The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 16, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 7
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[HE CLANSMAN IS THE NEXT GREAT CEOAL- LEGAL- LKGAfc Dated November! Olh . 1 \ \ . A. , v \ \ . A. Mf.( »IN N. Public Administrator; Administrator of the Estate ot* Frank Las*. Oe'"''»'i-; -u-->M. .Attorn*".- fnr Bakerstield. California. Coimtv. to the. highest bidder for eash.KHck. Philip H 179. 20 lawlut monev of the rnltcrl States on ivr ck. iMiijiu h '*]? 20 tho :;th tiuv of November. IW)H. at the Kr ck. ru!mt ! »jij go Horn- of r ( o'clock ?> m., the uernonul Kr ek. Kdith > H? £0 ,ir"tM>'-tv belontrin-i to the estate of, KrU k. Kutili M .-11-S ao -ai i Ralph Bower, dee-nsel: Three Kroll. Clu.:- H 'U\i 2',) "I attended Mr. Dlxon's play 'The rishtors of wrong, the members of ; Chicago, nnd on Wednesday. Nov. 25, Clansman,' lust evening," said Gov-! the Ku KIux Klnn. The play recall-, WagenhaKs and Kemper will present j NOTICE JO CREDITORS crnor Robert B. Glenn of North Cnro-|od to me many things I heard and it at the Hnkersfleld Opera House. ( T-^F OFl GARTMAN Una to a Kaleish News and Observer | Raw while a hoy; filled my heart with | In every particular, it is promised,' -man, "fearing from what 1 had f Ihe feolluus Mini then won? uttermost the j.prfonmmre will be equal to the heard that 1 would bo disappointed , in (he minds of our people, nnd 1 New York Company and production. who believe ] thank Ood thai such . er. eo'-nse: li-H ; f ( '-!;i IUMIM- : l i:\-iHoiim' en-im-; J Kroll, Cha join with those the production of Ji ploy ; come ?in-l onr M>umry has at last "Paid in Kill!" has b<vn described as is once more the greati st play procured in fifteen til' ED, TO ADMINISTRATOR. «"nut l of tluj 1 L _ t'Kt;ite o; bv t in- un 1 wnevtv belonuin-j to the estate of, ; ai 1 Ralph Bower, dec'-asel: Ylim nors* !: 1 b.t.-n; 1 CUP t|. all Hlnnici • west -'i'-!:-!! ( ' i of :' <• nor*': uuarh t 1i.' 4 i o!' section thin v in ton n Mi) thiviv :o (bit r \ -'-von ;7 t M.. tn K>'; n eounn. CaU -Hi? ' 1 i i 11 tb sion tor -.>*«• : .\:« n- n, an i n<»ti i oi ! - \ V L • ^ .1. S. . . * , Mry unit', •• I or of the to O fft '.ill K.r .1 -v . • I ' t 1 * , ! !M i "t n pui I L 1 i .1. to You* 1 ;!--!'the Ih 1: ' •'""10 HP- .- a"l * '•- r in IMP <;;"!'.' Snte ot Caiitonr, i. T:U. ul-..'' 1 , ness oi xnt ! "t!M>'< W, A. McGJXN, tor u. i\''i n t ount \, UU' of tl!" Ehl:ito ol 11-11 n; r, ; I (ill* i 1"' . ''I i i in !. til,'! bv ;•,' '•' \ Hi !<• . and HIM! a I! -It • • * - ' • I * * . i 4S9 H \ '2 * ™* *^ -I;; i 1 ^- . . :>.-• O V) L:O a t r 'I *" *ll ' ''lit Of h amount ' . I • 1 I.*. \ .• oi l nt i ' ' <'* ' i'i' l| . ill 1 '* 11. ^ u * ' * n . r "H Jit i 1 il L L ,. in. t TMl'" 1 »*nrr ! , -• \ n.i ( 0 • (ll 11, . l ' ' —»-—•< -'«—- - v ' f i-, fov iTQCKHOLCERS MEETING. n o. M. '-:n- NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. iir' (>;! ('(innruiv. loe-Mitm "f -,;! ; i;,rc' of bUSllK.'S^. HKtA LJl'oad- v.-:iv. Oakland. Aiamoda County, Stan- ot (\iliioniia. . . ir.> JH hi-irbv u?von Hint the an- nieet in v of the stockholders of , .., . rtab Oil Company will bo ^yV'.u at the otUre of said corporation ' " U I's" sheriff's office, in tills eitv, on the :>rd dav of December, C. A. ,.1SS • Kxten- D on 9 , . ^uo JMO . . t a . 1 *• U THE KU KLUX SCENE FROM "THE CLANSMAN," would be of no benefit to our section, prcs-peroiis. Success to the play is, years and in It there is a forceful, I am glad now that I went, for my assured in the south, and I believe virile treatment of a great moral is- views have undergone a complete it will he gladly received by the bet-jsne In our national life. It has change, and I unhesitatingly say that, ter class of thinking people in the ed the author aa a men wish every young man and woman .north." in the south ctm)d both see and hear the condition of things through which their forefathers passed in the days of reconstruction; for in so doing they would not onliy appreciate what they suffered, but likewise know the Justness of their cause. It will do pood also for the northern people to study southern conditions as presented in this drama. Mr. Dlxon's play rises above his books. I heartily approve it, and believe It will do good. No respectable negro can take an exception to It, for it shows how kindly the true old servants were treated, and how only the indolent OT wicked felt the vengeance of those Oaring and foreefnlness and the play ie destined to live for years. The Clansman" with Its marvelous Btory of the triumph of white supremacy in the south will be at the Mrs. Hiveiy a beautiful cut glass isotio- is nerehv r'ven. that at 11 rneemm of the Directors »ipld on the ninth dav oi November. 1008, an As- ..«....,. ...v "«v* y-'c,' *••-•--••• ••••:v« • i Uose. \V;i!ler .... ,, . at tlje hour of /J a.m.. for tjio ( CaHton;i;i Home lixM-n- ise of elect intr directors lor the ntr rear, and for the transaction oi ;; cents ner share was lev- T. A. Baker. Secretary. euslll oi such other business ns may nroner- lv come » e |°^ li MV^ ln ^ r o«trf^nt -2 led unou the eanital stock ot the Cor i to J. H. /elline O 1 can! avable a at p. Secretary of sai ASSESSMENT NOTICE. •ir"hiQ rifflrp rnomw 18 and 1 Oakland Oil and AspliBltum Com- WTOK •b«WI?.v 0 . fl tekiBrA&, - cS!! 1 B55&«S°aife.8 «d Sace °' H i o n -\ s ^ ori a t \ o n. t v u H t ee 'or Sr'hlneter. Fred \V. 78 cnroeder. Hum. . . Sterling. J. K. . 6 terlinc. Geo. \\. 14 .aniornm Home Exten- slonAsBOpfatKin.trnKtee nnn for fen-ell.. Daniel F.. .269 California Home Exten 20 Cmmtv. galifornla. Any .sto Alam ck u non -»^- ^^ ™ v ^ ^' ™ ^ f ^ ^ ^ w ^ ^^ ^ '• * r ^ - »—« — 4 this . asHessment shfljl remain unpaid on the ninth dav of Decemb 1908, \v hi .be delln v; nt ip-. •„ "Owcefl slonAspocmtlon. trustee for.Tirt. lu! n »ntn day of Decemer. < i «tm 1 t h qrUs- " 1( ° 5 tnt t a punch bowl with cut glass goblets to Joined in having a good old fashioned ^ocial evening. Dancing and nvusic were participated in until a late hour Playgoers of discriminating tastes when all went home feeling that Bakersfleld Opera House on Tuesday, November 24th. "Paid In Full." t imU re HIM an assessment of one .cent oer snare hi. was levied unon the subscribed cunitoJ 1 -• -?k of the corporation navabie im- 0 will welcome the coming to thl8 city of Wagenhals and Kemper's production of Eugene Walter's great play of contemporaneous life in America, "Paid in Full," which, at the Astor Theater, New York, has proved itself the sensation of the past two seasons. A special ca&t gave the play for five their efforts had, not been in vain, that they had materially lightened the burdens of Mr. Hively and family by showing their sincere and hearty good will toward them and all wishing them God speed and success In whatever undertaking they may embark. iocfatiopjtrusj.' or.wiiHams ;lon ..„ KW.44 California Home Exten- sIonAssocration. trustee rJwoloa California Home Bxten- sky. Mever 202 ome E: 5 20 months at the Grand Opera House, * MR, AND MRS. HIVELY found a magnificent banquet prepared match, a beautiful silver ladle and a style NOTICE. Persona knowing themselves to be Indebted to the late L. Gartman will NOTICE OF ADMINISTRAJOR'S ESTATE AT PRI- ana aave tion. an (I fore, wl 1 slon Association, trustee for An , B payment is maae^ne-1 order _. ..... _. , ^ be sold on Mondnv. the 21st on the 25th day of December. 1908. to nav the tie- many shares of eat ....auent asseBsment,. together with tho stock as may be necessary costs of aavertisintr and exnenses of sold at tmultc aucjio 10-23 J. ENNTS. Secretary. qune. Jas. B. ...,^17, 10 UU£ in accor*iance .with law ana tt of the Board of Dlreolora Jjwoft ? 25th day of .Au&usU 1W». O» ^ many shares of. each parcel of f the estate of Geo. NOTICE. Mr. and Mrs. C. A, Hively and daughter, Vera, were agreeably surprised on Saturday evening at the K. T. and O. Co. lease in the Kern i River field, it beiag in the nature of very handsome »Old * Mission sideboard as a token of the esteem please call at the office of the public .id high regard of the employes for administrator and settle at once. Mr. and Mrs. Hively. Mr. Hively was W. A. McGINN, sincerely affected, but responded "in Administrator of the estate of L. simple and affectionate words, thank- . Gartman, deceased. 99 a farewell ami mark employes of the of esteem by lease which ing the donors as best he could, but words could not express, on either side, the deep feeling and affection which bound employer and employe together. Every one then availed themselves of the opportunity to partake of the prepared by the NOTICE. Any person knowing the whereabouts of a Mexican harp which n Uie Suuerior Court of the Stuti m California, in and for the Countv o Kern. in tho matter K, Ober. Decvrisf... ., Notice is lu:"bv civcn that in nur-ii snance of an urlor o; the Superior MOUJI of the Cotuiiv of Kv'"n, -State of , Calftornhi. made on the Oth ,,iv of No- hnent and co-tmrtnershfi> for the ntir- veniher. lluts. in the matter of the nose of conduotine u Keneral mercnun on at the office tfie. spcrotarv of the com nan vo 20th dav of October. 1908. at the of 10 a. m. of said day. to oav delinquent assessment th ereon. above entitled estat underpinned. . . W. A. Melanin, imbllc a -niuistrator. administrator of the estau- 'if Geo rue K. Oijcr. dcceasfd. will s<01 on or after Monday, the UOlh dav of November. Jflos. at nrivale safe at the office of homas Scott, rooms 2 wnd 4 in the ank of Hakersneld uundine. corner Mr, Hively has so ably supervised ladies of tne i ea se who had been ab- for the past three year*. 1 l v nssisted by Mr. and Mrs. James left with the late L. Gartman, for repair, will please notify the public administrator's office. 93 __„... . . . ... .. ...nine. of Chester avonuo. and 20ln streets, belne No. 1509 20th street, citv of g akersfleld. County of Kern. State ..of alifornia. to the hiahest bidder foi cash. troM coin of the Tnitert States and subiect to confirmation by sale lUnerlor Court all the neh :iterost of the said Geor°v> t * *-f » ' •- • *..f*- k- ••- • • *. « M 1»J •>** »" ^"* * V V4 ** " * *^' ™ *• • ••-" -±e m --^f m w ^* H * dise and store-keenlne businens at and in the Town of M T :h plave. of Cali Countv of O f POSTPONEMENT Notice is hereby iriveu that the ! • J t *• 4 IB* *.«K4*ft*V' !•*•*• k^fc 1 • V^- av(» Mercantile Comnanv.. Dated this 16th dn\ kern." nnd State ~o~f"ChHfornla.~"unuer I "J firm name and stvle of the "Mo- ^ (^•iH~( j*^ --- I ^^ '*-— —. »- -, ^— . "v r"" " ^ ~ % ^ j ' of October,_100S. IThurHUav. November li». H. H. . \v u title -IK Obpr.nt he time of his death and nil the rieht e le an As announced, Mr. Hively nas been , McHugh. promoted to a-position of greater! At the conclusion of the banquet responsibility and his duties call him several short but appropriate speech- to Coallnga, where he and his family es were made. Those responding to calls by the toastmaster were Mr. Mr. England, will move shortly. The employes _ n ^» M took this occasion to show their high Conway Mr -George, regard for Mr. Hively and hie fam- Mr. Burton and Mr. Smith. Hy. The employes gathered at the t After the dining and speechmaking new dining hall reeently erected, at S^the tashles were set back and all p. m., and an automobile was dis-, i n their honor. After all-were seated, patched for Mr. Hively and family. ^\ r Smith, Mr. Hively's successor at They arrived at the dining hall at QJJ city, in a short but very appro- p. m. and to their great surprise Hate spe'M-h, ^resented to Mr. and NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR^ SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County ot Kern. hi the matter of the estate of Frank Lass, deceased. Notice is hereby elven that In nnr- suan . te and interest that the eni'ite of eor*re K. Ober has bv operation of aw or otherwise acnnived. other thnn the said ime of his Residing at Moiave. 10-27 Resldjnfe at Moiaye' California. "'VELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. ^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K b Fourth Extension. Water Comnanv. bale of delinquent e Fourth Extension hits been postponed ui loveinber li». lyub, at °^iv c onu : r of the Board of Dlrecfcwk Wasco. ern Countv. SUMMONS. v » T —^ —r — - — — — VH T- ^^^^ ^ - _fl ^ -^ - . S r in addition to that of eorue lv Ober. at the t "p*itn. In M nd To I'll that ' „ oronertv situnto<i in the Citv of Bak- orstield. Countv of Kern. State oi Cfili- torniit. and more particularly described as follows, to-wit: f«««*, .Suuerior Court of.the State ol rorniH. frornin County of iiounnt nnon 1I0 fflhern Pacinc Haifroad Com StOCK, On IIC_-I Plnltit\ff VB Tl H r.niintiBS, JO Wnsco. Kem Countv. , Notice.—There are c the followinc describe count of osseRBinen on the 26th dav of , several amounts set onuosite nanies of the respective US ;^V°oY%iareholderB with No. of co^Wj^^ tiflcatc. No. of shares and Hinount due: 1 uie counu m IVLin< 4 - nq l rornia, County of Kern. Southern Pacific Railroad Co *lalntm. vs. R. H. CountiBS, , HouHland. Henrietta rL T H°Vt)%: A'. Percv. Clarence \V. Hot «.«>%\ l^.«t.l^,>l I * i»**nyt»i. "Wt **'. • »i "^"y *"t*r'*'"r» ~ •*!"_*. ? !fl08 t Ie W ou fi• ?" •' V \V Hokiri u'osite ',tie mlnorV. C t\nd J € gi?n C &pe, 'Dei^ndantSL lareholdern. "'Action brought In the SuDerlor Cofl Lots nine (0» and ten (10) hi Dloek Name » \ » -^ ._._.*_ j *> ^ * . \ t — f^» «* *• three hundred ai the Citv of BM Kern. State of Ca seventy 137n) in <i»rsfleld. Countv of i torn In. aeconlJnc to f° in Notice is hereby tdven that In nnr- the official man of said Citv. filed in. nance of an order of the Superior the office of the Countv Recorder ot onrt in the Countv of Kern. State ol' said County. November 2n. ISMS, to- Hliforu nii a linnrove- • ** * *»•>,' ^^-_f«4AM^T "V^ • « K X. • * « • »_/ V * 1, V X- 1 *^ * , fornia. made on the 9th dav of November. 1908. in the matter of the aether with ihe buildings and linnrove ments therex.-n. And bhl.s or. offers m California Home Exten sion Association, trustee for Auctist Anderson -. .tames B. Anderson James B. Anderson California >Iotne Exten sionAssociatlon. trustee for J. E, Anderson ..,.147 r ua mi. 01 i-iM- tne Countv of Kern. an« tne o (1 iiniount due: u i«tiit nied in the office of the Clert No. No. said Court In the said County, Crt Sha Amt The People qf the State of CiOl ^rt. bna. Ami. . , drectinir to^. H. Couat * » t • * • t * * ^ • ^»> ^ «r' '-'• tf f ^-^ fc ~~^-- * ^ H^rt J nia send (Jreetinir to H. H. Cou&i .John 1. Stousluml. Henrietta K. Ho , .« /A1 femra W. Percy. Clarence W. Ht 40 $30.00 (a minor), nnd John Doe. defeudaflti 5.00 You are hereuv reaulred to U 1 14.75 THE ONL' 7 EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. «£utp . t• •• ' above entitled estate, the undersigned r,dr.r.n!"t r ntof of H-o estate of Pnink for said nrouertv will be ro- \vritine 20 5 5 20.00 5.00 5.00 in an uction h rough t ueainst von n h »,he above-named Plaintiff. In the perior Court of the State of Calito in and for tne Countv of Kern. rsflelii', f'onntv of Kei'n. S(;He >nf Cnl- I or Ton'*' f t'ornla. 'o th<- hiirhesi hidUer for cash, imblic^tioii s i on A .ssociiitioi). trustee if •':*'• r..MM* ,-iMer ?Iie first of t!iiH nuiioe. hefore the! for Hmver. Saniiiel ... 71 cold coin of the United Slates, and j sale is in; ie. California Homo Kxten- snhiect to connnnation of said Snne- pone r'.'ts Vttn tlav <>i November, to answer the Comnlaim nleii thrc within ten davs t exclusive or tlw: , /vl of service) after the Kei-v ce en \tf .„ 10 lo'no this summons it serve<] within the sap 4 roiintv; or. if served el^whure. uc«»- in thirtv davs. f .» ~,n 1 And vou are vou fail to so iiniH-iir ain ani'lv to the (.'OUK nnt\wi in OK* Comti non/I«u JO MOn I' MiJjiA.ssoi'jation, tru-stee for Mriirus. Warren I 1 . H»5 ! 1'ior Couri. all tlie nuht. title ,nul ni-jiJH'V ... V ' • A. . . _. ., ., terest of tlie H'-id Frank Lass. ;it the Pnhlie .Adinnilslrntor: Administrator ! Caster. John A .51iS lime of his deiith. and all the ri;:ht,title | of trie Kstate <>( (leor^e K. Ober. J>e-i California Home Kxten Intere-.M. of ihe estate ot said 5.00 and Frank !,ass as bv onri'ition of br-v or otherwise actinired. other than or in : addition to that of said FranU LUSS. at | the time of his death, in and to all i f\ q -l r (* ;!iff.; 11 'a lv t:n' Kstare. Ha- SlOIlAiS^OCiilt ***'* \ J*lJBt{*t fc fnr Ch'iiles Heicekiah' '. 89 tho«e - erl'iin mining Claims Hltu;ite:I in tlie Conntv of Kern. State of C'MH !'/tjni;i. iib'l more uarticularlv descrll.e-l i ;is toi!"'vs, ('»-\vit : 1. That certain (uuul/. mlnln sitnijt*'d )n Kevi-svllle Mtninv Couutv and Sinie aioi'esald. an ;t.^ The fc'rarUai.'ie!; tv.i.nt 1 /. ( iair,i. >;;.!/>': Iji'u "ii Jimvlre l i I .VMM Hi'- r 'iili^i of Kc-n. .1. '.». I low < ' ' :r flai'.u i Action Jl-ll j CaMonii;* H«>nio — 1 SK Hi As^ocia'ion, trust ee SUMMONS T , „ ICIinsiten. Wm. V ...... 527 i>ii f '"n!ii'(.:(i!ir{ ol (no County ! Toais. .1. U. S Silver t KIIOV. u C'oiu't oi tlu e uf ('iHfornin. '-. ,')*- ? <-rV-ii i : .i r]n of Kern. State ot In , . . .......... 1 Ca.liloniia Home Kxteu- tin 1 cimrse o! the vein, a liun.lre.i'o ft ct on said and (lie Ceinnli'ltil ut Kern, in !li< for Coojer. Ch;i«. M. . . Caiilornia Home !£xlen- Association, trust tor ( r(.»U'((;ti. i -. - • • m n-- '-'•!• »'''- i r - - - , , m . , . '•• The I'eonle of file St-ite of (*.-tl|for-I lo ol ' CaliiVtniia 1 !ome s-ion A ssoci.i lion, trustee the (Merle of s-iid Snn'-ri^r Court.. Ill l*ifcL.^-» \^* It t 11 -t nia send iit'-.-iiirr to Silver Bow Oil i ih<u;-lnu\ MU:h*aol ..'..."&-1I •iiitf* iiun.ire.i (..i.n) it ei on earn si,;**, nia send i-p-'tur.! to silver Mow OH i i loiu-hin. 1 . Mlchiiel 5:il of ''!*• Pii'l'il" of said vein, and •: , "n Cfnnpanv, Defendant. |U«ivr. Frank 51)1 iKiniculariv ii-'scnlie.l as eomm-'ncini; You ;,!•• hei'ein r-Hjuired To annoar > ('aMr'oi nia Home Kxten- ,ii t\e looailitn u "nil! 1 :*-!!; anij rmiainy \ in ;tn action brought atiiiinst vou h\ • sioiiAssoci.ttlon.tniHlee '.-•f>\'f*n liiin'l''''i} ijiiv (7->o) It-iM m a hue ubo^-Hitmed nlainfiiY ia ihe Su i for Kvans. Lumis A. 07 n*'i't*H(:;^t( ;''v dii'cction, and >ev<;n iM-rior «'oMi'i of tin- Connfv of Kei-n. [ Californi'i Home ICx'en- ti;:n ii-p.'l ttf't v I 7T.(U tei j t in ;> Sou: il-. ^jj.t,-. .it' (':.!• *'orni;t :tTi') ! ri :MI>V, i-v rite ' W'MM \ >;>-< ,(•!:» ti. ,n t i-n^t...» r> 2U 10 10.0(» 10 10.00 5 6.00 5.00 . . .2".S 10 10-00 20 20. ;u ran to so amn'ur and lalntjtt will amdv to (\ the relief dvmntuh'tl in the CrtinM& Ulven nndijr my hand and the H of tht» Snnorior Court of UK> Stst»» Catiiornia. in and for the Omuir l\yrn, on Aiiuusi M, 19'i7. "liy Bed**!! SniUh.' Dotnitv Cleric! Wm. Sinuer. .Ir.. nn/1 D. V. Ccv.tffl attornevs for ulainUff. ""TAX^OLLECTOR'S NOTldE Notice is hereby given that xes on all personal property, 'one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and nnyable on Monday in October, and be delinquent on the last Monday Kovemlicr r.ext theiafter, at ( » o* I vv-Morlv '?:refr!"n anJ thn 1 l >-:i : ' <'l_-"ni I intn-t li:e l--ouUiWi'rti t Il«i Ot th«- ki **0 I'Ou'.if/. n-iiiji. ihe .inti'inN'.l. it'lli'/ 1 " r location Itoinz ot rerun) in \ i.i' ,•-"'. - ' T. r.*' M'uiiv U"":. .1? .a lire iii-eorder's ofliee. Kern I'ouniv. ! C : ,lil\i:'ii*a. til n.ii:^ flii v-fr.e (;>;,». , ! 'J. Ah-o Uiat certain otuiri/. ju^hnfr , cl ! : .vn Uuown MS/riirer.No. L', ,-n i 'v 1 Comulaint filed therc-in. within tt-n | . _. . , Mass leviii.-iM' o! tl»e ri-'v o' yf-rvfcc i i (.'•, ijinrnia Home Kxten- s:un As:-ufiatii>n. t rustt.'t- lnr iOvaiu.. l.umlb A. 10 '.)!) I • , . . t' 11.1 .e • ' *' i beijinniPir on NVe it'er No. I. nmninu-/liMtifr.irtiiv tnip Tiuer No. I. and situate,! on Hod* , ,,,-.. Creek, -uid South from "I.on ! Snv(iii:s" afjoitf three t'e(-t. Located Oct. S. and re- 1 - L 'i • * *t r *-. ' * < ' •> • ",-^ --i - "',' ' *f" :corde;l in liooU hixt.v-:n\ (d(') ot Min- Kur>\v]i tlie wurld over us th* 1 uT''ut».:st piauo. A. B. Emerson, Estey, Kurtzznann, Sterling HIK! utliers. Also Player Pianos. Largest stoek of fine pianos constantly on linnd ever in Bakersfit'ld. Low I'l-i-.-es. EH^V Tornis. (l 'i»tv ;.vj) lol- irl nf \\}'. r n'M'c iotir ; M'lS). in the oHlcc; oi ! , i-ce.r-ovdor. Kern Conniv. , . ! :i. That certain uuavtz «'|M!HL ; MS Tleor Vn. :!. nnd \u\\r.\ r>.-'.:inniu:' nt of Tltror No. 'J beinu IIP. e\t.-u-i si'il-'l claim. !-itnaie;l on Mir l; , : Creek, and about eich'.ei-n MM:] MM t feet UKnit) f(H-t South Imni !:'ol i Sorlnsrrt." Located O« r :t'Jber in Itook slxtv-slx "-' > at name fort v -inn- County California. after Hcrvit/e on VIMI ol this Summons ii' M-I -> ".I v. it !iin said ('onnt\ : if fc,er\ ei el:« vMr i-. wiih'n thirtv i|;ivs. And vou are herebv notified tlutt if vfMi fail t" -c anneur and an:-'\ver. 1 M;t hit iff will lake induim-m tor niom-v or damages tlomanded in the i ^M-NJaiiu i-s iiriHJ-na-tr.toij »'oniract, or ior Kiinlor. V/alter .:.".2Sr, \vi!! amdv to tne, Court lor ;:iiv otn»-r Kriedlander. Max rei ; .-f- (:..iiunideil in the CoMiul.tint. tne.«H mv hand and the se:»i of ...... Himeriur Coiirt of the Conniv of Kern. State of California, this Jnd Hion Association, trustee tor Kvaiis. 1,mnls. A. . . California ffome Kxle.ii- . ociati'iu, tnist<:i* >iu. i.umis A. . .100 C •'. M :iia IJeme Kxten- hit ui Association .trustee l>. m., and unless paid r-rlor there*! fiffe-'n per ci-nt will ho «tided to tftH 2o.oo umount thf-'ivof, and that if r.nld t half he not paid bcloro tlio last i Hi.ot) day In April next, at C o'clock p. an additional five per ^-nt wilt If* t 10.00 20.00 n.ldoa thereto. 20 20 t f ^ ( , . .lohn .mn lo 10,00 Cr.lilornln Home ICxton- slon A ssociai.iou. trustee tor.dardiner. 11. H. . ..a-lO 20 20.00 California lion;,- Kxlen- I, That, the remain:• •/ one-half*^ tbo taxes on all real pr-.perty will payable on nnd after tho first day in January next, and will be on tho last Mondfly in A I.M , . , Ceo. K. \\hitakor. Attornev tor IMuin sionAssociation,! rust0,0 for.Criflin. Hdw. W. . . . 7:1 ! Calilornia hum* i SK m A sMjciii tion. trustee. for Ureen. Alfred 277 20 California Homo Evten- In the Sunerlor Onnrt of the Countv. sionAsKociaU«»n. trustee 10 10.00 next thereafter, at (1 o'uoclc p. and (hat unless paid jirlor tlvn per cent will be added to amount thereof. 0 That fill taxes may be patt . SUMMONS. 20.00 [tho time th flrst InHtallment, as feem- in provided, is due and payable. • • '.'*Mm- ' fn HUls niul offersi.n wrlnn:: mininu- cliiinia will Do receive New Fish Block— 1820 X Street " Phone Main CO C. E. KEY, Manager admtnintVator at th an Pr»ott. in the Rani. (> ' Imlldintr. corner 2' Chester M \VIHJ ! Sll'e"t. ''h v of _ ! Kepi ;-Mate o'' Calll'ornS't '" ! filed In the -Weo of iho ( I' ; * ; above name i ^noerior , ( ou ( -' time uftfir the first publication ol t before the sale is man of Kern, State of California. T. M. liodKonH. Plaintiff, vs. Silver How Oil Comnanv. Defendant. Action brought in the Suuerior Court of the Countv of Kern, State oi' California. an\l tjie Comulaint filed in said Conntv ot Kern, in tlie olnce oi the (MerU of said SiiDfrior Court. The People of the State of C.tiifor nia send ereeiinu lo Sil"*-T 1>','W Oil CtmiPunv, IJetendant. You are nerebv renulrod . — — r -r — - r r - — ^ •^^^^-^-— ^ L v^ ~|_~ ! for (Jn«cn. lU-nrv \V. ..310 Callfoniifi Homo Kxtcn- 0-1 0 10.00 for Htirvev. J. M. California Homo . 5,00 for H'li'M.'V. ,1. M .301 nv '-'* 4'- Murrav 5ir> ,1 \'i> j AA \T-,t »• r'i v r» i r» *>n ii \ * s tv ;' M . i, iv> . . , , . O 1 U <.'! The People of the State of C.tiiior-1 \ fives $ > urrav 515 \,\ nia send trretHinu lo SiJ' 1 *- 1 ! 1 15'jw Oil Haves ,fe > urrnv 504 ,4 Comimnv, IJetendant. f ^\M, C ark . 398 of You are nerebv renuirod to avn^ar i -, tornln lome l-,Men-.-'in an action broueht against vou bv j r : umAssociation.trustee i-l I mi- auove named plaintiff in UP- Bn- lor .Hefner. Nelson ...114 .iiMU'i'ior Court of t.ho Countv of Kern. ( aiitornia Home l-.xt( n- oi i State (;[' California, am! t*; answer ih" HionAssociraion.trustee • n i CouiPlaint hied therein,. \\Uhin ten for Hevden. Kdw. T. ..17ft ^.jNlavii (e\e»u«ive of the dav of servic*- > ' lU'i;rman, I). M M7I «;8o ,0.00 2% 2.5Q 20 20.00 3. That taxes may be paid l& tfiat office of the Tax Collector in tftft county courthouse between tho h of 0 n. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m, 5 p. m, Dated October 1, 1f»03. C. E. DAY, Tax collootoV, 104 Kern County. California, DOG LICENSE NOTICE. I F— ™^"I--^»»"¥ »T-T» -^ >^vr- v 'V4 ^k TT"'-^» — *^ ' ~— • ^— ^. ^^ — " ^^ avii (e\e»u«ive of the dav of -crvic-i ' Herrman, I). M M. avlajter Sfrvlr*- on \on of thta SummojjM.; Calitornin Home Kxli-n- within said Counr\ : If serve-!: HionA:isociation.t.nisit;e 20 So elsewhere, within thirtv days. And vou ate herehv notUi**! th.'tl . Oil ^^^^^^^^^^f r I"'T Tool s and PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET or yon fail to so tumour and answer. ih» Plaint if/ v.-ill taUe iudumeni or Herrn ernnjin. err-uj;in. an. U. M. . . * r ^ * J ^ ^ m i •• • ). M. h - 4 - ;ur o/ (fiMna.*:?'^ (M'laand^d In n! it:- art'dinr IMKIU coin ract will apith to the Conn !m anv < f lit I' (!eiMi'i"leii in t!i" i-omtihtirtf. \Vii ness mv ban ! .'n*l Mi" MM! Su»evior C'-t'J 1 r ;it l In- Co ia' '- i C'nlito! nia. HOIIM.' ^'\' ( -u .SSl'll \SHOCiatlOJf.l-HSt."- _ for Herrman. A. J. .. . loo Cal 0.00 20.00 Notice is hnreliv mvc*n to all 20.00 ! HpjjK ownlntr arid keeulm.' do^.s. »J^W- thi? limits of the Citv of Hal>.-n-ftMi. that I.IrenHe THU-H Tor the veftr I'" 20.00 I urn now n«;(dv wr delhcrv yt. fh** ocf»n (Ice of tlie Citv ClerU. in the of Producer^ SiivlntrR liank and oa af'fcr in*' l"»(b dav t f arv. j will itroceofl to Impoiir dot::- found numinir on ihe str«" t> are not wc-irintr the lieerir;.' fa tie xear 1."'^ CQX ^ I».'iterl Jiimilirv !». 20.00 20 20.00 (,l < ( ; for 'ulifo'-nia i A NOTICE TO CREDITORS I'.'.' ' . i a- of •- . •>. K. \Vhi or C:tlitrinia. A. i). IH'.s. i. i,, MILI.ri!. ' -!:• r.Attv for ! ! 20 2o it.: tin 1 SfM'i'or Coiir? MI' i, •. rn. St ; he mMter of i J 1-1 NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. " >' In the Kunei'ior c*»nrt. Ma: Miij-. in :-iid lor th. )n ibe niMiit-r <it tin [ 1 1 • i ' * ' ' • ' ] -: - -. • t • - 1 j-, ( M ! Not [f*; is herehv a\\i'\\. thai in si|;tin'" f)l' .ill order ol i he f Cal ('aliforui i 1 lom.- !•,.: < ii- «!«'»Ass{M-'.-j( ion rru,- for ilei'i;; n. U. \\ . . . . Hoff. C. I n<'V/e. J. ''- 1 ' - • • • Califuriiia i Ion.*- I '\:ep- r-inllA? -'IH- I'lOJI. \ ' •! '.ti *• for \l-.-tnl" forj, f ba.-.. Pi JO • irih-ii i'dinini : ' fa'i.. r,'i!tii\ A Spsir-in -i. ilJlnl'S Oi' Jill') "ill 1 n- atrainsl : ! • .•:' 1 ' xliiiiit HM-III -^ iih ii 1 ;_'u.nO \ oiK-!it-r-- v. ' t lilt i 1 ' 1 .!' n;ei 3 _ ^ ri * ] " I'd ' n : < 1 • 1 ' - I • - tS" K*-: j!. C.'iHf<:;'Mia 1 loiec I "VK-U- f UalpJt nlu -•••od", !in;j : ust«'i '/. . ... 15 i •: x t f -11 - aid a I iOi MOfi COM":! of lb»- COUPM of K'-rn. Stui«- of ,/.''. i C-.liionila made <>p Uie ^Oth d..v ot . < iilitorniu i Oriober. A, IJ. lOOS. in tlie patt«-r <.( : «lon^M«or|; ^' 3._».*_ I ll f r * >• \V. r uslee 20 20.00 20,00 it.iuii)ii.-i !',, .-•-v S I'latx the CoiiI'lI'i IJui(ii,HL r in Hal (•!',- in-lit. Conn? of Ki ('aliforui;*. ihe s,(!iie he;n tor ! lit- 'ran^acfHMi ol K» ft fll \ v . Admmlsu-atoi of tin- Kstate (if Kinilv A. Si'urlin. i)eceaHei|. , Matthew S. Plat/., attorney lor &J- mlnistratgr. _,, t . Date of first Dulllcation Nove 10. 1908, H '

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