The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 16, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CAMFORNIAN Dependable Goods at Welll's Stove Buyers, Listen! Buy The Champion Interchangeable Range Something new and by far the best stove that has ever been put on the market. Every range warranted, and you'll always count your your money well spent when you buy one. You can change it from gas to coal or vice versa in less than five seconds. It takes less fuel to ruh it than any other stove, and has all th6 greatest conveniences possible. We've already sold quite a number, and prospective -stove buyers should by all means see this fine, up-to-date and splendid range. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries. 142' 1418-1422 NlnOceenth Street. Over The Tehachapi . by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno 8:50 a. in. Arrives Los Angeles 8:35 p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:35 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Go* VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR Now try and conceive a car almost as silent as the photograph itself— • car vibrant with pent-up power under fllnger-tlp control; a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside* the aristocracy of motordom and lack nothing that the latter possesses except u higher price—and you will have formed a fair mental picture of the revelation that awaits you. Dismiss from your mind the idea that you have ever noon a low-priced car which was in the same class as tills $1550 four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, you will now see a big car at a low price. Where you have hitherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see size and strength and dignity. Where you have seen indifferent material skimped and saveti to make possible a low price, you ^vlll now sue u car built of the flnest steels money can buy, used in full and generous measure—and the same painstak- nng, conscientious system of construction, down to the last nut and bolt, that lias been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the flrat year of Us history. Deliveries early next month. First car load already sold. 0. E. Oetohell, Agent, Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and 0 Sts, Tel. Main 1260 SPORTS FRESNO WINS ! F, N, SCOFIELD POLO SERIES! GETS CADILLAC night: Bakersfield 2, Bakersfield 0, Saturday Fresno 3, Sunday afternoon; Fresno 1. Sunday night: Bakersfield 4, Fres no 1. Although scoring six goals to their The ifliift Cadillac "thirty" expeot- oil by the Bakersfleld Garage for some days past, finally arrived yes terdny. It had hardly 'been taken (n tin- garage Before It had boon pur-• chased by Captain F. N. Scoflcld. j like a number of other local mo- opponents five, Bakersfleld lost their i torlsts, was at once struck by the flrat roller polo series to Fresno, the j numerous good points of the new raisin eaters winning two out of the: car. Captain Scofleld at once tool; three games. The northern team dis- j possession of the auto, and the par- played better team work, but the lo-;asi> Is once more left without a ma- cals proved to 1 have the speedier; chine of its own, though Brh 'and players. With more practice the ' Orury have two carloads of Buirks Dreamlanders promise to develop In-'aim Cadillacs on the way. to one of the best teams iu the val- J The new car is built on long grace- le y- i f»l lines and Is finished in n pnrticu- The line-ups of the two lives werejlarly handsome royal blue. The four as follows: , cylinder engine is declared to he one Bakersfleld Fresno'of the best, and taken all in all the C. F. Smith,. .first rush Jack, car puts up decidedly the best an- N. Smith .. second rush Pasch j I'.'iir nice ot any of the new UK)!) mod- Johnny Davis . center Graham ' el.i yet seen in Bakersfleld. C. Emmons . half back ... Waltman | *-»^ J. DIxon goal tend Schutz Other Games Planned. On November 21st and 22d the local team will play two games In Selma, and the Selma team will come to Bakersfleld to furnish the next game here on November 28th. NEILL HERE WITH After an absence of many months, Al Xeil arrived in Bakersfield on the Owl last night, to start training; here for his flght, on Thanksgiving night with Billy Morris. Nell looks to be in fine shape, and says he feels fit to take whatever Frank Carillo's find can show him in the way of punches. With Al is Kid George, .i\ 140-145 First Football Game is a Tie FURNIIURE LINOLEUMS THE ONE-PRICE STORE Wo wish to announce Hint wo have jusl added (n our store n very lar^e stock nf PICTURES Come in and select snine- thiiigfor your home-. A picture placed here and there on the walls frivos the room a cheerful air. You can select from a stock that is large enoiiyh to iiffonl .just what you want or what your fric'iids would nppredalo. There is no present that is more pleasing than a nice picture. N PHILIP W. Q IEDERAU1V 1408-10 19th St. Main 173 CARPEtS J STOVES Bakersfield S, Dinuba 5. Hanford-Portcrville, no game. Visalia 12, Tulare 0. In the first IPHRIIO- football same of !lu season, Bakersftold and Dinulm tied Saturday, in the latter town, in a same marked principally by constant squabbling ami dirty playing. The local team was compelled to carry the pigskin across ninuha's line four times before tr.eir one tally was counted. The scoring was done in the first half, the ball see-sawing from one part of the field to the other. Bakersfleld could always make ground on bucks, SPORTS OF ALL SORTS I i ••:: .'.<• •.•.•!>,;!u :,o allottel the number of electoral voles equal to its representation in tho two houses of congress. Thus whatever candidate received n plurality of the popular vote In any H ,. lto w<mld , )0 aPCOV(Ie(I her electoral When Al Noill and Billy Morris flght hure Thanksgiving night there . V ote, as at present. will be no more ardent supporter of 1 n W ouhl be necessary to preserve the San Franciscan than little Eddie' rlous slates to the proposed amend- White, who will probably be in Nelll's corner. Nelll gave White his start in mem, whatever may be thought of the soundness or justice of the present pound boy, who will be his sparring ' but was weak at running the ends. In partner and trainer. George is also ! a long exchange of punts Stroud gain- looking for n match, and may go on j ed the advantage to Hakersfield. The In the preliminary, If a suitable op- i "Half ended with the ball In Dimiba's ponent can be found. He fought a pre- possession In neutral ground. llnlnary in Sacwmento Saturday night : In the second half the BaUersfield ! and won in a round and a half. I team secured the ball early, and stead- Billy Morris's workout yesterday at- n >' rushed it down the field toward ternoon at the Standard quarters | I'lnuba's goal-line. Wieman waa given was something of a fluke, for no'one' lh e ball to make a touch-down, and appeared to don the gloves with Frank) carried it through not once, but four Carillo's find. According to current times, before the score was allowed. report on the streets, Muuro Hen-era I Tlu> flrst tnrfic> times RaUersfleld was ' BORN. CONSANt—Near Bakersfleld, November 13. 19ns, to Mr .and Consani, twin boys. Mrs. O. had boasted that lie would go u few rounds with the welter, but the rival penalized for alleged wna missed. off-side plays. boxer and promoter did not put in an' After the kick-off Hakerslleld again U>pearance. ' secured the ball, but lost it on a Subsequently Frank Carillo placed ' muffpd Dunt ' DUuiba gainPl1 Uventy $"n in the hands of Ed Fussell of the California!!, to be given to Hei-rera if he woui.l stand u,i ;\.-. :'•..,,;; ;,,..;;,., with Morris on Sntnrduy night. Keh- f'eld added to this $5 to be given the professional pugilism, about two : basis of representation in the elector- years ago, when Eddie had just won al coHe-e. the Olympic Club's amateur cham- j plouahlp. While Neill was fighting I Hornbtickle, Gorman and other welters around Petahima, Santa Rosa and Marysvllle, Wtilte was scrapping with the Ightwelghta In the preliminaries. A combination bet on< the two was generally a safe bet for the sporting fraternity. Racehorse men all over the country . are more or less surprised over the San Francisco Bulletin's change of front in regard to the racing game. Formerly recognized as the great western turf authority, the Bullet in now clamors for the closing of the Emeryville track, and is howling the 'other substantial Kain on a half-back kick. With tho ball on Bakersfleld's 1 five-yard line they kicked il over for ' :i touch.fown. CJo.'U w:is 1 eilhet&l aylor Order today some of our fine MOUNTAIN CABBAGE. Have you tried our CELERY and that fresh CAULIFLOWER? Phone us when you want good fresh vegetables. 1423 19th S. Phone Main 401 Arthur Holcutt, the horseman an I jockey, has come to H:\Uerntielil an I wi u H,,,, IT,.mini,i Rose for Ed Davis ,,„ Thnuks.uivlni; Dav. in the match ,.„,,,, | : ,., W( ,,.,, ]),-, se'liiifer u, )H ,, , in ,| Tli j .„„(, feld added to this $5 to be given the ' ' "" "»"""• "" :1 """ '««'" "'""'' •' Ml Night, tor the $.;<•« stakes. Tills lightweight to enter the rl,, K . no mat- j 1 "' 1 ""i,, 1 -'",',"'' '"'"''''I ," '-'""' ""»" t(1H should be ;, warmly <•.,„(,.> ,e-l , :er bow loiu he lasted. When the &<*.'•> "'<", .""•»' I" 1 '" " \". "• w fro,,, ^-r' :•» H.Hsl.. : :i I »!i,.^l, ; proposition was made. Mauro, how- X , ".' , - lj! " J "'' sfl(1 '< P'ay.-rM were . Sf .| laf ,.,. W!IM a , ,| rH , e,,,isi ( |e.-e.| to be; ever. inUlgnantlv denied that be t , ver ! SMousIy Injured, but the luces of all ,-.„. , hl , b ,, st< j.,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,{„«,.. wllll ,,„,., had any intention of going on with I"' 1 "' Kt -''"'- ch f s •''"'' >ntis..s. ji!!e-,e-l to ( . M|( U|)i |immis ,. s ,,, ,„, ,,„, r ,. ivo ,. ilf .. ' Morris.' "What do you think I am, to' .'^"^."J.JLVf*",'" "LIT 11 a "'] All Right Is something of a dark i ro and box witli ii heavyweight," he there is little chance ot seeing ;wo together.. slugging. Wieman, ad said. Accordingly it would seem that ' J 18 "" 1 ' I"'. 0 ™' 1 "? {> e th «* f 1 !' of th< ' them is little chance of SP etnb the lo ^ al8 ' " Iwaj ; s } W ^ K B °°, l! for f" J(i 1 gains when the ball was given to him. All the members of the team did well, and the game was marked by the absence of funbllns. Conch Crlfflth expressed himself as being well KiitlHflet TEA The greatest tea-drinkers are full - bottom Dutchmen. There isn't much nervous prostration in Holland. Tour grocer returni Tour roontr If TOII don't Ulo ScbllUni'i But; we pa; him as, Center, Cecil Baker; left Walker Rankin; right guard, He won one race in good time during the county fair week. I campaign in the north for this purpose. Bill Bailey, the Loa Angeles horse- has had the distance hortto ~ guard, tor Nevada. George Murphy Is Henry now in charge of the thoroughbreds Church: left tackle, Lewis Dennen. at (I udnut Park, and has right tackle, Antone Wegls; left end, Halph Stockton (captain); right end, Ben Korker; quurtor back, Loyal Gvandy; left half back, John Stroud; right half buck, ."Babe" MeKInley; full back, JJrury Wieman. A FACT PROVEN. Should Convince Even the Mo»t Skeptical of I<« Truth. If there is the slightest doubt In the minds of any that Dandruff gi'nns <!o not exist, their belief is cumpell'-il *>y th» fact that a rabbit lnnoculat"<l with th" germs becamo bald in six weeks' time. STANFORD AGAIN WINS FROM UNIVERSITY TEAM. All Right and Sylvester, two good runners, left over from County Fair week, as the nucleus for a string. It must be apparent to person therefore that tho on!y pr>'\'>ii''-r>n of baldness U the destruction o:' tin- trerm— which act Is gvif-o -sfu'.Iy nr-• Tru'llsho'l In one hundred per rtMit. r>? i-.<f<** h.v tho application ot Xewbro-s H--"-;'!-:li1e. Dandruff Is cn:!3f>,-l !-.;-• !'!•• " '•- B 1>rr " which cnuspa baldneiia nml ("n b» prevented with the sum,; rsir.i'-Jj -^- -wt'i'O'z Herplolrt^. Accept -in>. •'• -' rl V tht. causo you rem'iva tin? ,11m Barry, the eastern fceavy who has been on tho coaat for some months, phoned Tom O'Brlon last night for an early match, but was in- For the fifth consecutive time Stan- j formed that tho carda of tho local ford won from. California in the an- \ } , f „ f „ prosont Ba r- niial Intercoliogiato football gamo ,.,,,,' ' . Saturday, by the score of 12 to 3. i r >' '"tends leaving for tho east short, Tho game waa -played on Berkeley . ly, to spend the holidays with his field, and waa witnessed .spectators, proving that retains its popularity. by 18,000 i family. Rugby still i Annett'sBakery WE SERVE HOT DRINKS AT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. COME IN WHEN YOU'RE UP TOWN AND TAKE A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE OR BULLION. THE BEST OF MATERIALS ARE USED IN OUR SERVICE. WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH A TRIAL. 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 _,,„,.,,, , . C. F. Johnson drove down from M , , n^f? i W1 » 8vhnanv)1ar !"?" , VlHulla with a new Dorrlfl car, which that of California, and the Held fully , l)ol h , ,„ Ule north from o w . The advantage of tho Car- , Ryaj)i ,),„ ( , oas , aRPnt who waj , re . as fast. dinal grew more game advanced, made In the last apparent as few minutes of i the' ( . pntlv aemonstratinK in BakerBHeld. 1 - Mr . is one of the new 1909 models, thirty Sold ',;>• io , fltnynpi fir f r;rii(f!:l. J ts lOc. In irr!o to'Tho Ilerplcl'l* Co.. Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. J, A. HUGHES, Agent. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If tile Cost \V<>lTieS \ i consult, us. We will airreeal>!y -n i'l' you. .\>>;aiti yi.u eau 'i" it so ijitiekly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Comes in rolls, <|uii:kly fill- costs so little, plied, enities in any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. Got ioluunblla ! . PC..., t. , < .horsepower. Mr. JohnfiOn drove the Holman of Stantord was the br «ht. cnr „ , wn hlmB( , u ,„„,„,. ( ,, n , cUon „, star of the game. John 0. Mlllw made an excellent showing also. GRASS FIRE DESTROYS FEED AT TEHACHAPI. Ryan, and is said to have gotten so speed cra/y on his first trip that he "drove full tilt Into a chuck hole and snapped a spring. A griisK fire near the .laei; He 'euy place. In tlio hills went of Cii'iiiaingK '• Valli-y, Hist week destroyed more tluini H Kectlon of 8p!otidld dry feed which j U. (I. hill has 8-ivecl for while! 1 |ias-! -|'|i Hire. Tliuel.v iiSKi.sianee checked 'noj (r (lf \i, irv | ,, l( | si)i'i'!iding of the lliiineK and confined .' ' them to the area iibove-nient ioned. The s ' x '""' '''•'" '''' '"• ' IOHK of the feed is partlciil.trly bai'd Ih' 1 folly of coin inn at IhlH season of the \'',ir; the asbl .-ils •(,.,,, (l i ^,,1111- ,(.. not innli'i'ltilly assist in;; a b-iuury enw| ,. ^ , ,, § |!§ in wlibstiindlng the whin., blasi.-v i Tuhachapi Tomohawk. , liuid >--ise ib il in . WHY NOT DIRECT VOTING FOR THE PRESIDENCY. (Siicriinieiho HIM-.) n|t i»l the eleeloral dial. Hryfin got new example ol stale, i-- in 1 . '.• Hie [U'esell I >• > '•* in '-'dileiuial candi- •i)' from this Mm' ,i elose eli i-l ii-n I i • •i-J led b.', 1 j'l-il :-lli'li lerloral \oli - of ;i manll'i--t nbsuriliiy !W!H-II th" 'dec'ural eollei. 1 . lias "Even a policeman <-iiiin<jt arn-nl the flight of time," said ihe funny man. "Oh. I don't know," rejoined the In realiu noibing more ihan a mere matter-of-fact, perwon. "Only this political machine, . u lrl|)p<-d of all ilis- niornltiK I saw a rxdlci'mun onh-r n cn-ilon. side door and stop a few minutes. "•- \ No yood reason appears for main- ('hlcaino News. l-iiniiiK ihe</ui«M*wn liiHliliition. There . ---------- •»••»-»- ......... should be an amen.lmeiit to (he. foder- Houndur— Do you think betting is al coiiHiliuilnii providing for direct wrong? voting for presidential candidates, as Rounder — Well, the way I bet gm for governor or any other office. Hut erally is.— Chicago News, in determining the result, as now, each Kahler Says: Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia suf'e s ;in ilbsolute niiylity handy pre] to keep in (lie IKMISC. nalile remedy for Jii'iinefiial ('af iirrli, S ie, C'IMIIJ) ami ill dis I lie iiir piHsay ery iiuine in I (I IN.Hie ni' it .'itin a •S. \Vlieli ev- alier.-.lield ha-, in hand there Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rubber goods—At right prices. BAKERSIIELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Comer 19th * I tU.

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