Mississippi Free Trader from Natchez, Mississippi on March 27, 1844 · 2
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Mississippi Free Trader from Natchez, Mississippi · 2

Natchez, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1844
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From the Philadelphia 'A- dger DangerThe British Governmeni lialtni on ebtaimas the whole earths beer part or Oregon a as illigretnent of controlling the trade of the La sad Indian Oceans will leave no mesas untried se accomplish their object For this purpose they lave sent a minister here armed with full powers ' and ample bleatill At 'Washington wise will ow is fermata and hatchets and fowlers will - how so rest in collecting mama litho for blowing up the hearts of Senators and ReptesentatiVes la Congress 01 the becetombs of sheep and oxen 'calves poultry sad curate backe that Will be slaughtered for the sake adiplomuy 1 The Chess peaks tied all its leitmotifs will be dreitted of eye' - tersest' not a soft emb will have leisure to harden his shell no swan will creep' backsbot pike tarp rock-fish tort haddock sad etro will resh into the MIN by teas of thousands the prairies will he depopulated for BaLlaloee' tongues and tl e forests of V irginia an) Kentucky will not be a Ce to Dude a quail a partridge wild turkey ot "coos" -Diplomatists have mime We fesetiag gad to feasto–Nimrods will go forth killer: and to and Benatortand Represestatives will go out diningand to dine support and to soptAnd the ladies toot We believe that the Right Hulloes hie libt'reckenham is single and it'll be Ore wd ' diplomatist he will hint& pretwence tot an Ameti- ten wife 01 what splendid soirees ere given by the British minister' How magnificent are the British minieter's dinners 1' And ii 1Plbar good tests too foe be Dever dispenses with the ladies' Dalliers kb'entlemen alone are rest bores sod : the !tight ll000rable Merackenhatu has too much - taste and reficernent to eacourage them 1 ' Then kis halls eclipse every thing of thSkind in Wash Snow t So we unconsonined and at the - same time so recherche so magnificent so superb! Be it swim of en entertainer and 1111011s ere so delightful! And then such a man 1 fito bend some! SO- polished 1 With such talent! such '00 cultivation l And only fortrtive tool What IP a jewel of a hushaed he would make to the young sad secomplishedetaughter of a Sensioror Repro- sentatived iAnd at hat a delightful thing to he the " Right llonotahle Lady Packenbam 1 I dovvish Saps would vote forth witty or the appropriehoe t- earl sot smirk ell my hopes toafew acres 1 el seedy wilderness the Lord know where lit 1 snit for buffeloes Indians and beavee trappers! 1 And eertoutl my dear we ought to secure an es- tab4shment or A one Maria (or Anne Matilda or Mafia Thiress or Julia Serephinssecotding to tireutus(ences) and none Gould be better than the ens now offered eend therefore yea cannot think my husband of sacrificing the dearest interests of Tout family to doubtful question about a wilder- I nese that eats never be settled sod too distant to t be of any use if it were ! - -' a ' Let us read a page in the biatoty of the Ashhite tl ton Tteaty "for iiistoty is philosophyteschieg by example" "Thanes OldUzglish cientlemeo" iP cams with full powers to settle not every thing b but only otiething the Northeastern Boundary I Or rather he came prepared to settle every thing tut ilading that the Executive felling into his trap g yielded one thing terimportant he 'resolved to be untitled and to waive discussion about every a thing elie lest some new difficulty might drssolve b the agreeineat upon the one thing already settled 0 This wee quite shrewd for one who disclaimed dieletnace the treaty heist settled! the I - two remaining questions -were ratification by the Beasts and approprietion by the House Now it mune houer than ever the real diplomacy the b protwoa of invitetiou to Chempague Ind Cha- teas Maritime Every doubtful member or either t House was feasted Anti feasted and feasted and oncobstiuste fellow of the "Linivet House" who voted agethst the appropriation wee rtinect el 1 limes But be eould not swallow the treaty or digest the ratification Upon a moderate comp° i tattoo the extraordinary expenies of this mission i 'extraordinary of Iler Majesty's Government sou 1 her Majesty's exchequer a half a millien of dole lam after' the &ohm" in Washington: Such is history Then as philosophy what doe it teach by example 1 Iler Majesty's Goya meat belie king thsuons Wax to the heart is down the throat t have eupplied with ample means Her Majesty's Savoy Beiesortlinery and MielsterPleuipotenuary Ito the Governmental' theUaited Simi of Atari ' am Hee Majesty' Government pmfite by expe- Timm in supposing that the same threes winch -Me inakit a turnpike road to onit tetritoryi can snalut a turnpike read to another But her Majesty's 'Government been knottier good ideas A wild reckless democracy like that which rules the weak government of the United Stews is entirely under the control of a venal press L and very fortunately ler lien Moj!sly's '90yetausent et -lids time presses of great influence in that demecratia country are edited and Voettolled by adventurers from theenHihercountrt svhe have learned in the school of ins English and Scottish press to translate fundameatal principles and tuitional interests into pounds sterling And perhaps tier Majesty's Euvoy Extraordinary and : Minister Plenipetentiary may find editors there of native growth who have been ions enough ittthe mother country to learn its language and therefore be able to translate likewise With such long levers for moving that democracy without ecru-- pies Her Mejemy's Government would be week I indeed to neglect the means of directing them and if that democracy can be moved its timid govtamest Which nevev dares to disobey its fierce lomat vulgar commands will grant all that nor Majesty's Government requires - Ergo the in Iltrential press must torah so soon as the minister Teaches those shores and institict that democracy - is its reel interests ' t ' Now let us see how the fevers tire moving porno of them tell us that comprouirse is The ealy grouud of settlemetie and that this Ia couformable to the Common settee of tools nations and ooposed -truly by the ultra whigs of England and the ultra --denusetate of the United States' Others of them tell ma that a commercial treaty founded on a tepee' or the cots laws depends upon an amicable settlement of this question upon the plitfciple of compromise awl that as' such treaty will ha imsweetly impottant to the West that seethe) should net insist on the srhole of Oregon Then as Mr Benton it the champion of national right and dignity in this case as be was in the Ashburton ease bis influence in the West and consequently )4i! - power to save Oregon must be destroyed T het e! fore bin Benton is an ultra democrat a radical the leader of an extreme tell that should not be Iva rded awl he is trying to make Oregon a Western question to promote hit designs on the Presidency Fo crucify him! Down with him' Deemer his influence with "young America'" "the 'young democracy" and the "common tense of the nation" If pounds stetting can open the mouths 'of talking machines enough to kill bim "let him have it" Such are 'tome of the wires to be pulled 'for the surrender of OreganeWe remember Mr Welistes 'a speech at Patthoguel where be desmib'ed dockshooting Now as lie said to the Loag wand boys an seletion to the deniocratie stump 1 to' - ' orators expected among them we say to osemben of Congress la relatioa to Psekeshamsand pmsati mottos these fallow come among you till ask of girt is don't be elets-foot - - - - - Tbs toiiewm r scathing palmy' -era part or - - The followmo earthing passages are part tit a news dm? Clay draws la a public speech by Damon WIWI ctl' Kentucky mas who blows - Mr Clay thocoughly Jams as intimate et-quaint ate of fifty years - - °flay ng thus disposed se If Clay's chime epos the couttry as a Presidential supine I beg leave pow to stet specially some additional reasons to those I have already sighed why I shall not von for him la the fuse place I believe that Mr Clay ' bitted sot may to rely mainly for 'teens in the easels1ton the endue Mileage of his club over the starers of the peoplebut on a vales betwees " the etocklobbert sod emancipating masses—that ' b it by his fried inspiring the debtor States with hopes that Should he be elected the goverement will seems the State debt and the - : stockjobbers are asouredthet in addition to s Arty madam bank that there will be Is the stock merhere three bemired et dittos ol national scrip to ri shoo the State debts Whether Mr Clay bas - ever Avowed his deterrainetioo to urge upon Con-r ' gems the amwmptios of the State debts I know so end I pretend to te hibernation that is not ' COMMos to every one I however adopt- the old a rule in Matto to Mr air and that kw blow a men by his company' Mr Clay Is sot a favorite with tbe people Ile hal already sought the office d Pretideat at their heeds for mote thee twenty Years end has beet set tally run twice for the office and in 'both races distanced by his competitor 11 la these rano be relied on the people From the eons the people at thole popular electiossloweep Min sod the democracy of the country it is obvious that be is sot more but loss n favorite I with the great people that he was when he was Won beams - A ninon on their tobinsed vote l will therefore be hopeless This Mr Clay and those looking to 111) elevation to the Presidency as a matter greatly to be desired by the whole Clay ' fraternity have well considered- end well under- ' stand and like skillful doctors have determined LO change their remedy To cure the people of e that pestifet ous diluter called democracy they e believe they have found s remedy in then' Clay I club Through them they' expect to apply such r physic se will do the butiness here berate refetred 40 three lives writtes of t Mr Cleft–the Sat by Preaticef the secood by 11 Cary the third by the editors of the Tribune and the roughshod not lewd is just published by the editors of the New World This Inns is oval- lished by the great humble club of NewIfoth end Clay's his sewrittentysonte ode that certain- t know greet deal Shout Met- Clay privately I and publicly' In these lives Mr Clay is held op as the Negro's friend and the unchanged and ttechangoable advoestettfunitersal emancipation l ladeed much of title last book la' devoted to the subject and given tip to tales about hie boy Charles and other slaves—statiag -the numbers he has t ennocipated-A-hote he feedstelothes and tenting and Is Specially dedicated to the -whig 'Cause throughout the Nb man eat read and r doubt-that the partialities of Mr Clay for universal emancipation are intended Gestalt the masses v of ematelpators on the rest Clay stet that is spread foe the sett Presides tml election Nor -can the b movements of the Hon Garret Davis be easily misunderstood la the late Congressional sanitise e True he did - oot "peek by authority expressed from Mr Clay but 'choose to end the dock by tjte a ringing pf Lk' little sheep bell What was his 11 projeCt I Why first to divest Congress of all the I) publio lends being only s thousand millionie-or more of screand to vest them in the States or to make the national government a more trustee of al the national domains for the Slates and to pass ei an act of Conrese acknowledging Congress or the hi °overtimes' debtors to the States the hum for ni which all the publie lands have sold since the ex- at tinguithment of the revolutionary debt This lib- 11 de aunt -woult sotadd more than was hundred ha millions to the national debt Do you believe 'that so this began' with Ma -Devitt No s air no more a 1 than Ma Davis deteesded front the moon Wbo tb voted fot Mr-Davis Mr Clay Who elected bo him' Mr Clay Who approved of this plan 1 an Who originated tho plea of taking the thousands till of millions of the public lands from the asthmal tb government to be scattered to the winds by the States but Mr Clay Put tittle thlop togither ful end what a spleadiii paper aristocracy is proposed fol by Mr Clay''' a substitute for the present order ml Of thingc- ire That 111 Clot 44 'wooing Ale paper Oligatehists bu I have already attempted to show bet 1 cannot an fail to again call your attention to his deolaration Congresa that his bankrupt bill was a part of et his will system- The pipet barons wilt ever sup- th port -tt President that will always have stocks to w market and a bankrupt bill ready to set 'gamblers at iu stocks tree from their debts My countrymen Imagine 'Mik Clay elevated to at the Presidency through the Instrumentality of his clubs the votes of the emancipator And those of the pipet schemers and stoth-jobbersAnd what des becomes of the liberty and authority or the peoplet Shah a President will not want thepevrer 6 of a vote to check such Congress as be will then have In all the length and breadth of the land V there willbat bat one power—there will exist but 1' one will mid that will be the power and will of the President—Are there tiny here that desire to bring epos their country this state of thingat Ver tainly not And yet if ever the Clay clubs give this nation a Preluding such a condiuon is inevitable as that cause produces effect ' ANOTHSII tXTBACT ( But besides these charms andlipella to woo the dear people 10 Mr Clay Mr Clay "Lid his clubs seem to have turned the President of the United g States into a very davit to frighten the people o with The other day I heard Mr Clay declare at the court house door in the city of texitutton to the crowd that surrounded him that )oho Tyle t wales base te 'fagot as Benedict Attold or Aaron 1 Butr---thm he was' dishonored and a dishonorable a mac and that no hosomble mai ought or would- c 1301440e-under him thet fig his treachery to b his petty he 'ought to be deserted Ito that he t bould he compelled to resign 1 think I give his t words I I know I give the substance of them is the hupdrede that beard him cat testify as well Int myself' I confess I war utterly astonished when beard Me' Clay once se-remarkable fur the pro- e prieties ot speech in human intercourse tinder the I weight of at least three score oodles yew's 'rod- a feriae from the stump charges pieta the Prost- d dent in-language so tease ' I eriS not may slanders d of the very kind and almoet In the vett words I that were made pima bhusel4 am which con- a signed him to the precincts of Ashland when I t think I may say without vanity's if I had been out o of existence lie might have temainedustil this t 2 MA Dowry Clay's War two sellers's Pub- Sic Lands A "Lend Pirate arid Ilobbsrset--0 Ilis Ifforta se ird oleo prayed &Wee rhos removed and driven fl by Military force-Whee the bill "to grant pre-emption rights to smders on the public !antis" was before the Senate on the 27th day of Janeery 1838 "OA motion of Mr Cle7 of Kentucky" -- - - "L'o amend the bill by eddies thereto the following section:—"See 2 find be it further enacted thin all settlements upon the public lends subsequent to the firm day of December 1837 shall be and hereby are strictly prohibited and the Neel-dent titan besnd hereby is authorized act required to cause persons who may settle on public lands enbsequent to the (tit ottotesaid to he removed therefrom" - - - ' ' wee- decided le the ovative yea'' 20' "nays 23" Mr Clay tailed fur the yeas and nays upon mud voted for hie proposed amendment to the pre-emption bill as above swede senate jouraal pages 181 and 1821 The aboveiquotation is taken Trom the Journal of the Senate of the United SlatesIna no none can or will pretend to deity the troth of theteemd Thus we see that MG Clay sought not only to prohibit arty man from Settling epos public land but that be proposed and voted for the peerage of a law veva( ing the President of the United Shoes totremove by military torte all perIo'n s who goad upon the public lands sPer the Aral day of Decem- ber 1S37' - For all settlers on public lands to be denounced as s lawless rabble land pirates and robbers was sad enough hot had Mr Clay succeeded Is log his law to have aU setters On the public rat:tra removed by his military Core' that would have beeo till worse' and had be taken commend of dm mitd itary array himself to remove the settlers sad their families from their homes which they had made in the nakedness where would be haye found his forest moot the freemes of Arkassas?—no-- lot eyes one of his political leaders here would have joined his standard - The Democrats prevented the passage of this odious law proposed and voted for by Mr Clay and io the Democrats whose principles are founded in justice the seders whom Mr Clay would have removed are iodebted for the quiet enjoyment of their home) Yet notwithstanding ail this these people are called upon to vote for Mr Clay: to vote for candidates who are in favor of Mr Clay for President and thereby acknowledge that they are a lawless rabble and that Mr Clay was right in trying to have them removed from their homes by military force and that they op-proved of the policy of Mr Clay and of his friends who so strongly recommend Bonner letter from Washington to the Baltimore Pottier' under date of the let instant uys :--" The last regular business traosaction of the Senate was in reference to a subject of much public and private ester's and one which it is to be hoped will be favorably acted on and disposed of I allude to the bill to settle land titles 111 the States of Lonisiano Arkansas Missouri Mississippi Ala- hams and Iowa Territory The substauce of the heals to bring before tbc courts sit the aaaam6rm ed and doubtful titles and grants under the Spanish French sod British goveroments and to grant patent in' the State of Louisiana for grants and claims which have been duly passettopon by coo firmation of the Boards of Commissioners appointed to examine tides orerhatever extent This is as It should be and I hope to see the bill pus both houses:if Congress for it will at once separate the public from the private domain end settle oleo and justudes ((never ky having patents issued for those that have bees nottOrmed Messrs Henderson and Barrow adeoested the bill with great earnestness an4ability scarab it it no party question it is to be hoped both parties will unite and pass it" r 16 The real adoantagi–of adurtising—NotI withstanding the many facts in favor of ad ye:tieing In papers of large circulktion in shape of fortunes made by those who have judiciously followed it op the mass of those attempting to do buisness lisve a Very imperfect notice of the immense advantoges ' The New York Tribune remarks that maoy a moo gives a thousand dollars a year for a favorable stand yet grudges a hundred for advertisine DOt refiette ing that a hundred men would be made acquainted With his buicness through the newspapers whereon would pass and observe his store though in the moat favorable location There are a few who enderstand this nutuer and are making fortunes while thousonds around them are willing in like penult barely to live and often failing in that Of course a man must have something worth act- vertisIng and know how and wherein to advertise or he will probably throw away his 'nosey No business caw ha doee to advantage without fitness" ID the doer Bug these conditions fulfified ey may be toed in abundance In departments of trade which are now languid and profitlesstand we ate sure abet thtee times the present amount of Inivertiaing might be done with great advantage both to the advertisers and the public"--8eziti- more Sun - Nothing- is more true than every sentence of the above We know-manf persons in this and other cities whi-have coined fortunes out of -their knowledge- of the economy and advantages of newspaper advertieing We Imo 'umber who are now making fortunes by the lame-mean 'laving I thorough acquaintance with their Own business and the ability an detetmination from such acquaintance to deal with their customers to a better aventage if possible thee their neighore they look a little further-and inquire of themselves bow most expeditiously :generally effectually and economically they trete make the fact known that they may reap the consequential' benefiut of thekohlility and determination on return The best evidence-of Intellectual supelinritris furnished bythose who see and render Dvailable fot their Monsen the influences which the great Mass of mankind overlook or consider of inferior importance Among the important influences of businas overlooked mistepresented or not duly appreciated by the ignorant is newspaper deem-sing It may be termed a tranA of scienes in economy yet but little generally understood end therefore yet comparatively in it infancy- -Meanwhile those who think for themselves and closely study emote and effect epee business ere enjoying all the benefits to be (Nivea from their superior sagacity and mental as weU as physical industry 1—Philodelpkin Ledger Importationa—The quantity of goods imparted duting the last month says the New York Journal of Commerce was not uncommonly great though the duties amounted wan unusual sum by the operation of the present 'atilt The patticulars areas follows: Dutiable gOoditimported : $6023768 Free : : : : : : : : : 518328 Specie : : 55417 --- Total : $5627511 Home American Eclipse--The Frankfort 041 "Commonwealth" contains a challenge from Geo E Blackburn a part of which follows: "1 have at my stable Americas Eclipse the great father of race horses and himself the victor of the Western World leis new thirty years old 1 will give the owners of fieestations an opportunity of comparing their horses with him on the third Monday of Feb 1844 at Frankfort Vire areafraid but few will daresppear when we make it known thetas old hareem Hu the full vigOr of his youth and as gay fad acdve as when the bugle's blast first called him to the field ot his vietory and his fame He is a living monument of the inefficiency of Time's attack& - Mr Silas Wright has given the President to Itsderstand that he would tot accept an appointment as Justice oldie Supreme Court Many supposed that be would take it se i wee let office that woo) seem to suit hint and to be in many-toints of view desirable to him His entire income is five bun- died dollars I year Mani might therefore suppose him to be poor But tf the absence of wants constitute wealth he isthe richest man in the country lives costeatedly on bialittle feral ad to tirely wit hit hie intvme tied deassot covet emoluments 41tr may also feel himself under obligations to his State to' continue hie services in the Senate a Washington Correspendestesif the Clarkston Courier '40 -- ' — The trial of Thomas Wilton Dom for reason was commenced before:Jhe Supreme Court of Rhode Island at Newport on the 29th of Perim ry lie demurred o the iedictmentan the grOunds that the Court had not jurisdiction to try bim in that county as the ofrancef any was committed in Providence The arguments on the plea were 10 teheard the sest day Penstayleanies—The Democrktie Convention at Nog edjoureed on the 6tis inetantafter Nominating Henry A Mohlenburst as their eandi data for Governor Mania Vas Bores- for President tied 'Richard MJoheson for Vic Presideet The National Intelligencer sanounets the death at a great ogts of the Ma Gabriel TDural Maryland formerly associate 7udeofthe Su preme Court of the United States which place be reargued a number of years since in consequence of his increasing infirmities ' It is tree as the Dee says hit Dagby of Alabima moved to take the tlassachusett's resolutions front the table in order that they might be primed —but why did not Ulf Dee add the declaration ol Bagbyt that he -would tote wines the motion whether made by himself oranother ? Alweys:ive us the wtqletruth Colonel—N O Courier T WO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD — PROCLAMATION By ALBERT G BROWN Governor of the State o(MiiWL W IIEREAS Itieltard S 6ravo4lata State Tres- surer of this Suite stands charged with ember-nib the money securities ant pryadnatifthis State and whereas ssidOmves hadi aDd is now a fugitive from justice Jed whereas the good order of society and the faithful admisistratioe of the laws demand that said lOgitiVe should be arrested and brought to trial aad whereas the Legislature did by an act approved Febraary 24 1844 place us assumed diallers at the disposal of dm Governor min used in procuring the arrest of the said tugitive now thetefore I Albert G Brows Governor of the State of Milzissippi do issue this my Proclamation hereby offering a reward of htto thaosasd dollars to any person or persons who shall within twelve months from this date erred the said Richard S Graves and deliver him to the authorities of this State or confine him La any jail in the United Suites la testimony whereof I have hereunto act and subscribed my name and caused the great seal MAL ot the State lobe affixed at the city of Jack60n the 6th day of Match A D1844 A G BROWN By the Governor: We limonnwav Secretary ef S'ate!" Deacturnose—Graves is about 30 years of age 5 feet 9 or 10 inches In height with a high and somewhat receding forehead light brown hair approaching anima mouth is large with a peculiar pucker at the corners his nose is slightly crooked and promi- nent has a thick and rather projecting upper lip had his front teeth slightly decayed rather small light blue or grey eyes with heavy Wows of a color similar to his hair be speaks very gelekly and fluently and in rather a loud tone Ile is a utive of North Carolina and was educated in that State Jackson March 13 1814 rural wlm RUNAWAY IN JAIL WALcI:trointiatorete ljailo Co af rnnpaiwah tyaycownhnocatin Is his name GEORGE WASHINGTON He states that he belongs to a Mr Gains a negro trader and was brought from Boone county Kentucky The boy it about 24 years of age six feet high and of a copper soloar speaks slow had on a blanket coat with fur collar white Huey pants dec States that he left his waster about 150 miles below Natchez on the cosst The °weer is requested to take him out under the requisitims of the taw THOS HOLLItiAlf Sheriff mar 16-elw1 of Copiah county PLANTATION FOR SALE TRACT on the Ten-::as about eleven miles (1 from the mouth containing about 1280 acres ei c oice cane land—selected in early times The land Is well improved about 150 acres-in cultivation betides about 200 acres which was deadeped in 1839 good gin and mill with cabins ater dm on the prem Les ''' The negroes stock etc may be had on good terms also if purchtscr wishes Apply to GEO R CARRADINE Nov 22 c3wtf MISSISSIPPI RAVER PLAN TA110ffir FOR SALE—ADAMS COUNTY IWILL sell the plantation on which I reside thirty five miles below Natchez containing twelve hun- dred acres two hundred and filly in cultivation with durable cypress framed Cabins and Gin 72 by 42 feet running two and intended for four stands An ususeal large proportion of the land is arable and of the first quality The present opening may be extended and made one expanded field of eight hundred acres above the high waters of 1836 '40 and '43 neither of which reached it nor came within two and a half feet of the bank along a two mile front which is and has been making for many years and not the remotest probability that it will ever cave I havrno levee and can never need one The back land is all good Dr Cartwright having some valuable land back and adjoining mine scrthet the entire tract is one of peculiar valve That portion not in cans nor now deemed arable being on the front awl covered by an inexhaustible quantity ot cotton wood timber which if converted Into steamboat fuel by the plantation hands would more than thrice pay for the property The -steamboat landing is permanent and one of the best at all stages of the river The location is one of unique beauty and may be recognized by a row of cotton trees white cabins and gin along the front opposite the head of island 118 I selected ibis property with great care with no expectation of selling it but circumstances prompt me to relinquish former hopes and I therefore offer a bargain As there is first rate land enough for a very much larger force than I have an arrangement might be made with the owner Of a large force of negroes to sell him halcor a hattlintetest la the land If not sold at private sale it will on the ----of ----- be offered at public sale on the premises oct14-w6o31 - aa JOHN W WEEMS ADMINISTRATRIX'S SALE DY virtutof an orderto me granted from the boa- AI orable Probate Cowl of Franklin county as administratrix of all and singular the goods and chattel:' land and tenements of Francis Long deceased I will expose to public sale on tile sixth day of May next within the hours prescribed by law at the residence of Francis Long deceased the following de- scribed property to wit: One tract of land on the wa- ters of Wells Creek the numbers as follows—the SE quarter of section 29 in township 6 of range 1 East containing 151 acres and 75-100 of an acre the NW loaner of sectim 28in township 6 of range 2 East containing 81 acres and 36100 of an acre the NE quarter of section 31 in township 6 of range 1 East containing 452 acres and 60-100 of an acre con-taming in all 384 teres Also one fist rate mill and gin on the plaem–ITerms : 1 and 2 years credit with approved security MARY K LONG hilarch 20 1844-w3 Administratrix ' ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE TN pursuance of an order of the Probate Court for I the county of ' Adams madta'at the February term thereof A D 1844 the undersigned administrator of the estate of Mary Thomas will sell at public yen-due) on Monday the22:1 day of Aprilnexton a cre dit of twelve months the purchasers giving beads with apploved security the following described real estate as follows to wit situated at the forks of the road—the first lot bding No 1 is bounded by the Washington road running along said road 198 feet Until it intersects with lot No1) thence along tot No 2 165 feet thehce along the Liberty road248 82-100 feetto the place of beginning Lot No2 commences at the corner of lot No1- on the Washington road and running along said road A feet more or less thence along the fence in southwardlyilirection to the corner oLlot No3 thenee along said lot Mitts later-section with lot No 1 about 224 feet thence along said lot to the plant of telinniog This lot has upon it the famty mansion an several ont-honues all in good repair Lot No commencing at the interecnon of lot NO 2 with lot No1 running along lot No 2 tastwardly 224 feet More or leas thence south- tsetwtaroartsdlwdy!448th fereentotthenhiereetheienaalencetiongtiletsonittgaintottitrieeoutantilhetattfLeltsibetelro- the plus of beginnieg Situated opoa this lot there is er commodious stable Upon la No 1 thersie a good ciesere and several chimneys -The sale will take place in front of Stockman Taintor's auction store at 12 o'clock M ' 2 tmar13-w3 SIMON MURCHISON adm'r - A DMINIST RAT OR'S IN °TICE - T ETTHRS of admiaistration having been grand -Late the unaarsired upon the estate Of JiMOA Ramsey deceased at e September term1843 of the Pro- bate Court of Afarna county Mississippi—all persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to present the sautes duly autheatidatedovithin the time prescribed by lawarthe same will be barred - fe1M-w6 " MARY RAMSEY Adm'It b7fTr-- E OP MISSISSIPPI t Conan Or Cosnoma a Uri Citerocety side of the Cookooks !Circuit Cool e Prenserp 141A 1644 - Aaron Shelby Complainant ha A Piper William tote tan and Jas S Polite Defendants frills icomplainast having by his Soliekbr filed A his hilt of complaint and it appearing to the satistaction of the Court that its A Piper is a resideat of the Republicti Tetas4-11 a thereforeordered by the Court that publication ol this Caine be made in the Natchez Free Trader six successive weeks notifying said non-resident Defendant that the Complainant has filed kis bill the object of which is to be dis charged on the grounds of alleged fraud from the payment el I certain promissory note -executed by Complainant to Defendant Porter for $16000 ai the Instance and requtst of Defendant Piper And it is further ordered that the said oon-resident Defeadant appear at our nem Cirtuit Court to be held on the third Monday of April next at the tows of Delta in said county and state and then and there plead answer or demur to the said Complainant's bill or the same will be taken as confessed and a decree entered aecordiugly - C HAS L-GEORGE CM I March-41611-w6 (Printer's fee 81050) AP "mow IN Pwrsaan 717I ass Ls n made and concluded at Pon totoc Creek d f the s1 o the rwen- u temente ry tieth day BY TUE " °c1c1btr! 18321:11 °made anPlconcluded the jettedPrRESesue'fitLetteES-p-aT isieneOtheF TcoreehTlirea teStyTbeAditTESweeeeen- tuid explanatory arucl reto e month and d concluded at the City Chickasaw Indians made ant rth day of Iday1834 of Washington °gibe twenty- ou U States do I Joint Tessa President of the m alonsetheet thetveTntryesaecryonbetwd deseyn oaf ethue nited States and the for the disposal ot such of t e an :fississiourteenPali: fru:timid towashP tike is United States by the said Indians as are ere s See at PO - descnbed shall bs-held at the Land 0 IthaldsacedPhuebiditcntoasafitheicer hereby declare and make knosmh h meruseconiedsfittonday Thla0TyTown0eirnsChLirtipast gas febeton the of range one esst eceast holiproannege tet otraonugestt7 Fr o north fractions of sections one two thre e and tout and fractional sections five and six Sa4c:ilio thitoY Fractional township seventeen of range two east te:ixar tbstlitr township sixteen of range two east— el illF8ceecrac:t:e n ii' in township a It wn insmalStownships sixteen and seventeen of range three east ev e ntownship o frange e four u or I reaan!etgectilloonure ieaghsttee n in township Section thirty-three in township eleven of range six east SectUadiboaniffiteseinctioionwntwenty ei-gtwht°5:of range five east Sections twenty-three and twenty-six In township four of range seven east Section tweuty-three in township tens of range ip seven of range seven easSrection thirty-sixin townsh seven east - - Sections and seven in township eleven of ran ' Soth half of section nine In township thirteen of - range seven east - Section twenty-five In township filleensof range seven east East half of section nineteen anti sections twenty twenty-eight twenty-nine- thirty-threes thirty-five and thlity-six in township eleven ofrange eight esst Sections three and twenty-four in township three of range ten east West of the Chickasaw itkeidiati West half of section five in township three of range one west Wen half of section thirty-Iwo in township twesif range three west pot Section thirty-two in township three of range four west North half of settion one neeth fraction of section twenty-five end sectio n thirty-four in township six of range four west Section fourteen in township eight of range four west Secticns twenty-five and thirty-a township 11-(11 tow four nine ll iveloteoMw Section enahip seeenensf range live er North half of section eighteen and section twenty nine in township eight tit range bye west Sections twenty-three and twenty-four in township nine of range five west Section eleven in township nine ofseange west Sections one tWo and three south half of section seven west half of section eight and sections nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven thirty-one thirtystwos thirty-three thirty-four and thirty-five in township ten of range Six west Sections four and fifteen and fractional sections ineteen slid twenty-nine In township eleven of range six west "Sections thirteen fourteen fifteen twenttsong twenty-two twenty-three twenty four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven thirty-three and thirty-four In township ten of range seven west Section twonorth half (lots A B C F G) of sec-don four and fractional sections five and puttee in township eleven of range seven west " Section-two and fractional sections six seven and thirty-six in township ten ot range eightovest Sections fourteen fifteen sixteen twentytwentythree twenty-six thirtysme thirty-two thirty-three thirty-five and thirty-sax I u township four of nage nine west Sections thirty and thirty-one in township seven Of range nine west CS1 - Section twelve in township eight of range' nine west -- Fractional section thirty-five In township nine of range nine stest Sections twenty-six twenty-seven and thirty-lye in township four of range tea west Sections six ten elenen twelve thirteen and fourteen intowaship eighttof range ten west- Sections four five six seven eight sesenteen twenty-three twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight thirty thirty-three and thirty-four in township four of range eleven West Southwest quarter of fractional section nine in township ion of range twelve west Section mots two ninesten eleven' fifteens sixteen and fractional section tweatystwo in township seven of range twelve west ' West of Me Mevidiafl if liwatsville in Akitas& I Fractional section eight in towashipthree of range thirteen west Fractional section one In terniship four of range II thirteen west except lot A Sectioa twenty-four in township five of range fif- teen wese East el tits-Choctaw 11:ketiiiett Yownship twenty-five range five east-- except west half section three northeast gutter section four east half section ten southwest quarter sesstion eleven 1 south half section twelve west half and southeast quarter section thirteen at:d north half and southeast quarter section fourteen Township twenty-ton of range six enet-s-except east half and northwest quarter section three suld northeast solutes section four Township twenty-five of range six east—eteent west half sections's° northeast quarter sectionshree northeast qsarter seotion eight east half and south- west quarter section ten west half section eleven west half section (ounce easthalf section seventeess southeast quarter and nosthwest quarter section nineteen south half and nostheast quarter section twenty northwest quarter section twenty-one nosthwest quarter anti southeast quarter section twenty-three south half section twenty-four north half section twenty ves northeassquarter steam twentysstx) north half and southeast quarter section twenty-nine section thirty northeast quarter section thirty-two -section thisty-the east half And soutinest quarter edict thirty-four ' T' Townships twenty-three Itattitenty-font seven east - Township tweisfy-five of rafigeseven easts-except west half section one north half Section-two north half section three south half section four north half tection eight north half section nine southeast guars ter section eighteen south half and northeast quarter section nineteen northwest quarter section thirtys Fractional townships twenty-three and twentyloar of range eight ease- s s - Fractional townships iewesq-Awo and twenty-thsee pr range nine east Fractional township twenty-one of range tenreasiss except South half and northeast gunner section one section two northeast quarter Bectioa eleven nnrth-1 east quarter section twelve- 'Fractional township twentriwis of salve ten east Fractional township twenty of range eleven east Fractional township twenty-one ot a &nth eleven tests-except sectiontwenty-six - Fractionl township twenty ef range twaveease— except noitisitalf section fourssection five east half section stixe4i pkltso"ndtth southwest Pestlyque'll° at'terlietiletistodan-gethilhrtl tl yll-oeene'1 north half section thirty two - ' 4 ss RESERVED SIX TEENTlf SECTIONS hart el Um Chickasaw Ikteridtaw's ' Ewe half of section sixteee in unweship thtee and Section sixteens in townships foes five six seven ecese111::ectih'Iniceeltialtellstoc111iwung:11silixextelkiasttihetee-1:e'nue1411n1 vii-De (11114tow's:':ensI3elhlis1i9vei''psst1awtonwe'S:oe::1:thlwsirtt:o71e1entihhi:rtilleteat:erriantafioi:1rel: thirteen fourteen and fifteen of range three east tieeSecitiloonn sslizxtteeetnestinak ttoowwmulhilpsps totwoe ith:oethfroeuer fours siz seven -eight nine eleven thirteen fount d fifteen of tinge four east - - Nit - 4 ikravosittireeseennLveal eight' 11111111111411 kJ' Section streets in knintSkip ' At - Lion sixteen in township tire au st) tqwashipe Sou Ivo eighlaum ass urrnsitipst Sours awes elLgal Lae mat 71 wat sax east $ South half section sixteen section towaships eight nine ten and eleven Section sixteen in townships ins six seven eight nine ten east Section sixteen in township 14) six seven eight nine ji4 test at 1711111t Secticn sixteen in townships ty7:111i d Tea of range ten east yea of range ten east West of the Glickman' IL Section Melees in tounshiss yoa-"I'et hl nine Ica eleven twelve asul eLZ:211110 west Section sixteen la tovashote iic— ten and eleven of range two0 Sortion sixtecia in riswagip--t ) and eleven of range three ite471tee Section sixteen in towashh IS -' il sixteen la township six aatlies- - ships eight and nine of caste fo-- 'wk &st half section sixteen in soin ) si '1 xteen in townships five aad see - --° sectioa sixteen in towshhip 11 -Ili k 4 Section sixteen in toenail—J L' Imp n ine of range six west 1- -niel' Section sixteen ia 1011filli range seven we p st Ire I East hate section sixteen- - ) north half section sixteen laic --"' eight west Ilt4IN Section' silken in townshi '' 1 nine west ' Ps 61111C West of lirsetwille‘ ALI it‘ Section sixteen in townshipsksir ven of range thirteesnavate Sectiom sixteen in townshipects‘ seven eight end nine (drugs flft--- Section sixteen la townships tsrea eidtt ails and tens of rugs stleitCZ 'Kim lan da sett toted as re i servateK 1- sions of the said heat4:4 &rein be tit At- ' sale which is to conduce open ibe -- longer testti The lands will be offered la 'motional quarter sections wheats Gives Andet my bandies theoni this twentieth day of January AIN 1 thottaand eight handled sad tortrfou IIJ the President': 1011i) Tao EL Bust - - - I Commissioner oftheWtere ft4)14vr31 STATE OF MIS Iffir-l WiLitutson Cann ) jue' To all persons interested is the led 111 AereditinkrtitS If Joke P 4114teri-j "trall are hereby cited to be and im JL Probate Courrofbald coantri Monday of our next June term 164 is to shew cause if any you eta as by theft ' "13f padylaiPelssees4nagd'theirelldehblestsb le h"o:ldsallailidia M cSdeeepsedbeallRsct1' uact of land situate in Wilkins° Bear -Creek autl containing boa 11 bounded on "he north by the landi 01- on the east by Ian& of Major A Sono by lands of W B Davie Ind Overtot k west by lands of W &Davis and Sate !I Witnest the Elonorrible Francis ko i said Probate Courtin' the eoemhosai i the second Monday of March in these 1 one thousand tight inmdsed and Wyk Issued this 141 day of Muth Itlit JOHN C ALELLNDE - marg0-w8 By Fan Coma H ST ATE OF MISSISSIPPI i Probel Wmitinson COunTY e 1 kali To Mary An MeNiltyEliza P11l4e' Wall McNulty mid le sid pernsuseit following issorilast tract el dad - V OLT ate hereby 'cited to teatime JL Probate court of Wilkinson moo i dayof the next May term1844 to aorta I you can why theifollowing desakelort ) tug in Wtikinson county should so iI All that certain tract or parcel of int 4 two htmdied and fiftv acre tract of las WT Mays and wife to Joseph Thom dated 29th September 1834 and by sid I I wife to Eyelike D McNulty Muy Lk 1 sa E IdeNulty and Jolt Wit Lk bearing date 16th November 1Sh)ce r acres being part of an eighty serekt I in the laud office by C E Mall atulis lion --ollowash le ------- of rap as follows Beginning al the south tea ti aid 250 acre tract of land skunks ning a line a westerly comsc sem is or acres- north of said line oat of Use t land entered by CE Heine:abuse el ing the Same 50-acre lot of land totler Joseph Thompson tad wife( is 0110Y i 250 acres above referred to) to alit t Marc AgcNultyEliza E Monlya McNulty by deed bearing dare the stir November which deed is hers 'doe 4 s particular descdion of said lend Witness the Hon Francis Gilha Probate Court-of Wilkinsoa Cone r 0 House thereof this the 2:d Maki el eels hundred and forty-four Issued this Ilth day of Mareli1114 - JOHN C ALLItiN till mat20-w8 By Fat CORA I' t -ti l'ATE OF MISSISSIPPt Orel' 1 ITTa MwotraWarTILTAenimeN:Na:MuletiCfuiTtueltaintidtt ai:::penoulLatille:es):' rfera1 I Probate Court of Wilkinson me day of the next May term toshew dart' e-i why three-foutths of the fulesingo i tibanedwianterssaolde coBlounmiyartsbsoncird neek!eottlx°: ' s i o n tired and fifty acres botinded en tit!' 1 Zechariah &Smith east by lands ofir i touth by lands of Peter Smith dew ll u lately owned by C E Hall bell)! oefi " land conveyed by Joseph 'lioarl! 411 McNulty and her wards by deed temri November 1838 Witness the Hoof Francis Csildel an Prpbato Court it the mutt-boos If: eel Second Monday of February eir j forty-four - - '-: pa el Issued this 14th of Pebroall 1 el : '- - PAIN a ALEM By F Caw "u feb 1089- be STATE OF MISSISSIPPI 4 Pe' WiLEINION ConarTa To Manta Jane Dimbant and Itolet 1 kit husband William D Ogdeefr um E saltine Mary A Quine and r21 4 of John Quin deceased ell a 11)"' : t t ested in the lands and teseace - 1 m deceasel - ' i et c you ate hereby cited tole sou Probate Court of VI Wang 0! 1 con day of the next May tens a saidor as if any yon can why the folio an( land should nut'be sold to plY °eft-fru ecl Wyk r--iA tractor land lyiet 7 to hez ey's creek containing (or liuPPT fie hundred and twenty sere' morel:01i ish sa:ncothilbort-:On the oorth br las ' by lands tundsdshoornialdscediv7121botroetclohY :1Blirnedmaul:11711b5::i ' cblaill:t11 died seized and possesleu - Got) Witness Mao ao Francis - I I said Probate Court at the court-10n ani the secoad Monday of lelx0111 ck isti and fortrfouv -----' ''' t Issued this 14th day of Febr111e ey v --- x-- ' I 01324 C A' ' v rib febil8-wG - IE'l----' rp in ad iLi various brancbm assortment ot Tuscan Strew 1144e I '- tilt: I 1 -11- citi lit IS: : : where WI:A 'k I 1l SsiESifA will IC" c lliRB r B1 :ti ea ri1E ng Sh a t:M lie ::: I'il I i 1 11 i ileittlaPiill Ladies' Caps of every 1' veriV1J :: I era Itibbons dico--all of 116" CVO prices for cash ut tbea vo She would respectfollY MY n I nee and the vicinity to give ber620vj t a - ' Bonnets Caps and the3T neatest manner and on the saotT: 0 prol sistiteerr who mhasilibinaedryez irpel11 6 bew:ictwort bailie tablishments in the the l'a ''' - ro ree 10 I - She has made arrangsme I t from New York and PhilidelP I IfIr Store on Commerce 117 ro 42 I l' glazier's Drug Store Va cr)' 6' b Itoit of I )00 I 1 - of I )00 I i 4 Ai-ELUDE' 1 (21Crklo Denj 11)Plit-lonit e - I kali ' Miss illiillio ' 4t4i Panful a sI Leak to be mut aka ilkinsoa eked ll 1844 to s tar 1 3g desabi ar t ) should koi yams( of laS 'it re tract of hal Joseph Them 1aatibyaidi I lity Muy Lk i he Wall lick abet tail de r lity sere istel I Lail sulk 4 ----of rasp the south Ira ri I above nark The sots to or kat of &tie- t Dm above sa E laud ekerar tit( 12 allekY l' toj to skid i t L htel'isty a 1 g date the sit acre masa '' s said and tads Glide il less Coal a 0 d Moaday11) t el r '' 't'''' Mare! 1 ALELiNrr EL COPRA fk t EFITTIC 1 ill Ell nit MEN I 0 all ?engem) Ire to be lei era te ilkiakot ekar ' oshew dare ii'i al followiagas e I did adr ha Ili° 11 3reek was 0 ded on lile ar' I' by iamb klia 1 kith itemised-1 ill 'sip! Ibe 1 hi k l'it!! '11 13(111163ani:IlaLnklebIlelleserli541dktoolical'vrikandslutill'be7isdc'poslyellantC'esdalltpopAhreg16ile:Iall'adi1111140184:21:'Illt13$1:111'e311:16:3-jell':765k-4 te'iae'lgis-'8k°:aevral Gt'entInbsatin:°k1(ii1111 ‘) -------- hi Vris it Pal'' 4 lollowlog Ily a 4 'lJ to ytalr1 ) hez 'br 124441kol " lab reed ill Wit ' soi l t eed 0 Mars mil whiao' It :Del aildar' e a court-haraLl ani eberarr' V el ILLgil' i b iggocoo ' ri --rl:v s rP E M 1 ismi it St p - - Ito I having I É lag berg 1 id i Arti 14 i atte kr e 1 L 1 raw aalli61 1 r ietl r) itiLli ' ' On iovitt tbe I i nee er a trat i! a esea 3 t shorter" pro ' de be go Iles ra glir i vet lot hie iota la ree' i glell la ti 11 Ars'o rim c 4 1 Orel 4 1 hat e Pa 1 iz:ts : troiti k 1 1 ' 1 t 1 44 ' 11 ir " 4 64 a It 4 1 bee) nd acre ha LI ty lion et as ge aid )n aCre land to lug 1 Jose of 250 Mal re Mel No tr- part n Prol at Hot ur cep In It 11 1) TA) c ge Y day wial1 land the 1 tet tired ist Zac a EOM Landtel let MCI pt Nov Vi Prot Pt geco fort3 h! Is as - tt- ST 7 4' To I "1- If of ga ea 111 de 4 yi re d ayi t ilea r- land Af ei4 6 eye bum et asfi soot 1 by h a by le died a said 1 the and 1 leg a L - fel ') 11 e) this) in al assoi Ladi A — 1 - - : - 71 iiimmonlEOMO -

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