The Charleston Mercury from Charleston, South Carolina on December 24, 1825 · 2
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The Charleston Mercury from Charleston, South Carolina · 2

Charleston, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1825
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r t ' I sp-fry swountognonvo " -- - - 't Mei of every other ancl judges both the ac- present the House Vag proceeding altogether was destroyed! It would seem' from some late CC' 1lisESTON A'il ElICIJ II Y cuset and the accused Wm ding to their de- on a sepposed state of facts tic repeated commultivations in the papers- that this Bells p asees--- sr i -the tribunal of venue °platter Is that if it shoold tutu tett that there was any rineers have taken the stand and are deter- ' u ' rtonistrkii lows lo y i i EN It Y I PINCKNEY not 'ling due to that banana' ? Is it not due thing to complain of if the courts art hail Milled not to budge au int:heal somebody will sCITY l'IIN rEn—vi 113 EASTB IV ' to the People thiat these papers shoed(' be laid been said' had usurped the poe eta of legisla- nedertake to pay them a coin peitaation for ---eseee-"eseass—eense—asesese beitne them I That sail Mr: IL is all that I tion lithe rights oi the 'thusly of the citizen their trouble Ve know not the merits of the r li ‘111' " IP:7-Rseteel '1''''th hel el'"'utsMal'It' ia asls and if anv one simunses thdt I had anv had been invaded he hoped he should lef qns40tin but fur God's sake let not the city a i Iv Art CO1IN rav P P FA (Three time ehyeeee-Fee ' ie" in rnicIllle Il'ii lTsuil"lent but to °leant found among the most zealous to administer bum down about our ears while the party il e dellars eye elloilin onitibp in tetvance cortert ittionnatitm lot myseli and others nit° the proper remedy But he could tiot recoil- settliog the dispute The Corlett ulnae should I t asill Adttertisertens nppe4r in both papers desire it they are entirely reiete ken Arid elle it to his souse of duty to proceed Int the' take up the subject iinniediately - rrompor0! samowo 1tromm Mb ' V Mi B's rid if he understood rightly the ex- let this settled until the facts vete teeter It evill be seen nom two communications c - Simi ttno colliwcwi '- pense of etiiiiiite i he papers sv helleectived knowie the these reasous lie nerved that the which tollow that the destructiort of woodett t 1 n SESSTON need not he Mew red in this ease for so resolutn ios be committed m to the Comittee on buildin was as very great and the individual s Sr proper had the Secretary of the Navy con the Jodiriarv - dktress almost imprecedented in our eity-It t HOUSE (IF RUPEISEN EATIV ES steered it that t he Pinetedines of the Court Mr Wiekliffe said in reply that so far al Is hoped the pnblie meeting which It been i inmate :eat Fetal It 16 he was personally concerned he considered it called On thiS disestrolis occasion is ill be nu- a Mat t ial should he made public he had alrea Er-proration- of the 'cortA iregt Coast iv 4iluqi1 'hem to he minted -Ind held in a matte' Of little moment whether the resod u- merotisly attended and-that prompt and ethic- r The fellee log I esoletiom offered yeherday ' ' I ' reiadineas to be laid before Coneress if called ' - ' lions !Lissy(' through 'one of the Standing tied measures will he atiopted to lighten at by Mr Rullea ii as taken tip e Committees or vent directly to the II mite least the calamity though they caonot en- I Re tor 3idred That ili Sec e t mare of th Na 'e vy 1 It had been stegeeteie atatereite tint ties Ile he hall stated on introdecing the resole- lately relieve it le req uested to inform this Ihnse Is hetherthe For the Evenini Pot I call for papers ottelit to' have betel eldiessed tions the reasons which had lehiced him to ss doom r wiir Bosto ornut it be commission- &site an expie sSion of the opinion of Com- This morning a most desouctive tire brohe I et the Plesodent tel the (Sneed states eith (II "eget liet he etndyed io exoloring Ine ' to 141i t i at office' of 1 discietion it to t'1VSS lit li'Veet to repealing the '25th secu(m out in the meteor the block bete cell Thump- 1 Noult West Co) Ist of Await-a its i is els and '1 ' - o LI I 1 ' oldie louv relents' to - id he need not reptat son Sullivast mid Spring streets and lichee It t toe ertiptlety ut conitannocatine the papers inhts lief oseert the parallels of latitudete and o ' - I 1 ' I - bd d 1 - I 1 0 -t t j I I those reeons now n I egati to I ie -t ie- llaS Sli ile i kistio) et root to y o or g v 'hied tor 49 north w ithont dee intent to the navel ser xs o t ethane!) he owe:1 it to iiiineellto $ay that he dwellings principally occupied by poor people - -er B Saiw on relenine to the Journal of of the C States imol limner the ex - the tibt I i he round el I aie tie Ice oh was not one el those n ito had i tignm1 ill a and ill it number ot the houses were several fa- pene I s mem ted in '1(1 a 11er victs s mild exceed I ' ' ' ' - 0 a - I i I i st the C I's of the Uoit- mine s Mont the compactness of the place ator Babcock 1 he i'ecteriry (It ar hart ee1hle 1"( s' a 'he' " ' sth'1 - ' thn ordmery exermses of such vesatI e bile ' ed Sates But he reesidered it his duty to and the houses being generally built of it ood been called upon to chemuttleate the Pso- t ernisine And also whether it 'tame! too prat:- eeedin oh ei c those elm had chosen him to be their Repro- and the almost total want of water the des- i o t htt there was tlealee to oansinit more cannon 411-1 mole ot e '' 1)ur I 's 5 1 ii si I ' IA 1 I 1 4 ' litlet1011 l‘aieoitipiete iil a cottliaratiVely Short the !ti I inne lemma' in the loon of the lammed St "WI" t" Hui a or 'tett in le r t ite meline f er i s oan auch th vessel n n'il - ' - - I- I ts - d 1 I ti t nen so t at p y ili itcsle it oft e notice tone l a malty cases the iellabitatits had 1 ' tee lute piopesed Nor could he believe that I is-mild he nevesa toy lot the use of the vessel ' there were any document conneettel ith of Congtesa 11 was possible he mien! be scarcely time to) dress themselves and escap- a w Mr ehtwyer (erased the followithe as an a- - ' mistaken as to) the opinion he had homed tog- tug for their lives leli their fon Mime and thee the 'teal el the ease of ( oniteridoie Teresa 11mA-emit to he 'doled te this resolve : that would improper to commonly tte to ne reett the ell troche of the reit' fit these little stock of winter stores a prey to the des- it It p " And theeue to proceed nth) Behtinea c onrtess h tile srest itea u nese Ganes awl so lie shoed' be glad to be cur- tru m ctise element Cases of iodividual solfel- i - a i t Snails and re priteneab n le to funing! h ilestiela eila I e !attache lif tier i' ' i ieted Ile had in his pi tas n a py essio co of mg are titietero n lis and 'lea reeding and I ilasaitcoustets re r route into the Polar Seas end thionli tee o ted tove an a inewheem tit tut effete the odes ii hich he had al e ays intendce at a shone claims are made mem the sympathy Of openings of l'i ince Ilea nrs !eke or Ilarroe's hi proptr time to produce and submit to the the citizens of New York who are ever alive Ms B comet! e d ' i t isit t' e olds! e le e I I Strait into Devis (A Pm iami a S traits then 'e ' ' ' ti-‘ ":1I I I d'It ' House It howeier it should be thuir plea- to the claims of humanity Relief et e te- rattier tint Iota iteseeonaa shoot' hare peers! does said Straits to some post in the United sore to) send the leselutions to the Committee kettle' must be histairtaneous A public meet- I Rhona a eon! It Oro lion in retition i0 it and Stiles" wh tie 'tow ohnlitted t ch:irelv o the pleasure of ich had been mentioned he therld thetr- ing of tile citizens is nierefure invited to ntor ' s i l The qeestion heilig lit on the amendment t ! 1 it mew tottly ampliesee as he hd a ilte utmost cone- row I vening Friday the 15th of Doecniber ' " moved tr Mr 1-: 11y et it was lejeiitid Th qmstion w 11V1 taken on the pas- deuce io both die ability and lotegrity ot tilt instant at 7 o'clock at the Broadway House aii 9 'The restion e as thee put foo the origir il lighterted committee to des Ise means fur the rehef of the milortus " sae' ul the es° ti t ion mil vas decided i alt " pi uposi:tol ol Mr Bat hes reel cari eel MeTtimitle of Kentucky said that this was nate sufferers eel a do isSon in I he attire) ohs C Ore of Commodore Porter (hi "01on t :'i i cosed of N J it was a question iii which he felt some Intl est and ANOTHER ANTAL o ttiffi I :NI 10ba1 of Penns lerhi Th itt the ten Reole- l I- he concurred entirely in the s lees which had The life ofthis mot ning ill Sullivan Spring essi Colninetee s vatta the Rinse took tip (not ss Won't a mon- 1 (1 s amp he instructed to inquire into been taken by the gentleman from Massachti- and 'Thompson streetselas dem-islet' upwatd s o n s toef eemite voices-) tile reaolution aimed the i e repeo p flea et e alarmin the children and sttts as to the propel mode et reference of it 01 100 fannies of a place of slither bout the l a:g by him the (1ty betters yesterday Tailing for heirs of Jahn II (Imes dhesaaed late of the 'Ile had he said made some inquiries as to the pinching cold of this inclement seeson and the Plopeedloo of the Court Martial and the count y Of it (s l en el the S tate of e - mv-e t er- Judicial y system and pi rticolatly as to) the the amount of distress is almost beyond cou -e Court of Introir a recently held (you Cothinee 'Se eahrie eonipenhition t-hr a deeiiiii eat ly history of it and he had learnt whe ception I beg of you Mr Editor that you dote 1) ivid Potter : e tiler con ectiv Or not he could not say that would cell the artenti i f t ' ens t at ) i u he citizens the house Ind whet rropertv burnt by the Britt- a ' - - Ali Buchan:1u sae' that hen he had the troops in coasequence of the military mien- sham at the commencement of the Govern ereat calamity that es bile the vs ants and mishonor el submittieg this teselieloo he li od of aid leeise by th ti000s of die len- mem t he solleeet was miginally acted epon tortuues of those vale) have stilreted by similar loation se suppoied that it would pass aa a ma'ter ol ttd :tles in th e )I tliti 1 -volution it WiS lint:id to be the west temblesoine and calamities abroad have been promptly supcoinse and not a word - n e n be ecessery to be teee" oe mr ' tei It -I :' ll t t ' e 01 it 1 It t ex i!timi s 'natter Won- Cow:Jess Ile feat ed plied our own destitute poor eho have thus said On the solijrct Si firmly was he of that ea ilea it would turn mit to he the same itows beeniciriven from their habitations may not Yoh regard to the exceetimis issuing limn be suffered to perish for want of the cheer- opinion diet he thoueht it needless to treseass D:&elefil That the " Comet-tit-lee On the On the uttentlim of the Melee to shoe anY Tel ritories" he inetruct I ' ef to intone nat me Cote's of the Teem! States it appealed ing influence of their charities reasons for its paseage 'Tim unwillingness awe:Anent e isse a in : he ceil Ade le hen teese tele but IWO V a t i sheltie') they I hope Mr Editor you till maktitse of the st hich had been shown to act uPoe it ntade nisttatioa of the Got emarent of the Terrier- could he reetilated-the one by adopting a just inthience you possess to assist sidle' Me it his duty no to sulemt a few observations io of Florida and else altel at ions oil int to general ea sten of exectititte laws the other humanity The cate demands immediate in reference to it halite (hue which he he made iti the ha s 1 s ol ion s - - 7 11totta t ov adopting (Wen each State the system oh attelition and I hope you svill surmest sonic Illb Sh011itt SUOinit it to the pleasure of the II must' s lei arnment that i'etate So fir as relate1 to a general means for their relief What asked oll B iS the purport of this CONGRESS OF P t NA MA sy stein for this 'impose Mr T satit he did - resolution ? It imposes a call on the Secre- Mr Hendee) Of S C etre' eel we fellow it believe that this House or any Congt vas Another fire-We learn that the laree tary of the Navy for a copy of the proceed- ine tesslaoloa for ceinsitletiiiv3 : illii vet y soma coecur in 4)11e le tracing melding occupied as a public house by M ings of the late Court Martial and Count of ResL)1reit Til-tt tii liteolent tif the Felted out such a system difficulties would grow op Givan called the Lake Tower Ion situated Inquiry in the casesof Commodore r prter Is Settes be teat ware' I i tisiem t to this II mae et ever Y stet' Whenever it should sritionsii a little off the Bloomingdale road leading to this said he a ii vel reeetest ? I ' e -i is of a ceples of all sualt docanneuts or pa ts of c ir engage in the discussion of such a project the the North River was burnt to the ground last came of (elms whit have re ee lly met tesimedeuse (not i)eum' ttilile veil the pee (Luise vomit' find that aity system adapted to Melee How the lire one-emitted we have not the approba'ion of this Ilauae ' ithin ito tic interest to) he c0unntmicate1) relating It one portion of the country timold he very tin heard but we understand the building was own distintt recillection three cases o thi an invit 'lion is hich has been extend I to the suited to any other 'Dr it system for eXiiiii- instil ed Iiir icmco Lind OCelli red (hi iiiz the last aesnon f Con Government of this comely iti tile it inti pie which would suit the agtirulturist would ee gres ill eitiell the calls iv me era le ed 's a inat hes of Colombia of levet) aryl el Central not suit tile reerchaat : the' which wood' see The Hon Josiah Quincy was re-elected tel ()itemise vi : le tne case of ei j r Ba e America to hen in the lehbersei ie of a a the mere:snide class eaat of the Alleehany Filayor of Boston on Monday last by almost z t e f cock tit it of LiectVeaver and t:Iii ! I eien Coneress to be held at the lation es of Pena- would not he found adispred to the ‘Vesteril an unanimous vote What a lesson does this Connor Aatiss'r ought they tiot o hat i ilia" and which has indoced him to sign& trading intel est Ile made these remat Ls on t'fi4:11 ! The officer most deservedly pc:Tearer beeu granted ! The citiesloott is not noe epos to this It 'tee inat widisteis Oil th! part ly to intimate e lett he considered as difticul is one M ho has alovays actively done his duty the riming of these dace inents-thoterheitet toe United e t a t e s e ill be commissioned to ties in the way of a deciaion of this question at all times and seasons without filVer or wete he belies ti he could satist ro tie Howse el pin ht tithe etiberations and he was pet fectly satisfied that the whole affection' to any one the propriety of then "'Mee prietee all eau 'be e-olu ton lies otie day of come subject could not be left in better hands tine en object Oil) to calling for information be 0 ineeta of 111 Peter of 'i A ii as those of the Committee ne the Judicial r Ile Dinh s the le le gale of 'Tuesday two sloops einise of the ewitiiii4eney that it made wile:- Resoted Tnat the Commit: ee tei Mi hoped therefore that theae resolution' it mild were driven ashore on Coney Island A sloop obtained be ot doled to be pi lilted is as au ao letts be itetreeted to imetire Into tile expe- not be eon-wetted to a committee of the whole was sunk near the Ow l's Ilead crew supposed gument entitled to ne weight at all-the ques rtanicy I o establestene oat on more Found' me t to that committee in ithich the atiliject to have been saved The steam boat Expe- e al earett'd tion is how are we elm want it to obtaiti tins for the inmutacture ot mass and irun ore might b neittuely consirtered ri te n intent laid up seek in Albany Basin information hut by availine ourselves of the theeee for consideration in such a form as might --- authority of this Howse to obtain it ? As to Oa Motion of Mr- Dorsey Of Aid it was enable the 'Luso to act upon It conseopitioto The North River was closed yesterday as applying personally at Ilie Departmelit for it It'solced 'Iliat the Committee on the Jit LIIY far as Esopus Flats and the navigation of the Mr B said an ludiviillial membei of this dicime be directe3 to inquire lam tae expe- Mr Wickliffe here withdaew his motion to Oda ate is reported to be stopped by the ice house had no more neht to inquire intermit diency of awl)° :zing ihe preaieet pee tie refer the subject to a committee of the whole above Bristol tioo from ally of the Departments th in an death or lesigitatioteof tile Cleric of either ot cooseiniee teat it would go to the Judiciary se--7"-ease' ------ - - - ---------i other individual Was it proper he “sliedthir the Colitis of the United States &nine th Committee and CIIIIILESTON member a of this House should go one idle vacation of the Court of it h rile resollitiOnS were referred to the Judi- hic such puree the other to the Departinen ee ts l ask eace so dying ot reale ti tug was Clerk to appe ditty Committee accordingly Si TOW' Y MORNING DECEMBER 21 al On S for himself to see papers and obtain intorno) mid eoutinissioll it fit aild competent persoll To-ntheratal being Christmas Day Mr Mercury will tion which concerns the welfare a the whole? to such vacant office to hull u ol the sae utiis motion of Mr Drayton of outh Caro lina it ‘vas ' PUii be published 071 Monday Cettainly not The practice therefole had the mixt meeline of said Cour' &solved That the Committee on Naval been and he trusted would coritintie to be RULES OF THE U S COURTS 'Mrs be instructed to ierpere into the expe The Empress has brought New York went to the when a member or this House represeetiet Mi ickliefe called up the resolutions hr liency of 'establishing a Navy Yard at CI) or - anth inst They (imitate nothing of importance I ' offered some days slime ill relation te t i sten Soul' Carohna for the bu ilding r — as each member does on important portiou o- NS e understand that the Fourth Class oldie Lottery r es of procee line adopted by tip Cill 1 i hailing and equipment of sloops of war alio this community calls for a public paper lie shall bave it by a vote of this House It had of the United States and 'teeing modilie vssels of a smaller class in for the Benefit of the Academy of Fine Arts and the the Navy of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Charleston will been suggested yestet day and with great de- them by stekitig out one clause moved tha e need States be ference he must say that the stig esti° was they be committed to the Committee of tho Oil month) of Mr Barney of Md it was drawn soon after the holidays—Grcat exertions are making to forward the disposal of Tickets The whole House Resolved That the COM ill awe on Naval Ai wholly out of order that these papers nail bee called for by the Senete and that thereto' e Mr Veleter asked for the reading of tie -III be instructed to intirtite into tile expem 8 a e iris 1: cheme of this Lottery is attractive to adventurers and CI tmas present of ) a ticket in it will have the resolutions as modeled tieing anti they tieing read ''nast of establishing a Navy Vaialin the pot t it was not necessaly to call for them here Bt t said he is there any other mode a ettich the he ruse again to propose as he said that e si Balmnere &able taltie of doing a service to literature and the a inforrnatien could be propetly ill possession ol dillerent Mier-tem should be given to the reso - -Q111 arts and of giving the posaessor a chance of gaining a this House than by calling for it ourselves I lutions from a hat the honorable mover pro From the NcisrYork Evellin9 Post tof December 15 handsome stun of money -- 4 the Head of a Deitmet Ipaiie to posed lie did m not 'ow an u y sage that jus- Destructive l'irep-At a quartet befert fi Clarioiophic Society Incorporate if he do not send to'the senate all the reel heed the itiferen cc of these resolutions it e'clock this morning the ery afire was heard At the Annual meeting of this Society Dee 6 meths in any case! Far be it floin me to toe first instaace to a committee of the st holt at long intervals to resolind throughout streets Ise - Tho ' the following gen m w tleen ere Elected tit-firers siiy that the respet'table Ilead of th:tt Depart- House Ile speke particular' v in telerence ha those who happened to be awake for ensuing e e year ment tt mild in any case nitithold docunterts to the second resolution That resoletioe hells of tile city or at least in this part of it I lid EXITH011ry Richard 1 Manning President eroper to itecoutinimicated-I have no such Protessed to state facts certainly not of gene tentained mute all the ehile and we prestune lingh S Legare Vice President Opinion of bitu-but as an argument this sup- rat notoriety a ocf ut which no evidence witat I signedly so The scene acondagration was Jaikilla Divver Freasurer position InaY iterve to shew that this house eser had beet) iirrnisoed If he understood it at last discovered to he in Thompson-street Daniel S 1 truderson Secretary ought itself to call for Whatever papers it has it assumed or eases ted that certain Courts o' between Ittounie and Spring sfreets It cone Hone John h O'Neal' Anniversary Oratoroccasiou for tote Ullited States had prescrihed rule-s of menced iii a stable al tere a carman had gime At the Seventh Anniversary of die N I New- ngland It had also been suggested that this House practice not tv a rranted by law with a candle to feed his horse Before the sehey held on the 21st into the following geotlemea ouent not to call for -any documents on any But tile House had no) kilo wlede of any firemen with their enernes could reach the were uteeted Officers for the ensuing year: Pep etment of the Government unless the' alien odes or of any rules supposed or alleg- spet the whole neleiden hood Wat enveloped 11 Joseph Winthrop PRsident member moving the call will avow that he has ed to he °Idea chalacter The rules thene in flames and when they did arrive there be- Joseph Manning M D Vice President a specific object in it Now Mr IL said it selves are not produced 'Fite Home know ine no tire plugs in that part of the city and W iswald Jones Secretary &r Treastiree m was obvious that a member must see and know at present nothing asout them and it will the cisterns all empty front a tong dtought no Committee On Charity-Rev S Gilman Alessi-9 S the contents of a document before he can limey as little vs hen it shall have resolved it supply of water was to Ille had nearer than the ChadwieleA S It'illinstou George Gibb3 D Con:- t ' judge whether or not it be proper to foetid my sell into a committee of the w hole The pro Non h River upwards of a quarter of a mile ker G Y Davis J Clark measure upon them In the present case Mr per subjects for discussion in committee of distant anti near an hour elapsed before they --atom-- l : Ii said he did not meditate any ulterior pro- tile whole doubt less are general propositions could operate with any great effect upon the DINNER TO TUE DUKE OF SAXE IYEIMAII ceeeing Ile had calted for these documents or general measures in regard to) which no devouring element which was sweeping ell At a meeting of the German Friendly So end he hfid expeeted diet they would have invesegation as to) facts anS as to patticu- before it As soon as the firemen had arrang- eiety lucid on Weduesday I leh inst the Duke ! been granted asa matter of course for tile Los may probe blv become necessary tsti ed their lines of hose so as to afford water to of Saxe NVitim ar was unanimously admitted purpose of examining them critically for hint- ia this case if tit e Iterate should go elm coin- the engines who had in the mean tone Conned as an honoiary member and on Monday Jest r self and whether any ulterior proceeding was tierce is there any thing -to eh ect its hide- it cordon around the frightful ragiug element he partook of a Dilute!' given him under their 1 to be moved or not would depend on trie as- ment on the question whether any of the a check was given in the names and eneour- direction at their Hall The company coin 1 pect of We documents after they wete sub- courta or whiell of them have adopted sacs aged the hope iu those w else dwellings were posed of Germans and their descendants about t nutted of practice incousistent with law and the in the ecighborhotelathat bounds would be set sixty iit number sat down to an excellent din- i What then said Mr B is the nature of rights of the citizen I iMtist we not lost see to the enemy and their little habitations saved ner prepared by Mr? Stewait ill his usual ‘ the question presented by- this resolution ? vital those tules are? lie ceitainly was wil- from ruin nor were they disappointed After sjyte Amongst the Guests were Mr Huygens ' ' There is a gallant officer of our Navy who ling that the sulieect should be fully investigat- a bald struggle for stone hours ill which the the Secretary of the Duke NVelinar the lion bat been tried by a Court 3Itet0al and cull- ed Ile of course knew at present little or greatest praise is due to our active resolette the Intendant Col Vool of the United States vimed-whether -correctly or -:t I do not nothing oleic case what lie wanted w1 and indefatigable firemen the flames were Army Thomas Lowndes Esq Dr Tidyman wish to express an opinion I cannot until I see in its true and red colot s the thing 0t gut under but not until they laid waste forty and Professor Henry Of the South Carolina 1 see the documents to enable toe to form One- svas complained of For Ins part he did nt I buffdings at least and Left destitute of shel- College '1 it is an unquestionable fact that in regard to yield to etery suggestion that amp and up teeler the retnaindcr of the winter twice that Much hilarity prevailed and the company that trial and its result tile emintry is divided right inaistrateS had acted oppressively ii number of families As near as we can judge did not suparate till a late hour in the evening I in sealiment The friends of this officer-an vexatiously or in a mullet which solulatethreeeetesseP are nine two story brick front buildiegs The following toast were (hank :— a - officer who has sited luster ou the character of rights of the citizen Ile thought such sug-- destroyed onSpring-street twelve Or foul teen - le America-the land we live in i ' our Navy whose fame is sir eh that our Sister gestiOlIS Wight not to be made without show- voodoo ones ou Thoutpson-street and eleven es The present state of Germany-Nobly s a o Republics vie with one another in otrering hint ing the case and the proofs or at least or teelve on Sulliyaii-ett eel WO coirld not triumphant in a suite for political existence I - inducements to engage in their service-the without some statemeitt of the fact If it obtain a list of the ewnets and occupants in in peace she wisely cultivates all that tend to se - ' friends of thia office' come forward and ask were true that litinstice bed been thine he seasoit for this eveeinma paper Two houses thehappiness oilier people and till that exalt ta thatothe pioceedings of the Courts in his case was most read v to join iii a proper course of only it is said hire insured her character as a nation shmild be laid before the Representative tri- remedy If there had been oppression or yi- e take this occasion to mention a fact and S The President of the United States hone' la this an unreasonable request ? Is olation of right surely every member of th de it with sorrow mei indignation that not a The celightened and expel ienced statesman it an argtonent against complying with such a 'louse would be mast anxious to a flu) ti redress single bell except the small one at the jail 4 The seigniors Family of Sexe Vosimar 0 - tequest that our impoveciAed and endiarrussed But benne tile House proceeded j'ateer be was Mead to ring in this city for more than Patrons of Genius Learning a' nd the Arts Treasure may be called upon to den ay the wished to see tie foundation of the chargis one hour alter the conflagration of last eight 5 Our distinguished visitor the 'Duke Ber- etreetuve of printing these -papetis V raeciv- Ile w ishisi tii h now what the rules complailt- brote forth The wateitinee cry fire ae they nard of SexeWeintar-May safety attend hie a tessiPse There is in m this cootty a T 'dither' ' ed of were Ile tequested thm et the h oni le cie to be produe- - TI ' a t lty was not alarmed till Tour throireli America and happiness his re higher than this-which th revievS e proced e- ei aim tlicir illegality to Lc !tond am get A o t prperty moun o -10 the at f meek sal ()teeth turn to his Faintly a Upon this toast being aranh tho Duke ex-messed his thanks to the meeting in die Gerumn language of which the following is the substance :— Gentletnen—I have ever blien proud of my Nativity as a German but pecidiady so at at this moment suirounded as I am by so many of my eon it rv men i epi esenting our native Laud in sogratifying a manner L am unable to express the pleasule I feel for the kind receptiou I have received lo the Culled States particulativ in Charleston It will ever be a sot)) ee of delightful lefleetion to my mind that circumstances have introduced me to se many of my Countrymen in a foreign land and when I leave this place I shall ever dwell with fond recollection on the maw friends left he wit)) will think of me with kindness The moments I have passed with you it ill he regarded amongst the happiest of niv life and indelibly registered upon my memory Permit me Gentlemen to express mv thanks to you for your affectionate attention and to rem' n you my wishes for your respective health Hod prospetity 6 The Goveruni (Attie State of South Carolina 7 The German Associations in the United States—Founded Ott the principles of usefulness and benevolence whilst they conform te the Institutions of the country may I hen mendicrs never lose sight of the virtues :led habits of the land of their Forefathers The memory of the immodal Luther Whose energy has unshackled the human mind and whose greatness has been acknowledged by Villas a Frenchman and a Catholic 9 The Literati' of Germany—Klopstock Schiller Wieland Goethe hailer Illumenback and a host of others whose literary re potation is now reflecting honor upon their country Irons every quarter of the globe VOLUNTEERS By the Duke of Saxe Weimar—The City of Chailesten By Vie Intendant—The Memory of Gen Washinztoo By Thos Lounules Esq—The Prominent Feannes in the German character Honor' Fidelity and Bravery By Dr Tidynan—May the Riders of the GUMMI States ever imitate the virtues of the reigninq Dtt ke of Sdxe Velma! atid like him become truly illustrious by promoting the arts and sciences awr guarding with parental care the tights of their subjects By Professor Henry—The Descendants of Germans inerica—May they always glory in the recollection of the land of their fore fathers celebrated for !genius valor and worth By Cot Wool -South Carolina—Alike distinguished for her hospitality and patriotism - — REI The special committee to whom was ieferred so much of the governor's message No: 1 as relates to altering and amending the constitu (ion of the United States in respect to the election of the " chief magistrate of the nati on" respect full)' ItE PORT That they have given to the subject committed to their charge the serious consideration due to its just interest and importance and beg leave to recomtnend to the adoption of the legislature the following resolutions 1 Resolved That the constitut ion 'of the States ought to be so altered and amended as to render the manner of choosing electors of Presideut and Vice President uniform through out the union and that for this purpose it is advisable to provide by a constitutional amendment as follows : that the several states strati be divided into electoral distriets corresponding in number with the electoral votes to which they may be respectively entitled each of these districts shall have the nomination of one elector to be chosen by the people tvithin t he same privileged to vote for members of tire popular blanch of the state legislature 2 Resolved That the constitution aforesaid ot411t also to be so altered and amended as to prevent the election of President and Vice President from devolving in any event on the Congress of the United States Respect fully submitted It A TAYLOR Chairman —go-- General Barton—Some months since it was stated iii the Eastern papers that General Barton the officer of the Revolution who captured Prescot t on Long Island was then and had lot many years been the tenant of a JAIL in Vtrinont for debt By the Vermont Star of the Gth inst we lealn " that while on board the Brandywine Gen La Fayetie wrote to Gen Fletcher of Vermont enclosing a draft with a request thatthe sums for which Gen Barton Avas confined should be paid This request was complied with in a most delicate manner and Barton now enjoys freedom how is the name of 1ar Fayette connected with all that is really great in public and good in private life !" The Post Office—The Post Muter General has directed the Post Master at Cheraw S C to dclivel letters when called for tvithoat re gard to office hours This is a gootlartangemew and we hope that this order will be extended to all the Post Offices in the country where the interests of the people require it— We can see no good reason why the office in this city should be closed daily at sunset and very frequently before the kestern mail is assorted or can be delivered Thus depriving our fellow citizens of an opportunity of answeting their lVestein correspondents at least e4 hours The clerks are required to remain in the office until 9 o'clock tin the purpose of making Ill) the Vestern mail yet notwithstanding letters and newspapers are often retained in the talice until next morning and ft ir no other reason than that the Vestern mail at rived half an hour after the usual time--Philcut Sent Dec 11 0114 Fire at Brunswick Maine—On Tuesday last a firs broke out in Is Cotton Nlantilactory al 8 A NI an destroyed two Cotton Manufactories a fulling Mill s double Stiw 1A1 ill a Grist Mill aud ten or twelvt Dwellings aStore Carding anti Machine Shops kc The following are the names of the owners aud oceu pants of the property viz : lion Mr l'age Mr S Itt C Berry ' A Hunter Samuel Page A Mer rill N Dive is John Dyer Major C Taylor Mr Moore Mr Livermore H Bird Capt 1 Moody Dunning & Parsilley Dean l'erry Mr Dean Swift Mrs Putman and others Most of tin furniture of the occupants was saved as well as ths goods from the stores The whole ot the building' destroyed were of wood The loss GI property is vs tirnated st $100000 The La Fiala q1 guns hound to South America arrived here yesterday front Philadelphia and is a anchor in the North River nerir the South America —N lark Doily Advertiser Dec- 17 A line Estate for Sale rrilE bids For the LA URELAIILL PLAN- ' TATION Estate of J IL ANCRUM at the auction of the 15t It limit having not IR en equivalent Py its value the aubseriliers on the ternis prerioutilo adverting! will keep the side open for private con tract until the 1 st Janwiry ne For particulow ference is asked to cur advertigemplit of the lavt pun-met °WEEK CARTER & CO Ntry !!9 fircit44srfai -!" I d ACCOUNT Of a visit from St Nicholas or Sante Claus 'Tans the night before Christmas when all dine' the house Not a creature was etirring not even a moue 'The stackings were hung by the thinmey with care In hove that St Nicholas soon would be there The children were limited all snug in their bethr IVhile visions of ereear plembs danced in their heads And mama in her 'kerchief and I in my cap Had just settled our brains for a long winter's III— When out on the lawn there arose ucIi a clatter spreng from the bed to see what was the matter Away to the window I flew like a flash Tore open the F hutters and threw up the sash The moon on the breast of the new fallen !mow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below II'hen what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny rein-deer With a little old driver so lively and quick I knew in a moraeut It must be St Nick More rapid than eagles hie commers they came And he whistled and shouted and callml them by name "NoW" Dasher now ! Dancer now ! Prancer teiri Vixen "On! Comet on ! Cupid on! Dundee- and Blixem ' To the top of the porch! to the'top of the wall! "Now dash away ! cloth away! dash away all As dry leavr before the wild hurricane fly When theyreet with an obstacle mount to the sky So up to th house-top the coursers they flew With the aleigh full of toys—and St Nicholas too And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of each little hoof - As I drew in my head and was turning around Down the chimney St Nicholas came with a bound He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot And his clothes were all tarnisted with ashes and soot A bundle of toys was flung on his back And he look'd like a pedlar just opening his pack His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples how merry His cheeks were like roses his nose like a cherry His droll little mouth was drawal lip like a bow And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath He had a broad face and a little round belly mat shook when he laughed like a bOwl: full of jelly HP was chubby and plump a right jolly old elf And I laughed when I saw bine in spite of myself A wink of his eye and a twist of his head - Soon gave me In know I had nothing to dread Ile spoke not a von! butt vent straight to Ir:s work And fili'd all the staekinge then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of hitt nose And giving a nod up the chimney he rose He sprang to his sleight to his team gave a whistle And away they all flew like the down of a thistle : But I heard him explaiu ere he drove out of sight— !' Happy Chi ilmas to alt and to all a good night" LETTER BAGS SAT ‘VAIIIER'S READING ROOM BROAD-ST Ship TALLYHO Fisher LONDONBrig EXPORT Brown BORDEAUX HIGH WATKII THIS DAY '7H 121' !!!!!mooommoroommum MARINE PORT OF' CHARLESTON ARRIVED YEsTERDA 'Line ship Com Perry Thorp New-York 10 days Mdze and Produce--eto T & Street & Co E meet E Sebring 11 Wheeler D Mille Hyde &Cleve land T Flemin' e & Co Soria & Co N Vernon J BancroftJ C&CBorekulyerFenn Townsend & Hull Woolsey & IVilliams L Benson E M Ginness Relnh M'Intire & Co Pitkin gz Boyd Rodgers Spofford & Tileston Percival Boag Moss & Caseidy T MOUIF My J Haig J C Walker A S N Mom truss Z Gilman Co E T Hoyt z Co NI L Wit kine T W Robineon 11 NI Hamilton & Co J Elaii d & Co Baker Gregory & Co Dodd & Barnard P Campbell C Westfeldt S Mowry Hemming & Roas M L Hurlbut J Condy E Carvin IV A Caldwell J Preston It Anderson W II emit Boyce & Henry S Babcock & Co T Chrietihurg D NI'Arthur & Co R Godard M Holbrook Deming & Henley P Drege ' L Chupein C Douglas Fair child Lyon & Co Parieth Corning & Co W S ler & Co 0 A Rhoorback W M Creadv J Adger & Co L Galpin J Corning Wildman & Starr Bigelow k Birch T Cochran and J J M'Carter Passengers Mr Oliver and lady Dr Ridington and brother Messrs Jackson Morgan Williams Palmer Sewill Hepburn Darnword :Lawton Taylor ('fiord Hall O'Riley Kingston and Dormony Line ship Empress Sinclair New-York 4 days Mtlze and Produce—to T &T Street LCoJ&D Paul E G SaFF H M Hamilton &co Fa relcld Lyon & Cu E Sebring J C Walker J D Ansley co T Hem icing k co Fenn Towneend & Iliji N Montross Hyde & Cleveland T Mordecai 0 A Roorbach Babcock & co W Brown J j M'Carter J A Ketch run IVildman & Starr E Felker E Burch IV Swift L Norton S S Saylor J & C Lawton J & II Rose M Roger Boyce & Henry P Thome L Olds E Me Giuness ' Holbrook J Bancroft J Preston Mc ArthurE Bement IV A Caldwell Cohen & Nlorde cai G Hoffman & co D IV Hall Blom & DitissonJ Elder T Alonnsey D Mills S Mowry H Wheeler G Ferman Soria & co Wilkes k Wilkins J Ellis 1 Robinson D Dubois B B Simons Noe mand & Stile son L Benson T Ingliss Percival k Bong C C bring J Black L Hurlbut I WalterP Cohen and the master Passengers Mrs Eyland and twe children Mrs C Vellum and child Miss Chesterman Messrs Faber J Henryata Sebring 51 Warren and J Jones Left line ship Calhoun Munro for this port '24th inst Thc achr Cheraw Nichols which sailed from NVork on the Ilth inst for Georgetown S C put back out the 18th dismasted Ship Florian Harrison Philadelphia 7 days and 80 bouts -from the Capes Mdze and Produce—to Hemline S:r Ross E T Hoyt 84 co M Couner beland & Star ' M L Hurlbut B Smith B Godard:0 Nliddleton A S GahIard G Mathieson J Chamberlin B It Smith - ohen & co T Johnson J A parelli J Moses It Bentham J Bird J C Walker Hyde & Cleneland 0 I Dobson C & C Burekinyer J Ramsay L T Gaillard T IV Bacot E Harleaton Jun Kershaw Lewis & co IV Connor C Alston A M Parker E Horry Deas & Broun R Carnoehan I I B Bounethean1 Bancroft Cheesborough & Campbell Fairchild Lyon L co C Edniondston J mi II S Elliott Solloe Warley E Satire J Walter Kershaw Lewis ken Boyce &Henry J Robinson T Fleming &co R Fleinuaine J J Kirkpatrick R M'Kenzie Ladson & Dawson Montgomery & Platt S Huard J Mulligan C & Mey J Gibson Mathews & Bonneau Ramsay Percival & Bong C Tracey P Hoff J Johnson C L West Dr Tidyman It Landreth IV IVilKinson Adger & co A Le Prince J Strohecker J Stoney IV Calhoun B Smith tSz co G Rout IV IVightmanV Kolme T Philbrook T S Grimke K Simone &Sons IV Brown IV Gibson IV McCready J Wilson J A Mille' IV 111 BerrettE Gibbes and M J Ellis Pas senors—Mr Woodruff lady and family Mr J Hoff Lieu! E It Shnbrick L u1 lohnsonM Johnson Jan Dr IVaring Mr Wigfall and two in the oteerageo— Sailed in co with brig Francis Croft for Savannah Ship William Pena Gulager Philadelphia 10 days Flour ' Szcs-ato Adger & Black Marewood Patterson : co North IVebb & Osborn IVelling & Ballentine C & C Burcknwer J S Cogdell G Hoffman &co R Mills 51 L Hurlbut Pervival & Bong IV Brown E Flase v 'T Milliken & co J Moses and the Ma or Brig Brutus Delano Baltimore 5 dap Corn Flour Lard &c—to D W Hall J C & Ceburcknwer Wilkes & Wilkins and North Webb Osborn Pas- sengers Messrs IVatsou Bailey-a and Wercq Left schr Etna Bunnies fist- this port let a few days Brig Waehington Marshall N York 13 days Bat last—to S Chadwick Brig Scream Chase Rostos V days Ballant—to J Leland & Brothers Brig Edward Blanchard Portland 17 dept at Le—to J Stoney Brig Hyperion De Velengin Baltimore fr days and ' 3 from the Capes Fleur Bacon-Braleilv &c—ro Stoney Adger & Black J C 4 Clhirckinyer11111 & D Paul Passenger Mr ileinecken Schooner Crysauthum Harden Boston 18 days Mackerel—to the Master Schooner Hope & Susan Chase Alexandria e daps Flour Oil Ate—te b R Smith D Crocker & Co IV Jones and J Harrison Seboaner Rebecca flyer Morse Beaufort N C days Salt Peas &c—to Mazyck & Bell The selir Afore of N York Carr !V daye from Kintston Jerre for Swanaborough N C put iota Beaefort on tlic tilth inst with the loss of feretopmast sails spht ves- sel very leaky aud all hands sirt esceriti etao his ei nun xt oanqurptexr r or parttcuissra-re- tor nwisniporoligh IN C put into Beanfort 'on ti t rpeoe of printing the tu vipers hen iveciv- Ile sislied tq Loow what the rules complain- bloke forth 'I'lis watcirmen cry lire as they ward ol NaxeVeimar—May saiety attend ference masked to our aiNertigenielit of the lagt milli Ila 11 lust with the 19S3 Of feretopuntst fill Is epht v IL- 4A- Thei e is in this couidiy a TiiIrmial ed of were Ile reauested them to be produc- cly the how 'I'lle'city was not alarmed till Tour through A d and hanpitIC51 h15 re tiler OGIE CARTER tz CO et very leaky t TCeltli ' higher than this—which revie the e proceed- ej amt ilicif illega'Aty to 1c puiozerl vut tr '” i (merry 0 tlic amount tri niritly St nOt00 turn to h Fiim K s 0n is ily Ntry 17 th-str---1 ?9 firead-ssrs i) i:ye 3 r aud all hawk Fil' II 1 id ono tr- 1 ' - - - - - - vr r' - nu& 1 ' auth appl Illt Iroit t Gill I °the mei the for I tiou i Cet beet wile as e this I sha bee fete t wilt call it w salt tt) anti ( thit Is I if It me say I me 1 to opi pus on occ I on' De I) Inc as 1 TR th( ii1( 1 rat eet an be z po 1 se to l ' V t t m tit T la t u Sc I - it 4 th t I le ul 1 A ot 1' 11' It ! - f irt tl 11 hi ' it II 11 i I hi 1 t t (1 1 4 : I ) 1 I x 11 t 1 - ( I t '111 1 l'- fi 1 ‘ I !! 1 A-11 'e It e

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