The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN THE ONL % ' EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE T N W A Y LEGAL. Oeorce K. Ober. at tk'ath. In and to all UEQAL. iironertv situato-i in trio "Citv ol rta ersfleld. County of Kern " " ' the time of his that certain real Citv ol Ttak- -- -.. ,, , — ivy i ii« O'liiV Of v (il 11* , loi'Hia. and more nartieiilarlv descridc'd , as follows, to-wit: Lots nine (!»> and ten (I'D In Bloclc thvee Innidrrd ami seventy (,'j;oi in the City of " ' LEGAL, LEOAL time of the opening of said] sion Association, trus any responsible- person, firm, or r,." sr .,.|! 'i^hn A 1 ' 1 ' 0 " present, or represented C.'iinor'ni'a Home''' Ibe o:riei d the o||i<-,. , said Cuiiut i:e .... incuts tl.eivoij. Anri writini: for said prop- cei\ i.'d bv tiie sai.l i the oi,ice in Thomas illl; ;!. lil 111.. !! .llU Inn IdniLr. e-inier of llaUi'i sllebl. County ot iVe'cn'.nitv Recorder ol' ""' Novon,ber L'.'i. Ih'.i 1 *. to• • buildings an-l improve • ""t ids or offers in .-tv will be re- l-eiMi-.l ra'or at sV-lll rooms - ol 1!;>Ke:.-.|iebl ( iwstcr sucn " and Hi uii street, beinu No. 1 "iO!i 2Dln i street, Hakers.lleld Keru Couutv. Cal- il'ornia. or mav be file I in ibe oflV'o ofiat 1 ' the Clerk tit' the above n.iiui I super!-i nj., ; or Court ui anv time aiiir tli'' tirst > I iiublicaliou of this notice, belon' lli»',ii-" sale is made. K. Done this I"ili day of November, ; j !)')*., \V. A. MciilNN. ! Public Administrator: Administrator of tue K.siate ol lieorm- K. Ober. IJe-! T. ceased. l (;;•;• Tbomas Scott. Attorney for Ha-1 _kor:dlel I. California. 1IJJ SUMMONS at (ll e bids corporation may bid for Paid franchise or privl- 1- u" n >"im not less than 10 per cent above the highest sealed bid therefor, made may be raised per cent by any other l'-r, and fald blddliu; until Hnally said trim- stntrk nf. ,«<ild, ami : Hoard of Supervis- 1 st. bidder therefor in United States. ii day of October, 1308, Kern County .Califor- I. I,. MILLER, ard of Supervisors of 11-2 tee ' i may ,-hi; :-.\\,i 1 ors . po': I:; Krib! bid !•'• ess tllfttl ' 'tis'l'le hi' MI. DM in 1 ; • -l.-ll >, i"d l.y - ' " ::-..- hi; 1 ' i -nil of t: 1 .1 this i: Kxlen- 51011 .ASHOCiaiVK.t riistt- 1 for Chaies llexel-.lah Cal.-ornia Homo Kxtei,- j us|. .• ( ... Mien. \\ m. i <: ••' -. .1, I!. S. ....... f.. n.\Ksoci.ition.ti u -. • '•• . Cooli".. Chat,. M 1 ' i!ioniia I Ionic !•"> ;• n- • 'II Assnei.'tf ion. I I 1 '!,- ' << • >'. ' 'ro\\:ici C\ rii:, i' iil'ornla I ionic l-:\i, a " ,'!;§ 5 20 r. on 10 10 n, there show cause, if any. they I«W whv the application tor the ctian««* name of trie said corporation .BtMH* not be m-antfd. and It IK mrther « dered that a roov of this onlcr in who* cause' bo published in "The field Ciilifoniiiin. a newspaiier yod piililishcd in the of Hafc iu'ld. Count v -it Koi n, Biate of lornin. arcot'.in.i-' to law. lor nt lour wi-oii., ci'sslvi-jy next inu tile dav ol Mv Dated tbls ,',tn NOTICE. I Known the world over as the greatest piano. A. B. Ohase, Emerson, Estey, Kurtzmann, Sterling and others. Also Player Pianos. Largest stock of fine pianos constantly on hand ever seen in Bakersfield. Low Prices. Easy Tei-ms. Sherman Clay & Co New Fish Block—1820 K Street Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager BIG MOTORCYCLE MEET IN LOS ANGELES. Probably the largest motorcycle meet ever held will be at Ascot Park Stnwlay, Nov. 22, for the benefit of Paul J. C. Derkum, better known as Daredevil Derkum. Paul Derkum will race Ben Bresee in a match race, and also will run for the world's records from one-half to one hundred miles. No. 2. belne an extension of Id claim, situated on the Bodfish 'eek. and .about eighteen hundred " of Jieer Id cla d .about eig ) .feet South ocat ook Ine Records lit naee forty- the Kern County Recor California. the Bodfish en hundred from "Iron . r. 1906 in Book sixtv-six (66) of -nine rders . el (180 . irlnes." Located October. 1906^ recorded -nine (49"i in office. Bids and offers. In writlnsr for paid lalms will be.received ' •aifi the of NOTICE—Have you an? live stock for sale? If so list it with me and 1 will endeavor to find you a buyer. Am in touch with buyers every day. Small commission. R. J. Rose, at Kern County Creamery. tf NOTICE! Persons knowing themselves to be indebted to the late L. Gartman will please call at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate of L. Gartmau, deceased. 99 said administrator at the omce Thomas, Scott tn the Bank of Bnkt fleld buildinc;. corner 20th street .»nd Chester avenue, beina-. No. 1509 20ih street. City of Bakersfleld. Countv of Kern., State of Calitornia. or mav t>e n|ed in the office of, the Clerk of tha at a e after the first miblication of notice before the sale is made. . Dated November 10th. 1908. . ,. . . . . \v. A. MCGINN. ublic Administrator: Adminlstrat r\\ t- n n 1J 1 d (• t\ 1 1\ f\f tTi»i . . v> 1 r I ., n » f~ Public Adrr _ of tho Estate of ceased. 1 bonias Scott Attorney Bakersfield. Californ a. rank Lass, for atpr De- Estate. 11-11 NOTICE. Any person knowing the where- aboiits of a Mexican harp which was left with the late U Gartman, for repair, will please notify the public administrator's office. 03 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. In tho Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the Cuanlv of Kern. In tbe mailer of the estate of l-'raul: L .">••« 'lec'",l^ei]. Notice is hereby eiven that in pursuance ol an order oi the Supi'rlor Conn in the Countv ol Kern. Stale of ( aliloniiii, made on t!ii- !>ih dav ol November, inns, in the mailer or ibe abov,. entitled e^iale. the 1111 !ers;-neil dministiTitor of Ilie esi'ite of In, the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In the mutter of the estate of L. deceased. . Notice is hereby civen bv the under- smnt'd administrator of the estate ot L. liartmun. deceased, to the credliors of. . and all .nresous havimr claims auainst .the said deceased, to exhibit them w.itb the necessary vouchers ;yitb n tour months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator nt bis oilice in tbe court bouse, in tiie Citv of Bakersfield. (.01111 M- of Ki-rri. Stall 1 of California. the s ime bein:r the ulace for the tviiisaci'on or business of sabl estat" Keru Countv. I Octobi-r ) I. 1,'lnS w. A. MCGINN:. Administrator 01 Kern Cfiuulv. | Administrator of ibe lOsiat" of 1 S I'llblit l ;i 11.1 I I., (iariman. I.tece.i'.-e'l. ' Tim-'--.. Scoi'. Auovm-v for i tor. In,the Sunerior Cpurt of the County ol Kern. State of California. .1. O. Ilo-luens. Plaintiff vs. Silver Bow Oil Cdmoaiiy. Defendant. . Action brought in the Superior Court of the County of Kern. Plate ot California, and the Coniiiliiint ti ed said County of Kern, in the oflice the Clerk of said Superior Court. The People of the State of California send Oreetinc to Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. YOU are hereby required to appear in an action brought aeainst you bv the. above-named Dlaintiff In the Su" " ' he Countv of Kern. ' ' answer the within .ten in of wife, having f ,i i.-mloned 'Hi day of October. l:nr.. jiistiilcatloti or any reas- notify \nu that I will not tor any debts conlraci- .-itsoever from said lust -. PIEKRK GRIMAV'I). Cal., Oct. oO, 1!)OS. SS SALE OF PERSONAL" ROPERTY. .Sunerior _,_ and for the County uerioi- Cmin ot the state of California, ami to Complaint filed therein. tate of California Jomnlalnt filed t uavs (exclusive of the after service if s dav of service) _ T ._ . ... ,. this Summons. .., served within said" Countv: if served elsewhere, within tnirtv davs. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to so appear and answer, the Plaintiff will take fudgment for any money or damaees demandpd in the Complaint as arising unon Contract, or will apply to the Court for anv other relief demanded in the Complaint. VV ftness mv hand and the seal of said Superior Court of tbe County, of Kern. State of California, this 2nd day I. L. MILLER. Clerk.. 5. Whltaker. Attorney for Plain- Court. State of Cal. ofJKe.r :ate I'fjn. th of the r Dfi-iJiisuii. \Vai. : i •Labile. .Michael .... I'- ;•;-. Frank 1 i;i(-ni-:i I |o!ne l-!\:, i "i i-ivaiis.' l.uiiiis '.. '' :'ornia .Home V.\:-\ " M ",''J.UII'IIS"!C.'' 1 I -il i.rniil Home l\\ie| n Association. 11 usit 'j ie. I)\ans. l.iimls. A. I i i i:'-u nia Home ICxte: : ' •: - ssocialion.l ru.'-'i' i" Cviins. l.umis A. 1 ii!i:onilii Hoine ICxte.. : ion Association, trustee i'.i- Kindon. Walter ... I-1 ieillander. Max l-'osier. John Ca.Hiornla Home Extension Association, trustee lor Gardiner. 11. II. .,,: Calitornia Home Extension Association, trustee tor Griffin. Edw. W. . . . California Home Exten- DIVIDEND .1(1 II;H! in I . N Of October. J. \\. AIAHON. SmuM'ior Court. NOTICE. •',! J, ;is \>', . I nil 2'.' L'H.'ie At ,'Hi .1(1 )»;ii! m I ;;iei'tin Hoard of Direi-toi:- 01 I lie rf. OH Co. belli (id. :-. limy was declared "i font rent-the sNjf.'k ol' tin- ccniiiam. \einber II!. UIHS. ,!i ibe i eonr.ianv. 1!'1'1 Clu^ti-i- a eislield. Cal, n-2 H. \V. 'I'JIOMAS. i SUlivU^d N S. of \V. and a diviite a -liari 'lav.ibli; ilice ol rMk )ifc- of m T^ L 2S(! -I-H .Mf> Toiuii 40 20 2') oo 73 10 10.00 . matter of the Estate of Ralph of t ornia made on th ober. A. I). IMS, In estate of Ralph Bo unilersiKnod admin that In pur- . .he Snuerior Kern. State of 6tn d lu ili Bower, deceased, .Notice is (icreby elv siiance di an order Court of the County Califoniia.. made the* the estate of said de'ceased private sale in the office o_ ..., _. % administrator and coroner of Kern County, situate in the court noiise. In the Citv of.Ba.kersflela.. in said Kern av matter of of e 2 the ower, deceased. nistrator of the win sell at of the utihlic ck property heTon'cine said Ralph HOW-IT. small houses: i Baseline ... pump and iiipe: 1 water tanK: . tiouL'h: i barn: 1 corral, all situated onthejyeKt one-half (},<,) of. the .north thVei to the estate of deceased: Three erieine: 1 1 horse SUMMONS. for In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. T. M. HpdKens. Plaintiff, vs. Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. Action broucht in the Superior Court ,. the Countv of Kern, State of California, and the Complaint filed in sai.d County of Kern, in the office of the Clerk of said Superior Court. _ ,,. The People of the State of California send ere^tinu to Silver Bow Oil C'r-^nmnv. Ifietendant. You are hereby reaulred to appear in an action brought aeainst you by tne above-named plaintiff. In the Superior Court of the Countv ot Kern. State of California, and to answer the Complaint, filed therein, within ,ten davs (exclusive of the dav of service) after service on you of this Summons, if served within said Countv: it served elsewhere, within tnirtv davs. And vou are here'uv notified that if you fail to so appear and answer, tho Plaintiff -'" J ' •— ----- Quarter (141 of section thirty GUi in ipwnshlD thirty (30) M r, ,'!' ratiEf; thlrty-seven 37) east, frill' a " " n county - Cu ''' And notice is hereby elven. that sealed, bids will be received nv Haul administrator lor said nropertv up U the hour of n.-.l.- thereof, and that al bids must be •icconinanlea by cast or certified eneck in an amount eaua to ten per cent of ihe bids made. Administrator of the 'e/.tnte 'oi' Ralph Bower, deceased. 10-30 x- , .PySTPONKMKNT Notice is hereby siivcn that !be date ol the above .sale of personal nropertv has been positioned to Tuesday '.November 24. 1UOS. al the hour of 5 o'clock. P. m. >v: A. MCGINN. Administrator of the ' " Bower, deceased. si on Association, trustee ,lor.Green. Alfred 277 20 (alifornia Home Kxten- sloiiAssoclatlon. trustee for Green, Henry W. ..310 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Harvey, J. M California Hoi gionAssocfatl- or Harvey. J. aves & Murray ayes & A u a- rvey, J, in. ..... ila Home Rxleii- 10 10.00 6.00 SIIDI .'lor Court of tbe Sta'i iloi nl.i Conn! y of Kern. i i-outheni I'acilic Railroad < 1 PiaiiiHtT. vs. 11. H. Counliss. ... _ ! Wtouslaml. Heurlflta N. Hui,;-s. Klvfr* i \\. I'ei-cv. Clarence, \V. Holms (a minor), and John Upe. Oelemian's. Aciiop brotn-'ti! in tin- Suptrior Co«rt of the state ot Calitornia. In ami tar tile Couniv of Kern and the C plaint tiled in the oilice ot the Clerl said Conn in the said County. The i-eople ot the State oLCnlij H. H. nrletta - _ t-n.»., wnirence .»». j (a minor), and John Doe. defen You are hereby reaulred to ao; In an action urouirht against vo» '.he above-named PliilntTfl. In the trustee He^.tv-«*. - Iitornla (sloriAsBO for Hefiu.. , California Ho; BlonAssociat' urra.v nia send Cireetinu: to K. H. C John 1. stousland. Henrietta IN. Elvira W. I'ercy. Clarence W. and John Doe. defe hereby reaulred to _ on brought, against vt named Pliiintiff. In th rt of the State of Califi . perlor Court of he ans within ten davH and lor the Countv o. answer tbe Complaint filed u«r (exclusive of the the service on y ioiiie Kxien- atlqn.'trustee Nelson ...144 e Kxten- 20 20.00 .Rg for Hevden, _... Herrman. D, M. , California Home Exten- BionAssociatlon. trustee for Herrnian. D. M. Herrman. D. M Herrman. t>. M 463 California Home Exten- v sion Association, fustee jqr Herrman. A.J. ...105 California Home Kx»en- BlonAssociation. trustee for Herrman. A. J. ... 10G California Home Exten- slonAssoclatlon. trustee 9 Herman. B. W. ...211 ornia Homo Bxten- or service) utter ,_. this summons If served within the i County: or. if served elsewhere. » In thirty davs. And you are hereby notified that ni fall to so annear and answer. '" lainilff will upnlv to the Court c relief demanded In the Comof*. Given under my hand and the i_ of tne Superior Court of the State ^"llfornia. in and I'oj- the Countr for —,.. California ..... wionAssoojati for Herman. i.iatee . . e.state of Ralph will take iudcment for any monev or damaces demanded in the complaint as arlsine upon contract or \vill annlv to the Court for anv other ! relief demanded in the complaint. \\itnesn mv hand and the seal ot I said Superior Court of the Countv <•>!' Kern. State of California, this 28th dav of Oct.. A. D. 1908. (Seal) 1. U. MILLER, Clerk. NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is bereuy t;nen liuit the annual meet hit; of stockholders of the McKittrick Oil Company will be beld at its ofllce, room Xo. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, P.aker- sflcld. California on Monday, November lull. HK'8, at -I o'clock n."ni. of said , day, for tbe election of a board of dl- i rectors and such other business as 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20.0( 10.p( KI.OI Hoyle. J. \V. California Home Bxten- sionAsspolatlon. trustee for Hiiflilleston. CluiB. 239 20 20.00 California Home Extension Association, trustee lor Keenev. J. W. ... Ca.llfo.rnia Home Exten 151 20 20.00 sion Association, trustee for Keenev. J. W. 173 20 20.00 California Home Extension A ssoclatlon. trustee . for Keenev. J. W ..... 174 California Home P.Mcn- 20 20.00 slon Association, t tor Kl IHK n. Hen vrick. P il p H. . trustee Geo. E. Whitakc-r.At ty for Pltff . 1 1-4 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. may be brought before tbe meeting. C. UROWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank buildliu'. corner 1!nh and H streets, Bakersfleld, California. 10-26 Notice Is hereby given that Edwlc Alderson has made application to the Roard of Supervisors of Kern County, Stale of California, for a franchise to be granted to hiri (his heirs, successors, or assigns) for the period of fifty years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances tberon fo r the] purpose of conducting and transmit- ; tine electricity, and electric current I jfor lleht, po-.ver, and other neccesai'y ! ' and useful purposes, over, along "and I NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice nu Notice i.s berebv al meetiim of t i! below iiiiinod ot the niiriiose 'i that tbe an- the stoclibolder.i or canal ciinioun 1 .* for ectine ihi'ector.s an . the trans, K'llon of .such oi.'ier business ns mav be brou::ht ' NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Oil '.'(-.I'M l.-i.-c tii bnsla Al.ilne,; Lass. >io.,,| i ,.-. IS'OS, ;it Tlioni.!- ' prlvaic 1 Scor. ink 011 or iii'ter n ila\- of November, sale at the oiJii-e n; nijiiit; ^ and !. in ihe of , Siat' is ei and Chest i liotll sll'i-e' .-ii\- of Ke ••• a i!i! , ' o;' l:is i|i.,r;'-i. ami ali : i nl ere si 01 the e •: ii, Lass as bv operatu i \.-isc acfioircd. oilier ie ul .--nil •if law or .I'l-'i' ion ID thai of said Fraiik i.ass. a; 'be nine ot his lii-Tlh. in and to .ill •'lose (.(.Main minim; claims si MM ted .-ri the Conuu of Kern. Stale ol Call ;oniia. and more particularly described :is tollosys. to-wii ' . 1. That certain (mart/ miiiiir/ cliiliu situated m Kovesville Miiiin 1 -: "istrlct. County ami Stale aforesaid, ami !;:iowti as. r l.l:e Crackaiack Umivly. i''-'ii,: .-ou- tainintc filteen linnili-eil tir>iHu iin.--ir teel alone Ilie course nf ' three hundied clnui r,,,> of the middle of said vein and m parllcnlarlv described as linrinienc at the locution IlioilUlllel seven hundred lil'u (7 nortlieasterlv (lireetion liiimlred lil'ty (V.")!') foot >rlv direction and tbe l)i!'e ::illl h ila \ o! .\o\i-ii i* '1 niinn I In • e:i i i,t:! i Horn' ion. I 'a vijl iU- a; , im-i- 1 f < ' ' '--in Sec-.-eta-.-v , if .-a: i \\'i I ('i-l^e-'.lU ( lit 111.-; fil!l'-e -'O!,ii,S | i ouni %. ('.i!ilo'.-)iiit. Air.' -In. -•••lieii liiis asM'SSim-ni sh;.ll uiiiiaid on tile ninth dav o!' lii-.-i'mlu-r. ili'iS \\ill be ileliiKim'iit and iidvi-rils- • i 'n- .-, .!i. nt I'ul.lie .\Mi-iion and unless Daxment is made before, will be •oil on til-! HM!I da'' "l I lef eii.iMT. i').'i, al S a. in to inv delitni'ient as- ^'-.•.snienl toiielber \viib i-os! of a*l','er- | I ISIHL: an.I exin.-ii.-e nl sale. Hv order of (lie iio 1 !--' of nir- c!i-i'.-;. ' .). II. l-;i)S()X. Secr--i--rv. | Oilice rooms, H and l!i. HM'.S lirnad- y.av. Oakland. Alameda Coimiv. ^t-.m 1 o:' California. 1 1-1 1 Ailminisi ra- Ull} j upon the streets, alleys and avenues 'of tbe unincorporated town of Delano i in said County of Kern, under sudi locMion o,l I restrictions, and in accordance with as said Hoard of Suby proper provide, to j-Tunt said will be rocei' for, and said franchise will i d to the highest bidder at ,111.1 in the manner hereinafter set eii-;ninu- . 'ore tb . beld ai Ibe oftlce (if -viiil Com- Kern Cn-.uitv Land ( '011111:111 v's nci- iiiili'iiiu;. corner ot luili and /[ sir' "is. l!,i|;i-:'s!b Id. C'llilia-nia. at the d.i'o and hour set mmosite tbe name: Is"--!! River Ca:ril and Irriyalin-j; ( o.. Nov. i. J'.H'S. at 2 p. in. V. (',. .\ir.\Z10It. Sec. to a, uive named Canal Comiianv. Kern Couniv Laud Comuanv's olllce biiildin 1 '. comer llnli and Ii streets. Bal;ersf\eld. Calif 10-24 mui iiruiev. narrv ^-IK McCjirinev. Ilon.1 48& Calitornia 1.,\teu- hion Association, trustee for McC'onnell. .1. S. . .:!!'' .McKinrilf ' " .VJcKjnn McKinni .McKmn attornevs for pl TAX~COLLECTOR'S NOTICE McLaiiirhlin Mead, Win. S: \ \ 10 20 20 20 10.01) 20.111) 0 oo 20 00 ..... .jr.:, 2i> 20.00 .42.S "D 20.00 ..... ,)2!'i I'u L'H. on ::::M 20 on ,'to.oo , .Mullen. . .. Mullen. Uobi. ,). i li j such direi.-tions ln'1'visors shall, in that behalf. It !K proposed ruid sealed bi STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. ordinance sion Association, trustee lor .Mvron liavninnd ..T-'il Holn. Jr. . . no cert. Rfdit. .1. . . no cert. Uobt. .). . .no cert. California Home ICxten- sitHiA.Msociiillo/i. IniKtee tor Nelson. (leo. !•'. ...192 Nelson James .1 -Id!) ()!• en.l< ritiik A.aiiiKirjice -I'll) IVinlee. Willard -15-' California l!on,e lOxten- slonAssociall'-n.tnistee | for render fleo. M. . . ;:s ('alll'ornia ll<it:i<. ; .Men- Notice is hereby given th»t taxes on all personal property, one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable on IM second Monday in October, and wfil be delinquent on the last >tond*f i November next therafter, at 6 p. m., and unless paid prior the fifteen per cent will be added to amount thereof, and that If said i half be not paid before the last day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. i an additional five per cent wlH l added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half the taxes on all real property wttt ! payable on and after the first day In January next, and will be 4fr llnquent on the last Monday In Aprfl next thereafter, at G o'clock p. w. and that unless paid prior thenflu five per cent will be added to tt* amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid gR the time th first installment, as b«x%- in provided, is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in Oat office of the Tax Collector in tttt. county courthouse between the fcowm of 9 a. m, and 12 m., and 1 p. m, tat 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1003. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, Califorcit. NQTJ.CE TO CREDITORS T6~PFrt£ STATE OF A J M M. PATTQfc DECEASED. TO ROBERT SA7r5'E J STAT AEbMINISTRAf2 * OF Ip lie Sunerior Court of fh,- ru. Slate ,,f California 20 20 20 10 the NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S I SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRI- i VATE SALE. the Stale Cc :-nd I'Miiuinir I feel ill a and -.. even . in e South- , „ westerly direction ami Ilia! said t l-^in ! ,'oui-i iiiins the iSolltluve: t end of tbe Kove ---•'•' Ouarl/ Claim, tbe amended notice of location beiiiK of record in Volume sixtv-live |i'i,"il of Minillt' ill the lli.-cordcr's oilice. Kern Count v. Califoniia. at luiui 1 (iflv-five C'l'j), L'. Ai::o ihid certain ouarlx mlniiiir claim known as Th'i-i- No. 1\ snuated in Pioneer Miniim I'islriel, in stiid Kern Couniv. bounded ;-n;l ii' .crined asfoiinws. be-.'innii'-.' iai YVesfci'lv .«ld« of Tli'er No. 1. runtiiilL' diauonallv Into said Tiui-r No. I ami sltuided on llod- jisb Creek, and Souib from "Iron . v 'm-iiiu's" aootii tlii'ee liiiiidri'd i.'iui)) feil. Located Oct. s I'.H'i;. and re- '•inled in Hook .--IM----ix Hli'i) of .>Hn- iiiir Keeords. na^e foir.' bmi li'ed eiL-lil '('is i. In th,. njiici- m' (be C'ninlv Hecordi'i'. Keru Cotimv. C'aliforuia '•'*. Tli it ci I'laiu nuarlx claim MIO\VII --s Th:ei- s'o. :!. ami described a.- toe lows: fie;;innim; at the .N'tirtliw 1 --' (1 i"l if G •n i hat in n i: tile Sllne: Keru. State In (lie Superior ( oi Calil'iiiniu. in aii'l Kern. In the ir.aiter ol tin K. Ober. i'lecensi d. Notice )s In i --I' 1 . Liiv Mlalice ol an (i!"!e! - i Conn of the Couuiv of Calll'oinia. made on the '.nil ilnv i-l >•'-' vember. lllllN. in the matter ol t.ioj .'ibove (.milled estate, till 1 Illl-leV.-.ii'lle-l. • W. A. McGinn, nubile a'huinisi; mo:-. • administrator of tin- es'-ne ol d.i •"K. Ober. decease,! will sell on or niier .Monday, tin- :!mh dav of Xovemliei, l!HiS. at prlviitc sale at the ofl'fo <il ; I hoinas Scott, rooms L 1 .-ml I in iln- U;inl>- ol liakersneld buil'lin-i. corner- ol ( bf-ster nvfnuii. iind -i'ih streets, 1 beinir No. ir.Uil 5)th sin-el, ell v o! Hakersfiebl. Conntv of Keru. Siiite of • Cal foriiln to the bluhi-'t bMii'-v for! cash, irold coin of the I'nitfd Stales. 1 and snbleet to connrmallon bv ^al-l Sunerior Court a 1 tbe vie it t'-le -ml nilei-est ot Ibe said George K. Ober, ai tbe lime o bis death and all the ris:!)!. t He ami Inierest that, the ivt-iie m jiiMiriio K. Ober tins bv operation of law or otherwise arnuired. other tln-ii or In ;i'ldltliin to th-it nf tli,. ^-,1,1 lurtli, namely: Sealed bids will I", received* for Bald franchise, up to 1Li o'clock noon on Saturday, the Oth dav | of lli-cemlur, 1!)US; salil bids ID be, Hied with the. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, C.'alit'or ] r.ia, at his; ofllco in tiie court lions- 1 of j said county in the City of Hakersfb H, I California, and tbe successful bidder for said franchise, and his asslL-ns, must, during the life of gaid franchise, . pay to tho County of Kern 2 per cent i of tho gross annual receipts of the j p'Tsnn, partnership, or corporation '.o I whom said franchise is awarded, arls- ! ln« from its use, operation, or pos- T. A. , session No percentnsc shall bo paid i and" fnr the first flv<; years siicccfdiu« Hio'iiou ti certified check payable to the Treasurer of said County of Kern for ihe full amount of such bid, and rib scaled bid will bo considered unless p"i'I cash or check Is onc-losed therewith; rind tbn successful bidder shall deposit ml of ' Notice is be, i;'von that the an-j V,, (i,v ,.J ,,, <• V nial nieetiiu of the stockholders of ,.'."A,' ,', ,\' '.'J ' • ' r% \ • bl ( , !Keni-Tla!i Oil Company will I' ( M -i!,ii \ssoci JtioiV tni-tl- iere. I ll !' 1 ',', : " 1 lil '.," 11 '"'",, ol ^i'i'l .corporal Ion ; for Pn^yiVt. K.liinr I)'.' , l; 1 .', l! - (1 ^-heiil-s o!bc... in Ibis ci|\. on'lii.n. Walter M be award- , I iiurs-liiv. the :;rd dav of I)eceiub"r. . ( '.-ilifoniia lloii'ie' Exter the time i '•'''.';• •'" ' 'e liour ol v ,, ,„.. j',,,- ( j,,, | . :,,i,.\ s: ,ociat|oii.trii;dei 1 ''" " " " ' '" ' ' ' " * "' lor SchiueliT I-'rf 1 '! \V Schioeilcr llobt Slei-liau. ,1. It , SK rllliL', Geo. \V I Calilorma Home Extension As-social!--!!, trustee I'er Terrell . U.-ini- 1 ! F.. .: i Califoniia Home K\ten- I simiAs .oci-H ion i r'tslco I for Tlfl. HIM t i Troduen. Heuben K . . .! Trauden. Illieben K. . . .! \\'i-n-ecl;er.OMo .... U' ( .j,iel. P. J C.ilit'ornia lloni" I'xlen- r-i,, - .As-| usli e P-- U'illi.-im-;. Mrs. c. [>. ,1-1 ('••lii.irnla. HOIIU- l']xli-n- i'o:- Wi'ilodarskv' .\Iever 201! California Horn-. l-:\ien- sion Assiicliitioii.i ruslee t'fir Voiirii;. .In-'. M "I7 . . . Ami i|i acciirdaiice with law and order ol the I'.oanl of Dlrceiors ni i mi Ibe H.'ith day of AuiiilRt I'.Hix. so jmanv shares of each parcel of such ... - ,,,, ..,, .,. i slocl; as pi;iy li.i nccessiirv will be liiKiueiit ii •• e.-i.-iiiient. tot'.eihei- with ilu costs nt advertising and expenses of ol oleeiim. 1 dii'ectors for tli N ear. .mil. for the transact ion oilier business as iir.iv proper- belnre I he meptllU' , .1. \V. ^<ELLY. President. llak'-r. Seci-(_-iarv. _ I I-'J ASSESSMENT NOTiv E. Oaklani'i Oil ami .\siilialtiini Com- iianv. Location ot -irinclpal place ol buisiui-'ss. Oal;lari'l. Califoniia. Notice Is hereby uivon that, at a ret:- ular meetinu- of the Hoai-d of Directors held on the dav of October 1!iuS, an iisM's-'hcnt of one cent ner share Wiis I..MC.I iinoii the subscribed capital 'loci, oi ibe conii;;-ation ijavablc inv mi lii.iii Iv in I nlK-d Slates uold coin to II;.. secretary ol said Coinuanv at its odlie. rooin 7-J. at. !l(n! UroadWiiv. ill the ( n v dl Oakland. California. Anv sidcl, unon which this iissesMment shall remain unpaid on. the ITili (lav of Novemher. I'.iliS. will be delliinuf-nt •nu-'oil tor sale at miblic aiic- unless, paviiif-ni !.-• niad ,'ISS L'<> -ii ,7S ill rliifi "•'> M 7i> fi lo 20 10 „ so cbl ns against the said decea«;i' exhibit them, with the ii ew- vouc|,,. r; , withi 1 ) tour months aft. first, ii.Hl'lic-iiioii of this not if. j,' inmislrator at the law - ias Scott. ' n "" - .| oci N' 0 . n '' 4 - cornor i;: THIS |tT I'ALMKH ibe Ksta o ased. iti.ruev for - . - ot J. 1fi oo 20 mi 20 fiu In IHI 20 on DOG LICENSE NOTICE." 1 Not/io is h,-re; sons ownlm. 1 and i be limits of the that Licenm.' Tats tor are now ready tor ' In . , , ., , , . T , . , . i lore. -wfll be sold on .Momla'v the nist date of the franchise. Kudi se.ilcd j ,, ;|V ,.•' ])(cember. li'ios. to nav the ije- bid must be accompoYiled by cash or K.N'XIS. Secretary. at least 10 per cent, of the aim Ills bid with the County Clerk of ^ald County of Kern, before such frandil^ ! Khali be struck'off to him. SaM bidf , will bo opened and consblered on Monday, the 7th day of December.. 1908, at 1Q o'clock, a. rn., iii'-l s^t'l ! franchise will be struck off, ^"M and awarded to the person, firm, "r '-or- poration \\ho sha'.l make the liiKh''-^' ( rash bid the'ofoi ; provided only NOTICE. To uhom It mav concern:--Notice is herein ulven that ue, the under- uiif-d. have this IDtb dav of October, eiit.ored into articles or ann-o- co-piirtnershiii for the mir- i I al nubile auction lit the olllce ol the secretary of Ilie company on the "nth day of October Ilid.S. nt the hour of Id a. in. of said day. to nav delliioiient as•••(^•-meiil thereon "|- With CO-IS of iKlVtirtlKltlK IK-IlSes ot H:i!e ALKHKIl I!. JORDAN. \Viisco. Keru fount y. Cal. nose tit' .condu ;n tb Kern ... ibe llmi name and lave Mercantile Commiuv '-tiim u ifi-neral mercbaii- j ^r^ t ^ ln( ^^ v "^ f id State i>f California under ' Notice nf sab of the Coi.ipaiiv Dated this KUh'dav . October. lno H. .1. HlLL. lifo ir; h- -rebv ulvi-ii t.h at tho date - of ( stocl; I'ixlem-ifiu \Vuter iostnoned until i), liius. at 10 Kesidlm.' at Moiiiy Kes-ldliiL' at Moiiive. Calffornli akersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools and Supplies: PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230--L, M AND 24 STREET |^ T -^AHI' DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Kxtension Water Comiianv i.ocation of urinclnal pbice of bu> Uasco. Kern Countv. California. .i l-'i'/'-^T'''""' are ileliimuent upon (tie tollowimr lie .crlbnl stock, on ac- Clllllll Of ass.-'^Uiein I \0. one) levied on liie L'f.lli d.iy oi Aiu-iist HII SI-Vi nun ah ! l tilic fourth has be Thoi'sdav. Novemb o'clock, a. m. By order of the Hoard of Directors. Dated October 1 1'. l-.iu.S ALJ-'KKD i! .IOR.DAN. Soc. Kcr .,!" Hi" Citv M.I I'ro.HicerH avin-,'* Lank and on alter the r,t!, ,| a In the Suiieri' Coiiin v nf Kern III 'lie mailer A. Siiiirli!). 'be ... ... iiionlhB aftor us notice, to . :» UH; office loonm (i and 7 . •''.. P '."P cltv't "l Kern. Slate t • beiitir tbe .das \Vasco. Keru Cnnutv. Cal ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. Sllpel Mali minhti Kllijlx 1 I.. • •»' S ,1. S t I U . . ot . Plata, attorney publication TICE OF^ASSESSMENT. Oil Co r , "int at * nirectovs dt Mala H \.-.-ociati":), , n for Aiii-un An-b-i. Jam. - I!. And. r-oi, ./an,' - I!. .\u>t": .-dii Ciiill'oi nia lion,i. '.; sion A -M;I M foi .1 I-;. .\u.| iiiri-'er. John Iciird. Thou. li-fkett, Alice Bennett. Sirs California Home Kxlen- sion Association, tni steo ..ror.H(iwi;i\ Samuel . . . 1 loni" Kxte.n- i.trustfje If UVe'lJoai-d' °^i--n-KH'' i V ! fV : ^ ^'t'oliwC . ,. ,. lf^i^,^| (! ^o^ S •" MMV u ( ; t f i::: I ^!.'ii l .', l ! ll i. vll s? l vW:- ra (V,i;te t \\^.-:: ?WM\-<>$A NV Anv i!t .-,,-.I/ ,....-... .. i • _ i llf .V'.''!'». Ma iji...,. ( California »r,> J.50 l. thai tbe Hear- loti for chiiniff ol i..' m-(;ceeillni;s be -ebv set for Mon- Hio i fo Cdl ..... i,wer, Saiuuol ... aliforDia Hom« Kxten- 71 10 I.-- f t . in tin? ! •mil ihe sit iii . day the- !it. h (lav of November. ill 10 o clock u. in. of .said dav at de : l' 1 "; 1 ! 1 '"'^," ""'' at """ f .o»rt rooni thereof „ |,(. Countv court IIOUKO. IlakerRnHd. r.allforniii. and that anv and all per""'I 8 I nlc routed ln S! ,i ( j matter fo bo and antienr before this court at th* time and place aforesaid, and then and lav 11 '"J' 1 : lie auction. „„,, ,,,,,,, BK made before,, will be sold (m " f »'•'•.?"> .'."•• lf'08..ttIpaV •- ;. • '. i,i»t i vi| {let?, room liank mifl,.... R , VU1 Jn Btreela. ;Los

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