The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1793 · 1
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · 1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1793
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(—277—) i i ' ' YV i4 t ' ' ' ' J — - - ' i in i j II 11 JMii hl ' -' " ' — ' j " " - ' - - — - — - I 'I " ' ' " A NATIONAL PAPERt PUBLISHED WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAY BY JOHN tNHV Nol 34 NORTH FIPTlf -STREET PHlLADi-LPHI A No 70 of Vol iVO WEgWESP I Whole No 502 ' JVST PUBLISHED By William ' n r n k s w 1 l c No A in ca'--w la two W'K volumes ncstly bound Price Fout DottAiiJ : ESSAYS ' I "' "oKtl 1 JNTlllECTUJL d AlTlVE PpWERUf Pr&ar pi Moral Pftibfophy in the Uauetfiiy- yt CtafgOW v j IT woujd be no proper Jot the pubUIherJoj mention any iMog tefS the bufary is :eUncdi Nordoeiitspp" Bcctffaryto ft- queft ttouoooprufc wotk whofc import- ' ce s -niverMly ckwwkdged Thofe who have Wad the indent fyflems and efeycdetms readily pwccivc thutbc 1cnowlcd?c or Lliofophy advances from a date of infancy toward roaturity j nof PE"mucbi bco it U faMriut Dn Red ha dieted moral feience from thit veil under which lor fo many tee U ba bt& ?oAcelcd by robtgumworU and the Wgoo of tbe fthouls TTin h h taed that fileodly prt to morl feience which the io tniout Newton ind Fergafoo did to rutatilj t)b°ilofopby 1 their Bolted od fltilful efforti' render philofophy not Only n ufelut but i plctfant txercife d 1 mora ffe iirtroduaion tolhe rnoft important ftudiei— It i ncripTaicble 4o iafcrt the lengthy review of thu work and tot give a part woqld be iinfnendly to th author nd reviewers 3 i - ALSO Neady bound in wo yolumr s o&vo' JlXKt we and 4 half fiotkr A COMMENTARY i OOK ok PSAL M S j ljj'hich ric literal or hiftrlcal-fnfe Ihey fdate W King Dv1d nd the Pcol 'of irracl U illMftrated and their application to Mefliih to the Churchy and to individyils as inemb" fccreof is pointed oot with a-view o render the uCe of the PkUtr pleating and pro' fitable to all order and degree of Chriftian I Jhe jirjl American Edition from the ith firitijh By Geo K ci Lord Bifhop of Norwich nd 'PreGdeot of MgdaUo CuUrg-' Oxford :- -- - t-'' i fA Price 7-8 Dollar' - x f SCQTTU FoVcE°VtXRUTHt J Price "bound and leiicied 4-100 Dollar ' DAVIES SERMONS ' i" v Complete in 3 volurtics'odavo Price bound 5 25 too Dollar' ' ne6 iw ! A New Poft-Road HAVING been defired to eftablifh a poft-road from Reading in the ftate of Penrt-'-' fylvahia to Williatniburg at the Great Toik of the Genefce tmr Notice is hereby given that propofaJ will be received at the General Poll-Offic for carrying £ weekly mail between Reading and WiUiamfbufg aforefrid by the following rojite to wit i the Great Road now improviug between Reading and the town of Northumberland Irom the latrelr place to Loyal ' SocXcreek'thrnce to Lycoming creek thence t in the new road to the Painted Jftton Tioga 5 liver and thence to Williairrfburg ' " "The propofal will be received until the ijth of March next inclufively r the Clrriafe Of the f mail to" commence wtthia one' rriouih after-I --wards M 5 ' 1 NceelTary Po(lOFRceire to beeftablifhed On : the route tandifuch per foni appointed Poft- maftera a the Contraftor fhU name and the Poftmaftei-General approve " ' Within three mom hs after thecarriage of this -mail ia coinenced the Cpntrsftor to ftate to the Poilrnaftcr-GfneraMhe days and hours of its arrival and departure at and from the principal Pott-offices which experience ftH prove o be rnoft convrnicqi and thereafter ih mail is to be delivercdat tbc refpeftive Poft-officcs at the hours Co fixedi unavoidable accidents excepted on penalty of one dollar for each hour' delay and for the npn'performance of a triptbeCoo- trsflor to forfeit twenty dollars ' Z r Tbe'terrtTof he coutrad ciiinbt exceed eight years Durfhg1 its conn'nuance the Contraflor is to receive the rates of po'flageby layV eftablifhed - arid to have the exclufivc privilrge of carrying - letters and packets for hirey fuch excepted as ' -fhall be fent by a fpecial meiTenger or which are t or fhall be by law declared frrt TIMOTHY PICKERING PM G Ctntral Pof Vfiitt Jan at 1 793 ' : 5- Ya U SOLD BY THE EDITOR ' A TABLE for receiving and paying Cnldj graduated according to Law— Blank Manifefts— And Rtanlt 1nr iVii- varinn Pnwf r nf AtlOmeV ----- r- r w — — — t ikccflary in trnftling Bunnrf at the Treaty r Bank of the the United Stiles - No 34' let wen Hik and Mtilberry &trettiwherf tht idittr note rtidtt: '' -f 11 ' : '' 'i 7J Mfltit ' '-V' ' - By H 5c'JRRicc: No 0 MAISlT3tIIT ' ' tu SYSTEM or ' Ufrd by Mr Ltovni in taking down the DEBATES cf CONGIlfiSS Pifirc filiation hvif hie miit f Jhortneft ejtfu period limited jot Jin JaAf lui 4ii'uxd mJ gtutltmen l diftut ) ptrfniij ej fending in their nirnt 1—fAr crier to iccammUite them ud to render thitp¥ Sition mart txltuZveh ufeful Ut determined not to tiijitht trice to D'ollsr eudkotfi iUded)ie fort the Jteentk of Monk (riminfticm in Javor 0 the $SlniSutJirbeist 1 Printing their abiet on Xupetfioe Rot l writg paper A few tmiig iobia of thit Hd dl le delivered to the earliejl of ike nm-jlfcTthgpu' ihoJertattht bmt pmi of tioft the tBm of pivUintJapertvit One Dollar t mtrbled cover t neatly Poundt a Freach Crown 1 1 ' An ACT concerning ih regifteTin l' and recording bf Ships or Vefleli J ' Sec 13 7X -ND be it further enaaed Tbdt' XX if the certificate of the reg'tft rjr of any fhip orve&i fhall be loll or deftroyel ortniflaid the mafterOr other perfon hawing the chatge or command thereof may make oatb or affirmation before the collector cf the diftrift where fuch fhip or velTel fhall firl be after fuch lofs deflrnftlon or miflaymf wbo Is hereby authorized to fcdmlnifter tb? fame which oath or affirmation fhairbe of tl form fotlowtrfg I (inferting here the name of the perfoa fwearlng or affirming) beit : matter (or having the charge or commaud) the fhtp or reOel called the (inferting Ut name of the vefTel) do fwear (01 aSrm) tlit 1 the faid fhip or velTel hathWn as I ver 1 believe regiftered accordingto law hy lie name of (inferting again the name of the v f-fel) and that a certificate thereof was grajt edby the collector of the diftrift of (namig t the diftrift where xegiftered) which rtjfV cate has been loft (or deftroy ed or mntth-tionally end by mere accident miflaid" ai the cafe may be) and (except "where the certificate is alledfied to have been deftroyed) that the ' fame if foond again and within my power--fhall he delivered no to the colleftor of tie - ' diftria in which it was granted j which oatb " or affirmation mall be luDicntjea oy inc party 1 making' the fameVand upon fuch oath or afn mation being madej and the other requifitct of this aft in order to the regiftry of ihips' or veffels being complied with it fhall be lawful for the colleaor of the diftria before who-na fuchi oath or affirm attoa is made to grant a n$w regifter infirting therein tliai the fane is UTued ii the room of the One loft or-dei ftroyed But in all cafes' where a regiftcf fhall be granted in lieu of the one loft or de ftroyed by any other than the colleftor of the diftrift to which the fhip or veffel aftnally belonirs fuch reeifter fliall within ten das after herfirft arrival within the ftliftrift to which fhs belongs be delivered op to the col lector of the faid diftrift who fhall thereupon grant a newregifter in lieu thereof" And i cafe the matter or commander fhall negTeft to deliver np fuch regifler within the time a forefaid he fhall forfeit one hundred dollars and the former regifler fhall becorhe null and ' void ' ' S66 4-nd be it further enafted That when any Blip or veffel which iball have" beep regiftered purfuant to this aft or the aft hereby in part repealed fhall in whole or in part be fold or transferred to a citizen ' or citizens of the United States or- fhall be : altered in form or burthen by being length cnedor built upon or from one' denomination to another by the mode or method of rigginj or fitting in every fuch cafe the faid fhip of veffel fhall be regiftered anew by her former name according to the directions herein before contained (otherwife fhe fhall ceafe to be deemed a fhip or veffel of the s United States) and her fonner certificate of regiftry fhall be delivered up to the collector to whom application for fuch heW regiftry fhall be made at the time that the fame fhall be made to be by him tranfniitted to the Regifler of the Trea-fury who fhall caufe the fame to be cancelled And in every fuch cafe of fale or transfer there fhall be fome inftrument of writing in the nature of a bill of fale which fhall recite at length' the faid certificate otherwife the faid fhip or veffel fhall be incapable of being fo regiftered anew And in every cafe in which a fhip or veffel is hereby required to be regiftered anew if flie fhall not be fo regiftered anew fhe fhall not be entitled to any of the privileges or benefits of a fhip or veffrl of the United States 'And further if her fal former certificate of regiftry fhall wt be be delivered up as aforefaW except where the fame may have been deftroyed loft or wiintentionally miflaid and an oath or affirmation thereof fhall have been made as afore t rlLU Airnrr or owners of fuch fhip r vefTel fcall forfeit and pay the fum of five -hundred dollar to be recovered wiui cons or juic Sec 15 And be it further eiid That whan tha mafttr or perfon having the charge or tomraaml of a fhip or veffel regiftered pur fuaot to this aft or the aft hereby in part re-pealed lhall be hangedi the owner or one of the owner or the uew-Bufleroffuth ihi$ or vefTeh- mall reoort fuch chunee to the col j i eft or of the diftrift where the fame fhtll hap tpt norwbew the fa ul fbip or yeuet wan nut )ueatter:triO4a0te lowi nave nppww "o fiuU prod Ao him the certificate of regiftry of fuch fhip or vefTel and fhall make oath of aifiroatiqn fhewiog that fuch new jroafter a Vit'titn of the United-States and the nuoi rrr in trbivhjormeans whereby he is fo a cH tiicp s whereupon the faid coUeftorihalf ent orfeupon the fnui cerUIcate of regiftry a niemorandum of focb chauge fpeclfying th4 name of Ach jdv maer and fhalj fubfcrjbe thi faidoMcmorahciura yttb his name and if other than the collector of tle dlftnftby wtprri the faid certificate of regiftry fhall have beett grafted hall tranOnit copy of tt ft'ff Uh "norice of theoarttcu tAAVJt AHHUItl -V " — ' V ' - lar fhtp or ve£Tel'to which it flalj relate and jUic collector pi inc tuuiu vj 7 ?--t certificate fhall have been granted fhallmake alike memofanduin of fuch changej In ht book of rcgifters and fhaQ tranfmit a copy thereof to the RegUkr of the Trcafury And if the faid change fhall not be repoi ted or if the faid oath or affirmation fhall not be taken as above direfted the regiftry of fuch fhip or veffel fhall be voidand the faid ma Iter or perfon having the charge or command" of ' her fhall forfeit nd pay the fum of 0 hundred dollars ' : Sect6Andbe It further enaftedThat if any mlp or veffel" heretofore Vegiflered or which 1 fhall hereafter beregifteredas a fhipor veffel o ' the United Statesfhall be Ibid or transferred In whole or in partby Way of truft cmifidchce for Otlierwtfe tb a fubjeft or citixen of any foreign prince or ftare and mch fale orranf-fer fliall not he nuJe known in manner here-in before direfted fuch fhip or veffel toge-" thet with heir itackle apparel and furnittfre fhall be f forfeited t Provided That it Ibch fhip or veffel A -U be dwnedin part lyjiivd " it fhaQ be made 'appear to the jury befor twtom the trial foV fuch forfeiture Ihall w had ' rhat any othet owner of fuch ihlp dr veffel be v iaga citizen of the United States'ws wholly ignotaht of tliefale of transfer to! or owner fhip of fuch foreign fubjeft or eitiaen the &are or intereft Of fuch titizen of theUnltea State (hall not be fubjeft to fuch fbrfcirure j and the refidue only fhall be fo i ' Sec i 7 And be it further tnaftedJThat vponithe entry of every fhip or veffel of the United States from any foreign fort or place if the fame flrall be t the port or place at Which the lowner or stny' tof the patt neri refide such owner or part-owner ftiall make oath orffirroatiotv that the refffter of fucft lihlp or veffel contain the nameorvnante ot ail the perfotis who are then ownert of Jthj faid ibip orveffcl or Vf any part of fuch fhip or veffel has been fold or 'tnsfrJvfi"c the granting of fuch tegiflet thatfoch it thj Cafe arid that no foreign fubjeft ot ' cit art bath to the beft of his knowledge and belief any ware bytheAvay of trtft confilenceor otl!envirein fuch fhip or veffe And it the owner or any partowner fhalJ not relide at theportor place at which fuch fhvp or veL'el mall eoter then the matter or commander -fhall make oath or affirmation to the Jike et-feft And if the owner or part-owner where there is one or the mafter or commander where there is no owner fhall refufe Jo wear or affirm as afufefaid fuch fhtp or yeflcl fhall not be entitled to the privileges of a fhip or veffel ofthe United States s To be rontinued" An Aft to aineml an A& intitled An aci eftablifhing a Mint and regulating the Coins of the United States fo far as refpe&s the coin age of Copper Bfc it enafted by the Senate and Houfe of Reprefentatives of the United States of America in Coiigur alL nbkd That every cent fhall contain two bund red and eight giami of copper and every bail cent fhall contain cne hundred and four grains of copper t and lhatfo much of the act cntitulrd An ad eaWifhing a Mintand icgulating the coii of the United States" ni lefpifls thr weight of crnts and halt cenu fhall beand the fame is he teby repealed JONATHAN TRUMBULL Sbeaktr ojthe Uoufeof Reprefentuhves JOHN ADAMS Vke-TrtMet cf tht ' lHited Stales and FtefdeU vfthe ' ''"" " ' ' "Senate ''-" ' A-raovio jakuaSv 1-41793- - GEO WASHINGTON "" Prtfdcni ojtte United mates THOMAS JtlFERSON t - iiu)ijry 0 State :' CONGRESS" house ct RimUNTATit' is: MONDAY January 14 ) Thememorkl of ofyterl faeial line of llttlatt :? atf aiy of the Umtcd Slate) being itndtr tfiier 1 tion in (tmmilttt p the tr nuiton -4t mkJt to ttjfU the hinder of tht nttmwiah 1 (Mr peu'ttirc ft Speech taneinid) ' MrBoudliiotalkdgedhis jprivity to this bwf nef having bctD in Oongrefsat the time and of cowfi one of the parties to the contraft He a3f obferved very paxticuLirly on thi nafureori gloating with the army and efpeb'ally the negotiable property of the certificate t that in t!) tranfictioh air former dcmaDcU were involved and theefprcf fljpuliuon of the army and (he affent of Congref was not to pay a fpctific fum in fpecie tut to give fuch fmritiet fortl baU latin JooitU I givm It tb otter jroJittn of the United wate Hcre then was no difference £e-' tween creditofsi aU were tut on a footing atd every cilia en who had made' ad ranee for (he go vernmeiit or had fought her battle wer cdifl dcred equally eotitled to the attention otgovetn-rnent "From tKi time the demands of the ?r-xny put on the face of a fettled debt and reojii-fitions were made to the different States tor a fVnd on wljkh to fouticl a certainty of payment atleaft ofthe infercftfrom year tojrearj allOie State but one having made fhe ncceiiary r-rangements ih plan vras fruftratec! But niay of the indi vidaal flates made pro vifion for a)id clid actually pay the intereft of 6 per cent for fc-vcral years— notwithftanding OidTc partial pay ment's the public credit fuffered muthjanda mong other caufes the great nuatbtr of thife negotiable fecuritiis brought to market was not the leafi The diftreffes of fbmethe different Object of purfuits of others which required capitals j the debts of others which called for tly tnent as'foon "as the War was over and the fear of other for the fate df the government all con-fpircd Wbnng on "a general bankruptcy- Thcfe' fccuritlcs fell from 's d to as 6d in the pound and traiisfcM were as common as anv other mer-chwdize The public fear and the univcrfal entnnlalnt of creditors ficallv brouirht about a J change ofthe goycrrime'nt and" the new confti- lUllOU waIUIUICU iiuvu in iui T tie applied to All trcdkon-one'that the new government1 waa to be liable for the debt of the old and another' that all contract mould be carried into effeft agreeably to the terras of them The old Con'grefs bad fo far complied with their engagements io give the fecuritiei required by the contract" arid to apply : to the Individual ftates for the funds prOmifed The new government at the cameft reneft of her creditors turned an early attention to the public debt She found the contract cxi with the original cxe- ditbr Warfer' 6r affignefe The holder was eqval-ly a party to the Contract and demanded the Whole debt without regard to tht (urn paid for it to the original holder j on the other hand many Contended for the right of the firft creditor as'ah equitable demand to the furplu (or f leaft a part of it) after paying the principal and intereft of the fum' for which ft wa transferred To tiis it was anfwtred tliat Copgrefs could not confider themfelvesas a'court of law or e-quity to determihe thefe claim I They were bound to A B or bearer or his arjignce The holder 6f the evidence of the public debt could alone in law or equity give k 'difcharge of ihe debt ' that it would be uucbnftitutional to def-troy the cbnfraft of theparties hen niade fct fide and it was agreed that fraud could vitiate e-Very contract for which the courts of Juffice were adequate—therefore it was that all difcri-mination w'a refufed firft as a matter without the jurifdiction of Congrefs j fecondlyas a matter unjuft on the principle of a'fair contract made on a rifque to be run and laftly as Im prafticable in its very nature In cpufequejice of this propofition were made to the hoidera of the public fecuritles on the principles of the funding fyftcnt the fubllance of which were that as the government in its infancy could not embrace a difcharge of the debt or indued a payment of full intereft without rifquelng the pnblic credit as heretofore and by thi means a-gain cxpofing the creditor to lofs 5 it Was thcr-fore advifeablc to new modify the dabt fo that the creditor fhould give up 3 per cent upon the intereft and a £er cent on the principal for to year for which he fhould receive an equivalent in the following manner t — tt was a very reafon-able conjecture in cafe the new government fucceeded and public credit wa rcllored that intereft would fall in 5 year to j per cenfand in 10 years to 4 per cent— in which! cafe Con-grefs might by new loans at that rate of intereft pay off the whole national debt but on the prefent plan fhe would fdcure to the holder full 4 per cent on the principal for xo years and afterwards 6 per cent for a certain number of tears on terms with J per tent on the intereft let the common rate of intereft be whatTit might This wa accepted by the creditor as a rcafooa-ble equivalent and the debt wasfubfenbed 4 The event proved the truth of the fuppofitjon and the value of the funded debt at one time rofe to 5 on the pound on 6 per cent while loans have been made hy the" United States at lrom 4 to 5 per cent Congrefa then gave

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