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The Norfolk Virginian from Norfolk, Virginia • Page 1

The Norfolk Virginian from Norfolk, Virginia • Page 1

Norfolk, Virginia
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VOLUME XVII NORFOLK VA WEDNESDAt DECEMBER 3 1873 SINOLE COPIES 3 CENTS ELEGRAPHIR BUSINESS NOTICES NAVAL NEWS a i 1 1 1 I 7 I vill 77: i 1 1 plo Alk If0 '4 I I i -I 4'0' 4' cIRr 011a 11 't --11 G- I iii 11 i 1 NORFOLK VA WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 3 1873 SINGLE COPIES 3 CENTS VOLUME 9 PLEGRAI3HI-0 BUSINESS NOTICES 1 1 NAVAL NEWS 1 VIRGINIA CONFERENCE I CHURCH SOUTH 1 TIRGI il I IfvturaNrFttEcilltElrrTCH CO COSMOPOLITAN BILLIARD Room No185 (Meohanie's Rail) Main street Cunningham proprietor chanic's Bell) Main street 144 Cunningham proprietor TO of the Sinking of Vile de Havre VTR AND words of son fi- epee and trust are these I It0 what many a poor sufferers can say of RgiMBOLD'a Bucitu It is the only reliable medicine of those terrible diseases of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs Beware of counterfeits The genuine has the private proprietary stamp of Helmbuld Full directions with each kmittle For sale by all druggists SEVENTY-NINTH SESSION 4 TO BLAME EETY-INTH SSSN TRIRD AND words of on- EIO epee and these I It is what many a I of the Sinking of poor BUfferere can ay Of RZLIIROLD'S Buono it is the only reliable medicine 'Athos terrible Ville de Havre diseases of the Kidneys end Urinary Beware of counterfeits Thegenuine has the private proprietary stampof IL Helmbol bd ull directions with each For sale all druggists Great Sacrifice to Itaiselifoney Oar large stock of Carpeting011 ClothsEugs Druggets and HousefurnishingGoodsReal and Nottingham Lace Curtains Lambrequies (foreign and domestic) Shades and Cornices amounting to somewhat less than biz Million Dollars must be sold and therefore great inducements are offered for the nest thirty days to allthose who wish to make investments in the above line of goods WicavdgimaaD Great Sacrifice to Itaiselitoney A- in--4-A ann-4-44- A1 ri1 vi-- and Reed-2 On motion the cotnmittee were to report at next regular meet mg Major Myers presented an ordinance amending an ordinance concerning the repairs of sidewalks fronting property of owners and imposing fine for failure to repair after proper notification The rules were suspended and the ordinance read by its beading the second and third time and passed by a yea and nay vote of 8 to 2 Mr Elliott offered the following resolution Resolved That the representatives of this city in the General Assembly be re quested to apply for an amendment to the city charter which shall provide that the councils shall have no power to issue bonds or incur indebtedness- in the name of the city at any time for an amount greater than twenty per cent of the assessed value of property upon the commissioners' roll on motion the resolution was adopted A petition of Judge Burroughs of the Corporation court asking an increase of salary was read Mr Elliott offered an ordinance providing that the salary of the Judge of the Corporation court be $3000 Mr Allen amended to $2500 Mr Oberndorfer opposed any higher amount than that paid by the State $2060 which Mr Gregory moved as an amendment to that of Mr Allen's The amendment of Mr Allon's was adopted and on motion the rules were suspended and the ordinance put upon its passage and adopted by an aye and nay vote of to 1 On motion all properly approved bills laid over' On motion the meeting adj calmed and Reed 2 On motion the coininittee were 're ing Major Myers presented an ordinance amending an ordinance concerning the repairs sidewalks fronting property of owners and imposing fine for failure to repair after proper notification The rules were suspended and the ordinance read by its heading the second and third time and passed by a yea and nay vote of 'A' Mr Elliott offered the following resolu- tion 1212 rrl -a at Norfolk New Company Wholesale and Retail Book and Stationery Warehouse All the leading Books and Periodicals published in the world to be obtained at this popular establishment sum of $864589 for current repairs of buildings doeks and incidental expenses in the navy-yards ac These estimate are less than those of last year by rather more than $2000000 but they do not include any extraordinary expenditure for the permanent improvement of the navy nor the atuounts necessary either for the repair of our iron-clad fleet nor for the continued prosecution of some of the great works necessary to the proper condition of our naval establishments TT YIROIXIUS DIMMILTT In regard to this affair the Secretary remarks I have felt it to be my duty under the existing circumstances to take promptly every means in my power to put Our available force in the best possible condition for immediate and active service All the power and means of the department are now devoted to this end greatly aided at every point by the enthusiastie activity of the officers of every grade of the service A respectable force of war vessels and monitors is already on the sea and concentrating at the station nearest the scene of our possible difficufe ties that our whole available iron-clad fleet is in hand and every war vessel that will float in active preparation at the vs none naval stations These will be ready for sea fully fitted as feat as proper crews can be provided for them ond if the necessity for action should come before the time for it arrives all there is of the American navy which can be put afloat on the Atlantic Ocean will be in a condition and position to take its proper part I believe that the activity skill science and experience of our navy will be found equal to any difficulty which courage dare to meet or energy will avail to conquer They are thoroughly imbued with the spirit educated Id the details and experienced in the war like duties of their profession skilled in the use of all the terrible weapons which science bas pro vide(' for modern warfare and a mind to meet any crisis without shrinking from danger Thus prepared and in this spirit they are READY TO MEET ANY OF THEIR courritirs8 ADVERSARIES with the means with which their country provides them sum of $864589 current repairs of I or buildings doeks and incidental expenses are less than those of last year by rather more than S2000000 but they do not include any extraordinaryexpinditure for the permanent improvement of the navy nor the atuounta necessary either for the repair of our iron-clad fleet nor for the ogee some of the continued talon great works necessary to the proper eon dition of our naval establishments ree YIROIXICII DIFFICCLTT In regard to this affair the Secretary remarks I have felt it to be my duty The Virginian at BerkiPy Subscribers to the VtantalAS at Berkley caw obtain the paper at the store of Crawford Rogers Esq from Bishop Paine expressive of his Jove and esteem for the late venerable Bishop He then read to the conference a memoir of the life of Bishop Early which was adopted and ordered to be filed among the minutes of the conference The memorial Acmes was then closed by singing the 1710th limp "Jesus what ees twee units own" Afier which the usual notices were read and the doxology sung and the the conference adjoumea with the benediction by Bishop Doggett to meet at 3i o'clock arrettNoos sESSION Conference reassembled agreeable to adjournment at 8i o'clockBishop Keener in the chair Religious exercises conducted by Rev Robert Michaels Minutes of the morning session read and approved The secretary read a petition from the Rev Saunders asking for re-admission into the traveling connection Granted Rev Charles Pettit from the Mettodist Protestant Ivan entered upon the 'minutes and admitted into the regular traveling connection Dr Broadwater lay delegate from the Eastern Shore district presented before the conference a petition signed by a number of ministers and lay delegates deprecating the reopening of the question of the extension of the pastoral term and instructing our delegates to do all in their power to prevent any further action by general conference on the subject which was put to a vote and adopted The Bishop stated that the conference was entitled to seven clerical and seven lay delegates Conference proceeded to the election of delegates to the next general conference with the following result A Duncan DD Lee DD A PetersonW Bennett DD Paul of Pete' sburg Smith University of Virginia Dr Broadwater of Accomae: Richard Pollard of Lynchburg Pending the election of delegates to the general conference a motion to adjourn was carried leaving the clerical and lay delegates yet to be elected The benediction was pronounced by the Bishop and the conference dismissed to meet at 9 o'clock this morning from Bishop sine et i a I' pre a of his 1 love and esteem for the late venerable a memoir of the life of Bishop Early which was adopted and ordered to be filed among the minutes of the confer- ence The memorial service was then closed by singing the 710th hymn "Jams whet waiter anktown" Al no ices ere er which the usual t' th rea an oxology sung an the the conference adjourneD i with the bene- dicti ogge to meet at 3 on bi Bisho i 0 clock LOCAL INTELLIGENCE LotsnoNDecember 2-5 Alif--Captain Ifrquhart of the Trirnountain reports that when he met the Lochearn her bowsprit was gone and there was a large hole in her bow above the water line The boat continued searching around the place where the steamer went down for six hours The rescued people do not Warne the Lochearn for the collision Her officers and crew did theie utmost to save life Only two of the survivors remained on the Lochearn one of whom had gone mad and could not be removed 'rhe first boat from the Ville de Havre was sent to ascertain if the Lochearn could render any assisti-nce The Ville de Havre is insured in London for C90000 NVAsnifievoN December Southern names appear among the lost of the Ville de Havre -Among those saved were ten women NEW Yottg December dispatches give the following details of interest about the loss of the steamship Ville de Havre Most of the passengers were too terrified to try to save themselves' Many prayed and many laid down with the calmness of utter despair Some hearing the water pouring in the ship never quitted their state rooms whole families thus went down together The four boats lowered by the Lochearn found the passengers and crew floating on he waves holding to planks buoys spars and whatever could be seized As the wreck went down many had thus prepared themselves from the first Many of the women saved were floating in the water The captain of the Ville de Havre is reported to have been quite exhausted by his three -days and nights of uninterrupted duty The officer who was in command when the collision took place was lost The sufferings of those who were rescued were intense the cold being very severe Many persons were nearly insensible and would have utterly 'perished in a few minutes more The rescues were nearly all a matter of haphazard as time permitted no organized effort attempt a chteice The purser of the steamer a few minutes the ship began to sink amidst great disorder and frantic terrors The scene was awful beyond all description The air was rent with shrieks but some were heard saying calmly 'As we must die let us die nobly' The water rushedlinto the hold with incredible velocity I undressed myself and with my companion jumped overboard and swam toward the Lochearn when half mile distant As I left I heard the ship cracking and looking back I saw her go down with one plunge forward For a moment shrieks the were terrible then all was it was the silence of death" laesuoxDece Urquhart of tl that when he mo sprit was gone a in her bow abo boat continued place where Hit six hours: The blame the Loe' Her officers and save life Only mained on the bad gone mad a 'rhe first boat ft was sent to 'asc could render an de Havre is i C90000 WasndizeToN ern names appe Ville de Bavrs were ten women NEW YORE Df patches give the terest about the Ville de Havre were too terrifi selvea Many I down with the es Some hearing th Fhip never quiti whole families th The four boats lc found the passen the waves holdin and whatever co wreck went d( prepared thems Many of the floating in the ws Ville de Havre quite exhausted nights of nninterr who was in corn! took place was those who were r( cold being very were nearly inse utterly 'perished i The rescues wers haphazard as tin id effort or a purser of the stea utes the ship beg disorder and frat was awful beyon air was rent with heard saying call let us die nobly' the hold with inc dressed myself at jumped overboard Lochearn when I left I heard the sh back I saw her forward For a terrible then all the silence of dea LoseoDecember 2--5 A Captain Urquhart of the Trunountain reports that when he met the Lochearn her bow- sprit was gone and there was a large hole I hpr bnw khov A the water line The Work at the Navy Yard val of in Yard and Docks Ordnazoe Jas' of Report of the Secretary of Naval Navy Yard for tile Virginins Difficulty The work still progresses at the yard The work of getting out the ordnance ship Savannah- is being pushed forward A huge force were engaged on her yesterday caulkers riggersjoiners and carpenters were all engaged busy es bees in their several employments Her magazines air-tight and water-tight compartments are being completed in such a manner as will give full satisfaction In the spar department workmen are actively engaged in getting out new spars top masts yards Captain Knapp superintends the work with an argue eye and the force is making extra time In the department of YARDS AND DOCKS only general repaint are being made Masons are at work in the dry dock in putting in orde the caison grooves Work will shortly be commenced in making improvements in the machine shop A new or is be put down in the south end the old one being now in very bad cendition THE ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT continues to keep its force generally engaged in completing arrangethents for fitting ott the stores for the Savannah as also her armament At present the work is somewhat slack but it is expected that in a few days there will be an increased actiyity exhibited A battery is being arranged to be placed on the Mayflower on her arrival MAJOR JAMES LEWIS the successor of Colonel Heywood arrived yesterday and reported for duty as commandant of the marine force at this station lie comes from the recruiting rendezvous at New York As before reported 2d Lieutenant Clay Fisher has been ordered to report for duty on the frigate Minnesota Colonel Heywood the well liked commander of the marines started last evening via the Baltimore steamer to report for duty on the flag ship Brooklyn to command the marines of the North Atlantic Squadron IMPROVEMENTS The new gas house was completed yes terday and last night the works went operation a supply of light being let on We have before failed to mention this improvement The erection of the works was under the direct supervision of d- Tiffany Esq of the firm of Tiffany Son of Portsmouth IL who 'reeeived the contract for the erection of the seine There are six retorts and two gasometres which have a capacity for 3000 feet each The light produced is clear and strong and the cost will not exceed $150 per thousand seetvAilor MEN A force of seventy-five men reached here yesterday from Washington on the steamer Ltdy of the Lake They were In charge of Captain Queen and are intended to fill up the crews of the iron-clad Amphitrite and the Mayflower expected here Work at the Navy Yard val of in Yard and Docks Ordnance Jas th 8 nal or sunJoe Aepor tary of Naval Navy Yard THRONGED ST11ECTN-It is seldom that we have ever witnessed our streets present so animated appearance as yesterday Throngs of handsomely dressed ladies with escorts might be seen wending their way to the conference session at Cumberland street church They came from Portsmouth and the surrounding country in order to bear the eloquent Bishop Doggett's panegyric on the late Bishop Early 1 SIXTH DAY'S PROCEEDINGS Conference commenced pursnant to adjournment at 9 A AL Bishop Keener presiding thDevotional exercises conducted by Rev Wills Minutes of Monday's session and approved Rev A Brown presented a resolution On the subject of finances on which the presiding Bishop was requested to preach sometime during the conference on the subject of the graces of Christian liberality and requesting the presiding elders and preachers to give more earnest heed to the matter The resolution was adopted and Wednesday night set apart as the time for delivering the sermon Rev Dr Granberry presented a petition from the Third street African church Richmond tequesting the conference to transfer the church property now held by the Methodist Episcopal church South to that congregation The petition was received and referred to the following committee Revs A Bledsoe Woodward and' layman Thos Branch Rev Ray read the report of the committee on Sunday schools which alter slight corrections was adopted Rev A Peterson presiding elder of the Norfolk district submitted to the conference a report of the action of the district conference held at Smithfield in July last on the subject of providing a memorial of the distinguished services rendered by Robert Williams in introducing and establishing Methodism in Virginia in the year 1772 The following is the report of the action of that body Whereas Methodism was first introduced into Virginia through the agency of Robert Williams who was largely instrumental in spreading and establishing it in this State and southward and who according to Bishop Asbury's testimony had been at the time of his death in 1775 more successful in winning souls to Christ them any man in America and whereas his first sermon in Virginia was delivered in the city of Norfolk and the first society in Virginia was organized by him in the city of Portsmouth and whereas he died and was his grave is the bounds of the Norfolk district and whereas it is due to the prominent part which he took in planting our church in this land that we should even at this late day eject some memorial of his signal services therefore Resolved That a committee of five be appointed to consider what action should be taken by this district conference to provide such memorial The following committee was appointed Rev Amiss Rev Blackwell Levi Ames George Bain Jr and Dawson who submitted the following report Your committee to which was referred the subject of erecting a memorial to perpetuate the name and labors of Rev Robert Williams who founded Methodism in Virginia beg leave to report After an interchange of opinion it was unanimously Resolved 1 That it is eminently proper and right that a memorial of some kind and of a style creditable to the name character and labors of the Rev Robert Williams who under God duced Methodism in Virginia should be erected at as early a day as possible but whereas the committe are of opinion that it is not a matter of interest to this district conference alone but to all our people in Virginia and whereas annual conference action would give it more dignity and importance amongst our people generally and enlist their sympathies and contributions in its behalf Resolved 2 That we recommend a reference of the whole question to the ensuing session of the irginia annual conference Resolved 3 That this conference appoint a committee of three to bring the matter in due form before that body AMISS Chairman SUIT DAY'S PROCEEDINGS- Conference commenced pursuant to adjournment at 9 a Bishop keener presiding Devotional exercises conducted by Rev Wills Minutes of Monday's session react and THE COURTS Corporation IL Burroughs presiding The first day's docket was called and most of the cases were continued The court adjourned until to-day at 10 o'clock when the following cases will be called Fearing Rodman Swift vs White Sale Ullman Co vs Bonney Bunting McDowell vs Bonney Groves vs Thomas Jones Joseph Jacobs vs George Kneeler Glennan Ruffin Co vs guson Thomas A Hardy Sons vs Thomas Jones Norfolk and Princess Anne canal company vs A Walters Townsend Tabb Co vs Bonney Theodore Myers vs George Co JohnP Tatem administrator vs Kelly Kent vs Jentiett Fisher Jordan vs Pumphrey Caleb Carroll vs Norfolk manufacturing company Nash vs Hardy Powell vs Bonney Co James Cook and Whitehurst vs Garrison and Deggs Laber Son vs Bonney Co William Swaiue vs Finnegan Crowell AUCTION SALE Leigh Bros Phelps will sell this morning a large amount of various articles consisting of furs carpets toys dry goods we would advise our friends who are desirous of securing bargains to be on hand The sale will commence at 101 o'clock at their auction rooms corner Water and Commerce streets MUNICIPAL Meeting of the Common Council IN BAD CONDITION Cumberland street from Charlotte to Queen is in dreadful condition Yesterday morning the fire department bad to take Church street to reach the fire The gullies and ruts preventing them from using that portion of the street mentioned CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS CON GRESSION morning about I) o'clock a fire broke out in stable in the rear of the house of A Joynes on Upper Union street The building was consumed notwithstanding the efforts of the department to save it There was no insurance On the property Mayor's Ludlow presiding Martha Smith colored arrested for stealing was discharged Thos Gardiner colored arrested for being drunk discharged Sarah Jane Moore colored stealing discharged Julia Taylorcoloredstealing coal sent to jail for sixty days Circuit George Blow presiding The court was employed yesterday in hearing the argument in the pleadings in be suit of the City of Norfolk vs tGuinn and securities The court adjourned until to-day at 10 o'clock 'NOBODY Further Particulars the 1 tiI 1 1 1 1 1 OBO 1 1' 11 Further Furth ill the 17 1 1 i 1 i ll a I 1 'Y NOBODY Further Particulars the MEETING Or THE CITY regular monthly meeting of the city council was held last night with the following members present Joseph Porter president Looking A Hopkins John Massing- ham Wilson James Dickerson Burroughs Etheredge Meyers A CDunham A Forbes and James Carr The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved A communication was received from Messrs Murdaugh and Wilson assignees of Merchants' and Mechanics' Savings bank giving notice that the city must close'up indebtedness with that institution by providing for the payment of certain overdue notes amounting to $9506 Referred to the finance committee The committee on streets reported the expenses for November amounted to $45604 and asked for an appropriation of $394 to pay street hands which was granted The chief engineer of the fire ment appeared before the council and re ported some deficiencies in the apparatus and supplies of the department and asked the attention of the board to the same Referred to the committee on fire department A special eommittee of three was appointed to repair the station house the cost not to exceed $25 A communication was received from the superintendent of the public schools asking the payment of the moneys due the schools in installments of $250 per month Referred to the finance committee The following reports were received and appropriately referred Monthly report of the almshouse committee was received Expenses for the month $34906 Number of white inmates 15 of whom 6 are males number of colored inmates 13 of whom 7 are males The report of the wood measurer for the month of November was read and received Number of cords of wood measured595f collections from wharfage and measurement $4388 The report of the commissioner of the revenue for November was received Amount collected from licenses $45128 The report of the clerk of the market was read and received Collections for November from all sources $16509 The report of the city auditor for the month of November was read and received On motion of the chairman of the finance committee the following resolution was adopted: Resolved That the collector furnish the council with a list of names of persons delinquent for taxes at the earliest possible time and that the city attorney be requested to furnish a list of such property as may be in the courts and on which taxes may be due On motion the meeting adjourned to meet next Wednesday night AN IMMENSE steamer Twilight of the Lorillard line arrived at her wharf last evening with the largest cargo ever brought down the noble James by a river steamer A greater portion of the cargo was for through shipment to New York via the steamer of the line for that point BISHOP KEENER TO divine by special vote of the conference will preach this Wednesday evening at the Cunberland street Methodist Episcopal church The subject chosen is "rhe Graces of Christian Liberality" ACCIDENT TO A engaged in marketing yesterday morning a lady was dashed to the ground by stepping on a peeling carelessly thrown on the walk Her bruises fortunately were of a slight nature WASHINGTON December lames It Young was elected executive clerk Mr Sumner again pressed his civil rights bill and Messrs Ferry and Ednitinds opposed it It was laid on the table without a division This action postpones the bill indefinitely and probably defeats it Mr Gordon introduced a bill aiding the Atlantic and Great Western canal providing that the United States should guarantee the payment of interest upon bonds of the canal company to the extent of $80000 per mile Butler's motion to seat Svpher Sheldon and Pinchback was taken Mr Beck argued in opposition and was allowed half an hour over his time Mr Beck made a powerful speech against the seats of the Louisiana delegates Messrs Sheldon and Sypher were seated The House adjourned without voting on Pinchback Mr Williams was nominated for Chief Justice and Mr Bristow for Attorney-General It is understood that Pinchback's credentials as member from Louisiana st large will be allowed to go to the committee-on elections By this course he will be able to push his claim to a seat in the Senate which would lapse upon swearing itito the House WASHINGTON lames It Young clerk Mr Sumner a rights bill and Al niands opposed i table without a postpones the bill ably defeats it Mr Gordon it: the Atlantic and providing that thc guarantee the pay bonds of the canal of $80000 per mi 1 Svpher Sheldon a Ilp Mr Beck argu was allowed half Mr Beck ma against the seats gates Messrs Sheld seated The House ad on Pinchbeck Mr Williams Justice and Mr General It is understood dentials as mewl large will be allow tee-on elections be able to push hi Senate which woi into the House PERSONAL- Lieutenant Greely of the Signal Service Department 'United States army arrived in our city yesterday morning for the purpose of inspecting the observatory at this point We are sure that he will find that the office under the charge of Mr McGann is in perfect trim in every department Since his appointment to this post Mr McGann has favorably impressed all who have had occasion to be thrown in association with him by his polite bearing and efforts to impart information The members of the press on frequent occasions have been under obligations to him for important data PORTSMOUTH LOCAL OUR PORTSMOUTH AGENCY MR THOMPSON BAIRD under the Ocean House is our authorized agent for the NORFOLK VIRGINIAN in Portsmouth and will receive all orders for advertising and subscription All communications for this paper left at his News Agency will be promptly attended to PROVISIONS in large quantities are being received Yesterday the tug Standish was engaged throughout the day in moving to and from the yard and the wharf of the New York line of steamers The first installment consist? of 500000 rations and the steamers of the Old Dominion line are engaged in carrying to this port a portion of the provisions for the squadron The Secretary of the Navy in his report to the President says there are now in the navy 165 vessels carrying exclusive of howitzers 1269 gunswhich is a reduction since his last annual report by sale and other vise of 13 vessels A general enumeration of these vessels presents 63 steamers other than iron-clads and tugs carrying 826 guns 29 sailing vessels 322 guns 48 ironclad vessels 121 guns and 25 tugs used for navy-yard and freight purposes Of this numberthere are at present in commission for sea service distributed on the several foreign stations and on our own coast 46 vessels carrying 407 guns LIVE OAK CRUISING SHIPS The Department has been engaged in completely repairing six of our live oak cruising ships which are now in various stages of forwardness at several navy yards These are all of moderate size and none of them sufficiently advanced to be of present use but they are adapted to the wants of our cruising navy and will in it few months add materially to its strength and efficiency THE EIGHT st00rsor WAR authorized by the last Congress are all in process of building--one-half at the various navy-yards three under contract in private yards and the remaining one under private contract in the navy-yard at Kittery The building of these ships with their engines and machinery is progressing rapidly the work contributing to the remunerative employment of several thousands of workmen and to the maintenance of the very large number of persons dependent upon their labor for support and education The work of putting LECEURE OF PROFESSOR CURL gentleman delivered the second of his course of lectures last evening at the Cumberland street church before a very large and appreciative audience The subject "Heroes and Heroines of the Scotch Covenanters" was excellently handled His style of oratory is peculiar to himself different from most speakers we have listened to It is attractive and earnest mingled with an eloquence and humor that one seldom sees on the lecture stand His effort last evening was NEW YORK NEI The regular monthly meeting of this body was held last evening in their chamber the following members being present: General Groner president Elliott vice president Dr William Selden Charles Reed Major A Myers Allen Richard Taylor Gregory and Brooks colored The proceedings of the previous 'meeting were read and approved The action of the select council was concurred in Petition of Curdts and others asking permission to place a stairway three feet wide along the Main street side of stores Nos 88 and 40 Maiket sqaare On motion this prayer of the petitioners was disapproved The estimate of school commissioners of funds necessary to conduct the public free schools of the city amonnting to $17000 including the amount received from the State of Virginia on last year's appropriation ($587290) and the request that an appropriation of $1112710 be made was presented Ott motion the petition was granted and the appropriation ordered unanimously The bond of Lee for $9580 for the faithful execution of contract tor cleaning streets signed by Turner as surety was read and on motion the bond was received and the contract filed The petition of Dorcas society respectfully asking aid from the city to assist them in this work of benevolence Mr Elliott moved that the auto of $200 be appropriated Adopted Petition from FirstPresbyterian church asking the city to donate a lot inElmemod cemetery for burial of beneficiaries was on motion referred to almshouse committee with power to act Petition of Samuel Kimberly to erect four frame tenement on corner of Queen and Smith streets was read On motion the petition was rejected on the ground that the houses had already been erected without asking permission to do so The report of Hudgins clerk of marketshowing collections for the month ending 8d of November to be $450 as readand referred to committee on markets for examination and report The fire committee reported favorably on the petition of Nicholas to erect a frame house on York street The report was referred back to committee with instructions to inquire whether any of the adjacent property-holders object The petition of Samuel Campbell asking an abatement of assession on brick tenement houses was returned the finance committee not deeming it advisable to make charges at present The report of committee was received A communication from Wm Faitz calling attention to the desecration of graves in Elmwood and Cedar Grove cemeteries and asking the protection of the city to prevent the same was read On motion the communieation was referred to the committee on cemeteries for examination and report Thereport of Robert Barrett keeper of the city almshouse of moneys received by him amounting to $1170 for the months of October and November was read and referred to the proper commit tee for examination and report The resignation of Taylor was read and on motion received Petition of II Turner asking permission to erect a shed with tin roof on Smith street was read The petition was rejected The finance committee in the case of tax bill against Harrison St Walker for assessment on Exchange National Bank recommended that the same be reassessed by the commissioner of revenue to the proper owner at that time believed to be the estate of Simon Stone On motion the report of the committee was adopted RESOLUTIONS Mr Taylor offered a resobition requiring the treasurer of the city to'be instructed to issue to such registered stockholders as may desire to accept them interest certificates for the interest due and unpaid on July lst1872 January 1st 1873 and July 1st 1873 said certificates not to bear interest but to be transferable and receivable in payment for any and all debts and taxes due to the city A motion to refer to the finance come mittee was made and the ayes and noes called for It was referred by the following vote Elliott Allen Myers Gregory Taylor Oberndorfer and Brooks colored-8 Monday night Friendship Encampment No 2 of Ports mouth paid a visit to their brothers of Oliver Encampment A Commander John A McDonald and Drill Master Fuller had corn mand of Encampment No 2 After holding a joint meeting the encampment were "feasted" by the visited order and Supreme A Tenon Poster welcomed Ins brethren and was responded to by McDonald On Thursday night a lecture will be delivered at Central church for the benefit Of the order in this city Miscellaneous Items NEW YORK December rumor that Tweed died suddenly is untrue He has been appointed one of the hospital orderlies and assumed his duties to-day An officer to-day escorting prisoners to the jail was killed with a brick The Iii rderer escaped The suspension of Herrick Co cotton and produce merchants was announced late yesterday in the cotton exchange Herrick declined to make a statement for publication A letter from Manzanilla Cuba states that Cespedes has ceased to be President of the Cuban Republic on account of bad health and his successor is Salvador Cis- neros Miseellg NEW YORK De( that Tw untrue He has I the hospital ord duties to-day An officer to-( to the jail was ki murderer escaped The auspensiot Co cotton and announced late exchange Herri statement for pub A letter from A that Cespedes has of the Cuban Rept health and his SU neros THE GRACEFUL CHAPMANS--To-night the long-looked-for long-hoped-for favorites will appear The attractions of Blanche and Ella are not lessened in the least and an additional charm to their entertainment is the appearance of Belle for the first time before a Norfolk audience The ferry-boat has been chartered enabling the lovers of the humorous from Portsmouth to have an opportunity of attending Parties desiring to obtain reserved seats can do so between the hours of 10 A and 3 ORPEREM-J 04 lend'hal son of Professor this city has been ordered to duty on board the Despatch in place of Harry Cooper whose orders had been revoked Odend hal has been on duty in this navy-yard for the last four years and by his ness industry and zeal in the performance of his duties made himself quite a favorite ot his superior officers FOREIGN F0' The report was received and referred to the following committee Revs Bennett Blackwell Joseph A Proctor Col 'Tinton and Geo Bain Jr Rev JP Garland presented a petition from the quarterly conference of Dinwiddie street station bearing on the same subject Rev A Brown read a report in reference to the superannuated preachers and the widows and orphans of deceased ministers' fund Referred to the appropriate committee MEMORIAL SERVICE The hour of 11 o'clock having arrived the time set apart for the memorial service in commemoration of the life virtues and death of the late Bishop John Early further business was suspended and the conference and vast congregation in attendance sang the hymn "Come ye disconsolate" During the singing of this hymn Bishop Doggett entered the door of the church and wended his way through the vast multitude and ascended the pulpit followed by Rev Dr Leroy Lee and 1 Rev Cowles After the lapse of a few moments during which an almost breathless silence prevailed Bishop Keener opened the exercises by reading the 716th hymn "Come let us join our friends above" which was sung by the entire assemblage after which prayer was offered by Rev Leroy Lee Bishop Doggett then read the morning lessons 1st 24th chapter 2d of St John 7th chapter commencing at the 9th verse "And after this I beheld and to a great multitude which no man could number (tc" Rev IL Cowles read the 678th hymn which the congregation sang commencing at the 8d verse "Oh that without one lingering groan" Then followed the sermon Bishop Dogget announcing his text Acts 13th chapter and 36th verse "For David after he had served his own generation by the will of God fell on sleep and was laid unto his fathers" "The relation that the man of God sustains to the age in which he lilies" The sermon occupied one hour and five minutes in its delivery and for elegance of diction and roundness of sentences was grand beyond description It was delivered in the speaker's usual grave and forcible manner and was a clear and beautiful description of the life of the venerable Bishop and his illustrious services to the church After the close of the Bishop's discourse the conference sung the 708th hymn "I would not live always" Rev Judkin4 then read a letter SOLEMN REQUIEM announced yesterday resolemn requiem mass was yesterday offered at St Mary's church for the repose of the soul of Miss Louisa Tazewell the Rev Father Hagen officiating The services were of that peculiarly solemn character that invests the ritual of the Catholic church on such occasion There was in attendance a numerous congregation The performance of the choir under the direction of Prof Masi was very fine A LARGE Gordon colored was buried yesterday and his remains were attended to the grave by one of the largest concourses seen in this city for a long period The hearse was drawn by four white horses and the large number of persons in attendance were mostly members of the innumerable colored orders of the city Gordon was a well-known politician ENGLAND Lommx December 2--The Hour claims reliable information that Cardinal Picci Archbishop of Perugia as the favorite for the Pope A special to the Times says that the inactivity of the Spanish fleet at Cartagena is owing to the doubts of the fidelity of the crew of the iron-clad Zaragoza The story of the duel between Generals Monteutrel and Van Goeben is now said to be without foundation El LONDON Deee claims reliable in Picci Archbishop vorite for the Por A special to tl inactivity of the sena is owing fidelity of the cre goza The story of th( Monteuffel anclVt be without founds OP IRONCLAD FORCE in efficient condition referred to in the Secretary's last' report has been pro ceeded with as fast as the means necessary for the extraordinary work could be spared from the current appropriations tor the support of the navy PROVIDING FOR THE ORDNANCE BCRAAII The Secretary most earnestly recommends that ample provision be made for the support of the Ordnance Bureau in order that nothing may interfere with its efforts to supply our ships with the most powerful guns County Watts presiding The following business was transacted yesterday The usual jury allowance was allowed The board of supervisors were summoned to answer an indictment for misconduct in office on the first day of next term The jail committee was sworn in An account of Dr IL Watts was allowed Petition of Wm A Jackson for road Lc Report of the ommissioners confirmed An account of John Lesner was allowed Summerell vs Humphries judgment of justice confirmed Petition of Wm IL Lambert for road commissio-ners appointed to view the land Lc Commonwealth vs Bartlett Creekmur stealing acow sentenced to four months in jail -An account of Foster and Hozier allowed The accounts ot Thomas Lee administrator of Eliza Bright were Ion-firmed Court adjourned to this morning to 10 o'clock POLICE REPORT 10a learn from the Mayor's report that during the month-of November sixty-three persona were arrested for various offences and that the fines collected amounted to $4350 Nearly all of the offences for which arreats were made were of a trivial character such as drunkennessvagrancy Le presidint TII CONDITION OF OUR STREETS Frequent are the complaints received as to the condition of our streets The inspector has explained himself and the muddle that exists as to the proper management of the saute The contrac tor lately appointed has not as yet give his bonds and so the matter stands a stench not only to the nostrils but to the reputation of our city It is an evil that calls loud for correction SALES OF REAL ESTATE-Mr special commissioner made the following sales yesterday House and lot on County street belonging to the estate of Chambers for $1850 Judge Watts pur chaser Vacant lot on Court street to Messrs James Crocker and John IL Hole for $1620 MISSOURI The Social Evil Sr Louis December Supreme court of the State decides that the municipal regulations of the social evil tire constitutional MI The Sr Louis Dee court of the municipal regulat are constitutional The Mike McCook Cwe ST LoulsDecember MeCoole is held in $10000 bonds for murder Ficond degree The Nth( STLOUISDeCe is held in $1000( seeond degree OES YARD 811-BBED In his report we find no special mention of our yard The yards of New York Philadelphia and Boston are mentioned and their prominence discussed but the Secretary is remarkably reticent as far as we Why is this is a very apt inquiry Our yard tor its position its capacity its admirable man agement its extensive works and splendid harbor should have received a more than passing notice in the report of the Secretary But yet that official is silent and at this time when the yard occupies the most prominent position of naval stations in the country Can it be because it is located in Virginia Will Mr Platt answer ESTIMATES FOR THE YEAR The estimates for the next fiscal year are $19252235 and to this is added the WILL ladies' fair at Union station will close tomorrow The fair has been very successfully conducted The Reehabites attended last night and were served with supper and afterwards spent a pleasant evening There will no doubt be a large attendance to night and plenty of amusement PEDDLE' GB EEN HODS establishment is fast becoming a most popular resort "Mine host" Benjamin Peddle is always endeavoring to please and all who may desire to enjoy the benefit of "creature comforts" can do so whenever they visit the "Green House" A specialty is the low price charged day or week boarders for first-class board We invite attention to his advertisement AllEIMMEIMIEMB he own on sixth oF the earth are themselvesone-fifth of the world's population and control one-hi If of its shipping It may be added that they blow oftener in the muzzles of their guns kndle more funeral fires with kerosene and wear bigger buckles on their belts than any other rare of people on the globe 1 he noble-Ang of' the earth are worldlapopulatio its shipping It blow oftener in'tl kndlemore funel and wear bigger than any other ra( ACCIDENTALLY STANSP1)4 youth tittnicAt Patt Knee employed in the machine of the navy 7ard while skylarking terday morning was accidentaly in the left knee lie waq taken treatment at once ORDERED TO white men named Benjamin 'Henderson and Hunt were arrested in the market and ordered to leave town at once on account of their suspicions characters at a meeting of the police commissioners the resignation of Policeman Pulley was received.

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