The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 1, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1971
Page 2
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Page 2 The Tipton Doily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 By carrier in city . . . 45? per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; . 1 year ................. $11.00 6 months 6.50 '3 months ............... 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class-Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POST ABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. Vitamin C: Cure for Colds? Dr. Coleman IN RECENT weeks, the use of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for the.prevention and treatment of the common cold has flared into prominence. The new upsurge of interest in the properties of Vitamin C undoubtedly can be attributed "to the overwhelming enthusi- ° asm of Dr. .Linus Pauling, the distin- : guished b i o chemist who has twice been awarded the Nobel Prize. Hundreds, of my readers have written asking- for my reaction to' the new and still- controversial evaluation of Vitamin C as an attack on the common cold. In his new book, "Vitamin . C and the Common Cold," Dr. Pauling departs markedly from previous attitudes towards the use of Vitamin C by . recommending extremely high doses to attack and pre~ vent the common cold. He states that he has been free . of colds since he began taking Vitamin C in large doses. If Dr. Pauling's findings are correct, this will indeed be a great-contribution to the-bet. ter health of:., people' "every- where. •'• Physicians and scientists recognize that ascorbic acid is a most essential and valuable food. Without it, the dread disease of scurvy is unavoidable. Yet, there has been an astonishing lack of interest. Dr. Pauling feels, in this vitamin . and its value when given in large doses. . When he refers to "large doses" he suggests more than fifty times the dose normally required as a "daily protection . against scurvy. At first glance these higher doses are questioned from the point of view of danger of toxicity. Diabetics, in particular, and those with a family history of diabetes should not embark on such a program without the specific advice of their doctor. Individuals with . certain types of kidney stones such as result from gout * should also be sure to check with their doctor before trying large doses of Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is found in large amounts in fruit juices, red peppers, t u r n 1 p" green's, spinach, parsley, and in a wide range of other vegetables and fruits. Ascorbic acid (or Vitamin C) is readily destroyed when these foods are cooked at high temperatures. 'Yet sufficient amounts remain to satisfy the daily needs of people who eat ' a well-balanced diet.- Exactly how Vitamin C is effective against the virus of common colds is not known. Dr. Pauling speculates that the white blood cells in the body may become more powerful when they contain a larger amount of ascorbic acid. (The white blood cells are part of the defense mechanism that fights all infections.) As yet, no large-scale, controlled study has been undertaken or completed 'that clearly substantiates or denies Dr. Pauling's theories. As. I write this column, my nose is stuffed, my throat is sore, my body aches, and I feel absolutely miserable. I wish I had been taking those high doses of Vitamin C recommended by Dr. Pauling. .1 plan on trying this regime of large dosek.l.feel it is safe. The cost,.by the way, is insignificant. The common cold .costs the American people billions' of dollars each year in lost pro- . ductivity. It's worth a try — with your doctor's permission. • *^-» SPEAKING OF "YOUR HEALTH: Express your fears. They become less terrifying in the'open. Dr. Lester Coleman has a . special eye-care booklet available for readers of this column called, "What. You Shoidd Know About Glaucoma . and Cataracts." For your -copy, send 25 cents In coin and a large, self - addressed 6 - cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.D M P.O. Box 5170, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10017. Please mention the booklet by title. 4 (O 1971 Kine Features Syndicate. Inc.) New Factory-Made Siding Saves Labor, Wears Well If your son throws a wild pitch that sends a baseball smack into the side of your house, will the siding be dam- Laundry Chute Will Save Steps Don't be a laundry lugger— if your washer and dryer are downstairs, but most of the. •soiled clothing collects upstairs,' you need a laundry chute. The clothes and linens can be dropped through an opening in the floor directly into a chute, made of perforated hardboard, right above the laundry equipment. The perforated hardboard provides ventilation, and since it's smooth on both sides, it will not snag clothing. A hinged - door in the bottom of the chute will drop the laundry onto the top of the washer for sorting. BAN THOSE DRIPS Nobody likes a drip, especially when it starts on windows and winds up on walls. When warm, moist air in a house hits a cold surface such as a metal window frame, the moisture condenses and - forms water .drops. Since both wood and sealed-in air are good insula- .tors, double-glazed windows of ponderosa .pine prevent condensation in all but the bitterest cold weather. ( " DESIGNED TO LAST Since heavyweight asphalt shingles are designed to last up to 25 years, their cost Is even less-than for standard- weight shingles when amortized over the extra years of service they give. Few. home improvements provide so much service for so small a cost. THE TIPTON* (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE TELEVISION SCHEDULE Prefinished Hardboards Keep Kitchen Like New 6 :0 (1 O •>«•> Van P»»o O tori* Rcpat O Newt Q Eyewitness Newt © What Y New 6:30 O Daniel Boone O Eari? Report (Cont'd) O ••• Newt (Cont'd) ID AiC Newt E3 Mistcregers 7:00 O Daniel Boane 'Cont'd) Q NBC Newt : 0 CBS Newt 09 Beat the Clack (23 Turned Om Crisis 7:30 O I.U. Bstkataail O Red Skelter. Shew O Gunsmonn. 09 Let's Make A Deal CD Critit (Cont'd) -' •' 8:00 O Batketball (Cont'd) O tenon-In O Gantnwhe (Cont'd)" (Q Newlywed Cans G3 World Prat* •:30 O Batketaall (Cont'd)' tj| Lough-ln (Cont'd) • O Hera's Lacy 09 The Reel Came G3 WerM Pratt (Cont'd) 9:00 O Datid frost O Premiere Movie O Maykerry RFD CO Me ml ay Movie HD Reelrfiea 9:30 O Freer (Cont'd) O MoTie (Cont'd) O Derit Day Shew CO (B) Maria (Cont'd) CD Realities (Cont'd) 10:00 Q Fret* (Cont'd) O Mevie (Cont'd) O Carol Burnett 09 Movie (Cont'd) CD Beak Beat 10:30 O lecal Newt. O Movie (Cont;d) ; O Burnett (Cont'd) CD Movie (Cont'd) CD Conversetioni 11:00 O Perry Ma ton. O Final Report Q Lecal New* CD Eyewirnctt Newt CD Turned On Critit Repeot of 7:00 show. 11:30 O (B) Perry Mexen (Cont'd):. O Tonight Shaw O Late Show 09 Dick Covert CD Critit (Cont'd) Tues •9 Feb. 2 aged? That depends on what you have on the outside of your house. Considerable attention and research has been devoted by the building industry in recent years to the development of exterior siding materials.-many ' of them maintenance-free. All too often, however, the new materials had drawbacks, such as brittleness or susceptibility to impact: Impact resistance is one of the reasons for the fast-growing popularity of hardboard sidings. Builders have 'known for many years that hardboard paneling, because of its density, is. practically dentproof indoors. The same quality has made exterior hardboard ideal for siding. Some residential builders use it for as much as 80 percent of the homes they build, not only for siding but for soffits, fascia, - porch ceilings, eaves, overhangs, and even for decorative, devices such as . cupolas and under - window panels.. To avoid bad-weather delays and cut on-site labor . costs, they often iabricate and' pre-assemble gable ends and other hardboard components in a - shop, then truck the units to the building site. Or they can buy ready-made accessories from the hardboard suppliers. Exterior hardboard is easy to handle and can be sawed and nailed without being chipped, split or dented. And if workmen accidentally walk on a long piece of the siding, there's no breakage- or damage from scuffing and heel marks, builders report. 4:30 O Todey In Indiana O Sunrise Semester CD Perspective : 7:00 \ O (B) Panorama ' . O Today O CBS Newt CD Zee Time 7:30. O 'Xortoon Kornivol O Today (Cont'd) O CBS Newt (Cont'd) CD Kindergarten College . 8:00 O Kornivol (Cont'd). Q Today (Cont'd) O Captain Kangeree CD College (Cont'd) 8:30 O Kornivol (Cont'd) Q Today (Cont'd) O Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) CD Man Trap 9:00 O (B) Tapper Q Virginia Grehem CoHee Cup Theater . CD The Paul Dixon Show. 9:30 O Jock Lalanne O Graham (Cont'd) Q Theater (Cont'd) CD f ' ui Pisen (Cont'd) 10:00 O The Lacy Show O Dinoh't Piece O Theeter (Cont'd) . CD feuT Dieon (Com 'J) T0:30 O Movie Gome O Concentretien O Beverly Hillbiiliet CD Thet Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sole O Family Affair CD Bewitched 11:30 O Newt O Hollywood Squares O Leve of Life CD Eyewltnett Newt 12:00 Q Chuckwegen Theeter Q Jeeaardy • O Where the Heort It CD SO-SO ClmV 12:30 O Chuckwegen (Cont'd) , B Aftornean/Chennol 4 - Q Search for Temenew • CD SO-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:00 O Hollywood Movie Q Afternoon (Cont'd). O Locel Newt CQ 50-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:30 O Movie (Cont'd). O Words ana Music O At World Tumi CD Moke A Deal . 2:00 O Movie (Cont'd) O Days ef Our Lives O Meny Splendored Thing CD Newiywed Game 2:30 O Movie (Cont'd) O The Docfsrt . Q The Guiding Light CD The Doting Game 3:00 O Gourmet O A net her World O Secret Storm CO General Hospital 3:30 O (B) lens Ranger. . O Bright Premise O Edge Of Night . CD Oae Life To Live 4:00 O Popeye and Jenie O Another World Q Gamer Pyle -CD Derk Shadows 4:30 O Popeye (Cont'd) r O Mine Douglas O tori* Shew CD Big Volley CD Seteme Street . 5:00 O Batmen' O Mike Deeglei (Cont'd) O Early Shew (Cont'd) CD Valley (Cont'd) CD Se<*me (Cont'd) : A new kitchen is a major Undertaking. While it's still in the planning stage, the family .should see that it will stay like' new for a long time, j - ; . One way to preserve a kitchen's fresh appearance is to use New Doors Liven Up Dull Decor ' When is a door an important part of, the decor?, When it's a ' new paneled or louvered wood door, finished in glowing wood tones or smart decorator colors. .{ ' . Maybe you haven't looked at. the .doors' in your home recent-, ly. And. maybe there's a good. reason—like they're too inno- ' cuous to notice. ! There's a cure for-this dull- door syndrome no farther away • .than your local building supply center. There you can see . many styles of ponderosa pine doors, paneled or louvered—or both. Factory-made doors of ponderosa • pine have the ' appearance of expensive custom ' carpentry, but the quality control is better and the cost is lower. ' Stock wood doors are available in .many - styles, including Early American and many- paneled Mediterranean designs. To point up contemporary decor,', they can be painted in . Mondrian-like blocks of color, . or the panels can be outlined in contrasting colors. If you're adding closet space to a not-so-big room, folding louver doors of ponderosa pine can be painted to match the walls — a fool-the-eye device .-that leaves the room looking almost as large as it originally was. And folding doors require little 1 floor area for opening— another space-saving device. prefinished hardboard on walls; and for kitchen cabinets. Prefinished hardboard is' an engineered wood product that comes in standard-size panels', ready to cut and install. Since it resists scratches and dents and is washable, it is ideal for use in kitchens : and other : rooms that get rough usage. Prefinished h a r d b o a r d' s toughness is belied by its at- MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1971 tractive appearance. The panels, which are displayed and sold at most building centers, come in many'finishes such as prefinished woodgrain. marble- like patterns, solid colors, simulated tile and others, to suit . different decorating tastes.' Solids and j patterns jean be combined {far custom-designed individuality! - f ' . Since it' is| ea_sy to saw,'nail •and shape, prefinished hardboard is a good material for both professionals and home handymen to work with. For finishing touches, hardboard manufacturers provide matching moldings and. nails and special adhesives for tight bonding. Noise control is an added benefit of prefinished hardboard paneling. DAILY CROSSWORD 4. High school dance 5. Epoch 6. Football star,—— Dawson 7. Actress, Virginia 8. Ancient Hebrew ' measure - 9.0.T. prophet 10.: Resiliency 14. Purpose 17. Leer 18. Solemn pledge i 19. Billy 20. Mature 21. Sunder 22. Metric land measure 23: Vaudeville features 24. Greek letter 25. Haw's partner 26. Sooner than 28. Add up 31.—^—vtvant 32. Italian city 33. Germ' 34. Shade aaaasa SEES QHQ aaa BQQ USB maw tjaes SDBiliaQHtlQaQ of blue Smtardejr't Answer 35. Frost 36. Praise 37.GaeUc 38. Consumer 40. Pistol ; (slang) 41. Indian title 42. Cargo weight ACROSS I.Jacob's favorite wife 7. Castle ditch 11. Off ship 12. Bullets and such, informally 13. Survey closely (4 was.) 15. Attention .16. Scandinavians 17. "Art of Love" poet 20. Region of Spain 23. Pain 27. Ogler of a sort j (2wds.) 29. Fencing foil 30." -for Sergeants" (2wds.) 31: Wagers 32. Houston. baseball. player 36. Romanian monetary unit • 39. Having been ''punched . (2wds.) 43. Pair of horses 44. Excite 45. Unemployed 46. Kindling DOWN - , = 1. Remoye, as leaves' 2. Cruising 3. Singers, Sonny and DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's bow to work it: AXVDLBAAXR l« LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for toother. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different •A Cryptogram Quotation D C D V JltFVDH M G IN JH SDN? DA NJD NBINCV QDNLMFTLB, ISNX- DPDJ MSDC XNC QD ZGLQDJM Satorday's Cryptoquote: A KILLJOY IS A PERSON WHO GETS HIS PLEASURE BY KEEPING OTHERS FROM GETTING THEIRS.—ANONYMOUS' <© 1971 King Features Syndicate, inc.) . FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana Treasured Trifle Eisenberg Ice captures the romantic image of a joyous heart, with (his lovely gift of glittering fire. Held, by a fine adjustable rhodium chain, a shimmering example of fine craftsmanship and exquisite styling. • Matching clip or pierced ••• 14 Kt. (sold post earriags $3.00 Earl G. Rhodes Jeweler (Prices arid coupon goad only thru Tuos. F«b."2nd)' Barbecue Them In Your Oven PORK STEAKS VIRGINIA BRAND SLICED BACON Mb. plcg. EMGE ROLL 49 3 Mb. AA< POTATOES 20-Lb. Bag $1.49 BONUS COUPON I PMUMPHN and MINCE Geiber's Strained maRSH BABY FOOD lit 4-K-oz. ' jar MARSH MILK HALF GALLONS ith coupon and $5 order

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