The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 29, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1971
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 1971 Grace Baptist Chapel Youth Rally Harold and Jim Dolrymple of Grace Baptist Chapel, Elwood announce that there will be a youth rally on Saturday evening at Bethel Baptist Church, Leba- . ^non. The featured speaker will be Rev. Ton .Tanemori, Plainfield. He will be speaking on "How the Lord led from trage?. dy in Japan to triumphdnChrist." The church bus will be leaving from the Chapel at 6 p.m. ^he^service is expected to conclude about 9 p.m. Anyonewish- ing to go is welcome. Rev. James Cooper is the minister in Lebanon. Fun, games and activities are planned along with a musical program and refreshments. Several Band Students Guests Of Rotary Club Tipton Rotary Club met Tuesday, evening at Bowl-O-Drome with 26 members present.and two • visitors, 1 Clarence Myers with Rotariah Stockwell and Thomas Polley, band director of Tipton High School band. Mr. Polley also had some of his band members who are preparing to compete at Frankfort' on February 6. They gave the club an advance showing of their talent. Present were Cindy Molder on the clarinet, accompanied by Ada Johnson and Judith Tucker on the bassoon, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Lex Tucker. Speaker will be Art Cheronis, manager of Stokley Van Camp warehouse, at the next meeting February. 2. Ladies Aid Emanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid will meet Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Lutheran School. -• NOTICE OF COMMISSIONERS CLAIMS The following Payroll Claims »ill be considered by Hie -Tiiitun County Commissioners at their reeular meetine Feb. 1.197] at the Tipton County Courthouse. > , • Paul H.Jones, clerk.... 50-1.16 Juanita Zaloudek. Same;..:.... 37S.00 Kay Burns.Sanie..;...^..^.... _ .. JJ1.00 -.. . Harold B. Allen. Auditor 504.16 Genevieve Morris. Same 375.00, Mary Michel. Same 341.00 Goldie Cage. Same ..... 300.00 J, Ross M. HuDord. Treasurer. c 504.16^ Marcia Thompson. Same . .375 : 00^ r . Virginia Hoover;Recorder... { - 458.*33 " Evelyn Caee. Same .... „ 375.00 Richard F. ZieEler. Sheriff.... <¥ " 504.16 . Cleo Scott. Same 409.00 Richard Brankle. Same 320.00 Clarianna Zieider. Same 190.00 . W. M. Clary. Co: Elt. Off. 315.00 Richard E. Blank. Same'.. . 262.00 Roth Wimer. Same ...... ' 265.33 Nancy Colei Same... .... 375.00 Barbara Schinlaub. Same„:... 48.00 Irene Cook. Same 7.50 Maude Welsh. Co. Health 436.66 • Tresai Coy. Same 210.00 Philip V. Nichols. Coroner... 91.66 • J. Carl Graf. Assessor.. 458.33 . Ruth Maines. Same.;, ,_« . 375.00 E. Glae Foster. Same T*p.... 211 75'. Helen P. Roe, Co.- Pros. Secy ' 110.00 Frederick Surlier. Ore Crt. 333.33 Beulah Hoback. Same 483.50 Lester Dodd, Same..._... 140.0? Olive Dodd. Same 71.50 Lewis RIffe, Same . 600.00^ Dewey Roy Smipperd. Crth. Custodian _ 225.00 Ruby Seal. Same CrtH_„__ . . 165.00 Hexschel Mock. Same 80.00 Kenneth Euriftht. Co. Home... 165.00 ViTKUlia Enrleht. Same 125.00 Zada Moody. Same „ 120.00 Iva Enrifht. Same ;.....: 120.00 Mark Lewis. Same... 55.00 Ralph Wilburn, Co. Plan. Comm...... 341.25 Mildred Brunk. Same 140.00 Joe Watson, Same Atty. „. 100.00 ' Earl Hemmeger. Drg. Engineer _ 346.66 Donald Lord. Same.... 470.00 Betty J. HobbS; Same......._l. 341.00 Horace C. Holmes, Sa*me Atty 200.00 Roy Whis%. Same 62.50 Walter Schulenburg, Same.... 25.00 Roy Watson. Same. ....... • 25.00 . Edgar Welsmlller. Samel 25.00 Walter Schulenburg, Co. Comm 210.83 Roy Watson. Same . 210.83 Edgar Weismiller. Same , 210.83 John W. Barrum, Co. Council 66.66 Arthur Barr. Same . 66.66 " Donald G-issard. Same „ .. 66.66 Guy Croucfa. Jr.. Same .... 66.66 Paul R. Michel. Same 66.66 Paul Duncan, Same. ; 66,66 Fern Tyner. Same 66.) Horace C. Holmes. Co. Atty.. 112.51 William Frost, Serv. Off 360.00. Mildred Brunk. Same 140.00 Robert Heron. Civil Def „ 250.00 Carolyn E. Perry. Welfare „. 600.00 Jo Ann Serlght. Same. 450.00 Virginia Baumgartrcr. Same. 500.00 '.liarjorte Kunkie. Same... 400.00 Evelyn L. Bolinger. Same 400.00 Stanley Herbert, Same .. 110.00 Walter Miller, Same 165.00 Karleen Walker. Same ... 400.00 Bernard S. Smith. Highway... 501.00 Naomi E. Robinson, Highway. 375.00 Dean Lane. HiRmray . 320.00 Andrew Bushman. Highway „. 307.20 Marl Day. Highway.. 280.88 Wilbur Fishback. Highway 288.00 Ralph Gross. Highway . 307.20 Audra Richer. Highway 307.20 Basil Shupperd. Highway..:.;. 307.20 Byron Sinclair. Highway. . r . 307.20 Fay Smith,! Highway _ 288.00 • Maurice Tiile. Higliway„„ 307.20 James Weismiller. Highway.. 307.20 Chester A. Jarreli, Highway. 262.80 Emory Schulenburg, Highway . U 288.00 . Haskell H. Doss. Highway 307.20 Charles Bunnell. Highway 307.20 Elmer Kinder, Highway. 297.60 Jerry Mine gar. Highway " 302.40 James Blaylock, Highway; 307.20 Fred Greathouse. HighVav • 112.00 Robert McFarland . . 240.00 Robert McFarland. Highway.. 240.00 Earl E. Hemmeger'. Hieh- - c way . 833.00 Respectfully Submitted .Harold B.Allen " • Auditor. Tipton County L-66 C-24 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Library Notes Free ThrOW — Julie Gunkel, Tipton High School GAA team player shooting a free throw after being.fouled by = an opponent in a tourney game this week. Julie made this foul shot to help •lead her team to a 60-5 win and advance to the next round of the single elimination tourney. Julie was observed recently making seven straight free tosses at Tipton gym during GAA physical ed„ Other members of the two teams are prepared to go for a rebound, but to no avail as the ball seen in flight hit the bottom of the nets. (Staff Photo by Eldon Cage) Returns Home By Mrs. Ted Barrett WINDFALL. — Mr. and Mrs.: Billy WaHen and family have returned home after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Flowers and family, near Albany, Ky. Miss Lenore Plummer was a weekend guest of her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Reilly, Logansport. Mr. and Mrs. James Davis and family, Rochester, were Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis. - . Mrs. Chester Frazier was weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Dorothy Williams and family, New Albany. . Coming Events SATURDAY Kum Join Us Class - 7:30 p.m., Mr., Mrs. Kenneth Dickover, south of Hobbs • MONDAY Know How Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs, Robert Taylor, route 1 Monday Night TOPS - 7:30 p.m., GAR room of courthouse Kempton Rebekah Lodge — 7.-30 p.m.; Oddfellows Hall Helpers Club r«l:30 p.m.. Mils'. Paul Egler. 315 Walnut Street TUESDAY . Phi Beta Psi Associate Chapter - 7:30 p.m., Mrs.. Herbert Michel, 315 West Madison St. Double Dozen Club - 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Frank Bell, 808 Mill Street Phi Beta Psi Sorority - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Gerald Thompson, 808 North Independence street WEDNESDAY . Women's Association - 1:30 p;m. First Presbyterian Church Country TOPS - 9:30 a.m., GAR Room Redi-Maids Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Russell Sotting, route 5 Ladies Aid Society of Hobbs Christian Church - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Harold Syverson, Hobbs . . THURSDAY Emanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid 2 p.m., Lutheran School HELEN HELP US! -—'by Helen Bottel-— Common Malady- Burglar Paranoia Dear Helen: •"'' My husband is a sane man who has suddenly gone freaky on burglar alarms. He has every window wired so that if they're even jarred, screeching noises happen — and this can really shake you in the middle'of the night when the wind or an animal sets one off. He's got our sliding doors so well re-inforced that I can't open them without major carpentry. Our back door has two bolts and a chain lock, and you should see the front door! I'm not supposed to open it unless I peek through the periscope type viewer, then communicate by intecdme. Even so,. I must never take, the chain off unless I recognize the person. • Now he wants to equip our house with an alarm system that will light up at a central place where they'll call the police immediately. It costs into the thousands! Helen, if we must live in such abject fear, why live at all? Isn't this .big push for "home protection" something like the last scare- about backyard bomb shelters? I realize a little caution is a good thing, but it seems to me promoters are overdoing it --they're hitting the fright button to make a bundle for themselves. And some people, like my man, become "protection collectors". It's like a hobby — trying to see what gadget you'U get next to out- doo your neighbor. How about injecting a little, sanity into the burgeoning burglar alarm business? — NOT THAT PARANOID , FARMER U *J| FARMERS LOAN TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana Dear Not: I know a man who spent weeks burglar-proofing his home before a vacation, then in the rush of last minute alarm settings, walked off and forgot to lock his front door. Three weeks later he returned to an un-hit hoouse. I know another family whose elaborate system of bells, lights, etc. only challenged intruders. They were burglarized twice, vandalized once, and now the man has a loaded gun by his bed .-- an extremely, dangerous practice. 1 So what can I say? With break-ins increasing several hundred percent in many areas, home protection seems frighteningly necessary. But even the best is not fool-proof. And paranoia can (as you say) turn a sane person into, a fear-freak. Suggestions, anyone? — H. Dear Helen: , I feel silly, "writing about this at my age, which is 47. , Fm still quite attractive, love to go out, enjoy life, and think my husband is great. He is very attentive to me, too. But there's a fly in the ointment, or rather a cute blonde young neighbor whose husband is overseas. She was lonely so webe- friended her. Now she can't light a cigarette without my husband's help. When we go out dancing, he even pays her sitter so she can go along. She's started calling me "Mom," but she calls him "Bill." A friend told me last week she saw them together when I assumed Bill was at a lodge meeting. He explained that he ran into her at. the club and bought- her a drink, and I pretended it was no big thing. But Helen, I'm scared. We've been married 23 years, and though Bill is most loving to me, he's at the well-publicized dangerous age. Should I ontinue treating our neighbor like a daughter — or like an intruder? -'- FRIEND OR RIVAL? Dear F or R: Be an alert friend! And don't include this cute neighbor in your evenings out, unless you can "lose" her later to people her own age. Introduce her to the young crowd, then plan several great weekend trips alone with your Bill. And pray for her husbands early feturnl — H. - Phi Beta Psi Sorority Phi Beta Psi Sorority will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Gerald Thompson, 808 North Independence Street. Women's Association Women's Association of First Presbyterian Church will meet at the church on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. ' KIWANIS FISH AND TENDERLOIN FRY Jan. 30, 1971 5 to 8 p.m. xipton County 4-H & Community Building Proceeds go to T.H.S. Science Club for development of the Outdoor Education Center. Adult $1.50 Under 12 $ .75 Tickets can be purchased from Tipton High School Science Club or Kiwanis Members. Prepared by KIMS FISH FRY SERVICE pioh C ^ot $ounci Copiei JCIL trar By Waneta I. Collins During the past improvements, both Library building. eleven years we have made a number of major and minor, at the Tipton County. The most recent is. one of which we are very proud. The Tipton Daily Tribune and the O'Banion family donated all of the bound copies of the Tipton Daily Tribune, including the last quarter of 1970, to the local history collection of the Tipton Library. In order to make these large books available to persons interested in using them for personal research, we have had some very sturdy racks built in the former coal bin in the furnace room. This is the only unused area in the entire library building and it has not been used for coal storage in almost ten years because at that time a new gas furnace was installed. 4 • TIPTON v 1 TRIBUNE. These new racks are constructed of four inch boards with space between the boards for ventilation, so that the bound volumes will not become mildewed, (although the sub-basement furnace room is not at all damp). The carpenter put supports at intervals so that about seven volumes will fit in each section. That will prevent the stacks tipping or leaning should two or three be removed at one time. We are very proud of this latest improvement to the library facilities, and we are especially grateful to the O'Banion family and to David Manlove who has been the stevedore carrying the books up to the second floor, when we first received them, and then carrying them back down to the new racks and arranging them chronologically for us." Gold Award Winning Art We are also very proud of another newly framed acquisition at the Tipton County Public Library. It is a beautiful lace, and bind embroidered, circular table cover, which was made by Mrs. Winona Nash, wife of a former judge of Tipton County, and half-sister of Mrs. Virginia Kinder. This exquisite handwork has been beautifully framed and hung near the; charging desk in the adult department of the Tipton County Library and we urge you to and see it. • - ; • New Japanese History The Tipton County Library has two copies—one in a single volume, and one in two volumes— of "The Rising Sun" by John Toland. -.. this book was on the best-seller listfor several weeks and it teUs of the decline and fall of the Japanese Empire from 1936 to 1945. John Toland wrote the "Last 100 Days", which we also have at the Tipton County Library. It is a detailed account of the siege of the last one hundred] days of the war in Europe -.; j - :| • . . Kempton WSCS Pledge Service Kempton Women's Christian Service Society of Methodist Episcopal Church met for the January meeting at the church with Mesdames Ethel Stroup, Mae McMullan and Dorothy McClure as hostesses. A pledge service was given by Mrs. William Morris. Mrs. Robert Haller opened the meeting *ith prayer. The secre^ tary's and treasurer's reports were read and approved. # It was reported that • boxes were sent to the boys overseas and boxes were given to the shut- ins. Thank you notes, were read from Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gossard and Mrs. Eva Warner. A thank you note was sent to Mr. Webb for his kind co-operation and help with the Christmas baskets. Officers were installed for the year 1971. They are: president, rs. Sam Thorp; vice president, rs. Robert Moore; honorary 'vice president, Mrs. T. E. Beihold; secretary, Mrs. Paul McClure; treasurer; Mrs. Max Burr gan; secretary of spiritual life, Mrs. T. E. Beihold; missionary education and cultivation, Mrs. Jeff Orbaugh; and secretary of campus ministry, Mrs. Maurice Gossard. The lesson "God's Warning Against The Occult" was presented by Mrs. Lyn Brothers. Refreshments were served during the social hour to 16 members and three guests. in the early 1940s. John Toland's wife is Japanese, and together they spent fifteen months traveling through the Far East doing the research for this latest book. "The Rising Sun" captures again the catastrophic conflict which not only revolutionized the Japanese way of life but marked the beginning of an ideological and racial contest for all of Asia.. You should read this new library book. * '•ssssr- •pf. • «• • • #*§; > lit J* FAMILY AFFAIR > it pi* • » w 1 V Nancy Sottong HOURS: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. • #• • * « 675-2115 . 5 W # BaCkWOrdS 'Day-- Tri-Central High Schooled "Backwards Day" on Wednesday at the school. Wearing their clothes ba'ckw-'.rds a|re~(left to right) Boyd Upchurch, Teresa Honchell, Deb Henderson, Amy Harlow, Scott Smith and Joni Martin. (Staff Photo by Nancy Sottong) Life is Worth Living Tarry In Jerusalem "It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority. -But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth." • So many times we try. to'run ahead of figure out in our human minds the ways of God, only to end in dismal failures and mass confusion. The ways of God is not one of con- use us as'a witness to His pow- ection; to grant us wisdom to know the path] he would have us take. .- [.; Christ's last words to us were to tarry in Jerusalem and be filled with the Holy Spirit. As we wait patiently [ and in silent worship, God will reyeal to us the things He would have us do and grant us the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish our mission upon this earth. As we commit our lives to God in selfless surrender He will SDA Church Has Summer Camps For Blind Children "Twenty-seven books- of S&H Green Stamps were donated to the Christian Record by the Cicero Seventh-day Adventist'^hurch to help provide summer camps for : the blind children," stated Dan Papke, representative of the Christian Record for Indiana. Anyone wishing to help with the project may send S&H Green stamps to Dan Papke, Cicero. fusion but of order and purpose, Because we do not see what lies ahead, it is needless for us to worry and. fret about hurdles we may never face. We instead trust in God and remind-ourselves that everything works together for good to those who love God, relying on Him to give dir- PREVIEWS Phi Beta Psi Associate Mrs. Herbert Michel, 315 West Madison Street, will entertain members of Phi Beta Psi Asso' ciate Chapter in her home at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Ladies Aid Society . Ladies Lid Society of Hobbs Christian Church will meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the home' of Mrs. Harold Syverson, of . Hobbs. Each one is'requested to bring a Valentine. On the program committee• are Mrs.' George Hartley and Mrs. Mark Weismiller. Members are to take note of the change of date in the meeting night. er, love and greatness.; It is in this realm'of life that we find the peace and love that passeth all understanding! We lift our hearts in praise to Him who so loved the world that He 'gave His Son to die on the cross: that we might live in the hope of eternal life. ATTENTION R.N.'S A real challenge and opportunity for the right person. Must be neat, willing to learn and accept responsibility of super- Vision. Good salary with paid vacation. Apply at National Nursing Home, 701 E* Jefferson Street, Monday February 1 from 1 to 6 p.m. or Tuesday February 2 from 9 to l'p.m. [STOP] Mr For. all need : abou ,'munity information, you your new com- J," ' Phone _675-4492 MrsL John Utter i VISIT THE RT DEPARTMENT K0K0M0 GLASS SHOP ART SALE For: ARTISTS SUPPLIES • SAVE 10% • PENCIIS 13/0 . IASIIS 20% ' ALL ART SUPPLIES ON SALE .. and PICTURE FRAMES • CREATIVE FRAMING » • READY MADE. FRAMES • MADE TO ORDER FRAMES • MATS •DRV MOUNTING • NONE GLARE GIASS Ready made or made to order SAVE 15% KOKOMO GLASS SHOP, Inc. "V ft I'ninl fttr >'«/*»** Off<tr«t Parking Op«» fri. Till S.-30 22* S. UNION PH.4S«l02t

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