The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALTFOHNIAN s \TURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, wos. TELEPHONES MAIN 39 and 86 Thoughts of Christmas n note of this -we •k .some now jfif'l ar> year that ymr will invo.itiu r ate early. ill be niiiny a snr- iv I'd!' eariv bnv Jap Run Over Men of Valley By Automobile in Session tli The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer A Jap wlici only ron-iiily arrived In BakorHneld. name unknown, was run down on Ohe.ster avenue at 3 o'clock this afternoon by the MR Stndubaker automobile of the Imperial Oil Company. It Is said that the rar was not proceeding ut an extremely extraor- (llnnry rail' of speed. The Jap was run down and severely Injured. Tho aiiio at once took him to the county hospital, where a superficial examination wax unable to determine whether or riot hla injuries were fatal. THE FlsfPOlG GAME TONIGHT From Page 1.) Druggists. Cranill'ailiei' lumw.i n'»xl whiskey vti'l since lie n hoy IIA.KPHII liar- Icen Ills choice. Its i^ood enough for re. and for YOU too, in short it is .•A..- lifnt —liny IIAIU'KH from lirlf/. & VvViehelt. » TIONAL CREST YOU' 'WANT IT t iOi_o ONLY IN'TINS Bakersfield Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cat. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th The orark Dreamland polo team will line up tonight for the first game of a series 01' tin. e i,-i l>e played wil'u the Fresno polo "luh at thu Drenmland rink The Uakersfleld i.'iys spared no time or mlssfed no op- poriiinitle.H lo train but have been Ijanl at work training for the game and s;'em to think there is no posslhle <!i;m< • for their defeat. Manager Smith has been roachlng the team and will play in all three games providing ho meets with no jireldents. Mr. Smith says that he has the best lineup there is to )>e had In the city, which will be the winning team In every contest played in the Dreamland rink. It is the management's Intention to give Bakersfield polo fans at. least one game enrh week during the entire season and Mr. Smith will do his best, to land the championship for the Bakersfield loam. Madera now holds the championship and will play the Dreamlands about the first of December. The line up is rts follows: ('. F. Smith, lirst rush: N". Smith,' second rush: John Davis, center; Kni- mons, halfback: .1. Dixon. goal tend-, er. Substitutes, Spot Mucmiirdo, j Hoensholl, Real, Goodwin. Cole, Fraser. Dunhip. Fresno team. T. Mack, tirst rusli; Pa^fli, second rush; Graham, center; WiiHman, half back; Schntz, goal tend. Substitutes, Year- holle. Fisher. Paiildlng. Jones, Adams. ley, and i'i:ivi<liu er! a resolution which a:'t'-r rei King the evils of desultory and Ineffective romrminlty advertising, com iudos: "He it P. solve*!, that II Is MIR sense of He- San .loarjuln Valley Commercial Assoeia'iiui that the San .loaquin Valley usi- (lie terms, "San Joaqtiln Valley" and "Criitral California" In their advertising, thus fixing the location of the advertised section In the mind of the iiomeseeker; getting the ben. -lit of the Sun Joaquln Valley advertising now being done, and Indirectly benefiting the valley as a whole." "Th-M'e has i ..... n too much individual boos' ing for Kern County, for Frosn.) fount y. t»r Tulare County, In (he i-a:-(." sal. I Mr. Klllam. "The averaae hom-'-e,.ker first picks out the c-enf-a! ^crtion of the country to which lie desires 10 emigrate, and then the vaiti'-ular spot which he choosey fi . Ijiii -eh'. I believe In ad- ve'-tisiir-' iff ^an .Toariuln Valley. first, las' ami all the time. Then point en' the different localities and thotr iv.-pcetive advantages. That Is the v.-ay Hi. -if Southern California gained iis hordes of tourists, and that Is the way they are doing things in the Sacraui' ti'o Valley now. When j the Snn J»nnuin Valley falls into line j much better success will be met with." The next meeting of the association to be held the second Friday in February, I!'"!', will probably be in Vlaalia. as an invitation has been extended by ilic County Board of Arn le i" meet in that town. You Can Dress Nicely —-For Less. Money— If You Buy Your Clothing At The man who wants to dress nicely at a slight expense enn easily do so il' lie comes hero for his clothes, $15 is really a small amount to pay for clothes--lull fifth heller clse\ Red lick's $15 we'll fitting and when they're a >thi))ir sold at $20 luts a -suredly hnndsonie. are showing » lurable. We of men's Fall Suits at $15 so strik- superinr to anything yon ever saw for o money that every man who intends to buy new suii owes it to himself to see them. Save $1 on Fine Shoes Amusement Moving pictures and dance every Wednesday evening In Oil fields, Associated Club House, San Joainiin Lease. MANUEL SERRANO Mncr. WE PAYS ONE YEAR TEPM ON MONTHLY BANK BY MAIL BALANCES WELCOME accounts of any amount from $5.00 up. t crrsiiry may be -safely sent through the mail by registered ««nk c&?rK JhttAfu^fsi.Sd 0 ^ order ' S/r ra pR6vTb d i:NT fo J M. HUNTER. «. J ».-- , 35 S0i BJ ^ . Ca ,_ BERT DINGHY TO RACE Ml A letter \v;is received this morninu from Beirt Dingey, owner ami driver of the famous Chalmers-Detroit "Bin.-' bird", stating tluit he would bring bis cur to the automobile races to be'hel-l at Mndiint Park on November 29, the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. Dlnplfy will be at Riverside, iiiK In the annual Box Springs hill climbing contest, on Thanksgiving Day. and with the Sunset and the Re:.> Bird will lcau> for U:ikersflel:l imnie- iicUely after I!K> contest l.j over. Tho Hlneliird is a hr^ii iiov;eved oar. built es'.ieciiilly fur |-:t''!;r_' |nir|insp;-!. It ain tables will be found weiirht shoes. some excellent valuers in se are broken lines in ither tan or black. and calf skin, lace and blucher Regular $5 values. Clearing price $4.00. TRY OUR "WALK-OVER" SHOES. CITY BRIEFS. S- ' 4. o> Kl' Ho. III BAKERSFIELD OPERAHOIISE **•••»*••• VI ILlLU »OBT. 0. BABTON Mln».,r »OBT. G. BARTON, n«iu«cr TONIGHT Joseph and William W. Jefferson well w Tor, ill, l,r.^ \:i-. | [>ilmlt-y i-. otic el' ers in i in< iMi'in l 1 . Ill \ery pi'olllilH i!l ly in hour race until liis r:;r li.-oke down 'I'iie lllii.'lifnl will jiroli;ildv enter in two face-;. the l'ro,--!'o!--al| scratch •vent, an I I lie I'n'c-fov-all hail li<-;>;>. • The Institute at Panama A feature of the Fanners' Institute on Wednesday next will be a dinner i at Panama on Wednesday next will • - j be a dinner served by tho good house-!'^vs gave 'comfort to a host ot Se^ Auto at Auction.—A big Crowd ' .: :i i.'.i White's auction this after:. •:•.;. when lif sol.l the old Ciidillac . :,-- cylinder car, formerly the proper;, 0! Wickershair.. the jeweler. The i l.rouv; 'i- 1 '" 1 , and was fimiiy ';e-l ilowti I i Fount Wt-bjiier, a -,inix I'anr.ev . v. ho lives south of . i\vn. Tir.k«:ts for Sale.--Tickets tor the .vresM'iiu ina'f-ii (-a next Friday nl.ght , are now on ;-ali' at \\'ealiei's' and at ; lie t\ern news slo: 1 --. To Reside in Town,--F. R. Alannel lias o|.ciK .! an ifric" in rooms -I i'nd H 'it She Pro Incers P.ank bnildinu: and i\!l'. cb-al in oil 1-ui'ls and leases, crude i! etc. b.-fon.iiii; a peniiiinent resl- •'.-:r, of IViker.s'iel.i. LITTLE HOPE FOR THE RECOVERY OF JAS. GOODWIN A report gained circulation this morning that James Goodwin, 'superintendent of the Power, Transit and Light Company, who is so seriously ill, was somewhat improved, and the DAVID HARUM WELL RECEIVED AT UNION. The Union bill last night was David Harum, a well known piece and one th^t Is a'" ,, s appreciated. The title role was played by Tedd Bracken, and Kave him an opportunity for another fine character part. He was excellent In the role and his droll comedy was exceptionally runny. Harry Stuart was also good as John Lennox. Miss Cunningham played a sweet Marv and as usual was very pleasing. Mr . V on Plank did good work as Shet Tlmpsoa and all the rest ot the company did well in parts that were well assigned them. The bill will continue until Sunday On Monday evening tho -screaming farce comedy which has been requested by many will be put on. 1 his is one of the funniest farces ever written and Is one continuous scream of laughter. .J' 011 , 1 /? 1 ! 1 cash prizes amounting to ?-''> will be given nwav. Office Telephone Main 731 Residence Telephane F a rm er8 18x1 2025 Chester Avenue. McCarons Art Store Orders by Phone Attended to Promptly Pictures, Frames to Order, Latest Mouldings, Best of Wowmanshlp. BERT wives of that section at noon. The i commit tee in charge of the institute I Is composed of Ira Wlnslow, .lames i Herod ami J, 0. Stahl. Tho program win oe as follows: "Improvement of the Dalrv Herd," J. O. Stahl. "Planting Eucalyptus for Lumber," j Krtie-Hi, Uramton, lx>s Angeles. Question Box. "Pure Food From the Housekee-p-, . . er's View," Mrs. M. R, Sherman, Fres-j Klttrltrk no. "Insects Injurious to Alfalfa," Prof, C. W. U'ooihvordi.y University of California. "naislng Yountf Chickens and Turkeys," Mrs. A. Hasley, Hollywood. friends who inquire continually as to the sick man's prospects. Late this afternoon,' however, It was given out that a change was noted »for the worse, and that there IB little hope entertained for recovery. «» Rooms 12 to 19.. Most elegant and completely furnished medical office of Chicago. 254 SOUTH BROADWAY, LOS ANGELES. ANDERSON, A RIG BULDER, FOUND DEAD. The dressmnking & Kelly are local "d tel, suite SI, SU and - iKirlors of Koran :it the Grand ho- 0" Bort Andereon, a rig builder of Me- returned from an outing spent In Dakersfloid last evening, on ly to die, presumably from heart failure, shortly after he arrived In the oil fields. His body was discovered at McKlttrlck last evening. Anderson was a young man, un married. He was comparatively well known here. Coroner McGinn Is In the West Side jDelds t6day, holding an inquest upon the body. And an exceptionally talented company in Richard Brimsley Sheridan's classical comedy— The Rivals Prices 50c, 75c, $1 and $1.50 Seats on Sale Tlrar^..... ONE NIGHT SUNDAY NOV. 15 BEATS THE BIO FUN SHOW UNCLE PERKINS ON SALE THUBSDA7, I WATCH FOR THE BIG PARADE OF THE HAYSEED BAND. 25o, 50c, 76c. "THE KELLEY" MORRIS CHAIR An easy chair in every sense. It touches ;itni supports the body at every .'"inni'ls cmntilote relaxation of every point. (.'oinpeU enii IllllSeli-. Frame is made of ! od in best Vermia or (iolden or Fumed o; oak, iipln>l.stt-r- Leather. in DYER & JONES. The Very Kind of Clothes Good Dressers s Wan \ Are Here ! We put groat stress on the fiiet thnt our "Collegian Suits and Overcoats are tho very kind of clothes good dressers want. The time and money spent in making such clothes as we offer, fully warrants the statement that' we give the best Clothes Values in this city. And the enthusiastic buying of these clothes doubly proves it. Yon couldn't find richer patterns or erisper styles or more artistic tailoring than are imbued in "Collegian" Clothes. Let us show you the nob- biest, snappiest suits from $15 to $30. Overcoats from $10 to $27.51). There is a saving of $5 on every ready to wear garment bought here. \

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