion Stephen A Doves boxes of soda °rackets 50 casks bacon 6 boxes l la t the people bad ell light hair which serious injury among those in rear of the works Nurserie s and Gardens of the Landreth which may in itdtan she requisite (pigmies to effect a 111 — b combed smoothly over the head Ind defending the as - be dependrd upon For sale low by in i-evidays if used according Kolbe airss :-Ife ‘ cheese 011 keg butter 100 boodles shooks) they "writ c e it pass - - 's dee 20 46 - at present a representative la Centres was os - 1 11- M eGRAW- it cure acts first by purging of all irritating mimeo' I 400 ' i - then' beards were long and curled Everything - The description of troops that could be most et - the 12tb inst elected by the tegiida i ore o t f lil Dots The dead weight of the above j25 aogsheau staves above Is 1623 toes and gave indication of the gorgeous taste of the people (ovulate opposed to this- force would evidently be PEAT T ad ecthe system which aggravate the disease' 101 I t Of 11 i tit Flotal Offering for 1817- the Diadem for 1747- ' 'a Senator Cg years frowl the 411) ' exclusive at 1)aggage and provisions for oftheir fetidness forjewelry and ornaments the the Light Infantry and Eillemeo detaching theta- T e Evergreen for L che r ainbow for 1 is 847 s Hine it acts upou the secretions through the InVilitie ! of the blood by which all vestiges of the eye -a n ooress or six --elts ' mostelaborae description' - There wererii ntngs selves as skirmishers and firing upon the men t of March next wilco the Hon James Semple's steerage pa t ssengers chariots ees ta the lives of the Apmtles u toft R are eradicated from the system The ei----- es f 'vice expires The vote stood Iloo The estmsted bulk or the cargo Is seventeen of horses so term o se iu a g in horses being dressed in germ the guns and rockets To meet such co- The liyacy Tut' once is br the lal I ' be d b los nryants poem Lady a the Ake itgers F non instead of being injured at it est rose housand five hundred turd eigy-three barrels the richest and most magnificent trappings sat ses this corps should always supporte y a be- tat prover - till &Douglas (dem) 100 a for Cyrus Edwards t ht bial Philosophy Child Ha Id-- Latta "III Capeless and other powertni redo 71 e - The ship measures as per register e even mi I b Louie Reggiliti ' - -'' - '' '' ' dy of select Riflemen to-operating la au their Boolth B II B - s- e jru 6 toting 'eines is benefited and the individual A yron etetne urns igourney rabbe ea howl!' : (Mgt) (15-' ' ' ' dred end thirty-three tonsand draws but eightee0 - ' Q s Mel- movemts aad forming if oecessary one cams Prectic4ion of thmboldto-le "Pols to' ren Lieber and Pollock and Loofa e bindings suitable for be re It also eradicates eer fellows Poets and Poet " (better health th inuell in the enjoyment hea o smethrest This is probably otos- hes of water ' ' : New York - - ' ' ' 13 k 84 the following notation N ew Diutualem--It is stated in the Cheraw feet sed lit Inc the largest 0 ever dee red eo I 2 Is f g 3 me fo Vneal the 13reest ei ' r(S C) Gazette that : ' -- " bly b lgest cote n efficnd i under a common commander Forency end to their protection whelk na further ry of Europe done up in nts Just opened by - Ty ' be faun 11°1115°1dt 4"ra° dialsbee truin' "ese "t" tached by themselves the tneo of the compaoy de &pinta and is a general purifier TeGaasc le 4- (teen - vir tr Fox ran fie - son i L r this city The freight amounts 10 about leans to the tit oexco s ea es gu - Col hats Gansoen President of the Soule 0 t Mi i about 540 l - -- I should as before stated be armed with rifles and from y JUL s' f$20 000--N Y Herold I er 1620 miles It presents very few obstacles tit Carolina Railroad Company has been appointed I FOR SALE ' " 'DM' TAYLows 4 4 -- 4 7 -- musquetoons and one-halt of them kept in readi- ' BALSAM OF LIVER WORT" A : h l' G (I rld h i es the sat tea o-an I ascent rom ACRES of Land on Second Creek of the Po elght ' 4 ' Itrigadier General by the President of the Cohost ' ruroter Portico:aro of the Love of the U t ittit reaches lands be ' I f 13 I II h ere ta 0 all a gots oa y tom a ti a w nen to act either as tizaillurs aud Bask era o r to 600 mil es from Natchez being a portion ' - OL Cbturtanplicnt a levasylo thiest a : Elates Gen GASODES ill to take command oldie a Sloop-el! War Bostose-The Mato now :LA th: j der- - b ' repines the' disabled sum At tbe pieceslt Plantatio known as Greenh n eld The land will be nOUGIEISColds AsthmaDifficulty et BIZ" ' regimenta of Volunteers from the Stites of Vir- from New Yeti on the Sth ult had a pleasant pas limy is y so means rapid: sue we can a h 'd b 41 b f "r Americus- -- - - " sold either in onesbody or in portions tomtit purchas kl Pales ht thn Side or Breast 8ritliDt -ma - i awe no ou t 1011$1 enog t e progress o cal 1- - ' girlie North Carolina sod South Carolina sage out and oa the 15th while ittrintog before a d being in a most delightful neighborhood CatarrhsePalpitation of the Beane-0'Fri plearOtt z t' a on the new continent that land communica- ' black squall at the rate of nine knots struck on an a la etween The Rev WttiS Doug f the hi thodist ers an lass o e would be admirably suited for country seats este- - Soreness of the Chest Whooping lig se Ex ! ''' nnui core left New Orleans on Wedoes- outer r Seef on the north side 01 the wend or Bleu tion wIll gradually become very frequent b petsussion hotelmen convicted at priogfie14 Me dee exim Apply to ' 'JOS C FERRIDAY Hectic Fever Night Sweats Difficult or LIVI'L104 4 the United States and New Spain Public ' ons of the ' ! 'eY °eevening Leila ill the steamship Alabama fur theta and was drives up within thirty yards of O ay o 4 ron a of incest with one ot his daughters Ile is also mAMMOTII JONATHAN FOR 1847 pectoratiou and all other AFecti r sale by ' ' ' ' it one st s s noren indicted for the same offeace accompanied by i at ' Lungs and Liver This medicine mit) u A st '' : the rtrlo Grande - ''- the beitchthe sea rolling tremendously Having et 0 mexi 'and A'capittc311' on eke pac11''ficir This frilig oust stopend 11 o yet just receives i t p t 1 bleG --- I ' 1 ' A lost all their boats etc they immediately tut sway ' - 11 rape upon two other of his diughters--Ar o -11 - dee I - - ' - - - TAINTOR'S ----- ------------1---:--D - -I d t "Iis about to be fulfilled CAD t '''''"'"The Legillatate al' 134ath t'strtalai aa- the masts but the vessel contineed to roll towards Pre lc um ' - - 1 PEASE'S HOARI1OUNO i n e i 1 UST received sod for gale- 1 ' ' lrned on the loth' inst The peopositios made the shots until within thirty rude of it where she ' to ritual Decision -In the Circuit Courithis A shrewd old gentleman onee said 'obis daugh: 40 100 lbs superior Green Tea I: ft t -five of the wow t A COMPOUND Irons twee 7 Each coo 1" --m I since or transferring the choice °fines- now lies In three feet water having bilged on her morning as we are informed Judge Krum gave te bi r: Be sure toy dear that you lever marry ape p 1 ease do Black do 7 " t '' I C3 and salutary cough ingredients nexAhlyr gothers ! il - r the Legislature to the people n larboard side Captain officers and crew eit saved his decision On a case or much importance It man but remember the poured t man I a the world I ea ' "-ee Fresh Prunes is invariably signed by t - ' the ProPr'er is kifg ' ' 1 'lecto ' s from f b together with everything belonging I 0 b halt kegs Grapes in e was one which called bit° question the constitu- is one that has money and both g se are spurious nicks - This preparat og Iittria 4 g t 1' I I -I receive the faversble attention o 1 at to the vessel earl - 50 half boxy& Sardines - - ' I commended for clearing the voice the No 'r i tionality or the law regulating the residence In b or free colored persons We under- MEXICAN COTTON ot sb Irritation 11711pi 1 ' 1 ' 7' '- ' '' ' ' except tko guns and water tasks 'laving reached ' '''''- the abort la safety they immediately went to work i - this State SEED an-ph-sr i' CLAN- 1 Coughs Colds Hoarseness ' t dee251 ' H --- Cor Ma d i Croup Whooping Cough Asthma CIttankitelos land and built tents in P 7 7- r - 1 ' te-141 the presence of18 pet- and cleared ?p en set? or od stand that he decided in favor of the law and ez- gon BUSHELS genuine acclimated Mexican in an Comm'tree No 3 tatim of the dent Liver complaint Night tert ue s a 1-4--1 1 1 r reel of togs were taken made which to reside suffering but le ineouvenitoce pressed the opinion that none but free white per- As ss Conoa Seed which yielded last year one ' WANTED I - i Die& y use Expectoratioat led a' il 11 ' dr- and printed in fitho minutes estibpitor the want of wa!er which was vet - parer bad d i e I te C ll& For sale h pound o ne long step Cotton ro62 bo very "IIII1 could "Jet "y l'r the rlghtt ct thizens iP- st 50 cm per bushel delivered at Grand Gulf i ti tio by ' A GOOD Gardener mi d bear of ' - ' ' - 411- ' " Pr" g Pe'' an excellent into& Diseases leading to Cososump McGi tousle A W" Alt l' ' F ''''''l — v I univers -arnes al makin g this settlement h r d n tin - t loafer and brackish After n rippering at this offiee ' el p Ir t-!------ they This of 'course excludes the Indian as well as the GRIFFIN de CLAy41: ! Dec14 1846cx - - t ---rttvmk-is to a t - - pr rn 3 or I leir regged vestments cleared a road about one toile to lengt wa uerosr Louis union 014 " CLIA RR IER a CUPPIAG INS" szbitotv J dee COr Main and Commerce sr otio fr sole h BuskILL 3 sloe I - : " 1 cif owl (- iP1 under their noses cove from which they proposed to debark every- - T r 8 i eta Gulf Cott oa bordii Is FRES11 supply jest teceived per - t t " toe thing saved besides themselves to Nassau end e e of a flaritN 111aaertistos vagra rotate gave a decision c& I -3 ' The Genets Court of VI rot sti-00 sacksheavy Oats fo r mile by : IQ ti - Montana ue '- t t nf ki dee IS 46 P II CIIIEUIER Landing ' tee 22 c 0 ' ' - ' ' ' rom ilavre and for sal? at ' titu ' - ot TE thetice to Norfolk "" They it:deeded leaving the 00 the 15thiosti to Jim case of the citizens el I ! - 1 youzcz i 9ct at64 :4 y11' S DRUG 04 i A di II 0MEFECON 'IuNPWlimMmEIFIMMIIM11nimionnuEmliEMnffmOlwMrl"'e''tmftlWunEoEbs ' - - 1 L ted lot kidnapping slaves Nat-cora Dec 14 184o rrillE unold Pews inTtb"6---omith 1 ow ' t r rlom 4 0 I ''- r"“ '4'1 "En3t ffrtt cr-ritr: Arrii of lh Bleallu'r crawbri5 Days ioland on ths 3 or dth inst for Nassau and may Ohio who wets awes 1 1 ed for rein for the missing year -'1' It Wilt from itirgr011 at Baler from Europe-m-1'h" steamer' Cambria ar therefore sod on be expected et Notiork-N 0 t followi ' b th i otters Dear Sir-Plesse insert he n resolu- bose — - of lanuarext alt e th heiday — A A majority of die court decided i at e pi s pants should they desire to-retam tbeo4---'"tiseee- ews glitch have been r A B DOXI 'PHAN ittutop neF li 6WWI on Wedaesday motoist Wilt Time& - rarkershore la Wood coulter- ' ita Pompoms- ism) sites sage of lade over twelve days shoubl be discharged upon the g Y a esvived for um ut-the roond that t-st- 'We are authorized to aatiousee RALPH from Live fibs - Fr he istel om t Coecordia ligeneer a charged did or occur within th e jorisdie - 12th iast o ellee the tion adopted bf the Board of Visitors on Saturday eur'rear ear will he r tritat dirt 1 NCLTII as a candoilto for Mayor al die ensuing stagers hp from the isaulmorti 131" of e ri- braaittl la Dual" 78 ea- TkoaDI ekesos Skeletott-The weiv Order of tretiou extending tion of itirginia-that ruts t yeat till 12 o'clock Mnher th - Th rs W I d o be CO ordia Int III ace' 1 electioa la January ' day 816413dt inst gives the itillowiag abates!! of lagnr-we7h trte faunae' - stelediatote ial item on ee the water work e r farther than the Wester" bank of theme' at w ) 00 yopil :than be admitted into the Natchez matted to the fust srAleuts t hour they till That from and after this date (Dec 13-00 kit sat a 1 no We aro authorized Ica asnounee JOIIN R elate new traceless! at Philadelphia by telegraph lostitate under is tears of lige excepting lbOse for account of the Esuirif Alm Last? dee-Atm ISToCK M AN as a candidate for the office or Maros the lines belood being broke: cootie" of "A New Omni or Tomos" already enrolled tt The - undersigned-- will be a atterida lo" 12Rthesalved l'A Nets Order of Thinge-oliddou die lee- Rocket wed Alutottaist lkwitzer Battery- Resolved That the attore be published in the Churth from at a I it o'clock A 141 till 2 04 p I Ellie Coy Etectiootia the to Mirada: is Jannary147 Th sun isym-otag witical a e rt We are authorized so asoosaee ROBERT W ' -et ew n b I bin a r - fur" oath chamPollions of E2114 has resealed A new s its of force which promises to be went city papers two weeks C THEODORE VENSIGEall ''''' 011 rival is the oWiterstioe the Republic at Cracow bet phI d 1 h — b t II inn a P't be or ized ia our military service L M PATTERSON Secy "v uoD a ea dee Z '46-e2 Treasr Trinity am-4 en nd00te foe mayor 0( the i rtijr 0( the o Heat a nima 11 e h ets Mel society to i a c p iat e tits rem rueolire M to goo ' Natchez at the easainglasemy election -- t a V"" F"" °fathoms" skeleton dog from a pit near Natchez 70 An advertisement by Dent W albach appea rs in - ---- -- of 11 A a r unto "stria es roma feet lleeltjb Dr- Diekesoa of that city Theta soother colossi calbng for recruits to serve with AEI VERT ISO lEri l'S m HE subscribes has One Thousast Resiott el 1 ti la ors authorised as anaemic Mr 101IN The tattoo epithet has bees eery excited The remains emelt foetid bettor the strata the Mat "Rocket sod Mountain Howitzer Batteries" stow I GULF HILL SEED and shout thesis -' 0E as a ssadolato tos Itaiscosso at the best Maatheetet Style feels isdiguat at die pre- todos god mbar monger animrant ehry knee net preparing by the ordassc Department (or imme- tity of MASTODON for sate at hin -- Isn TILE STATE OF MISSISSIPPIIser Plaatatne" : city allectlum Wo ar' '' ' ' '' ''' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "at f 28 111""La' "0 Xa I k: aby 49e4laa s by aP" °lir Ible reatilta tor ilealetteld attain at altught-aPliet dilate departure N ose but choice men will be Adams County milvr from Fayette leffersoa comity Is — -m i trr e authorised to ensconce JOHN P Upwards o00 k —ir 11-ea-?s:-'11' the nduced by theory I the nettles of the bible eceived int this i ro mps Dee t1 1846-7w - The State of Mississippi to Broil P Staid for haw Alttlia mu AV ALWORTLI as a candidate fto tklectmaa at the tors eiteartToaedat matt at auto al talelingettle and hamlet' she chapter of Cause t The of of these Batteries ism- sell as Executor el the last wilt and testament of liktrESS & PRIME PORK--------------800 barreh z a all Frio en e arminept one h Select The undei signed ill s W S FOR tos hag E ty elective - - 4 - ale patsy 4 : a - t - ' A Ann Stbit Jane Gillespie OA and Prime Pork for tale by MO seat c - would say ibt:IPL - tie We leA ' posed of four 12 palmate Mountain Howitzers Elizabdis Smith decease y W e ate etherize so aaa e ' oessst nna: iports art to be opened- N d I8 t Jones A Gillespie Horatio cc : The senor this ken is eels as to de touch weighing 'oily 220 the sad CarS301111 complete stud ley ad EalEt Lae Abner 0 den 'Ma 0 gem : 141N1111Canthlit tut &kali" al las acal sit ' 1114's11 el" i'l lla1111 at 68 1158 shill° Per ofiechleftlf takes le the spirit of toad° in wlikb two Rocket carriages with the accessary Estates StlitA) AA a DtPkt g I Misty SADDLE HARNESS WHIP si---i'f7-'fij-1 r cioctitim - ' "- - - quarter Ameticao ionised 'Avowed one sail god Seise Po waste ft Is stated and I thiuk r I yj 12 posed mortars &mod POStitillta Ile it "rifle some eeleMen and caissons com etet two MANUFACTORY 311 I 111r r werve as iten l Per barrels e Li i lwerPol'is ckmillt " 34 Us' bons those acquainted with the locality o f the (so cited to be and appear before the weighing eighty-four pounds each wids' mortar VOU are hereby Adams t the et:imitate year it to-eliteted - i - ' With a downward tradraty a Probate Court in Adams county at the court- ' '' 1 r R P ROI 11 kf "CUT) 8LWAa's Twelve of the Royal family of Pmis have 0 called) fossil discovery and the circumstances or beds also complete oil travelling Forge and one It th reof Pride the 5th day of a term of Ouse e on y ' ' 5 THOS R0 0T41 I rtirICS diett 01 rim cholera Th-is i m es is tend tta althamation ' Battery-wag:On to charge of the artificers The said Coon to be holden on the fourth Monday in CYRUS Lid 211 501T STEWART - roo Mg ot a few weeks Sine Dr Di or s is h cieson of travelling Forge and Battery-wagons to be at such February next then and there to answer the petition 144'6 - westward Faintest' thousand potions haws di ed CI Nate presented 'vented before the Association of dietanee in the tear as convenience sou neeessi- ot brae) P smith administrator of the estate of - Th- Ni e are outivorized to announce ROBERT of it la 11 d d Tit dud h also 4 ' " a a - it ets as appeare 11 ' ' WALKER as a candidate tor 11electtuss a( Use city 1 a i 4 - Americau Geologists at their conveutioa in New ty may requite as also the Martan ivbkht being Joshua D Smith deceased for sale of cenain lauds 1 ' I - mLE1km- nsatA 41Iva A km oda i to Is pall nf t-‘ rIPOP21Pil de -MP ') IL ' ) Alt) 4 Ikei ' ! ! et' ' ra ' tig SJ i ' ts 1 ! li ' IA a -11110J 1:1 'ti off 1 ion - ' VI V1 Natchez 1 ciall"leele I 1 -T dot ott ur the mot ti 4 I ki of Iteidteil th taring atput 1 4 te ofitt it d - sfi Dixie" kil LPET BAGS :lc BkliDS ig a large vi test die Mt ee Pal 1 Burgy Eta 'PI Lahr Ulm tke et III aid Ito ill liblt tad ist r1 tiy - Itoeldwei et C 'ons and Llio as wall be 1111I VI eating Ism ite lei Black sod opt tr Calf Skin so id SkissAa la Mating Aka NO rex stag 11 1 wit Reek has ken tali 1 Isd the tie tits the pub vs of 1 its low as ast yet )1 excepted tag Seriek dyes is i steed Ulu vim key sow law lc the very tes uthl prove Werke laci keit large Ili 1 A there as g3st it I t 11894 time us tat - - 6 I 'VIATERS' oal' We to start st tic' t u4 durable Jan It Wet 1 )1-1ar" frw Y CollOtilds H ' - Ilthe ? ' PRI Mi -"- !-- occ cat tr -ft la Sat : tyl ID 4 r tte t r Tic ha f Sahara plaints and a 118 ill 9500 - tunny to give au a mace -Kaey are Lae out w niummirs ea e s u g is not wog sae represents Moll eroman once restaea in tais coy lose is or hr-—--e-IIIiip szeTplijewrbevi performers of that tied now Is the 11 es the boosts 0 Pro fi g f the State as im vin s w- Irish origins her maidea aame was Ann Wear- 'us !11(45 11" ll o a obi d goods fl d' n an II 1 kept a II g II store In loon readily detached the whole cas be pocked o ti have " n the i 5 s - - 1000 backs of horses or carried on the shouldets of 400 ii 1 ll Affections of the Respiratay O a a 1500 STIHE great American 'Remedy for Lett Cos 100 sans Sold by t tcrTbie foolge news la our columns this Dreadful etanmitY0-Beefflt accidents In below Pine street She was a woman of great Ita e occurred within a day or two from the faint sat considera ble of business habits and write ofeharacter and made me non scrooge narrow passages and avenues prizes or less denomination too newtons to mention Ian 2? r El limml W ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL morning iti interesting commercially showing as - - s i maws ot snow stow tue tops et nooses moue Dou Wm man of her old where other tight Artillery could not enter-- Pk t Pk f 25 nerke Package sysem-Packages of WI predicted a few weeks since a heavy alindee teeming a small boy was embed to death la this It could thus be brought up to batter down door- rAUTION—On purchasing it is particulmIt t a neiehbors will secognist her name d an rejoice are so arranged as-to contain all the sambas in the t it out great staple' The 131mi-thirsty tyrants manner on Third street opposite the Washington was to that she has proved herself eminently wilt and force eatrances into fortified build o ask for "Rowlands' Macassar Oa re put into the Wheel and 12 L11-'cessarl ft s Treatise the Ho t have bloed out the republic of Cracow and the Betwery-SL Louie Vero 164 worthy of this brief swum About twelve years togs and even to be placed in battery upon the ve- of them drawn out-and 25 T Lonery 75 Numbers a iekets with 3 numbets Ealu" "111"11LrtInth 4 Pratityll' al ed man Hair enclosed in an eseelepe from a al re ry roof tope of the houses (if like those of Monte- on each make the numbers from 1 to 75 inclusive t) paha - ttmere ate calling foe Ragland and France to in Ice w teats from rho °moors of rho T10014 ago she moved to Nei Orleans end subseeuendy anship by Masts lino tertere aid plate a monarch on the Mexicali a hi i f K it it Os t the k) a i 0 ei mt u a to Tampico where sho engaged la mercantile bus- icy) and there obtain command over the barn Consequently when 12 of diem are drawn from the graving of Mtquisite workm and Bacon on whkh ate there words-la Sas - r mess end married Mr Chase the then Americaa elides and defences in the streets below Rifle- Wheelthe package so arranged must have the twelve ROWLANDS' I throne The cholera Is travelling westwardly smiled as far as the mouth of the Wised' river men might certainly do the like tut where three Nos on them therefore the least they can draw will with aletnatc: 'rapidity ' i and will probablyreach here by to-morrow It is I consul We ere indebted to an old and valued friend to h b i f t il d rifles would discharge r from any aperture or win- be 12 Prizes o f la the above se $4 Ou each Package o whole tic tickets h k f 25 k MACASSAR OIL 4 - represented as being very thick and difficult to pate r I e a ere a arras leas aa ear rea era d th twelve hots minute at most this scheme a Pac ow their e s pe proprietors in RED thus-- Iei t of Mississippi can-be had for $100 and we patantee them to draw a asztestrrt it Itilittnt Comitzt z-The 'mod through Between Keokuk and Quincy the Ti- may rely upon the statement as entirely COMM small howItzer firing et the rate before mentioned tinder which are the signature and address die half the purchase money less the usual deduction of 3 tgmeuators is now full ago bad several ot her buckets broken by it The ' At sr torn' meeting of the New York Bistori- could "hewer down in the same space of time its 15 Countersigned AIM ROWLAN0 - P k ill I d Q rt 1 th per cent ac ages° a ves an ua era n e A ROWLAND di SON20 Hatton Garden tee companies having been reported and accepted buckets Were lt loch oak plankSt Leta Union eat Society reported la the Mirror a member read 1000 musket bails upon those in rear of the bawl- same proportion To be had ha a b naw 7 - divers papers of interest being narratives of recent cadet To this add the destructive fire of the rock- thou by a oy ing to O S Taintor F or the The following companies with p mailer Cronebtherwise th he M P Or raves the wordsRowlands' acassar i tone awl too s of h Id 1 and rifles f h f the d tile el- Managers30 ce VrAll orders be parts 1 e world t was eta an ri es o the meet o e corps tn variety of eombloa To further Insure to the one the original rude on the 18th 1884 ! a lt of the envelope nearly 100 timest eP -- those previously noticed by us compose the regi- CU non Baur Grain ttsThe Cotton market discoverie stated Incidentally in various y bythe 4entlemati that there fen would be most severely felt by the enemy en - chaingthe cashwill meet with prompt attention it taialogw440 mew Pinola Company Capt A A Overton coalition tateeedinqfirm tottitheteastiat Ilic -1 - - -- ---- the le aktogether a fats notion nit regard to the Dee- Among the passes and narrow defiles of the directed to C P HATCHER & CO The 3 For sale by ees are e erd 7 family allillY bobottles Lei"' '' Visi Grayt Capt Adam Ms:Willie "Juice advance in freights he sales eesterday amounts d & letters without this saw ire In"" 4 8nlall 10s tel and double that sue X i I r Of i sag mountans would h wou seem however b Managers of the Grand LoOge tottery -to e the propet g P I MeGRAW t id to 6000 bales takes for Linens sad the North e whch instead of being a barren j !:—- : on toirrenyi from Lawrence meintoe end Iliad& -1-- --- 11 ' P desolate place is really a beaotiful and fertile: i Winne this betasevivitms it amnia iishvo fin a Natchez Miss an NATOUEZ MktgmeDSCSAISElt SS ISO t I- We are nwhorized to announce Geo Wm Li aBRANDON otWilkinnon as a candidate foe the oiLee of Colonel of the new regiment of 'Volunteers - callett far from !hie State - - N The Chancery Court for the Soothers Dia - t trier lionJ M Smiley presiding E 8 Russell clerk commenced Its first regular sessios for the - IIVIII UMW OW C11 u 11111 IOW npin cur ueologtez Ilk' balls per minute front tho four Howitzers zers of this - CRIPFIN do -CLAY t " -a we tale - - h- - --- t instant Secretary-it - Thomas Toting of Lee lone tO the °pinkie that they are really "its Wu" battery 5tb By the use of shells from the same dec 29 cor Main and Commerce sIs oni on news r: tr Set mot-at-Arm! JohP A o Anderson Of Do NO 24 G d Lodge Lottery for 7th That human hones not fossilized Cauca- either as ahrspnell shot or for ricochet firing which I vcr Wo are now enjoying the mot ddiclotts buquet m"songer 111d U 14 We 8°a's —fire site Ethiopian and fadian trees chips with axe with good fuzes would pups very deetruelite GRAND LODGE LOTTERY Democrats - weather it yossibleto conceive oft Pot the last m111-1 - and saw marks bogs dog tots aad birds are to grh By the peeAlar lightness of this battery al - k A '‘ the Howe Drown et Lee count tied k 112 a- NO MG drawn i n 0 jonk 11111C following are the drawn numbers in Class r4 tett days the thermometer has sot bun below GO ICI A tt--- 1' uW doing abundance a one these torus ad A 12d111141PA EVARAIIIV ""tuauww" -4161 Uggi 'WW1' 1"? I A kil A Mids nt n1c I woo luting Y -1111"Unn" Ling mete unfoull anti fordine facilities for ValtiBE obstacle rivers n- I 11- I" 3'1 Iran(' LAMCIT tUr219tUl UntIV!4 141 1 ANA-S4214 g X M X X: M ON M E : h X 4216 rat set ahoy 711 ottérlL "31 I toot IWO is toe ono extort yet Wide 10 give SPY Of I vinea-mersh ee ate— which would cheek other I tort-mansion "-louse Namara MIN Atka Lite 1 ellth I I VALZMirWirre irvk - I S117C1 W 110: "!: US WI V& LTA 411S111410 W11181111611111 I thm toot s satin t not Oil Vori PA tigt-r IN 1 45 27 47 29 13 70 40 44 04 31 4 2 I I - - 1 t min e go neat an antiquity as a Tertiary bra 1 Light Anillery and from the Jethro its more' 4411 ikt 1 111 1 St1 1 Ark 6)11 a3 3 I TUOitmo Limos GuAnDL—That portion h8:13m" c8bPasplaino c)atnLeof etsusalYt 00 080171entsbelm-aalauffal 1 that Nr eeid authority boo been even to meant being always in mdiness and particularly Natchez December 29 1846 ' els ' - 1:— t— 69 hitt in Jr UMICIII Whilzt 2 - - t" too cymplimy Iwo acn Wel ratiorg 1 guy loyelatAngiuu va tug uunv in liuryou? taat 1u7set 1 nuenlot accolnpanyingligng mops On special ex- i SO4 ci11111111! 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St MIMI 10111111112:1110112 11121 I staihtinsa "up thdrot lonnetAmmanim I - IPr I 11 I tl nottss : yr ma Awn wly est EV WMINE '411 — a mo WOW 4 ftr gr I Iti AC7— LS-IrAlf NCIal In u I Lar:oA digit ir ti lik VirgistiC'"-The Legislature or this Blatt cow 'trees Ind Maim petrillsdi standing nee lying I- Iss Wherever other liobt 'batteries could Nil lat A 1 N 1A)11(414: lA)rrEttYI t T 111611 MP MP- 1111 OIS 1PM Id IA MOW ErMEl B11AS MS E - - - - - — - MODetO lell1011 OD moaoay IRO Tie intiaai-60 Ion taa aortae Of partiality Or W00117 coverPa—are made dable in front of the plass -invested by I tr 18 Class No 25 o17 - I - Rum" I ) tame down will answer at the roll eel I D eir Ast ilk ILIF aft ri la 1006 sift ft 1: Allitse7fti ft 1 eva - ft - - - - A N 4- M 41 AA A APAUS IPEMSAIPA VI WA WAVILIAMIF 71111A VI W '105 a V clty voust!gas ou:gt" eutvugnuut SUIA 1C supporting toe pools gnawing avenues ana pass t Tits Sant Ilaawontees-Thie basd o a t Goo d e of I louses The Governor I Message is regioa ' - C Or FORSHEY es or reptillog sOrties SA By the incendiary et- MO be drawa on Saturday January I 1847 ::4' v ng It gives a very batistactory necount of Vidalia Dee 14 1844 fects of the tockets and shells charged for that try o inthe Mansion louse Bar Room Natchez E c L - ' Whole 'rickets - 24 00 CO - - -A alai 'r tractile 'betterment Intend we teem imbibe rink - - - - - - 13111111110111Celi 111011101 surplus ot louuutt imba L —0' I piethia hoe purpose' 3d i31 the destructive use of the rock- Halves - - - 00 - - risat - - - --- city la a few days and givint one or two of their under a decreasing revenue N'S 10 let sue ue"11110 4 sta k or ot whom a battery has been named Fort Ann et and canister shot of the battery in enfiladins Quartet 00 et- 11V !intertainin2 concerti The inclement wirathir - a irtt a I t otroot IkriAeroo Aro attar so ontoonoo ham fin Mk t ia : Tot some - ittatatta—The 14ereletere 01 tuts Mate met os the rannaelphis want ot the 'rime Itas lot- —74 SCLIEME bell they were as here Yteeeating milgt from the 7iti llot?1 G Read in the chair of the Senate towing notice been eneeteu into the town dth The Howitzers One prize of - $159 I 000 Leiria them they intend to embrace this' ()rpm and ft N Carron Speaker of the Ileum A (Joy : Our readers win itlessed to learn itut t this pa iht Si be re collectedtweonly 22011bs osAnld 6000 19 atortradataxiii limit dn a Art "1'4 1 14111 " ill --- Pri

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