The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 29, 1971 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1971
Page 4
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Page 4 F (J THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Rich man by Milton ii i IU Swim Team, "Super Status" Daytona Records •fi^R FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 1971 o/ogy 1 UPI Sports Writer NEW YORK - (UPI>-Jim Plunkett is going to be a ricb b'oy soon. Very rich, That's for sure. The Boston Patriots designated Plunkett the nation's No. 1 college football player by NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS Tbe following Miscellaneous Claims will be considered by toe Tipton County Commissioners at their regular-meeting Feb. 1,1971 at 9:00a.m. : Xerox Corporation. Clerk..... 382.10 Wm. B. Burford Print Co., Clerk. 17.50 International Bus. Mach. t Clerk . 136.50 = Paul H.Jones, Clerk 30.00 . J. R, Ramsay PrinL Co.. Auditor .. . 12.00 , Bobbs-Merril Co., Auditor.. 107.70 Harold B..AIlen, Auditor : 23.03 Wm. B. Burford. Auditor .214.00 U. S. Post Office, Auditor.... : 600.00 Wm. B. Burford, Auditor..... s 8.40 Bankers Dispatch Corp., Recorder 4.80 Kodak A/C 200 Recorder 72.02 Kodak A/C 200, Recorder - 338.00 Junior 66 Service. Sheriff..... 225.71 Cleo Scott, Sheriff Per Diem Mi! ; 62.00 Richard Brankle, Sheriff Same .. 62.00 Richard Ziegler, Sheriff " Prisoner Meals ' 149.60 Don Ross Motors, Sheriff..... 46.36 Clints Marathon, Sheriff Gas. .46.26 Ruth Wimer, Ag. Off.: . 13.00 . Maude J. Welsh, Health 35.20 Moellerlng Supp. Co., Court- bouse ; .. .. 72.75 Air Kem. Courthouse^ ....' 29.50 Ruby Keal, CourthouseL«,... .23.00 Airkem, Courthouse.19.00 . Dr. George Compton, Jail„... 11.00 Carneys Drugstore, Jail . " 22.66 McGraws, County Farm Food .-. „..-. 813.79 Hy Line Chicks, County Farm • Food i „ 35.55 Coopers Home Furn,, County Farm Food.™ „ .. , . .15.00 Kenneth Enrigbt, County Farm Food .'. 29.70 Wilbur Phifer, County Farm. 100.00 Kinder Coal Yard, County' . Farm ; „ ...'... 862.50 Dean Milk Co., County Farm. 95.52 Petrolane Gas Co., County Farm 31.35 Tipton Co. Hosp., County Farm 77.00 • Arab Pest Control, County Farm . . ...... . 6.00 Virgil Recobs. County Farm Appraisal . .-. 25.00 Joe Ross Realty, County Farm Appraisal ..._...„. 25.00 • John Schulenburg, County Farm Combining..... " 66.00 Xerox Corp.. Drainage Brd... * 114,69 ' Soy Whisler, Drainage Brd... .' 16,16 Earl E. Hemmeger, Drainage Brd . ; 45.76 Richard E. Mitchell, Drain- , age Brd ........ 10.56 Tipton Co. Dr. Bd., Drainage Off. Equip ... .. 7.11 ! Hitz Agency. Official Bond " Clerk. . _.. • 35.00 ' Ritx Agency, Official Bond Auditor ...... * -.- 35,00 Rita Agency, Official Bond Treas '• 375.00 Farmers Loan L Trust, Official Bond Record........ 14.00 Burner Ins. Co.. Official • Bond Assessor.. 18.00 Honeychurch Ins., Official Bond Sheriff.. . . 25.00 Harlow Ins. Co., Official Bond Deputy... „ 25.00 John L. Kiley Agency. Off I- ' cial Bond Pros.; ' 18.00 Ritx Agency. Official Bond Co. Hwy. Sup 10.00 Prltchard Funeral Home, Comm-.Soldier Burial 100.00 Pritcnard FunerafHome, Comm. Soldier BuriaL. 100.00 . Andrew Bushman. Fox Bounty Comm. 3.00 Max Crouch, Fox Bounty • Comm... . 6,00 Jack Shepard, Fox Bounty " . t— 1 Comm... „.„...,.. 3.00 Dick Bowlby, Fox Bounty Comm.. 1 .. . 6.00 Steve Letsinger, Fox Bounty Cqmm .... " ' 3.00 Eddie Tragesser, Fox Boun- 'tyComm ....... .... 3.00 Max Crouch,'Fox Bounty Comm „ „ . '9,00 . Joe SUtt,Fox Bounty Comm.. 3.00 Carolyn Stout, Fox Bounty Comm ...... . 9.00 Charles Blackburn, Fox : "Bounty Comm... - 6.00' • Richard Bowlby, Fox Bounty" ' ' Comm. ...... ...... * 6.00 ' Phil Hoke, Fox Bounty Comm......... ............r • 6.00 Fred Tragesser, Fox Bounty Comm .......... .... 9.00 Hubert Tragesser. Fox Bounty Comm ... 3.00 Mike Fennel, Fox Bounty Comm. .. 3.00 * Phil Hoke, Fox Bounty Comm 3.00 • Max Crouch, Fox Bounty Comm .............. 6.00 Logansport St. Hosp., Comm. 13.46 . Irene Byron, Comm 620.00 Howard Co. Guidance Cent., Comm_... 375.00 Honeychurch Ins.", Comm..._ 7,931.00 Motorola C 4 E Inc., Comm.. 66.00. Craig Roofing. Comm.... ;.. 850.00 Craig Roofing, Comm ......... 435.00 Tipton Lumber Co., Comm 245.97 Kenneth Shoup, Comm.™..... 612.50. Tipton Dally Tribune, Comm Atrr „,_...; 222.51 J.R.Ramsay Pr.. Auditor 17.76 Loral Tolle. Dr; Maint... 40.00 Compton t Son. Dr. Maint.... 18.77 . Ideal Cement Works, Dr. Maint- 183.80 Mrs. F. L. McReysolds, Dr. . Imp . 78.00 W. R. Fennel, Dr. imp™. 169.00 Cochran Lumber Co., Dr. Imp . . ... ... 8.00 Garland G. Dellinger, Dr. tap . 413.25 Blue Front Drugstore, Co. Offices ..... 40.72 ~ Compton i Son, Co. Offices.. 22.50 Indiana Gas Co., Co. Offices. 768.31 Tipton Telephone Co., Co. Offices ; 340.63 Tipton Utility Ser. Bd., Co. Offices 447.72 Jack L. Miller. Cum. Bridge . «44 , 19.38 Carolyn Perry, Welfare Mileage ,.. 21.59 Virginia Baurogartner, Welfare Mileage 24.75 Walter Miller, Welfare Mileage ^ 5.20 Jo Ann Serlght, welfare Mlleage™^.™;^ ™_ 12.79 Karleeo Walker, Welfare Mileage 15.S7 Milier-fluggilis Inc. Welfare Rap. Off. Equip_._......... 107.55 American Public Welt, 'Welfare ..... 35.00 Tipton Co. Ag.- Assn., Inc. Ag Office.: •„ 9,000.00 Bob Odle, Co. Landflll ...... - 2,115.73 Respectfully Submitted. Harold B. Allen Auditor, Tipton County - L-«7 •:''"•' - C-24 making him the fii.*. choice ir the draft. That's bound to cosl them. The fact the excited Patriots are openly going around telling everybody that they consider the 23 - year - old ex - Stanford quarterback "the new ., Joe Namath" isn't going to "hurt Plunkett financially either. The "old" Joe Namath cost the New York Jets $400,00(3 and some change originally. Jim ( Plunkett, particularly .in these* inflated times,? will cost the Patriots more. "Worry About. Making Grade That's all very fine outwardly but one of the things which keeps running around in Jim Plunkett's young mind, especially . when he's off by himself and away.from all the hooray and Aoorah,. is that even with all this money he still could wind up one of those poor little rich boys. Professional football failures they're called. Mind you, it's 1 not that Plunkett doesn't haye the necessary confidence h e'l 1 make good in pro ball— "I've been.brought up in a dropback pro style system"—but, well, a fellow can't'help thinking, can he? Plunkett gives you a completely honest answer when you ask him whether he has any apprehensions about making it in pro ball. "A few," he says. That's being honest. enough. Many top draftees, jvould answer "none" to the same question and be lying to you as well as to themselves. Some Vanish As Pros' "Not so much in my ability or getting used to ; the pro game," Plunkett says about, those apprehensions, "but .just let's say about; certain circumstances." Certain circumstances like what? "Circumstances involving other players who were very good in college but all of a sudden you don't hear about-them in professional ranks," Plunkett says. "Those you can mention are (John) i .Huarte and (Gary) Beban at least as far as quarterbacks go. There were others. They just don't make it. You're not really sure for what reason. I' just hope that doesn't happen to me, and I don't think it will." All the. publicity Jim Plunkett has received will not help. It could hurt to some degree. He says so himself. "Questions are asked," he says. "You . answer them, people read things out of proportion sometimes and they get to expect too much. That creates pressure." BiLuuMlNGTON, Ind. --'Indiana's swimming team, its "super-status" boosted even higher by this week's selection of freshman John Kinsella for the 1970 Sullivan Award, breaks the midyear lull to go against Minnesota _ in Minneapolis Saturday afternoon. A scheduled Friday night meet at Illinois has been caacelledbe- cause the Illini pool will not be ready. It is not certain that the 18- year-old Kinsella, who became the youngest male athlete ever to win the A.A.U. award to the nation's outstanding amateur athlete, will compete at Minnesota. A hometown banquet of celebra- - tion. in Hinsdale, 111., may conflict. IU Gymnastics Swinging back into competition after recording one of their highest point totals ever, Coach Jim Brown's Indiana gymnastics team aims for their second win in a row when they host Minnesota on Saturday. Competition begins at 1:30 in the Men's gym. The Hoosier gymnasts, idled the past week due to semester exams, face the Gophers after •winning a record-breaking 157.70-153.50 decision over Illinois State on Jan. 15. Indiana's highest point total a year ago was 153.60, and Brown cannot remember a Hoosier gymnastics team scoring more points. -.• "it was a real big win for us," Brown said. "Everyone hit their routines pretty well, and we got some balance in all of our events.' I think we're starting to become pretty solid, as a team. We still have room for improve- . ment, .but we're coming right along." Outstanding performers in the Illinois State meet were seniors Chuck junior Earle, and Gary Fiinke, Mike Taffe, sophomores Gene £oyle and Jack Harcourt and freshman Benny Fernandez. Fernandez and Earle placed, one-two in the still rings with- 9:35 and 9.1 respective scores, leading the Hoosiers to a top- event score of 27.40. The Hoosiers appear to" have-one of the best rings teams in the Big Ten, as Fernandez has a 9.2 average and Earle an 8.6. " Taffe and Coyle both had excellent scores in winning their respective events. Taffe had a 9.1 in the long horse, while Coyle recorded. an outstanding 9.3 in the parallel bars. Although finishing second, Harcourt's 8.9 in the side horse and Funke's 8.95 i in the horizontal bar were good Worts. It was the second outstanding performance for Funke./who appears headed for a good season after recov-from a shoulder injury. ' BOMUMS LEAGUE STANDINGS THURSDAY NIGHT BOWLERS Turner Trucking Fred Henry Standard Suburban Lanes Ron Shuck Auct. ! Briggs Standard Oil Farm Bureau Insurance Elks #1 Elks #2 Bud Henry Trucking Pioneer . 55-25 52-1/2-27-1/2 51-1/2-28-1/2 50-1/2-29-1/2 46-1/2-33-1/2 45-1/2-34-1/2 41-39 40-40 37-43 34-46 27-1/2-52-1/2 Turner Trucking^662 (M. Cochran 474) over Fred Henry Standard 2575 (C. Smith 471) 3-1. Suburban Lanes 2560 (M. Needier 455) over Elks #2 2490 (L. Whelchel 465) 3-1. . . Ron Shuck Auct. 2636 (T. Altherr .449) over Bud Henry Trucking (G. Brewer & B. DeFord 420) 3-1. Briggs 2532 (S. Waddell 476) over Farm Bureau Ins. 2322 (E. Teter 457) 3-1. Pioneer>2485 (C. Thatcher 444) tiedElks#l 2389 (M. Pumphrey 407) 2.-2; - . Standard Oil 2331 (M. Pratt 415) Blind 4-0. Coach Doc Counsilman, who • seldom takes all his top-guns to dual meets in order to avoid overwhelming scores, will swim at least two of his famed quartet of Mark Spitz, Gary Hall, Mike Stamm and Kinsella against the Gophers.. Spitz is a triple .world record- holder in freestyle and butterfly, Hall the holder of three world records in butterfly, individual medley and freestyle, andStamm a former world's best in the, backstroke. The - Hoosiers, NCAA champions for the last three years and Big Ten titlists for the last ten, will be shooting for their 54th ^consecutive dual victory in a string which goes back to 1966.. Kinsella, only the second male swimmer to win the famed Sullivan Award — Don Schollander was the first in 1964, became the third Indiana University athlete to enter the select list. Don Lash in 1938 and Fred Wilt in . 1950, both all-time distance stars in track and cross-country were earlier Hoosier winners. IU Indoor Track An outstanding array of talr ent, depth and experience. will be on hand for Indiana University Saturday, as the Hoosiers open their 1971 indoor track : season against a tough Nebraska squad at Lincoln. Second year coach Sam Bell, who guided the Hoosiers to a Big Teh outdoor championship and a second place finish in the. indoor meet in his initial year, includes four Big Ten individual champions among his 20 letter men. Additionally, several outstanding freshmen prospects promise to add depth to the Hoosier lineup, a factor that should make, the Indiana squad stronger than last year. . Returning as Big Ten champions are Mike Goodrich in the 200 and 300, Bob Winchellin the shot put, and outdoor champions Steve Kelley (steeplechase) and Val Chandler (discus). Behind this group lies a strong contingent of top-flight performers. • The Hoosiers appear to be. deepest in the sprints. Goodrich, Larry Highbaugh and Mike Miller have all gone :06.i in the 60 yard dash in trials. "We have to have one of the strong-* est sprint groups" in the country," Bell states; "All are capable of going :6.0. or "Under." Other top performers who return with at least one year's experience are high-jumper Gary Haupert, a Big Ten champion as a sophomore^ who owns a career best of 7-0 1/2; distance ace Bob Legge, who can run either the one, two or three mile; Steve Kelley and Scott Hiles^ both jun- . iors who appear to be reaching jpotential in the distances; and hurdler JackKeeler. As if the returning depth isn't enough, Bell's freshman crop won seven of 15 individual events in a dual intra-squad meet last week, a situation ".which promises to improve the whole squad. . Frosh winners included Dennis Adama (6-10) in the high jump, Dan Hayes (4:15.5) in the mile. Glen Close (:51.0) in the 440, Pat Mandera (9:06.6) in the two. mile, Doug Vine (43-4 1/4) in the triple jump, and Dixon Boughman (15r6) in the pole vault. Close later repeated for a 1:15.8 win in the 600. "We've got the makings of a real good track squad," Bell said. "We've set some high goals, namely Big Ten indoor and outdoor championships and high finishes in the NCAA meets. We're going to have to work hard to achieve these goals." - t The Hoosiers will need all of their experience and' savvy to defeat Nebraska. Last year'the Cornhuskers won 22 of 23 dual meets, and placed second in the Big Eight outdoor championships to perennial power Kansas. Pacing Nebraska will be four quarter-milers, each of whom -has gone under :48.0. Garth Case, who has a career best of :46.7, is a Big Eight champion. Indiana's record in indoor meets a year ago was 3-0, having defeated Minnesota, Ohio State and Wisconsin. "We expect a real good opening test," Bell added. "But we like to run against the best competition. That is the only way we know in which to better ourselves. Jr's SERVIG 122 W.Jefferson 675-2540 * Tune-up * Washing •Brake Service » Lubrication American Legion STAG Saturday, January 30 FOOD and ENTERTAINMENT starts at 6:00 p./i. By DAVID MOFFIT v'.' UPI Sports Writer DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (UPI)— Mark Donohue never doubted he ' could take his Ferrari back out on the sun­ drenched track and regain tbe pole position for the 24 hours of Datona if, the need arose. Even though, most of the big cars, were shattering previous records on the recently-repaved 3.81 mile road-track course here at. Daytona International Speedway, his mid-afternoon time of 1:43.71 Thursday appeared safe. Then, with less nan a half hour, of first-day qualifying time left, Pedro Rodriguez, codriver, of the winning car in last year's 24-hour race, low- ABA Standings By United Press International East W. L. Pet. GB •• Virginia 35 17 .673 ... Kentucky 30 23 .566 5V 2 New York 22 28 .440 12 Pittsburgh 23 31 .426 13 Carolina 22 31 .415 13V 2 Floridians 21 34 .382 15V 2 Indiana Utah Memphis . Denver Texas West W. L. Pet.. GB 33 18 .647 ... 33 18 .647 ... 32 23 .582 3 19 32 .373 14 18 33 .353 15 Thursday's Results Memphis 122 Texas 99 (Only game scheduled) Friday's Games Pittsburgh at New York Virginia at Kentucky Memphis vs. Carolina . • at Greensboro, N.C. Denver, at Indiana Utah at Texas NBA Standings By United Press International Atlantic Division W. L. Pet. GB New York 37 17. .685 ... Philadelphia 33 22 .600 4V 2 Boston 29 25 .537 8 Buffalo 16 42 .276 23 Central Division W. L. Pet. GB Baltimore 31 21 .596 ... Cincinnati 22 29 .431 &/ 2 Atlanta 17 37 .315 15 Cleveland g 47 .161 24 Midwest Division W. L. Pet. GB Milwaukee 42 9 .824 ,.. Detroit 34 19 .642 9 Chicago 31 22 .585 12 Phoenix 32 23 .582 12 Pacific Division W. L. Pet. GB Los Angeles 29 21 .580 .... San Francisco28 26 .519 3 Seattle 25 28 .472 5V 2 San Diego 24 31 .436 7V 2 Portland 17 37 .315 14 Thursday's Results Phoenix 118 Los Angeles 112 Seattle 120 Buffalo HO (Only games scheduled) • Friday's Games Cincinnati at Baltimore New York at Boston San Diego at Detroit . Milwaukee, at „Pbila Seattle at Los Angeles Buffalo at San Francisco Cleveland at Atlanta Phoenix at- Portland ered Donohue's mark by three- lOOths of a °secbnd, sipping around the course in 143.68. Only 15 minutes remained on the qualifying clock when Donohue, 32, rolled his black Ferrari but of the pits again and roared past the timers' stand to begin another assault on the track record. His first official lap -was 1:42.57, more than a second better than Rodrigue* best—and then he turned in a 1:42.42 lap. That meant Donohue drove the Ferrari 512 around the course at an average speed of 133:919 miles per .hour— more than 11 miles faster than Mario Andretti drove a Ferrari here last year when he set a track record. Devil Starters Tipton High School basketball head mentor John Moses Friday morning. made a .decision on his starting lineup to face the tough Hamilton Heights Huskies Friday night in the Satan gym. Jim York and Bill Sullivan will start at guards and then Coach Moses said it would be Joe Achenbachand TimCloii- ser at forwards and Bob Richardson at center. This is just a start because it will take a lot of "burned calories" to hold the • high scoring Huskies during the 32 minutes of play. Jeff Juday, Mike - Jackson and Larry Harper are tuned for "quick relief piloting" when nec- essory. Tipton has Saturday night off, so you can wager that coaches and team members will be .scouting some area games getting ready for the other four re, maining season games and possible tourney opponents. NHL Standings By United Press International - East W. L. T. Pts 34 8 6 74 30 9 9 22 14 11 22 24 3 15 28 14 27 Boston " New York Montreal Toronto Vancouver Detroit Buffalo 5 6 11 26 10 69 55 47 35 34 32 . West Chicago • St. Louis Philadelphia Pittsburgh Minnesota Los Angeles California W. LfT;Pts 32 10 6 70 21 13 13 . 17 22 9 15 22 12 16 22 10 14 23 9. 15 30 3 55 43 42 42 37 33 Thursday^ Results Boston 6 Phila 2 St. Louis 1 Detroit 1 Chicago 4. Pittsburgh 1 (Only games scheduled) . Friday's Games Buffalo at California Minnesota at Vancouver * (Only games scheduled) What Would You Do? FREE - FREE 12" GE Portable TV phone 675-4401 For Details F.W. Central Larry Deakyne Stewart, Plus Three Elks Team No. 10 Trojans Starters By Etdon Cage/Tribune Sports Editor Wayne Head ' Central High Fort School Head J Basketball Coach Bob Dllle related after the Tip-, •ton..-' Central game last Saturday night in his office to several persons including Dick Stewart and Hershell Grinstead of the Devils Radio 'Service that the F. W. Central School was being phased into a Vocational school for all of Ft. Wayne this summer and that two new high schools were under construction ip take the Central academic students" and these two new high schools would be named Northrup land Wayne. High Schools. . Tipton will host the Wayne-High School in basketball next year in place of the Central schedule. . j ' i The new Northrup head mentor will be Bob Dille, a very respected and skilled coach. Dille recalled the many tight basketball games with Tipton-and!the fine treatment acqorded his entourage in Tipton. All Tipton fans and players acquainted with Coach Dille wish him great success at Nbrthrup and hope to get his school on the Tipton] schedule within a few years. ' - Larry C-0 Deakyne, a four, sport Tipton High School graduate, is just completing ;a two year tour of duty in a jmiiitary police, unit |n Washington, D.C. j ; Larry called his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joej Deakyne, this week and" informed them that he was being discharged early and would be done this; Saturday and would return to Indiana University soon for the second semester to resume his academic work, there. ''" ' C-0 ' ; • ". Dick Stewart, Hershell Grinstead, Jim Beeson and Cliff Harrison wiU be airing, the Tipton- Hamilton Heights game Friday night and there is a possibility that the Tri-Central game may be radioed by the quartet if arrangements are completed. This crew too, is prepingfor the Frankfort Sectional Tournament starting Feb. 27, just four weeks from Wednesday. C-0 Elks Team No. 10 is the new Tipton City BowliDg Tournament Champions. Hersh Robinson, Phil Nichols, Bill Lewis, Jim Riley and Bill Carter collectively speared the 1971 team crown which was determined Wednesday night. , The men's, doubles and singles tourney wrapup is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 31 from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. C-0 Tri-Central Head Coach John Harding after running his young roundballers hard this week, as their penalty for what Harding considered an" inept performance against Western last Saturday night, said he was better satisfied with the squad and would start his regular lineup against Sheridan Saturday night at the Tri- Central Gym. The lineup will be Jeff Modisett and Rick Cyphers at forwards, Jim Martin at center, and Dave Harding and Steve Vandiver at guards.- . A Homecoming Program.with all of the "trimmings" is scheduled for the Tri-Central school and'gym .Saturday night. Save on farm tires/ ORDER" TIRE SALE! at your nearby Farm Bureau Co-op now through March 31 i% Tractor Tires! (front and rear) Implement Tires! (terrific selection) 0x All Popular Sizes! ik Low, Low Sale Prices! Stop in or call us.for; complete information, irt- cluding details on our outstanding tire warranty. CO-OP SERVICE CENTER BERRYMAN PIKE PH. 675-7303 rOUU LOUE TO DRIVE 70' • .. ' 'A - G Impalfl 4 Dr. H. T. Radio - H'tr., LUtomatic, P. Steering, Local car - rreen - 6,500 actual miles. 70' "' j i ] Impala 4 Dr. H. T. - Radlo-H'tr., iuto. - P. Steering^- Air Conditioning, [Low Mileage - Color Tort. *69j CheVy 2 Dr. H. T. - Radio-H'tr. - Auto. - P. Steering - Air Condition, Low Mileage - Blue color. f 69* Chevy Impala 2 Dr. im Pa ia - 4 Dr. Sedan - P. Steer - P. B. - Air Conditioning, One Owner - Low Miles. '69 ' Chevy Impala 4 Dr. -Rad.-H'tr. Auto. - P. S. -. P. Brakes - Air Cond One Owner - Low Miles - Champ. Color. '68' Opel 2 or. - (one Owner. Radio - Heater. *66' Chevy Impala su P ers P ort - {Radio-Heater - 4 Speed - Very Clean. '66* CheVelle 4 Dr. - Radio-Heater -J Automatic - P. S. - Very Clean - One Owner • ' '63' OldS '88' - 4 Dr. - Radio-Heater !| - Auto. - P. S. - Very Clean W Ford Vi ton Pickup V-8 - Radio-Heater - One.Owner - Locally Owned ;; . '68' GMC Vi ton Pickup 6 cylinder - Standard transmission - One Owner - Clean, i - Jim Francis Frank Moore Jim Ripberger Gene Cdttingham Inc. CHEV ^ 3II E. Jefferson Tipton, Indiana Phonec.^43

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