The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 4
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THE JEFFERSONS PRESENT THE RIVALS THIS EVENING "T!ie Hivals" is the atlnictioii at ')]" Maker.-:lie|d this evening. How tJioriiiiuhlv tin- artistic capabllii |o- of the players ol' the present day a .--nil- Hale with the classical pla\ s of 'he authors of a ci'iitury or mine ai;o in cle.irl 1 . demons! rated in the comhina- (ion ol' Me-'irs. Joseph and William W. Jefferson, in their performance of Kichard lirinsley Sheridan's In illlant j niiiiedy. The Rivals." j Sh-'i'ldan U'l'tyte "'I'h,' liiv.iN" in! 1771. It was subjected to positively! pnielllnt: criticism but cnnTi:e<| up-, scathe,I bearini; the approbative rec- •dnaiiiiu of the heartless censors The Prettiest Hats At Hochheimer's! Wil tht'- ekh harshest ogn I/.i • tl Rivals," tloiii-'i l numerous •n'h ri.'litiny. dnrlni; en i ten were compi'IIetl lo rec-j wonderful beauty in "The | instruction, because it undeniable that the comedy includes i a brilliant 1 .- oi wit and a .story of heart j Interest \vlii' ii has seldom been equal- y PAINT YOUR HOUSE •» •f House painting Is my special- 4 + ty. I use nothing but the best » + materials, guarantee my work * • and charge reasonable prlcea. + « I. D. MEREDITH. Contractor ..« • 211V B til Phnn* Main 172. * EXPRT TUNER of the Wiley B. Allen Co. Will be here every thirty days. Leave order with Haberfelde Furniture Co. Terms reasonable. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of tlic Weiser Optical Co., Km I street, Fresno will be in Bakersfield the: week coTmnencintf Monday, November Hi, 19<>8, and will stop at the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free AHJWork Guaranteed Jed. The much abuse 1 title ol' classic was jussiv betloweil nn this excep- lliinal comc'ly and tl-•• best possible prin)!' ni Ms into value ijeH in iho facl that there i:. not a sin-;•• library nf any literary preleiidoiiH in the Knif|)Bh .' speaking \\o;|(l but \\-ii,it nlves an ex-j ailed place id a copy ol "The Rivals."' Another proof of Its ::reat worth la (hat if Ini.s been regular!. 1 , produced by ihe very best of'theatI'ical companies every year since Its pi culler. It Is (Uiiibifiil If any other play, not except- inn any slnr.le play of the immortal bard, c:ui (dalin nny such record. One iitia l.-c,; .md Hilrt;, ; hrce i onsucutlve jearH is a positively wonderful record j for anything, yet. thin is the recognized j aconipllHlinient of "The ftlvals." i Its literary daintineHS is of such I dratiiiitlc ai'isloeraey that none but Iho flirt-must of histrionic artists can grasp' lei alone enhance the countless charms In the play. This fact was recognized more than n century ago and luckily for "The Rivals," It has, with few exceptions, been presented by most capable artists during the last several generations. The comedy has never been in Btich artistic hands as during Its long association with the famous Jefferson family of actors. Five successive gen- ancrs In "The Rivals" a labor of love and each and each generation profited by the experiences of Its predecessors. The late Joseph. Jefferson considered It his greatest comedy. He loved his part In the play as he loved any one if his children. When lie relinquished the role of Bob Acres to his son William W., he bestowed on the boy aj far greater honor than any king ever! left a prince. The son Is zealous in' the proper presentation of the possl-1 lillltles of Hob Acres as any mother] ever was of her child's best efforts.! Another son. the elder Jefferson's j namesake, Joseph, assumes the cliar-j acter of Sir Lucius OTrigger, the fa-1 vorile part of the late. W. J. Florence.; His Interpretation of Sir Lucius possesses that certain something only] found In the work of a histrionic gen-j Ins. The work of I be two younger! Jeffersons. even if confined to I heir | parts in "The Rivals" alone is proof i positive of their ability to perpetuate the name and fame of the Jeffersons. j "Uncle Josh Perkins." In presenting the celebrated comedy drama, "I'ncle Josh Perkins" to the I amusement loving public, it in unnecessary to make an elaborate Intro The Prettiest Suits I At Hochheimer s !') The Finest Furs At Hochheimer's ! Becoming Becoming Show LEADING MILLINER LADIES AT LIT US Hats Prices You STEVENS CHESTER AVENUE. The Prettiest | Footwear at ;• Hochheimer s J i diiclioii. d'e" Hum <<;'f--»sive bnr.-e ' |ilii> and \ tlluallt'. . !!i;'r-i|il- i.iilinu :'- wil, yei lull nf \vlini---nnie fun aii'l , delirat.' louche^ ni |,,:tb(S, the whole ! point iim ,i de.i! 1 ' n;iri ! ilii'i ,i..i'i\- fill., feel I lii> In ' lei '11 li .vin.; "i i n i' 1 1 ni-li. ,lu-h !'••:!,in- ' '- ,i : '• v , : ! pavinr.ii IHI ji • MI : ::.'•••!• .• ,n • '' • ' Sabbath at | 'oe the Churches I and Immortals." Wednesday evening ; at S o'clock. Pilgrims Congregational Church, Kern | i Sunday school, 10 a. m. Preaching Ill a. m., "The Bible," and at 7:30 p. I m. "The World's fln.-utest Need." All i cordiallv invited. , 'I'l.e , !!._:;, i'.-i.icl.-l II, l':j - e:' : i- v.; i,lie niulH mil. at t'.ie fialiei .-tie! I -,"-ri I bo-,-' '. !,.•,.•:', ' • .• T'... ! Ku KU:;< on the Staye. ! " I',... i I e.-n-.ia •'• :•!••• ' :.-• :. - OSTERMOOR FACTS BETTER , THAN . n I n.eiiMt" !, ;:irl their : : • i !l:e.| liellll i- I lie -• ;,-!ni. in n;-|i-r KI i^ive re,'l;..• . -. . : ••-; i i rout' "f train- i;. '..i 1 -. - i- e;i;'i ie 1 nil - • in i '- 'i. i -en.-;at|i«;i:il ele- ' 1 ;.- i ! ,n.-'i'a:)" e:-nno' lail t" :' -^i--i • -•; "i tile iasl three .. ,Alien il pa\>- ils iniiial vls'it In lli' ilaUelfliei,! OilvT.I Ho'lse oil •' -a-' WHY SUFFER? Breathe Hyomei anH Kill the Loathsome Catirrh G-2rfs. Th(\V fife cii':-ti"!: ;. ,; ,.ti ,,.. ,-,,\,,; . . l!ni \ saiiilary priiieiples. not stuffed with (lie hair of ,•..;,,! animals: in I'ael they nre nut stnll'ed at all—'nit huilt in 'avers of new mnlenal hy expert niei-hanies. absolutely i'ree l'i'i,:n i(xea-.e •." riii-> nf any kiiul, (ir anythiiie: of an unck'unlv nature. IT PAYS TO HAVE THE BEST of anything: and most espeeially in a iniiltress. Tlu; "<.)STKMOOK''duii't beeonie full of lumps, eoniellin yo\i to liave-it renovated only after :i l'e\v weeks of use cheaper iiud iiioi'e coiniiii-tily used matlresses made of celsior, in- most anything whieh is inexpensive. THIS IS THE PLACE You need in it look i'"i' these eoods .',-,. -\vhere ill (hi-, eiiy a.s we are the sole ii'jents. The reputation "f our li'isbnss depend-, on the iimdily of mi! 1 inerehaiulise, und I'nr 'hat reason we tnl," plensiii-e ;n calliii'.: vour Httention to the "OSTEMOOK" hr.-nd. ASK YOUR FRIENDS who have ,-ilivady lmii'.rht th.-se si'ndils, tiii their opinion. •T':i>-n (•Oinc to diirs!:)re ;ind !:,iv. a loul;. \Ve \viil liviii ymi I' nuike vi)iir visi.'a plftsu!-- v/'n'ther you make u pnivliu or later. Just as Ion:: i- • • "i have oa'ar "':'. ..our nose \\ill Midi, '.I'lr breath will lie foul, you v.Td 'nawl: :in-; spit, mid >ou will do dlle -i :li-:.-:i : : :itf thin iff V- cause VOll CIUI t I,el;: Hirself. T! •"• : eni is of ea; arrli i ; 'i \ • • r \ oil hi their power; tilt•>' are eire , , -. ll|e lllUeOUS 111' Iii and throat. 'I'l •• • your life miserable-. sap your entire ils Ktrenm h. Its si J Hut there is one . Uil tlie nenns' .in-1 :'me tin y will ••;' Its energy, i I vitality. -,n!y th:,' v.-i!) urniture Co. 1034-16C6 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfleld, Oal, Hiier Kios , the .! •!..--ists, «m .;uar- '" 'lyotMi-i ,,, re, ,.,,:,,..-!,. ,„ , mm . ey back. Don't aciay this pleasant an- i tisepnc u-eatn.eiii ureuthe in Hviv,- an-1 kill the ::ci:n. Haer 1'iro-: \\ ill ., ,) Vl ,,i a ciiaM 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 Vlyoinei out lit. in''.irliii- inliab •• • •• only Jl.nii It i- :<o :.-•!:,rani. . :•' Clll'e bl illlchitis. avth;.; i. • t.,uh-. ' i- j bay fever .nid cioup First Congregational Church. : ^i-venn-emli street between G and i 1! M roets. Morning worship, 11 a. m. i .-'ermon theme, "What Think Ye of! Christ?' Special musical selections! 'ii In- rendered: | Contralto and soprano duet, "Di-j vine Redeemer." (Mnrzo) .Misses' Lyla Grnndy and Florence Houchlon, ' Barimne solo, "Beside Still Waters," iJlendelssnhiO, Clarence M. ! Fuller. , Regular evening service, 7:30 p. m. Subject of the add res will bo "The ; Mission of the Church In Civic Life.* i The following special musical selec-' tlons will be rendered: i Soprano solo, "O Loving 'Spirit," (Nfddlinger) Miss Florence Houghton.; Vesper duet for contralto and baritone, "Ood, Who Mildest Earth and i Heaven" (Klhelhret Xevinl), Miss Lyla Grandy and Clarence M. Fuller. The other Sunday appointments will be: T?iblo school, 0:45 a. m. Mrs. R. R. Fuller, superintendent. Chiars-,. Mission Sunday school, 2:'',n p. m. Mrs. A, 0. Sharp, superintendent. Kern County hospital s-rv!--. :; : .pi ! p. m. Y. P. S. C, E, <;:P,ti p. M A most cordial welcome j r ed to all .to atend these s- • i t;ar R. Fuller, pastor. i First Baptist Church. L. C. Smith, A. M.. minister; resilience 1010 G street, I'hii'.ie Main Morning worship, 11 a. m. Tin sermon will be the first of a -erics on /•Stewardship." the special topic he- ling "Stewardship, the Principle and Practice." Evening: worship, 7:30 p. „, s (T . ' mon topic. "The ower That Rules." 1 Bible school, Id a. m. Youim Men's 1 Bible Study Class, in a. m. This class of young men is Krowinp. Come and partake of their spirit, u Y. p. U., mission study, fl:SO p m . Prayer meeting;. ":"" p. m. nesday. Teachers' training Wednesday, 8:30 p. m. Tin. hi ms p will be warm. Mrs. Tlioiims, recently of Plttsburg, Penn., will sing. St. Paul's Eni""v~-' Cnurr.h. THE COUNTY JAil Peplltv Si lir.m I lay.-a, old AU^I-IM: rame'iro rlih verv little i. •rip (.Vilnn hi'oirj'it W41- t.n' abductor of !ti year i i.i.-erie, from riac- i , ,,. ,-...,,. .i:'/rninx. Dayton hail j pri;;es for lh( ,-j\. didn't care to i lie a foal live placetl '\amin- Eagles Plan for Anniversary At a meeting of the Eagles' anniversary celi'bralion committee, lielj last. nla;ht, plans were laid for the entertainment, of next Saturday ni^ht. ll \\-!il be only I'or the l<:aeles and their ladies. ']'}:•• ladies cf ihe order v.'ll! brim? basl-et lutn-'be.". and a inn- .-iic'al pi'Ofii'!-.!! 1 . and danciu.; will add to UK- pie^Hlll'eB of lile evenjim. The ICatjb .-: nave secured their pri/.e wall/, wiik-b will of their dancili'.; pl'o- fujainst iiin 1,1.: I), e!iit,in!it •Ainu will i:. he!-! early next week. Suspect Jailer! fcr Assr.ult. Vx'iii.-on .[ >.•;,,-;.n. \vi-,t) cit.f'ely an swei> :'- • .'.--•"•i:,!ifu rti ;he ivr..n who attempt'.-d the assault tipon a girl Tliut - :.r. hi 1 -.i,:, wi!: arreste i IHI-J \i-.s- lei-day .' •;.••!.•,',:, h : , fnllcer I'eo-iall. H" Wa- '•..: 1:1111-,I before City [Jecorf!- '•'. 'I i:oii:a- iiii" inornim;, and will be kf-pt at the Jail In detinue until it can I'f defjtii'ie',- (iscertained whether or mi' !.e is t!... uuilty pariy. The father of 'he ^!vl. n well known business ;"j. v,a-~. ,:i ihe jail thia mornini; to Bu''ciiTr Caught In Act. >.. ;">:;!'.a Castro, clerk al Ih C'T i; lif.use, returnt.'tl to her i n t e Habert'ehle last nisht, | thin- to catch a burt,'lur In hi'ri li, i; id ohtiiiiu-i entrance, by I :i jtass l'.t:y and bad locked' the ; 'ttjr him on the inslie. When. -.•el the fellow attemptetl to' •hin,I die bed. Miss Castro got j t'.eacrlption of the fellow and ie,',viim the rouj)!, she notified the offi-1 cers. \ little later Officer Uoodal. picked the intruder up on the street.. II- ^-itve the name of James Ward, and , appears to be little more .than a boy.; Miss ('astro identified him ;t onv.v, Sh<- will swear to a compla!"*. chars-1 inn him with burglary this aftcr/Kwii, ( and his examination will pi'ob.iblv be: held early next week. ] Ki'.ini next Tic's !::.>' ni.^bt. The American Jewelry Company has donated a silver mounted manicurin« set. which will "o to the iiiost Ki'acel'ul lady on the floor, while the gentleman's prize will In- a beautiful silver nmtCii-salV. The judges for Ihe wait 1 ', will be Tom Ilurke, Dave MeCniic. aiul C. A. Hare. I THE NATIVE DAUGHTERS | PLAY PLEASED PUBLIC. The entertainment given night In the Hcribner Opera- H'Mise by Hak- ersflehi parlor No. 136, N. D. G. W. was very successful. A fair sized, but appreciative audience was in attendance and received each number with enthusiastic applause. Under the direction of Burchett and O'Reilly an excellent program wi\s rendered. The numbers were all given in finished style and much appreciated, especially those of home talent. "THE CLANSMAN" IS A GREAT PLAY. Monday j The pro- j n o'clock ' ('liar'e 1 I'mts i r '"y. -\ hi fa-1 better than i \i-r ',,- \si'e served him K.ituer'- (•Hie coffee, L-ro'iti 1 ; iust ' ill.:' ; t I-:. Cetcbi '! to, ;• I: .-•• • pa 1 >• 10 t'o.ili'i :. i o '.- . ' !•':•• ! Hcdcutt. ih.- !. -< \n- er an.I ioc|;e,, t. v ;.,| i- .,!,( 'Half :•!> I rnher Vior. • - in I' la.;. .-:;>' iiu. is i i tt.v. -i . ;.i in. 1 ; iiit et, v\ ,i- :i !ie :. r- r'-.'e Ho;t' for I'd Hi''; Tebiichupi ini'l Moja.'." piny a base ball game toii)(.no,v a.Menun-ii in i!:e .latter town. 1 ;>rnyer 11 a a. HI- ''"- ;< lor ninn.'.v »:rived ;ind ' S-tn.l.'V sc'iool ...c.-ivini; pvlx i !..• Miinc-.i;-' 1 i:i)lM-vi. Lou! .;i 1 othets no ?t. Bai-n ^ii'ila 1 .' si h ! i ! ' in: e- which n , j, ;,.: -,,,, coiecieil for ::r.; .. ||-,ve svill be dislrie-iieij ai the ml in tli» n"'rii'tu ''",,.isc ixe-i Include 1 T'n n. r •. sh Cn'iM'i- ••" IMan/ K.-III i;-••. C '.Tin- Hen ',, r !eVmh:e-!. lai'n^b's Church. Kern, si ho'il, :" a. .r. lOveniiii; ' ':tn ' •-• -refill -i -tv viiii • ••:''» I. r-.'.m I:::--, tl;-,.- en «iM l-e ."eide a special fi..;:- .'. (Ji-or-e \\'r,^!ii is in of : Christian Science Services. Assembly hall, i'rodnc. is Bank , buildlnK. Sunday morning ;;t 11 o'clock subject of the lesson seuuon, "MortHls PROGRAM FOR THE ) WOMAN'S CLUB MONDAY. | Mrs. J. Rruco Payne Yms prepared an excul'.ert program for next at the Woman's Club. -•ram w:Ti bfMn promptly at ;Mid 'he numhers follow: , llrief History of the Folk Song Kurojie, Mrs. J. Brttco Payne. Ixi'h Lamtond, Scotch folk SOUR, Mis'-- cioanah Ball. I--V' "tins: LiKli' on the Pasture Land, Knu'liMi Kimlergarten children. ' C' on English Folk Song, Mrs. Hnnliman. i The Three Ravens, Kngllsh, Miss M')Hie Harris. «'.:-,ts t , Mowintr. KiiBllsh, Klndorgar- teti .-las?. How Can I Leave Thee, German, sunn in English, Miss Mollio Har ris. ; How Can 1 Leave Thee, German, sum; in German, Miss Bernltz. 1 Sleep, Baby, Sloop, German, Kindergarten class. San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 14, 19(i8— CaHt'ornian, DaUersfield, Cal.: On acount of the enor- moua success of "The Clansman" at the Van Ness Then- ter during the laat two weeks, Messrs. Gottlieb Marx and Company have booHed a return engagement for San Francisco. The company will play the Van Ness Theater In May, Just prior to their de- jwvture for Honolulu where i'The Clansman" starts on Its three years' tour of the world. TODAY. \ The Ferris b".v, who delivers papers for the morning pa-per, was unlucky enough to lose a horse and wag. on i'lid a bicycle In quick succession thl.v morning. The rig wfis stolen from In front of the newspaper omcu at about D o'clock. The lad then warf told to take a bicycle, but while Ivi wnf t-ailn-; i-'-eukfnst this was als:) taken from him. Sheriff Kelly, to whom the thefts '•wore reported, detailed Herman 'Creasy to look after the. case. Creasy found that the boy from whom the bicycle had been borrowed had come along and taken his own machine, , whiio the Ferris boy ate, but no traco • BIH vcn v.iu.0". ' of the missing rig lias yet been dis- All Through the Night, Welsh, Miss COVO rod. Florence Hougnton.

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