News-Pilot from San Pedro, California on May 29, 1942 · 3
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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California · 3

San Pedro, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1942
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NEWS-PILOT SAN PEDRO CALIFORNIA FRIDAY EVENING MAY 29 1942 THREE Japs Admit Terror During U $ Raid WASHINGTON LB— The office of facts and figures today quoted Minister of Justice Iwamura as admitting in a Japanese broadcast that the American raid on Japan April 18 "terrorized” the popula-i tion and threatened public morale t OFF said Iwamura demanding I Vigorous punishment for persons who spread confusing rumors de dared: "It is needless for me to say at Mhis time that it is important to act swiftly and severely in the arrest I nnd punishment of all crimes that (disturb peace and order under wartime conditions "Especially when emergency cir-t cu instances arise as happened in a recent air raid it is natural that the people became terrorized and It is to be feared it will have a serious and unbearable effect upon the peace and order of the country” Ford Bomber Plant Near Volume Output HSNews Notes By FRANCES BLODGETT San Pedro high school students yesterday presented a program at a Dana junior high school assembly Performed in a radio-studio setting the program included three numbers by a nine-piece band directed by Harry Bradfield a skit "The Barretts at Home” written by Bill Carnahan and Tom Belknap and featuring Ed Davis Paul Berg-und Merrill Ashland Roberta Ann Rogers and Donald McShea with : Howard Griffin and John Brossart in charge of sound effects and a gymnastic exhibition by Andy Fia-mengo Andy Katnich Wayne Rollins and Burnell Holt POSTER CONTEST WINNER Catherine Simich member of Miss Helen White’s advanced salesmanship classes was chosen winner this week in a poster contest to advertise the senior play “The Mad Hatters” “The drama is a modem one and the girls will wear their own clothes instead of high school designed costumes” declared Mrs Etta Pinnell when questioned about senior play costuming However twelve girls In advanced costume design period five are designing costumes for the women characters of the "Mad Hatters” as though they were planning them for the play Each girl has worked out a color scheme for the whole play Red and blue dominate the charts they have prepared SCHOLARSHIP AWARD A special scholarship of $150 for the coming academic year at the University of Redlands recently was awarded to Dorothy Woodruff prominent A senior here Dorothy won because of her outstanding ability in the field of music By DAVID J WILKIE Wide World Automotive Editor DETROIT — Volume output of massive four-engined bomber planes rapidly is approaching at the great Willow Run aircraft factory and one of the most gratified individuals connected with the undertaking is Henry Ford It was two years ago today that Ford apostle of mass production asserted that under certain conditions he could build 1000 airplanes a day He was talking about pursuit ships Whether he could have produced that many planes a day never has been wholly agreed upon among his fellow motorcar producers There were many who openly scoffed at the claim The pioneer automobile builder nearing his 79th birthday however never ceased to believe the task would have been nothing more than an "assembly job” While he had no opportunity to test his ability to make 1000 pursuit planes a day he has accomplished at Willow Run something that In many ways is equally startling and unbelievable In less than 13 months he has converted a farm and wooded section some 30 miles from Detroit into a gigantic aircraft factory bigger than anything the world ever has seen and has mass output of the aerial battleships in sight To appreciate thoroughly what the production of dozens of bomber planes in one factory each day entails you have to get a close-up view of one of the leviathans of the skies in Its finished state and also in knocked-down form with Its thousands of components scattered over dozens of sub-assembly lines As late as last summer when structural steel began to give shape to the Willow Run factory Ford believed the United States would not become an active participant in the war At the same time he agreed there was need for a powerful national defense With the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor he made It clear that although he never has ceased to deprecate war he was in this one to the limit of his productive capacity Today every activity of the thousands of workers in the Ford organization is associated with the war effort If Ford correctly appraises the post-war prospect Willow Run will continue to turn out airplanes after hostilities cease— not in the same volume as the war effort demands but in considerably greater numbers than any American factory made them in the pre-war days In thus confirming his intention to remain in aviation after the war Ford said “you’ll be amazed at the need there’ll be for airplanes after the war” He visualizes a great expansion in aerial freight and passenger traffic although he says bluntly I that "we lug things around too much now” But right now the slender slightly stooped production genius is thinking solely In terms of war necessity and an ever increasing flow of giant bombers out of Willow Run He smiles just perceptibly when he talks about it Over the years he has heard many persons say something "couldn’t be done' It was said about Willow Run and the mass production of bomber aircraft "There it is” says Ford Mother's" Eye View of Jane Withers CLl’B TO BANQUET Commercial club members have set their annual banquet for June 2 James A Nielson special representative of the 12th U S civil service district will speak and John Cotterrel school business manager will act as master of ceremonies The boy and girl "most likely to succeed" will be announced They are chosen by the commercial club cabinet from a number of students suggested by teachers The students having over a B average entering the commercial Honor society will be introduced Miss Orion Nichols Miss Virginia Brown and Robert Williams former teachers here have been Invited to attend Joy Metzer and Marjorie Webb are in charge of decorations Helen Marler advertising Jackie Anderson flower arrangements and Vivian Martin entertainment Present members ef the honor society Include: A-12's Charlotte Levier Joyce Metzer Francesca Giacaloni club president and Mary Di Cocco secretary B12's are Jane Foster Rosie Agudo and Betty June Tietz SHOPS OPENED TO GIRLS Girls will be able to take shop courses beginning next semester They will be allowed to take electric metal and machine shop work and perhaps wood shop printing and mechanical drafting The 12th graders will be given preference over girls of other grades as the oourses will be open according to the capacity of rooms and equipment These classes heretofore have been open only to boys The 11th graders will be given a general comprehensive course TEACHER TO JOIN NAVY George Walker San Pedro high school English teacher leaves Saturday to Join the United States navy After a hospital training of six weeks he will be a pharmacist's mate second class CHAPLAIN ADDRESSES SENIORS Speaking on the life of soldiers Chaplain Michael Clair of Fort MacArthur this week addiessed A seniors at their class meeting' Most of the soldiers are intelligent fine young men he declared as he told some of the daily life of the men in the army In speaking of the few illiterate By MRS RUTH WITHERS Written for Wide World HOLLYWOOD — My daughter Jane has Just turned 16 Like any mother whose child has reached an age when adult responsibilities must be assumed I have been taking stock of this daughter of mine to whose training I have devoted so much thought and effort Naturally I am proud of Jane’s position as an actress But I would be I think a poor mother if I were not more concerned about my daughter as a human being than I am about her stardom Jane was 8 years old when she started on her screen career She had until then a completely normal childhood Her father and I had tried to teach her by concrete example that honesty generosity sympathy and Industry invariably pay dividends in happiness Without prejudice I can say she had learned the lessons well Every studio contains its quota of adult sycophants who in the hope of personal gain or simply through position-worship in its silliest form shower child stars with flattery and make them young egomaniacs SINCERELY GRATEFUL Jane — again I write without prejudice — has survived that danger without hurt She is proud of her success without being egotistical sincerely not hypocritically grate- soldiers he said “Some are not even able to write home to their mothers” He explained how the army saw that the soldier and the family had some communication with each other ART CLUB PARTY ’ Mis Etta A Pinnell spoke Monday at the Art club meeting on clothing for girls and boys Appearing on the program also were The Mahaliettes who sang “Down By the Ohio” and the "Hawaiian War Chant” Members of this trio are Lorraine Yonko Virginia Perez and Nadine Hale Fifty students and teachers enjoyed a look and guess game and & contest of gum modeling Fremont high sent cartoons to each San Pedro high school cartoonist by way of Miss Gayle Hayes former teacher here Betsy Rasmussen presided at the party Sandwiches and cocoa were served as refreshments SPEAKERS PERFORM Four public speaking students under the direction of Miss Catherine Lockett instructor spoke recently before civic and fraternal organizations for Navy Relief society campaign They were Charles Clem-ensen Jack Genter Eva Larson and Martha Campbell Speaking on "Recreation in War-Time” Adah Coropoff also spoke this week at the Cabrillo St P-TA CANDIDATES ACTIVE Candidate petitions for student body girls’ and boys’ leagues' and student service offices are being circulated Keenest competition to date seems to be for the office of editor of the Fore’n’Aft Three contenders are In the field Edward Osman present business manager on the school paper and Betty Ar-wood and Margaret Rudi both circulation managers this term ful for the affection of her fans She has no false “class consciousness” At a studio party about a year ago she suddenly spied at the other end of the room the laborer who swept the street In front of her dressing room She Immediately went to him and despite his em barrased protests dragged him back to her table to introduce him to all the studio executives as one of her special friends I was never prouder of her than I was at that moment Jane's father and I realized how easily any child in the spotlight can grow selfish under the constant praise and attention of studio workers and fans so we devised plans to offset that danger For example: Since her first screen success Jane has been showered with gifts —usually dolls From the first we made it an inflexible rule that whenever she received two such presents she must give one to some underprivileged child Later as she began seriously to collect dolls of all countries it was ruled that she mast buy for a less fortunate child from her own allowance a duplicate of each doll she purchased GENEROSITY STRESSED Always our efforts had a fixed goal — we sought by constantly pointing out that the world holds many unfortunate people to impress upon her that fact that good fortune should be shared She is therefore generous She is by nature loyal Her friends today are the same kids who have been her pals all through adolescence Some are rich some are poor some are famous some are unknowns but I note that she makes no distinction between them She knows the value of a dollar— thanks to an Inflexible allowance system Despite the fact that her screen earnings have been considerable she has often had to pinch pennies for weeks in order to buy wanted things At the moment in fact she is saving half her allowance each week to buy a cocker spaniel puppy Undoubtedly she has many faults but since they are the result cf omissions in the training I have given her I am apt to be blind to them Plumbing Fixtures Production to End WASHINGTON LB — The war production board today prohibited production after June 20 of various plumbing fixtures commonly used in homes and commercial establishments The list includes bath room and laundry sinks Foot baths drinking fountains water closet bowls frost closets and tanks for water closets or urinals 1 Farmers Asked to Cut Motoring WASHINGTON VP) — The government today asked the nation’s farmers to eliminate unnecessary motoring and to form transportation pools both for hauling produce to market and carrying needed supplies to their farms Strawberries Going to Waste SACRAMENTO VP) — Between 14000 and 15000 crates of strawberries are going to waste every day this week in nearby Florin strawberry patches while their growers 98 per cent of whom are of ' Japanese ancestry are being evacuated from the area agriculture officials said today The daily waste will mean the lass of approximately $150000 in cash strawberry returns and will mean shortages on the fresh fruit markets in Portland Seattle Vancouver Salt Lake City and portions of Texas Jane Withers' Contract Okehed- LOS ANGELES LB — Sixteen-year-old Jane Withers who in December parted company with 20th Century-Fox studio over salary terms of a new contract yesterday won approval of a pact with Republic studio in superior court It provides for two pictures at $15000 each with options for two more at $20000 California Farm Employment Gains SACRAMENTO 0B — Estimated total of persons working on California farms as of the last week in April reached 310000 14 per cent more than recorded during March the California cooperative crop reporting service announced today May 30 Shutdown Banned by Nelson The following statement concerning the Memorial Day holiday was received foday by district WPB executives from Donald M Nelson chairman of the war production board "Memorial Day Is set aside as a day to honor the memory of American soldiers and sailors who have fallen fighting for their country” "In ordinary times we celebrate it as a holiday and the very act of saspending the normal routine and enjoying a holiday is in itself a fitting tribute to the memory of men who died to win peace and happiness for their country “But this is a time of grave emergency We can honor our heroic dead only by showing that we are as determined as they were to defend our country without counting the cost to ourse’ves We cannot honor them by taking a holiday "The best way to celebrate Memorial Day in 1942 therefore is to make it a day of full-time production in every factory which is making war goods or essential articles for civilian use "If a holiday has been scheduled In any war plant where Memorial Day operation Is possible that holiday should be canceled This is a responsibilty which rests equally on management and on labor "We cannot afford a lag in war production due to Memorial Day shutdowns” Yunnan one of the largest provinces of China has an area about twice that of New England Prisoners of War Mail Rules Told The Red Cross office here 335 Seventh st today received from the second assistant pastmaster general the following information for sending mail or parcels to prisoners of war or to detained or interned civilians To correspond with:- 1 Prisoners of war of Germany or Italy: the address must contain the full name and rank of the prisoner the prisoner of war number prison camp’s designation country in which camp is located 2 Prisoners of war of Japan the prisoner's name should first be released by the appropriate military or naval authority either through the Red Crass or other reliable organization When this release is obtained pending complete information as to the prisoner’s number etc the address should be: full name military title and branch of service followed by his former location (e g "Formerly at Wake”) American prisoner in Japan care of Intemation Red Cross committee Geneva Switzerland In addition to the address the envelope should contain in upper-left corner prisoner of war with prisonnier de guerre immediately below and If to Germany add Gebuhrenfrei In lower left corner put postage free Franc de port and if to Germany also put Beguhren-frei Sender’s name and address should be on back of envelope To send parcels to prisoners of war held by Germany or Italy the address should be the same as for a letter with the addition of “parcel” after the phrase "prisoner of war” in the upper left corner Parcel-service is not yet available for prisoners of war in Japan or its conquered territory To correspond with civilian internees in Germany or Italy: 1 Address with name of internee name of camp and pastoffice address Name and address of sender must appear on letter or parcel In upper left corner “interned civilian” followed by "interne civil” and underneath this the words “Postage free Franc de Port” 2 Of Japan: No correspondence with civilians held by the Japanese government until the Internee’s name is released by the appropriate military or naval authority then only letters may be sent General points concerning communication with prisoners of war are: 1 Free postage is now available to detained or interned civilians as well as prisoners of war 2 Parcels cannot exceed 11 pounds in weight nor 42 inches in length and girth combined Also some articles cannot be sent such as pharmaceutical products or medicinal supplies and all packages should be wrapped sturdily with an inner wrapping bearing full address same as the outside 3 All French Belgian Jugoslav Greek Polish prisoners of war In Germany can receive mail only If the sender has attached the re- Grocer Indicted Under Sugar Act CHICAGO LB— The first indictment under the national sugar rationing act was returned yesterday by a federal grand jury against John Freshman a south side retail grocer before District Judge Philip L Sullivan Freshman was charged with reporting to a rationing board when he registered on April 29 that he had 2500 pounds of sugar on hand for sale whereas government inspectors found 20000 pounds In his store a day later State Employes to Aid Farmers BOISE Idaho VP)— Idaho state employes — white collar workers highway maintenance crews and any others who will volunteer — will work in the state’s 74000 acres of beet fields next week to avert a threatened crop loss Gov Chase A Clark has granted “temporary vacations” to all state employes who will volunteer for the work from Monday June 1 through Friday He even suggested he might take part In the work himself quired label which is furnished to the prisoner of war by the German government and may be sent to his family or friends Any additional Information may be obtained at the Red Cross office here Van (amp’s TEN DE HONi : A NEW and delicious treat for MACARONI and SPAGHETTI lovers TENDER BUT NOT DOUGH-Y- COOKS IN J MINUTES L V" INTRODUCTORY OFFER One full size package of Van Camp’s Tenderoni Free with your purchase of two packages at the regular price of 2 for 19 Try the Free package If you don’t say Tenderoni is better than any macaroni or spaghetti you ever tasted return the empty package together with the two packages you bought and your grocer will give you your money back Another Van Camp’s "Feast-for-the-Least” Quicker and easier to prepare So economical Delicious distinctive flavor unlike other macaroni or spaghetti Tenderoni is not doughynew and interesting recipes on every package saves time and money everybody loves it brings you praises from family friends get Van Camp's Tenderoni at your grocer’s today take advantage of the Free Package offer Made and distributed by the Makers of the Famous Van Camps Pork and Beans

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