The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 1, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1971
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LIBRARY I'A'J-LAUA. VOLUME, 1, N0...26 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) TRIBUNE / MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1971 10£ PER COPY 45£ PER WEEK ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895, AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON,* INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON, INDIANA 460T2 Tipton Tribune Staff Bids Farewell to "The Chief" For 22 years, a man walked the streets of this small and relatively quiet community. He had one supreme purpose, that of searching for the usual and the unusual in news happenings. He had a keen sense of integrity for truth and fairness. R. D. Maney developed a deep love and concern for Tipton and the surrounding area. He cared about our city government, the law enforcement, community involvement and very importantly,. the youth of our county. One could write endlessly of the feelings Mr. Maney expressed concerning daily developments, locally, state-wide and nationally. As time would have it, the years crept up all too fast and the hour has arrived to. bid adieu to a swell Journalist. In his column Friday, Mr. Maney slowly and perhaps reluctantly added -30- to his Round Town.. The symbol has a special significance to members of the news media. It spells the end of a story or era. But many times, the whole story is not printed for there is no end to the dedication and desire of a newsman to remain a part of the news media. It is rather built into one to the point of. almost life and breath itself. \The challenge, the adventure, the curiosity never really leaves after one has become a part of reporting and writing. The opportunity to publish may be gone but the intrigue and excitement remains. . Members.of TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE allowed a tear or "two R. D. Maney junior high master Cloud type - Stratus; overcast| Present temperature - 3 . Maximum temperature - 6 Minimum temperature - 1 Wind Direction - West Wind Velocity - 3 mph Relative HumiSity - 67% Precipitation - 0 Barometer Reading - 30.18 rising Forecast - fair & cooler to slip down the cheek unashamedly as final farewells were expressed to a "great editor". Mr. Maney'announced his retirement and plans to leave in the near future for a warmer climate. He leaves behind, a staff that loved him, learned from his experience, grew from his constant encouragement and confidence. He had become a personal friend to each of the staff members, taking on their problems and helping them through sorrows and tragedies as well as sharing the happy times in life. He will be sadly missed ... the warm smile .. -.: the gleam in his eye . . . the friendly handclasp will forever be a fond memory. So as we say farewell to the "chief" we will not add the -30- for we of the staff will forever strive to continue the work started by this dedicated man in the hopes of seeing many of his hopes and dreams for Tipton fulfilled in the years ahead. And to you, Mr. Maney, "thanks for all you have done for each of us ; ... and God Bless!" Hit and Run Tipton City Police reported a hit and run accident in the 300 block of. West Jefferson Friday. According to their report an unidentified car struck the parked 1967 vehicle owned by Hinkle's T.V. Service, 128 N. Main. . According to the police report no damage was reported. City Police reported a hit and run in the 400 block of North Conde. The 1967 parked car belonging to Fred Borden, 424 North Conde, was struck Saturday at 7:10 p.m. City Accident Tipton City Police reported Jose R. Borego, 47, 408 Dearborn, was traveling north on Berryman at Erie, drove a 1964 truck into the train traveling west. There were injuries reported. The accident occurred Saturday at 3 p.m. v Annua/ Economic Report Heart Fund-- A proclamation urging support of the Heart Fund was signed today by Mayor Ray Rench and County Commissioners, Walter Schulenburg, Edgar Weismiller and Roy Watson at an informal gathering of officials of the 1971 Heart Fund Campaign, which will be conducted in this and 8,500 other American Communities throughout February. The signing was in the presence of Mrs. Floyd Collins, 423 Washington Street who is the local campaign chairman, and Mrs. John Woods, • 303 North Main Street, publicity chairman. Noting that diseases of the Heart and circulation are responsible for more deaths than all others combined, the proclamation stressed that "Your Heart Association carries forward a relentless fight against these diseases through its'programs of research, education and community service." The 1971 Heart Fund Campaign opens here and mroughout me State today, and will continue | through February 28, it was announced today by Mrs. Floyd Collins,, campaign chairman. | The 197.1 goal -in Tipton County is $1,832.00 which actually amounts to. approximately 11 $ per person. Apart from the opening event, other campaign highlights wiir include a business district canvass known as "Hearty-Days-For-Business" to be conducted from February 14 to February 21 and Heart Sunday Residential Appeal scheduled from February 21 through February 28. !; . During the Heart Sunday effort/approximately 200 volunteers will visit their neighbors to distribute heart-saving information and to receive Heart Fund contributions. Help combat Tipton County's number 1 destroyer by contributing to this worthy cause. - j . Present for the signing of the proclamation were left to right, Mrs. Sherry Woods, publicity . chairman; Mayor Ray Rench; Mrs. Floyd Collins, campaign chairman; County Commissioners Roy Watson, Edgar Weismiller and Walter Schulenburg. (Staff Photo by Pat Cline) Lincoln Day Repub I ica ns Plan Ba nq u et *The Annual Tipton County Lincoln Day Banquet will be held Monday, February o 22, at the Tipton County 4-H and Community Building, Richard Regnier, Tipton County Republican chairman, announced Monday. Chairman Regnier said Earl Butz of Purdue University would be the principal speaker. The Normanda Christian Church Women's organization will cook and serve the 6:30 p.m. dinner. The Young Originals will provide a portion of the entertainment and additional entertainment will be announced later. The Tipton County Women's Republican Club will be the Committee in charge of decorations and other committees will be announced after a Republican Central. Committee meeting Tuesday 8 p.m. at Chairman Regnier's offices on West Jefferson Street Lincoln Day dinner tickets will be sold and the ticket committees will be announced after the GOP County Central Committee session Tuesday. Regnier who is also the Fifth District Republican Chairman "Third H6use" said he and County vice-chairman Jeanette Moree attended the Republican sponsored College.of Political Knowledge Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Atherton Center on Butler .University's campus. More than 50 other Indiana Republican,, County and (Continued on page six) - By NORMAN KEMFSTER- WASHINGTON (UPI)- President Nixon today abandoned, his hopes for full emoloyment with stable prices by mid-1972, and substituted an election-year goal of a-4.5'.per cent Jobless rate coupled with 3 per cent inflation. ' : i The President's annual economic report to Congress said an effort to push unemployment— now at a hinej-year high-of 6 per cent of the wprkforce-^down t'o the full employment level of 4 per cent or less by the middle of next : year! would risk runaway inflation. " Although J he toned down-his earlier goal of prompt return to full employment,] Nixon optimistically predicted j" 1971 will be a better year (than 1970), leading, to a good year in 1 1972 1 - and to a new steadiness of expansion in the years beyond." ' "The rate. of. unemployment St. Jospeh Academy Girls Vocal Group To Ehter State Music Contest Girls Vocal Ensemble, under the direction of Sister Ann Welter, St. Joseph Academy will compete with other district winners with "superior" ratings in the Class A Division of the-Indiana School Music Association's Solo and; Enemble Contest held at Ball State University on Saturday in the association's state contest at Butler University on Saturday, February 20. A state addition for dance bands and swing choirs will be held at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis on February 13. More than 2000 junior and senior high school pupils from 65 Indiana schools participated in Saturday's Central - Southern Division contest; at Ball State. The contestants came from a 13- (Continued on page six) Nixon Abandons Hope Due To Run away Inflation Risk should decline as fast as is consistent with a reasonably stejady and durable decline in the rate of inflation," the report said. "We believe that the! numbers we have proposed r^iJi unemployment rate in the 4.5 per cent zone and an inflation raie declining to approach the 3 per cent range by mid-1972— are feasible repr&:. seiitatiqris of that goal.. " "It has to be. recognized that achievement of this goal would still leave, the economy short of the| ideal with respect to both unemployment and inflation," the 1 report added. "There- is a •••H••-' 50th Anniversary serious risk that the inflation rate would start-rising again if the 4 per cent unemployment rate were approached as rapidly (as mid-1972)." A 4.5 per cent jobless figure would equal the rate for mid- 1965. At that time, unemployment was on its way down from a 7.1 per cent peak of May,. 1961, to the post-korean war.. low of 3.3 per cent established in February 1969. The rate last year increased from 3.9 per cent in January to 6 per cent in December, the sharpest unemployment rise in - (Continued on page six) Governor Address Kiwanis Meeting Carl M. Tyler, District Governor of Kiwanis for the State of Indiana will be guest speaker Tuesday night at the Tipton Kiwanis Club. 50th anniversary. Mr, Tylerj of Gary, will discuss the future of Kiwanis in the | communities of Indiana tor day. He is a graduate of Bluffton' High School and served 26 months in the U.S. Navy during World War H. He is past commander • of American Legion, member of Boys State Enrollment Committee of American Legion forj 18 yearsjand presently State Chairman.[Tyler is a retired Elder of Presbyterian Church, past chairman of American Red Cross and presently on the Board. He served ten 1 years on the YMC A Harry Foreman Predicts "Tough Sessions Ahead" Academy Students- — Girls from St. Joseph Academy braved the cold wintery winds Saturday to continue their volunt»(reffortsfor the March of Dimes Drive. They gratefully accepted the invitation of Farmers Loan anJ Trust bank officials to bring their baked goods inside the bank out of the cold. The proceeds from the Saturday Bake Sale will be contributed to the March of Dimes. Pictured above are front row, left to right, Becky Alkman, Debby Kriegbaum, Lourdes Perez and Patricia Sullivan. Back row, left to right: Eugenia Feregrlno, Roger Cunnlngham,who gave assistance to the girls; Reina Neda, Sister Ann, Antonleta Ornelas and Chet Jarrell, father of the Tipton County March of Dimes Poster Child. (Staff Photo by Pat Cline) The second session of the Tipton County Chamber of Commerce sponsored "Third House" was attended by 22 persons who met at the Bowl-O-Drome Saturday morning with Joint Representa- Doriene Smith Guest Speaker At Indianapolis Darlene R. Smith, Coordinator of Tipton High School's Intensive Office Laboratory, was principal speaker Friday, January 29, at a state called meeting of selected lab coordinators from all over the state. The meeting, held at Stouffer's Inn in Indianapolis, was called to order by John D. Lee, Chief State Supervisor of Business and Office Education. The group then divided into separate areas for cooperative coordinators or for lab coordlna- (Continued on page six) Masons To Host Oyster Supper The Sharpsville Reserve Lodge No. 363 F.4A.M. is hosting the Tipton Austin Lodge No. 28 Masons to an Oyster Supper this Wednesday night at the Sharpsville Masonic Hall. Sharpsville Masonic officers said the oysters will be served at 6:30 p.m. three ways —Fried, Stewed and Raw and that an Entered Apprentice Degree would be given after Wednesday night's Oyster Supper; All Tipton Masons are invited. ._,-'• tive Harry V. Foreman. . Irvin Banta host of this meeting stated that Senator Morton Stanley and joint representative Alan Zirkle were unable to attend the meeting. * j Rep. Foreman reported that things are beginning to open up at the legislature. It has been said in the past but this is the toughest session yet, The Senate and the House are expecting 20C0 bills. As of now 800 have been filed, and 25 have passed. Some of the bills coming up are Budget and Taxes (Restruction of the Tax System) for a better and fairer tax structure. Roads and Safety, Health and Public Welfare," he stated. "The response from the ques­ tions in the Tipton Tribune, shows the people are wanting a fairer tax," he commented. Rep. Fore-. man's answer to this is to balance the sales tax, the adjusted gross tax and the property tax. "People are demanding something be done about the Welfare budget," Foreman stated. The question was asked, how serious is the welfare being misused? Rep. Foreman remarked that welfare, was misused in a very small amount He also stated he will not vote for legalized gambling. - There will be another "Third House" meeting next Saturday at 8a.m. : „ Tyler County Events Monday — Tipton County Commissioners met today in the Commissioners - room to approve claims and conduct county affairs 1 . Welfare Board met at 4:00 p.m. [today. Pork Festival Annual meeting will be held at the 4 -H building tonight at 7:30 p.m.. Also meeting tonight are the Sharpsville Town Board, Windfall Town Board and Windfall Volunteer Fire Department. Board and member of the Draft Board for 16 years and now serving as chairman. He is a Past President Mutual Agents 'Association of Indiana. ServedUO years on Board, of National Association of Mutual Insurance Agents and served 2 terms as\ National Vice-, President. He'has been a member of the Gary) Kiwanis Club for 23 years ^ith perfect attendance for -that period. He was President of the Gary Kiwanis Club 1955. Lt. Governor, 1958. Treasurer, Kiwanis Indiana Foundation fbr 10 years. President of Coffing-Tyler Agency, Inc., Gary. Social Hour will start promptly at 6:15 p.m. with dinner to be served at 6:45 p.m. Presentation of the past fifty years will be given by Carleton Hull. Entertainment will be provided by Tipton High School's own Young Originals under the direction of . Miss Wretha Huffman. Toastmaster for the evening is Irle L. Bridge, Tipton Kiwanis president. Trooper Arrests -IIndiana State Trooper,Richard Li Joines, reported the following arrests:' William E. Goodfellow, 53, 1525 Willkie Ct., Elwood, for failure to have -vehicle inspection sticker, on state road 28 in Tipton County on January 30 at 4:25 p.m.; Dallas Juian Brock, 32, 1609 Summerset, Kokomo, for failure to have vehicle inspection sticker, on U.S. 31 on January 31, at 8:31 p.m.; Jesse Lee Hamm, 23,420 Armstrong, for having a false registration. He was arrested on Indiana. 19 January 31 at 3:35 P.m.; ' Richard F. Porter, 19, route 3, Elwood, was arrested for having a false registration on Indiana 28, west of Elwood, January 's. . i -. _ .. • i Hamilton Heights Lists Honor Roll Hamilton Heights released the. following names of students listed on Junior High Honor Roll. Seventh grade 3rd six weeks honor roll included: Paula Long George Montgomery, Sheila Moran, Joyce Knapp, William Burkhardt, and Matt Nightenhelser. Others are: Shelly Snyder, Dennis Tharp, Mike Hartley, Bruce Kaiser, Scott Walker, Bruce Whisler, Bennett Day, and Susan Powell. Seventh grade students on the smester honor roll include: Paula Long, George Montgomery, Sheila Moran, Randall Clark, Bruce Whisler, William Burk- hardt, Mike Hartley, Bruce Kair ser, and Dennis Tharp. Eighth grade students on 3rd six .weeks honor roll include: Scott Kaiser, Sharon Bardonner, Anneta DeMoss, Julia Fulton, Lea Bowman, and Beth Southard. Others aret Kyle Waugh, Randal Fullhart. Vickie Baker, Noreen Griffin, Dee AnnMeyerrose Susan Tully, Pam Welcher, Kerry Heacox. • • ; . • : Eighth grade students on the semester [honor roll include:^/ Beth Southard, Anneta DeMoss, Sharon Bardonner, Julia Fulton,. Lea Bowman, Debra Hunter, Susan Tully, Randal Fullhart, and Scott Kaiser. J Trl-Central High School —Yonda upchurchwithner escort Rod Johnson after she had been crowned queen of the Tri- Central High School Homecoming festivities Saturday night. Prin- / cesses for the Homecoming were Ann Love, Janet Huggler, Lea/ Boohe and Janie .Long. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage)

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