The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 17, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKKBSFIKLI). CALIFORNIA, TCKSDAY. XOVKMBKtt 17, 1SKW No. 92 HENEY SHOWS II JAP DYING AT SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17.-At 9 o'clock this morning it was reported from the Lane hospital that Heney passed a comfortable night. Today no unfavorable symptoms have manifested themselves, air! it is given out that the wounded man really shows improvement. •<• * •> •;• * •:• •:• •> •:« •:• •> •:• * •;• •:• *-»-« K. Hirose. the Jap run down by th-i Imperial Oil Company's Studebakoi' auto, Is reported to be in a dying con dition at the Bakersfield sanatorium > this afternoon, and is not expected' to outlive tiie night. | It is currently reported that the Jap . anege Association is mailing an in- A CHANGE OF VE1E For Unionism Right or Wrong SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 17.—When ; and Deputy District Attorney O'Gara. the trial of Abe Ruef was called In j The counter affidavits set forth . .. .. „ Judge Lawlor's court this morning, that there is no undue excitement In . vestigatlon into the circumstances sur-iMie court room was packed by an in- San Francisco and that no turbulence *] rounding the accident, and one 01' .their j terested throng anxious to know what has prevailed In the city as the re- I representatives is expected to be on j disposition would be made of the mo-! still of the shooting of Honey. They j hand at the inquest which will ensue I tlon or the prisoner for a change of I deny that either Ruef or his counsel I when the anticipated death occur^. j venue. The prosecution, In reply to j an; in danger, that their lives have George Hottlnger, the cha3ucr, and i the Ru,..f affidavit filed affidavits ber>n threatened or that any condi- DENVER. Nov. 16.—President Sair.- j Leo Homan, who was also in the au from thirty-five persons, including tomobile at the time the accident oc- Judge Law'lor. Chief of Police Biggy, I ciirred, both state that the car was — — 'traveling at a speed not !n excess of! I 15 miles an hour. Both regret ex-! | t.remely the fatality incident to t.-e | ride, which now seems houryl innui- luent. ! tiel Gompers, in the convention of the ' BILLEK MUST HANG I American Federation of Labor today,; ON ELEVENTH OF DECEMBER i declared that if he were found guilty ' i and fined in the contempt proceedings CHICAGO, Nov. 17.—Herman BllleV; i pending against him In Washington, i convicted of tue murder ot .five mem i he would go to Jail before he would ; bel ' s ° f the Veral family, was today , pay his fine or allow the federation, sentenced to hang on December Jltii to pay it for him. This statement The fl s nt of Billeck tor liberty hjo was made by Mr. Gompers^lurlng the ! -itcracte^ wide attention, discussion of the report of Ute com- j ~~"~ * * * _~TT : mittee on the treasurer's report. The' BANK CLOSES. committee recommended that immediately following the adjournment of LAST TRIBUfE 10 JAS, GOODWIN With tho casket fairly covered with beautiful floral offerings and the room filled with friends and lodge members, the Interior of the Armory formed an Impressive scene at S o'clock this afternoon when the last Tries to Break Auto Record Forefeits His Life in Effort BIRMINGHAM, Nov. 17.—Forcing his Renault car more Uiaa * sixty miles an hour In an effort tj lower the twenty-four hour au- * tomoblle record, Bmlle Strieker was almost instantly killed early * today at the fair grounds track hero. Leon Barrows of this city, * who was In the car with Strieker, was seriously but not fatally * hurt. * At 8 o'clock last night Louis Strang and Strieker began the ef- •> fort to lower the twenty-four hour record. SI rang was relieved by * Strieker at 12:30 this morning and Strieker began a terrific pace * immediately. The track was poo:-ly lighted and as the car dashed 4r around the curve at the west end, one tire exploded, followed by + another, and an Instant later the car was a total wreck. • Strieker died almost Instantly. He was a native of Alsace-Lor- * ralne. • * * * * * * <• * * •:• * * * * •:• *•:• * * * * •:• * * * * * * * * •:•*<• exists that would prevent a fair and Impartial trial of the accused. Rtief was also allowed to file an additional affidavit citing articles from the Call, Bulletin and other pa- pi'r.-i to sustain his contention of not being able to secure a fair trial. I,QS ANGELES. Nov. 17.—While The prosecution vraa given until 3 most of the. balloons in the local aero- o'clock this afternoon to file still nautic. contest have already landed,! BALLOON UNITED STATES I IS STILL SOARING. other affidavit H in answer to the latest one |)\- Ruef. Many officers, some In uniform and others in plain clothes, wore in the court, room to preserve order. the balloon I'nited Stales 1:; still soar-, iiiK in Irregular circles over the San Bernardino S'aiiey. unable to strike the desired eastern current. At noon' (t was hovering over (lie vicinity ofj A man named Adams, who sat Just Riverside. The reports that it went i behind Ruef, was ejected from the , over the Slerre Madrc range last nlnht! court room for reviling the prisoner. I lire untrue. ; tribute was' paid to the late James WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.—TUP con- Goodwin. The floral offerings, num- _ . roller ot the currency Is advised o: e , lwls and |, ea utiful, were banked ; the convention, the executive council the closing of the doois of the Citizens i,j, r)l a , mve .,.„ C .,SKOI w iich %w-1 take up the proposition of placing its National Bank at Monticello, Ken- p | ace( j | n f ron t of the stage where ! whore they might be removed lucky on acotint of of a shortage of , he offll .| a i a of the EtUs , under whose! funds ™>.-f>mr>nv was J from danger of attachment. This re- 120,000 in the cashier's department., auspices the port brought on a political discus- , The capital stock is $50,000. -, \ vei , e seate d slon in which several members de- , • j [„ the main body of the hall a firm t.,1 r Ve ? i V* V ? r °m, th 1'not tamely submit to the federation large number of the members of the foimatloi, of an independent political heing mulcted for me. I am not plead- order were gathered and space was •r T », T, T .j ' ln S poverty, for if I-had the means, I' also reserved for members of the treasurer John B.Lennon said that vv . ()11 , d , lot uge them ,„ , )avll , e nt of Woodmen of the World, to which or- ne nad discussed the safeguarding a iiv Hne imposed on'me-for enjoying der the deceased belonged, ol the funds w th attorney- and all n]J ; rights as an American citizen." | In the absence of Exalted Ruler had agreed that it was impossib e - Max Hayea o£ Cleveland made a Charles A. Lee, J. M. Jameson, the \\unout resulting at some time in, Socialist speech, but suggested the Leading Knight, presided, and open- perjury by suggestions some were person. Several made from the f orma tlon of a labor party. He critl- ed the lodge i n the usual form. The clzecl lhe Democratic platform, and In I position of Chaplain, held by the de- iioor one being that the funds _ be , rega ,. rt to that portion which says, ceased himself in his life time, was deposited in Canada and another that - we vlel(1 to ^^ , n our rSspect for filled by Rev. D. M. Crabtree, who certificates of deposit be taken out In , the C p urts> . Hayes daolared he had delivered an impressive praver. some other name than the treasur- , 110 , cspect {or tho colll . tg T f !0 Elk? Q Ua V telte , consisting of • Pl ' esull ' nl Oompors again took the | Robert Smith. Harry Thomas, Vilas , ,,„„,. t ,. enlv lo Ml . H . ly( , H said .Johnson and OIHe Gotchett with Leo ,tho position taken by Mr. Hayes was ' Hlrshfeld at the plane,, sanir COURT ESTABLISHES PROBATION; COMMITTEE FOR COUNTY l.'nder the law authorizing such act, 'court as to the disposition of them. Judges Paul W. Bennett and J. W. ' The Probation committee or the Ju- , Mahon today appointed a Probation venlle Court exists In many commun- . committee consisting of Wallace M. ' ties and has done excellent work In Morgan. Alfred Harrell, Franz Buck- connection with young people accus- . reus, Frank W. Warthorst, Mrs. ed of offenses. All of the appointees ; Elizabeth Coolbaugh, Mrs. Emma of tho local courts have signified Larson and Mrs. Uose L,. Yancey. their Intention of accepting the ap- This board will, when Its members I polni.ment. and the board will be or- are duly qualified, by taking the nee- 1 ganlzed at an early day. obligation, be empowered to Judge Sustained. They Raised the American Flag PARIS, Nov. 17.—The Temps.* this afternoon print s ti rtla- <• patch from St. Plerr* * Ali(|tielon, u Frencli Island off •$• the coast of New Foundlund, 4> saying there was a big manl- 4> festatlon at St. Pierre In favor ^ of free schools. It was ere- •!» sited by the clerical party. 4 The people got out of control * and made their way to the «fr aouse fif the governor, where •$• they raised aloft the, American •?• (lag. The police proved insuf- *{• ilcient to control the situation * and Iroulili: i.-i t'earei. •{• ** i!'isignate a probation officer. The appointments nre mnde In du- TOM O'BRIEN SELLS LOUVRE A remlttltuer has been received from the Court of Appeals affirming plicate, to cover the Juvenile Court ( tho decision of Judge Bennett in tho G. Ramsay of the electrical applauded when he de- iml , ,„.„,..„.. , alsm ,„. .,,. Hnvaa „„„.„„.„„,„,„ at ,„„ „,„„,. „„„„ ,. v „„ . e ^ ^ , )aUon comm!t . • T , was nppon , Pf , by , ho rtorcn mo S K-a. auu uec.areu uuu me ne-: :M.V uou to i nee. ana tuen followed ; , H e has authority under the law to ' ,iant. thorn but we let It mss 1 ' lsl " u , K . ot tile «»I"-umo court had but, the beautiful ritual of (lie order, in examine into the condition and man-! Neiv o) , Comnanv uujii. out \\i at it pass olu , ,,1^^^, mlnu ,iy, to "tie the men of i which officers and lodge joined. i ..„.„„„„, n e < n *n t ,, t t n ~v ,„!,„..„ -,t,n^. I _. . New on company. n,««f.. the reach of those who way to pro- change the funds Wrillld till< on N'ov. .°,d. The t"d our money is laws." Might Appoint Receiver. GompiTs warned the delegates that If a wnv were found to hide this funds, "the courts would hereafter appoint a receiver, not necessarily to Eocure In some way the hidden funds but to Ret the money being contribul- m)m (he workmen o , Gl . eat labor to their work, to cripple the men of labor in their right to work, i or tiieir right not to work." , vormul el That was the proposition, he de- R- I''ullei < mi (•<!.. •Th"se decisions," he said, "will result in fettering men today, In order lowed with a beautiful selection (if-; m |(tee will Investigate such cases'' ier which H-irrv T!i<mn<s sane a solo. j pm , ma ,- e recommendations to the'-' The floral offerings from the many to enslave them for all time to come, friends of the deceased wore s among The rights which the courts took " le m " sl beautiful specimens of the •••'-••• • ...... Among By request Mr. Gompers explained lhe status of the Danbury Hat case. '', ,? The lower courts had held that there rlslu -~ was no case under the Sherman Anti-trust law, but the United States Supreme court reversed this decision .aused the formation Britain of the labor and having secured their to organize they have continued and will secure other rights. Not In Love With Democracy. . 1U . in the first place, I am not in love ho ^^ a ._ wre ?i h _ of and remanded the ewe to the Iowe"r with the Democratic party; second, I court for retrial. ' am not a Democrat and, third, I am florists' art ever seen locally. M- |)J. ( 1 S Wr" • 1 - • " W ..• . France roses, from the employes of the P. T. and L. office, a broken wheel of violets, roses and white i chrysanthemums, from the street car roses and chrysanthemums from the Kern County Coniiianv s ott*ce loixe, ;i lariip , -_,,,- Tlie Louvre saloon mul the St. Ann !a\v as well as ^another provision of \ case of A. Vance vs. the' Santa Fe. rooming house changed hands at noon today, Tom O'Brien disposing of his entire Interest In the two establishments to Tony Rice and t'iuirley RUM- The A moil rat. Oil Company bus fll-, • u " l| - p The new proprietor* | (m j ; |, ()lj . articles of incorjioriitlon. Tho cap- i--esslon at once. ' 'ock IK ISBOOO and (he Incornor-1 .Mr. O'lltien will not aijalii engage are M. S. Mathew, Jnrnes Ma- Jin ibe saloon biisine n s. li. plans to i son, A. J. Flgler of San Francisco, devote the major portion o f his time K. Lutx of Oakland and C. L. j 1 " looking after his oil interests In i Miles of Berkeley. '!"• Midway fields, which have be| Administrator Named. .' : " n '" V1 ' r - v Viiluabli. James W. Stack has been named as | " : administrator of tho estate of James Wills, deceased. J. R. Horsey Is attorney. W. S. Renfro, Sam Sweltzor and H. T. Dillon are named as a.p- j pralsers. THEY REACH , '"'''" "' ' 1 '' 1 ' ' ( ' ils " H ' ""'' vvi11 non lnlu> "' ()fiyot " of late. He will ''.and I'nlon thea- froui time to time his attention to Continuing, he said: | confident I never will be a ,' i intimate friends of the deceased, In"Our standing is menaced by the f ° we allegiance to no patty. ' *™» , eluding F. G. Munzer, E. E Jones, J. courts of law. The matter of the ap. trades union st May the trade unions ( p E kb t c B Co , b D A F plication of the Sherman anti-trust always be right; but whetherjlght, Schafer Lvman Lowell and lMlls «| law to unions hasj-eached_ flnal ad- ] or wrong, I am with the trades un- ZandePi an enormous vase of violets, tho chancellor and'the chancellor will j made. BERLIN. Nov. 17.—In tin Interview Count von Buelow and the Emporor, held In the new palace at Pottsdam this morning, resulted In a satisfactory understanding, his majes- Injunction Order. In tho case of Lena Estelle Ouerln vs. Albert J. Gtierln, Injunction was Issued today to prevent the defendant from disposing of his property. Order to Show Cause. justment by the United States su- j lonlsts. matter how the I This declaration was received with ^ f _ u decided that will cheers, , not" alter the" status one ' jot. The "No man has denounced the Democratic party more than I," Gompers preme court. No Danbury case Is In the estate of Al Armstrong, deceased, order to show cause why expressing complete confidence In property should not be sold has been j sport In which he Is an enthusiast. Mr. O'Brien Is one of the owners of the 25 property and has bright prospects In tho oil business. The new proprietors of the Louvre are both well known local business men, both with a large following of personal and business friends, and they are expected to make a great success of their establishments. Tin, 17 »hii7 ™HAT, H P nprnncraMc roses lrom «<*>rge Brunoage ana an- ed to ameliorate the very serious In- continued but when the Democratic, th f Ml MarJon aiu , Norma ternal situation of German v during the r»n«ttr tv»« do nil r PrMlrPnrmTlH itSflWIVl.-*. .. - ..,.« „ ... * " United States supreme court has said the final word and the law of this „„,„ >""••=• nviu ana^a «i«ui uu o«u »....^.» country is that labor organizations ran/ made our contentions its own, i Readlng carna ti ons from the 1'itciflc of this country are now conspiracies jit would not only have been 'ngratl-1 Coaat Oag Mam ,f aclurer8 Association, restraint of lude. but cowardice, to desert It. If | bou uet f roses each from Kml T . '. Rriran hn/1 hOpn fill»['t(»d: Wltll thfi ,-,_..„ „ „ . .. .-,.... chrysanthemums and carnation from remain In office. Furthermore the the Bakersfleld Club, a beautiful vase ; Emperor accepted the proposition piece from the Elks, a basket of vlo-| n iade concerning the future conduct lets from C. N. Beale, a bouquet of j of state affairs. The result Is bellev- roses from George Brundage and an- ed to ameliorate the very serious in- In and combinations trade." Bad For Honest Business. .Bryan had been elected; with the i hosts of organized labor back of him, Under the Sherman anti-trust law. , It would have given spirit to human honest business cannot be conducted freedom." Elsey and F. G. Drum, IMHU Sau wreath of violets from Messrs. Smith . and Whlttemore. cross of white roses j from F. W. Tegeler and many othes, straightforward John H. Walker, president of the , amom? tnem belng one f ,. on , K(t .], m es ' ' j Illinois Mine Workers, who said he of tlle 'southern Grill and tin- four .la|) | )oygi Ken, Joe, George and Frank, a much less honest, jflbor m-ennlzntlons. "Ri-t'errlns to the case against me' was a Socialist, declared for an Inde In the District of Columbia, I want pendent political organization. i boquet of Marshal Nell roses, A most to say I will never consent that the The report of the committee on the •• striking piece was u flora! harp from American Federation of Labor shall. treasurer's report, with Its recom- Rver pay one cent of any fine for me, ' mendntfons, was concurred In unan- I don't want to go to jail, but t will imously. That new hat vou've bsen planning to buy you'll find here. We've a very swell assortment of becoming stylish fall hats and can always please you in color and style. All prices We're Mighty Proud of Our New Fall Suits and v.v've reason ti> I.e. We've all the new eolofs nnil all the late materials made up in the season's most a t tractive styles. Nut only do we show a biu variety, hilt one pl'iees at'e 1-itfht. ' We've outfitted more men in new fall units than any other store and it's tinn> we were selling yon one of our smart fall suits. THE TOGGERY LOWIU 4 (LOOM the \V. O. \V. The remains will be taken to Los Angeles tonight on the 10:40 train for cremation. K. <;. Alun/er and I M. Jameson of the fuueni 1 i'lVy, and Mrs, Mtin::er will ace .;.:;•..!'.> Mrs. Goodwin. MEXlMTBE KEAL \M\\\\ past fortnight. Count von Buelow asked his mnjcHty for a declaration with permission to publish same in effect that in future the Emperor deal with state affairs only through existing constitiitlonid channels, namely through the chancellor. His majesty acceded, and tho declarations asked for appeared in the Kelrhsanzelger today. I SEE IF YOU ARE OBEYING TREE ORDINANCE Want Bad Check Artist! Gate Completed. i The case of the Buckeye Refining Company vs. J. W. Kelly wafl'conclud- l f your trees an- a nuisance, look od in Judge Mahon's court this morn- 'nfier them. Ordinance No. 8 says ing and submitted on briefs. I J' 011 must, and Marshal McKamy IB ««»' I serving notice on property holders to I live up to the ordinance. The partlc- uij'r section reads: Any person who shall In the City of R/ikersfleld permit branches of trees or shrubs to extend within eight feet from the ground over any portion of said walk or one-half of the street next, to or In front of premises owned or occupied by him, except that portion within four feet from the curli line thereof, Is guilty of a mlsdemoan- or." Special Train for Big Day school Ktii.l.'iit.s arc making strenuous efforts to secure a special | train, to take their fool bull warriors iind rooters to the giime with VlHalla, • In the latter town on Thanksgiving i Day To fecim- ii»e train II will be ( necessary to sell lit tickets, and It j is stated that this afternoon over 90 students hml already tmrer.'d t r > make ! ~~~~~~ i the trip with the team. 1 The sheriff's office Is sourchlng for] The train will leave Hakersncld ln| one John H unfed, a laboring man, who j the morning, arriving In Vlsalla be-1 is supposed to have forged a check f or | fore noon, and will return here short-1 iST.TjO, which was cashed at the (kaml'ly alter (lie game is over-. This will' fl'eani parlors by the proprietor, be lhe nam lor the pit-skin ar to for Stanley Vaca, who is sui>i>" be the real criminal responsib the burglary of Winters and Bridges i biln V, H eln f "»»chiirgi>d ami uhen a i'tore recently, was arrested In Pot- \ *'"«» clu-ck October fil. AH tb<> gen- • let W. Doane, on Saturday nlniit. The check was drawn on the Hank of Hakersfieid, upon the acount of ;i Hosedale rancher named Blackburn. ] •--• -»»«- liauseti formerly worked for llliick BLACK BASS WILL BE HERE IN NEAR FUTURE. lists, and it is iiltracllnu its <lfnervc<l share of attention Iroiti the high school students. 'tore recently, tervllle last night the offl-ors of . description of the man Oop.Uy Sh,rl« ; guilty party. who that be U tin , . . , |i , . , f f » riji<'t*(;iiJii F ciiwv ifujn. i i llauseil Is described about ;. teot S . f . n nslderahle size as " this morning Quinn. Kid Alexander, the negro pugilist, j and Ernest King were flrst supposed i to have been responsible for the ' , . , , • 1 1 I burglary, and spent a month In Jail , S!4ln ^ on ,,,,,,, nnK ,,,. of fl , R . „„„,,. i while their case was being Investl- 1 " : gated It was soon found, however, i that the only evidence connecting i them with the crime lay In their ! subsequent possesson of the stolen . Hoods, while all signs pointed strong- j farco comedy, "A Runaway Match," ly to Vaca as the real criminal. A was presented and greatly pleased ! quiet Investigation located the miss- the audience, the entire company Ing Mexican In Portervllle and he membership giving a good account of Deputy A. f. TlUmt has received won! that the law mouthed black bass for i lie Kern River will be received In a few days. These first arc shave,,. ,,,ue eyes, finder nail ,, RUNAWA Y MATCH" AT TH - UN | 0 N LAST NIGHT. At the X.'nlon last night a clover ey do not ._ . .. but are 'transplanted directly from other waters. The ring i>erch, bans, sunflsh and other flsh planted Home, time since, appear to he thriving, no dead fish having lii-en discovered along the river. DEMOCRATIC APPLES i FROM N. P. PETERSEN. j Tim California!! IH In receipt of a was at once areated. it Is stated \ themselves. The same bill will be | I K)X ,,f fine mountain apples niarkerl "Democratic fruit" from that prince of good fellows, Supervisor N. I'. Peterson. Editor McDIvitt of Randsburg baa a cordial Invitation to drop In and that the case against him Is a Clear presented until Friday evening. The one. ! public continues to show its apprecla. «-*• j tton of the popular C'unnlgham Com- G. D-Hutchlngsgn and J. R. Ellla | rauy. and a new bill is DOW In prepar- Write Right Anytime, Anywhere A nioilem essential is tho foniiliiin pen. A Kniin-o nf endless satis- faflinu if jt bo a pom] one. Many people who nt-i-il fniintfiia poti have ns tailed to experience the that one renders. V»'e agents for tie' WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without iivies tachments rr complicated nieehaniKin. The one that writes riyht all the time. J)rf)f> in ati'l see them. $2,50 to $15, THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES 1 Th« Leading Praserlptlon Druggist. Phone* Main 04 and 74. a yet aid are at-

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